Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 10 Monday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

I guess after Sunday’s exciting day of Big Brother 14 Final Three Live Feeds, we were due for a rest because not much happened Monday. Danielle has decided to mostly stop torturing Ian. Dan is pretending to lose his mind and is finding all of his entertainment in messing with Danielle. And of course Ian has his hammock.  Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 17, 2012:

10:15 AM BBT — Houseguests waking up. Dan says hello to the cameras.

10:55 AM BBT — Dan tells Danielle there is still a chance that Ian will pick her to sit next to him in the final two.

11:00 AM BBT — Dan and Danielle still talking. He tells her that his goal isn’t to win the game but to coach her to the end to win the game. Of course we know that’s not his goal.

12:10 PM BBT — Danielle is bugging Dan about what kinds of lies he’s told her throughout the season. She asks if he picked her because he thought he could control her. He laughs.

12:22 PM BBT — Dan and Danielle talking about her getting in trouble the previous day for saying she’d “snap” Ian’s neck.

1:24 PM BBTDan is in the pool and acting crazy. Danielle thinks he’s losing it. At one point he pretends to drown and production get s angry. Danielle tells Dan he scared her.

6:02 PM BBT — The HGs get some sort of announcement. They’re getting some kind of reward on Tuesday. They’re talking about being excited and Danielle wonders what to wear.

6:20 PM BBT — Danielle says they’re going to be on The Talk.

8:15 PM BBT — The HGs are eating undercooked chicken parmesan. Here’s to hoping they’re not all throwing up on finale night.

9:30 PM BBT — Dan is in bed with the covers over his head. Danielle comes in to check on him. He’s acting down and playing her game. It’s a role reversal he seems to be playing on her. She’s concerned and he’s acting all depressed. He says he’s played a terrible game and she’s pointing out all the good moves he’s made. After she leaves the room, he uncovers himself and smiles at the camera then says “I love this game.” He’s now messing with her for his own amusement, it seems.

9:54 PM BBT — Danielle tells Ian that Dan is upset about them poking fun at him never getting an HoH room this season. That’s not really it, of course.

We’ve got only one more day of Big Brother 14 Live Feeds. And apparently part of that day will be on trivia as the Final Three will be taping a segment for The Talk. We’ll still be there capturing all the fun and drama for you.

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  1. I can’t wait to not have to listen to her fake butt either….she can’t even be rude correctly without being told how by Dan. I want Dan to slay this fat rat and put her down. Then she and Shane can start over with just theory stipend and loyalty to one another….ugh

    • I don’t think Danielle is fat, at all. She may be a little bigger now
      than she was when she first entered the house. In my opinion, Danielle
      is a very pretty girl…..she is just delusional, insecure, a big liar, and needs lots of
      attention. I guess this is why most people find her unattractive. I would like to see if Shane will date Danielle if she doesn’t win the $500,000. Shane said that his parents are struggling right now and he hates that he didn’t win, because he really wanted to help them out. I think Shane is waiting to see what Danielle does. I’m for sure if she wins the $500,000, she will get a big kiss from him. Also, I’m sure if she doesn’t win the loot, she will only get a lifeless hug.

      • When they first entered the house, i thought Danielle was a very pretty girl. But being there has changed her physically. I suppose it’s the boredom that causes them to eat so much…ALL of them…not just her. And there is so little physical activity for them to do. I do think she has gained quite a bit of weight. But i’m sure she will lose it once out in the real world again. Weight gain is actually the least of her problems.

      • I used to think she was very pretty. And her weight gain isn’t even what has turned me off. Her ugly personality had made her physically unattractive to me. I can’t even tell she gained weight, she’s just an ugly person.

  2. Dan seriously better win this last HoH; he could use all the help he can get in convincing the jury that he is the best all-around.

      • Ian’s made a lot more visible moves than Dan and has won more competitions; judging by how bitter some of the jury members are, I’d say if it comes down to him and Dan, Dan is not guaranteed a win by any means. He may still get it, but it won’t be a done-deal.

      • EXACTLY!!!! If Ian wants a shot he has to take Danielle. For Dan to be 100% sure to win he had to take Danielle also. Ian and Dan would be fools to take each other.

