Big Brother 14 Episode 26 Recap: HoH, Pandora’s Box (Again) and Nominations

Big Brother 14 - Dan and Ian gametalk

Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 14 picked up right after Frank’s eviction because there were a lot of things that went down while the show was at commercial or on Julie Chen.

What we didn’t see last Thursday was Dan targeting Ian and Shane. When Dan won the Head of Household during the double eviction, he told Jenn, Danielle and Shane that they need to get Ian out instead of Joe.

Dan then told Ian that he had to put up Memphis in Season 10 and that he was going to have to put Ian up this time but only as a pawn. Ian isn’t happy about it, but he trusts Dan (even though he shouldn’t, of course).

So that’s what happens. Dan puts up Ian and Joe. And as we saw Thursday, Ian won the veto and took himself off the block. We were all shocked when Dan put up Danielle and none of us really knew why. We found that out on tonight’s episode.

Since Dan couldn’t get the real threat out, he wanted to get the physical threat, Shane, out. So he was his next target and Jenn was way on board. But Danielle talked Dan out of it, so that’s why Danielle went up as the replacement nominee. Of course Joe went home, but that move left everyone scratching their heads and Jenn really pissed.

The sad part about it all, was that Ian has no idea what’s going on. And everyone is acting like Ian is their worst enemy. I’m OK with people acting like they need to get a threat out of the game, but Danielle acts like Ian killed her whole imaginary family. I have no idea why she acts like she does about everyone. It’s scary. OK, enough of Danielle, I could go on and on and on and on and on about her, but I don’t think it’s fair to attack just one person in this game. Even though she’d make it so easy.

Dan tries to smooth things over with Jenn, but she’s not buying it. FINALLY, someone is immune to Dan’s mist. Who knew Jenn would be the first to repel the mist.

The next HoH game gets under way and this time it’s a memory game mixed with a skill/agility game. Ian, of course, did well. Shane did surprisingly well and Jenn and Danielle sucked at it. In the end, Shane and Ian were tied and Ian won the tie-breaker to earn his third Head of Household title.

Dan continues to control Ian and already starts working on getting him to not nominate him even though he just nominated him  earlier in the night. Dan pretends Ian is still a member of The Renegades and Ian and his fanboy blindness falls for it.

Pandora’s Box makes a return and this time Ian is enticed with a message from someone who loves him. Big Brother teases him by making him think the message will be from his parents. But when he opens the box, it’s really a video from Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly. She recorded a video filled with tips on how to win Big Brother. And of course they’re not legitimate tips, they’re really irritating ones that are only specific to her.

So since Ian got the punishment from the box, the other HGs got the real deal — real messages from their loved ones. Shane heard from his sister, Dan from his wife Chelsea and Jenn from her mom. Danielle’s message was from her sister or her godsister or a friend she met one time at a supermarket… I’m never sure anymore because she’s stretched the truth so much I’m afraid to report anything she says as fact.

It’s time for the nominations! Ian let Dan get to him, so Dan is safe. So is Danielle. So Shane and Jenn are the nominees this week. I hate to be Debbie Downer, but we might as well all be prepared for another pointless eviction when Jenn goes home Wednesday night. Zzzzzzz.

If you can’t wait until Wednesday to find out who won the veto, we’ve got those spoilers up for you already.



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  1. you should leave danielle out of every bb update you give… also jenn is just trash ready to be thrown out the house and somebody has to do it

      • what part? jenn is just trash in the game. she can’t win anything, her social game would be better if she was always getting pissed off and hiding in her corner, she cant make any moves by herself, and she doesn’t do anything…ever. danielle is just cuckoo for coco puffs

      • That doesn’t make Jenn trash. She is the only one that doesn’t kiss Dan’s butt. I give her props for that.

      • so kara, jodi, jojo, willie, britney, janelle, boogie, wil, ashley, and frank get your props for not kissing dan’s butt, who cares. she is usless and can’t do anything in this game. she is trash and in jury shell be a vote which is all she has ever been this season.

      • We’re not talking about outside of BB. I, too have been on a jury. But just out of curiosity….what did you base your vote on? I hope the defendant didn’t have the wrong color shirt on.

      • if we are not talking about outside the bb house then everything after your first sentence requires no response. in fact that makes your whole post just stupid, you should read before you post.

