Big Brother 14 Episode 6 Recap: Nominations and Veto Winner Revealed

BB14 Episode 6 Veto

Since Sunday’s Big Brother 14 ran out of time covering Willie’s expulsion, we got to learn who Frank’s nominations were and the Veto competition and ceremony all in the same night.

Did things go as expected or did someone throw some more drama into the mix? Before we get to the results, let’s back up and start from the beginning.

Wednesday’s Big Brother picked up right after Willie’s expulsion. Britney and her team are really feeling defeated. They all know that Willie’s actions have back them into the corner with the whole house coming after them. They are also all aware that Frank will almost definitely be nominating JoJo and Shane, especially considering they voted against him last week when Kara was evicted.

On the other end, we’ve got Frank, Boogie and Janelle celebrating in the HOH room. It’s kind of odd seeing Janelle doing exactly what she said she’d never do — work with Boogie. But strange things happen in this game. JoJo cuts in and pulls Frank downstairs to fight for the chance to avoid nomination. Frank basically tells her she (with the help of Willie) has made her bed and now must take a long nap in it.

JoJo finishes up and joins Britney and Shane, where Britney tells them to do some damage control. The best thing they can all do is try to get back in a good place with the rest of the house guests. And then after the Veto competition they’ll reassess what needs to be done.

The Veto players are picked and joining Frank, Shane and JoJo in the game will be Ian, Ashley and Wil. Frank picks Joe to host the game. Yay, more screaming Joe. Gah.

At the Veto competition, the HGs go into the back yard and everything has been turned into a giant Mexican restaurant. There are big vats of cheese, guacamole, beans and salsa. Hidden in the dips are menu items. And the players have to play a game of memory as they pull the menu items from the sludge and recreate the master menu located on the opposite side of the yard. Oh, and in typical Big Brother low-rent cheesiness, the players are dressed like giant tortilla chips.

The players finish in this order: Shane, Ian, JoJo, Frank, Wil and Ashley. Ashley got 13/16 right. Wil got 16/16 right. Frank got 16/16 right, so Wil is knocked out. JoJo got 16/16 right so Frank is out. Ian got 16/16 right so JoJo is out. Shane got all of his right, too, and since he finished first, he wins the Veto!

Britney jumps in a bowl of guacamole did in some pretty fantastic player/coach solidarity. And while they’re celebrating, Danielle knows that Shane will save himself and Frank will put her up on the block next to JoJo.

Shane makes a great game move and makes a silent deal with Frank and Boogie. Or at least I think that’s what’s going down. Sometimes with this game you can’t tell. Boogie thinks it’s a good idea to take Shane under his wing and work him to his advantage. Shane promises to not mention their plan to work together to anyone.

He keeps his promise when Britney asks if Boogie and Frank offered him a deal. He tells her no and he that he wouldn’t make a deal with them.

Meanwhile, Dan tells Danielle that he’s not going to bat for her because that’ll just lead to her nomination and eviction. He’s actually playing a coaching tactic that will get her to fight harder for herself, but she gets confused and looks at it as abandonment. And she cries. A lot.

Shane tries a last-ditch effort to spare JoJo and also help his help Boogie and Frank’s future game. He wants Frank to nominate Wil and send him home this week, and then continue taking out Janelle’s team. Frank doesn’t even seem to think about it and after Shane takes himself off the block, Frank replaces him with Danielle, just as expected.

Who do you think will go home on Thursday? Who would you rather see go home?


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  1. I really hope they send jojo packing!! only because i want britney to be the first coach gone because so far of all the coaches she is playing the worst game ever!!!!!

    • i think dan is the worst coach ever…she gives valid points..she just got screwed because of willie tatics…dan i have never heard him seriously talk game to anyone.

      •  ya i see what you’re saying, i guess i just think that britney should have stuck by her player regardless of what he did, rather then put the blame on him.

      • Dan should of won the coaches comp this week instead of throwing it. It was his only way to be sure danielle was safe. So he is the worst coach, considering two of his players were exicted (not expelled), and his last one is on her way out.

      • Agreed.  I love Dan.  He’s my favorite winner ever.  But as a coach he is absolutely terrible.  His strategy basically came down to “throw everything,” even though he should have been fighting for his players’ safety since he was a player down from day 1, thus making him a big target in the eyes of the other players and coaches.  Then Danielle is going to go up, and he tries some stupid reverse psychology crap that completely backfires and leaves her in a crying mess.  

