Big Brother 14 Episode 27 Recap: Surprise! It’s An Eviction!


The Big Brother 14 house guests were surprised with an eviction tonight even though we’ve all known about it for the past week.

Julie piped into the house guests when they least expected. Dan was napping, Ian was listening to music and Shane didn’t even have pants on. I’m not sure what Danielle was doing because I’ve trained my brain to black out anytime she appears on screen.

The HGs learn the news and they’re flipping out. And then in a series of horrible edits, the show cuts back to what happened right after Ian nominated Shane and Jenn.

Jenn was not happy with Dan. She seemed to be more upset with Dan than Ian. It was kind of fun to see her so angry at him, but he quickly misted her and got her back in line. Actually, we learn that Dan really wasn’t misting Jenn. He really wanted to take that opportunity to get Shane out of the house.

The bad editing continues so we get to the veto competition. It’s a half physical and half puzzle competition. Ian can’t hack the physical part and is eliminated. He starts lending Shane a hand and Shane ends up winning the Veto. Shane also wins a luxury prize.

A little later, it’s time for Shane to claim his luxury prize and he gets to take a fellow house guest with him. He, of course chooses Danielle. They two of them get to leave the house for the evening to meet the US Women’s Gymnastics Team “Fierce Five.” They get to spend the evening watching their touring show.

And what CBS continues to do for the next 15 minutes makes me want to travel back to the invention of the television and put a stop to a all this right then and there. Never in my life have I seen a more disgusting display of phony baloney (oh how I want to use harsher words, but I know Matt likes to run a clean site around here).

First of all, most of us know there’s not a showmance going on. And if you watch the Live Feeds, you might remember Shane talking about how the kiss the two of them shared was staged and actually had to be re-shot because they kissed liked fumbling idiots.

It’s a good thing I love Big Brother because if I was on the fence, that segment would have ended Big Brother for me.

After that garbage was over, we get to see Dan getting a little nervous that Shane and Danielle have gotten too close and if Shane stays around, he might not be in as good a position as he once thought.

At the veto ceremony, Shane uses the veto oh himself, so Ian puts Danielle up in his place. Ian only cares about keeping the Quack Pack together at this time. That’s some grade A loyalty but some grade F gameplay on his part.

At the vote, Dan and Shane both vote to evict Jenn and so that’s how it goes. Jenn heads out to talk to Julie and Jenn still doesn’t realize what a not-so-good game she played. Jenn seems sweet and hungry after all that slop, so Julie hands her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Jenn’s ecstatic. So Jenn heads off to jury and we head off to the next HoH competition.

It’s that final four True or False game we’ve seen a lot of and the HGs have to answer questions based on photos they saw of themselves earlier in the game. After several rounds, Danielle and Dan are tied and Julie throws 0ut a tie-breaker question. Dan goes slightly over and even though she’s grossly under the guess, she wins HoH.

So now we wait to see who she nominates and of course who wins veto to join her in the Big Brother 14 Final Three. Who do you hope joins her in the final three?



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  1. I hate them all equally but if I had to pick a final 2 I would say Shane and Dan but Shane will never pick Dan and Dan will pick Shane .. but I think Ian will pick Dan

    • It’s gotten to the point I can’t even stomach looking at Dan anymore. His ego is full blown. I think i’ll just watch the finale to see Frank again & hopefully he gives Dan a taste of his own evil medicine.

      • on finale night you won’t have to see dan, because dani will win. then she will hold the camera crew hostage and force everyone to hear her talk till she gets tired of talking

      • I am hoping Frank’s overinflated ego made him think he was too good to stay in the Jury House and he leaves so no one will be subjected to his overinflated sense of entitlement face anymore.

      • Give it a break I thinks it’s pretty well deserved. He s the only one playing the game. He the only DR sessions where he telling the viewers his plan and everyone affected by how he plays. He deserves this.

      • An ego is not overblown if it’s rightfully deserved. I think he’s more emphatic about his plan than egotistical.

