Big Brother 14: Frank Eudy Eviction Interview

Frank Eudy evicted from Big Brother 14

Frank Eudy fought the good fight on Big Brother 14 and boy did he fight it. It seems like all Frank did was fight his way through the season before being evicted on Thursday during the double eviction after five previous trips to the chopping block.

Frank’s eviction seemed inevitable after so many attacks, but that didn’t stop Frank from being one of the strongest competitors in the game. Then again, maybe if things had played out differently he wouldn’t have had to be such a strong competitor, further reinforcing his status as a target.

Unfortunately this week due to a flub on my part of misdirecting our Frank eviction interview questions to the wrong CBS contact we don’t have our own interview to share. Oh but we got Joe’s interview just fine so how’s that for luck? Pretty bad, I know. So instead I’ve collected up a few interviews from other outlets to tide you over.

Digital Spy’s Frank Eudy interview:

Digital Spy: Besides being a stronger player, there were others who were also threats in the game. Why did you always become the target?

Frank Eudy: Even though there were other targets in the game, after I survived the block three or four times, people realized I couldn’t be beat in the final two. Because of that, people were like, ‘Why string him along to the end when he can win competitions and beat everybody?

XFinity’s eviction interview with Frank Eudy:

XFinity: Would you do anything differently with your strategy if you had to do it over again?

Frank Eudy: Yes, obviously if I could start the game over again and know who would stick by what they say, I would have aligned with those people early on. And, I would have gotten Dan and Danielle [Murphree] out week two.

Yakkity Yak’s eviction chat with Frank Eudy:

The Yak: Who would like to see sitting in the final two chairs? Who would you like to join you next in the jury?

Frank Eudy: I’d like to see Dan join me next in the jury. I’d like to see Jenn make it far in this game.

The Yak: What is your biggest regret in the game?

Frank Eudy: My biggest regret in the game was sending Wil home instead of Joe. I think the game could have turned out differently if I hadn’t done that.

Jeff Schroeder for CBS interviews Frank Eudy:

Jeff Schroeder: You hugged two people on the way out and the bear [Ted] was one of them. Were you mad at everybody in that house or what were your feelings? Were you blindsided when the votes didn’t go your way?

Frank Eudy: The thing was, this week was a lot of deja vu for me. Week 3 I was up on the block against Joe and I was depending on Dan and Danielle. They told me all week I was good and I found out afterward that I wasn’t good. So here I was again having to depend on them two. Since I’m a positive thinker there was a 60% chance I was staying, but realistically I knew it probably was not going to go in my favor.

As soon as it went 3-1 I knew I was going out the door. The reason I didn’t want to talk to anybody, it was hard for me to leave the house. I fought really hard to make it in to the house and I fought really hard to try and stay in. So I wanted to get out that door before I said anything I might regret.

Here’s the rest of Frank’s interview with Jeff if you have 30 minutes:

Take a look back at our preseason Big Brother interview with Frank Eudy to see how he started and compare it to how things turned out.


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      • I’ll give it to Dan because the rest of the house is so damn gullible, including Frank even though I’m a fan of his.

      • Frank was too set on being a bad ass once he teamed up with Boogie and it did not work. He came off mean and hateful and made nasty comments about all the other houseguests and got downright mean when he did not get his way not to mention cheating in some of the competitions. I mean laughing and telling Boogie yeah go sexually assault Dan’s wife just cause he got put on the block and calling Jenn dirty brown water trash not to mention what he called Ian just made him a player you did not like. He has a real NASTY and HATEFUL streak in him, but he did get better after Boogie left but by then it was just too late.

      • Well I do think Boogie was a bad influence on Frank but I still think all of the house guests were pretty mean at times just got to look deeper.

  1. A strong competitor, but Big Brother is not only about competitions. His arrogance and sense of entitlement really hurt his social game. He could be pretty nasty when he didn’t get his way, and that hurt his social game as well. I think his biggest mistake was trusting someone that wanted him out week 3 and sending Britney to the jury. He was too trsuting of people who did not have his best interests in mind. While he was strong competiton-wise, his game was lacking socially and strategically. He fought hard, and that is commendable. But it takes more than winning competitions to win Big Brother.

    • He could be arrogant at times but so were other players so lets not act like he was the only one and I do agree with you about him being naive when it came to trusting other players but he had no choice to trust Dan because Ian and Brittany were coming after him anyway.

      • Boogie actually didn’t seem that arrogant this season. To be honest this is the only season I’ve seen with Boogie, but I was talking about Ian because he was acting like he was a genius mastermind just because he back stabbed someone who was trying to help him the whole time.

      • I know he got just as damn arrogant and immature as other house guests but everyone still talks about him like he is still some innocent little kid.

      • OMG…Boogie is the EPITOME of arrogance. His self proclaimed “best BB player of all time” statement makes me want to puke! I’ve seen every season and this time around is no different than the others he was on. He thinks he was a mastermind. Only someone else turned out to be the master this time. As for the rest of them….arrogance comes to visit every time one of them is HOH or makes even the slightest of plays. Frank is no different. None of them are sprouting angel wings. He just got his clipped sooner than he expected.

      • I agree with you and I also have no doubt that boogie is an arrogant player but I he didn’t sound as arrogant as some people made him out to be. I’ll check out the seasons he was on though.

      • NO, Frank and Boogie were definitely the most arrogant and Frank also seemed to think he was more entitled than the other players. Made him unpleasant to watch.

      • I’d rather hang out with someone that is arrogant than with someone who will stab you in the back for money. Just saying.

