Big Brother 14 Episode 6: Week 2 Noms and Veto Show Tonight – Update

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

It’s catch up time for Big Brother 14 after Sunday’s episode fell short of revealing Frank’s nominations. In case you missed it, we’ve got Willie’s expulsion to thank for that. We’ll have a full plate tonight as we’ll be rushed through nominations, the Veto competition, and the Veto ceremony all to get ready for the next live eviction show.

If you can’t wait for tonight’s show to find out what happens then check out all of those Big Brother spoilers right now. We’re always posting the latest news, updates, and spoilers to the site and our free mobile apps so you can always read what’s going on.

If you haven’t been watching the Live Feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on Flashback which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Go ahead and try it for free then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

Update: Check out the preview video below for this week’s Big Brother Veto competition “Memory Chip.” Well I guess we know why Shane looked so messy when the Veto competition was over. Should be a good one for tonight’s episode!

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  1. BB is so boring now with Willie getting the boot, that even the posts here are boring….. This one included !

    • I have to agree. lol  I wonder with all the talks of last night if anything will really change.  It would be nice to see someone make a move that didn’t involve just staying with their team, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

      •   Agreed too… whenever I check on the hg they are laying around talking
        nonsense…. seems like last few days only Ash has been somewhat
        entertaining and I don’t even like her…

    • Sorry to bore you. Info posts for reminders aren’t very exciting by nature.

      Things tend to build up each season. This one just got off to a high energy start that isn’t typical.

      • i think the show has been pretty exciting up to this point. and i love your posts.

      •  I think your posts are awesome! Its my first stop in the morning before I start getting ready for my day.

      • Didn’t mean that what you have to say is boring, it’s just that the content of the show since Willie left leaves a lot to be desired. Guess what i’ saying is when there’s nothing much happening there’s really not that much to say and or read….

      • It is not u or the network that is is BB14..u do a fine job of keeping us up to date even tho u have very little to work with in the way of news and exciting game happenings… It’s just turned into a boring season…

      • @e119282844770bd6396765f7a085c30c:disqus : No worries, I didn’t take it personally. It’s certainly a lull right now, but this is pretty normal during the early stages. Last week’s insanity was quite the fluke I’d say. We’ll get exciting events to cover again soon.

      • There is certainly some things happening like Shane making an alliance with Frank and Mike Boogie. That alliance if it holds can take both players
        far. Shane also made a move to save both Jojo and Danielle from eviction with an idea to backdoor Wil. Frank said he did not want to rock the boat yet, but he plans to go after Janelle’s players later on. Who becomes HOH
        this week is vital for Shane and Frank and Mike Boogie’s team. If one of Shane, Ian or Jenn win then, they have a chance to break up Janelle’s team. Janelle has already indicated a desire to evict Frank so, if they fail to win HOH this week then, Frank could be on the block once again!

      • Nothing to do with you. The utter hopeless bordedom and stupidity of CBS is to fault, for sticking this garbage in front of our faces. No amount of “info posts” are going to make the most pathetic season of Big Brother I’ve ever stopped watching your fault. It’s CBS’ fault 100% and they’re on strict probation, again, until the next Survivor comes out, which Probst may be able to salvage yet again.

      • Previous seasons not every house member knew who was aligned with who whereas this season everyone knows who is aligned with who and in JoJo’s case that seriously has put her in a bad spot…

        It’s too bad that because the coaches picked the teams and thus alliances the fun part of people really deciding on their own from the beginning who to align with was screwed up. That’s starting to change but who can trust anyone now with everyone kind of knowing far too much about each other.

  2. Could it be that something is going on in the BB backroom??? The latest commercials for BB show Willie several times….hmmmm…That shove he is supposedly giving Joe looks mighty fake/staged on Joes part… WATCH IT CLOSELY when it  airs. Joe does not look like a man that actually took a hit/shove…He does not fall back nor does he lose (or try to right himself) his balance like in one would do in taking a shove…And then too Joe is almost a head taller than Willie..So unless Willie ” jumped” up in Joe’s face to do a head butt Joe is the one who put his head against Willies…Could be that CBS jumped the gun in getting Willie out…There may have been more to Joes actions than we know about…hmmmm..But will the truth come out…????

    •  I sure hope Willie does come back, he made the show fun & enjoyable to watch. everyone lies in all big brother shows & at end of each season they show all clips of everyone lying. SO BIG BROTHER do the RIGHT thing and bring back Willie. the way this season will end is that each coach will have one player left.

      •  Umm, he’s on Twitter, so he isn’t sequestered and therefore can’t come back. He knows about some people’s DR comments since he can watch the show. He isn’t coming back…

    • I would say that “no”, CBS either called the cops on Willie the Neanderthal, or police would have busted in and arrested that stupid hick for them. Hicks can be hicks, but not on national TV that the cities pay for. Willie should be given a show trial and imprisoned. [But that’s a whole other show.]

  3. This game is getting psychological now.Which for me is better than watching  a grown-ass man act like a 2 year old every night.Hope fully JoJo stays and forms an alliance with Joe ,Ashley and Shane…

    • yea i hope jo jo stays..but these assholes still hold a fucking grudge because of willie..i mean really..they dont want to play their own game..doing only what the coaches do..that is so stupid..logically dan needs to go..the coaches this year screwed everything up this year..get back to the basic BB damn.

  4. I find this season is very boring and predictable. Coaches ruined big brother. I hope big brother canada turns out to be good cause big brother is starting to suck. Get rid of the coaches!!!!!!

    • quick question—-do they show Big Brother Canada on ANY channel in the USA?  I would love to see that one….I truly do enjoy Big Brother UK.

      • BB Canada hasn’t started. All I’ve heard so far is that it’s “coming in 2013”. A Wikipedia article says Feb 2013. It’d be up to a US broadcaster to pick it up.

  5. Dan is the second best big brother player of all time behind Will and was one of the most entertaining to watch during his year as well but this year he is being boring and seems not to care at all about his team. I find it strange but still Renegades and Chilltown= MOST EPIC ALLIANCES EVER

  6. I hope that BB Canada is devoid of Jesusland and that HGs are smoking pot and having orgies, because there’s really nothing better to do.
    I find this season to be annoying and predictable. Janelle, I knew it. I hated it when the pics of all former HGs were up, there wasn’t one of them that I wanted to see doing anything at all on BB again, but of course it’s not even the only “Boogie” that Boogie ever had: Dr. Will. Just a retirement home of BB losers (the “winners” are always the worst losers), the Hollywood Squares, the Love Boat of no one’s, the washed up and washed out, recycled in all of their former boring irrelevance: Janelle in particular.

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