  2. You left out the best part of the episode. When Dan said he didn’t really miss danielle while she was gone with shane. #BBGold

    • Yes, but Danielle can’t vote so its not really up to her who goes. Its up to the one person she leaves off the block after the veto. And honestly the guys need to wake up. Dan needs to vote out Shane. Shane needs to vote out Dan. Ian should vote out Dan as well. This is what would be best for them.

  3. The only way Ian can win is if he were to win veto. Other than that, he will go home this week since Danielle is on a 50/50 with Shane and Dan

  4. well I do believe Ian will be up on the block and if he is against Dan he looses , if he is against shane it all depends what meds dan takes to see who is gone. I still do not understand why those three have not talked about dan. But dan is busy running around crazy interrupting everybody when they are alone together. DAni is such a dweeb , I think Dan would love to evict shane but then dani would be upset. Ian is the man of joice. So lets hope and pray Ian can pull one out of his butt and win POV . Dani cant win the only way she would win is by sympathy

  5. getting tired of seeing dan run around these people time and time again..the guy won already get him out. the guy has done nothing all season but win a measly veto and ride along the coat tails of the quack pack.

    • Are you watching the same show I am. Dan was the target by everyone on Day 1 and so where his players. Dan has hands down played the best game in the house this season and even Jenn acknowledged that on the show.

      • Dan and his team was targeted at first then he formed alliances then he stop being a target.and started floating to the end .Get it straight..

    • What does winning once before have to do with anything? It’s not like you’re only allowed to win once at everything in life. Your winning ways continue if you’re good enough. And he obviously is good enough to get himself to F4 at least. You may not like his methods…or ANY of their methods but whatever works is what you should go with.

      • Ahh, but remember he is the third winner to make it a second time into the final 4. First being Dr. Will, who got evicted 4th, and second would be Jordan, who also got evited 4th. Will Dan continue this trend? or go on to win it again?

    • It’s not all about winning comps all the time. Dan is doing it strategically, and well timed. He has a unique ability to persuade anybody. Mind game, that’s what Dan is good at.

    • How on earth can you say he s done nothing!?! Do you even watch the episodes? Tell me how many DR sessions do you see other players strategizing? None! It’s all Dan? Why is all the jury members in the jury except for Ashely? Because of Dan! Yeah he s won one comp his social game is unreal he doesn’t even need to win comps. Look at Dr.Will. He s carried everyone in this game and is by far the most deserving.

    • Um not see Dan’s “funeral”??!??. After he lost the veto to Jenn and spent 24 hours in solitary, and then managed to get Jenn to use her veto on him after he was so cruel to Dani.. dani who jenn loves so much.. Dan is the best player in that house.. Danielle 2nd because Dan is her alliance.. Dan will win the game at the end sitting next to Danielle. Dans can tell jury how dani was in on all his moves and how he coached her and it got her to the end.. I think Dan should win

  6. I like the way Jenn went out. Unlike Frank, she played the game honestly and gave props to the final four. I really like her and wish she would have played a harder competitive game sooner but her social game was great. I am going to vote for her for fan favorite. I don’t really care who wins the $500,000. Dan played mind games but a little too cutthroat, Danielle has been a puppet, Shane is an idiot and Ian is just stupid for trusting Dan.

    • TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT JENN but even Jenn was honest when she said Dan had played the best game and if Jenn can understand that do not get why everyone else does not understand the same things. Dan was the NUMBER ! target from Day 1 and for him to still be here at final 4 is nothing short of AMAZING. Jenn for America’s Favorite and Dan for the win.

      • jenn is not top 5 for americas favorite player. how is she a favorite, she never did anything. i would vote for joe even jodi before i vote for her

      • Because she did not go out like a SORE LOSER like the rest of them. Jenn at least realized it was a game and not to take it so darn personal. The others exlulding Brit just acted like babies and are still mad. They need to Grow up!