        Unless something massive happens in the next 24 hours, I think Danielle’s out the door tomorrow, and I will not miss her or the once-brilliant Renegade that utterly failed to help prevent her demise.

      • All the girls in the house r annoying !! Danielle does nothing. JoJo acts tough but really does nothing either. I can’t stand that they brought Brittany back, worst player ever, acts like she knows what she doing but doesn’t. Surprise they didnt bring Lane bact to accompany her. Ashley, totally airhead. Really don’t care which girl goes.

  2. I think it’s  still a littlle early to judge the coaches .Boogie and Janelle haven’t really stood out a lot .For someone to say they’re coaching a good game is premature.Britney still has time to rebound .If she manages to save JoJo then she moves even with them.

    • I agree. I really liked the last couple of seasons and this one is way too confusing. The producers should just have left the players play and the coaches be coaches, but if another person walks out that door, the coaches are definitley entering the game to make up for all that lost time.

      • I think the coaches will be playing their own game soon!! They started with no keyholes now they have some!!! Brittney actually noticed that!!!

      • @ Patricia H. : The keyholes were always on the board. The coaches’ pictures wern’t tho. Brit just made the point that it would have been easy to cover up the top 4 pix and not put keyholes by the frames. However production chose not to do that so she believed they would recieve keys at some point and enter the game.

      • I dont completely agree. Yes, this season is frustrating for individual play at this point, but bb’s got to have something up their sleeve.

  3. I’m not a fan of JoJo or Danielle but i like JoJo a little bit more becuase she is playing the game! while Danielle is just sitting around doing nothing.

  4. Dan, Janelle, and Boogie are the only reasons to watch BB this season. The only newbie I liked was Kara and she was evicted.

  5. Do you notice how Joe doesn’t wash his hands after the bathroom, and he’s a double dipper too?  He’s a gross pig!

    • I remember Gerry from Big Brother 3 didn’t wash his hands and it turned into a big house issue. If I remember correctly, Danielle completely freaked out.

    • And he’s supposedly a chef???? I wouldn’t eat in his restaurant.  Poppy is a little sloppy.

      Plus he’s a liar.  That whole thing about him coming up with the name for “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.”  What a joke.  A quick Google search shows that it was invented in 1979 and first on the market in 1981.  Joe was only 10 in 1981.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Danielle was double dipping…Janelle was double dipping. Ashley double dipped. Joe was so badly double dipping..OMG….yuck..realizing the careful play and not wanting to upset the apple cart , I still think some humor rolled into a comment would stop it. Did you notice everyone sticking their whole hands in the HOH trail mix bags after licking their fingers? Janelle and Boogie think their stuff doesnt stink and yet their manners do not support that! And…just maybe Franks not so good luggage was strategic. I change my luggage depending who I am visiting. You dont take a 400 dollar leather bag to BB! Janelle is a snot.

  6. Well Cara has been MIA so it looks like one of the first few eliminated could come back in at some point.

  7. So what do you think Big Brother is going to do now? They are running out of players, and it is only week 2. My opinion, they are going to bring the coaches into the game, Janelle and Boogie will team up again, they will go to the final 3 with one of the floaters, and Boogie will back stab Janelle and win it all. What I think would be awesome is they bring Jeff and Jordan back, they make it to the final 2 and Jeff wins the $500,000 given to him in a big clown shoe. But we all know that isn’t going to happen. So I guess we hope for some kind of Big Brother miracle to happen and Dan & Janelle will make it to the end to win it all!!!

    • I don’t think the doors going to open this week.Everyone will be saved. Something has to happen Thursday according to Boogie if a player is returning.

      • I’d like this to happen, but I just don’t see it unfortunately. Only way I see it is if the producers want to keep Dan around longer, which isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility of course. If it happens, I hope it jump-starts Dan back to life. I love Dan but he’s asleep at the wheel. Throwing the first competition was fine, but throwing this one when it could ensure your only remaining player’s safety? Starting to think he just didn’t think he could win that competition so he pretended to throw it. 

  8. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the best part of this season is the strategy sessions between Mike Boogie and Frank Vicious.  Hearing them analyze the house situation and discuss their next move while playing games in the backyard is the kind of stuff that I love to watch on Big Brother. 

