Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 1 Wednesday Highlights

It’s a good thing Tuesday’s Big Brother 14 Live Feeds were so exciting, dramatic and entertaining, because not a lot went on Wednesday. All we got was a bit more flip-flopping and a lot of fish and “We’ll Be Right Back.”

When the feeds were on, it was more of the same. The house seems to be divided on whether or not Frank or Kara will be leaving this week.  And we get more Willie mess all over the place. Britney tries to deal with it, but as you’ll see, it gets her no where. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 18, 2012:

Important note: Real’s SuperPass is having a technical difficulty with the Live Feeds’ Flashback feature affecting time selection. It seems to be using your local time zone instead of BBT so adjust accordingly or set your computer’s time to PT.

9:33 AM BBT — Frank and Boogie are talking. Frank tells Boogie that Willie made JoJo sleep upstairs to keep people out of her head.

9:47 AM BBT — Wil and Joe start talking game. It’s never too early to talk game. They’re already talking about going against the vote. A new day, a new day of flip-flopping a BAZILLION times.

9:50 AM BBT — HGs are sent out back for a house lockdown.

10:10 AM BBT — Britney says Joe is playing too hard and starting to burn bridges. Says he’s going to burn out early.

10:32 AM BBT — Lockdown is over.

11:27 AM BBT — Ashley and Wil decide they have to keep Frank. For now. For the next five seconds.

12:55 PM BBT — Ashley betraying her alliance/team by telling Willie, JoJo and Shane that she doesn’t trust Janelle and that Wil plans to vote Kara out.

1:48 PM BBT — Frank realizing that he was sitting pretty until he caused last Tuesday night’s blow-up. (LINK!!!!)

2:22 PM BBT — Indoor lockdown.

4:20 PM BBT — Feeds go out and stay out for a couple of hours.

6:28 PM BBTAshley plans to vote against her team and keep Kara. She says she’ll lie about her vote. Even though it’s going to be pretty obvious where the one crazy vote came from.

6:38 PM BBT — Wil is worried Ashley is going to flip and says if she does it’s over for her. Janelle says if anyone from the team was to flip it would be Ashley.

8:30 PM BBT — Dan and Willie are hoping for a tie vote so Willie can cast the vote to evict Frank. Britney still isn’t convinced Kara will be going home.

8:38 PM BBTBritney finally telling Willie to keep his big mouth shut. Britney tells him half the house hates him and he needs to stop being so cocky and destroying his chances at the game. “I only want the best for you,” she said. “I’m trying to save you. I’m not trying to tear you down.” This exchange goes on for a while and is probably the “highlight of the day,” if we awarded those. So this is your best bet to flashback to.

11:48 PM BBT — Dan tells Danielle to throw the HOH competition.

1:31 AM BBT — HGs are called to the the living room for an announcement. Feeds cut out.

1:35 AM BBT— Feeds return. HGs were told about the “burglar” stealing things from the house. This will have to do with the next HOH competition. It’s going to be an all-nighter. HGs are called from bed to the TV every hour or so.

So that’s that. Thank goodness it’s Thursday and this week will be behind us. Is it just me or has this been the most ridiculous first week in Big Brother history? It’s been stressful. I’m ready for a new week.

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  1. Ash promised Kara she will vote to keep her but you know how that goes we will see

  2. Wee Little Willie has no game plan other then using the HOH Power that went to his head …. and,… I dont mean the one on his shoulders …. its the other Stupid Head that hangs around with two nuts.  Stupid …Stupid… Player …. One week of Glory and now what will he do?  Brit cant save Stupid and the two nuts …. No way!  His time is very limited.  Frank the Frankfooter …Bye Bye …. Ian the Terrible should have the edge on missing items in the House …. the other players were to wrapped up with Wee Little Willie’s drama fight with Frank the Frankfooter. 
    Again! BB Please! …change the rules on the POV and let the winner of POV remove and replace with the person of his choice.  This would Rock the House.  In closing I think the Mentor Theme is stupid … Hope you make the Mentors repick players …. change it up BB …. aliances will change and players will have to re-thinks their game play. 

