Big Brother 14: Late Night Drama Ends In Tears

Ashley crying to Jenn on Big Brother 14

Team Boogie has been working frantically this week to secure votes to keep Froogie alive. First they tried the “I hate you! You’re terrible! I’m coming after you!” approach. That went about as well as you’d imagine. Then they decided to play nice and see if they could court some votes in a more gentle manner. That worked out just about as well as the first method. Maybe they should have thought of that before the angry plan.

Believing they had Ian’s vote in the bag and then securing Ashley’s support the last cog they needed was Joe. After listening to their pleas the night before it was finally time for Joe to reveal his vote. Flashback to 11:40PM BBT last night to watch on the Live Feeds as Joe breaks the news to Frank. Just as we expected, Joe tells Frank that he will not vote to keep Boogie. Frank pushes Joe for an hour to change his mind, but to no avail.

Boogie has been asleep for awhile at this point, so that leaves Frank, Ashley, and Ian to commiserate with one another downstairs while the rest of the house gathers in the HoH room. Flashback to 1:10AM BBT to watch as they listen in from below as the HGs upstairs loudly discuss Boogie’s pending eviction. Frank decides he’s had enough of that and marches upstairs. He enters the HoH room and makes it known that they can hear them and he doesn’t want them kicking his boy around while he’s already down. The room is stunned by Frank’s visit that ends as quickly as it began.

Now for the real drama. Sign-up to watch on the Live Feeds as Ashley attempts to smooth things out with Jenn. She heads upstairs at 1:30AM BBT and asks to speak with Jenn. Jenn’s reponse? “You can suck it, Ashley.” A few HGs offer to leave and give them privacy, but Ashley declines. Jenn continues to lay in to Ashley for voting against her especially since Ashley had been telling others she was voting to keep her. Things get pretty rough and heated. It finally gets to the point where Ashley can’t take it and she starts to cry. Jenn takes her outside the HoH room to speak in private.

Sitting at the chess table, Ashley continues to bawl to Jenn and explain how she has no one in the game and she was just trying to find something, anything that could work for her for a change. Meanwhile, back in the HoH room Dan tells everyone not to “buy” what Ashley is selling. Shane says Ashley must be an actress with the way she’s acting.

We’re still watching as “Wacky Wednesday” (as the HGs like to call it) plays out and it’s already been interesting. Boogie has announced that he knows he’s going home and wants to do it with class. Could he be trying to surprise attack the other side? We shall see. Be sure to sign-up for the Live Feeds’ free trial and watch what happens next.


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  1. Those are fake tears coming from Ashley…I don’t buy it either…I’m kinda glad Jenn told her off.

    • What is the point of Jenn flipping out though? I mean, she is psycho. She doesn’t even play the game and just sleeps and then when she gets nominated AS A PAWN for goodness sake she flips out and gets all nuts. I mean, thats a bit crazy dont ya think? Plus, does she think she is going to win the game? Ashley has a better chance than Jenn.

      • There IS no point.   Psychotics don’t have to have a reason…..just ask Danielle.   And Ashley gets the award for “biggest tear ducts of the season”.    She didn’t feel so alone not so long ago when she was playing touchy feely with Frank.    

      • Jenn explained why she was upset. Even though she knew she was a pawn, she figured Boogie would find a way to save himself. I still don’t like the idea of her or Ashley floating their way to the final two. Although I think Ashley is more interested in being the House Ho.

      • Jenn, I,dont know,who she think she is, yea, its got to be something,chef Joe is putting in the food, unbelievable

    • Ashley needed to be told off.  Boogie too.  A bit off topic, but very relevant…. Boogie”s child was just born…… spin the bottle????  Really????
      He is talking about going home to his son, so it sounds like he might be with the mom.  Kinda skanky.
      Ash has had her tongue in  2 mouths so far and rubbed her legs all over 3 (Ian included)…. that we know of.  Yup, skanky.

    •  Wow, that is so good to hear. It has be constant whining about how they are never watching it again and complaining non stop. Good for you. I feel the same. I love it. So there all you whiners!!!

  2. Imma thinking the producers have a plan to keep Boogie in the game.  They’re stupid that way.  I’m about done with All-Star repeat performers.  Give us a break, guys.

    • I dont think Boogie will stay… EVERYONE willl diss the show till the end of time cause I dont think many people like him. With all the talk that the producers wont let frank die (figure of speech people) I dont think they will keep Boogie too, that will piss off way to many people and ratings will go down lol

      • I hope in the back of the producers sleeve they have a plan that a newbie wins, cause rachael winning last year and now another coach potentially winning. I just dont think thats cool.

      • I personally LOVE Boogie. He livens up the game and makes it FUN. Most of the best, most fun to watch BB moments include Mike Boogie. 
        Which is a lot more than I can say about Britney. I don’t understand why she was chosen as a coach in the first place. All she did in her season was sit outside in her bikini gossiping and bitching about all the other players. It was pathetic.

      • Hey Rachel worked her azz off to win. Once Branden left she became a different person. Very likeable, personable, won comps and DESERVED to win!!!

      • I so agree with you also… Time for some new blood! Don’t hate the vets but is sure time for new people to play w out bringing in previous houseguests and would be nice to see someone who has not won win

      • the name of the game is BB,u cant win or stay in the house if u dont backstb.. some one.really they need to keep boogie he makes the show worth watchin..all the othe hg just lay around do nothing..

