Big Brother 14: Ashley Iocco Continues To Play All Sides

Big Brother 14 - Ashley and Janelle

Big Brother 14 HG Ashley Iocco has turned out to be a very entertaining player in the game this season. When she tells one group they’ve got her support you can be almost certain she’ll turn around and promise the same to the other side. Where does she stand as we head toward the next eviction? Who knows, but here’s what she’s saying.

On Monday Ashley confided in Shane, JoJo, and Jenn that she regretted voting out Kara to save Frank now that she suspected he had a Final 2 deal with Ian (Flashback 7/23 @ 8:25PM BBT). Of course this information spread quickly and before too long Frank had a talk with Ashley to assure her there were no final deals like that (Flashback 7/23 @ 10:50PM BBT).

Possibly embarrassed by the ordeal, Ashley talked privately with Britney, Shane, and JoJo later in the Have-Not room (Flashback 7/23 @ 11:50PM BBT). Ashley told them she no longer trusted Janelle and would only trust them [Shane & JoJo]. Similarly she promised them she would vote out Danielle and keep JoJo in the Big Brother 14 house. I bet you can guess where this is going next.

After promising JoJo her vote Ashley shared a little pillow talk with Danielle where she told her, you guessed, she had her vote support (Flashback 7/24 1:25AM BBT).

Today Ashley was right back to her back and forth game. In a private talk with Janelle (Flashback 7/24 2:40PM BBT), Ashley suggested Danielle was her biggest threat in the game. Janelle completely denied that idea and continued to stand her ground on evicting JoJo. Ashley seemed to go with the flow rather than fight the topic. Oh, and Ashley told Janelle that she trusted her and would only talk to her from now on. Pretty much the opposite of her telling Shane and JoJo that she only trusted them now.

How do you think Ashley will vote on Thursday night’s live Big Brother show?

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  1. Ashley will be the BIGGEST FLOATER IN BB HISTORY! She is trying to get rid of EVERYONE who threatens that and shes doing a fine a$$ job be evicting Kara last week. 

    • actually on one of the feed she admitted that she was takeing muscle relaxeers..i think she may still be on it. she looks so spaced out

  2. A little farewell to Willie:
    To the tune of “Bye Bye, Love” by the Everly Brothers….
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    Bye bye, my thug, goodby-ye
    There goes our Willie
    With-a someone new.
    We sure are happy
    Tho Brit’s team is screwed
    He was a baby
    Looked like a man
    When things got toughest
    That’s when he ran
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  3. I think Ashley will be like Porsche from last season (who I was a big fan of).  She played when she needed to play, if you win HOH’s and POV’s at the beginning of the game you are putting a huge target on your back.  By getting good with everyone and making herself weak in competitions, she will be able to slide through to the end and let everyone else pick each other off.  Hopefully she will be able to win comps when she needs to.  

      • The difference between watching Porsche and paint drying is………. umm…….. hmm…..that’s a tough one. Let me get back to ya.

    • The problem with having too many alliances is people talk. And when
      people talk, lies are exposed! Remember Danielle Donato from last season?
      She made alliances with everyone in the house but, she threw her alliance with the veterans down the drain by going after them too soon in the game.
      She got the newbies on her side but, Kahlia and Porsche did not know how
      to play the game and just went along. They were her puppets but, all the lies Danielle engaged in was exposed and she got booted out too early in
      the game and the chance at that $500,000. They should learn from the
      best manipulators in the game like Mike Boogie. He does not make alliances with everyone but, manipulates people most of the time! If you can get into people’s head and make them do what you want to do then, you
      would have won the game! 

  4. Playing all sides is the worst strategy in the game. I’ve seen it a couple of times already. It could blow up in her face like a penis.

  5. Ashley really needs to watch promising everyone her vote. After Thursday she will have to commit to one side. Once she votes out either Danielle or JoJo she kinda will have to stick with that decision and play with that side, b/c the other side will be after her for lying. He better bet would be to go with Shane and hope that Janelle would still want to keep her off the block for personal reasons (keep her players) if that side of the house won HOH. Then she’d be safe either way.

  6. Has she ever watched Big Brother before? She should know it will lead to conflict. She better stick to a side quick before it gets her in trouble.

    • Ya, just like what happened to Ronnie….sucks that Russel sniffed it out. Ronnie had a good strategy, just played too hard too soon.

  7. I hate how people like ashley win no competitions, tell everyone crap, and lie around, and can get all thw way to the finale 2. The producers should think of a twist that gets rid of floaters.

    Any sugguestions?

