Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 9 Monday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Big Brother 14 continues to wind down but thanks to Jenn’s anger and Danielle’s drama, the Live Feeds remain pretty active for what some think is a pretty boring final five.

Jenn is trying to do some campaigning and she’s almost saying the right things, but not quite. Maybe she’ll figure out the right things to say by the time they tape Wednesday night’s special eviction show. Probably not.

So we got a nice preview of what the house will be like when we just have a final three. Read on to find out what happened in the house on Sunday.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 10, 2012:

9:47 AM BBT — Houseguests waking. Ian is in the pool already.

10:42 AM BBT — Danielle is putting on makeup, Ian and are eating breakfast and Jenn is sunbathing. It’s definitely the final five folks.

11:17 AM BBT — Feeds cut for Veto Ceremony.

11:52 AM BBT — Feeds return. Shane used the Veto on himself. Danielle was put up as the replacement.

11:54 AM BBTJenn and Ian talking about the ceremony in the Arcade Room. Jenn is heated and raising her voice. She’s confused why Ian didn’t put up Dan. She reminds Ian that Dan has won Big Brother before. Finally someone remembers that important piece of information.

12:14 PM BBT — Jenn now talking to Shane. She’s making her pitch to him to stay, but she’s not saying any of the right things (like the final three deal she has with Danielle and Dan) or anything that will actually make Shane vote to keep her. Nice try, Jenn. Wait, no. That wasn’t a nice try at all. That was a terrible try.

12:18 PM BBT — Dan and Danielle talking about what to tell Jenn about the fact that she’s going home.

12:38 PM BBT — Danielle starts talking about her terrible relationship with her dad.

12:50 PM BBT — Jenn asks Ian if he has a final two deal. He tells her he doesn’t.

1:00 PM BBT — Danielle tells Dan that she has a lump in her breast. She says it’s not cancerous but scar tissue.

1:38 PM BBT — Danielle and Dan’s conversation goes on. She tells Dan that she has had breast implants despite saying she didn’t. She says luckily the mass in her breast has attached to the implant. Otherwise she’d have to have chemotherapy. Not much of what she’s saying is making sense since the mass is not cancerous, but I’m not about to get into that here. Let’s just say Danielle has  made anything she says hard to believe.

2:15 PM BBT — Dan is reversing Danielle’s game onto her and playing concerned that she’s going to pick Shane over him. She assures him that she will not do that.

5:00 PM BBT — HGs are put on indoor lockdown.

6:15 PM BBT — Dan whispers to himself that he can’t mess around with Shane anymore and that he’s got to go. He’s clearly worried that Danielle will take Shane to the end and not Dan.

6:25 PM BBT — Now the HGs are on outdoor lockdown.

8:24 PM BBT — Lockdown is over. The HGs are disappointed that there were no surprises inside.

10:00 PM BBTDanielle is in another one of her moods. Which usually just means she wants attention. This time she’s getting the attention from Dan. She says she’s upset that she’s on the block for the fifth time. She’s even back-talking production and being despicable in general.

I’d just like to thank Danielle for giving us something to watch and me something to write about. Usually at this point we just get the HGs making T-Shirts. Thankfully for her, we’ve got the same kind of drama that started week one and has carried through all season.

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    • It’s cause everything is a done deal now everyone knows who they would want to inf to the finals and it’s just matter of who wins the competitions.

    • Agreed!!!! The idiots did take over…….what a shame. This show would have been great if the final five were janelle, will, boogie, frank and ashley (she cracked me up during the comps). Oh well theres always next season.

  1. So now she has breast cancer? This girl has now probably pissed off the cancer associations along with every person watching that knows someone or has had cancer themselves. Omg real smart!!!!! Hope bb provides a shrink and inpatient treatment for her immediately when she leaves because if she goes out to the real world she won’t make it she will have a melt down.

      • I personally watched the feeds & though she acknowledged it wasn’t cancer she did make mention that she’d already received either radiation or chemo’… can’t recall which… to shrink the mass… & that she may require more once leaving.

    • Danielle said that she has a mass that is not cancerous. She said the mass is attached to her implant, not her breast tissue. Okay, do you really think a doctor would use radiation on a mass that is attached to an implant and what would be the purpose of using chemo, if it is not cancerous. Danielle said the radiation was used to make the mass softer…..what the hell! Isn’t radiation used to help shrink masses? Since the mass is in her breast and not on pea size brain, wouldn’t the simple solution be to just operate and remove the mass. The doctor that she goes to must work at the same place where she works as a charge nurse. I wish a doctor would tell me I need chemo for a mass that isn’t cancerous, that’s just crazy!

    • Sorry, but if she has cancer or even a lump that is not something to joke around with. Hope she is not serious and just joking.

      • she has scar tissue from a breast implant…they would never use radiation for that..she is a nurse? i even question that..and says things like this…go home Dani…

  2. Does Jenn really believe that getting Dan’s vote is gonna “help” her stay..If that is the reason she’s keeping her mouth shut she needs to be talking to IAN cause he will be the one to break the tie…Stupid is as stupid does…possible $500,000 or $50,000 out the dam waste of brain power…

  3. this is why jenn is being evicted, why would you want to bring Dan to the end, only because he has already won the game and its not very likely that he will win again, I would love to sit next to Dan than shane or danielle

    • i think the Jury will ignore the fact that he has won before and give it to him strictly because he played the best.

      • Not this jury because they are all cry babies except Britney. They will vote out of anger and would even give it to Jenn over Dan. They will not give it to the best player if Dan does make it to final 2. Pretty sorry jury!

