Big Brother 14 Week 9.5: Nominations And Power of Veto Spoilers

Big Brother 14 - Veto and Nominations

The Big Brother 14 Live Feeds returned tonight after a day and a half black out so CBS could protect the results from Wednesday’s taped eviction show. I’m not sure, but I don’t think they had an immediate leak in mind. All the same, we’ve now got our Feeds aback and we can now confirm the latest nominations and Power of Veto results.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 9.5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Danielle won the Veto Competition.

As I detailed earlier, with the Veto in Danielle’s hands it all depends on who she has up on the block and who she leaves to do the only vote. My predictions: Dan would evict Shane. Shane would evict Ian. Ian would evict Shane.

Big Brother 14 Memory Wall with Danielle

We finally got a look at the memory wall to discover the nominations.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 9.5 Nominations:

  • Dan & Ian are nominated.

In this situation, if noms remain the same then I expect Shane to evict Ian. Danielle told Ian and Shane she won’t reveal what she plans to do tomorrow at the Veto ceremony.

Don’t forget that Dan has a lot of influence with Danielle and she has all the power. Dan has wanted Shane out for awhile now so if he can convince Danielle to save him then Dan is free to evict Shane. I’d still consider this a possibility.

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  1. Bye bye Ian …. man I was hoping he could somehow make it to the end. Quite frankly, i can’t stand any of the other houseguests right now

      • If Danielle changes the noms and puts Shane up…she is stupid and any long term showmance she had with Shane will end in it’s tracks. Danielle been looking for a boyfriend from day one. I will be shocked to see her make any changes.

      • If she is smart then she needs to vote out Ian. That is the only person that she might have a chance to win the half a million dollars and everyone in the house know that Ian has to go. tonight. Ian would have had a sure F2 if he could have just back door Dan. Dan is manipulating the rest of the dumb house guest and Ian fell for it. Dan knows that Ian has to go and pretty sure that he will sweet talk Danielle and Shane and those two are another puppet like Ian. I thought Ian is smart turned out to be the most dumb. Sorry Ian, you could have won this if only you got rid of snaky sneaky Dan and since Danielle won the veto, you got your wish to die with the Quacks.

      • There’s no showmance Shane doesn’t like her but if you spend 24/7 with someone there’s only so much you can do… But Shane has no interest in that…

      • Shane has repeatedly said he liked her and wanted Dani to be his gf. He just didn’t any showmance on reality TV, and to put a traget on his back!

      • Plus, whoever left will undoubtedly take her to F2; so why bother to change the nominations and irritate Shane!

      • Shane and Danielle were discussing taking Dan down so he gets Ian’s blood on his hands… Shane seemed to be ok with this. He said they need to beat Dan socially at this game lol.

      • Dan convinced Danielle to take him off the block. Shane went up…Dan had the only vote, and blindsided both Danielle and Shane, and voted Shane out. What a great move,,,

      • But Dan wanted Ian out before Shane… remember that. He only decided to go after Shane once Ian won PoV and then HoH. I say Ian is a goner tomorrow. Ian can do very well in endurance and would likely win the Jury Statements portion of the HoH comp… Shane, while he could win the endurance portion or the second portion, would have a more difficult time with the Jury Statements portion than Ian would have. It’s in Dan’s best interest to evict Ian, IMO.

      • Dan would know Danielle would take him over Ian, and Shane wouldn’t take Dan over Danielle. Dan would take out Shane so if Ian takes HOH next he goes to the final 2 either way…

      • Chuck Brown is correct. Dan has wanted Shane out for a long time, but regardless of what he wanted earlier it only matters what he wants now. Shane has a F2 deal w/ Danielle, Ian does not. That’s all the reason Dan needs to evict Shane over Ian.

    • If Ian does not win the POV, jury house here he comes and will realize that what comes around goes around. He should have not betrayed Frank and Boogie. When Frank left he was my next choice to win but it looks like that he will be sent out unless he wins power of veto and there are three people that are working against him. Danielle, Shane and Dan know that if they sit with Ian in F2 they cannot win the grand prize.

      • Dr. Will got by on charm, Dan has charm AND brains. It’s a deadly combination, and we see the results. No HG has ever come back from the dead quite literally like that in the history of BB.