      • YOU brought up being on a jury. And since it can’t possibly be the jury for the BB house then it must have been some other jury. You say Jenn is trash so just wondering what you base your assumptions on. Bad game play does not mean she’s trash. And i believe i qualified my question with “out of curiosity”. But judging by your post i’d say the answer to my question is quite clear.

      • you are right jenn is not trash, because the trash in the house actually used to be useful. jenn has done nothing and is worse than trash. also you said we are only talking about the bb jury so i still dont know why you are making comments about jury duty.finally, you need to calm down. Jenn is less than trash and she will be till she becomes a vote in jury, so get over it. if you think she has done anything smart or useful in this game than you my friend are a dumbass. curiosity killed the cat.. see ya

      • LOL… I admire your convictions. It takes a truly big person to stick by what they believe. You are TRULY a remarkable human being. I absolutely would not expect anything else from you but what you posted. see ya…

  2. Shane has POV but Dan is trying to talk him into not using the VETO Dan is afraid Ian will put up Dan..I can’t believe Shane would actually consider not using the VETO..If he doesn’t I hope he’s evicted..All these houseguest Jenn Ian Shane and Dumbelle are so stupid and gullible

    • Even if Ian realizes that Dan isn’t faithful to their final two deal, the entire rest of the house is against Ian and wants him out because they know he is going to be hard to beat for the money. I want Ian to win, but he is going to have to win a lot of comps to win that half million.

      • how is that? down to final 4 there’s hoh, veto comp then down to 3 ppl then hoh. last winner of hoh picks who goes to final 2 soo two hoh and one pov.

      • at least without Dan there, Ian has a better shot winning the next veto in the final 4. This is a horrible move for Ian

      • Finally someone who understands that regardless of what Ian does, whoever the three remaining player are, they are against him.

        I don’t really believe that he trust Dan so much, but that none of the others have given him any reason they can be trusted.

        If you look at Ian’s reaction to his wins, he acts like he knows he is hanging on by a wing and pray. (even prayed during last HOH)

        Expect more swinging in the hammock to match his stress level.

        Did any one notice the displeasure of the live audience when Dan put Ian on the block? If the HG’s heard this, would further reason that are ganging up to get him out.

        There is no choice that could improve his odds, only winning remaining comps will work.

        Regardless of what others say he is still the best HG this season. The HG themselves have confirmed this. Even Dan the bully (not mastermind) knows this.

    • After just watching the episode online( I was watching the football game earlier) I will feel kind of bad if Dan does the same thing to Ian that he did to Frank even though I blame Ian for going after the wrong people in the first place.

      • He is doing the same thing. Dan will not win next to Ian. When Ian was up he told the rest of the people to vote Ian out. Thing is Ian won the veto so then that plan went out the door. Ian better be careful .

  3. this is so stupid why are the final four are all friends someone should have had enough sense to put your allies in the jury house now they will all turn and hate on each other.

    • I think Ian is smart to take Dan to the end. I don’t think the jury will give the prize to Dan over Ian. Ian is using Dan just like Dan is using him.

      • Idk about taking him to the end but leaving him for next week I agree because worse case scenario if Ian ends up in the block his chances are better against Dan. I think Ian would easily win against everyone except Dan in final 2. He could still beat Dan but I think it would be a lot closer compared to the rest of the hgs.

      • Everyone will gun after Ian next week. If Ian loses veto next week, he is evicted immediately without hesitation

      • But the problem is Dan has absolutely no intention of taking Ian all the way. We all saw on the nomination show tonight that Dan wants Ian gone. Dan will take Ian out the next chance he gets, that’s why it’s important for Ian to get rid of Dan before Dan gets rid of him. Ian needs to wake up and see that Dan is not to be trusted.

  4. The reason Jenn is the only one to not trust Dan is because she is from Brooklyn, NY. There are some trusting people in NYC but most of us start out not trusting and when you find out you are right you are not afraid to go head to head with the person. She’s a tough cookie and it will be really funny after doing nothing all season if she is the one to get rid of Dan. I have liked Dan all along but he’s been very cut throat. I don’t know why everyone thinks Frank is the worst eviction Dan manipulated. What makes Frank immune. He’s nothing more or less than anyone else in the house.

