Big Brother 14 Episode 21: Week 7 Veto Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Big Brother 14 is back tonight with a Veto episode that’s going to be incredibly exciting thanks to some amazing maneuvering by one of this week’s nominees. On top of what’s easily the greatest strategic move we’ve seen so far this season there will be the added drama of a second Power of Veto thanks to the return of Pandora’s Box.

Shortly after Sunday’s Big Brother broadcast Dan, one of this week’s nominees, broke out a shocking strategy that set the house off on an entirely new direction. CBS will do their best to showcase the events, but the drama lasted for hours and they just won’t have time to show everything. I highly recommend that you read our full recap of the night to get all the details. That was probably the most exciting night of the season.

Things didn’t slow down the next day either with the Veto ceremony giving the HGs another shocking slap to the face that set off even more fights and arguments through the house. You can read all those Veto ceremony details for Flashback times & events.

This is a great time to be watching Big Brother online with the in-house cameras. The action has been awesome and the drama has been heavy so grab your Free Trial and see what other fans have been watching!

Check back in tonight to discuss the show live with other fans and read our recap of tonight’s Big Brother episode. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. I thought that the double eviction live show would be the best episode of the season, but if CBS does their best at showing all of the important strategy and drama, then tonight definitely has a chance of topping it.

  2. Dani’s playing it smart, not giving her own game plan to Frank. Frank is trying to get info out of her. She’s not buying it.

  3. HOPE DAN WINS BB 14; he is the one that has had to endure the most garbage and after being blamed for everything he is the one that is deserving of the win. Not to mention getting himself off the block when his alliance turned against him. Dan for the win!!!

    • Disagreeing with this post just because I think Frank has had a harder road and more to overcome. Dan has been nominated….what, once? Not quite the same.

      • Not the same, but blamed for everything. He kept quiet about all the attacks. Until, now. He’s definitely playing a LOW KEY game this time. Regardless of what others think, Dan is a likeable guy.

      • Dan did take a lot of heat for Ian. If anyone else besides Frank had won HOH Dan would have been fine, and could have dealt with Ian later on. I’m basing my thoughts over what has happened over the entire season, not just the last 2 weeks.

      • Dan has been through a lot, but he has already won once-I think someone else deserves to win this time. Dan can be kinda mean at times!

      • What difference does it make if you’ve won once? You still have to negotiate different personalities in the house. These people are not the same ones as he played against before, so they would not react the same to Dans strategy. If you make it to F2, you deserve to win…whether you’ve won before or not. If his strategy is mean and the hg still keep him…then they set themselves up for whatever they get. Same as if they had kept Boogie.

      • So are you saying that Jenn deserves to win if she makes the final 2? Or Joe? I do hope Dan makes it to the end.

      • I’m a Dan fan too. But if your sitting in F2 then you must have done SOMETHING right….whether it be you’re a good floater or kicked some ass along the way. No, i wouldn’t like it if Joe or Jenn won but i don’t think we have to worry about that….whoever they’re sitting next to would win. They’d get no jury votes.

      • Also Dan had to play it safe at the start he is going into the house as a previous winner kinda puts a target on your back from the start. But I also agree it hard not to cheer for Frank both deserve final 2.

      • I agree. Frank at least tried to win all the comps he competed it. Dan has admitted to Dani & Brit that he was throwing comps in the beginning (But who knows) that could have been a cover-up for not winning. Frank had to overcome a lot more obstacles. Liked Frank from the start, only started liking Dan with his big move on his so called alliance, especially kicking Brit right between her face picking EYES……

    • Dan has been through the most! Frank has been targeted the entire season! I really hope Dan and Frank make it to the finals. I hope they keep their alliance. I really hope Frank isn’t stabbed in the back again! He can’t trust Britney , I still don’t know why she was picked to be a coach, were all the other players unavailable? She did crappy her first season, she hid behind Lane just like she’s doing Shane. I will so happy when she leaves.

