Big Brother 14 Episode 17 Recap: Silent Six Cracks

Pandora's cube arrives on Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 alliances sure don’t last long. In fact it took about a week and a day for the Silent Six to start to crack.

On Sunday night’s Big Brother, we saw how the game played out after Wil’s eviction and up to the Week 6 nomination ceremony.

The episode picked up right after Wil’s colorful elimination and during the Head of Household competition. The HGs were in the middle of walking up and down the slippery slope, filling up bowls one half-cup at a time.

Boogie is feeling very good about the Silent Six alliance since he and Frank stuck to their word and sent a non-member out this week. Boogie is feeling so confident, he’s not working on filling up the bowl that says “HoH” or even the one that says “Safety.” He’s going for the one that says “$10,000.” And he’s the only one.

Frank isn’t too happy that Boogie isn’t going for HoH to at least insure their safety this week. But he’s not too concerned because at the moment, Shane and Danielle are in the lead for HoH and they’re in the alliance.

Dan and Britney are both going for safety because Dan doesn’t really trust anyone ever and Britney would rather be safe this week and still get the chance to play in next week’s HoH. Britney wins the safety, so Dan switches to the HoH bowl.

Boogie secures the $10,000 and the HoH is now between Shane, Danielle and Dan. Shane pulls out yet another win and now has to start figuring out who to nominate. Frank says in the Diary Room that he feels good that Shane won HoH because of the Silent Six. He says he’s safe for another week. Boogie feels the same way.

In basically no time, Britney is throwing around Boogie and Frank’s names because Frank wanted to blindside Dan last week. And when Ian fulfills his duties to his Quack Pack alliance and tells Britney that Boogie seems to be coming for her and Shane, she starts to panic.

The Quack Pack (I feel really stupid typing that) has a meeting and Britney, Ian, Shane, Danielle and Dan all agree that Boogie and Frank have to go up just in insure at least one of them goes home this week.

While Shane takes it all in, we get a montage of Joe and his tall tales. Some of the things he says are pretty ridiculous and I imagine that has a little to do with why he was cast.

We also get another Ian and Ashley date. He makes her a pizza and they sit awkwardly at the table eating. It turned out nothing like her steamy date with Frank.

A little before nominations, the HGs find some rubber balls leading to the arcade room and in the claw game they find a see-through cube with a question mark on it. Everyone starts freaking out and trying to play the game but nothing happens. And that’s all we hear about on this episode. So expect something to go down inside the house between now and Wednesday because if we got that hint, then something will be revealed surely by Wednesday.

It’s nomination time and Shane decides to make the move and nominates Frank and Boogie. Neither are happy, of course, and neither are ready to give up. The Silent Six has been destroyed and it looks like at one of them will go home. Unless something crazy happens.

If you can’t wait to find out what happened in the Veto competition, check out the spoilers. And if you want to see Boogie and Frank’s reaction to being nominated ahead of Wednesday night, we’ve got that too.

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  1. Britney disgusts me! Just floating along on everyones elses power. At least that won’t be good enough to win!

    • Ian too. I think this season sucks period. I have nobody I actually want to root for. Normally I hate the floaters but the strong competitors seem just as stupid. I kind of like frank because he’s either on the block saving his own ass (minus the janelle week) or he’s HOH. But other than that it’s stupid. I’ll watch anyway though cause I’m stupid too

      • Not Feeling Ian anymore.  I think that Dan is feeling him either, and wants to bust him out to Boogie and Frank.

      • Pat …….Ian flew under the radar because Frank and Boogie trusted him 100% which was a huge mistake! It must be trust but, verify then, they would have busted him! With Ian’s numerous lies, he is bound to give the wrong answer at some point!

  2. Some people think Shane isn’t that smart and he say’s he never watch the show before but I have a feeling he has watched and knowing exactly how the PBox works and everything else…I really think he might have them a fooled time will tell…

    • Shane is a great competitor but he sucks as a social game player. He can’t make his own decision and is easily influenced by everyone else. Frank is special. He is going to be coming off the block for the 4th time. Who has ever did that?