    • I think the mentor theme would be much cooler if it was a reward. So like winning HoH gets you access to the mentor for the week. Being but in the have not room… no access for the week. Things like that, so it reduces the overall power of the mentors and makes it a reward for the players.

      • But if they did it that way, there is a chance that the “mentor” would have a favorite or favorites and lead anyone else astray. trying to see the outcome they want.

    •  aww come on cut willie some slack, he didnt win hoh, it was handed to him, and joe and frank are doing alot of smack talk on their own!!!

    • Interesting fun fact. I remember Sid’s aweful injury from the WWF days. I’ll still take the Playmate, though.

  3. I would love to see all the people that complain about Willie to go play in the big brother house since you seem to have all the answers go play see how far you get

    • The basic idea of watching and discussing TV shows is to watch it and then discuss it… The Big Brother online community would be a boring place otherwise.

      Willie is going to be a polarizing figure this season. You can’t expect people to not critique his approach.

      • Glad you took the time to talk about it with me and you are correct which is why I gave my opinion same as everyone else now I got to go do housework before hubby thinks I watched bb all day lol have a blessed day

    • I would wipe him silly just like I would controll his brother also, they are both loud mouth bullys

  4. I’m so happy your site was good enough to persuade me to buy the early live feeds… It has been greatness :)

    I do love the idea of starting these daily updates with a highlight of the day!

    Go JoJo!!

      • As soon as Janelle knew her players were safe for the week she bailed and started prep for next week. When Shane didn’t use the veto she ditched them knowing her players were golden. As soon as that happened she started planning for next week.

    • Hopefully it will come back to haunt her. Once she realizes Ash is playing for Brit’s team, she will go crazy. Then she will have to do what she didn’t, run to Boogie for protection.

  5. i really like willie, he makes the show exciting, im so over boogie, he thinks way too much of himself, and is it just me , he looks old for a 42 year old. Janelle is flip flopping, think she lost some of her game. Dan is still by far the best player, and little brittany aint doing too bad. Love shane what a piece of eye candy, let him stay longer so i can look at him. Frank is obnoxious, bye, joe is a rat, as in like ronnie the rat, get rid of him, he is so far up janelles vagina i surprized he can breathe. and wil , you were my fav for a while but you are not playing too smart. ian is a hard one to decide on, if brit can get ian her time in house will be longer, the girls are so dumb not to ban together get rid of frank then boogie’s team then take out janelle. oh well i do love my big brother  

  6. Jo Jo just said to Kara, :I may not be book smart, but I am so street smart and I see through people.”  Well if your that street smart you do less talking and more information gathering.  So Jo Jo I say you will be the fourth person out and this way you can go back to your street and tell people how smart you are lol

  7. Don’t know whether Ash is telling the truth to Kara or to her team….I hope she evicts to vote out Frank….Everyone is talking about Willie being a bully….I think Janelle is the bully.  Once she knew her team was safe, she dropped Brit like yersterdays newspaper, she is going to fip all season long….Brit’s team has no power now, and now that half the house hates Willie she does not want to have anything to do with brit’s team…Janelle is now making sure Ashley cannot talk to anyone without her there.  Ashley is trapped!!!  I think Ash wants to vote with her friends from the beginning (Janelle was never around Ashley), now when she is the deciding vote, Janelle is her bff….Dan can’t talk to Ash…I hope he can. craziness! 

  8. how do i get myself so wrapped up in this show each summer, im on pins and needles , hoping frank gets the boot, then janelle will have to scramble to boogie, she has burned her bridge with brittany, this game is so addicting, have a great evening everyone!!!!

  9. At the end of the day, this all plays into boogies hand. He can control the chaos. Frank was dumb for losing it. Boogie even told him to sit back and let Kara self destruct, which she was doing. Britt is just not a good player and an even worse judge of character. I hope she chose right when she got married. I hope frank stays and works it out with Willie, those two with Boogie will do some serious damage.

  10. this show is so good. i like to wach this show on tv. doing the summer time. i wish that i was on this show…….

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