Big Brother 14 Week 9.5 Eviction Prediction

Tonight on Big Brother 14 another HG will be evicted. Last night’s episode left viewers in a cliffhanger on who would be nominated and secure the most important Power of Veto of the season. Wonder no longer. We have spoilers for both of those right here.

The outcome of the Power of Veto determines who will cast the sole vote on tonight’s show. While the Veto comp is over the Veto ceremony is still yet to come. I’m expecting production to save that for the live show tonight. As for what will happen then I’ve already detailed a full-blown walkthrough on that situation. With all that information in mind I’m ready to make my prediction for tonight’s eviction.

Since the results of last night’s Live Feeds reveal for the noms and Veto came in so late I didn’t have time to collect the usual set of Big Brother sites’ predictions so today you’ll just get mine. Then you can make your own predictions below.

Big Brother 14 Week 9.5 Eviction Predictions – Dan, Ian, or Shane:

Shane Meaney on Big Brother 14

Now it’s your turn to make an eviction prediction. Vote in the poll below.


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  1. It would be in Dan’s best interest for it to be Ian but from the previous posts it looks like it’s going to be Shane. Maybe Dan is trying to show that he was loyal and did keep his word to at least 2 of the other house guests.

    • Ian would take Dan to the Final 2. Shane would take Danielle to the Final 2.

      If you were Dan, which HG would you rather have stay in the game? The one who will take you to the end or the one who would evict you?

      Danielle wants Shane out, but she’s not willing to be the one to cut him.

      • For only the reason that Ian is a beast in HOH
        competitions especially the memory type ones
        which will form part 2 of the HOH in Final 3,
        if I was contemplating who to fight and hopefully,
        beat for that HOH, I would take Danielle and
        Shane as against Ian and Danielle. If Ian wins
        the last HOH, you never know for sure that
        Ian will not wise up all of a sudden and take
        Danielle to Final 2 if Ian wins the Final HOH
        and then, so much for that $500,000 Dan
        was looking to having! Dan winning the last
        HOH is a must because then, he controls his
        own fate!

      • Dan thinks Ian will take him, but he won’t. Well,maybe he will because he was stupid enough to evict Jen instead of Dani. He might care more about his BB legacy than the money. Funny.

        I think Dani thinks than she is pulling Dan off to protect her jury house rep, and she thinks he is getting dirty and voting out Ian.

        In fact, Dan HAS to get rid of Shane if possible. Shane has a better chance of beating Dan in the final HOH than Ian does. Even though Shane is easier to beat at the end, it does Dan no good if he doesn’t get to the end.

      • I think he will like look at what he did with the Quack Pack he stuck with them even when Britney got evicted, I think if he says he with someone he gonna stick with them. And he didn’t put up Dan last week because they both agreed it wasn’t safe. Especially since last week was when Dan put him up. Also, if Dan evicts Shane over Ian how much more would Ian trust Dan now.

      • Dan still has a better chance winning the Final HOH against Danielle and Shane versus Danielle and Ian. The 2nd part
        is a memory type of competition which Ian excels in! There is a good chance that if Ian is in Final 3, Dan and Ian will face off for who wins the Final HOH. Ian might end up winning as a result! If it was against Danielle and Shane, it may be Danielle and Dan facing off and Dan winning it in the end! And there is no guarantee that Ian will not change his mind and take Danielle to Final 2 if he wins the Final HOH as Ian can easily beat Danielle in Final 2. Against Dan, Dan might still get the votes and beat Ian for that $500,000!

      • Do you think she really wants Shane out? According to Dan talking out loud he was saying Danielle will get over it if he votes Shane out.

      • I guess your right it’s better to know you have a seat in the final 2 no matter who wins than knowing you can most likely beat whoever’s left. So really Danielle is shooting herself in the foot since getting rid of Shane means one less person who would’ve taken her to final 2.

    • You have to remember she is playing Dans game not her own so this move only makes sense for Dan as far as getting to the final 2 and no sense for her what so ever that’s why Im sure she will go through with it lol

  2. I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time seeing how Shane will be evicted tonight as both Dan and Shane would most likely evict Ian over each other. And Danielle is closer to Shane than Ian.