      • ratings down are u nuts if boogie and frank leave it would be so boing who would watch

      • and what should we replace him with!? puppy dogs candy canes and rainbows ??????? you noobs to bb are hilarious!!!! if he was so unpopular why did they bring him back??? furthermore he was the only one who didn’t push the reset!!! WAKE UP !!

    • I agree it time for change instead of the old guess all the time new ones or like jo jo or jody or kira they never had a chance its about ratings

  3. Boogie saying he’s going to go out with class…LOL. Kind of late for that now isn’t it Boogie???

    • The quackers have NO class they are cowards in front of frank and boogie and talk like teenage girls when they are gone… quack pack fans are losers

      • This coming from someone who likes Mike Milan.  Is it safe to assume you have no morals or values because to like someone like Mike says just that.

      •  I agree they are just playing the new players for fools Joe , ASHLEY Jenn and boy Ian need to team up Frank so the Quack Pack can not win would like to see a new player win but not the one in the line with the older player for if they have their way the money will go home with Dan or Brittney

      • Uhh the quakers definately have class. Unlike Boogie who disrespects girls and bullies the hg with his husband Frank

    • is this your first time watchin bb!? watch what happens when the foundation cracks on the quack pack!!!!! the lies and deceptions will be flying but it will be more like “britney i put you up this week because you ignored me all day and i saw you laughin with danielle ” now thats great tv!!

  4. Ian is totally irritating me. Him and that fricking rocking in the hammock. My gosh…sit still. He is being a sneaky little snake. Playing both sides. He doesn’t have a chance with Ashley when they leave the house. I think Frank should win. Everyone on there seems so fake. I bet they will be embarrassed when they watch the show at home and see themselves. 

    • He’s not palying both sides. He is acting like he’s with Frank and Boogie so he can gather info on them for his alliance, which is Shane, Dan, Danielle and Brit. I think it’s funny that Frank and Boogie are so arrogant that they have no clue that this kid is playing them. I’m glad Boggie is leaving tomorrow night and I hope Bozo the Clown follows him out the door in the second eviction.

      • Yep – Boogs doesn’t have the energy to take on the younger kids any more, can’t win comps, can’t manipulate people .His game isn’t as strong in this his 3rd season.Should have brought his viagra with him.Adios Booger! 

      • I think Ian is playing a pretty good game, nice n sneaky, Its a game ppl and you must do what u can to win ;)

      • shasta you are so right he isn’t playing both sides if he was he would be bringing information to frank and boogie and he isn’t. I hope that when boogie gets evicted they do show him that it was ian who ratted him out.Now that would make great viewing..The look on his face would be priceless.

      • I agree with u Ian is playing the game and he is doing it against the so called allstars. The grand wizzards want frank to win boogie watch the double eviction tonight it will tell us who is actually call ing the shots

    •  i am on board with you he has lied the whole game he is worst than a snake in the grass they are some can not even be proud of what they do for a living and did i heard that Dan  was a Sunday school teacher with that mouth of cuss words

      • Hellooooo, its big brother. Boogie is the one that taught Ian that in the big brother house sometimes “checks bounce”. That quote is in entertainment weeklys back page, fall preview issue.

      • Pretty much EVERYONE has been lying in the BB house; Shane was in an ALLIANCE with Frank and Boogie and lied and betrayed them far worse than anything Ian’s done yet. Danielle spread lies about Janelle because she thought she was making a pass at Shane, and is lying to everyone else about her occupation for some unknown reason. I could go on. Why does everyone but Ian get a pass for being sneaky?

      • I would give ANYTHING to be a fly on the wall when Mike and Frank find out that it was Ian that ratted them out and that is why they are on the block in the first place!!! Maybe tonight when Mike is sent home JULIE will tell him the truth since he will no be going to jury!

      • When have you heard Dan curse.  He doesn’t even speak that often and you are accuseing him of having a BAD mouth. as far as Ian and lying,this is BIG BROTHER you are suppose to lie and conive your fellow houseguests. If you can find ONE person in the house that you can truely TRUST to the end of the game, you are LUCKY!!!

    • amen brother just a few too many lead paint chips floating in his gene pool guess he doesn’t realise that they no longer need him!!! fade to black ian …. idiot

  5. Can someone tell me why Danielle being a nurse is such a big secret?  Why not tell people you’re a nurse?  Does a nurse have some great advantage in this game that I’m not seeing.  This just seems really dumb to me. 

    • Danielle seems to think a nurse is the same as a doctor that high pitched fatty is a moron

    •  What kind of nurse –> LPN, RN, RNBSN, or Nurse Practitioner?

      Because she’s sort of a doofus… I am thinking Certified Medical Technician… which is not a nurse.

      • She wouldn’t have said nurse if she wasn’t a nurse, and it doesn’t matter. All practicing nurses work hard as patient advocates and healing. Its very honorable to be in peoples lives in there time of need. So whatever is behind your name, you give it your all. Becoming a nurse isn’t easy, so she is no doofus.

      • I think she is going back to school after this to work on being a nurse practioner-she is an RN now.

      • She is licensed as an LPN and works in a nursing home.   Not a bad job, just not the mental threat she thinks she is!!  Apparently she is also a compulsive liar and thinks the world revolves around her.

    • I don’t understand why she lied about being a nurse either. It doesn’t give her an advantage. Its to easy to get caught in a lie for something so trivial. Why risk it. I am a nurse and its not like we make a lot of money or anything. Stupid lie. I like her though.

      • Early in the game Dani said she didn’t want to come off too smart to the other houseguests, so she said teacher instead of nurse. 50/50 if you ask me, I don’t think she really had to worry.

