Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 2 Sunday Highlights

Things have definitely quieted down on Big Brother 14 now that Willie has been expelled. The most noise we get now is when Joe excitedly tells any story. The gameplay and game talk going on now is more typical to Big Brother unlike that crazy first week.  Game talk is more quiet and less intense. People are focusing a little more on relaxing and enjoying themselves. That change doesn’t make for the most existing Live Feeds, but we do have  a little to report from yesterday. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 22, 2012:

Important note: Real’s SuperPass is having a technical difficulty with the Live Feeds’ Flashback feature affecting time selection. It seems to be using your local time zone instead of BBT so adjust accordingly.

9:06 AM BBT — Britney is up and acting sick.

10:19 AM BBT — Wil talking about Sweet Brown, the “bronchitis lady” on YouTube.

 1:48 PM BBT — Joe predicts the players will get redistributed among the coaches next week.

2:27 PM BBT — Boogie says he has a feeling the next twist will be a competition where the winning coach will be able to bring back an eliminated player.

2:50 PM BBTJanelle and Britney discuss coaches entering the game and Willie’s outburst and expulsion.

3:10 PM BBT — Boogie tells Ian to never talk to Joe about his game theories. Says Joe is too paranoid and will make things crazy.

3:27 PM BBT — Britney tries to understand how Janelle can always seem so unemotional.

3:20 PM BBT — Indoor lockdown ends. House guests go out back to find a bocce ball game.

5:29 PM BBT — Frank hides behind a couch in the HOH room and scares Boogie when he walks in. Pretty funny stuff.

5:43 PM BBT — Ashley and JoJo talking game. They’re discussing an alliance where they pull in a guy, like Ian.

7:18 PM BBT — Britney says production didn’t intervene with the Willie/Joe fight until the FOURTH headbutt. THat’s an interesting development.

8:45 PM BBT — Wil and Joe discuss who they’ll have to knock out of the game. Their focus is Frank but then talk about ditching Ashley later in the game.

9:26 PM BBTBoogie and Dan talking in HOH room. Boogie trying to make a deal with Dan to work together to keep Dan in the game in case coaches go into the game. Dan says he’s in. Boogie says he will make sure JoJo goes home this week. He assures Dan that Danielle won’t be going home.

12:07 AM BBT — Janelle’s  team discussing that they want to win HOH next and that it’s between one of them and Shane. They think JoJo should be voted out.

1:37 AM BBT — Shane tells JoJo he’s going to ask Frank to nominated Wil and vote him out.

Today was a slow day, for sure. But as we get closer to eviction, things should get a little more exciting. There are a few moments worth looking back on, though. So be sure to check it out.

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  1. Interesting chatter. But the two key points that stood out to me was:

    1. “Boogie says he has a feeling the next twist will be a competition where the winning coach will be able to bring back an eliminated player.”

    I have a strong feeling that one or two evicted players will return to the Big Brother house within the next few weeks as a twist, maybe sort of like the did either last year or the year before.  

    2. “Shane tells JoJo he’s going to ask Frank to nominated Wil and vote him out.”

    I believe that Frank should put up Ashley or Wil as she is a threat rather than Danielle. But call me crazy, but I kind of want the answer to the question of what happens to a coach once all of that coaches players are evicted…so Danielle would have to be put up and evicted so we see what happens to Dan. Does Dan return as a player or simply goes home?

      • I feel fairly confident in saying that in Big Brother, no speculation is “total idiocy” until proven otherwise.  We’ve never been given an indication of what is to happen to a coach when their players are eliminated.  If you examine the numbers, especially now that Willie is gone, having some of the coaches enter into the game could make sense.  Whether it’s fair or not is a totally different issue…

      • Well that’s your opinion, but this is Big Brother and BB stands for expect the unexpected. So it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see at least one coach return to the game as a player. But its only my opinion. By the way, I expect the kitchen sink (sort of speak) to be throw at the players.

      • To Marlee-didn’t they say at the beginning that if all of a coaches players are eliminated, the the coach is eliminated also?