      • Yeah but basically all Ian hoh’s were Dans and he didn’t need to win comps. Yeah I don’t think anyone is guranteed the win, but I think Ian is probably in the worse position because with either of them I don’t think he has any guranteed votes, with Dani she would have Shane, Dan, and Jenn, and the rest really who knows. With Dan he would have Dani, and Jenn, and maybe Shane is Dani tell him to, and again the rest who knows. Idk this year it really is so unsure on the jury I but the jury episode they all realized how dangerous Dan is so I think Dan has the best shot at winning if int he finals. Probably a better shot against Ian I’m starting to think.

      • If Ian is smart he would take Dannielle because he could actually beat her. If Dan is in the finale two he is the winner.

      • Ian will never take Danielle, Ian has a ego about that game and he wants to be Dan and if he doesn’t he will settle for the 50k.

      • I agree. Plus all the harassment Danielle has thrown his way over the last couple of days has had the opposite affect of what she intended.

      • I actually am starting to think Ian will take Danielle. He keeps repeating over and over again, ‘to be the best, you have to beat the best’. (or something like that). I think he knows he can’t beat Dan, and that his best shot is to take Dani.

      • I think what he means by that (to me at least) is to be the best, he needs to be sitting next to the best and STILL win. The best being Dan. I think he also knows that Dani will get a bunch of sympathy votes. One of the many reasons he wouldn’t take her

      • Strange as it seems, I think if he takes Danielle, she wins. She automatically has Dan’s and Shane’s votes. And probably Jenn and Frank’s too, because they have a history of being pissed with him. And that’s all she’d need. But Dan has alienated far more people than Ian, so I think Ian has a better chance against him.

      • Wow, really guys? Talk/judge all you want about any of the gameplay or the way they treat others, but comments like this should be removed. It’s classless, plain and simple. And I get you are entitled to your opinion, that’s fine. But do you realize that this makes you look uber-shallow? To say someone gained weight is one thing but to mock that with comments like this is disappointing from you two…and that comes from someone who enjoyed reading most of your comments this season! I’m sure you’ll each attack this post and tell me I need to get a life and stop whinning….and if you do, all the more reason you should re-read this comment.

      • Nope, you are entitled to your opinion. And maybe you think that was a bit over the top…and maybe it was. But when it comes to Danielles weight gain…maybe i don’t give her enough credit for staying in the house for 3 months and not being able to control it. If you read my comment below…i state possible reasons for her…and the rest…eating so much. If i offended you..sorry but i was just kidding. I don’t normally attack her weight….but her weight gain has become so evident. And it really amazes me that she has gone from super slim to what she is now. I’m not defending my comment…just saying maybe you’re right and i need to think before i react.

      • There is the class I expect from you based on other posts…and I mean that in a good way not a sarcastic one. I appreciate your honest response. I did read your other comment which is why I was surprised to reach this one. I think being in the BB house is really tough on them (and I know they sign up for it…I would love to be on but that’s not to say I think it would be a cake walk…pardon the pun given the subject, lol).
        I get it, easy to get wrapped up in the moment even when posting…I’m sure I’ve done the same and mabye shouldn’t be the one to toss out judgement so fast but I just attended a development session yesterday that partially focussed on bullying and this comment rubbed me the wrong way.
        Love the way you responded though.

      • I have been on this board day and night for about two weeks and I haven’t seen any bullying going on. I find most of the people here extremely nice. I have no idea what could have happened that caused you to be bullied.

      • I agree with some of what you said. However, as I stated in another post, people might find it easy to criticize Danielle, because Danielle finds it easy to criticize others. Does this make it right……..of course not. However, this is a “get what you give” type of world and why should her feeling be spared? Danielle said the first girl who got evicted “looked” like she would cause drama. At least people are “looking” at her (Danielle) and are telling the truth. Again, is it right….probably not.

      • Fair enough but as I say to my children, just because your brother pushed you doesn’t mean you push him back…
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning her behaviour at ALL – Promise! This wasn’t about Danielle, I would have reacted to that comment if it was made about ANYONE.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I do understand your point. Danielle and the whole cancer thing has just gotten under my skin. A part of me feels sorry for her and a part of me wish I could slap the ****** out of her (I know, violence never solves anything……but since I’m only human, can I please release a little anger with a slap).

      • Regarding the Jodi thing: Most of the houseguests seemed to have a problem with her. I’m thinking she was up to stuff we didn’t get to see due to time constraints.

