Big Brother 14 Episode 26: Week 9 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Update: CBS has announced tonight’s primetime line-up, including Big Brother, will be delayed for East/Central due to the US Open. Keep an eye on CBS’ Twitter account for more details.

Are you ready to watch the latest HoH competition on Big Brother 14? Tonight’s show will take us to the backyard to witness the off-camera competition held after Thursday’s live double eviction show. Thanks to a quick thinking audience member’s camera we at least knew would involve dropping a ball in to the correct day/event combo. That made it seem like the perfect opportunity for the HG with the perfect memory.

If you can’t wait to find out who won that competition and who ended up being nominated then check out all the spoilers we have to offer here on the site.

Tonight CBS may catch you up on the events up to the nominations, but the Big Brother 14 game has already moved on well past that. Yesterday the HGs competed in the Veto competition which lays the tracks for the rest of the week. We’ve got those Big Brother spoilers for you when you’re ready.

The real BB game continues to be on the Live Feeds with plenty more drama than CBS can fit in to three hour-long episodes. Want to see what it’s like to watch the in-house cameras, listen in on the HGs private conversations, and see who is doing what? Then get your free trial of the Live Feeds and see what you’ve been missing.


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  1. I cant wait for Ian to go home. If Dan manages to get rid of him I’ll forgive him for getting rid of Frank.

  2. dani said this morning that she doesn’t want to go on the block because she doesn’t trust dans vote. then shane told her he thinks if dan had won veto, he thinks dan would have saved jenn and sent him home. now if ian will talk to them or they talk to ian, maybe dans lies will come out. one can only hope.

      • I wonder if she cried the whole time.When they weree on The Amazing Race last year. She cried all over the world non stop. Everyone hated them.But I wish them luck!

      • Rachel cried some and she had fights
        with Brendon on the show. Not too bad
        as they wound up 3rd. They made a
        mistake at the end which cost them the
        race and the top prize. Was it $1,000,000?

      • Yes it was for a million dollars. Expensive mistake. They got a lot further than I thought they would. Well it sounds like it was quite the wedding.

      • They landed on the roof of the hotel in a helicopter which the wedding guests watched on televisions scattered around the room. BB Matt Hoffman officiated at the ceremony. The wedding was paid for by that show (“Its a Wedding” – or something like that) and it will be on tv next month.

      • I don’t think shaving her head would’ve made up enough time to be 1st place winners though. Think of all the time Rachel & Dave wasted having to go back and they still came first

      • True, I forgot about that. I wouldn’t think twice about shaving my head if a million bucks was on the line. It is only hair and it will grow back. But you are right they probably wouldn’t have made it.


      • she probably did. i feel sorry for brandon. remember how she yelled at him on amazing race. he’s in for a lifetime of that i’m afraid.

      • I know, but I guess he knows what she is like. He obviously see something in her that the rest of us don’t see. Don’t they that love is blind. It must be with him. And as I said I wish them luck.


      • Um can we please talk about how Matt Hoffman officiated?! LOL that is AMAZING!! I can.not.wait. to watch on Dec 15th!! How he did’t crack is beyond me! I am a Brenchel fan though & I have no shame! If they could make it through the mess we’ve all seen, seriously they can make it through anything!!

    • If they want to keep the show interesting they would keep Jenn, because it is always great to watch a floater make it to the end and battle with the best.

  3. Last nights BBAD was sad. They just left Jenn alone. When she came in, they went out and vice versa, 3 times. I hope Chompy Danielle goes next and they all ignore her. ( So tired of watching that girl eat).
    The blind taste test was funny.
    Ian squeaked the hammock most of the night. Creepy.
    I think Dan will vote to evict Shane and convince Ian that Shane and Danielle are his biggest competition. In challenges, they are.

    • Yes, it was quite pathetic how they treated Jenn. They didn’t even try to make her a part of the group last night. I’m for sure Danielle likes being the only girl left. She is just pathetic. If I were in that house, I would have tried to do something that would include Jenn. I don’t know if it is editing or just the facts, but Ian appears to be a nutcase. All that darn swinging just ain’t normal and the talking to himself isn’t either. I hope he get the money so he can get some help. I don’t think Ian has ever been a part of a group or has many friend. He thinks he has a friend in Dan, but I’m almost positive he doesn’t. The producers should be ashamed of themselves for even giving Ian camera time and for exploiting Ian’s illness.