  3. This is dedicated to Frank and the rest of the Frankamanics out there!

    When it comes crashin’ down and it hurts inside,
    You’ve gotta take a stand- it don’t help to hide.
    If you hurt my friends then you hurt my pride.
    I gotta be a man – I can’t let it slide.
    I am a real American,
    Fight for the rights of every man.
    I am a real American,
    Fight for what’s right – fight for your life!
    Well I feel stronger ’bout right and wrong
    And I don’t take trouble for very long.
    I’ve got something deep inside of me,
    courage is the thing that keeps us free!
    I am a real American,
    Fight for the rights of every man.
    I am a real American,
    Fight for what’s right – fight for your life!
    I am a real American,
    Fight for the rights of every man.
    I am a real American,
    Fight for what’s right – fight for your life!
    If you hurt my friends then you hurt my pride.
    I gotta be a man – I can’t let it slide.
    I am a real American,
    Fight for the rights of every man.
    I am a real American,
    Fight for what’s right – fight for your life!

    Quack Pack is going down!
    Frankamania is taking over!!

  4. I have been questioning my sanity lately.  Why am I still watching this show?  I believe it is partly because I started watching the first season and have watched every season since.  Even though I truly believe it is rigged for ratings.  In my opinion this is the most stupid season ever.  For those of you that think Britney is not playing and is floating… you are on crack… she has been Shane’s puppet master since the very beginning.  Now that is game play!

    • So true, Tonya. She is the puppet master pulling Shane’s and the other Quack Pack members. I can’t take her anymore. Sooo annoying.

    • Brittney is still floating even if Shane is her puppet. How hard is it to control Shane when he cannot think for himself if his life depended on it! All his decisions have been whatever Brittney whispered in his ear! The only ones playing are Mike Boogie, Dan, Frank and Ian although, his gameplay is only to lie to everyone left and right like Shelley of last season. 

      • Have you ever paid attention to this show? Honestly, how many times do the people that play balls out and win ever actually win this show? Not many. Most winners are the ones that sit back and wisper in those peoples ears about what to do. Then go all out in the last 3 weeks or so. Those are the people that win this show. So yeah, Brit is learning from her mistakes in the past and trying to manipulate her way to the money. Good for her.

      • richie what show are you watching? britney is clearly NOT a floater shes clearly part of the quack pack alliance and hasnt wavered yet. the only real floaters in this house are ashley, ian (manipulating boogie), jenn and joe and i dont care what anyone says floating is a legitimate and smart strategy to stay in the volatile game of big brother. just lay low, and let other huge players go after each other until the field is weak enough for you to win some competitions and make some strategic moves. at least that will be how i approach the game. 

      • oh and for your information if you think that frank is a good player then lol @  you. frank/boogie are 2 of the dumbest players on this season. boogie because he is so cocky and acting so arrogant, and frank winning all the competitions and putting a gigantic target on his back is beyond stupid. winners usually win by playing a well thought-out game without showing too much cards and go in for the kill @ around Final 6/5. playing the game full-throttle from the start is just beyond idiotic and stupid because if you lose both HOH and POV in just one week, your game is over because EVERYONE sees you as a threat and will get rid of you ASAP.

  5. I think Shane or Frank deserve to be in the Final 2. They’ve both won 2 HOHs and Shane has won 3 POVs and Frank has won 2 POVs. Dan and Boogie don’t need the money. I hope the rest of the quack pack make it to final 5 and the rest of the house is just floating by, it’s really annoying.

    • uhhhhh winning HOHs and POVs does not mean they play the best strategic game or deserve it the most. as far as im concerned they are two of the dumbest players this season to show their hands wayyyy too early and others players will be gunning after them full throttle

      • If we can bring the Million Dollar Man and Sting into this, it would be phenomenal. Quack Pack vs. Frankamania! I’m getting slim jims! Rest in Peace Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

      • Frank needs to win the 2nd HOH so that, one of Dan, Shane or Brittney goes home after Boogie. Then, Frank needs to keep fighting to win HOH and Veto each time and go after who among the three is still in the house.
        Ian will be exposed for his lies and I am not even worried about evicting Danielle later on!

  6. Finally a competition Dan hasn’t thrown (think he tried other comps but claims he threw it cause he lost… but i could be wrong though)

  7. It is turning out to be a physical year rather than a strategic one as Frank and Shane have won the majority of the comps. I’m not supporting Frank to win but I will give him credit for staying in the game. Mike’s plans are strange. One week he fights to keep Frank in the house, the next he goes for a cash prize putting himself and Frank at risk.

    • That was a dumb move on his part. Had Boogie gone for safety, he would have been safe and Frank having won the veto would also been safe and the Quack Pack would have been exposed just as well!

