Big Brother 14 Episode 28 Recap: The Blindside of The Century

If you missed Big Brother 14 last night, then you need to drop what you’re doing, turn off your phone and find a way to watch it.

Dan’s Big Brother “funeral” was nothing compared to what he pulled off on Thursday night’s live eviction episode. But first (said like Julie Chen), let’s step back a second and start from the episode’s beginning.

The show picked up right after Danielle won Wednesday night’s Head of Household. We get to hear Dan telling her to nominate him and Ian for eviction. Huh? Yes. Dan has some more magic up his sleeve, he lets us know. So Danielle once again follows Dan’s orders, even down to his suggestion for a nomination speech. Only she throws in a couple improper uses of “backdooring.”

Next up we finally get a look at life in the jury house. We get to look in Ashley blowing bubbles, then Britney shows up and she and Ashley start working on dream boards or some sort of garbage. Then they predict Frank will show up next and he does. Frank and Britney get into a spat because Britney finally tells Frank that he isn’t the king of honest gameplay. She reminded him that he lied like everyone else and lying is a part of the game.

Then Joe shows up and Britney and Frank spat some more and that’s that. No sign of Jenn yet. Maybe she didn’t know she was supposed to go to the jury house. I mean, you know, since she knows basically nothing about the game.

OK, time to go back to the Big Brother house. Up next the final four play the veto. And this, as we know, is the most important veto of the summer. It’s a mixture of a puzzle and memory quiz. It feels like it was designed for Ian to win, but Ian does not do so well. Danielle wins yet again, meaning she has all the power.

Ian seems pretty bummed at this point and isn’t feeling very confident. Then Dan starts talking to Danielle. It goes something like this:

Dan: Hey Danielle.

Danielle: Haaayyyaayy Daaaaynn.

Dan: So, you want to use the veto on me?

Danielle: Whhhyyyy Daaaaayn?

Dan: Because.

Danielle: Okkkaaaaay Daaaayn. You promise to not vote out Shaaayyyne?

Dan: Yes.

Done deal.

So then Danielle has to run the idea by Shane so he knows it’s only so Dan is the one that gets Ian’s blood on his hands. That conversation goes like this:

Danielle: Haaaayaaay Shaaaayne.

Shane: Oh hi.

Danielle: So I’m gonna use the veto on Daaaaayaaan.

Shane: OK. Right. Yes. For sure. I totally understand. Right right yeah. Pawn. Yes.

Danielle: Makeout with maaaaaayy!!!!!

So that’s that. At the live Veto Ceremony, Danielle uses the veto on Dan. Dan takes the floor to decide who he is going to evict and he says some creepy coach-y things and says “I vote to evict Shane.” And Danielle goes a little something like this:

Danielle Murphree on Big Brother 14

And that face will go down in Big Brother history. Danielle is so shocked and so mad that we get a longer-than-usual look at what’s going on inside the house after Shane exits to see Julie.

Speaking of Shane, he barely said goodbye to anyone and actually pushed Dan out of the way when Dan approached him before walking out the door. When Shane talked with Julie he was in such shock that he wasn’t even sure what Dan said to him before he left. It was almost pitiful enough to make me feel sorry for Shane and Danielle, but I’m not turning soft suddenly. Not after a season of watching those two and their “nomance.”

Big Brother producers decide to forgo starting part 1 of the final HoH competition for Danielle’s reaction to what just happened. If you want to find out how that endurance competition played out on the Live Feeds, check out the spoilers now.




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  1. I’m sorry, but having you do what Danielle did, was pretty stupid. I know you were joking and all, but seriously, it was pretty dumb. I didn’t find it funny at all. You doing “Heeeyyyyy Daaaaaann!!! Will you promise not to vote out Shaaaayyynneee??? Ridiculously STUPID!! and rude!!!!

    • Why is it stupid and rude? These folks agree to go into a game where their lives are manipulated filmed 24/7. They know what they are in for and it should not be a surprise that they are made fun of at times.

      • I think the one thing we sometimes lose track of is
        that every player who has ever played this game
        will say it was so much harder than they had ever
        dreamed it would be. It looks so much easier when
        you are watching and not living it. They all admit
        to emotional strain they hadn’t expected. Even the
        lauded Dan-the-wizard has made some mistakes
        by overplaying his hand at times. He doesn’t seem
        to know when enough is enough. Even he has
        admitted he told his wife it would take a month
        for him to readjust to life outside the house. Just

      • …good point. A lot of things look easier than they actually are. The strain of 24/7 cameras around you has to be hard…in addition to the constantly having to be on guard about your BB life or the emotional toll of being away from your family. Can’t be easy to live your life in a fishbowl for 3 months.

      • Actually it was Branden that wrote this one but i totally agree with you. It’s hard to make Danielle look intelligent when she just proved that brain cells are few and far between with her.

      • Matt or Branden, either way funny stuff. Too bad Im not rooting for anyone this yr tho. Live feeds are hard to watch. Personally disappointed in this season. Just my opinion ppl…

      • Imagine if their showmance blossoms and they have a baby. It would be incredibly pretty, have amazing hair, wear nothing but pink and Shane would probably be the one trying to breastfeed it..

    • Whatever. I am from Aaalaaabaaamaaa and speak with a drawl just like Danielle and I thought this blog was fuuunnyyyy as heeeeeck.

  2. It was a stupid move on Danielle’s part….at this point she really doesn’t deserve to go to final two because she is so dumb about her decisions.

  3. Yes! I loved it..Danielle needs to go..she did nothing all summer except eat and cry..she must have gained 20 lbs..she looks like a baby elephant now. She needs to go HOME!!

  4. Three people left and Dan still can’t stop lying continuously… Danielle apparently threw the first round to Dan, wtf is up with that ? Danielle is screwed, at the very least she should tell Ian (on the sly) that dan was running around campaigning to get the votes to evict Ian on the last second last eviction… Dan has lied to Danielle and Ian (new definition of scumbag:(noun), Dan Geesling

    • Of course he’s lying. It’s just like Brittany said to Frank … that’s what the game is. And really, should Dan hold Danielle’s hand and explain that he is now going to manipulate her into using her veto on him? This is Big Brother. What’s amazing to me is how foolish Danielle and Shane have been in who they put their trust in. If Dan is able to pull the wool over the eyes of people who are that gullible, then I say go for it! I would do that same.

      • Sure, the game is about creative lying, but you still need the votes at the end to win… Blatant lying, as Dan has done, will have burned all his votes…

      • I’m not so sure. Often people are rewarded for that as strategy in the end, after the other players have reflected. Of course, with this crowd playing so personally and frankly, stupidly, that might not happen. But, provided Dan makes it to final 2, he comes out with cash. I’m sure he wants the big prize, but second place is still better than third, so either way, he is going to get a pay day. And then maybe he will talk the winner into giving him their cash.

      • If you watched the after hours feeds, I think even Ian is ready to betray Dan, the only way dan goes F2 is if he wins the final HOH

    • Watch the feeds (flashback from last night, for starters) .. there is a new plan in motion of Dani’s Mist – demanded by her mentor, Lying Dan, the sicko man! Poor Ian is buying into it too! God I hope he gets wise or he’ll do what Dani wants him to do. I so want Ian to win but right at this moment, it doesn’t look like he will!