  5. Dan is actually playing the game.. This is a game to win a lot of money and making friends is secondary.. Dan is the only one who seems to get the rules of this game.Go Dan…

    • Totally agree! It’s only him playing like every episode Dan is like the only one in the DR room actually telling about his plan on what to do its all Dan. No one else left deserves to be there except maybe Ian but even still Dan playing him. I want Dan to win he deserves it.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Dan is playing this game so well! He did not come to make life long friends, he came to win money! Dan deserves to win the money! Go Dan!

      • Why do so many people like to reward poor sportsmanship? If I had friends over and played cards with them and they treated me or other players as badly as Dan, he would never be invited back.

        I am only watching the show until Ian is out. Loyalty is a quality I admire.

        He was never in an alliance with Frank and Boogie so did even go there. Boogie should have know that teams were no longer valid. coaches were no longer coaches. Boogie sealed his fate when he did not support Ian at the pirate ship. Boogie was only loyal to Frank. as Jenelle said Boogie is big on bromances.

    • I agree. This is not nursery school where making friends is essential. It’s a cutthroat game that requires you to get rid of all your competition. And the friends you make along the way ARE your competition. I’m not saying you can’t feel bad about evicting someone. But if your pity is going to cost you your game then you need to go play tiddly winks and leave the big girls and boys to play for the money. This is not a game for the faint of heart.

      • Lol…I wouldn’t make it either. The first time i was put on slop, i’d self evict and head straight for Burger King.

      • yep, emotionally would be my problem. its easy to sit here and type what everyone should and should not do. i could not fathom how i would do.

      • I usually go to Survivor Fandom. It’s also Matts site. I’m hoping to be able to watch this year….not as fanatical about it as BB.

      • I think you can stillwin and play an honest game lots of people do it and I would play the game that way but I’m also not going to trust everybody.

      • You get down to F3…and both the other hg are your friends. Which one do you cut? No matter who you choose…someone’s pissed. They would most likely call you unfair if you didn’t choose them. I didn’t say you couldn’t be honest. I just said you had to make the tough decisions no matter what. Someone’s going to end up hurt….and can you accept that?

      • I got what you;re saying. Honest game meaning, not to lie at all? I’m curious can you give me names of the past winner of BB that you consider they have played an honest game?

      • You misunderstand. When I say honest I mean I will try to stick by people I have alliances with and have made deals with. If I don’t trust the person then I won’t get involved with them.

      • So, your honesty is sticking with people you have alliances with and have made deals, and you will TRY to stick with it…so it’s within that scope only….OK

      • I never said my plan was foolproof…but my strategy would be to keep floaters safe so I can easily win the 500 gs. I would partner up with Strong players but let other players take them out and I will try to stay a moderately good player so I’m not a huge threat but I don’t look like a floater either. None of my plan included any back stabbing.

      • Well it really all depends if I can win the challenges that I need to win. Thats why I said my plan isn’t foolproof.

      • @Kenny…i understand what you’re saying. And that’s an honorable way to look at it. But here’s the problem… do you know who you can trust? The #1 rule is to trust NO ONE. Look at Frank…he trusted the wrong people and it got him evicted. Keeping the deals you make is fine…but you can’t count on everyone else doing the same. That’s what i meant about making the hard decisions….sooner or later you have to go along with the house or they see you as an obstacle to get rid of at the earliest convienence.

      • May I ask what winner has won the game without lying? It’s pretty funny I ve only missed like 3 seasons of BB and I think Dan is the only one who won the game while being as close as you can by being honest and playing a decently clean game. This seasons just shows you how amazing the guy is he can go for playing clean to backstabbig everyone because he needs to adjust his gameplay to win this year.

      • You misunderstand. When I say honest I mean I will try to stick by people I have alliances with and have made deals with. If I don’t trust the person then I won’t get involved with them.

      • Ohhhh yeah but guess still I think Evel dick and Danielle and Dan and Memphis are the only alliances to ever do that oh wait and brigade.

      • I agree with you to a degree. I tend to prefer players who try and stay loyal to their alliance. I think it’s a pretty magical thing to get two or three people who have all been on the same team to the end, However, I think one has to take into consideration what coming back into the game as a prior winner would do to your game play. Dan has already played a somewhat loyal honest game to his alliance. The houseguests know who he is and how he played. I just rewatched Dan’s prior season and in my opinion he played a pretty brilliant game both seasons. In the first one he flies under the radar by creating a weak facade. He did the same thing this season but upped the ante by playing a more ruthless game behind the scenes. I think it was pretty brillant of Dan to bring out the renegades card on Ian. With Ian being such a big fan of the show that was probably what kept him off the block during Ian’s HOH. Love him or hate him no one can deny that Dan is playing the game.