      • I don’t think that is true. Yesterday, Danielle said that Jodi said her (Danielle) teeth were nice and asked her (Danielle) if they were real. That probably was not a good thing to ask anyone, but that sure does not make you a drama queen. Also, during the same conversation, Ian said that he did not think Jodi was mean.

      • I’m not talking about Danielle’s association with her. Everyone is the devil in Danielle’s mind. But there’s been quite a few comments about Jodi being a trouble maker throughout the season. Then they had that on-going joke that Jodi was still in the house. Even Big Brother played along with that joke, telling Jodi to put her mic back on when Dan/Ian/Jenn were alone in the house during Dani/Shane’s trip. (Big Brother also reminded Willie he hadn’t been to the DR yet that day xD) The trouble maker thing may also have been a joke but it was brought up a lot. I’m guessing her attempts to save herself after Dan’s team lost probably made her look bad, whatever they may have been.

  3. Dan should be able to win against either Danielle or Ian but Ian could have a shot. He is better off taking Danielle because every move she made was what Dan told her to do.

  4. i like danielle. the whole weight gain thing is a little rude don’t you think? she’s gorgeous. i don’t care who wins as long as it’s not dan.

    • I can’t say that I like Danielle, but the personal insults are too much. I don’t understand why women have to put other women down. Perhaps they have their own self-esteem issues.

      • Danielle herself has made insulting comments about Kara, JoJo, Janelle and even Britney. I get your point and I totally agree with you, but Danielle has not set that example.

      • I don’t get the feeds and CBS network has not shown that side of her. I think Dani insults other women because it makes her feel better about herself. You make a good point and thanks for your post. Two wrongs don’t make a right though.

      • I agree, she has been nasty to the other women on the show. Which shows her insecrurity. I almost feel sorry for people who don’t have live feeds or bbad. They really don’t know any of these people.

      • What CBS shows and what the feeds or BBAD shows are 2 COMPLETE different girls! Holy cow, I wish I could share my feeds with you for a few hours. :-)

      • I guess people don’t have a problem insulting Danielle, because Danielle doesn’t have a problem insulting others, especially women. There you go!

    • He’s on my gaydar, but I don’t think he even realizes it yet. The fact that he commented to Jeff Schroeder about Wil’s legs though shows that he is paying attention to gay men. He is just too nice of a person, and he could not be mean to Danielle, but you could tell there was no attraction on his part.

      • These two moments stick out when I think about Shane being in the closet:
        Shane, Britney, and Danielle are talking about whether or not they can trust Ian around the time the Quack Pack was formed and Shane’s first reaction is to call Ian a “little f*gg*t”.
        Also, when someone (I don’t remember who) told Shane about Frank flirting with Wil for his vote, Shane’s reaction was “That’s disgusting”. That was clearly a gay thing as Shane had no problem flirting with Danielle and JoJo in the game.
        He’s in denial.

      • You can pick up on it just by watching his interview for the show. I think he’s scared to come out. He could have benefited from being Jenns friend if he only gave her the chance. She really could have helped him.

      • If Shane is still in the closet, the last thing he would have done was openly befriend another gay person. That’s probably why he never spent much time talking to Jenn. I don’t care one way or the other, but I do believe there is a very good possibility that he is gay.

    • Yes, she does have gorgeous hair. She should donate some of her hair to Locks of Love, though. It would be a good thing to do since everybody knows she doesn’t really have cancer.

      • She mentioned doing that a week or so ago. Then about an hour later she said she was gonna get her hair cut when she gets out of the house, BUT only 1 inch. Locks of Love wants at least 8-10 inches and I just don’t know if she has the guts to do it. If anyone else is thinking of doing it, please do. It’s the best feeling ever. :-)

  5. Danielle said if she wins the $500,000, she will give half of it to her church. Okay, who is stupid enough to believe this? And, the lies go on and on and one.