      • She was picked because of funny DR sessions. In other words, yes, real players weren’t available.

      • The Dan/Frank alliance will only last as long as it is helpful to Dan. The first chance he has he will take Frank out because he will be hard to beat in the end. For Dan, its all about how to stay there and who he can beat, no matter who he cuts in the process.

    • i agree but only after frank is gone he has done this ever since Janelle left and did it every week he wasnt hoh not just once

  4. I hate to see Britney go…..dont think I will watch next season….to much DR messin with the players… fake

    • don’t think cbs cares too much, there still the #1-3 show in the time-slot every episode, 1 person doesn’t matter too much to them.

  5. I’m interested to see the “funeral” and aftermath. Don’t believe it was necessary to toy with Danielle’s emotions in that way. Danielle was going to stay over Britney anyway, and Dan could have approached Frank without it. Dan has always been sadistic, so he got enjoyment from making Danielle cry. And then there is the punishment gallery comp, so ordering a pizza because tonight’s episode should be good.

    • It’s not hard to toy with Danielles emotions. All you have to do is say boo and she bursts into tears. She needs to get a grip but somehow i don’t think that’s going to happen.

      • Maybe once she sees herself on the show, and views the feedback. It’s wishful thinking. LOL Imagine though if your spouse said you’re dead to me and then 2 hours later smiled from ear to ear and said, “but baby I still love you.” Dan’s still creepy.

      • Come to think of it…Dan has dumped on Danielle twice now, and both times she’s taken him back. So she has stalker tendencies AND could be a doormat. Danielle: voted most likely to need marriage counseling. BB class of 2012

    • Totally disagree thank Danielle would of been gone if it had not been for Dan’s speech getting her the sympathy vote, and Dan was totally right as Danielle is not that good of an actress so he could not tell her it has to look real. So sick of the Carrot’s continued cheating this season. Carrot needs to go back home to his carrot patch!!

  6. If anyone other than Dan wins the $500,000 then I’ll probably watch BB next year. But if he wins then I will always wonder if production cheated last year when Rachel won.

    Let’s face it … thinking back … now there are substandard people on BB. Maybe that’s why Evil Dick left last year –> salary wasn’t enough ?

    just sayin

    • I don’t know why you would say that for Dan if he won. Maybe Frank cause of that reset but even still he had to win all those comps on his own and he was even disqualified in this veto. I think production can manipulate the game to give them a better chance but they still have to win the comps. It’s not completely fair but they still have to win. Like Rachel last season I didn’t agree with it cause both her and Jordan gt the chane to stay together. But they did still had to win the comp. But I guess it’s the whole expect the unexpected

      • They have been after Dan since the beginning. They were trying to eliminate his players so he would have to go. Granted he hasn’t won anything but that means he had to save himself with conversation. If you remember last time he was on he didn’t win hardly anything either. His gift is his gab and likability. I wouldn’t complain if he won again, he deserves it.
        Frank cheated twice so far; he got away with it the 1st time but not the 2nd time. Cheaters should NEVER win!!!!

      • It’s funny though, Jordan didn’t win comps, Rachel & Jeff carried that floater that whole season.

    • don’t waste your time wondering if BB production cheated, surely you realize in big brother there are no rules and manipulation is the name of the game.

      • Production cheats for Frank not for Dan!!! To come up with that plan it took a master and that definitely is not production as they make it clear they are cheating it was Dan all by himself and to figure out a way to get Danielle the sympathy votes was pure genius!!!!!!

  7. I’m gonna miss Brit. She is hilarious and actually has a personality. Rest of the cast is wet cardboard. Want to see her with Ian on Amazing Race.

    • she sure made the show annoying and if they want to annoy the crap out of us and bore us to death then yeah put them on amazing race too

  8. Well I feel like I have wasted a whole summer watching a puppet show. I can’t believe that every aspect of the game is dictated to the players like it has been this year. Almost every one of my fellow BB fanatic friends have agreed that this may be the end for us. Especially when Britany walks out this week. When physcopath Daniele and sleeping Jenn get to plan someones downfall, you know somethings wrong!