      • Ian referred to it as “LIKE ADD”. I think that his coping mechanisms, like rocking, keep him together. It just makes others uncomfotable. Maybe, seeing himself on dvd will spur him to find other ways to self soothe, but I don’t know if he can change that.
        Did you notice that when he steals other people’s lines (“I wish I had 2 of these jokers”), he looks embarassed? I don’t think he has control over that either.
        Danielle eats like a man. lol
        Dear Danielle, Your personality is plastic….. not your body. Expansion much?

      • He does take other peoples lines, but I think that is just his way of trying to make a joke and fit in. But he did coin the ‘pop a squat’ this season

      • rather than taking meds and being a zombie ian decided not to take the meds and try for a normal life. as normal as it can be with dumb people watching his every move then making fun of him. i’m sure we all have flaws that other people may not like. i don’t think he’s being exploited. he’s living his dream, he’s wanted to be on this show for 11 years now and they gave him the opportunity to do so. i think it’s great he can do this even tho people like you are going to ridicule him.he rocks to get rid of his excess energy.much like you watch tv to wind down.

      • In my opinion, Ian is being exploited. Is it necessary to show the viewers that Ian loves to swing in the hammock and talk to himself all day. I think not. I only judge people on what I see and I. If Ian needs time to regroup, then I think he should be left alone to do so.

      • I’m not going to bother responding to you anymore. It is apparent to me that your comprehension skills are not that great….plus, I have better things to do.

      • They mostly show that on the live feeds or BBAD. The majority of the viewers don’t receive/watch these shows. I think CBS has done well by limiting showing Ian’s habits in the network broadcasts. They certainly could have showed more.

      • You are correct. People who watch BBAD or the Feeds know the truth about Ian and his behavior. Those that only watch what is aired my not know. I don’t care what anyone says, watching Ian on BBAD last night was not an easy thing to do.

      • I give Ian a lot of credit for doing this show. I’m not making fun of him but I wish they wouldn’t have the cameras on him when all he’s doing is rocking or pacing or making noises. I feel it exploits him and it makes me nervous. As a nurse for over 30yrs I don’t understand why Ian will not take any medication for his ADHD. There are a lot of good meds for this. There are also natural otc meds he can take. If you have high blood pressure you take meds, if you’re diabetic you take meds. Even if you have a headache you take meds. I don’t know why he doesn’t try them.

      • I don’t take meds when I have a headache because I know how bad it is for your liver. Diabetics take insulin because their body doesn’t produce it and otherwise THEY WILL DIE. Do you want to have to be on medication for your whole life to control something simply to please other people? Sounds like you want him to take meds to make YOU feel more comfortable. Seems like he’s comfortable and fine just the way he is.

      • Exuse me but I think I know a little bit about chemicals and medications. After all I have my masters in nursing and have been a nurse manager for over 20yrs on a critical care unit in a major hospital. And if you take medications properly they are very helpful. Also taking medication for a headache is not something that you take on a regular basis so there is NO harm to your liver. And you don’t have to tell me how or why you take insulin. I think I know. Sounds to me like all you do is reply with a sarcastic comment to everyone. Oh and I hope you get a really bad migraine for about 2 days…no make that a week!

      • …then you should know better than to judge someone for the way they chose to deal with their problems.

      • Question… you watch BBAD or the Feeds? From what I saw last night, Ian isn’t coping with his ADHD very well.

      • Yes I do. He is doing exactly what he told Dan comforts him – rocking. That IS how he copes. As for his talking to himself – he is just thinking out loud as to what he should do next – he knows he can’t share that with everyone else b/c he is not sure who he can trust. His anxiety is higher and for good reason – he may need to vote out someone he cares about…so again, he copes by rocking.

      • you are judging him when you question (“can’t understand”) his choice NOT to take medication or any OTC to help with his ADHD…if you were NOT a nurse I would probably view your comment differently b/c someone w/out your knowledge wouldn’t understand the pro’s and con’s of taking meds. enough said. i am done with you.

