Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: State Of The Game After First Night

Big Brother 14 live feeds - HoH room

Since the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds turned on last night we have been flooded with information and details on the state of the game. A LOT of information. Here’s a rundown on what’s going on and where things are headed next. Then again, it’s Big Brother so who really knows what is going to happen. Read on for more.

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When the Feeds turned on we quickly discovered that Willie, as the first HoH, nominated Kara and Frank for eviction. We’re nearly a week away from the next elimination so there’s a lot that can happen, including the Veto competition on Friday. That means it’s not really worth guessing who is in the most danger as both sides of the house continue to argue and debate the situation.

Speaking of the sides of the house, the Veterans have already split down the middle. Britney and Janelle stand on one side with Dan and Boogie on the other. It’s an interesting division and one I’m only a little surprised to see. Having played the game together before and coming in as more senior Vets, I semi-expected a Janelle and Boogie grouping, but their past also makes that difficult. This should be good though.

The Have-Nots have a terrible, terrible room this year, but what else would we expect? It seems the mentors had to pick one team member each to be subjected to this torture. Ian, Shane, Ashley, and Danielle pulled the proverbial short straw on that. They’re sleeping on curved, stamped-like metal platforms which is already causing problems for the Have-Nots. Ashley has been taken out of the house to visit a doctor due to a major back injury, but the HGs expect her to return soon. She spent the morning rubbing Icy-Hot on her bare bottom apparently thinking the cameras didn’t have night vision. She also didn’t think the cameras could see her in the Have-Not room so she went there to cry. This should be fun. See what you’re missing on the Live Feeds?

Later today we’ll get the Power of Veto competition. We’re expecting Frank, Kara, Danielle, Ashley, Wil, Shane, and Willie to be the players. JoJo will be hosting. There’s already plenty of drama surrounding who will do what with the Veto should they win. We’ll keep an eye out for the competition and post the results immediately.

Update: I completely forgot to mention the Mentor competition results. Boogie won, and apparently was a poor sport about it. That win gave him the power to make one of his newbies immune. Presumably that means immunity from nomination rather than… well you can insert the obvious joke yourself. Boogie selected Ian for immunity. So it seems the Vets will compete each week for powers such as this which is cool since we’ll get that much more comps and results this season.

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  1. I am kinda excited to see the results of this Veto competition. I am leaning towards rooting for Frank to win it because I want competitors in the house …. But I also love Jedi Janney so she is smart to want to get rid of him. And I thought I would like Danielle after watching your interviews but she is so annoying in the housr
    P.S. I am so excited to see Willie do what he wants and play his own game!!!!

  2. Matt, how do you think they will deal with the lack of players? Considering there are only 11 actual players opposed to the normal 14, do you think some of mentors will eventually merge into actual game players? 

    • It’s certainly possible, but also remember the show started a week early, will end the same as usual, and they could just skip bringing back HGs and double eviction events. It’s tough to tell how they’ll manage things this early in the season, but most anything is possible. Heck, production might not even know for sure what they want to do at this stage.

  3. I can respect Willie playing his own game and everybody is already scared of him, but Brittany is gonna jack him for not depending on her and she’s gonna take it as an insult. Boogie and Dan teaming up is trouble for those two girls. They’re gonna get played bigtime.

  4. After watching the season opener it appears the “mentors” are really military field commanders running the whole show. They picked the teams, picked the order the players played in the comp, picked the winner (hoh), picked who leaves the show, etc. How will leaders ever emerge from the newbies with these grammar school, whistle blowing, yard monitors running everything? Think “Lord of the Flies” where the leaders rise to the top unencumbered by authority. I predict there will be no BB14 Dr. Will type player due to all the controls placed on this game.

    • I agree with you – seems like the so-called coaches are running this game.  How terrible is that for all these new folks who want to play their own game.  How can they make alliances when they have to play with their “team”.  Why, oh why, didn’t they just let this game be about all NEW folks. 

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