      • I agree mels. I am a retired RN-after over 40 yrs. of working. Nurses work hard & it’s a great occupation-nothing to be ashamed of-most people like & appreciate nurses.

    • She’s an animal nurse, not even a vet-tech.
      She thought the others would think she was really smart if they knew about her being a “nurse”.
       Nice idea idiot, common sense tells all of us otherwise!

    • I agree, a nurse, does take some college, but lets be real,maybe to Danielle , its quit a leap,from a cheerleader. 

  6. Brit needs to STOP PICKING HER FACE!!! That’s more annoying than Joe screaming in the DR.

    • OMG yes!  She picks constantly.  Even more than Janelle stroked her hair, which also drove me crazy.

    • OMG yes and picking on her hair she likes talking about everybody and makes fun of other HG i hate her and Ian is a sneaky little snake and  Dan, Danielle r up 2 something I thing the only palying the game is Frank & shane 2 the end best man win

    • and her eyes remind me of marty feldman in mel brooks movie young frankenstien      

  7. i think ian went off his meds, and it is getting a little scary, the kid don’t if coming or going

    • It will be so fun the 20 person quack pack alliance against frank and ashley what intense TV…are u retarded??

      • This happens every year, eventually everybody turns. So don’t worry once boogie is gone we will have enough excitement. Especially with this crew, cause they all lie pretty well.

  8. Anyone know for sure if the HG’s are prohibited from talking about the inside stuff once they get out of the house? Such as any manipulation by production to dictate the outcome of comp’s or if they try to persuade them who to nom or evict???

  9. Danielle is moody, bitchy and catty. Oh poor me, is her game play she is the one I would like out of the house and I am sure Shane would like his stalker gone but to nice to say anything. Every time I see that girl she is feeding her fat face. She constantly starts more drama because she gets no screen time she is a pathetic for game player. Continue hiding behind your men however we can see your fat butt when your standing behind them

  10. I think I like reading all of your comments more than watching the show.  All of you who think people are nasty cuz they play both sides….ummm that’s called playing the game.  Then these same people say Jenn sucks cuz she doesn’t play the game.  You can’t have it both ways.  If you want integrity this isn’t the show for you.  This is included for what we see and behind the scenes.  The producers own the show – they can do what they think is best for their show.  Sure, we can kick and scream and hate it…. and maybe they will listen to us.  But I still kinda think that’s the point.  Reality TV has NEVER been real.  It’s still staged.

    I think Shane should win because the producers made it quite clear to do things differently, and he ignored them.  That took guts.

    I think Ian should win because he is clearly in over his head, is very immature and wants to absorb everythingn good and bad thing that BB has to offer.  He’s a true fan and a true player who gets it…. it’s supposed to be FUN!

    I think Boogie needs to go home because he’s won, he’s arrogant and he’s hoping everyone carries him (thus the reason for going for the $10,000 instead of trying to help his alliance out by going for HOH).  He IS the true word of floater.

    The others?  Well… they really haven’t made a great impression on me one way or the other.  I think Joe’s wife should get $50,000 just for being married to him.

    I think Ashley needs to get her eyebrows thinned…

    I think Jenn THINKS she is playing the game and will be quite pissed off when she sees how much air time she got (next to nil) and that America doesn’t even know or care she is around.

    Dan is a nice guy,, but no reason to win.

    I’m glad Will is gone, but so sad Willie left on the terms he did.  I’ve always loved the Russell family – because they have such bizarre personalities and really spice things up.

    If you’re getting tired of all of the BS on BB…just wait a couple of weeks, Survivor is coming on – and “The FActs of Life” Lisa Welchel is going to be on it!  How fun is HTAT for us 50 year olds!  LOL

    • SO True!

      “The others? Well… they really haven’t made a great impression on me one way or the other. I think Joe’s wife should get $50,000 just for being married to him.”

  11. I have been watching this show since it started. At the very beginning, when groups begin to form, i always wondered why, say three or four people didn’t make a pact to pool and split any money, that they won…it would certainly give incentive to stick with people to the end, protect their team members, and spread the winnings around…..oh well, maybe next season…..

    • THey have to sign a contract stating that they won’t do that.  It got sketchy when Evil Dick and his daughter won.  He couldn’t give her money – but he bought her a car, took her on trips etc.  THey talk about it quite a lot on the show about how that would disqualify you for the $$.

  12. If Boogie stays you all that say you done watching are pulling a quack pack and just straight up lying. They (cbs) has you where they want you LMAO…you all ain’t going anywhere and neither is Boogie, BAM!

  13. Big Brother PLEASE evict Danielle and Shane’s obnoxious hair soon. I’m honestly the biggest fan ever and this season is so hard to watch. LOVE Frank and Boogie!!

  14. Danielle will now spend the next 4 weeks complaining about how ashley doesn’t like her… oh joy…

  15. I’m just sick of Frank. He calls everyone out on their bad (lying) game play and yet, he’s lying and badgering everyone in the house. He’s really working it…he’s a real yack mouth. Blah blah blah. Come up for air sometime, Frank.

    • I am feeling the same way about Frank, he says the same thing over and over…. Why does he think he will have it made if Boogie stays… Boogie will stab in the back so fast he won’t know what hit him…..  Time to say bye bye Boogie, then get Danielle OUT and Britney, I am so tired of watching her pick her face and then flick what ever she picked off her face from her fingernail…. That is gross.  Last time she picked at her legs…. she is a monkey!  I would like her if she didn’t do all of that!!!  I would like to see Ian or Shane win or at least be in the final three… NOT Dan or Brit… A newbee has to win.  I sure hope next year BB has all new faces and they get back to how the show was originally, that is when it was good!