      • I DO know the benefits from taking certain meds and that is why I stated my opinion…once again NOT JUDGING!!! Maybe you should look up the definition of judging and opinion. And I’m glad your done because I can’t stand reading comments from someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about.

      • Ian is familiar with chemical engineering, he probably has a good inclination of what is put in those med’s. I refuse to take mine for the same reason, the side effects are worse then the benefits. Ian accepts who he is, he is a smart young man.

      • My daughter has taken meds for her disability – due to a side effect she now has Diabetes Insipidus and needs to take another med for the rest of her life. Ian is doing just fine w/out meds. If YOU are feeling “nervous” about it – then don’t watch. As a nurse – you should be ashamed for judging him.

      • Who in the hell said I was judging him??? I said CBS should not exploit him. And if you would learn how to read I said I give him credit for doing this show. Don’t comment on something if you’re not going to read it!

      • As a nurse she should also be ashamed of hoping that someone has a really bad migraine for a whole week. Probably, she is not even a nurse.

      • They tried to include Jenn but she said she’d rather be alone. They all came outside and she was at the hot tub and then went in. They shouldn’t have to babysit her. She’s older than all of them and she needs to quit sulking.

      • I’m sorry but I think your assumptions of Ian are incredibly ignorant. I give CBS kudos for including Ian in this season and not editing out the fact that he has ADHD. I give Ian complete credit for not taking meds for it. I also have ADHD and was diagnosed at age 9 and also did not take meds for it. I’m not as severe as him, but my 2 cousins are and also do the ‘swinging’ thing that Ian does to release excess energy. (I have at times done that myself) It’s a brainwave disorder and sometimes affects you socially but there are ways to work with it, Ian probably does have friends who are way cooler and less judgmental than you.

      • It is funny how those of you who don’t like people who judge, turn around and do the judging. Your being a saint and a sinner, at the same time, is what I find to be ignorant. I am entitled to my opinion, which I will continue to give. The rocking isn’t normal, the talking to himself isn’t normal either. I never said Ian should not have been included, I SAID HIS ILLNESS SHOULD NOT BE EXPLOITED!

      • “The producers should be ashamed of themselves for even giving Ian camera”
        I’m saying your opinion is ignorant, because it is. It’s obviously uneducated and yes, judgmental. I guess you’re right, I am judging you for your judgement of others. Never did I ever say I was perfect or a saint. I don’t understand why you think it’s exploited though, because they’ve addressed it on national television? I don’t think that’s exploitation. It does show that they’re not ashamed like you think they should be. It actually gives them a hair of the integrity back they lose over other things like bringing old house guests back because they don’t think ratings can survive without them.

      • Lavendargirl, they probably don’t watch BBAD or the feeds. If they did, they would have the same opinion that we have……..or who knows….maybe not..

  4. I was never a Frank fan, yet I was quite saddened to see him go. I was surprised by my own reaction.
    He truly loves the game. His sense of entitlement is what soured me toward him. If there is such a thing as a HG that deserves to be there…. he would be on that list.
    Joe wasn’t much of a player, at all, but I liked him and would rather have seen Danielle and Shane go this week, instead of him and Frank.
    S and D just don’t have BB in their blood.
    Jenn is a nice girl that has no idea what game she is trying to play.

    • I really don’t blame him for saying that now. Look at the people they got. They were in there to up their profile, Ian’s just too much of a superfan to play his own game. Right now it’s who’s gonna sit next to Dan? Frank, Ian, Wil and JoJo were the only real people that wanted to play, the rest of them did it for a career boost(newbies) and Dani? This experience is gonna crush her mentally when it’s over and Dan’s a dirtbag for playing with her emotions since the 2nd week.

      • Agreed, Dani just wanted to be on a TV screen to get the attention her “friends” are sick of giving her.
        But I don’t think Dan is a dirt bag, everything he has done has been strictly for the game, sometimes even for Danielle’s benefit. He’s just way better at separating game from personal than anyone else

    • Frank worked so hard at the game just trying to stay in the house. He worked harder than anyone. Joe’s yelling really bothered me, but all in all he wasn’t that bad. But I miss Frank. He did not deserve to go. But it is the name of the game.

  5. Jenn needs to wake up. I am so tired of HG just rolling over and dying. Jenn has enough ammo to blow the house wide open. She has nothing to lose now. Argggg!

