Big Brother 14 Episode 7: Week 2 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 14 episode 7 we’ll see the results of the next live eviction, HoH competition, and even a “BIG game changing twist” will be revealed, according to Julie Chen. While we wait for the results be sure to Join us on Facebook and grab our free iPhone and Android mobile apps to keep you updated on the latest this weekend!

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Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 14 - JoJo eliminated

Big Brother 14 Week 2 Live Eviction voting:

  • Wil: evict JoJo
  • Joe: evict JoJo
  • Ashley: evict JoJo
  • Shane: evict Danielle
  • Ian: evict JoJo
  • Jenn: evict JoJo

By a vote of 5-1, JoJo has been eliminated from Big Brother 14.

Big Brother 14 Week 3 HoH competition

Big Brother 14 Week 3 HoH Competition – ‘On Thin Ice’:

  • Ashley scores 4
  • Joe scores 3 & is eliminated
  • Jenn misses & is eliminated
  • Ian scores 9 & eliminates Ashley
  • Wil scores 2 & is eliminated
  • Shane gets a perfect score of 20 & eliminates Ian
  • Danielle gets 12 & is eliminated

Big Brother 14 - Shane wins HoH

Congratulations to Shane, the new HoH. Again we get chopping block to HoH room.

Now for your big twist details. Viewers can now vote if they want the coaches to enter the game or keep supporting the newbies only as coaches. What do you think?

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house! Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations will be revealed soon, so stay close by!

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  1. Matt, strange question here – does Boogie really have genital warts, or is that just a nasty rumor on Janelle’s part?

    • Boogie went on a television show and had Dr. Will remove genital warts. He doesn’t hide the fact that has/had genital warts. But yes, Janelle likes making fun of him for it.

  2. Can someone explain me why?  It seemed like Danielle was the obvious strategic choice to me.

      • They weren’t really in a showmance, they were just messing with Ian.  And production edited it to make it look like the deciding factor.

        Boogie wanted Dan in the game if the coaches go in, and Janelle thought she could use Danielle to eventually go after Boogie.   Plus no one liked JoJo so it was not a hard sell.

  3. So I’m going to assume they’re going to rig the results of the upcoming poll (re: coaches becoming players) because they simply do not have enough players, right?

    • They could be honest and if the vote is overwhelmingly negative for coaches as players, they could bring in other people. 

    • I assume they’ll go with the true vote.  After all, votes would tie in with ratings. 

      They just also know the vote will be yes.I’m sure they have a plan B (someone coming back in, or a special power letting a voted out person stay, coupled with ditching the double eviction).

    •  They could rig it, and will if they need to, but I don’t think they’ll have to. I think most people want to see the coaches in the game.

    • He can’t , his HOH will be over. The Americas Vote decision won’t be revealed until next Thursday.

    • And he should bringing back the vets are starting to get OLD FAST. They had their shot at it a couple of times now it should be just the newbies turn for the money. Please Do Not Let Them Play.

  4. So it seems the big game changing move is a coach can enter the game . . . SHOCKER !!!!!

    • At least they’re allowing us to vote one way or the other.  I don’t want the coaches to play.

  5. I hope you guys heard what julie said. That is some bs don’t want the coaches to enter the game

      • So do I! I wish Kara and Jojo were still in the game. Frank, Shane, Kara, and Jojo would have made the ultimate alliance if they had gotten Kara to fight harder.

      • @febd23ed833b6e7ed4c7143d6bb3629b:disqus No way Danielle would be left out of that alliance, due to ties with Kara and Shane. Then the alliance might fall apart over Ian’s stories of JoJo flirting with Shane and Danielle getting upset…

    • Well I don’t think Shane will put Frank up in the blog, because they made a deal. Yes, their deal can be broken but I don’t see Shane risking it. Jojo is a goner and he doesn’t have much alliances in the game as I can see it. 

    • Shane will want to get out Janelle’s players. 

      Britney will want to do her same strategy from week one and put up one from each team (Frank and Wil, most likely) to divide the alliance.  But I don’t think Shane will listen.

    • I don’t like Frank either but I’d like to see Shane put 2 of Janelle’s players and backdoor Frank.

  6. Way to go Shane, this guy’s playing exactly the game I would play if I was ever in the house. I don’t care who tells me it’s good to not win some, he tries to win them all and so would I. Already three wins, comp king anyone? Tonight was almost hard to watch though, it’s times like this I want to play the game so badly…hockey is my game lol. I would’ve loved that competition.