      • Are you trying to state that Dr. Will did not have brains? If that’s the case…I’m wasting my time typing. Dr. Will survived 4 times during an era where there was NO power of veto. He was the foundation of manipulation for all following seasons. He knew how to play people and what scenarios benefited him the most. That takes brains. Then he came in as the ONLY winner on an ALL-STAR cast. He was nominated again and still survived. His partner ended up winning the season, which is what he planned. He was willing to sacrifice himself. And he split the money with him. Dan, although a great player, has been playing against way lesser competition. Dan has been hoping to get to the final four so he can BE MENTIONED along with Dr. Will. If you want to make the argument that Dr. Will knew who the players were prior to coming in….Dan had the opportunity to know the players all the time he was a coach. Dan is a fantastic player, but he will never be #1 in my book. He is no Dr. Will. Dan is #2.

      • Will & Dan are easily the two best players of all time in my opinion. Going into this season, Will was obviously #1 and Dan #2. At this point I am back and forth but if Dan wins this for the second time then I will have no choice but to put him over Will.

      • If someone thumbs me down…can you at least give an argument? LoL! It takes a few extra keystrokes. Or is someone just great, cause you like them?

      • BB skills should be examined as much by results as by the nature of the strategy behind them…if you have a strategy that effectively allows you to win the game more times than anyone else in the history of the game, when it’s been more than obvious that production has preferred that at least two other people take the prize, then that shows skills. Doesn’t matter how eloquent the strategy is; what matters is the results.

      • lol Can’t we just agree that they are both amazing players. I’d love an all star showdown between them. Sadly they both don’t seem to want to come back. Which is pretty smart actually since the only place now is to go down.

    • now she’s decided to take dan off the block so he can “get the blood on his hands” and the jury will like shane and her better. dumb! dumb! dumb!

      • You know I would almost have some respect for her if this was a masterplan to get Shane out since he’s a big physical threat. I dunno I just really dislike the whole showromance thing. Especially when the girl is being a complete dumbass. I mean she’s been trying to get his attention all summer and I think he’s just been using her. I’d love for her to backstab him since you rarely see the girl play the guy. However I don’t think that’s the case and I think they are just plain stupid.

      • He basically wants nothing to do with her romantically till last night under the covers a mini make out session and she doesn’t c she is being played? God she is so not all there.

      • I know he didn’t even want to sleep in the same bed with her before. Now he wants to make out… Danielle is like “why has it taken us so long to kiss like that?” Ummm cuz now you have all the power Danielle. Kick his butt to the curve. If that is what happens tonight I will actually gain respect for Danielle.

    • “Play smart”…that’s all she can do at this point since she’s proven for the past couple months that she’s not!

    • How is keeping Ian smart for her? She’s got final 2 deals with both Dan and Shane. She seems to be well liked in the jury so I do believe she might be able to beat either *cringe* even though I disagree. Ian is the only one I don’t think she even has a shot of winning with.

  2. I’m starting to feel bad for these players, Dan is playing them so bad and he’s not even breaking a sweat!!

    • Either Dan is really smart or these players are really dumb. I can’t believe how he has turned this game, everyone is so easily manipulated. Is anyone going to realize what’s going on? I would say that Wil would have figured him out like he did the other returning players who tried to fool him.

  3. Dan will never win second time. He will not have jury vote. The only way he could have won if he and joe were final 2.

    • Dan once told Danielle that it was more important to him to be recognized as the best player ever by bringing his player to the end as a coach even if it meant finishing second than winning the 500k

    • I don’t agree with that….most of the jury will see what a brilliant layer Dan really is, and vote for him. Normally, that is how the jury votes….for the best player.

      • If for some strange reason Ian’s with him, Dan loses big. Ian’s played a better all around game since day one. Dan woke up a couple of weeks ago after getting put on the block.

  4. OMG Danielle’s head is going to be bigger then the zits on her face…and that’s pretty big. She has all the power and she will not let anyone forget it. Thank God tomorrow is another eviction so we don’t have to listen to her for very much longer.

      • And Shane told her he owed her one for telling him. so yeah she told him Dan wanted him out. so who knows what he will do just have to wait and see.

      • She could also backdoor Shane, I have a feeling this is what she’s up to. She mentioned to Jenn, that Shane might be using her, or something like that.