    • All he does is follow Boogy’s commands and curse. Every other word out of his mouth is f***. I think he’s a real jerk. Dumb too.

  16. You know, just food for thought but ive been a fan of bb since it started, and the rating just keep getting worse. Hmmm lets see, the ratings are getting worse because they keep bringing in HG from previous seasons. As a viewer I liked to see the regular Joe (not the one in the house) enter BB and play it out. You get to know the people and the concept of being locked in a house with 13 other strangers for 3 months. Producers should get a clue, doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure why ratings are down. And stop with the trying to push the game their way, do they think we as viewers are idiots? Its real obvious to us that their jig is up….Thats all, just needed to vent it out, luv ya all at BB Network..

  17. If Boogie gets voted out tomorrow, CBS will find a way to bring him back anyway.  Even if it is just long enough for him to be on jury.

    • I think Boogie will be voted out, Frank will win HOH, Pandora’s Box will be opened, he gets to bring back Boogie & 2 different players go out.  Jam packed hour.  Poor Shane.  His HOH’s never mean squat.

      Then again, maybe they will just declare Frank & Boogie joint winners & game over.

    • I agree. I suspect Froogies was allowed to read message boards, or was told by production the way fan opinions are going down. Or production is helping their OWN image and thus switching it around. The MO is the same, Froogies is better at turning the truth, or opportunity around than anyone else this season. They don’t want to go out like bullies or a tarnished image, so the spin is on!

  18. Its kind of odd, you would think Frank would be pissed that Booger went for the cash instead of HOH to keep him safe since he couldn’t play. With his cardio, booger could have won that comp and all of this wouldnt even be going on. Lets see, Boogs first restraunt made 9 million its first year and he goes for the 10 grand…..

    • Where are you getting your info on his restaurant? All I see are lawsuits filed against him.

    • He has no money, Mindy. He’s also being sued by his partners for embezzlement. Read about him on the internet. His real name is Mike Carri. He also uses the name Mike Malin. 

  19. They have got to get Ian some help. I love Ian but he swings on that hammock at 60 mph while glaring at Frank and Ash on the couch…..I am thinking he may just snap at any moment…..

  20. The show will now lose its drama, the #1 is gone and now the #2 color cast member goes…it was a loss with Wil too as he would stir it up….I can’t stand watching the boring Dani – Shane – Brit connect a real bore….Shane will run all over them….I’m not a fan of him and will soon watch the show no more….The leftovers are the worst cast of playersm they cant figure it out as will be out one by one….Wil caught on…Joe is stupid, he’s next, the Ashley, then Jenn, then Ian….
    Sooner or later Shane will have to back door friends to win or he will be the target….just like Brendon….

    •  Well maybe not everyone feels the same way you do… I’m enjoying this Boogie getting evicted early 10th place.

    • Gonna make a note of this now to keep for reference later!  I hear this every year with American Idol and the same ol fans return year after year! LOL

  21. A lot of people speak about “class” on this site and seem to be more interested in what people look like than the actual game. Imagine you were couped up in a house with a group of perfect strangers with absolutely no connection to the outside world, including your families. I know people freely and knowingly sign up for this, but you can’t really know what it’s really like until you’re in that situation. Personally, I’d rather talk about strategy, alliances and tactics rather than whether ” Britney picks at her face constantly” or ” Danielle is fat”. Certain nasty verbiage is not necessary either. This site started off pretty civilly, with a few cute barbs here and there, now it’s becoming down right nasty. I know what you’re all going to say, and  I will no longer be visiting this site. I just ask one thing of those of you who have found it so necessary to be so disrespectful of the HGs – take a good long look at yourselves in the mirror and put yourselves in their place, most of them who are in unchartered territory, and think about how you’d fare. I certainly have and I think about how petty,self-absorbed and ruthless people people are over, of all things, a TV show. Sad. I thought this was about entertainment and fun.

    • This post would of been better just as a long booohooo or wahhhh!! either would work…Britney is a skank Danielle is fat cottage cheese legs JoJo was hot though

    • Don’t leave me here all alone!  I really like all your posts!  I feel the same way and hope I wasn’t included in that group of those making nasty verbiage!!!  I too feel people can play a mean game without being disrespectful of others!  I tend to ignore those posts that really have nothing to do with BB as a whole per se!!!

  22. Poor Frank and Boogie !!!!!!!  I for one do not feel sorry for either of them. A few weeks ago, when they were doing their little dance, and hitting butts, they were just fine and couldn’t say enough bad things of the other H.G.  Now Boogie sleeps a lot and lets Frank do his dirty work for him.I don’t think that Boogie cares if he goes home or not. The big question is ” Why did Boogie not fill the H.O.H. jar, instead the money jar ? ”  Now he has to pay the price. Frank marching up stairs to the H.O.H. room and telling everyone they can hear them talking , and he didn’t want them kicking HIS boy  around while he’s down !!!!!!  OH, PLEASE !!!!!  Boogie and Frank  didn’t care how they treated the other H.G. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and they don’t like with it .POOR BABIES !!!!!

    •  Remember, he never hit th ereset button, he said he was not here for this, but to coach….he’s playing now and it caught up in it….remember he layed it out as a coach…Boogie is the first to go from his team…good form…but for the rest of non players – Ashley Joe Ian Jenn Dani – Dan – pcik it up boring boring boring  Shane and frank owned it all and they’re after Frank – what about Shane, he’s got them all fooled   Brit is the one that really sucks – never wins anything and hangs, yes it is game play, but can’t stand her.