    • Dan suggested early on that Ian would be a good rat and Brittney ran with it. Little did she know Dan was waiting for the right opportunity to set off the time bomb and we saw her, then Frank and now Shane targeted by the that bloodthirsty Dan without Ian having a clue who was really being them going out the door. Ian even put up Shane and if Dan is lucky he trusts them enough not to have to use the veto. People arent afraid of Dan they think he’s the next best thing to a true friend they have in the game.

  6. Ian needs to break Dan and Danielle up if he wants to win this game. He’s got himself in the same situation Frank was in: it’s either he wins everything from here on out, or he goes to jury. He has got to see that Dan is playing him, and he needs to take Dan out before Dan takes him out.

  7. I want jenn to stay over every1 else..if shane doesn’t use veto he’s a dumbass that needs to go but if he uses it and dan i mean ian puts up dani vote her OUT

    • I also agree. I think Jenn played a more respectable game than Danielle and Shane had (all they did was coattail ride Ian and Dan). Jenn made the effort to actually play a active floating game, having multiple alliances

  8. If I were Jen, I’d let Ian in on what’s going on. seems like everyone knew Dan’s plan to back door him except Ian. Jen could make a very good move if she wants to stay in the game. Dan needs to go, he’s sneaky and conniving. go ian!

    • She needs to tell Ian for sure about Dan wanting him out last week. I don’t know why these people are so afraid of Dan, he sits around and makes conversation with these people like he actually cares what goes on in their lives, he could care less. If he is in Final 2, the jury will not give him the 500 grand, no way.

      • Shane needs to join her in conversation with Ian.He needs Danielle repellent.She isalmost as bad as Dan. She sits with fake tears when someone puts her up like she is supposed to carried like a Queen to the Final 2. She talked smack when she thought Shane would vote to keep Brittany.She was prepared to vote him out if he had not won POV. They need to compare notes.

    • She is in a tough spot though I don’t think she would tell because that would piss Dani off if she did and Jenn stills needs her vote to stay. And I think even if she did I don’t think Ian would believe her and Dani and Shane would just deny it.

    • I have never been a Jenn fan. She is the biggest floater ever in my book, but I agree she needs to get to Ian and spill it all. He needs to know. The only problem is Dani and Shane won’t take out their leader. He has them in his pocket and they aren’t coming out until he says so.

  9. The final veto competition will be the one where you have to put HGs’ names next to clues about them. It’s a memory/puzzle game, and I’m pretty sure Ian will win it. Even if he doesn’t have the sense to backdoor Dan, I still think he will make it to the final three.

  10. jenn is actually in a very good position she can out dan’s plan to ian she can also tell shane he was nearly evicted as well it would be nice to see dan go down with the same knife he was was planning to stab 2 people with

  11. Dan is in a really good spot right now. I know he thinks he wants Shane out but I actually think evictin Jenn may suit him best in the immediate future. If Jenn goes that leaves Dan, Shane, and Danielle to compete for HOH. Let’s run the scenarios. Dan wins HOH he’s safe. Shane wins HOH, if its Dan and Ian on the block Danielle would vote Ian out. If its Dan and Danielle on the block, Ian would vote Danielle out due to his final 2 deal with Dan. If Danielle wins HOH and Dan and Shane are on the block for same reasons Ian votes out Shane, and if its Dan and Ian then Danielle would make sure Shane voted out Ian. So no matter who wins HOH or Veto Dan would be in final 3. Now that Jenn seems to be wising up a little she may vote Dan out. If I had to take a stab at what happens, I’d say Jenn gets voted out, then either Shane or Ian depending on HOH/Veto, and then Dan would most likely win final HOH and take Danielle using the argument that not only did he make final 2 but took his player to final 2 as well. He’d most likely win the 500k. Ian would want to be part of History (first 2 time winner), Brit would respect the gameplay, I think ultimately Frank would rather say he was beaten by the best than give Danielle the money, Ashley will go along with Frank. Shane would vote Danielle, I think Joe would vote Danielle out of spite to Dan, and I think Jenn would vote emotionally as well. So Dan wins big brother 14 by a 4-3 vote. Just my opinion.