      • This whole season she’s been complaining about being “backdoored”. This person backdoored me, that person backdoored me….wtf…she’s hasn’t been backdoored ever. Stupid idiot is still in the damn house! Get an f-in clue Dumbielles!!

      • Because if Shane ever mentioned it to Dan, she would lose the one person who did all the thinking for her “Dan”. Plus, her and Dan are making everyone think they are not working together anymore. She will never have Dan voted out. Even if it means her using the veto to save him.

      • Danielle definitely told Shane that Dan was going to put him up as a pawn. She specifically told him he wasn’t the target but that she talked Dan out of it. It was one of her smarter moves because Shane now feels more loyalty to her but she also hasn’t thrown Dan completely under the bus. That way this week she can talk Shane into keeping him and cover her bases.

    • They will have to widen the HOH door…her head won’t be able to fit through it. Right now she wears a size 42 hat…by tomorrow…double that.

    • Yeah they’re already talking about who would come back for all star cast, and she was saying Janelle would be out for revenge, and “omg I think Jordan would be the only one on my side”… Ian walked away and Shane and Dan didn’t have much to say lol! they didn’t have the heart to tell her she wouldn’t be asked back, and I don’t think Jordan likes crazy. She didn’t like Lydia or Natalie… doesn’t Danielle kinda look like Natalie?

      • :) when she didn’t have makeup on the other day she kept making these faces that Natalie made, maybe it’s just similar expressions that liars make lol

      • No didn’t you hear her she looks like Catherine Zeta Jones and J Lo and I can’t remember everyone else she said she looks like because I don’t pay too much attention when the cameras are on her.

    • Well Ian made a fatal mistake last week by evicting Jenn so it was his own fault that he’s going home because he got the QP to the final 4. Ian doesn’t deserve to win at all. He looks out for his alliance and not really looking out for himself.

    • jennifer i agree with you I wanted Ian to take it all as well. Well maybe Shane will remember when Danielle had told him that Dan wanted him gone last week and that she had saved him from leaving. So then he would vote out Dan instead. I just hope the best for Ian.

      • Danielle told Shane that Dan wanted to put him up as a pawn. Not that he wants him to go home as far as I remember it. I think that they are more afraid of going against Ian in the F2 than Dan. Danielle doesn’t have a deal with Ian and she’s wanted him out for a while. Even though she’s not voting I doubt Shane will grow a backbone tonight. The wildcard in my opinion is if Dan is able to jedi mind trick Danielle into taking him down. I would say its in her best interests not to and just make sure she has Shane in her pocket voting Ian out… however no one can count out Dan’s mist.

      • When did this happen? on the livefeeds…? because on the show Danielle tells Shane that Dan wanted him as a pawn. I haven’t seen this convo where Danielle tells him that Dan was actually after him. I find it hard to believe that Shane would be this stupid, because last night Danielle and Shane were discussing taking Dan down so that he gets Ian’s blood on his hands. I don’t think Shane would agree to that if he knew he had been Dan’s actual target.

      • Lol Ian has done exactly what Dan has told him to do all season . Come on Dan put Ian on the block and the kid is so pre occupied with his quack pack alliance which is not his he only chose the name that he couldn’t figure out Dan wanted him out. Even though Ian himself said the noms made no sense he still is misted lol I like the kid but he isn’t on the same level as far as game play. He thinks he is lol

      • Well there was two huge hints to Shane about Dan wanting him to go. First was Danielle saying “I saved your ass” and then Jenn said “congratulations” to Shane after the voted off Joe … But I am sure Shane was to stupid to catch it…

      • No Jenn stomped into the kitchen and got milk out the frig. and in an Sarcastic voice said Congrats. And Shane just said are you alright? He didn’t even look at her funny… I would have been, Why are you congratulating me? … He is just stupid

      • I am ready for Ian to go I am tired of watching the 12 year old BOY rock back and forth in the hammock and walking around the house on his tip toes to make him look taller, and he thinks he is such a gamer wake up Ian.

      • SO AGREE!!! Gets on my nerves paceing back and forth in the rooms on his tippy toes like a child. It has drove me crazy all season!!

      • Well his brain should be in good shape…he hasn’t used it YET. He needs to wipe the dust off of it and give it a whirl. Not that i want to see Dan go but it might be fun to see Shane use something he has never used before.

