Big Brother 14 House Meeting: Newbies Revolt

Big Brother 14 House meeting

The Big Brother 14 Newbies are tired of playing the game for their Coaches and things boiled over today in the Big Brother house.

Yesterday Britney told Janelle she told was worried the Newbies would turn against them if the Vets revealed they were potentially come in to the game. She was right. After revealing this theory to Willie he took it all over the house which lead to an argument between him and Britney.

Flashback on the Live Feeds (No Feeds? Get the Free Trial.) to 10:00AM BBT to find Britney chastising Willie for revealing to Boogie this theory about the returning Vets coming in to the game. Britney says she wished she had never told him anything.

Shortly after that Willie starts suggesting the Newbies call a house meeting without the Coaches. Joe wraps up a meeting with Janelle, agrees that Willie is working with Frank to keep him, and decides to press for Willie’s house meeting. The Newbies gather upstairs in the HoH room and things get rolling. Flashback to 10:55AM BBT to watch.

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Willie kicks things off by saying they (the Newbies) need to revolt and reject the Coaches. He’s tired of playing their game. The Newbies recognize the Coaches are pushing their own Big Brother game agendas and they’re done with it.

The Newbies agree that they want to play their own game from now on and no more dealing things out through the coaches. They don’t like having to backup deals someone else made on their behalf.

Joe says Willie is playing too fast. Willie strongly disagrees. Joe reminds Willie that he doesn’t know for certain that the Vets will be playing the game like he suspects. Joe Arvin, the surprising voice of reason in Big Brother 14 this afternoon.

The house meeting breaks and moments after Frank expresses his concern to Willie that the other HGs might no longer feel the need to weaken Dan as a result. Willie assures him that’s not the case. Moments later? JoJo is talking privately with Kara and providing support. We shall see. Lots more talk going on now as the Newbies begin again to mix with the Coaches.

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  1. Damn Britney and her big mouth, if she suspects the newbies would turn against the Vets if they were to enter the game, why is it her first order of business to tell a newbie the very thing she knows she shouldn’t. This just goes to prove what I have said from the start, Britney should not be in this game as a coach, all she is good for is a comical DR. I am pissed that she has the best team, because she should be the first coach to go, not Dan.

  2. i really dont want any more returning players AGAIN this year..the coaches thing is  a great twist..even better now that the newbies are playing on without them!! Iam glad it didnt take them long to come to this point..they should NEVER rest assured on SOMEONE else s   agenda. took a Hantz to figure it out,but it really will benifit them all eventually…go newbies..

  3. It will be good to see Willie removed from the HOH comfort.  Other than

    rule from above, he hasn’t played with the commoners. Oh and by the way Willie… was your COACH that put you in the HOH room.  Just sayin’

    • I agree. Willie’s team won that comp and he drew the “short straw” as it were when Brit picked him.

  4. Don’t these newbies understand that there coaches are trying to get them to the end so they will also win the 100,000. They’re trying to help them win.

    • The newbies are under the impression that the coaches are, at some point in the game, going to become players and compete against them. They are worried that the coaches do not have the newbies best interests in mind and are just using them to have a better chance when they enter the game, if they enter the game. I.E. Willie is worried that Janelle and Brit are just using them to try and get Dan or Boogie out. He has said that when the coaches talk to the newbies they always say they “have to get Dan out” and that the newbies shouldn’t be worried about taking out a certian coach, but they need to worry about the actual players. 

      Side Note: Brit and Janelle have both been using their players to benefit them. They figure because of the lack of players in the game and sending someone home on day one that at least some of the coaches will enter the game. They were trying to play their teams to eliminate Dan’s players from the game b/c they are scared of what he is able to do in the game.

  5. I have to say, even though people are criticizing BB for bringing back old players again (albeit as coaches), things are definitely being stirred up and getting interesting for just the first week. “Glass House” is looking seriously weak compared to this year’s BB season. As the newbies like to say, Game on!

  6. Joe’s a moron. He needs to keep his mouth shut. He’s putting a target on his back. Quit ratting everyone out dude. I got a feeling Boogies got a plan for this fool.

    • I agree i think Joe has a good chance at being voted out! amd i i’m happy the noobs are playing their own game.

    • Can’t stand Joe. A rat doesn’t last long in BB tho do I suspect he’ll be gone next week, if Willie can get everybody back on the same page. It’s not looking great for Willies alliance, which really bums me out.

  7. 1. Britney once again dealt a mistake, she is sunk in between guys that pretends to like her, in the end she will likely be packing real soon.

    2. Willie aggresiveness, just similar to his brother Russell in survivor, the Hantz theory, it will cost him dearly… if he suspects people like that. He will surely be a fast target.

    3. Jodi, Kara and Danielle are unfortunate targets because of the Dan man… issues.. poor ladies.

    4. Janelle – the Janelle & Britney alliance will fade quickly… and Britt has no idea that Janelle has plans of her own.

    Get ready for more dirty fights, this season is sick.

  8. Quick question:. Do the newbies know that the coaches are playing for. $100,000?

    Doesn’t the $100,000 align the interests of the coach and the team member?

    • Yes, I think they know that. It does seem like they’d understand their interests are tied, but the newbies also realize that there’s more than 1 of them on each team and they’re expendable.

  9. I never thought I’d say this… but… I have now met a houseguest that I detest more than Rachel… Willie!!!  OMG what an overplayer!!

