Big Brother 14 Episode 8 Recap: Coaches Competition Outshines Nominations

BB14 Episode 8  coaches competition

Another week in the Big Brother 14 house is under way. We’ve got a new HOH and some fresh nominees for eviction. But the star of this week’s nomination episode is the coaches competition. That might just be one of the funniest and most suggestive moments in recent Big Brother history.

At the top of the show we pick up right after JoJo’s eviction (and our last chance to hear her talk over someone — in this case, Julie) and then Shane’s HOH win.

We get a quick look at CBS’ attempt to force a Shane and Danielle showmance (please don’t call them Shanielle, I beg you). And I’m not sure why. Shane seem to be less interested in Danielle than he was JoJo. Face it, it was going to be Kara or no one. But I’m leaning more toward no one. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Janelle’s team is not happy with Shane’s win. They’re all but convinced they’re going on the block. Of course they still have a little hope that Shane will nominate only one of them and use the other nomination for Frank. But little do they, or anyone else but Boogie, know Frank and Shane kind of have a side deal going on.

Speaking of no one knowing of the secret alliance, we next get Britney and Dan pushing for a Frank nomination. Britney thinks it only makes sense for someone from both Janelle’s and Boogie’s teams go up on the block. Dan agrees. Shane is fumbling around for an excuse as to why he doesn’t want to put Frank up but he can’t find one. And even though Britney and Dan disagree, no one really questions why he won’t be putting Frank up.

The next morning, Joe is preparing Shane his HOH breakfast, hoping to suck up and stay off the block. But rumor has it that Joe didn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom and before preparing Shane’s food. So Joe kind of gets the last laugh.

Shane gets a little more pressure to nominate Frank. This time it’s from Ashley. She wants to be the swing vote or something. Little of what she says registers with me because she never really has anything to say.

And now for my favorite part of the episode, the coaches comp. This week the same thing is on the line. The winning coach can either trade a player or save one of their players. This week’s competition is called “Feel The Burn” and the task includes the coaches doing reps on some really ridiculous and suggestive work out machines. To say the movements they have to do are slightly edgy is putting it mildly. The fact that they were allowed to do this competition before 10 pm is almost surprising.

Britney is out in round one, but she has to choose a locker for a prize or punishment. She picks a sock that says Have-Not. She has to pick two player to be HNs for the week. Ian volunteers again. So she picks him. She gives the other spot to Joe.

Out next is Boogie. He picks a locker containing $10,000. He has to divide it three ways. He picks the $6,000, gives Ian $3,000 and Jen $1,000. Ian gets a little teary and at first I’m like “OMG WHYYYYY” but then he reminds me that he’s a student and I remember how $50 made me feel rich when I was a student. So I totally get it.

Janelle wins the final round, so Dan gets to pick his locker. He gets a sushi party (that lead to some wild times in the Big Brother house) and he gets to pick five others to enjoy the party. He picks, the coaches, Shane and Danielle.

Janelle, as the winner, gets to trade a player or save a player. She chooses to save Wil. Smart move, Janelle. He was Shane’s #1 target.

So now we’ve got some last-minute scrambling on people trying to stay off the block and Shane and Britney trying to figure  out who to put up. Janelle and Joe plead their case. Boogie pleads his. Britney is making the most sense with her idea of putting Frank and Joe up but she’s unaware of the secret alliance. Then we’ve got production calling Shane to the DR to make his noms just to screw with his mind. It was a pretty tense few moments. At this point Shane is likely to come out and nominate himself and Jen for eviction.

At the ceremony, everyone’s keys are pulled expect for Joe’s and Ashley’s. It’s all team Janelle this week. Shane says he wanted Janelle to feel how it is to have two of her players against each other on the block, but that made no sense since her players have never nominated anyone. But OK. Shane’s a good physical player, but that’s where it ends with him.

Who do you think will be going home this week? Can’t wait until Wednesday to find out the POV results? You don’t have to. Find those out here if you wish.



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  1.  and Joe is the one going home as Ashley is someone that not a physical threat or the brightest one in the house which makes her ideal to keep around.

    • on feeds shane is starting to lean toward using the veto and backdooring who knows..cant understand why they cant just pick an idea and stay with it.

      • yes veto ceremony was yesterday monday aftertoon..and shane replaced ashley for frank..and they are planning to vote out frank on my bubble is intact.

  2. Please, please, send Joe home this week. At least Ashley brings laughs to the show. Joe only sends you headaches with his screaming in the DR.

    • Maybe he thinks the louder he talks the better America can understand him? He’s just loud and obnoxious..

  3. Why the hell does Joe scream during his confession in DR? God..It’s so irritating. I heard he doesnt wash his hands after using the bathroom. And he owns a restaurant? He needs to fcking go.

  4. Please send the white Bernie Mac home, it’ll keep the game interesting. If Shane backdoors Frank. he’s gone within 3 weeks.

  5. If Shane will keep his pact with Frank, I think they will try to watch each other’s
    backs. If he gets rid of Frank and leaves Joe in the house, Joe and Wil will
    make sure Shane is gone next week with a backdoor. Joe has complained
    so much over HN and being on the block, but was perfectly happy for others
    to go through the same thing. What makes him think he is too special to
    be put on slop and the block? He, Wil, and Janelle are the worst smack talkers
    in the house. I can only hope the coaches don’t get to come into the game,but
    I fear they will. This will really mess the game up more than it already has been
    with them being the coaches.
    Just saying………

    • I disagree. I think the coaches becoming players might just save the game. Most of the players are floaters, even some of the good ones. Which players would remain loyal to their coaches? You know Shane would eliminate Britney in a heartbeat. And Danielle, she would rid herself of Dan. Janelle might think she were good, but she plays too much like Dani and just as it bit Dani that sort of play would bite Janelle. Only Frank and Ian would definitely remain loyal to Boogie, but even then, for how long? The coaches becoming players needs to happen to really make things crazy.