  5. You all have the read the article above…….it is hilarious…..haayyaayy Daaaayn…….Okkaaaay Daaaayn, you promise not to vote Shaaayyne out—-hilarious!

  6. in the article above, Dan did NOT say “i vote to evict Danielle” duh… he evicted SHANE…. how can you screw that up Branden?

  7. I’ve been asking for a ” take no prisoners ” kind of player the whole season. Dan has come on strong these last couple of weeks.
    I still don’t think it’s quite fair for a former winner to win again but hey … only Ian winning would make me happier.
    Shane’s eviction was amazing.

  8. I could never trust a person who is as comfortable lying as Dan is. He has made the big moves, but he doesn’t care who he backstabs. Not the sign of a good person at all. Game or not, this comes a little too easy to him. I am pulling for Ian all the way!!

    • I just hope Dan has an embolism before next sunday, come on God, for f*ck sake, do something about this guy!

    • I don’t think lying comes easy for Dan. You must remember that he was alone and had 24 hours to come up with the funeral thing. Dan has a brain and the ability to think logically. Not many people possess that ability.

    • I don’t understand why people who think backstabbing is offensive and a characteristic of a flawed personality, even watch Big Brother in the first place. This entire game is about lying, manipulation, persuasion and competition. You need a little of each of these things to even stand a chance at the half million dollars. That’s what this game is all about. What will people do for half a million dollars?

      If it was me, I could only hope to be half as good as Dan is at this game to ensure that my children have a college fund and I can pay my house off.

      At the end of the day, this game is about bringing home a half million dollars to your family. Not making friends and unicorns and candy.

      It’s a game and Dan played the hell out of it.

      • You do realize that Big Brother is not a summer long vacation where you act honest and loyal and loving to people you have never met before, right?

        That said, I don’t think I’d do well at Big Brother because I’m not a very good liar and it would be incredibly stressful for me. But I do wish I could pull it off!

  9. Dan’s justification of lying = he calls lying “The Mist” or “Dan’s Mist” — get over yourself, Dan! You are nothing but a liar & a dirty player! Shane, who doesn’t even really know the game, called it perfectly = a dirty game! Dan will win this way. Poor Ian is buying into the new plan! Watch the late-night feeds & you will see for yourself what the latest is! Hint: It involves Dan having Dani spread his “Mist” to Ian … Poor Ian is buying it so far!

    • Ian is already in the Final 3. Whose fault is it if he
      still cannot figure out that Dan is playing to win this?
      That is what Ian should be doing but, he has it in his
      warped little head that he will take Dan to Final 2
      and beat him because he considers himself the
      best! Talk about arrogance and delusion! Ian has
      both and if he does not know it yet, he is but, a
      puppet to Dan who has been pulling his strings
      and doing a hell of job at it! Either play or go
      to the jury house! Why are you in the Big Brother
      House Ian? To win that $500,000 prize. Now, keep
      that in your head dummy!

  10. Go Britney, for being honest about Frank being a total hypocrite! I love the part when he says it’s okay that he lied because he didn’t trust her, and she counters him by pointing out that he’s saying it’s okay for him to lie when he has a good reason to, but if anyone else lies there’s no justification for it. And then he proves how much of a sleaze he really is when he starts bringing her husband and infidelity into the mix. Priceless.

    • That was one great moment in a long list of many that was shown last night. All Frank has to do is open his mouth and all doubt is removed about whether he was honest or not. He’s his own worst enemy. I’m not a Brit fan but i definitely admire her logical thinking about the game…

    • I became a Brit fan last night for her telling Frank exactly like it was and is. Frank should of kept his mouth shut from the beginning because every time he opens it more Stupid comes out!!

    • Yeah no kidding, how is that even the same if cheating on your husband ahhh maybe because your in the big brother house and not real life, like actually.

      • Frank…though using a not-so-smart example was still right. He was for the most part a loyal player (and ultimately why he got eliminated). He would have remained loyal to Brit, but when Dan let him know that Brit was out to betray him, he struck first.

  11. If Dan wants to “blatantly” lie to get him to the Final 2 and then use his (clearly effective) powers of persuasion to bring the jury back to their senses of appreciating the game play, so be it. If the jury wants to take this game personal after watching it for 13 other seasons, mind you, then they will. However, anyone will look back at this season and realize that there were players and there were floaters, as always. I would have an extremely hard time handing someone $500K on the premise that they essentially floated to the end, unintentionally. Had Dan not done what he’s done thus far, he wouldn’t have the chance to even stand in front of a jury, for the second time in his BB career. Let’s show some appreciation for the game, and a little less sympathy for those who are far too trusting in the wrong kind of players.

    • I am in awe of him and how he after being Target No. 1 coming in the house has pulled this off. It is sad that this jury is made up of such cry babies that they will not appreciate it except for Brit and Jenn. Truly amazing!!

      • Dan’s an assh… Using God and the bible and his dead grandfather. Makes you wonder what kind of person he really is. I would be totally embarrassed if I knew him!!

      • I was thinking along the same lines. Not a very good leader for kids. I wouldn’t want him teaching or coaching my kids.

      • IT’S A GAME! I would think his students would respect his game play. Keep in mind, he is playing for $500,000 not to make friends or be the best example. Please people, I would stab anyone in the back and swear on anything if it would help me win. I mean, ISN’T THAT THE POINT. Get off your high horses already!

      • I do realize it’s a game…and that it’s within the rules to lie, cheat, etc. but…’s hard for a person not to be who they are even with being in the BB house/game… it’s reality tv…. there are no “scripts”. How can he teach or tell his players about playing and living life with honesty, morals, etc. It would be hard for me as a player to take him seriously if I can see that he was willing to do WHATEVER to win or get some money. He is doing those things in a “game” to get money in real life.

      • Why would you be embarrassed to know him? It’s just a game, it’s not real life. I don’t get it. He swore on all those things that the quack pack was real, and that Ian was the mole/rat. That was true. He played these guys like chess pieces, and he did it brilliantly. I wasn’t team Dan, but he is by far the greatest player of any season.

      • I agree, it is just a game, and I have nothing aganst the lieing, back stabing, and cheating. my problem with him is when you swares on his wife, the bible, his grandparents….

    • Like I’ve watched every season of BB except for like 3 and that was the best episode I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! And seeing the jury it seems like they all want Dan to come in but they do realize that Dan kicked there asses, and had a lot of opportunities to get him out but didn’t. Also, Britney finally the voice of reason, its BB morals are not part of the game its to get to the end. I think she alone would get Dan votes if he in the final 2.

  12. well, she’s forgiven him i guess. now they’re plotting to get ian to throw the next round to danielle. and ian is mumbling to himself. seems to be wise to dan. says dani falling loose is a load of crap.

    • I was surprised to hear Ian admit he threw the last
      comp to Dan. Then Dan talked Dani into throwing the
      win to him. I think Dani will have a rough time beating
      Ian in their next challenge. I don’t think Dan really cares
      who he takes to the F2. He has no love or respect for
      either player. I think Ian has figured Dan out better than
      Dani, but it might be too late. Depends on the comp.