    • Totally agree with you Dan in a very good spot. The only positive of keeping Jenn is that it would be easier for Dan to win next hoh and be easier to win in finals against her.

  12. they are all idiots left in the game.
    dan made some big moves but really could have had an easier route to where he is now but instead pulls all this crap and gets lots of blood on his hands (not good for jury. 2nd place prize im thinking) He is just fortunate that everyone else in the house are clueless

    Danielle cries every chance she gets even though she should feel more secure with dan and shane in his pocket, she fails to see she is a floater and might be dans pick to final 2. (with no major wins and floating by he could win against her)

    Shane just looks for people to tell him what to do and believes anything they say

    Ian says he watches every season and yet cant figure out people backstab alliances before they reach the agreed time and that others form side alliance to cover them. Fails to see any of dans move.

    Jenn current biggest idiot in the house as she knows something is up with dan (hints they voted against frank. they didnt put shane up this week) She also knows she will be targeted and what does she do to stop it? Nothing.
    how about tell ian that dan wanted him out but ian won veto so they couldnt. Gets Ian thinking and tell him dont put me up. put dan and danielle up as obviously they are still talking to each other (void the hold funeral ploy). Shane plays pov for danielle. ian plays for him and jenn will play to keep the nominations the same.

    Votes will evict Dan.

    2 ways. Jenn votes Dan as he is bigger threat and working with ian and shane votes to keep Danielle so dan is sent packing

    other less likely scenario is Shane send danielle home but results in tie and Ian gets to choose Dan

    Danielle’s alliance is broken and becomes jenn and ian vs danielle and shane.

    • The only thing with Jenn is if she told Ian dani would get pissed off an wouldn’t vote for her to stay and she would need her vote. Also I really don’t think Ian would believe her and Dani and Shane would just deny it. I think she only going to be safe if Shane decides not to se the veto. And that’s actually a realistic possibility. And also let’s not forget Dan has never shad a vote even castes against him yet in two seasons of BB. He hit jury votes from ppl who called him Juddas and ppl he back stabbed. You can never count Dan out and jury always usually suprises you.

  13. Ian’s entire life is Big Brother. He’ll be talking about this 50 years from now. I’m sorry for his afflication but he just creeps me out.

    • If Ian creeps YOU out that is YOUR problem not Ian’s, he doesn’t creep out normal people but I guess that obviously doesn’t include you. Seems like you are the one with an affliction.

    • I really like Ian, but OMG you are so right, he is going to be unbearable to be around for ages unless you really like hearing about Big Brother.

  14. OK, Ian is an extreme student of this game, he know the different ways that players in the past have manipulated other players. He also know that on occasion there have been controversies where people have felt that production has manipulated the game in various ways to favor a particular favorite player of theirs.

    One, either this kid is incredibly naive and foolish given all he knows about all the history of big brother.
    Or, Two, he is so clever that at this point he doesn’t want to share his true feelings and thoughts with anyone including the DR just to insure Dan is not somehow tipped off to what he will be doing.
    Am really hoping it’s #TWO

    Maybe it seems far fetched but that is what I’m hoping, that he is clever enough to try and back door Dan now, when he has the opportunity, maybe his last opportunity and his only chance to remain in the game unless he wins all the remaining vetoes and final HOH.

    • You have to be kidding me! We are down to Final 4
      and Ian made it by winning the HOH. Good for him. However, remember that next week he does not play
      for HOH. No problem you say. He will win POV.
      Realize that no matter how good you are at competitions, you will lose one when you “really need it”. Just ask Frank last week when he lost POV to Dan when his life depended on it! So, Ian gets put on the block next week, he fails to win POV and gets evicted! So, much for his strategy and wasting his HOH nomination on Jenn? Ian is not that smart because
      if he was, he would have seen Dan playing him for a fool. Not just once, but, multiple times! Even in the
      last one when he wanted to put Dan on the block and Dan managed to have Ian put Shane on the block instead! On the plus side, the expression on Ian’s face when gets evicted will be priceless! It may even be Dan who wins HOH and it
      will be ironic if Dan sends Ian to the jury house. Dan
      deserves that $500,000 more than anyone else in
      the house including Ian because he continues to
      play everyone like the puppets they are!