  6. Shane is stupid if he don’t pick Frank . Because Frank is going to do what ever Boogie tells him to. Boogie will stab Shane And Frank in the back to win don’t they know that. If Shane don’t put Frank up he will go home next week.

    • This game is infamous for casting people who never understand the principle of winning: GET RID OF THE STRONGEST FIRST. Not the one you like less, not the one you have no interaction with, always get rid of the strongest first.

      Of course, they don’t pick them that smart…

      • Hardly. Winning in Big Brother is all about keeping the target off of your back. If Shane nominated Frank, then one of two situations would arise:

        1) Frank gets evicted, which makes Shane the number one target in a house where everyone is against him; or
        2) Frank stays and Shane makes an enemy with the strongest player in the game.

        Neither of which would be good results. Shane needed this week to go after weak players to lower his profile a bit, which is why nominating the two weakest players from the weakest team was the best option. As well, he has the opportunity to test Frank’s loyalty, as team Boogie will control the votes.

    • Shane can’t put frank up because the coaches are definitely coming back and he is going to need allies, frank looks committed and shane has danielle if the coaches come back brit hopefully will stick with shane and thats a good alliance and maybe they can get dan. But dont nom frank because you lose allies.

  7. I’m watching BBAD with Janelle talking with Brittney saying she knows that the coaches are going in.  They have said it before, but are now convinced.  Janelle talking about us sitting at home and how we want them back in and building herself up.  Things that were said when she signed the contract and trying to convince Brittney that they need to stick together and even mentioned how why they need to get Frank out now to start getting Boogie and his teams out.  This may be why Shane is starting to change his mind regarding Frank. 

    I voted no on the coaches, but we obviously will not get a true vote.  I have seen all kinds of polls where no is the popular vote and now I think this was the plan all along and am totally disgusted.  Never thought it was fair last year and now again this year.  I don’t know yet if this is another ploy by Janelle as I am watching from my DVR and have not gotten to real time.  Also, Joe planting seeds to Wil and Jen to work together and forget about the coaches.  This could mess up the alliance of Frank, Danielle and Shane formed last night because Jen is not necessarily going to vote with her team.  Joe says that now and yet remember before the big fight that got Willie evicted he said the same thing.

    I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am so disappointed and all I know is I don’t like Janelle or trust her one bit.  I would like to feel our votes meant something, but they obviously don’t.

  8. Ashley needs to go bb needs to adjust her meds something is not right with her i swear she is bi polar or at least hoping she is so she has a valid reason for crying one second and then she blinks and is laughing like someone just told her a joke her eyes  are always half closed her train of thought flips and she looks and acts stoned all the time before  the beer and wine come out add in last nights tart fest with her tonguing boogie giving ian a peck then tonguing frank cause she said omg frank is so hot and dreamy when two seconds before claims she hates him let us remember her crawling in bed with willie and then willie and jo jo all last week Ashley needs to go now

    • No way! She’s hilarious!

      It’s Joe and Frank that need to go. Can’t stand them.

  9. Go Home, Joe!   (I cant stand you and your loud and instigating mouth.)  He’s an idiot if he thinks that we think he is funny.  He had to have used all his best material in casting for them to even put him in the house.  Joe’s gotta go!!!

    I really do hope that Shane can trust Frank for  a few weeks or at least long enough for someone else to target Frank and get him out. ( I am still mad at Frank for starting a school girl rumor on Willie)

  10. this loyalty everyone talks about only lasts long enough for someone else to get hoh. yes, if they put the coaches back in the game, booger will remain loyal as long as he can ride on frank and shanes backs. look at his last 3 comps with a girl (janelle) people have said he threw a couple. i say he just couldn’t win. i don’t know why anyone thinks he’s so great or that they need to be afraid of him.

  11. Maybe it’s me…. but I really think that if the coaches join the game at this point it would be totally UNFAIR.  Here’s why:

    The coaches have had an unfair advantage of being on the inside of all the talks, who thinks what about who, all of that.  Had they entered as players at the begining they would have never had that opportunity to be in their heads. 

    So, IMO it’s an extra advantage for an already vet player.  I’m voting NO.

    • I don’t think it would necessarily be unfair. The newbies all knew that there was a possibility the coaches would enter the game. It’s their choice if they decide to listen to their coaches and work with them… And if the coaches entered the game, they would all automatically become the biggest targets. It would also create more intense competition and make things more entertaining for America. I’m voting YES.  

  12. Little typo there. Shane gets a little more pressure to put up Frank by Danielle not Ashley.

  13. ……rumor has it that Joe didn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom and before preparing Shane’s food. So Joe kind of gets the last laugh.

    If that’s true Joe may have the last laugh now, but having done so, on a nationally televised show watched by millions, could have been a career ending “act of stupidity !”

  14. I don’t understand what’s going on with these guys. Why not nominate Frank and get the biggest physical threat out? What’s the point in making an alliance with Frank? Make an alliance with someone you know you can beat in the final two if you have to.

  15. Shane should, no “must” back door Frank “I’ve got me a lovely head-O-hair”…… As for Joe and Wil teaming up to boot Shane out the door…… Wil’s brain power is more than cancelled out by Joe’s lack of brain so it’ll never happen…..

  16. Worst season ever..  This whole coach idea dumb. When the coaches come back in and we all know they are, I hope they are all voted off.

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