    Remember Dan targeted Ian before he targeted Shane, wouldn’t logic tell you that Ian would be evicted tonight? Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Ian win BB14 (Ian has played one hell of a game), but the deck is stacked against Ian right now. Unless of course Dan doesn’t have a final 2 deal with Shane and believes if Shane would win the final HOH, he would take Danielle.

    I don’t know?

    • I don’t think Dan does have a final 2 deal with Shane and if you believe what the house guests are saying on the live feeds then it appears that Dan would rather evict Shane over Ian at this point. I agree that Dan would be better off sitting next to Shane or Danielle in final 2 so who knows. It does appear that Danielle is going to let Dan make that decision.

      • True but I think Dan feels his chances of getting to the F2 are more secure if they are playing with Ian and not Shane. He still worries a little that Dani might take Shane… Even though that would be doubtful. He knows 100% that Shane would take her.

      • But with a Dan-Danielle-Shane finale, there’s only a 25% chance Dan will make it to F2 unless he wins HoH (Danielle would be about 50/50 given Shane would be there, and Shane’s hopefully smart enough to choose Danielle, knowing he has no chance against Dan). With a Dan-Danielle-Ian finale, Danielle would never pick Ian, Ian would probably never pick Danielle (though we’ll say there’s a 50% chance he may get smart and realize Danielle is an even safer bet for him); Dan has a 75% chance of going to F2 even if he doesn’t win HoH.

    • Keep in mind that out of the 3 remaining HGs, Shane is the only one that Dan hasn’t made a F2 deal with. Even if you disregard Dan saying late last night to the camera that he’ll most likely evict Shane, that should speak volumes of what Dan will do.

    • Shane is the only one he doesn’t have a final 2 deal with so Dan will evict him to ensure he is in a final 2. Last night Dan was asking the camera who should he evict before Daniel told Shane about her plan which means Dan and dani had already talked and the deal was done so while Daniel had Shane in her bed in the hoh she.was lieing to him she knows he is gone tonight already.

      • I think she was not 100% decided at first and was testing him to see how he would respond to her advances… If Shane was truly into her she would have no issue keeping Dan on the block… He was pretty reluctant though and his awkwardness speaks volumes. Can’t say I blame him! Getting physical with her would be a pretty tall order if even if there is a big paycheck at the end. Poor guy can’t stomach it. Don’t think he passed her test although she will be telling herself all kinds of things to justify his reaction, as she believes every guy secretly wants her….

    • If dani takes Dan down and puts up Shane, Dan will vote Shane out. It’s that simple. The big question is will she take Dan down. I suspect she will. She knows it means Shane will go but she knows Shane won’t blame her and will think it’s all Dan’s doing and she probably is already envisioning Shane in the jury house worried about her, thinking poor dani didn’t know Dan would turn on them… I can just hear her now crying, “Shane is probably sick with worry about me y’all… I bet he isn’t even eating. Missing me and all that, and he just wants to protect me from Dan. I’m just soooooo sad!”.

    • Wow, it seems so simple to just about everyone that has replied to my original comment above in that Danielle will use the POV on Dan and put Shane on the block next to Ian. Then Dan will vote to evict Shane and the final 3 will be Dan, Danielle and Ian.

      Wow, I really hope it happens that way, but I still have my doubts. Only tonight’s eviction will tell.

    • Its because scenarios changes all the time in BB house Shane woulda left in double eviection if it wasnt for Dani. And Dan is just trying to keep it safe if he gets out Shane now, Ian and Dani would both take him to the final 2 if he ended up losing last hoh comp. Whereas Shane would take Dani, and its more risky if Dani had to choose between him and Shane.

  3. If Shane has the power to evict, I predict he will evict Ian since none of the other three (including Shane) would be able to beat Ian in the last competitions. The big question is, who will be the final two if one of them is Danielle? Will she take Shane (her heart) or will she take Dan (her head)?

    • The smart move for Danielle if she wins Final 2 and I
      am assuming that it is Shane, Dan and Danielle in
      Final 3 is to take Shane. Why Shane? For one thing,
      she can probably beat Shane out of that $500,000.
      She can tell the jurors that he was responsible for
      evicting Janelle and now Dan, two of the best players
      in the Big Brother House and who has Shane taken
      out? Game play wise, Danielle would win over Shane
      but, lose out to Ian and Dan easily!