      • joe went out classier than her. everyone went out realizing it was a game except for frank, willie, and maybe jodi, but who knows with her

      • I agree with you, America’s favorite player should be based on who played the best game but didn’t win, etc., Jenn played a horrible game, she managed to stay as long as she did only because there were bigger targets to get rid of before her. I think Frank deserves to win America’s favorite player.

      • Totally agree like you have to give it up for Dan he just tied Dr.Will for making it the Farthest in the second season after winning the first time. And it’s looking really good for him and if Shane gets out this week I think even if he looses the last comp Ian and Dani would both take him to the finals. He totally deserves to win the game. He made this season so much better and a very memorable one at that.

  7. CBS and Big Brother made a bad call by taping the eviction instead of airing it live especially in this social media age that we live in. You knew with a live crowd that the evicted HG and who won the HOH would be spoiled (found out). As for the taped eviction show, they can keep it. I just wasn’t in to it. However I’m looking into tonight’s live feed (BBAD) and tomorrow night’s live eviction and the start of the three part HOH competition.

    Now hopefully Ian can win POV and evict Dan. But while part of that could happen, I believe Ian might keep Dan because of the final 2 deal. Of course Dan has a final 2 deal with Ian and Danielle. Don’t know about Shane though.The POV is everything for tomorrow night, but we know that Dan, Shane or Ian will be evicted tomorrow night as Danielle is HOH.

    • I don’t think Ian is smart enough to want to evict Dane, of course in Ian’s defense, I’m sure he realizes that Shane and Danielle would take each other to the finals and he believes his only shot is with Dan…he just doesn’t realize that Dan has no intention of taking him either. Ian’s best bet would have been to keep Frank and not worry about getting his “revenge” on him.

      • 1. Like I said in my previous comment, Ian seems to be keeping Dan because of there final 2 deal…adeal Dan will NOT honor.

        2. The only way Ian is going to the finals is to win POV this week and then win thefinal HOH comp as no one will take Ian to the finals as he can beat all three of them.

        3. I disagree on Frank. Ian (and the rest of the house)getting rid of Frank was one of the best moves of the game next to voting out Janelle and Boogie. Keep in mind, Ian had a hand in evicting all three of them znd its moves like that that can win votes with the jury.

        4. And Shane and Danielle will take each other to finals, I would be surprised if they didn’t.

  8. Did Dan forget that he has made a F2 deal with EVERYONE in the jury house? Seems to me that he didn’t think that through far enough. I think it’s gonna backfire on him.

  9. Jenn more entitled to win America’s Favorite because she does not have that sense of entitlement that Frank apparently has and that he is owed something. I mean apparently from what I have read Frank is unemployed and
    apparently by his choice, not like most of American’s who are not unemployed by choice, because boo hoo
    he cannot decide what he wants to do. At 29 I do not care if you know
    what you want to do but it is time you stop living
    off of other people and do something until you figure it out because you are apparently just
    TOO LAZY to work and get a JOB whether it is want you want to do or not.
    That is what gets me about him the most is he said HE WAS UNEMPLOYED BY
    CHOICE!!! GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, why he does not deserve to
    win America’s Choice or anything else. It would be different if he had lost his jobe not of his own doing but because of this horrible economy we are in or he could not find a job
    and he was looking but FRANK sense of entitlement just get me and when you use
    the excuse I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO is just ridiculous for someone his age!!! Doing something until you figure it out!! SPOILED LITTLE RICH KID
    WHOSE GRANDMA IS SUPPORTING HIS LAZY BUTT IS WHAT HE REMINDS ME OF! GAG!! I would rather vote for Joe or anyone than Frank. Joe has a family to support and is working hard to do just that.

    • Yeah I agree I don’t get why he deserves to be there over anyone. Like I’m sure they all had to apply for the show the exact same way. I think it’s an under deserving arrogance. Especially since Dan just whooped all asses. Like does anyone remember when Dan lost the veto and h to do solitary and his DR he was almost in tears because he had so many chances to save himself an loves playing this game. And he didn’t butch about it he frickin grinded it out made the biggest move in BB history and now look where he is.

