Big Brother 14: Shane Meaney Eviction Interview

Shane Meaney and Julie Chen on Big Brother 14

Shane Meaney might have entered the Big Brother 14 as a complete novice, but he came in swinging and racked up win after win early on. After winning three straight Vetoes and two HoH’s Shane scaled back his game and let other HGs become the bigger targets. Aligning with the powerful “Quack Pack” Shane moved far down the line until his time in the game was shockingly cut short.

I had the chance to pose a few questions to Shane this week after his eviction and took the opportunity to ask “Why?!” Read on for Shane’s responses on why he went along with Danielle’s renom plan, what was the hardest part of the game, and who he thinks will be at the end.

Big Brother Network (BBN): Why oh why did you agree to let Danielle replace you on the block with the Veto?

Shane Meaney: I didn’t really agree. I obviously didn’t want this to happen but I had my trust in her and at the time I had my trust in Dan. I didn’t want it to happen but she had all the power and it was her ultimate decision.

BBN: You started out strong winning competitions early on but then seemed to throttle back. Was that intentional or did the competition ramp up?

Shane Meaney: It was intentional. I started off way to fast and I didn’t want a big target on my back so I throttled back a little bit.

BBN: Being new to Big Brother, what surprised you the most once the game started?

Shane Meaney: How hard the game was. When you are watching it on TV it doesn’t seem that hard but when you are in the house it is incredibly hard.

BBN: Who would you like to see in the Final 2 and, if different, who do you think it will be in the Final 2?

Shane Meaney: I would like to see Ian and Danielle in the finale two but unfortunately I believe it will be Ian and Dan.

BBN: Thank you, Shane.

Shane Meaney’s entire season of Big Brother was sacrificed for 30 seconds of fantastic television. I felt bad for the guy. When I met with him during the preseason interviews he was incredibly friendly and casual just as he often came across in the game.

I was sorry to see him on the receiving end of Dan’s tactics, but when it came down to the QP turning on its own we simply saw the case of someone having to take the first shot. Considering Shane’s propensity to frequently offer himself up as a pawn for nominations this outcome wasn’t surprising. If Frank played Big Brother 14 too trusting, then Shane did it too trusting and too nice.

Watch Shane Meaney’s preseason Big Brother 14 interview to see how far he came.


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  1. The fact that Shane did not fight to stay off the block says
    a lot about his intelligence. How can he say Danielle has
    the power when he has emotional power over Danielle?
    Danielle did everything to keep him in the game including
    opposing Dan putting him on the block! Actually, Danielle
    went on the block to protect Shane! If Shane had a serious
    talk with Danielle and insisted he did not want to be put on
    the block then, Danielle would not have changed the
    nominations and took Dan off!

    • I think Dan has so much control over her she would have still done it. She has been drinking the Kool-Aid for some time now & believes what he has been telling her because it is what she wants to believe. How can she possibly believe Dan is still coaching her to get her the $500,000? It’s like she’s never watched BB before.

      • I agree. The coaching ENDED the second the reset button was hit. Why Danielle hasn’t figured that out is beyond me! (I know that is the Kool-Aid that Dan has been giving her.) He isn’t coaching her, he is manipulating her (quite effectively, by the way) and she is too stupid to realize it.
        And while Shane did not want to use Danielle’s emotions to further his game, Dan did the opposite. Dan fully relied on Danielle’s emotional instability to further his game. Thus, Shane is out of the game, and Dan is still playing, still manipulating. If that is how you play the game to win, then go for it Dan.

    • Very true…only i think he didn’t want to use her emotions to keep himself safe. All summer long he resisted a showmance. In part because he possibly didn’t want to be put in a position to where he promised her something…maybe a relationship outside the house…So he let her make the decision since it was her HOH…and she made the wrong one. And he paid the price.