      • I just wonder if Shane Vs Ian, who would vote for Shane other than Dani, even Joe was saying he rooted for Ian on leaving BB house?

  5. Uuugh.. please dani leave noms the same and please let shane vote out dan. Pleeeease let this happen……

      • I believe not this time, when she nominate him on the block. If he did, she’ll next win one vote from the jury house.

    • Shane/Danielle want Ian out. Ian wants Shane out. Dan is the only person who could go either way. If she leaves them the same, Ian is gone. If she takes Dan down, it’s a toss-up. Either way, Danielle & Dan are already in the final three. Now we wait.

    • I want the noms to stay the same – I think Ian’s best shot is to tell Shane about Dan wanting to evict him earlier and convince him Dani would choose Dan over him for final 2. Plus convince him the jury will respect Dan for having won before and could win it all again, so if he votes Dan out the jury would be impressed by him making a big move.

      • Does Ian know about that though? I can’t remember. I know Dan talked to Shane about evicting Ian before POV, which I thought was pretty big mistake for a player like Dan. That shouldn’t even have left his lips before POV. Then I remember him talking to Danielle and Jen about getting Shane. I can’t remember Dan talking to Ian about evicting Shane????

  6. Did anyone see Janelle’s tweet on tonights show? SHe called the newbies foolish and that Dan would beat them

  7. If you let a previous winner into the Final 3 when you can get them out at 4….you’re an idiot.

    • Not really. Considering most of the jury members favour Ian, getting rid of Ian is the best option. Plus Ian has a great chance to win part 1 of the Final HOH so it is unwise to evict Dan this week. Shane+Danielle do better at endurance than Dan.

    • But if you can get Dan out at 4, and for that move you lose your chance to F2, see who’s laughing? And who will call you a genius, may be Jani….

  8. I can’t stand Danielle. She was lucky to win that last comp, and I wonder what kind of comp this was. Hopefully there has been no interference by production. Like Ian the most, but as I said before, Dan winning a second time would be a nice BB milestone.

    • It appears to be physical. Have you noticed that almost everyone has bandages around their fingers?

      • Didn’t notice. Danielle has been better in Q&A games generally, though. Have no idea what the comp was for the hands to be like that.

      • It was the puzzle comp that Shane won on today’s show that cut up Dan and Danielle’s hands. I don’t know how. Maybe pulling pieces off of the wall was difficult and the pieces had sharp edges? I dunno but that’s when they had to get bandaged up.

      • Dan and Danielle cut their fingers up in the veto from today’s show. The one that Shane won. Don’t ask me how lol I never knew puzzles were so dangerous.

      • Wrong comp. Shane won the POV on today’s show (the final five veto comp). Where they had to “fly” back and forth and put together the puzzle. That’s where Dan and Danielle cut themselves. Danielle won the F4 Veto that we’ve yet to see.

  9. No matter how this goes…Ian is being evicted. Danielle will either save Dan, or convince Shane to vote out Ian.

  10. if shane went rogue he might wanna keep Dan because Ian could beat him easier than Dan could for last HOH the best of three I think Ian would win it

  11. Dan has played the game better than anyone…Big Brother isnt about being a good person,its about being a good player…and that he is

    • He has played a good game. Better than anyone else left? Not so sure. I think Ian has also played a good game. Exactly why Dan wants him out.

      • Ian played a good game up until last week where he stupidly decided to cut Jenn instead of Shane/Danielle. I mean that’s just dumb and now it is going to cost him the game. Dan deserves to win as of now, but I don’t think Shane/Danielle will take Dan to Final 2 so Dan has to win the Final HOH.

      • It would have been an even better resume to say that you got out Janelle, Boogie, Dan, and Frank. Friggin case closed.

    • U are so right. I did not want Dan to win due to his lies and his poor behavior as a teacher. Not sure I would want him teaching my child….. It my be to cheat and lie. All said he played the best game just not what you would call a game like a christian teacher should play. Then u have Danielle that can’t seem to stop looking at her self in the mirror. She is only there due to others cause she is acts crazy. She is a me me me kind of person. I think Shane played a good game if you wanna talk game player. I watched this game 14 times and it has become a game of who lies and cheats the best is winner not best player in comps and all around play that wins. Next year lets throw in some prisioners and it will seem like jail and we will see the same show. As far as Ian he was also a Real player like Shane. Either of them should win!