    • The same posts were made when Janelle left. Just because your favorite might not win you don’t just stop watching. I’ve been watching since the first season and lots of my favorites have been voted out, but I’m still here. Productions has always played a part. It’s a reality tv show and all those shows have production as part of it.

      • Yes, production has always played a part, but is it just me or does it seem way worse this season? Don’t know if thats because they HAVE to do what production says, or they don’t have the balls to do otherwise.
        I remember watching BBAD for season 11 and Kevin saying that the DR had been on him for hours to not vote out Jeff over Jordan, but he just did what he wanted to and Jeff walked out that door.
        So, are this years houseguests just balless or does production have them over more of a barrel as opposed to previous seasons?

      • That is the thing. Regardless of what production asks the house guests to do, it is up to the house guests to nominate who they want to nominate. They choose who to save with Veto and the replacement nominees and it is them alone thru their collective votes that decides who comes or who goes! The notion that it is fixed is utter nonsense! Of course, those spouting their nonsense are just pissed
        that their favorites has been outplayed by some other house guest. Be honest otherwise, you sound like hypocrites when things are going well for your favorites, it is all good and production is not fixing things but, if it goes against my favorite, it has to be rigged! Please, enough of the BS. Do not insult our intelligence with that useless crap!

  9. I think Jenn should win it all. She has busted her ass since day one. She is amazing and I love her so much.

  10. Later Brit. Won’t miss you and your “sour grapes”. You got played again. Deal with it. But good job campaigning to get rid of Frank after you’re gone. Think the whole house has been trying that since week 1. Loser.

    • LMAO !! So glad Dan turned on her. She lied 2 so many people and her DR sessions were stupid. All she did was make fun of all the people in the house. Hope Frank or Dan’s good-bye message to her while she’s sitting on the couch with Julie Chen is 10x better than the one she gave
      to Boogie (which didn’t make me crack a smile) Karma’s a biotch, isn’t it Brit : )

    • Yes, hope she is out. I got so sick of her blasting everybody and for some reason encouraging the house guests to evict Frank. Frank was never anything but nice to all of them. He kept his word and they all stabbed him in the back. What is their obsession with Frank? I hope Ian goes soon because he is really annoying that little girl boobs freak.,

      • Frank needs to go and Frank has been mean as Satan to Dan who did nothing to that freak. He threatened Dan and agreed when Boogie threatened to go and sexually assault Dan’s wife and not to mention the numerous times he has been caught cheating in the game with or without production’s help. Cheaters need to go HOME and he should of been sent home the first time when he cheated!!!

  11. Can’t wait to see ‘Dan’s Funeral’!
    In BB10, he did the ‘Replacement Nominee Roulette’ and now his ‘funeral’, this guy is amazing! :)

    But sucks that Britney is probably going to be evicted. :(

  12. i’d like to c dan win just b.c it’d be cool for someone to win twice, and he’s a great player.

  13. Wish Frank would be evicted. Can’t stand watching him. He’s dumb, has a filthy mouth and let Mike Malin lead him around by the nose for a month. He worships this 42 year old deadbeat. Sorry – Just had to get this off my chest.

    • I disagree, Frank is the only one doing a good job a playing while maintaining his integrity… all th other HG’s are so annoying, it is hard to watch them without hitting the FF button.

      • Frank has had lots of help from production. He is not that good, but I am sure he will win like Rachael.

      • I don’t see him making it to the final 2. Dan will see to that because Dan cant beat him. I give him two more evictions and he is gone.