    • All he had to do is say that he wanted to get Ian’s blood on his hands… You just don’t agree to taking that kind of risk so close to the end… It was dumb of him to agree to being a pawn so he deserves what has happened… Dumbelle is an idiot as well if she didn’t see that one coming….

      • Sorry, I don’t agree that shane agreed with being a pawn, (he hinted to julie to this) I believe he knew danielle would follow anything dan said, so it would not matter.

        The whole problem with the end of the game is danielle.

        Difference between ian and danielle, ian did what he said he was going to do, danielle did what dan wanted.

        Ian wanted mike, ashley, frank, joe, jenn out. ian got mike, ashley, frank, joe, jenn out

        Danielle wanted ian out, but put out shane.

        Kill stats:
        Ian 5
        Dan 2
        Danielle -1

      • In Shane’s exit interview with Jeff Schroeder, Shane said several times that he agreed because Dan swore on his wife and that he trusted Dan to keep his word, so he has no one to blame but himself.

      • So sorry to see Shane go but he put his trust in Dani and Dan, even after what happened to Frank?! Then he offers to go up as a pawn with four ppl left in the game even though Dani told him that DAn wanted him out last week . He said that it was Dani’s HoH to Julie but when you’re playing for 500k, you play to win!! He should b mad at himself.

    • Shane has no say in anything that Danielle does. Dan is pulling those strings. He controls every aspect of every move she makes. She may like Shane but she idolizes Dan and at the end of the day, what he says goes.

    • We submit the questions to CBS’ press team and they send us back the answers. Since these HGs go to jury we can’t interact directly with them like we did pre-jury when we had phone calls for the interviews.

  2. Dan is really the only HG playing this game! Shane did that to himself!!! NEVER trust anyone and NEVER offer to be a pawn!

      • Well Dan should win this game hands down, like it shouldn’t even be a debate about that. I think Ian deserves second place more than Dani, idk its hard. Everyone says how Dani is just Dan robot, and thats true but isn’t Ian the exact same thing. All his hoh and renominations have all been Dan’s. But I think Ian has been less of a robot compared to Dani.

      • Sorry but dan doesn’t win hands down. Dan tried to play early but all his moves were blocked. His change in game engineer by BB (love to get people charge up) was late in the game. The change had to be so great as to make up for nearly being evicted. Dan’s early game was pitiful. failed to get a coaches alliance.

      • At this time I don’t think even dan knows what he is doing. seems to me, he thinks if I don’t know what I will do, they can’t know what i will do.

        There is a slim chance of a ultra secret alliance with Ian that started very early. This is based a something said by Dan during one of his DR’s. In the end Dan is showing absolutely no loyality, if any slightly favoring dani.

  3. I get that Shane is bitter about Dan voting him out, but if he doesn’t vote for Dan because of it he’s just an idiot. It was a genius move, covering himself on both sides to guarantee his spot in the final 2. Easily the best player to ever play the game, way better than Dr. Will.

    • If being paid to be a lying sociopath is now what bb is all about then i guess youre right. You cant tell me Dan isnt a bully a manipulator a sociopath a liar and an evil hypocrite in real life. Im very sure this is his normal behavior and he gets off on it. I cant stand the prick. It wont be the first time a total douche bag wins. Typical bb. Reward the biggest ass. Most of the time not all

    • I don’t blame anybody for not voting for Dan, especially if they got screwed by him. We the viewers always state this person should vote this way and if they don’t, they’re bitter. At the end of the day, if it was us, we would be bitter as well. That’s half a million dollars that we just lost. You know? I dont blame anyone for voting emotionally. In terms of game, Dan should win hands down but at the same time, I wouldn’t be shocked or upset f it didn’t happen. We all let our emotions dictate our actions and just because the HGs are on TV doesn’t mean that they are any different. Like I said, the majority of us would be pissed and would probably vote emotionally as well.

  4. I agree with RICHIE Shane should have done everything he could to keep danielle from change the nomination. Shane knew Dan wanted to backdoor him during the double eml and Danielle talked him out of it (Dan’s only bad move in the game). Danielle knew Dan would take Shane out – i don’t care how she acts – and she wanted him to do it.

