Big Brother 14 Prepares For First Endurance Competition

Big Brother endurance competition

The Big Brother 14 HouseGuests have been on lockdown since around 4AM BBT this morning which can mean only one thing. Rachel is loose in the backyard again. No, no I kid. What an extended lockdown like this means is there will most likely be an endurance competition for Thursday night’s Big Brother HoH competition.

If you haven’t seen an endurance competition before it’s quite the spectacle. Instead of a few quick rounds of Q&A or swings of a stick the HGs are thrown in to a high-stress, extended battle of physical strength and determination. The last man or woman standing will walk away with the title of HoH and the power to nominate two HGs.

Unfortunately for fans who only watch the CBS episodes, they won’t be able to see what happens as the competition will last long past the end of Thursday’s episode. Instead fans can only watch the endurance competition play out live & uncensored on the Big Brother Live Feed. Sign-up now for the 3-Day Free Trial and be ready to watch!

Which BB14 HG do you think has the best chance of winning an endurance comp?


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  1. Well I assume Frank is being evicted by a 3-2 vote and Shane can’t play HOH Thursday since he was HOH this week, so its a tossup. The magic questions, are the coaches coming in and playing in this HOH competition. If they are, I expect Janelle be very strong and maybe even Dan if he isn’t throwing the challenge like he normally does. Other than those two, we haven’t seen an endurance competition yet this season, so I would bet fans see a surprise winner.

  2. If frank is gone, then that our wimps: Ashely, Dnielle, Ian, Jenn, Joe! and Wil. None of these guys have done MOOT to play the came..

    Sorry just do not want to talk about it for 24 hours!!!  BB must love that line good ratings there, no wonder they want him gone.

    If the coaches come in only they could win HOH this week, yes Dan will toss it cause he can not will, Mike will too cause he does not want the Knife in him,

  3. if the coaches come out to play, it will be janelle ist choice or booger 2nd choice’  time for janelle to show her stuff like she did before. she’s really very good at this kind of challenge.

    • +It would be the fair thing to do…But BB is seldom if ever fair…sooo just wait and see..

    • I don’t think so he just had his HOH and it was a good one especially if Frank leaves.

      • Yeah and letting 4 experienced players enter the game at almost the midpoint of the game is fair?  If the coaches enter the game the rest of the contestants should walk off the set and hire lawyers.

  4. The biggest problem I have with the coaches entering the game is they have had immunity for over 4 weeks. The newbies could have ganged up and go to them alland out of the house by now. This is extremely unfair. The coaches should stay coaching and leave whenever team leaves. Big brother producers shame on you!!! For taking a great show. And ruining it

      • That would hardly be fair… One person gets to play in an HoH one week and suddenly that counteracts the 4 weeks of immunity the coaches have had?

    • Technically the newbies coud have taken dan out last week. Also ian and jenn and wil haven’t been on the block yet either so I’m not sure 4 weeks of freedom is for coaches. Plus for someone like dan y would you not play when you have one shot left anyway? Saying it would change the game is moot… That applies every week every competition and every conversation anyway.

  5. I really think if the coaches are coming in that boogie would hold out to win. He is going to want revenge. If he does win then there will be some scrambling. Janelle and team are going up. Danielle will throw it. People still dont see her as a threat. Hope there is water so janelle and brit dont do well. Cant stand either of them. If production wants a coach to win this it isnt janelle it would be Dan. It seems all set for him.

  6. Depends on whether the coaches come in. If not, I pick Ian. He is probably holding back on the competitions and came in close in the veto to Shane. If coaches are allowed in the game, I will pick either Mike Boogie or Dan to win it.

  7. I just wanted to add to my previous comment that I’ve enjoyed Big Brother 14 so far this. Yes the coaches has messed a few things up including thinking for the players, but them entering the game tomorrow night might create some more action in the house now that game play have quieted down.

    Now I’m interested in seeing what is going to happen next whether that is an evicted player coming back, a new twist or whatever.As for the endurance competition, this would be the first one, so your guess is as good as mine, but I would like to see Danielle win HOH this week just to shack things up. You know Shane would be safe, but not sure about anyone else.

  8. I Vote To Evict Brittney,Janelle, Ashley, Jenn. She hasn,t done anything but sit around with her tatoo,s

  9. Daniele DonotaCassiDominicRachelNOT BrendonJeffNOT JordanRennyShaneDanCrazy JamesRaganSheilaRusselAnnieLaneLydiaShelly OR KaliaBIG BROTHER 15 ALL STARS!

  10. If the players are aware that the next HOH will be an endurance competition (which I’m sure they are), this might make Shane re-think his decision to get rid of Frank. If Frank stays, he’ll clearly be the favorite to win an edurance competition especially since Shane can’t compete in it. Shane knows this. He could convince Danielle to change her vote out Joe instead. Frank wins HOH, and Shane is sitting pretty. The other contestants also don’t think Frank and Shane are working together since Shane put him on the block…


    • It’s too late, he’s lost Frank’s trust and Wil has a better chance of winning anyways. The big guys are always the first to drop in endurance. 

      • okay so the players in the hoh comp are danielle, wil, joe, ashley, ian, and jenn if frank leaves. Ian probably wont win. neither will Joe. Basically the only person Shane has to worry about winning is Jenn. Who knows how she would do.

        Now if the coaches enter the game…janelle will probably win, if not dan or one of the four player^. Boogie might, but it depends on the compeetiton.