      • ARE YOU WATCHING THE SAME SHOW I AM??? Frank has not one ounce of integrity. To have integrity you do not CHEAT or agree that someone’s wife should be sexually assaulted!!!! Frank is the one player that has NO INTEGRITY or continual use the F Bomb in every sentence!! Ian even has more integrity that FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. I totally hope that everyone in the house wakes up and psycho crybaby Danielle gets evicted. There is something mentally wrong with that girl. (I was hoping for a double veto and seeing Vain Shane put up on the block with her. Oh, well….)
    Dan and Frank, whether you are angry at their actions or not, are great game players.
    I truly think that nominating Brit was a huge mistake. She does not deserve to go home. Every time I see her hug Danielle I want to throw up. Hopefully she will lose the blinders on her eyes soon… when she does, look out Danielle. I will be loving every minute of it.
    Danielle, on the other hand, has done nothing but ride on other players coat tails to further herself in the game. Her crazy butt needs to go home.

    • Hilarious (and true) Vain Shane. Except, he’s looking more like a mountain man…or a shaggy dog. He needs help ppl. Someone please cut that nasty hair.

    • Danielle is crazy but she at least won 1 comp. What has princess Britney won? She hides behind a man. I wonder how her husband felt when Shane won that one comp with the dip and she jumped him and straddled him. She couldn’t even win a coaches comp. She’s not even funny she talks bad about people, how is that funny? Good riddance!

      • I agree and Dani won 1 HOH and 1 veto. People only see Brit’s funny side, but she has a real mean side to her as well. She trashes everyone. She was willing to let Dan go and ran to make a F2 deal with Frank which she also lied about.. Her problem was she ran around making too many F2 deals that meant nothing. She didn’t want to take the heat for anything. She accused Shane for throwing her under the bus. Brit just wanted to hide behind everyone and coast through in order to win.

  15. ian needs to go the comment he made about 911 last nite about wanting to play since that happened and now shane and dani are very close after last nite brittney drunk ian drunk and saying things all 4 of these creeps need to go

      • Ian made a comment about how he has been watching Big Brother since “before a plane flew into a tower.” Not cool. Many other HGs present at the time.

    • Ian needs to go for a lot of reasons besides that awful comment. His favorite player is Shelly from last year and you can see he is playing like her. He was telling the HG this last night. Of course he forgot to mention what happened to Shelly and how many people were threatening her family. I can see that a lot of use to be Ian fans are changing their minds about him and if he continues acting like he does he will be getting hate mail as well. He may be book smart, but needs to be smarter about things he says.

  16. I am bumbed that they may vote out Britney. Last year she got dumped and again this year, NOT FAIR !!!! I hope Dan gets voted out and cries like a baby!!!!!!!!

    • How is it not fair? If snowflake can’t take the heat she should get out of the kitchen. Twice being dumped in the trash should tell her something….her game sucks.

      •’s not hard to be the ring leader if the people you’re leading are dumb as a box of rocks. Shes seems like an ok person really but not aware enough to figure out that if a strategy doesn’t work ONCE…’s not going to miraculously work the second time around.

    • She is being dumped because she was the one who was going to let Dan go – perfect opportunity as she told Ian. Once Dan spilled to Frank and said Ian and Brit had gotten to close and both were perfectly willing to let Dan go Frank and Dan knew Brit was the one who needed to go. Brit didn’t play a smart game this year – made too many F2 deals at the drop of the hat. She hid behind Shane and then Ian. She may be funny, but not good at game play.

    • Right. The stress is getting to him. He’s hyper and shows some autistic traits. I’m surprised that he was accepted into the BBH. Ian and booze, NOT a good combo. He’s falling apart by the day.

      • I thought Ian took to booze like a fish to water – didn’t look as if it was his first time boozing either. He is clearly not what BB thought he was going to be. Poor Jeff is rooting for Ian… Ian may indeed win but I won’t be cheering for him. Doesn’t seem like a genuinely nice person at all.

      • What WILL he do once his “mommy” is gone tomorrow? OMG, the kid doesn’t have a driver’s license. I call that very ODD.