    • I agree. Since Dan has already done a funeral, if I were Jenn, I would hold a reincarnation ceremony. I would tell them that I’m not actually Jenn, I just look like Jenn. I would then turn that house upside down and tell every secret that I know. I, of course, would expose Dan first.

      • If i were Jenn,…I’d hold a seance and summon the ghost of evicted hg. A wicked wind would blow through that house before i gave up the ghost. Secrets would be spilled, alliances would be outed, tall tales and backdoor dealings would have a light shown on them. Before i’d help them dig my own grave, i’d hit them upside the head with their own verbal shovel.

  6. dinalee9907 • 33 minutes ago −+Flag as inappropriatefrank is gone he dug is own grave..wasn’t a bad dude just put all his cards into boogie….if jen was half into this game she would be working the underdogs to come up with a plan…(nope she would rather sleep and lay by the sauna) meanwhile danielle is flirting her insecure neurotic load to the end…i just don’t get it…anytime a female name is mentioned she questions it…”do you think she was pretty?” do you think she was smart? so you think she was funny…i keep saying how baffled i am at people falling for her bull crap…geez…she has to go..tired of her eating everything and repeating “i am going to be the only girl in the house” your not a respectable female you are a attention whore. (don’t get me wrong not a whore…just a attention whore!” and ion and shane???? no need to say more….shane poses as much as danielle (although he keeps it more on the down low) and ion…its hard to bust on him…

  7. i am feeling sorry for jenn right now. they act like a bunch of grades school kids, not including jenn. she may be laying around, but i hope she is doing alot of GETTIN RID OF DAN and little ELVIRA

  8. There almost to the end so keeping Dan as an ally makes no sense anymore. Ian will nominate him after Shane uses the POV and Dan is going to be the next sent home.

  9. Does anyone know where Shane and Danielle went on their big date? (They won a prize to go out of the house, possibly for overnight.)

  10. now is the time for jenn to buck up to ian…but noooo..she just chit chats…you got all time in the world to chit chat when you get out…danielle can smile where ever she is but people know what a pathetic fool she is. (hope she used some good concealer on her third eye) lord knows if someone makes a comment we will never here the end of it!

  11. I really hope Ian and the other newbies come to thier senses and evict / backdoor The Devil Dan. Why can’t they see they are all being manipulated!!! Especially when Dan talks about cutting Dani who has been loyal to him in the open. He’s obviously a rat and has already won. I hope the jury sees this if he lasts that long.

    Jenn is better off resting with her diet, if she will need to compete. She and Dani need to share notes about Dan. Then Ian needs to meet with everyone except Dan or with him, to out his evil lying ways!!!

  12. Let’s start a new topic. Who do you think will win America’s Player? I think it will be either Frank or Ian. CBS network broadcasts have portrayed them pretty positive. Dan comes across as a little arrogant (not saying it’s true or not ok, don’t hit me). Who do you think WILL win, not necessarily SHOULD win?

    • I agree…it will be either Ian or Frank. Frank was a powerhouse comp player….but low on the charisma scale. Ian is the superfan and proves that it doesn’t matter how quirky he is…he still has game. Both are decent players…in their own way. Both considered underdogs at different points in the game. Both have a decent fan base. It could be a tie. But for my money…i wouldn’t vote for either…

      • After tonights episode I think it will fall since he went after Ian and Shane, especially after that “I’ll rip your face off” comment to Ian. Although some people will like him more for that.

    • I would vote for Frank or Dan over Ian. If it was between Frank and Dan then I’m not sure, probably Dan. I think Ian WILL probably win though.

    • If you asked me that question like 2-3 weeks ago, I would have said Britney. But as of late, I’d say Dan or Ian… maybe Frank. But right now I’m saying it’s between Dan and Ian.

    • Calm down seriously, maybe look at the circumstances he was in. They just did 2 competitions in like 10 mins and he wanted to get Shane out than didn’t, because of Danielle, and then had to put her up. Its all in the heat of the moment.

  13. it is true, dan did say, this i quote ” ian will tear your face off if you put danielle up” he is such a creep.

