Big Brother 14: JoJo Makes Her Last Stand

Big Brother 14 - JoJo, Janelle, and Britney

You might not know this, but Danielle and JoJo are on the chopping block. You might not know that because not even the nominees seem to know it or have acted like they’re in danger. At least not until yesterday on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds.

Realizing she’s in serious danger of elimination JoJo began campaigning around the house. This eventually involved reporting to Frank that Janelle wanted her out of the house. Flashback to 11:57PM BBT (Cams 1/2) to find Frank reporting this back to Janelle. She’s not going to have any of that blame game. Janelle marches out, retrieves JoJo and Britney, and retreats to the Lounge room for a twenty minute discussion. This is definitely worth a watch on Flashback.

JoJo tries to diffuse the situation by saying she feels like Janelle is treating her differently and making it obvious that she isn’t going to stay. She explains that she talked with Ashley, one of Janelle’s players, and was told she would be voting with her team which meant bad news for JoJo.

In her defense Janelle reminds JoJo that she doesn’t vote and tries to claim she doesn’t have influence over her players. I don’t think anyone is going to buy that though. JoJo again suggests the players should be voting by their own choices rather than what their coach wants.

Willie gets dragged back in to the conversation and JoJo steers that bus back and forth. JoJo tries to distance herself from his Big Brother 14 ghost and make the case that she was fooled by him and basically shouldn’t leave because of that.

With that out of the way JoJo continues to make her case over Danielle, but Janelle cuts her short. Janelle explains that even if her team wanted to keep her they wouldn’t have enough votes to avoid the tie-breaker. She goes on to reveal that Team Boogie wants JoJo out of the house and implies Frank would vote against her in the case of a tie. JoJo counters by telling her Frank said he’d vote however Janelle’s team wanted. Janelle denies this to be true.

Logic clearly has no place in this game, but JoJo attempts again by pointing out a Danielle eviction would knock out another coach. Janelle agrees with her, but still insists she has no control over her team. Unfazed, JoJo tries logic again with the benefits of eliminating Dan but Janelle dodges it by playing with the marble game instead. JoJo makes one last attempt by pointing out the girls are “dropping like flies” and they need to keep the stronger women in the game.

Considering Janelle often reminds the female HGs of the fact that no woman has beat a man in the Final 2 you’d think this argument would work. Nope! Janelle even admits this is a bad scenario for the remaining girls, as there will be just three of them left after the next eviction, but is still unmoved on the JoJo eviction plan.

Britney returns to the conversation and the talk continues for almost another ten minutes. JoJo is making strong points, but this is going nowhere and considering Janelle doesn’t have a vote it does seem a little bit of a waste of her time. It’s still an interesting conversation to review and worth giving it a watch.

Use Flashback to rewind and watch the whole situation play out. If you don’t have your Live Feeds then grab the 3-Day Free Trial and see what everyone else is watching.

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  1. Frank made a bad move there telling Janelle that Jojo came to him. He should appreciate the fact that Jojo came to him with information that could help his game play like being the target for eviction next week! Why would you tell the person that wants to evict you that someone told you of that fact? Better to file it into your mind and verify if true with others then, act on it! Jojo atleast, is trying to save herself and I would give her credit for it! Who knows it may be enough for her to survive this week. If she survives and manages to win HOH, watch her put Janelle’s players on the block. She would be dumb not too knowing that Janelle
    wanted her out of the Big Brother house.

    • Frank needs to start playing his own game. He’s become a clone of Boogie. He is arrogant and thinks he runs the show. Funny how he was quick to jump all over Willie last week and tell him he wasn’t running the house yet this is exactly what he is doing this week. Who the hell did he think he was talking to JoJo saying I warned you what would happen if you sided with Willie… blah blah blah….. HOH has gone to Frank’s head, reality check this week!!!! Hope JoJo gets to stay in this week and wins HOH and shows “Staten Island Revenge” to Boogie and Frank

      • uhm, he has a point. the line was in the sand, she picked a side, failed, and frankly brings nothing to the table. she isnt a strong competitor, shes kind of an idiot, no one in the house really likes her, so her social game= blah, I just dont see why they would want her in the house.

        yes. janelle and boogie will go against their teams and get them to keep jojo for? why? in what world does that make sense

        boogie made a deal with dan, hes going at janelle with numbers, those numbers include dan’s player, period, not jojo.

        and boogie clone is a good thing in terms of the game of big brother, he did win all stars afterall, and before you say will did it for him, he won multiple pov’s, won the final HOH, outsmarted janelle all year including at that HoH comp(first one, her hand came off when he tricked her). you could do so much worse(brit, janelle)

      • I think Shane has been trying to put up an alliance with Ian, Ashley,
        Frank, Jojo. If she or Danielle who ever survives joins that alliance and
        sticks to it, they will go much further. Joe and Willie will be the odd ones
        out and could be targeted if that alliance does come into fruition. Jenn is allied with Mike Boogies team but, she is not mentioned in this alliance.

  2. Jo Jo should have told Janelle that Boogie and Dan are going to use Danielle as a pawn to go after Janelle’s team .Boogie should be Janelle’s no.1 target.Her plan should be to use Brit players to backdoor Frank.Can’t believe Janelle is working with Boogie.

    • she has to work with boogie, or else she would have had players on the block this week. do you not understand this concept?

      and jojo doesnt KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BOOGIE AND DAN. NO ONE DOES. not even danielle knows

  3. Liking what I’m hearing that JoJo may go instead of Danielle…I’ll be the first to admit I expected the complete opposite…I guess that’s what happens when I don’t have/watch live feeds.

    Unbiasedly speaking, I do believe evicting JoJo is the wiser choice. From the perspective of any one coach, two opposing coaches down to one player each is a better situation than one coach out of the game.

  4. Two coaches with one player is a better strategy than getting rid of Dan. Shane can’t win everything and Danielle can’t win anything. 

    • but after a while she might just win someting and then it may turn the house upside down..dan needs to go..all he need is a chance. then boom

  5. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, this season is so boring…. Why o why did they bring in veterans to be coaches? The players aren’t playing becuase their coaches tell them what to do, say and eat. Please stop watching and maybe CBS will learn to stay out of it. Now lets talk about the glasshouse 

    • “The Glass House” the clone of “Big Brother” are doing so poorly that they approached a point of ratings invisibility.

    • In reply to BBtom.  So stop watching!  We don’t care!!  So tired of people bitching every season about one thing or another.  Go watch glass house.  If that’s the kind of crap you like, you have more problems then you know.

  6. this is such a dull season.  compared to others, it’s not much in the fun department.  even the talk is boring.  i think the coaches idea is a bad one and in the end, it’s going to bring the show down. i hope the show fires up some.

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