  13. Truly did not think anything could be as great as Dan’s funeral but was I ever wrong. An episode to go down in the history books, and probably the best episode ever on BB. Dan deserves to win this thing no doubt about it!!!

      • This is not going to happen. Ian and Dani are both still going to take Dan to Final Two. Dani is just trying to convince Ian that she is mad at Dan, then running back and telling Dan about it all. Dan is the evil genius of Big Brother (Sorry, Matt!)

      • Why? Because he played the best Big Brother game of all time this year? I mean, even people who didn’t start out as Dan fans are grudgingly admitting that he’s at least tied with Dr. Will for being the best player that Big Brother has ever had.

        I’ll be happy if he gets $50k, happier if he gets the 500k. Let’s make Big Brother history with the same person winning twice!

      • I would be happy if the rotten ass gets 0. I was team Frank now I am for Ian.Dan and Dummy do not need to win even if Dummy won 50,000 she would give that to Dan too, I dont beleave for a min. that she didn’t know that Dan was going to evict Shane. She threw this comp to Dan and now wants Ian to throw her the next comp.Wake up Ian you can’t trust either one

      • I too believe she knew Shane was going home and her face acting was to over the top. That convo after the eviction was to convince Shane she knew nothing because Dan and Danielle knew the cameras was capturing every second !!

      • This is what I suspected as well; after he told her just a week ago (not even) that he wanted Shane out, she’d have to be even dumber than we think she is (which is already pretty dumb) to think that wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t be shocked if CBS cut the live feeds to make it look like it was a blindside for ratings, when in reality they had planned all the drama out beforehand.

      • But a week ago was before Shane swept her away on his getaway. I think that even made Dan nervous; someone else pulling on the heartstrings of his puppet. :)

      • Yeah, but her getting a larger crush wouldn’t make her suddenly blind to the fact that Dan told her just last week he wanted Shane out. If anything, if she had really gotten closer to Shane, you’d think she’d have been more resistant to putting him up.

      • And someone else stated earlier who had the live feeds that the convo between Dan and Danielle happened before she talked to shane. Apparently the live feeds have four cameras which records the time as well. I guess on one camera it showed an earlier time from Dan/Danielle convo and the Danielle/Shane’s convo later. O have no idea if this is true or not or just a rumor floating around ??

      • I’m sorry your favorite player didn’t make it. Big Brother likes to bring people back, so maybe they can take a few lessons from Dan and win next time!

      • No way..on B.B.A.D today..Danielle and Ian were talking, trust me Danielle wants revenge for Shane. Also Ian is finally waking up on how Dan treated everyone….it’s about time !!!!

      • The only way Danielle blindsides Dan is if Dan tells her to do it.
        If Ian throws the 2nd HOH, he is as dumb as Danielle and Shane combined.

      • The only way Dan does not win is if he does
        not make it to Final 2. That should be obvious
        to both Ian and Danielle. If they still cannot
        figure out that they need to evict Dan next if
        they can win the Final HOH then, nobody can
        help them! However, it looks more likely that
        Dan is going to win the Final HOH. I predict he
        will take Danielle to Final 2!

      • Thats not going to happen though, Ian was already a loyal guy, but now he thinking holy crap look at what Dan just did for me. He is taking Dan to the end if he gets the opportunity.

      • He has played loyal, also he believes he has better chance against dan than danielle. I believe that is true but think he might win against either. We have not seen enough jury to know their direction. As always BB trying to cover only showing conflict between brit and frank and show only when someone says dan’s a great player. Come on BB, we know Brit will vote for Ian over Dan if he makes F2 regardless of the comment shown.

      • danielle is a very stupid woman she don’t take in of what dans trying to tell her Lan 1st time playing big brother dan was there before im sure if she vote him out he wont give his vote to her to win

      • @facebook-100001479617402:disqus I SURE HOPE THAT YOU ARE 100% RIGHT !!!!! That is the best thing I have read all season of B.B. Never thought of it that way.I really would like to see Ian win…and Danille needs to get her revenge on Dan !!!!! GO Ian and Danielle !!!!

      • I don’t think danielle can be trusted, she has wanted ian out for a long time and she may believe she can beat dan over ian in the jury.

  14. if these idiots are stupid enough to listen to him. then father dan deserves to win. thought i would never say that!!!

  15. Danielle would make a great wife, she does whatever you tell her to do, get down on your knees and bark like a dog baby!

  16. I have watched this season and the thing is yes sometimes you have to play dirty to win but Dan took his dirty play to an all time low. Dan, has to understand that not everybody is going to like or respect his game play. I have seen so many reality shows and the one thing that the winners of these shows do is have that moment of clarity that says okay enough with the lies and win the game. I mean Dan is playing the game like russell hantz did on survivor. Russell lied and back stabbed and he got to the final three not once but twice. The reason russell did not win was because he burned all his alliance members and his arrogance was his downfall. Dan’s arrogance will be his downfall as well and after the game he might have lost a lot of people’s respect as well. Dan toed that line all season and last night he crossed it and with it he took his respect and shoved it down the toilet. I can respect the game but to be honest I can’t respect Dan. That is just my opinion.

    • Russell Hantz should have won Survivor, but they were too salty to let him do so. The first time that Russell made it to the final three, he played a very good game. Either play the damn game or go home!

      • Russell wasn’t that sharp of a tool if you get what
        I mean. Why would he take to a Final 3, Parvati,
        who has won the game before and is very good
        at manipulation herself! She wound up 2nd over
        Russell and nearly won it too! Some people did
        not like her game play but, she deserved to win
        it a 2nd time over Sandra who ended up winning
        by default! They voted for Sandra over Parvati
        just because they hated her more! Based on
        game play, Parvati should have won it!

    • I have watched every season of BB – and the lowest of low is not what Dan’s behavior reflects. He has not said one disrespectful thing to anyone or about anyone. Boogie on the other hand – or so many of the other previous houseguests have said some pretty awful stuff about other players. Besides lying – what has Dan done that is so dirty??? And there is a huge difference between Dan and any of the Hanz boys – he does not bully (Russell), threaten (Willie and Russell), or believe that a beautiful woman is to blame for him thinking impure thoughts (Brandon). One last thing – please please please look up the definition of confidence and arrogance to see what the difference is between the two. You will probably find that the arrogance attributes do not apply to Dan, but rather confidence. Just my opinion.

    • I can’t believe that no one compared notes about Dan. He wanted Shane out from the beginning and then Ian and finally got Shane but no one told each other of his plan that’s why he kept getting away with everything that he did. He hooked onto Danielle because he knew she was honest to him. What a snake!

    • Your obviously not any sort of BB fan, that was probably the best episode I have ever saw in the history of this game! Like seriously why do you watch the show, for everyone to be happy and make rainbows? Stop watching the game, because all I see is Dan kicking everyones asses, and honestly who’s fault is it that they believe Dan?