  12. I hope she keeps it the same and Shane is smart enough to override anything she wants and he evicts Dan. It’s time for a newbie to win this game.

    • It’s smarter for Shane to evict Ian imo because Ian will beat anyone in the final 2 and has a great chance to win first part of HOH competition. Shane/Danielle can get rid of Dan at final 3.

  13. I see Ian going home and then the little threesome will have to play each one for themselves…and I think Dan and Shane would both take Danielle because she will be easier to beat

  14. If it is Danielle and Dan in F2, I think Danielle would have Shane’s vote and probably Jenn’s. Possibly Frank’s. Any others?

    • And Brittany’s vote. I don’t know about Frank’s vote…he did say he would vote for the best player. So did all the houseguests.

      • Unless he is against Ian, I’d say most everyone will vote Dan. IF they base the votes on gameplay. Lets be honest. Danielle has only been doing what Dan told her to from day 1. Therefore Dan should win over her, since he was controlling her every move. Shane really just listened to Brit, then Dan, so Dan should win over him as well, because Dan/Brit played Shane’s game for him.

        Most of the time the jury seems to put grudges on the back burner and vote for the person that overall played the game the best, and honestly, if Ian is not in final 2, that would be Dan. He really does deserve to win again.

  15. I don’t know if Shane would evict Ian. Because I think he knows for a fact Dan wouldn’t take him to final 2. Where Ian probably would take Shane over Danielle…

  16. Ian is toast! There is no way she gets rid of Shane or Dan she can keep her “spit roast” fantasy alive.

  17. I wonder what Danielle is going to spend the $500,000 on? She might as well start thinking about it now. Perhaps spy equipment to help her stalk Shane? Call a hit on Dan’s wife so she can have Dan all to herself? Make-up; lots and lots of make-up?

    • She would spend it on mirrors. Mirrors and mirrors and more mirrors and baby mirrors and bathroom mirrors and ceiling mirrors and car mirrors and iphone mirrors and contact lens mirrors and mirrors and mirrors and more mirrors. Thank the bb gods she ain’t gonna be winnin’.

  18. I hope they vote Dan off! Which I know that is just a dream!!! Aww I wanted Ian to take the whole thing!

    • Ian is the only one with a chance to beat Dan. The others have this false sense that they have a shot. Ian has pissed off the least of the jury members. Dan may just be putting his foot in mouth on the live feed by pissing her off!!!!! Maybe it could happen. Hoping so. BTW thanks Jillian for the help.

  19. Lol Bye bye Ian. That’s what you get for evicting the wrong people and kissing the Quackpack’s asses.

    • Hopefully, Danielle leaves the nominations the same
      and let Shane evict Ian! Ian will be tough to beat
      in the last HOH with a memory competitiion, probably
      the 2nd one! Getting Ian out gives Danielle and
      Shane a good chance at Final 2. Just win the last
      HOH and evict Dan! I hope Danielle wins the last
      HOH as she deserves to in the $500,000 over

  20. I wish this season contained Evel Dick, Rachel Riley and Dumbielle in the same house!! Could you imagine!! EPIC!

  21. I really hope Dumbielle don’t stupidly pull Dan from the block. That will be the worst move ever. She needs to get rid of Ian to ensure herself 100% a final 2 spot no matter who wins final HOH.

    • If she pulls Dan of the block then, Shane could get
      evicted by Dan. The smart play is leave the noms
      alone and let Shane evict Ian! Take Dan to Final 3
      and win the last HOH. Then, evict Dan and take
      Shane to Final 2. Danielle will win it over Shane as
      she can claim being responsible for evicting Janelle
      and Dan, two good players!

  22. Just gonna throw this out there. Obviously we’ve all seen Dan wearing a bandana, but did you notice that Ian’s been wearing one around his wrist too? I know there was talk about it a while ago, but it kinda confirms to me that Ian & Dan are in it till the end together.

  23. If they don’t send Dan packing they are the biggest idiots in Big Brother history, but then again they are already the biggest idiots in BB history!

  24. I hope Dan win! Because as coach and player, he also did well. Danielle just enjoyed what Dan had planned, she should not win it all.