    • Willie is as wack as his brother…the whole family is crazy..If I was in the house and won HOH he’s be my main target. They need to get Frank out…

    •  I think he wants to become as famous as his brother Russell. If he fails, he’ll go home hanging his head. Russell will give him such grief too. LMAO!

  10. It’s hilarious that they are all turning against Willie when all he has done is tell the truth and maybe uncovered a big twist. I just hope Shane or JoJo win HOH on Thursday. Also, Joe needs to go. He’s a fricken nut!

    • I like Willie. I really think he means well.  I’m starting to turn against Joe and Wil, though; I think they are unsavory characters who I thought were better than they actually have shown themselves to be as of tonight!

  11. The old houseguests (coaches) are ruining the game. I watch BB to see new players, not old-time jerks like Mike Boogie and Britney. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone opens a closet and finds Rachel. Ugh. Bring back the good old game.

  12. I dont like britney at all not even her season. Is Britney retarded or something the Vets arent entering the game i will promise that on everthing. They bring someone back atfer 4 ppl are evicted like last year

    • They don’t bring people back every year. It’s happened 4 times in 13 seasons. (Seasons 3,6,9,13) They started with an unusually low number of houseguests (12 vs 14 last year) and evicted one on the first night. There is a twist in the works somewhere, and it seems like someone will be coming back/entering the game at some point. Also, I have heard that Jodi is already home, not in sequester. So who else will be playing the game in the future? My bet is that some of the coaches will enter the game, once one or two are gone I bet the other 2 or 3 get to play.

  13. Hey Matt or anyone can you please tell me how and when the coach’s get voted out?…….thx Sean

    • We don’t know for sure, but the speculation is that once the Coach loses all his or her players then they’ll be eliminated from the competition. But we don’t know that for a fact.

      • very true Matt…its all speculation…nothing has been confirmed……

        BUT now they are saying that when a coaches team is gone that the Coach will be put back into the game….how’s that for a twist, lol….☺….

  14. Willie is playing way too hard way too fast, he was in a good postion to do whatever he wanted before he called this meeting, but now if the mentors do become players in the game they’re all going to go after him (with the exception of Britney, who really has no idea what she’s doing) all he did was put an even bigger target on his back. Willie made a very bad move.

  15. I go to 10:00 am on today, July 17th and everyone is sleeping. What am I doing wrong?

    • There is a BIG problem with the FlashBack on the Live Feeds…..

      you have put the time of YOUR time zone….for ex: to get 5:07pm  BBT on the east coast …put 8:07pm ET….in order to see the FlashBack….☺….

  16. If willie were acting any shadier he would be a forest.
    Willie is shadier than a palm tree on a cloudy day.
    Britney so must be wishing she had given hoh to anyone on her team besides willie. 

  17. the biggest problem every year in every reality competition show is that people disclose their huge moves the first week of the game! if you come out too strong the first week you will automatically be putting a huge target on your back! willie is 100% right that the coaches (probably not all of them) will be coming back into the game sooner or later but it will be later and by willie coming out too strong he will end up going home. of all people to bring back i can’t believe they brought back brittany- they probably couldn’t get anyone else so by default they chose her.

  18. Let’s face it W.H is no Russel H.
    They maybe sare last name and the basballcap and look a like….but in H family that is as far as it goes….brains belong to R.H…rest of the family…not so sure, but there is always spots left on a Bachelor Pad


    •  ITA!!!  I the first hour in the HOH room talking (or attempting) to talk strategy I thought he was as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  19. I would have a feeling if the teams get low enough there will be a reshuffle of players to shift up the teams and keep all the mentors in.  Not that I want to keep the mentors in…kinda annoying for sure!

    •  I hope they don’t re-shuffle!! If a mentor has no players left than I think he or she should have to leave the show. I’ve never liked how Big Brother changes the game up to suit their needs. Just play it straight up. Just once!! I dare them!!

  20. I thought from the moment Willie stepped into the HOH he was playing the game too hard. With Britney mentoring him, he doesn’t stand a chance. I have no idea why the producers of this show thought she was a good player. I’d have rather Lane or Hayden from that season of her any day. She has no game herself. She’s a follower.

  21. I would just like to take a minute to thank production. You did something right this year with casting! Its week one and sh*t has already hit the fan in the house. It is actually interesting to watch after dark and the feeds.

    • Willie is too funny. Proving he’s not homophobic by threatening “nigguhs”. He looks like such a liar. Brit is once again an annoying little liar. They make one great team! I hope Frank stays in the game.

  22. All i have to say is Britney is a fake and IAN  OMG  IAN  is  a freak looking at the cameras and walking around the house  like a freak..SHe looks like serial killer to me

  23. I love Britney being back; and I really like Willie–He makes BB-14 so much fun!   JoJo is sleeping with Willie now, and they said they are going to start making out in 30 days!  Then they went to sleep! lol  (hope both of them are still in BB house then)

  24. I hope they do not let the veterans come into the game. That would be unfair
    to the newbies as they newbies will be voting each other off while, the veterans
    are safe all this time! If they wanted the veterans in the game, it should have
    been at the very start! Producers were probably thinking about last season and
    how the newbies took charge in the end! The veterans had control of the house
    for much of the time last season so, anything could happen. Besides, Dan, Boogie and Janelle, not counting Brittney had won competitions before so, even
    if there were 4 veterans at the start, they could still have been very dominant in the game. Just don’t bring the veterans in now as it would be unfair to the

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