Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 2 Tuesday Highlights

The drama in the Big Brother 14 house has slowed to a trickle this week. It might have something to do with the fact that no one really cares if JoJo or Danielle go home? I mean people care, but no one is really fighting to stay. That’s very obvious from the action on the Live Feeds today. It’s been more of a social game — people making relationships — the past couple days. There were a few fun moments from today, though. Like drunk Britney, Danielle and Ashley in the bathtub. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 24, 2012:

Important note: Real’s SuperPass is having a technical difficulty with the Live Feeds’ Flashback feature affecting time selection. It seems to be using your local time zone instead of BBT so adjust accordingly.

8:30 AM BBT — HGs are starting to get up. They find out they’re on lockdown. Talk about what’s going on outback starts.

10:13 AM BBT — Lockdown is over. HGs go outside. Nothing is going on.

11:40 AM BBT — HGs in the back yard talking true crime. Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s an interesting conversation.

11:57 AM BBT — Ashley discussing her outburst yesterday and talking about how things get misconstrued in the house. It’s easy for things to get misconstrued with you’re playing all angles of the house!

12:58 PM BBT — Frank has his HOH camera! The HGs start taking photos all over the house, including the back yard.

2:40 PM BBT — Ashley and Janelle are talking in HOH room. Ashley fears Danielle is a threat. Could she be swinging her vote that way? Janelle pushes for her to vote for JoJo to leave the game. Janelle doesn’t know Ashley has a deal with JoJo and Shane (and everyone else in the house).

3:58 PM BBT — JoJo is putting makeup on Shane in the bathroom.

5:45 PM BBT — Ashley and Jenn discuss Ashley’s mini blowup and Jenn wants to get everything out in the open. Ashley pretends to blame others and tells Jenn things are fine. Ashley is really playing this game.

6:10 PM BBT — Dinner time.

8:06 PM BBT — Danielle tells Janelle she feels closer to Janelle’s team than she does to Shane. She hopes they’d try to target Shane instead of her.

8:15 PM BBT — The HGs find alcohol in the storage room. Things should get crazy later.

10:05 PM BBTBritney, Ashley and Danielle all get in the HOH bathtub. Drunken bath time fun ensues.

10:56 PM BBT — JoJo offers Joe cigarettes for his vote.

11:30 PM BBT — Britney trying to convince Janelle that Danielle should go home so they can knock Dan out of the coaches’ game.

12:55 AM BBT — Janelle and Wil talking game. Janelle is thinking about Britney’s talk earlier and wonders if it is better to knock Dan out now by eliminating Danielle. They also decide Ashley is no longer an asset to their team.

I think it’s been a good thing that the drama has leveled off for a minute after the insanity from Week 1. It’s good to take a little time to get to know the HGs better as the game quietly plays out in the background.

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    • yeah, they are going to find out that she is playing with everyone and the dumb act is just an act. I don’t think that she is really that dingy in real life. She could be a problem for them later on down the road.But Jo Jo does need to go.

    • Can you imagine waking up next to Ashley with no makeup and those eyes peering at you ?

    • yea..she is making deals all over the house..and at times she is so convinceing,,i still dont know where her heart really lyes. i hope she votes out dan and save jo jo..i like jo jo for sum strange reason..i wonder was joe so drunk last night that he forgot he mad a deal with jo jo.time will tell

  1. It’s good to see Ashley come out of her medically induced stupor, and talk game, but she is going to get caught up real soon.

  2. Doesn’t anyone in this house just sit back other than Dan and watch who is doing what and who is not. Boogie is going to get Frank out and I would hate to see that happen. I want to see Frank and Shane have to fight it out in the end but that will not happen for there are way to many floater in this season. 

    • Judging people as floaters in the second week isn’t right.  There have been only four HG comps and only 3 HGs have been in positions of power.  Yes, some players could be considered floaters because they haven’t been making many deals, such as Jenn and Danielle.  But there are other players like Wil, Ian, and JoJo that could do something interesting if they win a comp.  And if Ashley wins a comp, well get ready, because she will expose her two-faced play and will be in big trouble.  Let’s see what happens if one of Janelle’s players gets in the game.

  3.  I assume that Ashley did not watch Mrs Moore last year.  Playing both sides always comes back to bite you in the butt!!  You have to choose a side and stick with it. C’mon Ashley, I like you, but you are not playing a smart game.

  4. I love how NOBODY realizes Danielle and Britney were the only ones drunk in that bathtub. Ashley was sober, she drank the night before, not last night. she blended in with D&B, probably hoping for some drunken info.

  5. I hope jojo stays not that I care for her but I’d like to see Shane get farther I’m rooting for him. I would love to see what happens with Dan if dani goes home. I can NOT stand janelle or wil an joe but if Ashley turns on them I will like her more but she is defintely on medications an muscle relaxer is not what’s making her like that Xanax maybe! My ideal game would be for jojo to stay dani n Dan leave Shane wins hog everybody sucks up an makes deals with him which totally destroys both janelle an boogies teams. That would be fun to watch!!! CBS better have some stuff in plan to change things up.

    • JoJo is an annoying New Jersy mobster housewife wannabe…. The sooner that grating voice leaves, the sooner I can stop taking anti-nausea medication….

    • Emgirl225 I think like you do.  I want JoJo to stay and Danielle to leave because I love Shane and would really like him to stay.  I find Danielle boring and think JoJo is trying to play the game which I respect more than someone like Danielle who just wants to float along.

      • hate to break it to you. but shane is just buying time. hes not very likable to most in the house, and is going to be gone by the final 6 at the least

        hes not very intelligent, and has a massive issue of not having a strong ally in the house, or one in sight. boogie wont let frank make that mistake of saving a guy he could lose to in an endurance final HOH

      • Shane last I heard allied himself with Mike Boogie and Frank. Between the
        two of them, that is a pretty strong alliance if it holds. Who would you
        rather have on your side? Joe, Wil and Ashley versus Shane, Ian, Jenn, Frank. Frank cannot play for HOH this week but, you have 4 players on Mike Boogie side. If Mike Boogie’s players win the HOH this week they can start taking apart Janelle’s team if they are smart and nominate two of them this week. And if they keep the alliance will be very dominant the rest of the way! 

    • yea im team shane all the way. wil is the real two faced person in the house..he is so disgusting to me.dan needs to.hes boring..i know i know that is his game but damn.

  6. Without Willie, things sure are SNORING BORING! Bring Willie back & gette juices flowing again. Just saying…

  7. why not just knock out dan and get it over with..i dont understand this seems logical to get rid of one coach by now..i feel like danielle is not going to be winning no hoh to soon from now. just another player being dragged along.

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