    • Sharon, ever heard the phrase, “Quit while you’re ahead”? You have a good point and presented it well in your first three sentences. Unfortunately, it seems you riled yourself up while expressing your opinion to the point of foaming at the mouth; I watched your message devolve into a mess of CAPS LOCK and exclamation mark spam, crudeness, and pure redundancy. I agree with you, but you need to learn how to have civil discussion.

    • So, would you suggest that since you say he doesn’t want to work he should just apply for social security benefits or welfare or some other public assistance so that all of us that do work can help support him and take the load off his Grandma? It should be his choice if he wants to work or not. It’s not for me to judge. Just sayin’.

    • I am certainly no fan of Frank’s, but I think you are being unfair. Not sure if you watch Franks exit interview with Jeff, but Frank said he was lucky enough to have built up some savings and he has been living off of that the last couple of years. If he is sponging anything off his Grandmother that is between him and her.

  10. In the I think we all know who will win and that’s Dan. The jury will put aside their personal feelings and give him their votes simply because of how he made it to the end again.

  11. Ian for the win, Brit for america’s choice. Dan for second place or even first, Frank is too arrogant for AC. I’d still take Shane for 2nd place or even first, if Dan or Ian don’t make it to final 3. I noticed people are talking about Dan riding coat tails? at least when he lies he does it for the game, not for the attention. unlike Danielle who has been doing exactly that with Shane and Dan, all summer. BB should be a cow free zone, but I guess they prefer a mental heifer, classic stuff guys. lol

    • I think you ALL should get over this. God has more important things to worry about than Dan’s swearing on a bible he never even touched. It happens in court all the time and they still lie. Let god worry about the important issue’s like people judging others. I believe that is his job not ours.

      • Even Dan himself admitted that. Yeah, yeah, yeah….I think after coming out of the BB house, he should blame about his nervous breakdown and out of himself there.
        ” It happens in court all the time and they still lie. ” Remember that is called perjury, and the person who do that and get caught would be put in jail!

      • Dan swore on the bible about the quack pack nothing else. Not many get convicted of perjury, more get away than get caught. check the court records!!!!!!!!

  12. I can not fathom how intelligent people???? can say Frank should be the favorite, yet dish everybody else. Frank was just as manipullative as Dan and was a bully at the same time. I think if Frank had not been such a baby when it did not go his way and used finesse like Dan I might agree with you. I want Ian but must admit Dan has manipulated a good strategy for himself to win.

    • Hey wassup girl…She said Jo Jo was jealous of her too I don’t think so..Dumbelle makes me sick..and Dan is so nosey

      • Hey hey! I gotta come clean, I am SO jealous of Dumbielle too! I just can’t handle it…I don’t know what to do…how can I ever compete with her….I’ve got no chance…my life sucks compared to hers…what am I gonna do?

    • Dumbelle is judging someone who faked to being disabled on another BB version..with all her lies I think its mess up but she has no right to a opinion

      • Oh my gosh, how did you miss it?? It must’ve gone on for 10 minutes solid! So funny.
        I wonder if her reflection is jealous of her too.

      • Maybe her reflection will self-evict and take her with! Look at her up in the HOH bathroom picking at her chin. Can wait to see the after effects of that one!

      • Most definitely!
        EW!! I just watched her come out of the HOH toilet, even heard it flush, she walked to the mirror and put her hair up, picked at her face, put makeup on the spots she was picking (great for open wounds), put chapstick on, picked again, and walked out, checked her reflection in 2 more mirrors before heading out the HOH door. Hit another mirror before going downstairs, got downstairs and looked at her belly in another mirror while trying to wrap her hands around her waist, checked out her ass, and finally went to sit with the boys. Now let me say this…SHE DIDN’T WASH HER HANDS AFTER THE TOILET! She’s as bad as Joe was!!