  17. This
    game is built on lying and twists by making the other person think you’re
    not lying. But when one person comes in and is reading his Holy book daily. Other
    contestants see that and it puts every believing house guest at a disadvantage.
    Then when you swear on your Holy Book, your wife and grandmother people believe
    you. If I was Dan’s wife or friend how could you ever trust him because what
    could he swear too if he really ever needed someone to believe him again? Money may not be evil but the combination of
    money and religion, sure brings out the worst in people. I really hope Dan

    • Is it his fault that they believe him? Also, listen to Brtiney like its BB not a game of morals. Whatever you think good or bad about Dan look at what he has done for the show! He’s made it so much more popular. And really if you were a BB fan you would said to yourself we have just watched BB history yesterday, that was hands down the best episode in BB history!!!!! Thats was good TV! Yeah I understand how ppl can be upset but its a game of no morals. Even Brtiney in the jury realized that.

  18. Were talking 500 thousand and Dan is playing the quack pac like the piano. Talk about being gullible. Dan the only one playing the game, the others are going along for the ride.

  19. First and foremost, this is a game so that people should not
    take what happens in it seriously. We take what happens in
    the Big Brother House as real life. It is not! The house guests
    are forced by circumstance to act a certain way and even
    production I am sure encourages them to behave a certain
    way which would drive ratings. That means, lie, backstab,
    manipulate, etc. This is still a game with a huge prize of
    $500,000 so, just watch it and enjoy it for what it is! Looks
    like Dan will win this barring any major mistake on his
    part. Well played and well done!

  20. You know what would be funny? If Danie played along won final HOH and picked Ian over Dan. Just to show Shane she got him back.

    • Dan going to the jury house would be like striking a match, throwing it in gasoline, and expecting it not to cause a fire. Danielle would be a fool to send Dan to the jury house, especially since they have been working together the whole time…….kabooom!

      • Danielle will get the $50,000 check either way.
        She does not really have anything to lose if she
        somehow wins the last HOH and decides to take
        Ian to Final 2. With Dan in the Final 2, Danielle
        still wins that $50,000 so, she has atleast, gotten
        her $50,000 either way!

      • I think either one of them could win the $500,000. It depends on the jury and how the jurors define “good game play.” Since Ian is the person that has the least amount of knowledge about the Dan and Dani alliance, I think they should send him to the jury house.

    • That would be stupid. Ian would beat Danielle in the Final 2. That would be cutting off her nose to spite her face. Besides, Shane will have no interest in Danielle after the game. It was a true Fauxmance.

    • Now that would EPIC. As much as I like Dan, that would be awesome television. If either Ian or Danielle send Dan to the jury, they’re pretty much guaranteed to win it all.

      And Danielle could say “my mentor/coach in this game has taught me well”.

      And then Ian would chime in and say “Get to steppin Dan”.


    • She has shown no strategy this season…wouldn’t expect her to start now. Dan has her convinced she can’t beat Ian in F2…and she probably can’t. So it would not be the brightest move to oust Dan. I think she honestly likes both of them….but to take revenge would be a move Frank would make. At this point in the game…that’s not a good motive.

  21. Ian seems to be imploding. For someone who has watched every season since time began, you’d think he would KNOW how the game is played. He’s playing into the sympathy card with Danielle. It could be his undoing.

    • Well, Ian needs to ask himself why Danielle took Dan off the block. Ian needs to put two and two together and realize that Danielle wanted him out (she took Dan off the block, put Shane up as a replacement and is damn near devastated because he was evicted…..Ian should be smart enough to figure out that Dani is working with Dan and that Dani wanted him (Ian) to be evicted).

      • You’re right, Ian “should” be smart enough to figure that out. But, as of last night, he was angry at Dan for sooooooo upsetting Danielle and playing a “dirty” game. It will be interesting to see how the next comp plays out.

    • Would Ian have preferred that Dan voted him off? He’s badmouthing Dan for keeping him. Book smart, sidewalk stupid. Plus, Danielle is lying to Ian telling him that Shane would have kept him and voted off Dan. Danielle’s as big of a liar as Dan or anyone else.

  22. ok, i have seen a lot of people comment here about Dan’s game, and how he lied to everyone, but I think when Dan enters the game, he makes one alliance, and that is it till the end. This year it was with Danielle… and he is staying true to that alliance, all other “deals” or alliances that he make along the way are only done to ultimately get him and his original alliance to the end. The “Silent Six”, the “Quak Pack”, and the “Renegades” are all alliances that are created for convinience. Dan has backstabbed people in this game, as did others, but the reason he will win this game is because he took his alliance of Dan and Danielle that was created on Day 1 to the final.

      • You are right. Dan is making it seem as though he is being loyal and taking Danielle to the end. But it’s only because he has a better chance against her. Danielle is a floater too. If you recall earlier in the game Dan’s only focus was Kara, he had no “concern” for Danielle until Kara was evicted.

    • shane and danielle tryed to make a big move buy saving dan and have him vote out ian but instead dan voted out shane i think danielle had no idea that dan was going to vote out shane she thought dan would vote out ian

  23. dan should talk with Lan just in case she dont use the veto on dan and if she use it to save Lan then he can backdoor her out for dan sending her to her out the door

  24. I have been a fan of Dan since his last BB win. I have kinda sorta been on the fence lately in regards to his ethics. I commend him for knowing how to play this game and the people. I think it would better if they stop letting previous contestants play with these newies. It really is a shark tank. Not to kick Danielle while she’s down but i think she is more upset with herself for being “played by the player”. Man she looks bad on AD all she did was cry cry cry. She better get it together,the game is not over yet.Maybe her and Ian will stage a blindside of their own….

    • hahahahahaha i’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing because you put the word ethics with BB hahahaha It’s a game show not real life you really think ppl would want to watch everyone go on pinics over the rainbows and takes turns getting evicted. Like that was the best episode i’ve ever seen. Sorry but you really haver to appreciate the entertainment Dan has brought to the show.

  25. Come on Ian, you can win this thing…the poor guy cried when boogie tossed him a few bucks…image a half million! Dan bragged about being an author last night…he will write another book…the sooner we don;t have to seen Dani picking at her face and eating the better…Dan put her where she is just so he could write about what a good coach he is…go Ian go:)

    • maybe because it’s big brother. If you think you can win this game without lying well your just lying to yourself.

      • Lol..that’s funny. And true. Honesty gets you EVERYWHERE in real life…in the BB house it gets you eviction papers.

      • Yeah ppl need to realize thats its not real life!! Ppl get the opportunity to go into the house and be whoever they want. Even listen to Britney last night to Frank. Its not a game of morals and everyone knows Dan kicked their asses.

      • Frank did win… the respect of millions of viewers for his integrity to the alliances that he made…. vote Frank AMERICA’S favorite.

      • Frank still thinks he played honestly too. Try telling Brit that Frank is honest….he was the one that put her up. He could have chosen ANYONE he wanted….but he chose the one that he had a deal with. Ian has more integrity than Frank.

      • All life is real, to hide behind the “game” facade is a cop-out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan is eventually let go from his coaching job at the catholic school where he works.