  4. Why doesn’t Jenn just ask Ian if he is voting her out because she has a final 2 deal with Dan? That would have gotten Ian rolling.

    • Because she needs Dan vote to stay he is more likely to keep her then Shane and be stupid to piss him off and rat him out.

      • If she rats Dan out it doesn’t matter at that point if she gets his vote or not. She needs to get Ian on board as to what’s really going on. If she can convince Shane to give her his vote and obviously Dani will give Dan her vote then Ian would have to the tie breaking vote. And if Ian is smart as he thinks he is, he can vote Dan out. Doesn’t Ian realize his chances of winning the 5K is much better against Jenn/Dani/Shane depending on how the next HOH goes.

  5. WAAAABOOOOHOOO poor pitiful dumnielle,jenn and dan talking and laughing all day yesterday. do you need a hug ?

  6. jenn why didnt you tell ian dan wanted him out and he was no pawn…at least you can leave with a bang and expose dan come on, no more big game moves left?

  7. he better try to keep ian. at least he would probably get to the F2 with him. i can’t see him winning against ian though. if shane stays and wins that last hoh he will probably take dani.

  8. I think at this point Jenn’s best try would be to expose Danielle/Dan and say that Dan wanted Ian out, he wanted Shane out. By keeping Danielle, they are giving Dan 2 to 1 odds (Dan/Dani to Shane) which would make it possible for them to evict Ian or Shane in the next week.
    If she sells it well enough (aka as good as Dan) she might have a shot.

  9. Maybe someone can tell me after the suprise eviction will there be a second one Thursday night or just a right away double eviction??? Thx, Lexi

    • I’m assuming another eviction live on Thursday then the final 3 will start part one of the 3 part HOH.

    • Danielle has daddy issues, mommy issues, medical issues, weight issues, love life issues and most of all…TRUTH issues.

      • She has made this season very hard to watch. From her whining, crying and complaining to her mentally unstable babbling. I thought they did background checks on the guests… maybe not where she is concerned. Some of her actions are truly scary.

  10. Dan should get rid of Shane before Ian. He is the only person he doesn’t have a final two deal with and Shane will take Dani to the final two.

  11. Jenn could have spilled the beans that Dan wanted first Ian out and then Shane. She really didn’t play her cards right. But – I am so upset to think that Danielle could possibly make it to final two with Dan. What an ugly option to choose from. The guy who already won once – or the whiner who doesn’t deserve to win once. I would so much rather see Ian and Shane in the final two – but I doubt Shane will wake up any time soon.

  12. Danielle gets on my last nerve but I would like to see her in final 2 with Dan because I think he can beat her. She would have Shanes vote and maybe Britneys. Besides I want to see her speech. (mememememememe)

  13. Well, Dan is the winner.
    They can finish the show right away and start Survivor next Sunday.
    Ian gave Dan the 500k. And he says that he knows the game… if he knew the game he knows that Dan should be the one to be kicked out right away.
    Now Dan will win the HOH, kick ian out and win the game against Shane.
    And why Shane?
    Because he is the one that doesn´t have anything on the jury house. (well he will have danielle)
    Danielle can be thought as the beauty that just is timid but survives the social game easily and can get many votes from the jury house.
    Shane won´t get any votes from anyone than Danielle. While Danielle will get votes from the girls and Frank.

    • I don’t think that its going to be that cut and dry. Depending who Dan ends up with on the final two IF that is the way it ends up, Ian has an EXCELLENT chance of winning against Dan AND SHANE may have IF the DR helps him with his SPEECH. Jenn no way and Danielle its second place if they are the final two! I would love to see IAN and SHANE on the final two. Ian said that he would give the money to his parents if he won that the 3,000 dollars that Mike gave him is all that he needs (what can I say he’s still a kid). Out of the 5 left Shane and Jenn need the money more. IMHO Shane would be the most appreciative as well as greatful and Jenn coming in as a close second, then Ian, then Dani, then Dan! At this point in the game I would love to see any of the five that are left win the 500,000.00. That is five hunderd thousand and lets face it fifty thousand would make my life a WHOLE LOT BETTER!!!

  14. I am amazed how Dan has some type of deal with everyone but no one is catching onto this. Agh I want that one person to realize it and stand up to him (Jenn or Ian). I’ve grown to like Ian, I’m really surprised he still coving Dan. Although, Ian has been on Dan’s side since earlier this season.

  15. They need to move this week further along. We already
    know Jenn is being evicted so, no surprise there. Have
    the HOH now so that, we can move to the Final 4 where
    there will be more drama. This week has been dead
    because outside of Dan, nobody is even playing. Better
    still, get the eviction done today and the HOH right after,
    no point in dragging this on needlessly when there is no
    drama or activity worth watching. Atleast, when we get to
    Final 3, those left will be scurrying to win the last HOH
    which determines who stays or goes!

  16. I want dan to win but if he doesnt break up Shane and Danielle hes gonna get kicked out …I would be afraid of shane he cant mist him…he will take his stalker with him to the end.

  17. hey production ur wack job Danielle prob made Yalls rating shoot down.. oh and u prob had worse Than GLASS house…

  18. the jury is going to think like this ~ Ian versus Dan hmmm lets see Dan has already won once but poor little Ian hasnt and wow wasnt he a good player making those awesome plays ~ gosh I think he should get to be winner……sowwwwwy Dan you LOSE

  19. Danielle is so freaking annoying! Stop talking! I am cheering for Shane he said he pays his parents mortgage & has a lot of student loan debt & seems like a good person!

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