    It’s so weird.  Dan, my favorite winner, is doing a horrible job as a coach.  Meanwhile, Mike Boogie, whom I despise, is doing everything that a coach should do.  He discusses the game with his players, listens to his players as much as he talks, gives them sound advice, doesn’t chastise his players when they deviate from his suggestions, and lets them go off and make their own negotiations.  He and Vicious are doing a great job managing the social game and creating contingency plans.  Mad respect for both of them.

    • Can not stand when the two of them are together in the DR together. Did not like it when he did it with Dr Will either. Just annoying.

      • I dont think Frank would be that way. I hope his actions are just appeasing Boogie.

  9. I have no idea who will be going home. It’s totally up for grabs. What do you think, Matt?

  10. Danielle must go home for  no other reason than for the players to learn what happens when a coach has no more players.  They need to know this so they know how to better play the game.  After Danielle goes home they need some form of competition to allow either Kara, Danielle or Jodie back into the game.  This should even things out.  It could also put Dan back into the game.  This would be a good twist

    • If Dannielle goes home , the game is gonna backfire big time on everybody. I’d keep her around for the next couple of weeks just to keep the little flow that going on right now.

      • I don’t understand why frank?hoh was allowed to nominate this week. Willie knew he was going up and home that’s why he blew up, so to me that was as good as an eviction. Why should frank be allowed to get rid of two people?  Danielle should have gone up to HOH before veto and tell them that she knows Brittney and Jen are working together and if they let her go they will not have to votes to save themselves. She has given up and has no game.  Dan can only do so much, he is only as good the players he has to work with and Danielle just doesn’t get it.

  11. Another thing, someone asked me tonight why I read this blog and then watch the program.  It is actually more interesting this way – even though I know things in advance I really do not know about all of the house talk.  The house talk is the best part.  I am still convinced Ian is going to come out a great player.  He is playing a great game.  he lost the video comp on purpose and shane knows it.

    • He can’t put his book smarts to practical use in the big brother house..

  12. I’m starting to believe Ian is playing possum and has a real shot at final 4. He’s laying low and not pissin anybody off.

  13. So this is off topic but, we all pay for the live feeds every year to watch all the drama first hand. And there is a staff of people sitting around somewhere in that studio that is getting paid to watch for free. How do I go about applying for that job? I could hit a series of buttons that will make the voice say “Ashley, you are not allowed to talk about production.” it can’t be that hard!

  14. Send boogie home… He’s terrible and makes this season impossible to watch.

    • hes the only thing worth watching right now. the only strategy going on is when hes there, and its interesting to hear his scenarios and playing things out with dan the other night, hes playing janelle AGAIN, so why the heck should he leave? hes by far the best coach, hes dominated just about every aspect from team selection to 1st week best player on block doesnt go home. hes got his team on a fast track to the final 6.

      but yeah, darn you boogie for actually bringing out the player in shane. thats right, roll back a couple days, boogie told shane EXACTLY what to do from that point on, calling him his “prisoner” afterwards. so far, shane has now gone against his coach to join frank and boogie.

      no boogie, no game at this point.

      • This.  Until someone other than Frank or Shane wins HOH, Boogie needs to stay, because he, Frank, and Shane have been at the center of all the intriguing gameplay.

        Still don’t get why people are saying this is the worst cast ever.  Frank and Shane’s gameplay is far better than the crap that we saw in the previous two seasons.

      • It’s the worst cast ever because who is playing? The coaches are controlling everything and making this a boring season. boogie is old news, let’s see what these new players can do without the coaches…

  15. Would make sense to get rid of Danielle, and thus get rid of Dan. Take out two in one swoop. Plus JoJo and Shane are better competitors and why not have those two feeling they “owe you one”? Danielle is just useless anyways. Plus in case the coaches eventually join the game as players, why not get rid of Dan now?

  16. I don’t really want either of these two gone, but I’ll say that I hope JoJo is evicted, because I like Danielle and more than that I like Dan.

    Unfortunately I don’t actually have any hope for this. Danielle will be evicted. Shane likes Danielle but I can’t see him voting out his own teammate, even if he did talk about playing their own game and not just looking at coaches and teammates.

    Janelle’s trio I think will all vote out Danielle, as will Ian and Jenn because I’m pretty sure that’s what Frank and Mike want. If Janelle’s team somehow votes for Danielle, the tie-breaker will just see Frank evict Danielle anyway. I think we could see a unanimous vote against Danielle though.

  17. So has anyone else realized that if the coaches don’t enter the game and things keep going along like they are, no more twists. We are already in Jury. If they don’t plan on bringing back at least one houseguest tomorrows evictee is going to be the first juror.