  5. Danielle didn’t want to make the decision between Shane & Dan. No more worries Danielle. You LET Dan do it for you ! Shane’s only mistake was trusting Danielle. Should’ve been obvious she didn’t have the POWER to keep him safe !

  6. No one is gonna give dan the 500,000 if he goes to the final 2. I hope danielle goes with him because we need another girl winner. Most guys win this show. . And dan has already won it. They aren’t gonna give it to him again.

    • They should give it to him he single handly put all the hgs except Ashely there I think that’s stays enough on who should win this game.

    • You gave us two reasons why Dan doesn’t deserve to win. One, we need a girl to win, and two, Dan has already has already won…..i hope they’re not that dumb.

    • I’m telling you guys right now, this jury is gonna be bitter and it’s gonna get personal because those idiots made it personal. Dan’s gonna make the mistake of apologizing and that’s gonna piss them off even more. He’s a Will wannabe, so he might as well act like Will did when he gave his speech. The biggest mistake was not sending Boogie to jury, he would have made sure these guys don’t vote personal.

      • From watching the jury last episode I really only see Frank making it personal. I think Britney will make some common sense into ppl and vote on gameplay, also I think Ian would drill it in as well to vote on gameplay if he sent to the jury. And don’t get me wrong Will is my favourite hgs of all time, but Dan completely demolished his legacy he is hands down the best player, he already beat his record of going past fourth place in the second season after winning the first, and is basically guranteed a spot in the final 2 now. Also, Dan has never been on the block post veto ceremony or even had a vote casted against him yet, and that has to be a record.

      • Dan’s toast, watch and see. I know if I was up against him, all I would say is I didn’t get a three week pass without worry or going up on the block and could sit back and study people. I’m sorry the coaches were given a huge advantage. If that’s said out loud, he gets the newbie vote except for Ian, who really not that smart after all.

  7. Yes, you won competition but you did not play the game. You relied on everyone else to make decisions for you. You even let Danielle make that final decision – you should have left a long, long, long time ago.

  8. Danielle has made the statement: how it’s been her who has had to CARRY Dan this entire season! Unbelivable to say the least. Danielle has NO game play on her own, Dan is the puppet master and she is his dumbass puppet. All the makeup foundation in the world does not cover up her evil heart, try as she might to cover her ulgy zits, keep eating all that dang candy and junk food Danielle, your now thunder thighs beyond words! She has been this season biggest FLOATER!

    • She’s kinda right in some sense, She’s been used as a shield bigtime by Dan and has helped his game by playing his spy. I just don’t get how she lets this guy lie and play with her emotions and she goes back to him. I guess she really was abused at some point in her life cuz that’s the only explanation.

      • Idk about that I think only her competition wins are the only thing that she could say that she did by herself. Every gameplay decision has been Dan’s.

    • Evil heart? All Danielle is is naive and star struck, and in way over her head. You certainly can attack someone’s game play, but their physical appearance? Sounds like you are as shallow as a saucer.

  9. Okay we get it, Dan is the best player to play this game, but remember he’s played it twice and made it to the end compared to the other players left. The players this season were way too naive, Brittney was figuring him out so he had to let her go. I still don’t want to see him win over Ian though. Even though Jenn said she wanted to make a big move, she made a dumb move because she’s in the jury and Dan is possibly going to win this game. Dan has turned this game upside down I can’t even assume who is going to be F2 b/c Danielle might be bitter, Dan is a ?, and Ian may have something up his sleeve to make a final big move in the game. Who knows?

  10. Dude, Shane, you agreed to let Dani use the POV. Don’t try and sugarcoat it. You were told Dan took aim at you a couple of days prior. Loved how you talked about Frank being a douche for the way he left, you left the same way douche. How did that medicine taste? Do something about those pit stains dude, that’s just nasty.