      • I’m glad i’ve already had dinner…but if i think about what you just posted…i’ll be saying hello to it again in about 5 minutes.

      • I guess I should’ve put a warning on that huh? Sorry! Just don’t think about it, just think about all the girls that are jealous of you. Danielle gave us a good example earlier.

    • Makes sense. Kara didn’t win $500,000. Danielle on the other hand will have enough money to pay for all of the makeup she uses (for about two weeks) when she wins $500,000 in six days.

    • Yes they are up, haven’t heard anything about the POV yet. It’s all been Dumbielle complaining/bragging about how jealous every other girl in the house was of her, especially Kara.

  13. Dan has played a more cut throat game this year, but he needs to get his props….he was a target of many and he IS in the final 4. He has been loyal to his player. I dig him!

  14. Still can’t figure out who is nominated. I think POV will be live tomorrow and then after the POV the winner will evict someone live. If I remember correctly that’s how they’ve done it the last few seasons. They play POV live then the eviction then they start round one of the HOH. Has anyone figured out who is nominated? I wish they’d show the memory wall and keys.

    • It’s confirmed. She was just carrying it around and is now talking about it. On another note, Shame and Dumbielle just told Ian all the pressure is on him…almost leads me to believe she nominated Dan and Shame leaving Ian as the sole vote…hmmm, could that have really happened??

    • Really? I thought it was Shame and Dan the way Dumbielle & Shame were just talking to Ian. Where’d you get the info? If so I agree that Dan’s getting rid of Shame. Finally. I’m so sick of his stupid nervous drumming and “wow” “whoa” “really?” conversations, not to mention his constant sniffing. Is that the proper word for it? Maybe swallowing snot is a better term? IDK…

      • I was wrong I miss that conversation i heard Ian and Shame talk about packing they’re bags .Its Dan and Ian why would Dumbelle use veto at this point its her nominations..the days of backdooring are over..Dan doesn’t look nervous at all Ian is out the door..Shame is gonna keep Dan Shame has no brain

      • Ah-ha. I missed the convo about them packing their bags! Geesh, I just wish they’d come out and tell us. I do agree that she won’t change her noms, she’s doing what Dan told her to do :-)

  15. Well I think its quite obvious who’s going to make the final 3. Dan, Shane and Danielle. I think Ian is a little squirmy peon, and by me saying that ~ I think he’s extremely smart, but I also think he thinks to much. Which will be the reason for his demise, or Jury vacation shall I say. I think Dan will win it all, he is the master manipulater, he has such a adorable face that u want to believe that he’s sincere ad believable. House guest~ news flash… this is a game, last man standing wins it all… you cat trust, believe anybody, their not your friends, they are trying to steal you winnings. Duhhhh

    • Please come back! We need to know what’s up. For sure Ian is, Dumbielle asked if his parents were gonna be mad at her.

      • No. All the big networks were down with technical difficulties tonight & I only got to see the last 20 mins of BB & didn’t pay attention to what Julie was saying. I’m so bummed I can’t watch it live tomorrow!

  16. OK who has the real scoop. Have seen the live and can not tell either. Any of the other have anything definitive. Come on Ace give it up.what is the surprise?

    • they are finally gonna show the jury house and Frank and Brittney get in a hugh fight..a can’t shane goes against dumbelle and votes out Dan instead of Ian

      • What is the source ACE I would love to have it happen that way. Isn’t POV ceremony live sorry almost messed up, tonight. Would love to see the jury house stuff. Where,where,where My wife and I have been wanting jury house stuff. Really dis that BB not showing any. Thanks everyone for the discussions my first year on the feeds and the discussions. Really enjoy the banter and different opins. Always remember just a game.

  17. as a fan of the show, please make this the last season. that infomercial for corn flakes and the gymnastic team was almost and cringe worthy as that kiss between shayne”im just not out yet” and the joker faced nutcase…..made wwe look legit

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