Big Brother 14 HG JoJo Spatafora Eviction Interview

Big Brother 14 - JoJo eliminated

Big Brother 14 HouseGuest JoJo Spatafora became the latest evictee this week after coming out on the losing end of a 5-1 vote on Thursday night. As one of the more outspoken HGs she became a polarizing player in part for her direct connection to Willie. Despite her attempts to disconnect from Willie the damage was done.

We had a chance to ask JoJo a few questions after her elimination about her strategy, what went wrong, and who she’d like to see take home the Big Brother 14 crown.

Big Brother Network (BBN): It seemed like you waited a long time to start campaigning. What was your strategy in that?

JoJo Spatafora: I didn’t want to come off like I was playing too hard. Also, it is better sometimes to get in people’s ears that last day and a half. I decided to lay low and stay quiet. I started campaigning on Wednesday. I knew I had to. I would have been so mad at myself if I didn’t because I would have been thinking what if…

BBN: What went wrong to lead you here instead of Danielle being evicted?

JoJo Spatafora: I really don’t know what went wrong. Nobody had the guts to tell me anything. The only person who told me anything was Joe and he said it was because I was a bigger threat than Danielle. I think Dan really campaigned for Danielle. He has a way with words. Britney didn’t really do much for me. I didn’t really care, though, because if I went far I wanted it to be because of me and not my coach. Also, I know Janelle and Boogie when they saw I beat Wil and Frank in the Veto comps – their golden tickets – it made them aware of the fight that I have.

BBN: How did the coaches twist impact your strategy?

JoJo Spatafora: In the beginning I didn’t think that it would impact my strategy or anyone else’s that much but I don’t know why but people were scared to stand up for what they believed in and did everything their coaches told them to.

BBN: Which remaining HG has the best chance to win this game &, if different, which HG do you want to win?

JoJo Spatafora: I think Frank has the best chance. I hate to say it. Boogie will do everything he can but Frank is physically, mentally and socially a threat. I would like to see Shane win because everyone else voted against me. He deserves it.

JoJo is out of the house, but she may not be out for the season. I continue to believe the evictees, minus Jodi Rollins, are being held in sequester. Depending on how this twist about the coaches entering the game turns out we may end up seeing an evicted HG back in the game. Would you like that HG to be JoJo?

As an added bonus, watch our preseason interview with JoJo Spatafora and see how accurate her plans and predictions turned out.


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  1. i take it obviously Willie isn’t in sequestor, he was arrested and was doing interviews???

    • willie was expelled not evicted….. only the evicted houseguests minus jodi might be in sequester

  2. I wish Danielle was evicted instead of JoJo. She is more entertaining and a stronger player. Hopefully if the coaches do not enter the game she can re enter the house.
    And I think Boogie and Janelle’s team were upset when JoJo beat Frank and Wil in the veto. lol. At least she left a mark in the game.

  3. Out of all of the evictees so far Jojo is the one I would choose to re-renter the game for sure!! She definitely is a threat socially and somewhat physically…. I hope that some of the coaches decide to play for the 500,000 and they also bring back Jojo…. Janelle had it out for Jojo for sure so i would love to see them square off!!

    • I agree JoJo wanted to play the game.  Even if people don’t like her as a person she came to play from the beginning.  I would love to see her go head to head against Janelle.  She told people that they needed to start playing for themselves.  Shane said the same thing.  Even Willie who got removed from the game tried to tell people this.  Too bad they didn’t listen.  At least that is how I see it.  You might not need to make big moves too early, but at least use your brain and line yourself up with certain people who may not have been on your team.  When the coaches enter because I believe it was planned all along they would have started to build alliances.

  4. It’s a no brainer that the coaches will go back into the game next  week.  It’s what BB has had planned all along.

    • I think you are correct and they might as well have written a check to whichever coach ends up winning the game.  How unfair to these new players.  The coaches have had a free ride up until the time they enter the game.  They know these players and how they feel, how good they are in comps, etc.  How is that fair?  If they were going to do this they should have started out on even ground from the beginning to at least give them a chance.  They need to have people in Production to come up with some better ideas.  This was such a sham.  I hope they add some stipulation to the coaches when they enter to at least give the new players a little bit of a chance.  Janelle said last night if they were coming in the first thing she would do is get rid of Frank, Shane and Boogie. 

      •  I agree completely and if (when) the coaches go back into the game it’s just going to be a Janelle vs. Boogie 6 year old grudge match all the way to the end *yawn*

      • its laughable. shane frank and boogie would team up, take out janelle, boogie would get screwed at some point by probably someone like danielle saying too much, then dan would sneak through the game and win through the carnage.

  5. Dammit Jojo is so bangable. I remember watching Ted & he did that moaning sound. I think Jojo would make that sound. :)

  6. Yeah, it is a typical problem of big broither that plagues the whole damn game, the best players are routinely targetted for eviction if they do not have good socially game and even then, players like Hayden, will, rachel, etcetera all near damn get eliminated in the first weeks

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