  11. I kinda feel bad for Shane, but at the same time he deserves it. Like that conversation with Dani about going on the block was pathetic it was like Shane your going up as a pawn, and Shane is like yeah sure final 3! He didn’t fight at all, and Dan simply outplayed him.

  12. I’ve gotta say I am not thrilled that BB goes on facebook looking for people to invite to play the game, Shane and Jenn both recruited that way, not sure if others were also. Both were rather boring, Jenn was almost invisible the first half of the season and Shane acted so bored to death with everything most the time. They might as well just go to model agencies and recruit all models and give us eye candy, I would prefer true fans of the show.

    • You would think they wouldn’t even have to go looking. Fans would come to them!….in fact they do. And they can’t pick 14 interesting hg out of the thousands that apply??…Of course not ALL of them that end up on the show are boring…but a few of them would be better off sitting at home watching.

  13. I admit to turning away than rather watching Shane’s picture turn gray, since he seems like a really nice guy. but he needed to drop the ‘showmance’ aspect when Frank left, since he was the only physical threat left. Shane needed to crank it up not, not “throttle it back” this late. you can’t genuinely be nice in this game and expect to be rewarded, people will use that against you, Dan has been taking advantage all summer and look where it has gotten him. nice guys finish last in this game, unless you have the intelligence and game plan to back it up, with Shane being truly ‘blindsided’ that alone should say more than anything, this is a game where only one can win. not an alliance or group, the sooner HG’s realize that? the sooner they stand a chance at playing the game, not just surviving it.

    • Dan was giggling with glee when shane said “when i look a man in his eyes and give him my word i expect the same” sick dan you remInd me of ted bundy

      • Hmmm ..that’s a bit strong, don’t you think? Ted Bundy killed at least 36 women, perhaps more. Dan’s just a snake.

    • It is possible she may not deserve credit for that kill, but just because he was first to suggest it he may not deserve credit. in the end Dani is still in the game and mike isn’t.

      The reason I give full credit to Ian for Mike is the way he did it. and it force Dan to give up on his “coaches” alliance. this improved Ian’s position. Smartest move of the season would be to prevent a “coaches” alliance.

      When talking about dan’s game, people seem to forget that failure of dan.

      • Rooting for Dan but I agree. Dan don’t have a game up until the guy was nominated. He came into the game with that funeral. Before that he was non existent. People give Jenn flack but Dan was no better. He hid and laid low just like Jenn did but because he had an alliance to hide behind that somehow makes him better? GTFOH lol. Dan came alive once but on the block but these extreme Dan fans need to realize he was nothing before that funeral lol. Just saying.

    • Because she likes to brag about everything no matter how small her part was in it. She wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t have three meetings with everybody just to be sure they were going to vote her out.

  14. Not sure if this is ok to post or not, but I guess Matt can delete if not, you guys should really check out Shane’s exit interview with, Jeff Schroeder on YouTube, just search on YouTube for Big Brother – Live Chat: shane
    sorry if this isn’t allowed but I didn’t see where in the rules that it isn’t

  15. If Dan and Danielle make it to the final two, all Dan needs to say in his speech is, “When both make it to the end, who played the better game and who is more deserving of a vote… the Puppet Master, or the puppet?”

  16. There are a basic rule in BB: never offer to be a pawn in the house, Shane can’t blame anyone but himself for his elimination. If Shane votes against Dan in the end it only proves him as a bitter loser.

  17. The thing with Dan though is his creepy lack of remorse. I don’t expect the guy to cry or anything but damn. When he’s about to hurt people, he laughs. While Shane was giving his speech e was smiling and laughing like he couldn’t wait to shatter his world and send him out of the door. I understand it’s a game. No doubt but Dan is simply weird. When he’s talking about how he screwed people over he gets this look in his eye an just seems to enjoy it a little bit too much. I get taking pride in a game move but Dan is a weirdo. Idc Idc Idc lol.

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