      • Danielle is being used by Shane. She’s a powerful player, and Shane showmance with her is just a plan to go to the final two

  4. well we will see who goes but i agree if danielle uses the veto, shes sealed shanes fate, and no chance of having romance
    Shane will be like ohhh its Kara, see you Danielle, i got some catching up to do

    • Lol…she would go on a rampage through the house worse than Evel Dicks! She said last night that Kara was jealous of her. I couldn’t stop laughing.

      • I’m talking about what Jillith posted last night..and several others. About Danielle saying Kara was jealous of her. I don’t know about the couch incident.

      • Thanks Curiosity, she was on a rampage about Kara. It was Kara’s so jealous of me, Kara this, Kara’s so jealous of me, Kara that, Kara’s so jealous of me…me, me,me!!! It’s all about me! Will I get choosed to come back for All-Stars? I should! ME ME ME!! IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!!

  5. Probably won’t matter cause dani dennato will be there and is well aware of the crush Shane has on her. Shane takes one look at her and its bye bye dani anyway lol

  6. funny thing is if you look at these polls and then you think ppl can vote 10 times, and im pretty sure they do, and then they just made 14,8790, since my last refresh, its robbery

  7. I think Dan would like nothing more than to sit next to.Daniel the end cause he wins no matter what then but with him evicting Shane its more like he just wants to be in the final 2 no matter what.

    • Yeah I think thats the safer move for him to do it’s better to have the esiest path to final 2 than possibly risking that to have better odds in the end. but you got to make it to the end first and then worry about it.

  8. So its confirmed. Dan just said a few minutes ago that Shane is gone then went to the hoh and asked dani if everything was still good and she said yea.

      • I think Shane’s fate is sealed. If he was smart he would tell Dani he doesn’t mind getting Ian’s blood on his hands. He would tell her he actually would like to and that the jury will respect that he has no desire to sneak about and hide behind Dan. He should then ad that if he’s wrong about that, it simply means more jury votes for her. If he’s really smart he’ll then seal the conversation with another kiss and tell her he just wants to get to f2 with her so that both of them get the two prizes, that 50 G would make a big difference to his family…

  9. On last night(this am) on Morty’s Tv it talks abt Dani and Shane being tog in HOH room at the end of the night so apprently they slept in HOH tog.. and he was giving her a massage.. so who really knows how she will do the POV.. Ithink she wants to go out w Shane when this is over and maybe she wont use the POV.. she isnt that stupid is she? to keep Dan? if Dan goes to the F2 I think he will win against Dani or Shane.. w Ian I dk…. Ian could win w the ? part of the HOH3… so who knows til tonight??? I cant believe that it is almost over for this yr.. we wait for a yr and then the time flies… good thing TAR starts and Survivor!!

  10. Not voting out Ian would be the dumbest move of the game. And I’m not saying that because I hate Ian, but because I’m well aware of his skills. Think about it. The first part of the HOH comp is physical, the second is usually the Memory Wall mash-up, and the third is a Q&A. Ian has a photographic memory! He’s pretty much guaranteed to win the final HOH. So, yeah, not getting him out tonight will just be stupid. But I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. We’ve got another hour and forty minutes.

  11. If Ian goes home its gonna be a Dan and Danielle final 2 cause the only way shane will make it is if he wins the final hoh which wont happen since hes an idiot when it comes to the quizzes

  12. I think Dan has convinced Dumbielle by now to get rid of Shame and keep Ian. I think Dan wants to be in F2 with Ian. Dumbielle is the next to go after Shame. Can’t wait to see that happen.

  13. I hope Dan gotta win Big Brother twice. Or maybe Shane got to win.
    I hope Ian or Dan are evicted tonight because Danielle put Ian and Dan on the block their never go to final three.

  14. Boy,did I get “blindsided”(along with Shane) by “final 3” pic from 9/12/12. But then I re-read the entire page and realized it was final 3 scenarios. I also realized that Thursday’s ep was live so how would anyone truly know who the final 3 would be. Joke was on me, I guess. BTW I surely hope and pray Danielle beats Dan and Ian for all the $$$ ;-*)

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