      • Poor Jeff ?? Are u kidding me ?? Jeff had the same ego and had a hissing fit just like Ian is doing when Shelly did the same thing to Jeff and poor little air-headed Jordan. Can’t believe those 2 our still together. He seems like a control freak and her light bulb never turned on. BTW, Ian will not win : )

      • oh because of the other cast members are so much better? U have the pot head Ashley that was clearly under the influence of something (stronger than alchol) throughout the whole show. U have Britney that is such a meth head she is twecking so badbshe cant stop picking her face. Willie who was ready to beat up anything that walked. many more but i think i have made my point

    • I noticed that Cyril. He had real tears in his eyes and apologized for comments he made last night. He seems to change personalities on a dime. What happened to the cocky, arrogant person he was? I think it’s still there he just decided to hide it for awhile. Wonder if Brit talked to him.

      • He can be sensitive, as he showed it when Boogie gave him $3,000, and I don’t doubt that he’s truly sad that Brit is leaving. Brit is like his big sister. Dan has to console him today. Come the game play, watch him change again, specially when he gets some power. I still don’t trust him, coz he said he wants revenge. He can be ruthless. You have seen how he exchanged words with Frank. He is flaky.

      • Sensitive? After Boogie gave him the money he campaigned as a little sneak to get Boogie out of the house. He is ungrateful and has no alliance to anyone but Brit because she babies him.

  17. I’m rather unhappy with the house guests this season, most of them
    aren’t very likeable – at first I liked Joe and Frank, but then they
    proved to be annoying – Britney looks like she poots a good little bit
    and is a nasty player – right now, that only leaves Dan and Jen as
    possible house guests to cheer for, but I can’t muster up the excitement
    – ahh, the days of Howie, Kaysar, and James… now those were house

    • You poor guy, you rooted for Howie??? I couldn’t get past his male shovinistic attitude toward people. It was a little much, and I’m a guy.

  18. Note to production: Can someone smuggle in some WD-40 for the hammock? It’s squeaking in pain. Thanks.

    • every time i see Ian go for it i shut off the live feeds lol man that kid is annoying

    • maybe hes sad because he’s hungover. I wonder if Janelle thinks she’s a snowflake or an ice queen. That cold backstabbing lie she told Janelle to her face leaves me to believe the latter.

  19. Britt told Ian that she plans on telling Dani who to vote out once she’s gone. Don’t think so, sweetums. Dani doesn’t need you to control her game. Delusional.

  20. Live feeds are like reading a book and the show will be like the movie.

    Curious to see how it looks tonight compared to what all happened. What gets cut. They have to show the POV comp, the punishments, dan campaining to frank, to daniele, frank to jen, the funeral, the veto ceremony. omg.

  21. I think Brit is funny and during her season she was one of my favorites. I think she has played this season differently as she formed so many difference alliances too early. It may be because she didn’t form enough in her prior season. That being said she has been very down while talking to Dan, Frank, Dani and Ian and makes it sound like she is the only one who has given up anything to be on this show. She quit her job and left her new husband. I am sorry, but is what she did different than others who came on this show? I don’t know the figure that these returning players make, but enough has been said that it appears to be a good amount of money over the first time players. The trips she has taken and the designer clothes she talks about tells me she is not hurting for money. My point is that this was her choice to make and she made it. I am sure each and every person hoped that they could end up being the winner. She had no problem letting the others go before her and to trash some of the players still in there because she doesn’t want to see certain players make it just seems unfair. I will miss her humor, but not some of the things that she has said that I find to be just wong. It was not just her dream it was for those that left before her and for those still remaining in the game.

    • If she really didn’t want to be there, she shouldn’t have hit the re-set button, and she also was telling the others to hit it. Boogie did not, but yes I know it was to save Frank, but still. Brit is such a drama queen you just know she loves all the attention by being on T.V. She would have made a great special appearance on the movie Mean Girls. She’s just playing it low now because she knows she’s leaving and yet again she got PUNK’D !!!!!!!!

  22. I sure hope Frank wins!! This dude has been put up on the chopping block like 5-6 times. Since the start everyone has been gunning to get him out. Instead of getting down & out he has brought his lunch box to do some work on Big Brother!! Go Frank!!!