  25. I’ve been rooting for both Dan and Ian most of this season. But at this point, Ian proved his weakness, and I actually hope Dan makes it to the finals, and that the jury doesn’t vote out of bitterness, but who played the best game. And that is obviously DAN! At least Ian will win the 25k, cause I guarantee he’ll get the vote for America’s fav. And I’m sure they will invite him back. I’m rooting for Dan at this point. It’s SO sick that Dani even made it THIS far…one creepy girl!

  26. she and shane needs to get rid of dan and do it now , he is sure to win since he has played an outstanding social strategy . He cant loose. Dan has a way of pulling off wins when he really has to .and as long as he has dumb dani under his thumb then he will win.

  27. Thanks production… I have no desire to continue watching these idiots.. My one and only favorite Ian is going home.. These losers will keep Dan, sadly.

  28. Dani’s on the fence when it comes to Shane and Dan. She’s a shoe in for 50k if Ian goes, but does she use the pov on Ian to make the decision to cut Dan or Shane at this point? I know that’s going through her crazy head right now cuz that’s really the choice she’s got.

  29. Ian’s best chance at staying is if the noms stay the same. He needs to convince Shane that Dani would choose Dan over him for the final 2. And he needs to tell him about Dan wanting to evict him. Plus tell him how the jury would give Dan the money if he makes it to F2 b/c he is the only remaining coach, who won before and they jury will respect him for it.

  30. last night (or early this morning i should say) dani and shane decided that dani should take dan off the block so he could get blood on his hands by voting out ian. this was so people in the jury house wouldn’t be mad at them. meanwhile dan and ian were in the br and dan was asking ian if he was sure he could win the 2nd half of the comp.and would ian take dan to F2 no matter what. sounds like he’s planning to vote out shane and wants to cover his bases.

    • Dan would be cocky or an idiot to take Shane to F3 when Shane is more capable of winning competitions and the least likely to take Dan to F2…

  31. Dan better wise up and keep his eyes on the prize of $500,000.
    It is a must win for Dan to take that POV and then, the last
    HOH in Final 3. He cannot leave it in the hands of Ian, Shane
    or Danielle despite, all those alliances as the safest assumption
    Dan can make is that anyone of the three can betray him at
    the last minute and evict him! And down goes all his grand
    plans and strategy if it happens. So, Dan go out and play
    hard to win Veto then, go and play hard in Final 3! If you
    win both POV and the last HOH, you win that $500,000

    • Why should she? Shane has been loyal to her!
      Danielle’s best chance although, a slim one is to
      end up in a Final 2 with Shane! If Danielle can win
      the last HOH and evict Dan, Danielle can claim she
      was responsible for evicting both Janelle and Dan,
      two very good players as well as winning HOH and
      Veto. She could beat Shane for that $500,000!

  32. Funny to see just how much Shane is kissing up to Dani…little does she know, he’s in it to win too, like everyone else. “being here for you” is such bunk.

  33. now the 2 geniuses have decided to take dan off the block so dan can get the blood on his hands by voting out ian “so the jury will like them better”. hope it happens. that’s like handing ian half a million dollars.

  34. Well another player leaves without so much as a word. Well at least Ian made good on his word.

    How do you think military personal feel about Dan’s use of the motto “Death before Dishonor” with his F2 with Ian? Especially since he doesn’t appear to honor it.

  35. All I have to say, Danielle better think long and hard, because if she brings Dan to the final 2 she will lose ,Dan will say all kinds of things and put her down like she did not win much, I played everyone in the house, I played the best game and he will get Danielle crying, so if she is smart she will get rid of Dan , and if he survives I hope the Jury votes for her or Shane or Ian.that’s My opinion.also America I hope you guys vote for Frank, as I think he deserves The 25Gs, I am from Canada and i love this game wish I good play this game .

  36. hi matt I am a loyal reader of your articles here but I think I disagree with your last statement… if Dan has as much influence on dani as we thought I don’t think he would be on the block…. I have a feeling Ian is still going to go to jury but I also think if Dan doesn’t win the final HOH Dan may be the final jury member!

    • If that happens, it will be a huge upset. Danielle can
      also win it! I think if she wind up with Dan and Shane in Final 3 and wins the last HOH then, evicts Dan, she can argue that she was responsible for getting rid of Janelle and Dan and probably win it over Shane!