    Speaking of comp kings/queens, what was more obnoxious…Mike celebrating too early, or Janelle saying “The comp queen is back” after she was gift-wrapped a win she shouldnt’ve gotten? I’m going with the latter.

  7. Well since we have to wait a week on the coaches I guess Shane will put up Joe and Danielle.  The coaches would be crazy to play – they will start with big targets on their backs

  8. holy smokes! I’m so effin happy jojo is gone, but now shane is HOH :( i really didnt want him to win that, but hopefully he doesn’t put up frank or ian! Also did any one else think it was hilarious when ashley was calling shane “emancipated” i think she meant emaciated…what a ditz!!

    • Ashley also said he was introverted but when she said it I was trying to think of what word she possible did mean.  Yeah she plays the ditz but I think it may be a complete act.  She owns her own business and has a 4 year degree.

      She made a comment on on show that she was glad Kara was leaving because she wanted to play the ditz and there can’t be two.  I have a feeling it is all an act.

  9. Yay! Go Shane! :) I’m really happy he won HOH and this a great game changer.  I bet you Janelle’s team is going to flip back and try to align with Shane.  It seems like her team just follows whoever is in power…and I thought she would NEVER align with Boogie’s team because he shouldn’t be trusted? 

     Oh and I hate this coaches poll thing because I feel that whatever the results are production is going to let the coaches play.  I feel like it is a scam to get money from the texting votes.

    • Yes!!! That’s what exactly what i’ve been thinking. Glad somebody thinks the way i do

      • Why do they keep bringing back players who’ve already played, and WON for a few of them?! It’s really not fair. Why not just use new faces? I’m waiting for them to bring Rachel back!! Noooooo!

  10. Hell yea thats what im talking about shane..shane a beast right now all he do is win..screw them  haterz in that house..all that house did was attack and pick on brit team while they were look at them azz holes..brit deserves to come back from the dead..wil and joe fat azz is bout to feel the heat..should have took them smokes joe cuzz now your azz is smoked. Team Brit!!!!

  11. If Shane plays without payback for last week, he will set himself up as a great player.  I think he needs to align himself with Frank, Ian and one of the females.  I know people are down on Ian, but did you all hear what Dr, Will said about Ian.  ian is playing a perfect social game.  He knows it is dangerous to win so he really does not play.

    • I think he should put up Feank and Wil, this will put the alliance against one another. Frank & his team was going to back door him had he not won HOH. He does not owe them anything they didn’t save him he saved himself! Frank and Boogie was playing Frank. If the were serious they would have made the offer before Shane won veto.

      • If Shane betrays Mike Boogie and his team, you know they will go after him next week when he cannot play. Sure, he is great in competitions but, even
        the best players will lose a couple and that would be enough to evict him!
        His best move is to keep the alliance with Mike Boogie and Frank. Send Janelle’s players on the block. I suggest putting Wil and Joe on the block
        and you have how many playing POV? You will have Shane, Wil, Joe plus
        3 others by random draw. There is only Ashley, Danielle, Jenn, Frank, Ian left to pick the 3 other players from.Most of them allied with Shane so, it come be a bad week for Janelle’s team if Shane nominates her players.

      • As Shane you’re going to get nominated next week unless you are actually in an alliance. So far there has been no talk of creating one with Janelle’s team. So why not make it obvious to the house that it is Shane with Mike’s team by nominating 2 of her Janelle’s players? That way you set it up as Shane, Danielle, Ian, Jenn, and Frank against the 2 remaining players for Janelle’s team… which swaps the power from the 6 vs 2 approach against him to a 5 vs 2 with him. Also if the coaches get involved Shane is going to want to be with Boogie and Dan more than against them. So pairing yourself with the side that will have the numbers gets you further than creating even more enemies. He’s already a huge threat and everyone knows that, but for Shane at least showing some trust in Boogie and Frank gets you a possibility of getting past next week.

    • Ian might just be playing possum. Remember the last veto where he came in a close 2nd to Shane? This guy can win competitions but, he might be holding back some. Certainly staying with Mike Boogie, Frank and Shane and continuing that alliance will let him go further in this game.

    • JoJo was evicted cuz she aligned herself with Willie who was obviously…a very hot headed and ignorant player. 

      • At least she didn’t go against him and stayed true to her alley… unlike the great team Janelle

  12. Could someone please tell me why everyone wants Frank voted out?  Maybe I missed something—–by the way, I think the coaches should play so the other houseguests give them hell.

