Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 3 Wednesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 live feeds

There better be a fantastic endurance competition tonight because the Big Brother 14 house guests on an all-day lockdown sure makes for some boring Live Feeds. OK, not boring, just not much to report on. The most exciting thing to happen today was probably Joe getting scolded by production for tasting the food he’s cooking while on slop. Oh, and the HGs got Play-Doh to play with! Fun fun! There was even a little nudity slip.

And it’s totally OK that the Live Feeds were a little slow today because things are about to get insane! So now is the time to get on board with the Live Feeds if you haven’t already. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 1, 2012:

8:44 AM BBT — Boogie and Frank are up and the house is already on indoor lockdown as production builds the HOH competition for Thursday. That’s most definitely going to be an endurance competition.

9:50 AM BBT — Boogie wants Britney to be scared of him. He says she is the worst coach of the four.

11:40 AM BBT — Joe is making avocado cheesecake. He’s tasting the batter despite being a Have-Not.

12:50 PM BBT — Janelle, Danielle and Ashley discussing Danielle’s vote. She says Frank has been asking her for her vote, but she’s already made up her mind that she’s voting him out.

1:25 PM BBT — Wil says Boogie and Frank think he is evicting Joe.

1:55 PM BBT — Jenn and Ashely say they no longer think the coaches are coming into the competition. Will they be surprised tonight or no?

2:43 PM BBT — Joe got called to the DR and was warned about tasting his food while on slop.

4:34 PM BBT — Shane and Britney saying Wil will turn on Janelle is coaches enter the game. They talk about pulling him in with them.

4:40 PM BBT — Britney says if the votes don’t go as planned, they’ll blame it on Danielle.

4:53 PM BBT — Dan and Britney talking in the HOH. Apparently production told them speeches will be cut short or eliminated, meaning Thursday is going to be big … with the coaches twist or the endurance competition. Something is definitely afoot.

5:00 PM BBT — Britney says production probably expects the newbies to go after the coaches if they enter the game. She doesn’t think everyone will do that.

7:25 PM BBTFamily dinner time.

9:15 PM BBT — Wil saying Boogie definitely thinks he’s voting to keep Frank but that’s not his plan at all.

10:25 PM BBT — Britney asking Danielle if she’s really a kindergarten teacher. This leads to a pretty hilarious guessing game. Britney knows she’s not a teacher. Danielle won’t tell despite all of Britney’s guesses.

11:13 PM BBT — Joe tells Jenn that Danielle is voting to keep him. Wil flips out because Joe revealed that, potentially ruining the Frank blind side. Wil threatens to vote to evict Joe.

11:53 PM BBT – Janelle has a nip slip (safe pic) in the HoH bathroom. Warning – NSFW link containing nudity: Janelle Pierzina nip slip.

12:37 PM BBT — Despite a few stupid moves by Joe, Wil and the others still plan to vote Frank out.


So it sounds like the coaches are pretty certain they’re entreating the game tonight, but the players are starting to think that’s not the case. Everyone is pretty sure there will be some twist announced and a huge endurance competition to follow.

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  1. I have been a fan of Big Brother since season 1 and if the coaches come into the game this will be my last season of watching. I even keep Showtime so that I can watch the after dark 3 hours and I don’t like Showtime. But I have no problem dropping it from my bill and not ever watching BB again. This show is only one of the main shows that I get excited about when it comes on and you all in production want to mess with it and bring back those that have already played and some that have won, WHY DO THAT? What makes anyone think they are that good. So PLEASE, I am begging you not to bring them back in the game and once their season is over leave them home. 

    • Wow stop complaining so your saying big brother all stars wasn’t a good season. That was probably the best season ever made cause they brought back players. You have Dan and Boogies possibly could e the only two time winners ever on this show.

      • this is not big brother all stars though, brit should not even be there, and this season does suck, the newbies have not game, and im tired of seeing the same old face also, bb need to just get back to basic and get all new people in the game, and cbs wonder why bb ratings dropping.? Duh for the last 3yrs its been the same players. JEff jordon bren rachel then bren and racher again, then britney is back. i mean come on.

      •  The problem with this season is the “mentoring theme” where you have the coaches just sit around and do basically nothing, and they get to win 100K. CBS realized it was boring and now they wanna give them a chance with an easy pass to win 500k. The newbies are fked. That’s why there’s an outcry.

  2. i so agree with Patricia they had their turn to play the game, leave them home and give us new people.  If you wanna make things interesting maybe bring in a star to play against just regular folks. 

    • Ah isn’t that what there doing? Janelle and Boogie where on all stars Dan can arguably be the best player to ever play and brintey there for laughs. If the enter the Anne won’t they be playing against newbies

    • yes…the coaches twists was so unfair to the newbies, they prolly had their own game planes, then boom now they have to say whatever these old farts, who needs to be at home with their children, has to say.

  3. I dont care if the coaches enter or not i will still be watching Big Brother. Everyone needs to stop complaining and just watch. Its not your show, its CBS’s show let them do whatever the hell they want. I will always watch Big Brother no matter what, even thought I dont want the coaches coming into the game.