  6. After watching Big Bros After Dark last night I am at a loss as to how gullible Danielle is. Dan was “acting” all depressed and is still playing her like a violin. She gave him pep talk after pep talk, it was sickening to watch. I truly believe there is a method to his madness and possibly she will be so worried for his mental state that she will tell Ian it’s okay for him to pick Dan over herself because Dan is “the best player in Big Bros. history” (her words to Dan) Dan is diabolical, Danielle is beyond dumb, I so hope Ian takes it all

  7. I’m watching the feeds from Sunday…I cannot believe how NASTY Danielle is being to Ian!! I didn’t have much but absolutely NO respect for her now. Does she seriously think she is helping herself by treating Ian like dirt?? If he was even thinking about taking her to final 2 she just blew that. She started this game as a sweet southern lady but true colors come out don’t they. Gross.

      • I agree she needs to do SOMETHING to try to persuade them. But maybe she would have gotten further if she had stated her case to Ian in a more logical…and less mean way. Yelling usually drives people further away and they stop listening and rebel.

      • Exactly! And what “crap” is she taking? What have they done to her? Ian won, that is not a personal attack to her. Ian is not lying to her. She is waaaaay too loyal to Dan, I cannot even imagine her reaction when she sees everything played back. If she were playing this game to win, she would tell Ian that Dan tried to get him out on the 2nd double evic. she is more worried about what Dan thinks of her than winning. I’d lke to see her actually play the game and not yell at and trash Ian.

      • She’s just pissed at herself for once again trusting in Dan and for giving the 1st part of the HOH comp to him. She’s pissed that Ian actually won the second part and didn’t give it to her. I’d be pissed at myself too if I was that frickin’ stupid at this point in the game. The problem is she should have been taking out all her rage on herself and not on Ian or Dan or anyone else nearby.

      • She doesn’t think she’ll lose, though…that’s why she’s creating all the drama, something Dan knew she would do! Dan also knew she’d probably tell Ian all about their talk they had. She also, like she always does when she doesn’t want what she says to get back to her in a bad way, told Ian not to say anything to Dan about their conversation! LOL At this point Ian could give a crap about anything Danielle says anyway, so he just goes along with her!

    • She’s doing exactly what Dan told her to do so Ian will throw the game to Dan…but Ian’s said he won’t do that. I think Dan will throw the game to Ian and Ian will take him instead of Danielle after the way she told him off! She can’t see through Dan’s mist that she’s no longer going to be in the F2!!!

  8. dont care of what anyone say dan is up to something some kind of trick before wed think his working on Danielle to fool Lan and if he falls for it then dans down to dan

  9. Everyone is going for Lan and do not know who will win the last hoh it all depends on who win it and who they kick out next

  10. I know I am the minority on this subject, but I think Dan is just mean. Yes it is a game, but he knows Danielle’s feeling are genuine for him. Why can’t he just play nice now that its almost over and he has gotton his way. If I was a parent of one of his students I would seriously question his apathy,and lack of morals. If his students are watching him, which I am sure they are, what kind of example is he setting. Lying to people who care about him. I guess you could say it about everyone in the house, but as a coach and teacher he is held to a higher standard. I sure hope Ian wins so Dan doesn’t get his way this whole season!

    • I think Dan is taking this too far. I wish he losses for being so rude and cocky. Not liking him at all this season. He is acting very immature

    • Wow, look at yourself your questioning his career, and lack of morals based on a TV show that there playing for $500,000 like thats ridiculous. Maybe meet the guy in real life and then judge him. And really can you blame the guy for having some harmless fun, they#ve been stuck in a house with the same people for 3 months and being completely bored half the time, do you really blame him for having fun. Like I get how ppl can hate on Dan yeah thats fine say you don’t agree with his gameplay but, like judging him on his personal life based on a contest show i very much do not agree with.

      • Dan is a natural.. You have to be talented at deceiving to be good at this game. You just don’t go to a game show to get those skills. He has all the tools of a con man. You can’t teach that

    • I fully support Dans actions in the house. You asked the question “why can’t he just play nice now that it’s almost over”? I’ll tell you why. Because he has his foot on $500K right now!! Why would anyone who’s been playing the game for themselves change their game play the day before the game is over? Especially after making it to F3, most likely F2.

  11. Cannot wait to see how Wednesday plays out. Really hope Dan does not throw the comp. Want to see how all plays out and the jury’s ?’s and what they have to say

    • Based on Dans little play acting session with Danielle last night…i think he’s preparing to give it his all as far as winning the final HOH…and if won…he will take Ian. He actually had HER coaching HIM. Of course it was to prepare her for the let down when the time comes. And even to secure her jury vote. JMO but i think this is what he has in mind.