    • do that trick again when you string a bunch of sentences together and you have no clue what you’re talkin about…..enjoy a show now of she made fun of my pink tank top so im voting her out           bb is reeling now that boogie is gone ratings will drop 100x

  23. Does anyone else think that Ian will go down in BB history as being one of the oddest contestants ever? 

  24. I want Boogie to stay.  Yes, he is a threat to other HGs, but he is fun and fascinating to watch.  He’s also pretty darn straight forward.

    Wish Jenn and Frank would go.  Ashley, the derp, is a bit interesting to watch.  She’s just so . . . goofy . . . and up for almost anything with a smile.

  25. I can’t wait till I turn 21, so that I can get on the show. I really believe I have what it takes to win BB and receive the title “best BB player” I have so many plans and strategies.

  26. I love the fact that Boogie and Frank say calls everyone morons and idiots that don’t know how to play the game.  Really?  You’re about to make your exit and THEY don’t know how to play?  The watched how you won, remember?

  27. The real Jenn has came out. Now I’m starting to see the Punk rock chick. She has dissed Ian(which I don’t like), dani, and ashley. But to be honest, I still dont like her(as a player) so i cant wait till shes evicted.

  28. so jenn wants to talk about ian’s constant moving. okay Jenn, lets talk about how your eyes are so close together. ;)

  29. It’s so funny when I read on here how some of you want to see Boogie gone so Frank could play his own game and not being a puppet.   You’re so bias that you can’t see the same happening with Danielle and Dan, Britney and Shane……smh….just have to laugh how some of you get sanctimonious when someone you don’t like might be doing something wrong. Lying, Cheating…even Stealing is the name of the game here.  You want to be in BIG BROTHER all morals are parked outside.  All  the SHOW IS FIXED! PRODUCTION IS TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO! I”M NOT GOING TO WATCH THIS SHOW ANYMORE BECAUSE IT”S NOT GOING MY WAY! is crap! played out! tiring! come with something new people….damn!!

  30. when this season is over, i’m going to find that nerd Ian and punch him in his damn mouth.  you can take that to the bank.  might do the same to Shane as well.  Frank and Boogie should have known better than trust Shane’s sorry ass.  he’s lied to Frank twice before this last week and Frank was nothing but loyal to him.  but Ian is a floating piece of crap and I hope he gets his nerd ass kicked.  and if by some chance he wins, I’ll never watch the show again

  31. Nice of Jenn to finally wake up and join us. What is NOT nice, however, is her vitriolic attack against Ashley and speaking to her with such vile contempt.

    Ashley is starting to grow on me and what she seemingly lacks cerebrally, she makes up for in spades with her sunny disposition, in my humble opinion.

    I have to give it to Ashley for at least ATTEMPTING some game play, while Jenn, ‘The Bully’, only decides to do so AFTER she’s put on the block — which I find more despicable and contemptable than anything Ashley has done.

    • I agree and as of today listening to her on the live feeds she knows a lot more about the game then you might think.  Jenn is someone I am beginning to dislike and I guess her true colors are coming out.  The one thing that has not changed is she doesn’t have a clue about this game.  Joe told her HOH and live eviction was tonight and she asked does that mean we have to win something?  Jenn played this game like she was on summer vacation and even though she is mean girl acting now she still has no clue.  Where did they come up with some of these players?

      •  Jenn has no clue about how this game is played..Ashley does..she is playing the ditzy character perfectly.  Like Jeff Schroeder always says, “you have to pick a side, then you can go to war.”  Well, Ashley has picked her side and she is being blasted for it, especially by Jenn, for Jenn to now jump on the Quack Pack (such a stupid name) bandwagon is a very stupid move on her part, does she really think she has a chance with those people, hell no!  She is on the very bottom of that totem pole.  Keep up the good work, or Frank have to win HOH this week.

  32. I only like 2 maybe 3 players in this game, and thats Ian brit and maybe dan

  33. Daniell told Ian Dan and I believe Joe that Frank came to talk to “her”. The talk actually involved Britney as well…Does  Daniell think “everything” is solely about her??? Frank told ” both” of them that they were not his targets not just Daniell..Yall talk about Ian acting like “Shelly” in his playing both sides…Well Daniell has the lying part of “Shelly” covered to a tee….

    • You got that right about Danielle and I have to add Joe to the list.  Both of them are the biggest liars going. 

  34. Boogy and Frank are classless. Booger is trash and his puppet is just dumb. Get rid of these deadbeats now.

  35.  Britney picking on her face and hair she likes talking about everybody and makes fun of other HG i hate her and Ian is a sneaky little snake and Dan, Danielle r up 2 something I thing the only palying the game is Frank & shane 2 the end best man win o the otheres hg r floating 

    • Huh? Sorry, I got a little dizzy while trying to decipher the end and beginning of your sentences.

    •  I think in another life, Britney was one of those little monkeys that are always picking and grooming the other! That hair picking of hers is so annoying..picking her face, biting her lip..lying along the way…Oh, Brit!

      • Just as annoying as Janelle always playing with her hair and looking at herself in the mirror at the same time…

  36. All I know is After thursday, all this goodwill and I’m sorry man BS is going out the window and the claws are coming out. The double eveiction is gonna change everybody’s mind on where they stand and I think Dan has something up his sleeve that’s just gonna pop everybodyu.