      • mickeychris, I have to be honest: I missed the first episode because I was out of town, so I’m going off of what they’ve told us on the episodes since then.  If that’s been said and I missed it, I stand corrected. :)  But I think even if it was stated at the beginning, having Willie expelled throws a monkey wrench into the schedule in terms of numbers.  I also think I’ve read somewhere that the BB contracts leave a lot of options open to production to change things up as they see fit.  Who knows what’ll happen? lol

    • BB is currently negotiating with a major medical school to get a lobotomy for Willie who will re-enter the game a completely different man. Willie will have the ots for Wil….

    • This morning while watching last nights Big Brother After Dark, I realized that I made a mistake, since Janelle won the Coaches challenge, Ashley now has immunity. I so guess Wil would be the next bet.

      • I guess admitting you made a mistake and correcting it (as I didn’t remember that Janelle gave Ashley immunity) isn’t good enough for some people, but oh well. If you can’t accept it, then that’s you, but sorry for the mistake and I’m moving on.

  2. Ok, it’s understandable Brit has yellow teeth, but could she at least start to do some basic personal grooming?

  3. I will never again complain about the flip flopping that occurred last week. At least  last week was exciting.

  4. I hope everyone who doesn’t understand why Willie was evicted gets it now. Four headbutts!!! We obviously didnt see all the footage, there just wasnt time, should have been a special two hour episode. But the charging and the one headbutt I saw was enough for me regarless of Joe getting in fighting position to defend himself from a maniac. Production should have stepped in way sooner, but Willie has to be held accountable for his actions.

    • What headbutt did you see? What I seen was Willie but is head up against Joe’s (I’m not saying that Willie was right to do that) head and then chest push him.All week long they have been calling him names, lied about him making gay slurs.If he would have mock anyone else no one would have had a problem with it and let just face facts people do that in that house every season.So why was this time any different?He was all alone in the house with no one willing to talk to him but all talk about him. You can only push someone so far and I think Britney help push him their.

  5. A possible BB twist : What if the HG’s eliminated all of the coaches players, then the coach enters the game? Then the HG would have to align against the coaches to make sure they keep at least one coaches player in so the coach can’t compete and the coaches would be trying to get their own teammate out so the coach would enter.

    That scenario would REALLY stir the house up, wouldn’t it?

    • I like this idea!  Would definitely make the HGs a little more thoughtful in their choices for who to put up on the block.

  6. I keep reading a lot of posts speculating about coaches entering the game and watched Willie’s paranoia over the possibility….and I’m trying to figure out why a coach would want to give up the chance to win 100k to only be voted out by the newbies at the first possible opportunity. I know that didn’t happen last season….but surely these newbies must have learned from the mistakes of last years starstruck houseguests.

  7. Willie got a bad rap right from the beginning, just because he’s a Hantz.  Boogie and Frank targeted him, making him seem a lot worse than he was.  And Joe was very quick to tell everyone how Willie “mocked” the player, which was bs–I saw the conversation and I didn’t think it was mocking at all, just telling what was said.  And the whole house was very eager to target Willie.  They were even worse than he was, either insulting him or shunning him.  And Britney was one of the worst offenders–what a terrible coach!  She basically threw him under the bus.  No wonder he was on edge.  I don’t think Willie was right to head butt, but I think Joe was as much as fault as Willie, and Joe should have been evicted, too.  It will be a lot more boring now that Willie’s gone.   

    •  Exactly, Joe was the most irritating person there. He made him look really bad. Politically, they were successful on making him look like a bully inside the BB house. But not from the viewers at least not from me. I saw what happened.

  8. I think it would not be good for the coaches to enter the game simply because they would have an unfair advantage over their team members. By now, they know what plays have been made and exactly what their team member’s strategies are for making it to the end.

    •  It’s all speculation. BB is known to throw twists on the game but they’re  fair too. They usually ask America to vote. Players that were evicted could possibly return, that’s more rational but for the coaches to return as full time players? I don’t think so. Remember the objective of the game is to pick the best coach and win 100K

      • When Willie imitated Wil, he was called a homophobe. Therefore, when Wil imitated ‘sweet brown’ (I watched it on BB after dark), does that make Wil a racist? Hmmm?

  9. When Willie imitated Wil, he was called a homophobe. Therefore, when Wil imitated ‘sweet brown’, does that make him a racist? Hmmm?

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