  37. I would like to see Dan and Ian in the final 2. They have actually played the game. Danielle and Shane have whined their way through this season. In seasons past I didn’t like some of the winners but I would puke if Danielle won.

  38. I think Ian has played a great game! He deserves to win! However, since Shane and Danielle went on their first date last night maybe he is starting to like her? I hope it is not just a showmance. :( Dan…. wow.. he knows how to play this game!! I think whoever wins is fine by me (: i just love this show(: and i never know who will win(:
    What happened to the jury? They usually show it on tv.. I have not heard anything from them all summer???? Whats the jury house this summer?
    P.S. i think it would be so cool to be on this show(:

  39. Well, Danielle is in the final two. Ian means nothing to her except as a liability for F2. Ian is gone. So, she’s wondering who to take to F2, Shane or Dan. I predict that she’ll be cryin’ herself a river over this until she and Shane are in the F2. She knows more than anyone in the house how good a player Dan is and will feel she has a better chance against Shane. Plus, she doesn’t hurt her shomance with Shane. And, with Dani and Shane in the F2, we’ll all be wondering why we watched this show to begin with.

  40. The reasons why Dan will win this BB again,
    1. He’s puppet master- has Shane & Danielle by the strings
    2. Great speaker –which is important skill to have in front of the jury
    3. The other two did everything he wanted, he’ll have more than enough proof that he was running the game the whole time.

    Congrats Dan !!

    • Dan came into the game as a “coach” and as such was given a huge advantage over the newbies… he doesn’t even deserve to be playing as anything but a coach.. .and by the way, wtf happened to the $100,000 prize money that one of the coaches was going to receive… was this whole thing just a ploy by CBS to save a hundred grand?…. Production this year has f*ck’d thing royally by this “no set rules” and DR room interference… the game is getting to goofy and immoral.

  41. Danielle will have my total respect if she actually plays the game this week by leaving nominations as they are, and voting off dan, if she doesnt Ill just keep thinking of her as a dumb ass :)

  42. Okay, I think Dan might be in trouble if Shane decides who goes home. I don’t know, but for some reason, I think Shane is onto Dan and Danielle. Also, just as I thought, Danielle got Shane to kiss her (not just his normal peck). According to what I read, Danielle told Shane that she wanted a kiss and not the kind of kiss that she has been getting. I, also, believe that if Ian and Shane are left, Danielle will not be in the final 2. Shane is not my favorite hg, but I’m glad that he does not have to put up with Dani’s nonsense for more than one day.

  43. it does not make any sense for dan or danielle to vote shane out, I think there is only one physical comp left, and shane is not very smart so anything that is not physical will favor dan or danielle, if Ian is still in the house he will probably win any quiz comp, get rid of Ian, Dan should let Shane vote Ian out so it doesnt make him look bad, but if Danielle wins the final HOH then she might not bring Dan

    • I am rooting for Danielle not to change the nominations
      and let Shane vote out Ian! That is the best scenario
      for Danielle and Shane. While, I would be fine with Dan
      winning it, I am rooting for Danielle as she is the huge
      underdog in winning that $500,000. Her only chance is
      a Final 2 with Shane and winning the last HOH and
      evicting Dan! If Danielle does that, she will win that

      • Wow! I think is Danielle is in final 2, she will win. I sure hope she doesn’t win the big money, though.

  44. I think everyone is under estimating Danielle. I think the woman will play the men this time!! Go Danielle and according to the limo date she had with Shane I believe that there is something between the two of them that no one else caught this season. Looks like they had a showmance with really broadcasting everything to the public as they wanted it to be. Good for them! Looks like Danielle and Shane in the final two as they had promised each other since the beginning of the show.

    • Yeah right! Shane said Dani is not his type. Shane has done and said many things to hurt Danielle’s feeling. Shane is playing that girl like a fiddle. One night he doesn’t want to be around her, but when she wins HOH he wants to give her a real kiss, he lets her lay on top of him and give him a massage, and he cuddles with her for quite sometime. Please, I don’t buy it and neither should you. Danielle is a fool.

  45. After all this time…the eating monster woke up!..All she did for the whole summer was eat and cry..NOW at the very end..she wakes up….what a shame. It will be a real crime if she wins.