      • While I agree that Ian needs to realize Dan doesn’t have his back, would putting Dan on the block get Dan evicted over Jenn?

      • The votes are if Dan is put on the block:
        Danielle and Shane. Danielle will vote to
        evict Jenn and Shane might be convinced
        to evict Dan. That would make it a tie. If Ian
        has some brain cells working for once, he
        will see that he has power to send the best
        Big Brother manipulator packing to the
        jury house as he will be the deciding vote.
        And if Ian does decide to vote to evict Dan,
        that would be a huge game changer right
        there because now, Dan cannot win it!

      • No way will Shane go aginst whatever Danielle wants. She says to keep Dan, Shane will vote to keep him. I just don’t see either of them voting Dan out, even if Ian puts him up.

      • If Jenn is on the block with Dan, Jenn can rat out Dan and maybe, just maybe, Ian and Shane can have some brain cells working to vote Dan out!

      • The object of the game is to make it to
        Final 2 and includes lying, backstabbing,
        manipulating other players in the house.
        What have you been watching all season?
        That is what all of them has been doing
        all this time! If you got played and did not
        make it to the end, does that entitle you
        to that $500,000? I guess you know the
        answer to that one!

      • no that is just what it has become over the years with people like you watching.

        that is why they recycle old players. the more they get burnt the more ruthless they become and people like you enjoy seeing people being bullied.

        the original was not like this, the game has been altered over the years because the vocal audience wants wicked and evil. that’s why evil dick was so popular.

        we see the same happening with glass house if it survives. already you have one player asking the public if they want him to play a evil game. it was no shock to me that the answer was yes.

        So is it really so strange to you if I want to support the underdog? or think he is still better even if he doesn’t win. Dan’s play makes good people sick!

        Being the actual winner really means nothing, but I would much rather it go to Ian who has a much greater future and would put it to better use.

        the live audience gave a glimpse of hope. It was obvious they did not like it when Dan put Ian on the block. There still some good people out there.

      • @disqus_1lwbiFb4TE:disqus …I’m just wondering what criteria you use for determining who is “good”. This board is filled with good people…including some that like Dan. Just because his gameplay doesn’t suit everyone does not mean those that approve of it are “bad”. Everyone has their own choice of who to root for and personally i could care less who roots for whom. We all have our own reasons for doing so. I don’t agree with bullying but i guess that depends on what you constitute as being a bully. You’re right about one thing…”Just because you play other people doesn’t make you deserving of $500,000″. But if you OUTPLAY them…i’d say you deserve every penny.

      • Just review me message and pretty sure I did not use the word “bad” used wicked and evil

        Outplay is from Survivor.

        I feel no need to debate the words I used. Judge yourself and others by your own standards.

        BB has placed itself out there for public scrutiny and I feel free to do so.

        If you feel that this was directed at your personally, that is not the case.

        Even the show “The Simpsons” has a moral behind the store, but I is beyond their viewing audience.

      • I’m pretty sure “wicked and evil” means bad. Outplay may belong to Survivor but it applies to BB as well. And to quote your own words in your reply to Richie…”‘people like you enjoy seeing people being bullied.” And..”that is what it has become over the years with people like you watching.” I guess my point was …you can’t judge Richie either good OR bad because he likes Dan’s game play. And using the phrase “people like you” implies judgment. Your right…BB has placed itself out there for scrutiny…but the people on this board have not. Therefore i would never judge you or Richie..or anyone else on this board for having an opinion that differs from mine. I might debate them on the facts…but that would be all.

      • Other than outplaying other people, what’s your criteria to be the winner? In what capacity that a player deserves 500K? You should at least back up your statement.

    • I agree with #2, however I believe he has indicated that he did not feel safe when Dan nominated him and said he never felt better than when he won POV. That to me says it all. He hows he is fourth in the quack pack pecking order. He has seen enough to know that it would be the perfect time to get him out.

      I believe Ian has passed a hint to Shane but I am not sure he had figure this out. They have had discussions on who the would aligned with if it had not been for the couches. Ian included Shane on his side. May be testing the water to see if Shane would make a move. If Shane does not bite, Jenn goes to jury.