  23. oK..ANSWER ME THIS…Why is it fair that Shane and Joe can tell Daniell that they are voting for her..but they are not allowed to tell Britney that they are ‘NOT” voting for her to stay.??? THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE…Ian told Daniell that he was not going to vote for her….Shane tells Daniell that he is voting for her. Does anybody know exactly what the rules concerning eviction are??

    • Honestly, I don’t get it either. I know BB wants to make things suspenseful…but if you can’t flat out say it, there are other subtle ways to let one know. I’m not sure of the rules on this. I would love some insight on this too.

    • All I know is that they were told they could not tell Brit as they asked. Ian did tell her she was going to go and she said she appreciated it that he told her. She would rather know than not. So she was told by Ian after they were told not to. Brit then went to Dani and told her that she was safe. Why Ian got away with telling her when they were told not to is unclear to me. Maybe someone else knows the answer to that. Brit does definitely know she is leaving on Thursday.

    • Same reason Britney explained him last night on BBAD. He took a bath in avacodo scum, a bath in some chum bath crap, wearing a carrot suit for a week, AND he sits out for next 2 Comps. Wow, he is soooo smart to do all that just to have Dan saved.

      • Hmm. There might be a little more to it than that. He had no one besides Jenn. So why not roll the dice and try to get some numbers or maybe A number on your side. Maybe he bought himself a week. If that’s the case…I say job well done. Also, it is really only 1 HoH. He was ineligible to play next week anyways as he is the outgoing HoH. But hey, feel free to bash away.

    • Why surprised that is all Frank has done is cheat his way throughout BB with or without production’s help! A cheater does not deserve to win!!!

    • The real reason that he would try to help Brit was she had made a F2 deal with him. I don’t get why people constantly trash Frank. He was given a DQ and did not get any gain from that move and people are saying he is cheating. He blurted it out – to actually help Brit not knowing yet what Dan told him later about the Quack Pack and that Brit was really against him and not with him.

  24. Dan’s stupid speech. He said earlier in this game, he loves playing on emotions of people. Now he is playing the ultimate sympathy trick. It’s just so gross to me that he uses their feelings to make a move. Heartless

    • LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Dan’s speech!! It was fantastic and loved that he even figured out a way to save Danielle by getting her sympathy votes. Don’t be a Dan hater for his ability to save his player, Danielle, and himself. It was GREAT!!!!

  25. Unless he cleared with Danielle first what he said as a lie, if I were Dan’s wife about now I would be real ashamed of him as a husband

  26. After watching the “funeral” just now…I can not believe these people are falling for this. And Jenn…you take slop for the rest of the summer to get Dan out and then you take him off the block? Dan is so much more dangerous and sneaky than Brit…I just don’t get it.

  27. Yes! Britney and Ian’s faces were priceless. Oh no, Ian is coming after Frank. Frank should be so scared >_> It’s always funny how people pull a 180 with their emotions as soon as they’re put on the block. Britney is already crying like the world is over when that’s the only time she’s been there. Frank’s been there so many times and he always remained calm.

    • Don’t know if you have the live feeds or BBAD – if so Brit has been awful and shows clearly what a sore loser she is. I have not seen one HG that has acted like her. I use to like Brit, but after seeing her true self I don’t think of her like I use to. She acts like she is the only one who has given up her life to be there. I haven’t seen much of today, but hope she has calmed down, but saw a little where she was telling Ian and Dani how to bring Frank down.

    • I give him kudos. It was a great performance by him knowing how Dani was going to act. Well done, sir. Still doesn’t top the “I hate you all” speech by Will though.

      • The scene while Dan was delivering his eulogy, and the camera started panning to every HG’s, and everybody was tearing up, and then to Danielle….BAAAM…..all their jaws that was Priceless.

