Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 3 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Things got a little crazy in the Big Brother 14 game on Saturday. We had the fallout from the Coaches competition and Shane’s nominations continue to roll through the house creating fear and paranoia. The real panic came later after the Veto competition was over. Thankfully the HGs had the chance to unwind, do some drinking, play some kissing games, and even show more skin than they intended. Good ol’ Live Feeds.

Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 28, 2012:

9:40 AM BBT — Ashley confronts Frank with rumors that he wanted to target her for being a floater. Frank denies and deflects.

10:20 AM BBT — HGs were picked for the Veto competition. Players have shiny new shoes for the competition. Frank, Danielle, and Wil were selected as the additional players.

10:25 AM BBT — Joe, Janelle, and Ashley talking smack in the Lounge room. They’re upset over the apparent alliance between Frank and Shane. All agree that they must shine a light on Frank’s methods.

12:00 PM BBT — Shane and Danielle talking about the other HGs. Danielle is all over Shane. Oh I’m sure this will end well.

1:00 PM BBT — Danielle, Ashley, Wil, and Janelle end up in the Lounge room discussing getting Frank out and their concerns over Shane. I guess that Danielle and Shane alliance is well hidden if the others are having this discussion in front of her.

4:15 PM BBTLive Feeds return from the Veto competition. Shane has won the Veto for the third straight week. This guy is going to be trouble for the rest of the house. A few mins later Shane announces Joe is done and gone this week.

4:35 PM BBT — Janelle joins Shane and Britney in the HoH room. She wants to persuade them to use the Veto to renom Frank. Lots of resistance from Britney. I wouldn’t expect this plan of Janelle’s to work out. Wil comes in later and joins the discussion. Long 30+ min talk worth watching on Flashback.

5:55 PM BBT — Janelle, Wil, Ashley, and Joe talking game in the Lounge room. Janelle thinks they can get Shane to renom Frank and are excited about their chances at turning this situation around. I think she’s crazy.

6:15 PM BBT — Frank, Shane, and Danielle have named their alliance “Three Amigos.” Wait, which one is supposed to be Chevy Chase?

6:46 PM BBT — Danielle, Britney, and Shane are having a sex talk in the HoH room. Britney making jokes about Danielle’s sex life. They’re discussing their “number” and first times.

7:20 PM BBT — Janelle, Danielle, Britney, Boogie, Dan, and Shane all getting ready for their sushi party. This was a reward from a previous challenge (Coaches comp, presumably). They’re all getting very dressed up.

8:00 PM BBT — Coaches discussing their return to the game. Janelle was very embarrassed by her attempts on Twitter to hide her involvement with this season. Seems it wasn’t anyone but her putting up those fake pictures about her trip to Greece.

8:55 PM BBTSushi party getting started in the backyard. It’s a very nice set up out there for them to relax and enjoy the reward.

9:15 PM BBT — The non-sushi party HGs get just a few beers and a bottle of wine for some drinking of their own.

9:50 PM BBTSushi party merges with indoor party and hilarity ensues. Lots of drinking, semi-nakedness, and making out thanks to some spin-the-bottle games. Ian gets a kiss with Ashley. Danielle and Shane have a kiss. Ashley and Boogie kiss. Seems even Janelle & Jenn kissed and Britney & Ashley kissed. More good times on Flashback.

10:45 PM BBT — Danielle changes out of her sushi party dress and has yet another nip slip. You’ll have to Flashback on the Live Feeds to see it for yourself. Later she comments that she’s terrified of having a nip slip. Way too late for that, Danielle.

12:50 AM BBT — Jenn and Joe have a long talk in the backyard. He suggests she sticks with the other women and let the men knock each other out of the competition. If they stick together then they can make a big move to evict one of the alpha males.

Looks like Joe is going to be the next evicted if things continue on this path. The Veto ceremony won’t be held until Monday afternoon, so you know Team Janelle will try everything they can to sway Shane to renom Frank, but I don’t think that’ll happen.

Be sure to check out the drinking party fun and games. It was nice to see the HGs unwind a little and have a good time despite all the drama going on.

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  1. last night was the craziest i have ever seen on BBAD…Ian azz is so fking hairy and grosss..ewww… time tho

  2. i cant believe ash wanted to kiss frank lol i thought she didnt like him

  3. Nip slip?  Puhleeze.  There was barely a 1/16th crescent of the outer edge of the areola showing.  The nipple remained completely covered.

  4. Danielle is starting to annoy me. She reminds me of a cat in heat… and Shane is just not that into her… 

  5. If the reports are true that Danielle is allied with Shane and Frank. They will have the majority with Jenn and Ian in the house. Janelle’s team, Joe, Wil and Ashley will be at the short end of the stick! Alliances still matter and this is a numbers game. None of Janelle’s players have moved to cross over to the other teams and strike up alliances outside of the Mike Boogie and Janelle alliance. As Dr. Will said in the last TV episode, Janelle is a good competitor but, bad at strategizing
    which is needed in this game. Very astute observation from the best manipulator on Big Brother! This is still a social game and you need to reach out to others if you want to last in this game. I have a feeling that Kara or Jojo will go back into the game. Not sure when it will happen though. I’m also hoping they do not let the coaches in as players as they would have an unfair advantage over the newbie players.  

  6. Ashley wanted to kiss Frank? Why? That guy hasn’t taken a shower since day one…..yeah…I guess she wanted to kiss Carrot Top.

  7. I don’t have live feeds, will someone please tell me what happened with the sex talk?  I would love to know more about Shane :)

  8. Dannielle is a very beutiful woman. To see her throw herself all over Shane like that is very disturbing. That’s gonna end her game.

  9. Shame on CBS for showing all that binge drinking to the teens who watch the live feeds.

    • It’s not 1950 anymore. Teens are aware that drinking is a thing and a little Big Brother isn’t going to make a difference.

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