  11. I get and accept betrayal is part of this game, but tonight’s show showed me a side of Frank I  do not like.  He basically threw Ian and Boogie under the bus.  For the record I do not like Boogie.  So now I hope Frank goes home.  If in fact Ian is a sleeper and can in fact win, I hope he wins and puts up Shane – with both Frank and Shane gone the rest of the house will have a chance

    • Well said, but if the coaches come in watch out for boogie or Janelle….I sue hope Ian wins

  12. There’s only 2 people in the house that’s actually playing the game and verbalizing their strategy. It’s Shane and Frank. Now that the situation  is getting sticky, you hear Wil talking strategy now. As far as Ian, the kid knows a lot about Big Brother but knows to little about the game as Booger is finding out now.

    • Do you think wil is going to really work with boogie and frank? i heard on the feeds he plans on keeping frank so they can backdoor shane nx wk

      •  Really? That’s what Wil and Shane wants them to believe, that Frank is safe. Booger too, thinks that. As far as I know Frank will be blindsided. Wil just made a deal with Shane in HOH room and that’s what they discussed about. They were even talking about helping each other in the future. But Wil is probably be used only to further his game.

  13. I do not see the coaches working together if they enter. I still see britney working with shane, Janelle working with wil, ashley, and joe. I also see dan working with danielle. who knows what boogie will do.

  14. i think ian and wil will go head to head in endurance..ashley third and then jenn, dan ,,joe

  15. why is everyone so afraid of boogie..was he that bad of a guy? did not see  his season.

  16. the whole coaches coming in the game is just stupid..ruins everyones game and its not fair to these retard newbies..but its going to be great tv to see the same old people playing and winning bb all over again right.

  17. I found some pics that Frank n Bean’s didn’t want anyone to see….yup you guessed it he’s a Cross-dresser…..

  18. hopefully frank gets to stay with wil flipping and joe leaves…in the comp i want BOOGIES team to win HOH and if coaches come in i hope BOOGIE or DAN wins to put up janelle lol at her thinking she’s the puppet master…

    • What is amazing is the Brittney is bad mouthing Janelle and saying she
      cannot be trusted. Didn’t Janelle betray her team twice already? Brittney is
      dumb as they come and here they come up with backdooring Frank because they did not like Ian’s answer? The alliance is Frank, Shane, Danielle so, why would Ian know about it? Ian is allied with Mike Boogie’s team. You would think Brittney would talk with Mike Boogie and Frank atleast? She talks to Janelle all the time, bad mouths her but, trusts her to keep Shane safe next week? Janelle’s team hates Shane’s guts of course, so next week should be interesting with or without the coaches in the game!

      • i agree with everything you said it was sooo dumb to put up made ian cry that was so evil of britney but o well i hope shane then brithney then leaves next week followed by danielle but i hope ian wins it all 

  19. Just finished BB Veto ceremony if the coach’s come back in I so hope Shane gets that Cocky Azz Booger ……..and wouldn’t mind seeing Joek going home after Frank nbean’s

  20. With Frank most likely leaving the game at a 3-2 vote and the coaches also likely to enter the game I bet Wil or Ian wins HOH this week if it is Wil he will probably put up Boogie and Dan. Boogie will win veto and because Wil will stay Janelles puppet instead of playing the game he will put up Britney and she will leave I bet a coach will leave this week unless of Ian wins HOH then he will put up Janelle and Joe and hope Shane isn’t in the veto and backdoor him. If the coaches play in HOH competition if anybody but Boogie wins h will go home if Boogie wins Shane will go home. So there’s my logic!

    • That only works if the coaches do not enter before the HOH. If they do as expected then, the coaches could be in control right from the get go! Coaches would be ultimate fools to go after each other and I expect them to form an alliance and take out the newbies one by one starting with Shane since, he will be the only one left who is a definite threat. See, how convenient evicting Frank is and the coaches have been asking for it!

  21. OMG Joe is the dumbest turnip on the truck.  He might have blown the back door of Frank by his inability to keep his mouth shut and blab to Jenn.

    I believe Will is still solid… but frack…….. Joe, keep your mouth shut when the wheels are in motion to keep you safe.

  22. Watch feed 1 at approx 1:10 am BBT…. I think Ian has a mild form of Touretts.  That kid is a freak.

  23. I hope since the coaches will one in to play why can’t it be a start over and allow Shane to play that will be fair IMO

  24. Just remember that the new house guest still have the numbers. There are only 4 coaches. So, if they team together like in the beginning then they can boot the coaches out. Expect the unexpected!

    • The newbies have the numbers but, outside of Shane and Frank, nobody else has won HOH and POV. On the other hand, the coaches has been tested in competitions and if they form an alliance as expected will dominate the HOH and POV even when they cannot compete, three of them will be competing for HOH and depending on the draw, they could have atleast, a minimum of 2 coaches competing on POV. If all 4 are on POV because the coaches are nominated, the newbies will have a hard time winning anything!

  25. coaches are in…… wants it.Will they compete in endurance comp tonight? Will shane get to compete as well,since its a new game? Gonna be good……..i like Dan to go far w shane.

  26. I think if coaches enter game same rules apply. Coaches still playing their own game for their $100k, newbies for their $500k. Coaches go to jury when they loose their last player. When down to final 2, last coaches go to jury. The newbie that wins, their coach also wins. Just a thought.

  27. If it’s an endurance, I feel that Ian would have a really good chance of winning. He’s a superfan. He has a small stature. We all know that the smaller statures are the ones who last the longest in endurance comps. And he knows enough not to make the stupid mistakes that other HG’s have made in Endurance comps (was it last year that the endurance comp only last an hour?)

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