    • hahahahahah I may sound like a prick but I was so fired up from last night when Dan did that, and i’m still am. Like yeah I can see why some ppl would hate on Dan. But look what he has done for the show!!! Like i went to this site right after and there was like 350 comments already that was nuts. He deserves this hands down.

  26. Hmmmm….I swear on the bible and I swear on my wife and family. I’m sure that Dan is making his students at St Marys’ very proud…oh, and I’m sure that Dan’s wife is equally as proud of him.

    • Shut up seriously stop watching the show. Like why do you watch big brother maybe the drama?? Maybe listen to Britney from last night this isn’t a game of morals and Dan kicked there asses. And if you didn’t enjoy last night episode your obviously not a fan, so why come to the fan site and whine? Because that was just the best episode in BB history!!!!!! Honestly, ppl come into the house and get to do whatever thats big brother its not actual society. And if anything Dan just showed how hard work actually works he the only one dedicated to playing the game and plays it hard. And really is it his fault that they believe him?

      • lol…hey….get a grip!!! It was a GREAT show last night and I’m glad it played out that way….it saved Ian. Dan is still a BIG slime-ball….one of the slimiest to have ever played the game!!!

      • Yes we know he played the game…obviously he’s still there. However, it doesn’t excuse his character. The oath of a teacher is to represent yourself as a good role model at ALL times. You don’t get a pass because your on a game show.

    • LOL!! You’re right. Big Brother would be SO much better if everyone played straight up and nobody back stabbed. That would get sick ratings!!!

  27. Shane and Danielle truly make Marcellus and Lawan look like Big Brother geniuses. I have never seen two bigger dummies in this game ever. They are painfully stupid.

    • It is not necessary to be that mean. It is easy for us to sit on our couch and be armchair quarterbacks. I imagine playing the game is much more difficult, especially psychologically. The HGs are not privy to everything we know, and Dan can be very convincing. We all may have done the same thing, especially around day 70. I think most of the players mantra will be, “But, I really trusted Dan.”

      • I hope you are kidding. If you don’t think that was mean, then you need to read it again. I am not a Dani/Shane fan, but I do empathize with them.

      • It doesn’t need to be that brutal. There are better word choices to explain your point of view in an intelligent, respectful manner.

      • Okay, if you say so. However, everything does not need to be sugar coated or explained in a way that you deem acceptable, either.

      • Chill out. Sorry if you don’t approve of my BB opinion, but I think they are both (more Shane than Danielle, because I think she knew EXACTLY what Dan was gonna do) dummies. Think about it. If Danielle really wanted Ian gone, don’t you think Shane would have evicted him for her? So I’ll amend my statement…Danielle is a friggin flake, but Shane is still a dummy.

      • Thanks dude. Seriously, if I’m in the house and I’m fighting for $500k, I am not leaving my fate to anybody. If I do, and I get the shaft like Shane did,.feel free to call me a blithering idiot. Lol.

    • Especially Shane. He should have fought like hell to make sure Danielle didn’t use that Veto. CBS might have edited it to make Shane look dumb, but regardless, he should have done everything humanly possible to make sure the nominations stayed the same. When you’re THAT close to the Final 3, you do not want your fate in someone else’s hands.

      • Especially when he saved himself referring to the Marcella incident. So why would he give it up then ?? Shane, shane. He was almost pitiful too watch. He was on his way out anyway, he shod have just punched Dan right in the face, now that would have definitely ended the show with a bang !! LOL

    • I thinkin Chealsea will be lovin Dan for bringing home the bacon and being millionaires. Sounds like the more rational thing because you know its a game show.

    • Win or lose, Dan will go back to Michigan and live a heck of a good life with Chelsea whether or not the other HGs talk to him. If Dan gets evicted before the final 2 I guarantee he will still talk to the others after the show. He knows it’s just a game.

  28. Don’t like Dan’s style of play, but if Shane and ESPECIALLY Danielle are so gullible every time Dan cons them then they don’t deserve to win it.

  29. Why would some think it isn’t fair for a previous BB winner (Dan) to win again? America voted for the coaches to choose if they wanted to play or not. They chose to play. WE gave them the go ahead to play. Dan played a great game and deserves a chance at winning.

    • Totally agree! Thats like someone being a judge at the Olympics, and not giving the gold medal to someone because the won last hear. Yeah don’t give them the win because he kicked all their asses.

  30. If it’s Dan and Danielle in the finale, Dan’s definitely winning it.This isn’t survivor, the jury won’t vote against the person who got them out. The only pathetic person who would do that is Frank.

  31. I think I might know Dan’s plan, well at least I have a guess. Dan throws the final HOH to Ian, Ian wins and votes out Danielle. Dan claims to the jury that he came in as a coach and he played as a coach, everything he did was to advance his only remaining player Danielle. All the lying and back stabbing was for Danielle, not to advance his game but to advance Danielle. Now Ian has ruined that, and voted out Danielle, Danielle should have won, it is a crime that she didn’t but now between the two players left, who played the better game. Me (Dan) who’s only goal was to get his player to win, or Ian who only played for himself. I am sure he will present his argument much better than I have, but I think this is his plan.

    • I think that’s a bad plan. If Dan is smart, he will try his best to win the final comp. Why let anyone decide if they are going to take you to the finals. Win and take yourself.

    • I disagree. I think Dan will take Danielle to the final 2. He will win when he tells the Jury that he told Danielle everything afterward. How she lied to Jenn and Britney and Frank-they will never vote for her if he does this. That’s how Dan will win this game!

    • Dan would NEVER win against Ian. Not in a million years. I think Dan is going to attempt to take Danielle with him, because he knows that as much as the jury hates him, they will not let a ditzy floater win.

      • Floaters run to whoever has the power, don’t win competitions, and don’t make big moves. Danielle has won competitions and backdoored Janelle the first week after the reset.

        Don’t call her a floater when she definitely isn’t one.

      • I agree…she’s not a floater. She stuck with Dan and Shane throughout the game. I wouldn’t give her credit for the Janelle eviction though. It was coerced by Boogie…he played on her jealousy. I seriously doubt she would have done it without complete backing by Dan and Boogie. So i guess i would credit Boogie with that move..not Danielle.

  32. Dan is only “good” because he is surrounded by absolute idiots. Danielle being the biggest one. Ian needs to wake up and fast, though it may be too late. He could have won this thing, but I’m afraid he has trusted Dan for far too long at this point. I do not think Dan will win – too many enemies in the Jury House. But then, again… against Danielle he just might.

  33. dan deserves to win just like rachael(bb13) deserved to win. i also think russell hantz should have won survivor. this is a game for $500,000 it is not a ‘church’ game. it is not a ‘keep your word game’. some of these people may never see each other again, some of these showmances will end once they leave the show. the only thing you’ll have will be the money. when your kids need shoes or you have to pay bills lets see these ‘friends’ come to your rescue. take care of family and yourself first. you dont need more friends. all of us should look around our own personaly lives, how many of our so-called friends will actually give up their famliy to save us when we are in dire need. no its not realistic to play this game ethically, its wishful thinking and living in lala land. when the good times are here you will have many friends but when the hard times come around most of your friends will disappear. i pray that dan wins he deserves it. he has played a fantastice game.