      • Totally agree… And I don’t think frank or boogie acted more arrogant than others. They simply have this title because some hate them. Their haters get upset and defensive because they know they are good players. If their judgement was not biased they would call out all who acted arrogantly. Danielle believes she is the best thing since sliced bread. No one talks about themselves more than she does. Ian’s bragging all the time and truly thinks he is a mastermind and the leader of the pack… Dan thinks he’s the bb genius. I’m not saying Boogie was a “nice guy” but many of the mean things he said were simply the blunt truth… Everyone feels they deserve to win and I don’t think for one minute that frank meant he thinks he is better than anyone. He felt he deserved to go farther and to the end because he played hard and none of them ever let up on him, he had to fight to stay in the game from the get go… How exhausting would that be? None of the people bashing him could handle it. You all would have cracked and given up long ago … He also stayed honest and expressed his true feelings, sadly allowing others to spin fairytales about things he would say… Ian and Danielle keep saying he is arrogant and because they are “so smart” it must be true… Pretty Funny!!!

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself and it’s not like we’re saying Frank and Boogie were saints but they definitely didn’t act as bad as some people portray them as compared to other house guests

      • You are obviously ignorant and condone their bad behavior. Or, recognize yourselves and that’s why defensive. Boogie and Frank were jerks and both are condescending to women.

      • No I don’t. I’m not defending Boogie just Frank. I do think Boogie was a bad influence on Frank but I still think he’s a pretty nice guy.

    • I think Ian was under estimated from the beg, because he is so likeable and cute he was over looked, Boogie really did take him under his wing, I think if he had hooked up with Frank and did the forgive forget thing, Dan and Danielle would be gone. Why oh why would you trust Dan! Hes already one once, Ian open your eyes, why would Dan want to take you…hello..he pit you on the block..plz somebody send Danielle or Dan out! Pref Danielle first, hobella..ha. If I have to listen to her garbage, jus rather be seeing Frank

  2. frank is gone he dug is own grave..wasn’t a bad dude just put all his cards into boogie….if jen was half into this game she would be working the underdogs to come up with a plan…(nope she would rather sleep and lay by the sauna) meanwhile danielle is flirting her insecure neurotic load to the end…i just don’t get it…anytime a female name is mentioned she questions it…”do you think she was pretty?” do you think she was smart? so you think she was funny…i keep saying how baffled i am at people falling for her bull crap…geez…she has to go..tired of her eating everything and repeating “i am going to be the only girl in the house” your not a respectable female you are a attention whore. (don’t get me wrong not a whore…just a attention whore!”

    • Yeah I kind of felt bad for all the females that went home instead of her but a close relationship with two strong men kept her safe because thats all she does.

      • It’s really not a smart move on the part of the other girls as they should have tried to get her out a long time ago… It would have saved us all so much grief as listening to her all the time is torture!

    • i get ya, but i think the hg finally realize the type of person she is, but does not want to upset the poor little ho.

      • Would you want to be stuck in a locked house with an irate attention ho? I’d pander to her attention seeking ways as long as she helped keep me safe too.

  3. Seriously at 29 he says he does not have a job because he has not figured out what he wants to do with his life!! News Flash: GET A JOB AND FIGURE IT OUT WHILE YOU ARE SUPPORTING YOURSELF LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD DOES!!! That one comment really makes him sound like a self entitled punk who expects the world to bow down to him.

    • Wow you really hate Frank. All he said was he was trying to figure out what he’s going to do and he’s looking around.

      • No I just don’t understand why people like to get on Frank when other people(besides Boogie) acted the same way. I know he wasn’t a saint but people seem biased. Just my opinion.

      • Good opinion and I agree with you. Isn’t it interesting when other people have their favourite player or their opinion, it is fine, but when you talk about someone they don’t they get all bent out of shape and can even get nasty. Just saying, Just my opinion!!!

    • Sharon, oh wow what did Frank ever do to you? You sure he doesn’t have a job? Last thing I heard from your pals he is working for NASA… Are you one of his ex-girlfriends? Sounds like there might be something personal going on here….

    • LOL!! He said he’s saved up from working throughout college. Who cares if he doesn’t have a job right now. It really shouldn’t bother you THAT much.

      • Frank told another HG’s that lives off money from his “nana’s” business. This guy is a spoiled, entitled, rules aren’t meant for me con man/boy.

    • What? There’s A LOT of Americans without a job right now…I’m one of them, and I don’t appreciate this kind of comment. Most of us that are unemployed aren’t by choice. Ill pray for you, and pray that your hatred dies down. It’s sad to read something like this.

      • Good luck Keith. Been there and very difficult. Don’t give up hope. Prayers for you. She did not mean everyone who is unemployed. Frank’s personality is more than likely keeping him unemployed.

  4. Frank’s relationship with Mike Malin is totally twisted. He’s follows him like a puppy looking for his master. Frank is 29, hasn’t worked or gone to school for three years, lives at home. acts like an immature baby. He’s bitter, a sore loser, often a bully. And he’s still wearing Boogie’s clothes. This boy/man needs help.

    • It reminds me of the way Boogie follows Dr Will around. Boogie himself is a very immature 40 something man. Between the two of them, i prefer Frank. Frank at least has his moments of civility and niceness….at least when he’s not around Boogie. I don’t think Boogie is the best influence.

  5. He alienated himself early on. He stuck with Boogie and no one else.He lost the game when he fought for Boogie when he was leaving instead of aliening himself with others. It’s great to be loyal to one person but Boogie had one foot out the door already. And when Frank was in power he made stupid, personal moves. He got out Jo Jo, Wil and Britney….And Britney was because of Dan. He thought since he tried SO hard to get on a reality show that he deserved it more then anyone else in the house. I guess now he thinks he deserves the 25K. for favorite houseguest. I’m glad he’s gone.

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