    • Unless in another ridiculous, idiotic twist the “coaches” end up in the jury.  Hell, why not, seems they have a new group of morons running this production these days.

      • Maybe when the coaches get eliminated, they return as players!!!!!!   Then it would get very interesting……the players against the coaches!!!!! Right now the players are getting very sure of themselves and I think they would band together  against the coaches and make for some real good BB happenings!!!!JMHO 

      •  @ Phyllis G : I think that would be too unpredictable for production. They have no idea when a coach will run out of players. Hell, it might get down to final 3 with 3 coaches, so they go through the whole 3 part HOH eliminate a player and in the process the coach then enters the game. Leaving them with 3 people again. Then they go through the process again and unless they eliminate the coach turned player another coach enters the game and the process repeats itself again.

  18. What a trouble maker Janelle is  Running to Danielle to tell her that JoJo said she was fat.  Just to stir up trouble.  What gain does Janelle get out of hurting Danielle by telling her this? I use to like her, but I can’t stand her this season.  Joe is just as bad with the cigarette deal with JoJo and promising her a vote.  Then Joe and Janelle laughing about making her a deal so they would have cigerettes for the summer.   Where did they get these people and I can’t stand these coaches.  All they do is stir up trouble.  Again, so predictable they will vote JoJo out and leave Dan in when the best move IMO would be to get rid of one team when they could.  Instead Janelle, Boogie and Dan (who has done nothing to coach Danielle) are getting what they want.  I know Shane is next because these players still continue to be afraid to make their own minds up.  Willie, JoJo and Shane are the only ones who have demonstrated that they know how to play this game.  Too bad nobody is listening.  I may not be a big fan of JoJo, but what she is saying is true.  Ashley is playing all sides and will get caught.  The sad part is they are trying to boost Danielle up, but behind her back talking bad about her.  Total disappointment to me. 

    • It’s not a bad idea whatsoever to evict JoJo and have two coaches left with one player each. Then two of four coaches have their backs against the wall, will play desperate, will feel the pressure (except Dan it seems) and are likely to make mistakes that cost them. I don’t see why it’s so great to see Dan exit over weakening other coaches. 

    • How about JoJo telling (or asking) Shane “what is she doing her” and she (Danielle) doesn’t deserve to be here. I just don’t like the fact that she thinks she is better than Danielle. If Danielle  is evicted, I also hope the door doesn’t open. Then the doorbell rings and it is Kara.Can you imagine? Shane, JoJo, Danielle, and Kara going after Frank? There is something about Frank I do not trust. Team Shane! 

    •  Janelle is a bad person, What she said to danielle was mean and wrong. I hope she gets what she deserves. Game or no Game, people like that is why this country is in the shape it is in.  My thoughts

  19. I would like to see some kind of a coup d’etat  or a mutiny against the coaches. Like throw them all out. So the HG’s  can actually play their own game. Having coaches in the game is such a failure. I hope CBS realized that now and not to repeat this gimmick.

  20. watching feeds again and i gotta say this coaches thing absolutely sucks and is making this season so hard to watch. jojo is making a great pitch to “coach” janelle, while her “coach” britney sits in and adds nothing positive.  There are some good players in here and everything is focused on and revolves around these old, egotistic morons.  Feel bad for the players that came in and discovered they would be micro managed by a group of colluding, arrogant washed up reality show fame whores. please cbs, never bring back a veteran again unless it’s a game of all stars only.  

    • I agree. First Janelle after her team was safe last week, turned her team against Willie, who I wish was still in it. I think he really got robbed. Shane and JoJo do not realize what he did for them. I think he really thought if he was evicted like he was, the two of them would be safe. He was just too early. And then Britney stopping JoJo from talking to Willie. I think if JoJo would have followed Willie to the have not room, she could of calmed him down. It seemed they had a connection. Look what happened. They were still targeted even after distancing themselves from Willie.