    • Seriously, look at the circumstance he was in just played like 2 compeitions in like 10 mins. He wanted to get Shane out then had to change it and then had to put Dani up. It was totally a under pressure and in the heat of the moment. Lots of ppl say stupid things under the heat of the moment. Look at Jeff last year he just walked out of the house didn’t kiss Jordan because he was so pissed off same thing.

    • There is no excuse for Dan having said that to IAN…And DAN’S stressfull situation did not warrant making threats of bodily harm….Does Dan threaten his students with words like that??? Dan’s wife losing her job cause of his actions on the show maybe secondary to his problems of possible unemployment. Would u want a teacher talking that way to ur kid???

      • The difference in that is that in the classroom your not playing for $500,000 and do not have to make game deciding moves in less than a minute. There’s a huge difference, and i hope they sue if they loose a job because of that because it’s a frickin gameshow, not the real world. Also, he played his first season insasnely nice and kind, so wouldn’t it be stupid for him to playh the same way? Everyone expecting him to take them to final 2 because he did that before, it’s genius gameplay.

      • And hey I don’t think Dan would worry to much about unemployment win he has a strong chance of winning a million at big brother.

  14. what ever happened to the veto power Ian won , does he still have it or is it gone. I missed the part where they said the time line on when to use it.

  15. Why is Dan still on the show for BULLYING Ian, who says I’ll rip your face off on a live show? It’s funny how BB made sure not to show that on the Thursday episode. The backlash would have been through the roof.

    • Don’t a lot of ppl do stupid things in the heat of the moment? Give him a break like how much pressure was he just in wanted to do one thing than had to switch it. I’m sure you have said mean things to ppl in the heat of the moment as well everyone does.

      • Give him a break! Dan has protected Dani this whole time and he was scared she would be sent home. It is sort of like a momma tiger protecting her young. I am sure Ian knew he did not mean it and thought nothing else of it. Dan is the only person in the entire house that has gone out of his way to talk to Ian about his life outside of the house. He just panic and we have all I am sure said something like that at one time or another and if you say you haven’t you are not telling the truth only difference is when we said it we were not caught on camera.

      • yeah you’re right. I think he should have put up Shane instead of Danielle though and told Danielle not to vote out Shane. I don’t see why he put up Danielle in the first place, he just made her cry for no reason.

  16. I have to be straight up Dan is the only person who deserves this season, lets just be honest here. Like watching every episode even tonight, he the only one with even DR sessions that he actually tells out a plan to the viewers. He is the only one actually playing the game for himself, and not listening to ppl. He has completely made this season for the viewers. I know theres a lot of hate for Dan as well. But good or bad he’s got everyone more into the game. Look at half the comments even on this site there all about Dan good or bad! I know ppl say oh he has won the game before let someone else win… Like this show is for a competition, the most deserving person should win that season, and not based on facts that has already happened outside of the game.

    • dan did not have to say threatning words like that,i do not think ion would say that to dan. that is something willie would say.or frank. just voicing my opinion.

      • Yeah but come on. Have you ever did something mean when your in the heat of the moment? I’m sure almost everyone has. Look at so many housegeusts on this show i’m sure you have all seen pretty bad behaviour in the heat of the moment. Also, Ian was still completely cool with Dan after and thats because he knows it was in the heat of the moment.

      • Yeah, and I completely understand why your mad at him for doing that, and I don’t agree with it either. But I do get like he is making decisions in like a minute and he had to change he decision because of Dani and then she could get voted out for her doing that.

      • Lol..i’ve seen stuff said on this BOARD that i’m sure people didn’t mean. We all say stuff when others get our dander up. It’s human nature.

      • Ian has said some pretty awful things in the house this season as they all have so it is jut in the heat of the moment and they were not thinking.

      • You can’t be on Big Brother house if you have thin skin. Boogie said he would f…. Dan’s wife, but I don’t believe a word he says….I always have to remind’s a show.

  17. Dan really does have a gorgeous wife and you can tell that they really love one another, and Shane’s sister was gorgeous. Was that Dani’s sister and felt so sorry for poor little Ian.

  18. Dan’s wife is gorgeous and you could tell that they really do love one another and good lucks definitely run in Shane’s family (his sister gorgeous!!!

  19. My dvr did not record the show, (grrr) but someone said there is supposed to be a surprise or something Wednesday. Can someone reliable please fill me in?

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