    • Dan plays way too dirty. Swearing on his wife’s life? His dead father’s grave? He backstabbed both of those times. Sorry, but people have won this playing a much cleaner game (relatively speaking, of course).

    • Plus, most of the hgs are fake friends. Why would you give $500,000 to a person you just met 3 months ago, anyway?

    • Russell Hantz did not deserve to win it because he
      took Parvati Shallow who has won it before and
      played a way better game than Russell. Only reason Parvati did not win is some players took it personal
      and voted for Sandra even though, Sandra floated
      and did not do anything to deserve the prize!

  34. If I have to pick the best game player, it is definitely Dan. Ian made some great moves and Danielle is just simply Dan’s puppet. Every player that is in the jury put trust in Dan and he manipulated them to believe him. Dan will most likely make final 2. Even though Danielle is mad at him, he will find a way out of this also. IF Dan wins the 3rd comp, it will be interesting to see who he picks, since both Danielle and Ian 1,000,000% still trust him. The only way I would vote for Danielle to win, is if she had the manballs to blindside Dan and take Ian to final 2. She would have every vote in the jury. Same goes for Ian if he blindsided Dan- but that wont happen. IN the REAL world tho, I keep thinking of Dan’s wife. I dont think I could ever really trust him, seeing how easy it comes to him to manipulate and lie. I also think of the school he coaches for. It is a Christian school and he swore on a BIBLE and lied. Game play or not, that is NOT cool what-so-ever!!! I think that no amount of money is worth losing respect from people I love.

    • Dan only swore on the bible once in this game and that was in regards to telling frank about the quack pack.

    • Frank’s memory sucks. Dan swore about the quack pack info being 100% true, not the final 2 deal. Dan carefully made sure Frank made the suggestion first. Go back and watch again.

      • this is so true, he swore on the bible about the quack pack, not final two. i wish people would get it right

    • Ian would win, hands down. Danielle is an idiot who hasn’t played the game, aside from being Dan’s lapdog. No way would the jury choose her as the winner.

    • He wants to take Danielle to the Final2 insuring his win than Ian and is talking Danielle into making a deal with Ian who listens to what everyone says. He thought for sure he was a goner when Dan was taken off the block and replaced with Shane, because he knew Shane was more liked by Dan….or so he thought!

  35. I still hope Ian decides not to listen to Danielle and not throw the
    game to her if he has a chance of beating her…like he threw it in the
    first round to Dan and Danielle with the hopes Dan would win by getting
    caught in the sea weed, which made him fall off. Then Danielle threw it
    to Dan by listening to him!

    • I thought Dan would throw Round 1 to her and then either beat Ian or get Ian to throw Round 2 to him so that it’s Dan/Dani in Round 3. I still think Dan wants to be in R3 with Dani so he can throw it to her and put Ian’s blood on her hands as she picks Dan for Final 2. Then Dan has Ian going to jury believing that, had Dan won and that Dan really tried, that Dan would have taken Ian to F2. Then Ian goes to Jury and campaigns for Dan, which Dan will need as his PR in the jury house will be crippled.

  36. dan wife and church he goes to must really be proud of him he can lie right to u and not even blink he could cheat on his wife and get her to believe it was her fault

  37. I’m predicting Dan will win final HOH and then backstab Danielle once again and evict her. Unfortunately for Dan, Danielle win go to the Jury house and spill the beans and Ian will win, her constant whining about Dan being a liar will wear down the other jury members to the point where Jenn will be found hanging by an electrical cord in the shower.

    • Well your predictions have usually been correct, Nostra. I just hope Ian gets some medical attention asap… perhaps he should have doctor look at him while he’s still IN the house… it would make an interesting sub-plot to the next episode… Ian committed to a mental asylum for observation.

    • I am really hoping Dan doesn’t backstab Dani! If he doesn’t backstab her he will continue to get my respect for game play. If he does, well then I won’t know what to think. lol But I think he wants to keep her so his “argument” can be,…I got my player to the end. I think he knows if he does that his chances of winning are greater.

      • I’m not a Danielle fan, but I hope Dan takes her to the end, as well. I, honestly, don’t want to see Danielle have to go through another “OMG” moment. I don’t want Danielle to win the loot and I definitely want Dan to do what he has to do to win the loot…….okay, I guess I’m conflicted….now leave me alone….hahaha!

      • Dani is part of his justification to win. Esp’ly after all the blood on his hands he needs to show the jury he is a “loyal” guy and took care of his student this year, as he did Memphis last time. He knows some jury members will want to vote personally and that fact may remove some of his edge and make giving it to him palatable. Besides, worst case & he loses, at least he came in second to his protege which is a bankable claim since Dan said he’d jump at the chance to come back a third time.

    • Danielle will guarantee that Dan wins that $500,000.
      Dan would be stupid to take Ian instead of Danielle
      to Final 2!

  38. Brittany is probably loving seeing all these people picked off by Dan. I bet she’ll keep laughing as more enter the jury house, that she wasn’t the only one who was blindsided. She’ll say, “come on, really guys?!! Did you actually think you could trust Dan after all the people he’s backstabbed?!!” Especially to Shane! Wanna see her laughing at Shane.

  39. Dan told Danielle last night that he got rid of Shane to help her win the $500k. Maybe I am as gullible as the other HGs, but I actually believe him. I think Dan knows there is no way he can win. Frank, Shane, Joe and Ashley will vote against him no matter what. There’s the game right there. But, 50k is nothing to sneeze at.

    • If Dan is in Final 2, I will be very surprised if he does
      not win that $500,000. My guess is there are enough
      votes for him to win taking into consideration a couple
      who would take it personally and vote against him! I
      am guessing Frank and Joe might vote against Dan
      but, the rest will still vote for Dan to win!

    • I do have a question. Why would Dan want to help a person win $500,000 (a person that he met 3 months ago)? Dan may have wanted to help Danielle get to the finals (which he has done). Dan most certainly does not want to help anyone, other than Dan, win the loot.

  40. Lol..i just can’t believe Danieles surprised face!…the pic in this blog makes me laugh every time i look at it. She looks like she’s getting ready for a dental examination.

  41. I sure hope Ian is smart enough to get Dan out while he can. He has no chance against Dan but will surely win against Danielle.

  42. Dan is just playing the game. sure he swore on the bible? yet I’d take him over Booger and Dr. Will anyday, he is simply playing to the HG’S strengths and weaknesses, it has worked him into the F2. Ian has social issues, Danielle is just immature and naive, Dan is the only wolf in the house, Mike was the snake. but this season favored the wolf among sheep, since everyone else was busy taking care of their alliances instead of themselves. either way, my favorites are still in the game, Dan and Ian. should Dan win, I want Dr. Will fanboys to finally shut up, should Ian win? he would be my new favorite, Dani is just the pawn, taking her orders and being used for position, this season has been good.

    • “sure he swore on the bible” … I’m sure God doesn’t see it that way. Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. That’s exactly what Dan has done this season. I like the guy and think he is a GREAT player, but man, seeing Dan use God to further himself kinda hurts.