  28. One hell of a good episode. Usualy i don’t wait for commerical to pee during big brother.

    If i hadn’t seen the live feeds i would not believe it almost.

  29. Jenn sure was full of herself when making her veto pronouncement. Shame they didn’t make her burn all of her clothes. What a horror!

  30. BEST EPISODE EVER ON BB TONIGHT!!!!! Dan was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Dan gets himself taken off the block after Frank and Jenn have taken punishments to get the nominations to stay the same and then Jenn after having to be on slop the rest of this season uses the VETO on him, and Dan’s funeral was so great and that he gets Danielle the sympathy vote so that she does not go home was well the only word for it is brilliant. This man is a freaking GENIUS and only downside is that once again Frank is caught cheating in the game. Frank has cheated his entire way through the game and even though he convinced Jenn to save Dan production should not allow Frank to cheat or production to cheat for him to keep him in the game. Tonight’s episode sealed the deal that Dan is the GREATEST PLAYER IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY!!! LOVE THIS MAN!!!!

    • You have to realize that Frank and Jenn took those punishments when they were the only two together and then Brit made a last minute F2 deal with Frank. Of course Brit was lying to Frank. Did you see when Brit suggested to Ian to not use the veto and let Dan go out? Frank has not cheated his whole way through this game. He did not know that Dan was going to come to him and let him know that all of them led by Ian was the reason that Boogie was out of the game and Frank was put on the block during double eviction. What gain did Frank get out of what you are calling cheating? Absolutely none – he was fooled into trusting Brit and why he was helping her – all because of their F2 fake deal by Brit. Also, yes Dan came up with this plan while he was in confinement, but before trashing Frank and Jenn it would not have happened unless Frank and Jenn agreed to it. Otherwise Dan would be on the block and leaving this Thursday. I get so tired of people trashing Frank for no reason. He has probably played the most honest game of anyone. Just remember he had to win those comps to still be in the game. Even Dan realized he needed Frank a lot more than he needed Brit because as he said she was running all around the house making F2 deals and Ian as well was covering his butt all over the house. He realized that Ian let him take the heat for how long? He also realized that Ian and Brit had gotten too close and were no longer looking out for Dan. So yes Dan came up with a great plan, but this plan would have looked pretty stupid if Frank and Jenn did not agree to it. Dan has said he would rather be in the F2 chair against a great player rather than someone who did nothing. Since Dan made a F2 with Frank that says a lot.
      Ian just recently cheated because he told Brit that she was going this Thursday after Production told them no one was allowed to tell them. Should he be put out of the game as well?

  31. Dan is such a hypocrite. He reads the bible then proceeds to rat out everyone. His behavior in both veto comps was deplorible. Frank is dumber than he looks buying into this. He is next to go.

    • Frank will only be next to go if Ian wins HOH, or Britney is safe and does, or Shane. Did you think that was any diffent than had he taken Dan out? Ian, Britney and Shane would STILL go after him. Not at least there’s a chance where there was none.

      • They will all turn on him and holy Dan will lead the charge because the bible tells him to. Can’t wait.

      • I know. Frank made a good move. Better to have a chance then no chance. I guess he should’ve just accepted his fate. Oh wait, only Britney does that. Bye Brit.

      • He should have gotten rid of Father Dan and teamed up with Shane and Danielle. They are not the brightest and even Frank could have manipulated them.

      • Yeah, like Shane and Brittney are the most trustworthy in the Big Brother House. Shane and Brittney has betrayed Frank each time they had an alliance with him! Dan will stick with Frank because they need each other. Dan will be targeted by Shane and Ian and will need Frank when he is picked to play for the Veto and we know how good Frank is in HOH and Veto!

    • Dan is not a hypocrite!! If you talk hypocrites that is BRITNEY!! Dan told the truth after his alliance threw him under the bus!! Good for DAN!!!

      • Every person in that house is a hypocrite. Thats how it works. Everyone lies, everyone throws people under the bus. One person should not be singled out because they just did it recently. If you look back (even over the seasons) everyone does it, why call out one person for it and say it is wrong?