  13. Haha Shane won HoH. Didn’t Janelle’s team want a final 6 deal with him and his team? Then they evicted JoJo. Backstabbers.
    Looks like they have to ressurect that alliance, if they can.

    And if I was Shane I would be like “f u guys!” lol

  14. Voting no for coaches entering game. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy seeing people get a second chance. Not 3 or more. So many people audition for BB that is unnecessary to have the same returning players over and over again. Save them for an all star version and let new people get a shot at making the roster.

    Congrats to Shane for winning HOH this week. The result from the coaches comp will probably determine who he nominates. 

  15. Someone explain this to me: If last night on After Dark, it was going around the house that BB13 was one of the worst seasons according to ratings, why would production want the Vets back in the game? You’re stealing a Newbies chance of making a name for themselves. Just bring back Kara and Jojo and have the Coaches have to re-pick their team. There hasnt been any good players the past seasons because the Vets have stole the spotlight.

    • BB has lost its steam..they dont know what they want to do..i mean that was the obvious twist thats why is was not enough players to begin with..BB knew they were going to do this stuff. Ruined the season

      • But like you would think since it was so obvious, they would make up a new twist. Not have a repeat of last season :/

    • They are still working on their formula and trying to fix it.

      Last year should have just been a full all stars season (or they could have waited a year).  But they got this idea of mixing new and old, and messed it up, because the most entertaining returner left for personal reasons, the couples twist flopped,  they wanted to protect the returning houseguests early for ratings, and that meant the new players never got popular.

      So they ended up basically rigging the whole show to keep people watching, which just made things worse.

      This year I think they wanted the same thing (a way to mix some ratings friendly vets in without having them voted out right away), so tried to find a way to introduce the others as players, let the vets socialize, and then dump them in.

      But its just stupid.  You want to throw a small wrench in partway through, fine.    You want to alter the game by public vote, and blatanly manipulate, it will end up bad.  Willie needs to head butt production.

  16. lol Joe took the longest time to “set up” his shot and he gets a 3; worst than Ashley. fail.

    At least he didn’t miss all the numbers,  like somebody did.. Jenn.

    • you mean jenn, the one who threw the comp, since boogie told his players to throw it? due to having shane AND danielle in his pocket

      • Hard to tell if she was throwing it or not. I think she was trying to play, but who knows.

  17. Vote NO!!

    BB Production keeps messing up a good game with stupid twists and dumb ways of protecting their ratings favourites,

    Its obvious by the week count they expect America to vote yes.   Mess with them and vote no.  Make them crown a newbie,

    • Production will just rig the votes and make them join the game. BB13 all over again. Congrats Coaches! You had a Golden Key for the first 3 weeks!

    • im guessing not..since the coacher may be coming in. to early i would think..i mean its only the second week

      • They same reason they wanted Shane out because he a threat. I think Frank would have honored his deal but Boogie told him they wouldn’t honor it? Also I think the coach comp will decide what coach will come back into the game. I don’t think all 3 will have the chance to come back. It will be the winner of the coach comp probably next weeks comp

      • its funny how people that wins hoh want to make deals after they put someone on the block..then they want to make a deal with that person..if frank was sincere he would have talk to shane before putting him on the block.i say get frank out this week,,cause frank is comp for shane..i think shane can mob the floor with the rest.

  18. No way i don’t want the old players back just leave it the way it is! the game might be over faster but at least this way he wont have another BB13 on our hands.

  19. Shane won nice,its a shame willie made a fool of him self team brit could have had 2 players in the game o well.

  20. too bad for brit, the oh so amazing coach, that her player has already gone over to team boogie.

    • Brittney is no way amazing. She is the worst of the lot. All she ever does is talk, talk and talk. However, there is no strategy at all. Shane moved to Team Boogie because he was smart enough to see that his coach is not
      that good at strategizing of any sort. His best interest is with Mike Boogie.
      He will go far with that alliance with Frank and Mike Boogie might well trade for him if there is another coaches competition. Janelle wasted her chance
      when she had a chance to trade for Shane. Is Joe, Wil or Ashley a better
      player than Shane? Janelle could have improved her chances at that $100,000 and also strengthened her team but, she made that decision and
      has to live with it!

      • Janelle is very disappointing to me.  I don’t think she has good strategy at all.

      • Why would Janelle want Shane? So far her strategy has been based on laying low and controlling the votes, which she has done successfully for two straight weeks. Shane is going to suffer the fate of every single other Big Brother player that wins a lot of competitions early in the game — when the opportunity comes, no one will hesitate to send him packing.