      There’s a huge difference between struggling with sin and just saying screw it to win 500k knowing you can just ask for forgiveness when its all said and done. As torn as I am about it, I’m sure Dan is 1000 times more torn. At least I hope he is.

  43. My opinion of Frank is totally different from many others. Since day 1 the house guests were intimidated by Frank, they mentioned it several times. It’s funny that Britney said Frank’s social game sucked, but in the beginning they all said he had great social game and that’s why they feared him. There goodbye messages for Frank even revealed their true fear and jealousy of Frank. Frank downfall was not trusting his gut and getting Dan out when he had plenty of chances. In my opinion Dan is weak for not wanting to stand against a real competitor in the end instead of a weakling. And Britney problem with Frank is for getting her out. She knows if she was still in the house it would be the Britney mist, instead of the Dan mist. Because Britney controlled votes the same way Dan is doing.

    • Franks ‘downfall’ was Boogie. If he would have distanced himself from his coach after the reset, (even a pretend distance), and played more of a social game, he would have had a better chance. But he sat around with Boogie, bullied the other hg, made himself a bigger target. He should have laid low.

      • Frank’s downfall was Frank! Arrogant from the beginning … doing the slam dunk around Boogie as if they had the house ruled from the beginning. Just like a kid when he doesn’t get his way — responds with anger, out of a spoiled sense of entitlement. Brit was right, but Frank’s blind to it.

    • I have to agree with you to a point. In the beginning Frank was a fairly likable fellow. His social game was good. AND he indeed intimidated them because of his ability to win comps. BUT..he let it go to his head. He stopped socializing with the others. He made himself unavailable…unapproachable. Franks downfall was believing his own hype.

  44. Dan is RUTHLESS!!!

    All these other players went soft and became pushovers. The difference between Shane and Dan are simple. Dan did whatever it took to make sure Ian didn’t nominate him. He succeeded. Shane on the other hand, had no problem with Danielle using the veto to save Dan, thus putting Shane’s fate in someone else’s hand.

    When you’re this close to the Final 3, you do whatever it takes to make sure you’re deciding your own fate. Shane went soft.

    Anyway, Dan is awesome. Takes balls to backstab half the house!

  45. I think Dan is just settting it up to get Danielle to the end so that he can say he did what he originally set out to do… get his player to the end. Not sure its so much about the money as it is the prestige of being the “Super Coach” . After all that is what Dan does for a living ! Perhaps he thinks this will make his resume’ look good enough to get him a new job with the NFL ! (And you thought Danielle was the delusional one! LOL)

  46. Of course Dan wants to win, but I really don’t think that Frank, Shane, Joe or Ashley could ever get past their personal “hurt” or dislike of Dan to ever vote for him to win. That’s a solid 4 votes against him which is all it takes. I think Dan’s only solid vote in the jury is Britney and possibly Jenn and possibly Danielle if she goes to jury. He’s shooting for the $50k and securing his “legend” as the greatest BB player ever, which he has already done with one win and making it to the final 3. Will has a win and final 4. Boogie has a win and final 6.

    • Joe is voting Dan all the way except maybe vs Ian. he said so himself. ashley is a nut you never know. Frank and Shane i agree are probably lost causes

  47. Shane should have laid the pipe to Danielle & he would have probably won the 500K. Instead the sausage swallowing fruit bat decided to not argue with her and say there is no reason to keep Dan anymore because he will vote against Ian in the final 3 then after they eliminate Ian he can tell Danielle what the whole world already knows. He’s flaming Boogie gay. At least he can watch Frank in the shower in the jury house now.
    Also, there is now way in hell I would let my child be taught anything by Dan. I know people exactly like him. He is all about me, me, me and will lie & cheat his way through the rest of his life which is nothing new for him because he has obviously been that person his entire life.

    • Agree.. but we all knew Shane was not smart.. i agree that he is in closet.. all signs are there… poor Danielle .. NOT

  48. Everyone has their opinion about Biblegate…and that’s fair. Everyone should. And a lot of people think Dan is like this in real life and that lying comes too easy for him. JMO but i would think of the BB house as a place where i could “go against type”. I could live out what i would NEVER do in real life. What better way to to win half a mil than to go against who you actually are. No one would suspect it. And it certainly isn’t an easy thing to do. Sticking to your convictions is an attribute i greatly admire…only YOU know what’s in your heart….the reasons you hold those convictions. And i suspect Dan knows what’s in his heart also. And so does God. So does the means justify the ends?…not always. But the reality of this “Reality” show is that this is not true reality. It’s a game where you lie about the truth. So whoever said “the truth shall set you free” had it totally correct in BB land. The truth will get you freedom to pack your bags, a heart to heart with Julie and a return to true reality.

    • Who in their right mind would have the balls to swear an oath to God on the soul of his wife then turn around and betray that oath even if it is just a game or if he doesn’t believe in God. That is just tempting fate. Bad JuJu or Karma and if God was really listening the ole Danny Boy has himself a place reserved in hell. Either way just plain psychopathic behavior, even if he isn’t being serious in his own mind.

  49. OK people its not the way he play’s the game BUT how he’s using the bible to justified his behaver. He’s a teacher and a coach if i was paying for my kid to attend a Catholic school i would really be piss out. He’s showning the kids that your word has no meaning and that for money you dont need to have any morals. So when Frank told Brittney would it be ok to lie if you was cheating on your husband. Then what most of you are saying its ok to cheat on someone you love a lie doesnt mean anything it only if you get caught

    • Its a gameshow get over it, and really would you let your kids be wathcing a show like that in the first place. There have been hgs who have done 100 times worse actions than Dan. And honestly its there own fault usually when ppl say stuff like that you d normally wouldn’t believe them its there own fault that they believed him. And this is a show is where there no rules and you can be whoever you want without punishment. And obvously thats no its not okay to cheat IN REAL LIFE!!!!! IN BB ANYTHINGB GOES! Like ppl are acting this is like a educational program to tell kids how to behave in life.

      • Like maybe ppl don’t remeber Justin from season 2 putting a knife to hgs neck, or that Eric fight in BB6 or Willie this season, or Matt from BB12 like ppl are acting like Dan shot someone in real life. get over it already or better yet stop watching the show because I don’t think ppl get the memo but BB is a game of lying, and if their that guliable to beilieve him well you deserve to be kicked out of the house.

      • weren’t two of those people kicked out? (Justin & Willie) for good reason! even BB knew their behavior was unacceptable. And I certainly disapproved of Matt’s behavior then, too. In this game I understand lying and backstabbing…except when you use your religion and claim a loved one is ill…it’s just WRONG!

      • Yeah but like ppl are acting like Dan shot someone its s game of rewarding ppl for backstabbing like its reality TV us arguing right here is why ppl love reality TV and look how popular Dan is getting good or bad. like it ridiculous how ppl are judging Dan basied on a reality TV show for $500,000.

      • I agree some peoples comments in here are over the top – I love this show and am not going to let one bad apple spoil the bunch. But in my opinion – no amount of money is worth jumping the moral line the way he did.