    • i think after this season if they bring back old player, you might be the only one watching.and big brothers ratings have been falling like a brick. Did you not see yesterday episode..i seriously feel asleep on it twice.

    • I too will continue to watch Big Brother.  But don’t you think the ratings are low because of the olympics?  I personally don’t care who’s in the house, I LOVE BB!  I can’t stand Boogie or Jenelle, but I think people watch BECAUSE they hate or love someone.  I get so pissed at people saying this is a boring season, (they say that every year)–or they don’t want old player, (they say that every year also).  Constantly have something to bitch about.  I don’t have the live feeds, but I do watch BBAD, and read everything all day to keep caught up on what’s going on.  Sure some days–and nights– are boring, it happens every season.  But hang in there, it will get better.  I for one, love the cast this year, even if I don’t like a couple (or more) of the personalities.  I’m really liking the coaching thing, but don’t want them entering the game.  Don’t know how we’ll stop tho……………

  4. Luv Big Brother.Will watch no matter what happens. I think it would be great if Mike Boogie comes into the game and ends up in a peguin outfit.They need more comps where the losers get humiliated.

    • His not eating the food. BB understands that he is cooking food for the other HGs and he was just testing it to make sure it was good.

  5. I was against them entering the house and voted no.  I now know that the coaches were aware of this from the beginning by things Janelle has said and I just wish BB would have said so from the beginning.  Now that I see that some of the coaches are going to be working with my fav players and not taking the Janelle approach of coaches against newbies I am okay with it.  I am too invested now.  I have seen that Brit and Dan want to work with Shane, Danielle and possibly Wil so that makes me feel good.  Janelle is cutting deals with Dan and Brit, but seperately.  I am not liking Janelle and her methods.  I love both Dan and Brit as well as Shane and Danielle.  I hope it stays that way.  So I have accepted that they will enter the game and actually they show more with them then the players so it may turn out okay.  Next year please let it be all newbies or let us know up front.  Now if they don’t come in I will be shocked.

  6. I think it would not be fair if they let the coaches play now because that gives them a better chance to win because they were safe the first half of the game and the newbies wasnt safe thats just not fair to them. If bb wanted the coaches in the game they should have put them in, In the beginning of the game but not as coaches….

  7. Joe is so fking his big mouth once again just may get him kicked out of the house hopefully so. Its like every wk the night before eviction, he just starts shyt for no reason. last wk the cigs..the wk before that he was the one that set the ball in motion with the willie thing. And why he always screaming in his diary rooms.big blout

  8. Last night was pretty damn entertaining to watch after Wil freaked-out about Joe telling Jen that he had “vital information” for her if he got voted out. Drama-Rama City. LOL! Everyone got all paranoid for no reason and it was hilarious! LOL! Also, I’m really enjoying watching Britney this season cuz she has been REALLY funny lately. The way she explains stuff is cracking me up! Ha! She’s also been onto everything that’s REALLY going on in the house and is calling people out on their crap. She’s definitely stepped-up her game this year. She’s VERY perceptive and aware. I’m rooting for Britney this season. She’s such a smart-ass, too. LOL! LOVE HER!! ;)

    • I agree Kris.  I love Britney.  She is the most entertaining person in the house.  Can’t stand Janelle.  Everything about her is fake.

  9. I think it’s shady of CBS/BB to leak nude photos of the guests.  That nip slip wasn’t seen on the live feed.  The camera was above and behind Janelle.

    • You are so right! No matter what CBS does we will all be on the couch at 9 tonight watching what goes on, even if some of you don’t want coaches in. I o tho, they seem to be the only people playing the game right now, I am not a big Janelle fan but have to give her credit, she has done everything to save her team from eviction since the beginning. Without her there to help them I don’t think they would all still be there. So I think it’s only fair to let them in, they have benn doing all the work for other people, it’s time they work for themselves.

  10. I don’t think the coaches should be allowed to play this late in the game. They’ve already slid through 3 weeks of possibly being evicted. If they want those player’s to play should have an All Star’s Season 2. I think that gal Jodie who was on Dan’s team and he chose for her to be the one to be evicted the first night, should be allowed to come back. That was totally unfair. She wasn’t nominated with another houseguest or given the chance to win the POV and save herself like they’ve done for 13 other season’s. Just hand picked by her coach/another player and more or less told “bye, your done—-sorry.” That was a joke and a wasted twist, if that can be counted as a twist. It was a no brainer from the beginning, the number’s didn’t add up. They had to bring the coaches in, cause as it is now they don’t even have enough for the jury and final 2—-there’s only 8 of them, plus the coaches. I’ve watched BB every year, this year has been a boring season. The last few year’s the houseguest’s have had no back bone. No one can make their own decision and do what they want to do. They all go along with the majority, like little puppets. Why should the coaches be given another chance to win another $500,000? Give other’s a chance that haven’t been there yet. Unless this mean’s no one tried out for BB and they had to scrape the barrel for old player’s. If this was done for ratings, I think it blew up in their face. Glad the Olympic’s are on tonight.

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