      • That is what I was thinking also last night watching Dan. I KNEW he was bullshiting her. I’ve been thinking he would do anything to get the two of them to the end. But now I don’t know what he’s doing, but he’s setting up something.

      • Dan’s fake acting with Danielle accomplished two things. Preparing Danielle for the worst scenario and Danielle campaigning for him aggressively to the other Jury for a win. I didn’t think Dan expected that one coming, but she said she will campaign hard for him lol…and Dan said with a smile ” I love this game”

      • I totally loved what he did to Danielle…basically got her to admit he carried her most of the season and her telling him just how great a player he is in addition to her giving a good jury vote on his behalf! LOL How clever!!!

    • Call me crazy, but I hope Dan throws the final comp. I think Ian will take Dan to the finals, because he loves the imaginary bromance that he has with Dan and Memphis.

  12. someone said that Lan made more big moves then dan the only big move Lan made was to get boggie out the house lol

  13. Oh Dan – I’m just glad I’m don’t have a child being coached by you in real life. I’d never feel comfortable again knowing the mind games you play and the importance you place on winning over being a decent human being. Scary

    • Wow, seriosuly look at yourself your judging the guy career what based on a contest worth half million dollars. And really you think the ppl in the house came to show morals, and be nice to each other? I thought all the hgs came into the house for their own selfish reasons and that winning half million dollars. I get how Dan can upset ppl but seriously your questioning his personal life and career that has nothing to do with the show that is completely ridiculous.

    • I’d be excited if was coaching my kid, but I don’t like kids so I’ll say that I’d be excited if he was coaching my nieces or nephews. Those kids would be unstoppable and go after every dream they ever had, and make it come true!

  14. I haven’t had much to say about Dan, but I do have one question. Dan told Ian that he only has $300 in his account. Since Dan has been working the whole time, I’m wondering why he only has $300 of the $500,000 that he won last time. I know he had to pay taxes on the money, but dang……I hope Dan is lying about that. Maybe he just didn’t want Ian to know that he still has some loot left.

    • Well i know he gave part of the money to the school he teaches at…not sure how much. Maybe he made some bad investments or paid off some bills he owed. But i tend to think he’s lying and doesn’t want Ian to think he has money.

      • He was lying to Ian. I read about him, he owns properties, and his book even went up on sales after New York Post and Entertainment Weekly wrote about him after “The Funeral”

      • Of course he was lying. You can do a lot with $500K if you are smart, and I’m sure he was smart with it. On the other hand you can also piss it away easily if you are in idiot. I’m sure he needs to the money now to fund his presidential campaign for 2016.

      • His “book” is a self-published ebook that he will happily sell you on his website. That is why he keeps plugging both. It is also available on Amazon for $8.00. It is not available at a real bookstore like Barnes and Noble. Not saying it is still not an accomplishment, but it is not what I consider an authentic book. Hard to sign at book signings.

    • I think he trying to accomplish that the jury just does not give the money to him because he won before tactic, and has money. I very much hopoe the jury doesn’t give him the money because of that, that would runin a great season.

    • oh my gosh, really? When did Dan say that? I have been a big Dan Fan all season but I don’t like that at all. No way that guy only has $300. He wrote books and stuff! He does appearances. Nope, I am starting to pull for Ian…he has earned this win!!!

  15. Well, the HGs were not on The View. They talked about them and lying in general. There was someone from Entertainment Weekly who said Dan was the best liar and made the show interesting. She also said she wanted Dan to win, but only a few people applauded. I thought that was interesting. Julie did defend Dan saying he didn’t owe the other HGs anything because he was trying to win $500,000 dollars.

  16. I keep seeing people write things about what a terrible person Dan is. It’s a GAME for $500.000!! Dan is not like that in real life and is a great coach!! Remember folks, it’s only a game. Hell if I were playing the game, I’d probably play just like he is. He is BRILLIANT!!

      • Seriously, I really want to know how she is so sure he is such a nice guy, no I don’t believe she is his mother. I admit I don’t know him, I could be totally wrong about him, but the influence he might have on children is a valid point. He actually does seem fun to be around and a nice guy, but then he will laugh when someone is hurting. No need for that when no one is there but the camera!