      • Those two were kicked out for PHYSICAL violence. Having morality..or lack thereof is why BB casts who they cast. I don’t think they give them a religion test before they enter the house. Because this is not a religious show. In fact it’s the opposite.

    • Agree.. would not want him near my child… hope his employers reviews him closely and he does s not teach children to lie and be all about me..

      • Wow maybe you haven’t noticed he on a gameshow that rewards ppl for backstabbing. And look at yourself you don’t even know the person and your basising all of this on someone who is playing for $500,000. And if anything Dan would probably get so many job offering with you social skills alone.

    • Oh come on people!!! I would have no problem letting Dan teach my kids. It’s a GAME!! He wants to WIN!! At least give him credit for playing hard, and doing what he has to do to win.

    • Isn’t that already what the Catholic church has done? Lie to everyone else(including your flock) to protect yourselves (and all the money that comes in) to the detriment of LOTS of children and families? I’m not trying to be a jerk but there are MUCH BIGGER concerns that people should have than the behavior of a reality show contestant.

  50. I think Ian will win hoh round 2 and the final.. if he’s smart he takes danielle.. dan finally goes and Ian wins!!!

  51. Blindside my a$$! Shane was too much of an airhead to fight for himself and hasn’t played this game AT ALL! Britney played his game and since she left he’s just been going along under Danielle’s skirt (while she is under Dan’s hat), so I can’t feel sorry for a player that on SEVERAL occasions put himself in danger and did nothing to save himself, Sorry idiot but you’ve gotta PLAY to WIN and you most certainly did not. He got the only thing he deserves for his follower behaviour…a trip to the jury house with the rest of the sheep. HE could have played the boyfriend card just as hard as Dan played the coach’s card and got Danielle to leave the noms the same. But obviously, its hard to think without a brain.

  52. Dan is a predator – he was careful to choose only women he could manipulate and prey on their emotions. Then when he was down to only 1 player he was sure to align with Ian, a bright but young man but who clearly has a disorder of some kind, so chose him for his weaknesses. It’s just sick. The whole bible thing and whether he actually swore on it or not – its just semantics – and it made him look even more like a narcissist. Everyone who comes on needs the attitude of playing for themselves and winning – but he crossed moral lines and used his religion to do so. I love this game – it angers me that the way he played pisses me off. I really hope he does not win.

    • Dan going to take Dani, and wow your sounding like he shot someone in real life. Yeah I don’t agree with it either but when the Hgs keep falling for it its there own fault. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. And really if you think about and watched his first season this is the last thing ppl would think Dan would do and its Genius gameplay. I’m sick of hearing of all the crap like stop watching the show then, all your doing is going to the frickin fan site and making him more popular. If oyu really want to make a statment stop watching then! I don’t understand if someone hates watching someone than thy go to the fan site to talk about it makes no sense to me. And really if you were a fan you would be insanely happy because you just witness the greatest episode in BB history yesterday night.

      • As I stated – I love this game. I am not going to stop watching, because one apple does not spoil the bunch. I said it “angers me that the way he played pisses me off” – because I want to enjoy what I am watching. Dan’s behavior, IMO has ruined it for me. I have a right to my opinion.

      • Well its there own fault for them to beilieve him. Also, yeah I don’t really agree with he did either, but I just hate how ppl are just judging him based on a television show. Also, being a fan of the show you have to appreciate what he has done for this show, look at the comments on the site alone there all about Dan, he making this show amazing, and any true fan should be able to appreciate that.

      • Also, what pisses me off the most is how ppl frickin don’t even watch the episode that he swore on the bible. He did it on the information about the Quack Pack is true not the frickin alliance! he clearly stated that in that episode.

  53. I’m also amazed at people putting so much moral emphasis on a reality tv show for money. If you use any form of television to show moral anything then I worry for your sanity, Also, look at the completely IMMORAL things done in the name of righteousness! Go get mad about the moral ambiguity closer to home because that should have more of an impact than a guy playing a game designed to encourage and reward lying (aka immorality). Get over it!

    • But it is a moral dilemma and that is what is fun about the show. What would you do for 500K? Would you sell your soul, would you swear an oath to God then betray it, etc. All for a piece of paper or 500 pieces of paper which is more like 300K after taxes. Also the guy is a teacher so his word means more than someone not in an authoritative position of young minds. You are right though it’s just a game. The fact is though even if it’s done in jest or fake or just playing a game. Using God as a pawn just seems to be tempting fate and really bad karma.

  54. I think the ONLY chance anyone has of winning the money, besides Dan, is the one who boots him out. There are many in that house spouting…”it’s just a game”, but they only do that when it is someone else getting betrayed. I think if it was Danielle or Ian booted Dan….that entire Jury would vote for the “booter”. I would LOVE to see Danielle make a move that came out of her own mind.

  55. I’m starting to wonder if Dan might actually be planning to take Ian to the final two. Is it possible that he thinks that he has a better chance of beating him? I can’t even imagine that he lied, cheated and manipulated everyone in the house to have the $500,000 grand prize check handed over to someone else. I am pulling for Ian but I do think Dan deserves to win because he apparently doesn’t seem to hold anything sacred…even if it is just a game (before you all start biting my head off). I think it’s hysterical that Dan’s wife Chelsea is totally defending Dan on his facebook page by putting a spin on the words he chose when swearing on the bible. Oh well, I guess they deserve each other. Go Ian Go (you man child you)!!!

  56. PPL please stop hating on Dan so much that he just kicked everyones asses if you don’t like it than stop watching the show.

  57. Dan will surely end up in Hell for that feat of diabolical brilliance, only to talk the Devil into being his bitch when he gets there.

  58. There’s a new show that will be produced by CBN.Christian Broadcasting Network. They’ll show a Pilot episode next month It’s like Big Brother but it would be Rated G. It sounds really exciting.

  59. I don’t think the 2nd one will be endurance because the first one was. The 2nd could be a timed test one at a time in the back yard.
    That is what they did last year. I hope Ian wins and he takes Dani. that gives him a better shot of the win.

  60. The next victim evicted will go to a hotel not the jury house is what I read some where. So Shane will be the last one to enter the Jury House if I’m right.

    • they do not. they walk out of the house and take a seat with the other jusy members. Have you never watched the show. All that is done on Wednesday night.

  61. There was a game move mentioned called the Marcellas effect. Now they can add a new one, the Shane effect or Showmance demise. It is when you have a showmance and have your girl with power. You believe in her and she has faith nothing will happen to you. She wins the Veto and says you will be renom as a pawn and you agree to it. Just like the mantra Pawns go home, you go home.

  62. Who deserves to win? No one deserves. Only jury decides. Deserve has nothing to do with it. We are not the jury. The jury is Ashley, Brit, Frank, Joe, Jenn, Shane and one not determined yet. Would much more like to hear how you think each will vote and why then hearing someone deserves it. That would be intelligent debate.

  63. I did not watch during the run on tv, but have been watching glass house on abc website.

    Shows me how lame BB has become, glass house actually has music, at least once, playing for the enjoyment of the house. If glass house can did it there is no reason BB can’t.

    I like to selection process for evictions. doesn’t prevent schemes but let player know how the audience views them.

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