  46. Dan is playing a back stabbing game. Like evil Dick or worse because the way he has lied to everybody. Swearing on the bible swearing on his wife I know you got to do what you got to do but I don’t like what he has done. Yea when he won the first time he was loyall to Memphis so he uses that on Ian all the time and Ian eats that up. The way he threw Brittany under the bus Frank. I just don’t want Dan to win. If they don’t get him out he will win. I’d love to see Ian and Shane in the final two with Ian winning but that’s not going to happen. Maybe Danielle will smartin up
    And take Shane to the final two. Got to hand it to Dan the Funeral was something and the way he has everybody under his spell he will go down
    In Big Brother history. Wake up house quest don’t take Dan to the final two you will loose.

    • Well in Dan’s defense he was taking all the heat for Ian before his funeral. No one was going to speak up and admit that Dan wasn’t the mole. Can you really blame him for shifting the target to Brittany when they were going to let him take the fall. I do really like Brittany so I was sad to see her go but she was completely outmaneuvered.

  47. The only thing I can see for Ian is if Dan is saved and gets to vote. I don’t see Danielle doing that though. She’s going to keep Dan and Shane in the game to guarantee she makes it to the final two. IF, by some chance, Dan does talk her into saving him and giving him the sole vote then he will save Ian this time, get out Shane and hopefully Ian will win the next HOH and be smart and get rid of Dan. If not, they are idiots…but, they already proven that.

    • she is going to save Dan and Dan will vote out Shane, Shane is on board with Danielle deciding late last night that she wanted to use the Veto

  48. she will not use it..after their “date” she aint lettin Shane outta her sight!! had a dream run really is a shame you didnt see Dan for the liar he is/was and evicted him when you had the chance. That would been your turning point, and instead you sent Jenn home, Ah well, the season is about over and except for some lazy days, overall it was an exciting run this year. I cant wait to see the jury house tonight!!I love that part of the season–inside the house of coulda beens..

  49. Shane should, despite obviously being gay, have sex with Danielle to ensure his safety. Just think of Boogie Shane. Vote out Dan. This is your chance. Of course maybe he is sick of Ian’s voice & disgusting flabby tits.

  50. ffs, now Ian’s going home. The one person who actually deserves it. I hope the ppl at the jury house aren’t stupid enough to give Dan the money again. He doesn’t deserve it.

  51. Now we get to see if Danielle is a serious player. If she keeps the nominations the same she will 100% make the final 2 because Shane and Dan will both keep her. If she takes Dan down he will vote out Shane and her chances decrease to 66% because Ian will take Dan. I have a feeling she will do the latter.

    • I don’t think her math skills are as good as yours. Hers only goes so far as 1+1= 2 in the HOH bed.

      • CuriosityCounts, I think her math is fine, because 1+1 = 2 in the HOH bed last night. They didn’t go all the way, but I’m for sure if Danielle wanted to “do the do” and since Shane has visions of dollar signs dancing in his head, he probably would have obliged.

      • OMG…glad i didn’t see that. Shane needs to rethink….some things are not worth it. But hey..if that’s how the girl wants to play the game then more power to her. She will end up in F2 and i would have to give her props. Im a firm believer that if you make it to F2…you deserve to be there. I must be drunk…i just gave Danielle a thumbs up…

  52. Ian will be evicted. He will will America’s favorite. If Dan makes it to final 2, then he should win. He played the best game of BB in a long time! GO DAN!!!! :)

  53. You can do it DAN, you being a coach for a living has served you well. Dan you are a leader, not a follower, it shows.

  54. I think they will evict Ian first. If Dan does not win the last HOH he will be the next to leave but yes, Dan has had a powerful influence on Danielle. I believe she will follow her heart and take Shane along

  55. Danielle is not going to set up a situation where Shane can be evicted. She will leave the noms the same and let Shane evict Ian (or maybe even Dan). Whatever, Shane and Danielle will be in the final three.

  56. Danielle, I hate to say this but I think that from this moment on, YOU deserve everything YOU GET just from LISTENING to dan!…

  57. Dan will have to throw the final HOH comp,,,this way there is no blood on his hands to choose who he takes to the final 2. He won’t lose a vote there.

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