    • My money is on Dan to go after Ian and Shane first. He will be a fool to let
      Ian or Shane backdoor him first! And he has $500,000 reasons not to allow it to happen. Of course, if Frank wins HOH tomorrow, Dan, Shane and Brittney may have to change their plans.

  37. Call me crazy but I would much rather have Willie Hantz their over Boogie and/or Frank

      •  Knew it would come soon enough! But just wanted to see how he would play the game if he were to be here still

    • I hear ya. While I, personally, like Frank and Boogie (allows pause for reaction), I also liked Willie until his meltdown, that is. With that said (and I said this right after his self-imposed eviction, too) I also believe that Britney played a BIG role in Willie being so self-destructive and reactive: instead of talking him down from the ledge, she SHUNNED him and encouraged others to do the same — thus, she may as well PUSHED him herself.

      • I agree.  Brit played her part in getting Willie past the point of no return.   Willie could of been a contender if he’d only kept his cool.   Being isolated by the rest of the house would be difficult to handle.   Frank is going to know what that’s like when Boogie is evicted.

  38. alot of people saying Ian is a snake for lieing and playing both sides,thats how you play this game to get ahead,Frank ,Boogie and all the rest are doing same thing,its just fun when someone gets caught in their lie.As far as why Danielle lied about being a nurse she said it was so they would think she was dumb and just a southern girl with no education lol

  39. I like that people are giving Boogie props for “going out with class”, you Chilltown fans are so full of it, because if you do in fact read these you also know he was talking about hooking up with Dan’s wife two nights ago. In order to go out with class you kind of have to do it from the beginning, not say horrible things and THEN say you want to leave with class.

    • Oh my, how true you speak !!!! Boogie WILL NEVER go out in class . He is the crud of all man kind  too bring in other H.G. families by talking like he does , makes him a lowly human being . I have no idea how anyone can be friends with him. When Janelle was gone and Boogie was in the DR. he took all the credit for her getting evicted I thought he was going to have a heart attack caring on like he did.Now he feels like she did. Pay back is hell.

  40. New Show idea for BB15—-Bring back all the houseguests who were the 1st ones voted out each season and let them compete against each other. Including any all stars 1st evicted.
        wadda ya think?

    • Just bring back all the winners of seasons 1 to 14 (including the winner
      for this season). You have 14 winners who know how to play right from the very start. None of these lame newbies who won’t even play!

    • Like your idea for BB15, except for any all-stars returning.  That would be an un-fair game in my opinion.  And, I’ve had enough of “who” AG considers “All Stars!”

  41. you realize that without mike boogie or frank theres no show? because if that happens then the foursome of dan, danielle, shane, and britney will pick off ian, joe, ashely, and jenn consecutive weeks so it will become boring

  42. The object of the game is to win $500k.  In order to do that you have to avoid being nominated for eviction.  To accomplish that feat, you either need to win head of household which requires you to nominate two houseguests or show yourself as a non-threat to those in charge.  I think it is obvious to us, the viewers, that there is a core alliance of 4.  There is a quckpack alliance of 5.  Joe and Jen have been on the other side of the house for the past few weeks and are taking comfort in not being the target and are thus subjugating their respective games to appease those in power.  I find it hard to comprehend how Joe and Jen feel that siding with DDSB will further their chances at winning.  The converse of that argument  is that they would be in the same boat if they sided with Frank and Boogie, they would be subjugating their respective games to appease others.  The reality of this season is that the HoH has been tightly held between two primary players.  The art of the game is to make others think you “have game” while being as friendly as possible.  Even if you dislike Dan and Britney, the entire key to their games is to make everyone they play the game with feel special.  In the end, everyone but the final two will be voted out so the real goal is to play a game that will keep you in the house until you need to vote out your friends.  I am a fan of Chilltown and unless there is an unexpected twist, Mike Malin will be going home.  He played the game well considering he had a target on his back due to the style and entertainment value he brings to BB.  Juxtapose to Dan who likes to lay low in competitions until he feels it is necessary to win.  The reality of the situation is that in BB you can trust no one.  Boogie and Frank were dealing from a position of weakness in that Boogie alienates houseguests and was disliked by the everyone.  He made the mistake of talking game around Ian not knowing that Ian had sided with the DDSB alliance.  The funny thing prior to this weeks events is that the floaters had no idea what was going on in the house.  Team Dan and Brit made natural partners because they were both down to one player each.  All you need to do to find out who is playing with who is watch who people hang out with at night. If ian plays pool with Dan it means something.  In  the end, DDSB will benefit from the fact that their are players in the house who will help them win who either realize or don’t realize that they have no chance to win.  For those who are fans of DDSB, enjoy the rest of the season, the guy who deserves to win is Shane but me thinks that Britney and Dan will get him out prior to the final 4.

      • Shane is probably the closest to second deserving to win, but its a no contest right now with who outright deserves it. Frank absolutely deserves the win hands down. He dominates competition. He fights through adversity every week. The guy is still in the house and hasnt even voted yet. Hes played a straight shooting game. Been honest with everyone in the house. Been friendly and cordial as long as he can. Trying to build alliances and put trust into people, but hes been nothing but backstabbed and scumbagged by those hes trying to trust.

        It kills me that Ian is the demise of Frank/Boogie. How the hell can that kid find comfort being the 5th man in the quack pack. Especially realizing that theyve pulled Joe in this week and most likely Jenn. He doesnt even realize that D/D/S/B have insulated themselves from Ian now. Hes going to be one of the most disappointed kids ever when he gets turned on. I cant wait for that day to happen.