  21. If any of you think that bringing the coaches in will make the show better, IT WILL NOT.  It’s clear to me that the only one that has changed their approach to the game because of their coach status is Boogie, and even he hasn’t changed it that much.  If the coaches become players, they will simply fall even deeper into their old habits, and since they already get most of the screen time, get ready for the rest of the season to be nothing but the same old sh!t.  

    Besides, it’s not like the vote matters.  It’s just a transparent way for Grodner and CBS to shift blame to the viewers for changing the game, even though they will do it regardless of the vote.

  22. Hmmmm..Might not be so bad if the coaches did get in the game…It would really be interesting to see what coach will remain close to his/her team or throw them under the bus in an instant…Now would make for some good BB anything to beat the boredom that the season has been sooo far…Production is gonna have to do something to get the viewers interest ..Cause to date (except for Willie) this season has been dead..

  23. Am I the only one who kind of shook my head that Julie rushed the players at tonight’s HoH competition? I understand it’s a live show that has to be wrapped up by a certain time, but then maybe you should give them more time from the start, and start the competition a little earlier. Granted Joe was just getting carried away with his “planning” before his shot, but then Jenn and others had to hurry because of it. This is a game for $500,000, and HoH competitions are crucial to your safety in the house, you can’t rush that. I would’ve been annoyed.

    • When its a crapshoot prep time matters little.

      Although I was surprised that nobody noticed the angle of the wingers sticks.  Shane got it by accident, but all you had to do was get it rolling along those and you were headed at the 20.

      • I think Shane did that intentionally, but I agree nobody else noticed it. Like a good center, he set up his winger for a deflection right between the non-existent goalie’s legs…(sorry, too many hockey references)…

  24. I would like to see the coaches come into the game. I think without it, this season will be really boring. I’d like to see if the veterans go against the newbies. I know that that is like last year, but it really isn’t because they have already worked together, bonded, and talked strategy. It will also break up with “teams.”

    • Then they can rig the competitions and twists to keep the coaches alive, and you can be super happy.

      Coaches were a bad idea. And as fun as they are as players that would be worse.   Its time BB lets some new people play the game.

  25. will you guys run a poll for the twist? i’d like to see what the numbers look like…

  26. Didn’t Julie say America gets to vote for the coaches to have the opportunity to give up coaching and become players – doesn’t mean they all would come back into the game – odds of winning 100,000 is better than going after 500,000. I’m sure there will be another twist to it – either they all agree to come into the game or they stay coaches. If they come into the game not fair they’ve had a free ride for the past weeks and the new house guest haven’t. I vote the coaches stay out better yet they all leave and let the newbies have their game to themselves.

    Guess it really doesn’t matter BB has already made the choice they are coming into the game.

  27. Remember, the vote is about giving the coaches the “opportunity” to enter the game. When/if they’re given the chance, I believe they’ll have a one-time choice: go for the $100k or the $500k.

    If this the case, what choice does each coach make? I assume it’ll be a blind choice (that they can’t consult, and won’t know the other coaches’ choices when they choose).

  28. I guess Willie and Britt and Janelle were right.  Too bad the Newbies didn’t listen to Willie.  This just became Boogie vs Janelle once America votes the coaches back in.  I hope America doesn’t.

    • Willie was an idiot. He took Britney’s suspicion (which she told him in confidence) and tried to turn it into a players-only house meeting. What were they supposed to do? Unite against the coaches before they even have the chance to evict them? And considering the coaches will potentially be given the CHOICE to join the game as players, do you really think that they would if everyone had listened to Willie and united against them?

      So no, not “too bad” that they didn’t listen. Good for them for realizing that Willie had no idea what he was doing.

  29. Hmmmmm, let me guess……. “America’s Vote” is going to come back in favor of the coaches entering the game. Anyone who pays $1 per text should have a ginormous sucker tattooed to their foreheads!!!!

  30. If you let the coaches in the game, they will dominate it and it will get boring
    even faster! The coaches already know that Frank and Shane are the best players and will target them right off the bat and the rest of the floaters will all be
    bit players in this drama as the veterans fight amongst themselves who wins!
    Now, how exciting would that be?

  31. This season is one of the worst.  The rating are the worst of all the big brother season it is only bring in 5.45 millions fans not like season 13 who brought in 7.78 millions fans.  So Big brother do want you thinks that will bring in fans.