  21. BB..Please change this boring game up, boy! year after year with the oldies comming back …. also! Please! Please!!! let the POV winner replace and put up any player of his or her choice …. stop giving the replacement power to the HOH …….  I still dont get what BB was tring to accomplish with this Coach (Roach) theme.  Why??? would any newbie player listen to a Old Roach that has only one interest…. themselfs! $100,000…. Think about this!  $100,000 dollars to do nothing.  Wow! nice vacation for a Roach.  The house should stop all “Roach” allliances and Bug spray them ….  Unless BB does somesort of a major twist in this Boring game…, I’m affraid this could be BB last year on TV …. 14 years in this business and this is the best they could come up with … 4 Old Roach’s and 12 boring insects to feed the Roach’s.  …. make that 11 boring insects  and 1 Wee Little Willie.. .. Question?  How did Joe get in this game… what did BB see in his personality to add excitment into this game….. he cooks? wow! Ya! thats it!  Mr. Personality …. Boring, Boring, Boring …. but! yes! I still (somewhat) watch because I keep thinking that BB has to have a game plan, a twist, a Pandora Box.  Please!   Lock the 4 Roach’s up in a room and dont let them out until this lame game is over …

  22. As much as I want Brittany to hang in there (only because I feel as tho she got the crappy end of the stick), I would pay to see Jojo go”you know”.  She is so busy interupting and talking about herself, that she doenst listen to the other person “you know”.If someone says they farted, she has done it twice as loud, “you know”. She has always been there done that, or has a friend that has “you know”. I have just about enough of her voice “you know”. I think she may be my least favorite BBHG ever “you know”. If me saying you know, is annoying the crap out of you, then you probably feel the same about her. Someone get her a dictionary with synonyms in it please. If she doesnt win, maybe she can get a better vocabulary..”you know”

  23. Britney never played the game well — but she’s not stupid; she’s just a very nice person who is too gullible and trusting for Big Brother.  Last season her special friend carried her to the end.  I always liked her because it was so refreshing to see a nice person last so long in the house!

  24. Okay so one thing that bothered me with last night’s show was DAN.  I was irritated durring the coaches comp when he trew it AGAIN tryn to say they needed a weak persona.  Sorry Dan but being a man down is already weak…..

    Now he sits there and tells Danielle she’s on her own? It’s coaches thing?  I get that she needs to be strong, but Dan……she COULD have been safe if u had tried!

    Really neither of them are my favs but I think the shittiest coaches award this week goes to Dan.  Hands down! 

  25. Oh, and while I’m on my soap box….WTH is going on with Brittney?  Doesn’t she remember that she is on camera?  Geeze she has been looking like she just rolled out of bed for days.  I was shocked when I saw her “present” Ashley for her date.  And then to show up at the veto cer. where u know ur gonna be shown, dressed in what looked like her husbands tank top…. idk girl needs to rethink that! 

    Think about it, it’s easier to like pretty, put together people.  Just sayn Miss Fav Playr…

  26. Jojo needs to go home asap! If I hear her ax someone a question again I will lose my mind. She must have an elementary school education. Very annoying person, and extremely full of herself! ” I’m a stronger player than almost all the other people in this house” “I deserve to be here more than anyone else does” and the best line she has said so far has to be telling Frank how Willie ” brainwashed” her and made her do things in the game that she did not want to do. What an absolute joke. Get her out now please!!!!

    • By the way Bruce…do you know what fine lines or rules are applying when BB Says stop talking about production?

    • Althouhgh, i agree with the producers block down below that he is playing a good game. A pretty good manipulative coach. Yet, interesting how Frank is being cautious with him.

    • I do not understand how anybody can follow Boogie, anybody that has ever followed Big Brother knows he is one of the biggest back stabbers ever & it is time he gets his.

  27. I think Danielle should go home.  Remember, even though you do have coaches BB is still an INDIVIDUAL game. She shouldn’t just lie around all day and cry..she should fight to stay in the BB house.  Last night’s episode was really irritating me when she kept crying because Dan wouldn’t help her.

    • Totally agree with exception missing Dan but little confused about his strategy…yet after seeing last night…could his reverse psychology and Boogies need for him to help get Janelle out seem to be working?

      That was so funny when Janelle started getting Danielle insecure telling her jojo said her legs are fat! Is Danielle smart enough to have guessed Janelle was messing with her? I think not.

      Do you know what exactly bb `s rule is about “not talking about production? Everytime I hear that it appears it is another group the camera is not currently covering.

    • I think Danielle is playing the crying game that I will go home but she will be safe and JoJo will be in sequester with Kara. I think a twist may be that once all of a Coach’s players are eliminated then they may enter the game and play as individuals. So there is the possibility that a Coach may win $100K or $500K this season.

  28. Brit was a big dissapointment. T thought she would do better butas a coach she has noclue

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