    • As far as gameplay goes, I would give the nod to Dan. He is a master manipulator and he has continued to use the others like Shane, Brittney, Danielle and now Ian to do his dirty work! He looks like the nice, very likeable guy you become best friends with. What makes him doubly
      dangerous is he will smile at you while, he buries that knife behind your
      back at the exact same moment! His social game is very good and he
      has everyone fooled except Boogie who knows him! The may not like Boogie but, everything he said about Dan is true! Dan deserves that
      $500,000 because he has played the smartest game so far!

  43. They need to send Frank home since he wins everything and then Boogie can go next week

  44. People hate Frank and Boogie so much…why? Not from his past seasons but in this one…why? The ones you should hate are the four plus Joe and Ian. These people are the bullies and act like they’re in high school. So immature screaming loudly, laughing and making fun of people only because they are in power. Frank and Boogie didn’t scream and laugh loudly so people can feel bad. They tell it to their faces. They don’t act fake like  DDBSJI. They actually kept their word…briefly but they kept it. A newbie should win…Frank. Danielle is so insecure and desperate for attention it’s not normal. Britney lies to eveyone but most concerning is she lies to herself. Shane is so clueless and so tan. Joe is so loud and pathetic wanting so bad to belong. Ian is such a weasle and a wannabe he needs an ass whooping. Dan is a snake bible reading ass who lets everyone do his dirty work. But kudos to Dan…he’s pulling it off. They complain that Boogie and Frank are mean? Really? I think DDBSJI are the mean ones. I hope Boogie pulls a rabbit out of his ass and stays to make living in the BB house a living hell!!! 

  45. Hey Twitney!
    Lenscrafters called and said your new pair of eye glasses are ready. They said the glasses would help you stop squinting and let you see the big picture….
    You’re game sucks & you’re annoying…go home ASAP!!!

  46. I tell ya after this week I am all in for Frank and Boogie.  I can’t stand anyone else especially danielle britney and ian who ruined everything by being a snitch.

    Come on Frank win Hoh tom.

    • I’m with you. Hopefully, Frank wins the 2nd HOH and sends Dan, Shane or Brittney home right after Boogie. Atleast, that would be a good measure of

  47. Heard on the live feeds that there were only 3 weeks left…does anyone know how many weeks and shows remain?  May be a lot of double evictions coming?

    How many in the jury house.

    Brit is a cry baby and she plays them all….

  48. Twitney haha doesnt think she does any wrong. I left my husband i left my job What to be ass.

  49. LMAO @ Jenn and Joe.  They think they’re safe with the Quack Pack?  OMG how dumb are they!!!  Watch next week if they (Jenn and Joe) don’t win the HoH.  Their short-lived BFFs will turn on them.  Dumb dumb dumb..they should have stuck with Frank (and Boogie if he stays).  While it’ll be difficult for Frank if Boogie leaves, I think he’s the next Rachel.  He’s got the best social game and watch the rats, e.g., Joe & Ian, join him if he wins HoH.  

      • the words right out of Franks mouth !!!!  I think that Frank is afraid to go on along. He doesn’t have any one on his side…hope he goes home soon.

  50. good bye boogie nasty foul mouth ahole. frank is not a nice guy he is as nasty as boogie. frank is all talk. he must go asap. Turned his back on Ian never had time for him now he needs him. never seen him hang out with Ian until now. jenn you go girl don’t trust frank.

    • You can’t exactly say Frank is all talk…he wins comps too without the help of Jenn, Ian and Boogie! LOL

    • I LOVE the fact that Mike and Frank think that they have played this game so honest and forthright. They act like they have never lied or used people! That is all that they have done! that kiss between Mike and Ashley, obviously Mike was in to it but when they wanted to secure a vote Mike pimped Ashley off to Frank in the HOH room. Hot and heavy until they remembered that the cameras were there. Mike ‘coached’ Ian on how to lie. He said this is Big Brother and you are suppose to LIE! I am so sick of a 42-44 year old man acting like he is GODS gift to the women of the world as well as the “Do you know who I am, ATTITUDE” BB sought me out, they wanted me BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!! Its time to go home and play DADDY!!!

  51. Take a look at Boogie’s photo on the wall in the house.

     Boogie looks like  Freddie Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street !!

  52. This is the saddest bunch of pussies I’ve ever seen!  Shane has no balls!  Tell Boogie and Frank like it is!  Quit back-pedaling like a little bitch!!!!!!  All of them, back-pedaling like a bunch of bitches!

    And Boogie, send that cocky f’er home!  I’m ready to rip my TV off the wall watching this cunt try and brow-beat people!

  53. Dan and shane are so pathetic – I cannot believe Dan wants the throw Ian (their spy) under the bus so that he does not look bad.  Dan will always look bad for being so pathetic.  And Shane. blaming Brit rather than man up – how sad – vey sad – I hope Ian and Jenn have both been blowing the comps and now come out swinging – they would make in interesting team

    • Ian wants to be known as the big guy that took down Boogie. There is nothing special about betraying someone and lying left and right. If he was
      smart, he would have formed multiple alliances and not put all his chips in one alliance only. Now that they have used Ian like a dirty dish rag, Dan and Shane will put those knives in his back and he won’t have a clue!