      • People still think this is the real thing. You guys who believe your own BS need to get out of the house! You need to see what is real and what is make believe. If you go to a movie and watch the Avengers beat the aliens or Spiderman to swing from one beam to another, is that real? What is the difference with Big Brother that makes this show the real deal? You probably also believe that the Bachelor and Bachelorette is real. If you do, I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for the grand sum of
        just $100. Take it while, you can!

      • The lying does not bother me as that is a part of BB, but cannot abide a player that continually cheats, FRANK!!!

    • He can read the Bible as much as he wants and then THROW EVERYBODY UNDER THE BUS, and LIE after that. He’s playing a GAME…what if he reads a KORAN? Why do you guys keep injecting the Bible. It’s a book that he likes to read.

  32. Magnificent episode!
    But I’m still not sure how Danielle is safe. She’ll get Dan and Jenn’s vote. Britney will get Ian’s and Shane’s. Isn’t it up to Joe? What’s in it for him to join the new 4 alliance (Frank, Jenn, Dan, Danielle) and be the first one out?

    • Quack Pack Disolved. Headhunters ( lol ) disolved. Joe and Shane have an imaginary alliance with Frank and are voting out Brit. Britney is out 4-1 unless some miracle happens because she has given up. ( At least today the whole day she had )

  33. I paid $15.00 to watch Joe sleep…Somebody get up off their ass and work those cameras!!!!!!

    • Houseguests are singing… so instead of FISH because which i’m sure people complained alot this season they just put a boring room on all feeds.

      last msg was “what is it with stop that you don’t understand” LOL.

      they should just fine ( small amounts but still ) the HG’s if they break a rule right after a warning.

  34. Flashback isn’t working properly for me. I am trying to view Dan telling Frank about Ian and quack pack. Not sure if wrong time was posted on here. Does anyone know how I can see it?

    TONIGHT!!!!! Dan was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Dan gets himself
    taken off the block after Frank and Jenn have taken punishments to get
    the nominations to stay the same and then Jenn after having to be on
    slop the rest of this season uses the VETO on him, and Dan’s funeral was
    so great and that he gets Danielle the sympathy vote so that she does
    not go home was well the only word for it is brilliant. This man is a
    freaking GENIUS and only downside is that once again Frank is caught cheating
    in the game. Frank has cheated his entire way through the game and even
    though he convinced Jenn to save Dan production should not allow Frank
    to cheat or production to cheat for him to keep him in the game. Tonight’s episode sealed the deal that Dan is the GREATEST PLAYER IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY!!! LOVE THIS MAN!!!!

  36. Just when I was ready to see Dan leave because he seemed overconfident and off his game, he pulls off one of the most ridiculous plans I’ve seen on this show and convinces the guy who’s been gunning for him for WEEKS to work with him. Either production had a hand in getting Frank and Jenn to do this, or Dan really is one of the craftiest players in the game. Kudos to him, I guess.

    • Dan is the best player to play this game and no way production came up with this one as when the cheat, as in all the times they have to help Frank, it is way to obvious!!! DANS THE MAN!!!!!!!!

      • Dans not the greatest player ever… These house guests are just friggin STUPID!!! Plus, this is the same thing Dan did in season 10. Instead of calling it the funeral, he called it the “feast”. Since he’s done it already it was easy for him to do it yet again now that he’s in the same predicament.

      • Same thing in season 10? Then what does it say that you can make two different sets of hg fall for the SAME plan?…..Yes these hg are stupid. Too stupid to watch previous seasons to figure out how the game should be played.

  37. The only person who has keep his promise is Frank every other person has backstabbed him when he was not in power Im a fan od Dan’s because he had played a pretty fair game in his season
    would hate to see him betray frank like everybody else if he removes Jenn, joe goes up and if Dani/Dan keep theier word
    votes shoul be 3-1 to evict Joe who quit on every challange fiirst.

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