    •  Yeah. Always have enough people for 2 double evictions, one right before jury (first out no jury, second one 1st juror) and one two weeks later. However during the second part of the double eviction have it just be a comp and have the last place person sent home. No hoh, veto, voting. just the last place person leaves.

      • cool. That way the weak houseguests leave and the strong competitiors stay. nice idea! I hope the producers could do that. I still think there could be many more options too. Just have to think

    • its usually woman (not all the times tho), and mainly because they are attractive and use tht within their gameplay to get to the final 2. i thought it was smart at first, but now its annoying and stupid.

    • “I hate how people like ashley win no competitions, tell everyone crap, and lie around, and can get all thw way to the finale 2.”

      If you feel that way I know a certain alliance by the name of CHILLTOWN that you might be interested in.

    • U are totally correct….During the seasons of BB 12 and 13 (and more)  I could not be pulled or dragged away from my PC and the live feeds plus up most of the nite watching BBAD…Season 14 I don’t have the feeds and I have watched one full episode of BBAD…(Willie was still in the house)…It is sooo boring boring boring…I fall asleep within the first 45 minutes….U blew it CBS…this year the “Snooze Award”  goes to CBS &  BB 14……

  8. Honestly it would be in her best interest to align with JoJo and Shane and betray her coach – Janelle really doesn’t care about her as much as Wil & Joe. Ian, Shane, Ashley & JoJo should band together… that would make things a little more interesting! Jenn is starting to grow on me too…Danielle needs to go home

  9. Ashley prefers to be with Shane, Jojo ad Brit on a personal level, but that is obviously not what her team wants….It’s true what a lot of the players are saying…they wish they had the choice of who were on their teams…and with the coaches picking teams, saves, have nots and possibly coming in this game….Ashley really needs to ignore what Janelle is telling her what to do…Unfortunately the numbers are not in her favour right now.

    • But if she sided with Brit and her team she would be safe from *most* sides. If any of Brits people won HOH she would be safe. If any of Janelle’s players won HOH Janelle wouldn’t let them put her up, so she would be safe. If Ian won HOH she would be safe, he likes her. The only threat to her would be Jenn, but what are the odds of her winning? 1 in 7

  10. If I had to rate Janelle, I would say she is a “C”………….Think about it.   :-)

  11. When I think about Joe, I was conflicted. At first I considered him as a “D.” Then a “B,” To be fair, I guess I should consider both and correctly rank him as a “DB.”

  12. BB14 Joke of the day. What is the difference between a mullet/catfish and Mike Boogie?……One is a bottom sucking dweller. The other one is a fish.

  13. This could be a dangerous move no? I mean it could be a good move, but, I think she might be diggin her own grave.atm.

  14. I’ve been enjoying Ashley’s game all year. I was a little surprised to hear her say to shane that he needs to get rid of Ian before Ian gets too much power though. maybe ian wont play the game with her and its affecting her little crush on him. I know Ians getting a bigger head now that he has cool guy’s hair. But i just find it funny that after willie (my old favorite player) gets voted out, I pick a new favorite and its Ashley, and suddenly people are gonna be making her the new public enemy. But ian is very correct, the Alliance is too big to sustain itself and players will need an alliance to defect to. maybe they’ll defect with Ashley and Shane. Never can tell on BB tho. All i know is i definately want them to vote out danielle this week, just so i can get to see if BB is gonna let Dan in the house or not. 

  15. She is actually insanely smart. If you read her cast information on how to win she tells you straight up she going to act like a ditzy girl. Like she owns her own business obviously she a lot smarter than she appearing to be and she has everyone confused. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins. She obviously doing a great job at her strategy everyone here commenting is fooled by her act.

  16. The back and forth between everyone is going to catch up with a$$ley very soon. It’ll be interesting to see how she’ll try to weasel out of that.

  17. The floater strategy in itself isn’t a bad idea.  Dr. Will played that strategy perfectly, manipulating the house into targeting each other and doing what he wanted without needing to win any competitions.  Honestly, a well played floater game is far more impressive than winning competitions to get to the end, because the floater strategy involves social manipulation and convincing people at the right place and right time to do what you want instead of doing it yourself. And at the same time, the player must suspicion that he’s pulling the strings.

    The problem with Ashley is that she is not being the least bit subtle about any of it.  She’s promising everybody her allegiance within the same hour.  At this point, she can NEVER win a competition, as doing so would force her to declare to the entire house where her loyalties truly lie, and once that happens, everyone will compare notes and she will get a taste of what Ronnie experienced three years ago.  

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