      • Richie, thanks for the responsive comment – you may be right – unless Ian plans on going to Frank and try and make an alliance one Dan and Shane try and throw him under the bus – plus Brit is not exactly happy with Dan or Shane right now – there is plenty of room for movement – they key is who wins the HOH  for the second eviction – I agree Ian has a big target on his back – so lets see who wins – if Frank wins I think Dan will snitch on Ian to protect himself – hopefully Frank will not be distracted  from his goal of Dan

  54. Just typical way of what happens in the BB house. So Jenn flips out and Ashley cries. Wow…. What do you expect from these people.

  55. Like I said Sunday night it doesn’t matter because Jenn and Boogie are both going home tomorrow night.  Double Eviction No vote both are leaving.  I think that Jenn could have been a good member of the Four Alliance with Brit, Dan, Danielle and Shane she was by herself.  If she wasn’t put up I bet she and Danielle could have made it to the end but I could be wrong with that guess as well.

    • Amy. has that ever happened before that when the vote somes BB announces no vote and both go home?

      •  No, it hasn’ should go like this..eviction should happen right off the top, with only Boogie leaving, then HOH comp will he held, winner will then nominate two for eviction, then veto ceremony will be held, if no change in nominees, then HG”s will evict from original nominations of tomorrow’s nights HOH winner, all of that action in one hour! Goes really quick!

  56. Boogie…nasty
    Dan…….The Man

    • Love your observation !!!!!! Never thought of giving them names like that. GOOD JOB !!!!!

  57. OMG yes and picking on her hair she likes talking about everybody and makes fun of other HG i hate her and Ian is a sneaky little snake and Dan, Danielle r up 2 something I thing the only palying the game is Frank & shane 2 the end best man win

    • “Better get that Xanax ready early!” hahahaha  That’s my favorite comment ever from Jenn!

  58. Wait until Boogie gets  home and sits on his couch with the DVD of all of the shows and finds out that Ian is the rat.  After watching tonight’s show, I think Ian is a little full of himself with this whole mole thing..which, I guess he should be. It would at least cause some drama in the house if somehow Frank could find out about Ian…these feeds are so darn boring. 

  59. Bye bye Boogie and Frank don’t let the door hit u in the ass on the way out. I’m tired of watching Frank ride on Boogie coattails. Time for u two douchers to go

    • Frank ride boogie? what big brother have you watched Frank has won HOHs and POVs state facts at least if ur gonna be a dumb hater

      • I think hes saying every move Frank tried to make Boogie said too soon too soon now its too late for him

    • They’re actor and actress WANNABES!   Most of them think Hollywood will be calling after the door closes on the BB house.     Any movie they would make would go straight to DVD.

  60. Boogie is so sickening with his whining and throwing his tantrums.  He sure was  blowing his own horn when he thought he was controlling the house and how great he was. He has done the same thing to other hg and when it is done to him he acts like a child.  He has really shown me how he puts himself above everyone else, he acts like he is superior. I sure hope BB does not keep him. He adds nothing to the show except embarassment.

    • so is Frank & Ashley.  Hoping that Frank gets kicked out tomorrow night!!!  Why do Frank & Boogie think that they are gifts from God?  More like the spawn of Satan!  Kick them out they are making me sick!

      • and how old are you?!! 12??? lets go one by one , shane: an imature pretty boy who doesn’t know whether hes comin or goin   britney: spoiled little brat who wants everyone to feel sorry for her(get your frickin eyes fixed its like watchin young frankenstien) danielle: look at me look at me ! dan: again totally imature for his age (tickle tickle danielle hee hee hee) everyone of them hid behind the other no gameplay just lies .if thats the kind of bb you want then maybe we can get some unicorns and rainbows added ,,,,,,,, how about a pillow fight and some ghost stories!!!! frank and boogi are the only REAL thing in the house and true to their word

    • you’re an idiot boogie stopped frank from doing something rash during his hoh    go back and watch previous seasons before you make dumb comments like that

  61. Boogie on After dark..what an ass..just blasting everyone and getting really personal..he is a bag of trash!..

    • whatever!! him and frank were the only ones that had to play the whole season unlike the “quack pack” bunch of back stabbin basterds! hope you enjoy 5th place ian and you’re 15mins of fame

  62. Enough of the Nerd Herd(quack pack) already, they’re all lame.

    Come on Frank, it’s time for some revenge!

    • I think the Quack Pack better add a few more heads so they can control the votes. Jen has made it clear its time for her to go

  63. First of all there all two faced its apart of the game. Ians the best gamer so far but i think the wizzards want frank watch the double eviction that will tell u whats up.

    • ians a child who needs constant supervision which britney gave him she shaved his pits and probably washed his ass a few times . hey ian i think you need a training bra for your lil man boobs you FREAK!!

  64. I think they need to have a  BB with all gay people & only 2 straight people..this is crazie BB yall keep bringin in the old players .. and its really gettin old looking at nasty boogie .. Yall really need to consider the gay big brother.. it would be sooo much fun!!! :) If things dont change I wont be watching next season.. and i know a lot more that wont be watching.. and we have been avid watchers since season 1 !!

    • the country is not ready for  an hour of gays during primetime the majority of ppl are still homophobic so you better find something else to fill your sundays wednesday and thursday with because its not happening anytime soon

  65. to all the Mike Boogie haters, he stayed true to his alliance and has played a fair game, remember he did not choose to be a player, he choose to coach all the rest wanted to play. Don’t hate the man, Mike Boogie you are awesome!

    • I agree with you 100% pissed me off that he didnt remember makin that comment to that little puke ian . i wanted to rent a plane and fly a banner ” ian screwed you!”

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