      As to keeping silent, If you remember Wills mistake, he could not leave well enough alone, made a confrontation that there was an alliance and put a big fat target on himself.
      of the three I think Shane is less inclined to evict Ian, But at this time the big problem is Shane is tight with Danille and she is tight with Dan. Jenn think she tight with Dan but is just a pawn for Dan to hide behind.

      Ian is clever enough, he got Boogie. but the other HG’s know he would win in F2 so I think they will allow themselves to become lemmings to be sacrificed in hope it won’t be them going next. This seems to be a common thread for BB and Survivor.

      The game is set up so there is no way you can make a big move on your own. Sad to say winning POV/HOH maybe his only option.

  15. I am guessing that ALL the house guests think going to the final two
    with Dan is a good idea because he has back stabbed so many of the jury
    members plus he has already won before that there is no way the jury would give him the half million again. I believe they are completely wrong with this thinking but I think this might be what they are thinking. Interested in hearing if any of you agree or disagree with this idea.

    • Dan has talked to Ian before about going with him to the end…and that
      he would no doubt win…Dan said that he’d be happy with the 50,000.
      Danielle probably feels the same way, since going with Shane would not
      be a good idea for her. He’s way more popular with the hg’s (her assumption and she’s
      probably correct). I doubt that Shane wants to go with Dan to the end.
      He’s made it clear that he wants to make Danielle his final 2 partner, probably feeling self-assured that he’d beat her for the big bucks.
      Unsure about Jenn having no ally, keeps her thoughts to herself. She’s no dummy, but is working alone.

    • I don’t think they all think that going to the F2 with Dan is a good idea *because* he has back stabbed so many people, I think they are just ignorant! Like many have said if he doesn’t get backdoored this week then he deserves to win. I agree with you, if they *do* think taking him to F2 is a good idea *bc of the jury votes*, they are completely wrong! (btw, I’m a Dan fan, don’t hate too much please)

  16. So if Ian does not get Dan out this week then he deserves to lose! Sorry but Even though I dont like Dan this season if he convinces these idiots to keep him then they deserve what ever Dan does to get them out. Lastly Danielle is a soooooo desperate. Does she think Shane who can definitely get whatever chick he wants is going to want her? Guys don’t like desperate girls. Shane is avoiding intimacy because he’s not interested but he can’t have her as an enemy so he pets her like a cat. She’s fighting for Shanne cause she has him trapped in this house doing so. I think she senses once he is gone the parity is over. The only one “playing” for 500000 is Dan. Ian wants to be cool in his quack pack club. Danielle is playing for love refusing to get rid of Shane when she should bring Jen. Shane is in a coma.. Wherever the wind blows is where he goes. I don’t know.

  17. Believe it or not. Jenn is the only one using atleast, some of
    her brain cells. She figured out that Shane was targeted but,
    the plan was put off somehow when Danielle was put on the
    block by Ian. She also knows that Shane is in the alliance
    otherwise, why would Dan not put Shane up when he had
    a chance to remove a good player? That does not make any
    sense! Unfortunately, for Jenn, she does not have any allies
    in the house to save her! She is in a very bad spot. The only
    thing she has is some leverage which she should be using.
    That is all the information she has on Dan, she should tell
    the others about it except, Danielle as she would know that
    Danielle is with Dan! Just tell Shane and Ian about it. Jenn
    has nothing to lose at this point but, everything to gain!
    What if Danielle is put up as replacement and with Jenn’s
    revelations, Danielle is the one evicted? That would be a
    huge twist right there! So, Jenn go for it. What have you
    got to lose?

      • I will be very surprised if Ian decides at the last
        minute to put up Dan. It is probably still going to
        be Danielle. Jenn might have a slight chance if
        she rats out Dan. She should because she does
        not have anything to lose and much to gain! It
        may be her only move to save herself and get
        Danielle sent to the jury house. Dan might vote
        to evict Jenn but, Shane might not if he knew
        how deep Danielle is with Dan! Then, Ian can
        cast the deciding vote to evict Danielle! That
        would be a shocker of course, to Dan and

  18. Do you really think that CBS would let Ian not open pandora’s box? Has anyone not opened pandora’s box?

    I wonder how long they made him set in DR to get this one. BB wants to give Dan a chance to appear human again.

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