    • The coaches idea is terrible and who they picked -boogie – is even worse. Please, please, please don’t let Jim into the game

  32. I think this whole coaches re-entering the game thing would actually improve this season. I’m more frustrated with the fact that Janelle still has all her players they are the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. once the coaches come in I see a Shane Frank boogie alliance with maybe Ian mixed in but he doesn’t deserve it. Throw wil and Joe on the block this week and win pov making sure she’s down to two.

  33. Britney is very hit or miss for me. Sometimes I like her and she’s entertaining, ie her JoJo impression was pretty good. Other times I find myself shaking my head at her. I wasn’t a big Willie fan but the way she handled him towards his end was a joke, and then crying like she fears for her life when Willie confronted Joe and was then expelled…ohh my god what I am gonna dooo oh nooo…he barely hit Joe, he isn’t going to hit you, plus there’s security everywhere you freak, it’s a national TV show…

    At least she’s better to look at than Janelle

  34. theyre going to rig it to where the coaches come in because jojo didnt go to jury. theres 8 player left 2 in the final 2 they need more players

    • I still think all coaches will have a jury vote, regardless of where or when or how they exit this game. So there’s four votes right there, if I’m right.

      I know it sounds a little crazy, because obviously all of them would vote for their own player so that they win too. But I’m betting by the end of the game teams will either be dispelled, or all coaches will have entered the game and thus denounced themselves as coaches and become ineligible for the $100,000 prize, or at the very least, only coaches that didn’t coach the final two players will get a jury vote. That’s still two votes, and only 5 more jury members needed, and there’s more than 5 players left in the game right now, there’s 8.

  35. Congratulations to Shane for winning HOH.  I can’t express how happy I was when he won.  For all of you not wanting the coaches to return I would give you 100 likes if I could.  I feel the same way.  They have had their chances at least once and more with some of them.  It would be so unfair to these newbies and as many have said a repeat of last year.  With all the people out there wanting to play this game why do they think we want to see the vets over and over?  Why would any of these coaches not want to win for themselves and just run away with the game which would be another slap in the face to these new players.  If these players had listened to first Willie, Shane and JoJo the game would be so different.  My votes for no are in – just hope it means something and CBS is not pulling a fast one.  I would much rather see the evicted ones get another chance and wish that had been a choice for us and not just the coaches entering. 

    Seemed to me that the rest of the players were not to happy when Shane won and can’t wait to see how quickly they try to become his new best friend.  Shane has proven how good he is in comps. and also realized that they need to stop playing their coaches game.  I was very disappointed with Brittney in her goodbye speech to JoJo.  So far she has blamed first Wil and now JoJo.  As JoJo said love her or hate her, but I give her credit for knowing how to play the game.

    •  If JoJo knew how to play the game, then why did she get evicted? The target was on Danielle when she got put on the block and she managed to turn it into a 5-1 vote in her favour. Seems to me like the person that stayed is the one who knew how to play.

      • When I say she knew how to play the game she knew that they should not be playing by what their coaches told them, but should have played themselves for the prize.  It was their game to play, but everyone else just wanted to stay with their team..  IMO Janelle was the one who decided she did not like JoJo and got everyone to follow.  I didn’t see Danielle do anything as far as making any plays to keep herself.  If I missed it please tell me what she did to get the vote turned around.  I never saw it going in JoJo’s favor except reading some comments on here that said Danielle was the target.  I may have missed it on the feeds, but you can tell me where and when that took place.  Everything I saw was everyone telling Danielle she was okay.

      • matt,danielle was a pawn cuz shane won veto…..u don’t know the game son! Franks target was willies alliance,really??? Danielle is a dope and can’t play this game.Cute though.

  36. If the couches or any big brother come back next year I won’t watch I love big brother

  37. VOTE NO!!!! 

    Although we all know productions answer anyway… 

    Vote a newbie back in instead.  Preferably Jodi since she didn’t even get a chance.  

    •  She did get a chance. Did you not see the first competition? That’s exactly the kind of player that Big Brother doesn’t need.

  38. Wow can’t believe Danielle won Janelle’s team over. Although I liked both girls I’m kinda glad that Danielle stayed. The coaches coming into the game is not a good idea for Dan & Britney’s team. They’re down 1 player each. If the coaches come to the game it’s an automatic 4 man alliance between Boogie & Janelle’s team. They might go at it but who knows? Maybe Brit & Dan can combine they’re teams to have a chance.

  39. Don”t waste your time voting. CBS already has it in the plans. They have the AMERICAN IDOL syndrome  where every week they hit record votes but ratings are down.     90% fans don’t want coaches but they’ll be playing

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