  17. If it comes down to Ian and Dan as F2, Ian has a good shot. Like others have noted, Dan has alienated a good majority of the jury pool and I’m sure they did some talking in the jury house. Also, DAN HAS WON BEFORE!!

    • It could go either way in my opinion which is why Dan
      and Ian should not take each other to Final 2! The
      best outcome for both Dan and Ian is to take Danielle
      to Final 2 and they will easily win that $500,000!

  18. Of course Dan has convinced Danielle that she should act this way towards Ian to better her game. That, if Ian thinks she has played a bad game then he will take her to the final two and Danielle will be a shoe-in to win. HOWEVER, what Danielle doesn’t seem to understand, and maybe it’s because she wanted everyone to think she was a kindergarten teacher (sarcasm), is that she’s doing what Dan KNOWS will make Ian mad enough to vote her out! How stupid you are Danielle. I suppose you will shed A LOT of tears after the show and you see how people actually perceive you! Although Ian isn’t very bright if he doesn’t vote out Dan – IF he wins the last HOH.

    • Danielle is not gong to win this. Ian should take
      Danielle for the simple reason that he will win
      against Danielle and get that $500,000 which is
      the object of the game. The same goes for Dan.
      If he wins the Final HOH, it is in his best interest
      to take Danielle! He will win that $500,000 against Danielle. Now, if Dan and Ian take each other, it
      could go either way in my opinion and a 4-3 score
      for the winner can occur and I will not even guess
      who the winner will be! It could go either way!

  19. I can’t believe I’m watching the Talk! Ugh! They showed Dumbielle’s DR clip “Fool me once…twice…I’m a Dumbass!” from Sunday’s show. I laughed just as hard this time as I did the first time I saw it! The whole discussion about BB is centered around lies. Is it good or bad to lie, when is it appropriate or not. They said has been called the best player ever and the best liar ever. Duh.

  20. I think all the HGs from this season should jump on the yellow brick road and go ask the wizard for a brain. Did anyone think to expose the lies that were told to them in efforts to expose the possible rats? No they kept each others secrets instead of exposing each other like previous seasons. No one this season had a spine they all act as if are playing to win the world’s best friend. I mean who actually believes that their competitor (Dan)doesn’t want to win 500k, but want them (Frank,Danielle,Ian, and others) to win instead. How could someone possibly believe such stupidity? What happened to the lies, deceit, and confrontations? Instead we have a bunch of morons actually trusting each other. Jenn knew Frank was the target the week he was evicted, yet she didn’t tell him. They should just hand over the check to Dan now, let the rest of the HGs watch this season back and show us their response that would be more entertaining than this.

    • To me this season was different. I don’t know but did anyone hear most of the houseguest were picked by production, not by applying for the show? Dan did know how to play the game, even if I want Ian to win. Ian lied but clearly felt bad about it, which is endearing. I don’t agree with all that Dan has done, like playing to the camera’s when he is by himself, like hurting people is so much fun. I wish next season we would have a good old fashion BB. New players who know the game and love it as much as we all do. Also production needs to stay out and stop scripting things.

  21. I don’t think Ian has the social skills to win the final comp. Answering questions posed to the jury and how the jury members responded. Dan on the other hand has a great understanding of the jury members and what makes them tick. He is a student of human nature. Having said that, good luck Ian!

  22. If Dan wins HOH he’ll take Dani he can’t win against Ian remember he wanted to evict Ian but Ian won so he had Joe Evicted. Also by taking Dani Dan can tell the Jury how the Coach Dan got himself and Dani to the end.Ian should take Dani he has a better chance of winning plus they will both get money. Dan has already won before so too bad for him. I lost all respect for Dan when he used God,the Bible and his family in this game. That was a bad choice on Dan’s part. There was no need for that. I feel pity for his family and students how can Dan be trusted or believed after what he did using God and Family to win? Rather he wins BB 14 or not he’ll pay dearly is so manty ways for the bad choices he made trying to win BB 14

  23. Dani lost the game when she used the veto on Dan….or was that at the direction of the producers to create more drama?? As previously stated, Ian’s Hubris will make him take Dan to the finals……so he can put another notch on his on his metaphorical gun……But if the producers would be fair, let Ian take Dani to the F2 ….she could win 50k….Dan already is getting 20k for coaching, …Ian will likely get Americas favorite player for anothe 25k…..this way no one goes home empty handed……

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