      • You don’t know that Boogie would have ended up beating Brit to the safety pingpong ball.

    • But Frank would’ve been gone if production hadn’t voided eviction and he also cheated for the Veto..

      I agree he’s a threat but I’m not sure I would “give him credit for staying in the game” Just saying..(IMO)

  8. The show spent almost the entire 1/2 hours having us watch the house guest slip and slide–yawn.  I was surprised and a little disappointed that Boogie went for the 10k instead of HoH.  Of course, he probably would not have won HoH anyhow.  It just says to Frank that their alliance is not Boogie’s priority.  I am a Frank fan.  I feel bad because Frank tried to keep his promises to the silent six and look how Shane turned on him.  Dan was all upset when Frank told him he had thought about back dooring him yet Dan has always been talking about getting rid of Frank and Boogie.  Dan is a jerk.  I think they are all jerks.  I think that they are all so paranoid that when the zero in on someone such as Frank to target then gang up because the focus is off of them.  Britney is a real loser.  She can’t play the game for anything.   She is a floater.  Ian is a little sneak.  He was jealous about Ashley and Frank.  Ashley asked Frank out.  I hope that machine with the balls and the question mark is a Pandora’s box and Shane gets screwed.  

  9. I think Boogie lost interest when the Coaches’ option was tossed out the window when the other three fools pushed that coach’s button. I love his antics and his weird dynamics with Frank but I don’t see him staying past Thursday ;(

  10. Next thursday  Frank wins HOH and puts both Dan and Brittney up..Brittney starts crying   LOL HA HA  HA..I hope Dan goes home and we can watch Danielle cry cause she misses him..

    • Among the three, I would like Shane to be evicted right after Boogie if Frank wins the 2nd HOH. Then, Dan then, Brittney. Hopefully, Frank manages to take out all three of the them. Ian will fall because his lies will be exposed at some time. How many lies to how many people can you keep going and think you are one smart cookie? Ian is a fool although, he thinks he is so smart!

  11. Britney WON safety!!  Ashley is the BIGGEST waste i have seen..does nothing…Jenn is almost as bad…imo

    • Jenn is the biggest waste  Ashley is a floater but at least she doesn’t sleep 20 hours a day like Jenn does..I don’t mind floaters if they at least have some game  social  or something Ashley has vinished 2nd twice in POV   all jenn does is sleep and whine

      •  I give it at least one-two weeks til Ashley tries aligning herself with the other HG. I mean I can’t stand Jenn’s flotatiousness either but it’s working.

  12. No the reason Mike took the money is because he is greedy.  He says it is because he has a baby but that is BS.  Boogie is just plain greedy and he said tonight he would go for the money every time which in his case was just plain stupid and led to his downfall in the first place.

  13. Im pretty bummed Boogie and Frank are up! Dummy Ian just turned me right off of him. I hope he gets called out and who ever survives the block goes after him and give him a bit of tough love. Stir him up a bit. He’s all about the quack pack, I wanna quack him up side the head!!

    • I agree!  It is an interesting game in social experimentation looking at what happens when you put a group of people in an isolated situation and look at the ensuing behavior.  Wonder what the participants think of themselves after they leave? 

      This morning watching Danielle and Dan playing packy sac and wildly flirting with each other.  Wonder what Dan’s wife is thinking.

      Here is Boogie and Frank conniving again and as usual Brittany lying.  But I await each day to see what happens.  Think what keeps many of us interested is we see parts of us in many of them.

        Boogie the most amoral has the nerve to call others in the house inferior people! 

  14. My top 3 are Britney, Shane, and Frank. Ian was up there but he’s getting under my skin so I’ll give him til the top 4.

    • Bratney is the most unappreciative-self-centered-ungrateful-nasaly-whiney-voiced B I’ve ever seen. She deserves to see the other side of the front door soon. Lame has pretty-boy syndrome and no brain. His conversations are “oh” “ya, ya” “1-2-3-4-5..” I’m actually surprised he can count to 30 when he’s working out. Bye bye Lame- you & Brat need to go ASAP!

      • I’ll be rooting for Shane to go first as that will destroy the Quack Pack with one good player evicted!

  15. Frank would have back doored Dan had mike not steped in… yes frank can win the comps, but all he does is what mike tells him… he has no game
    and yes the quack pack will start to trun on each other before the final 5, but it will not be until frank and mike are out.

      • Frank is going to get Ashley, Jenn and maybe Shane….I don’t think JOe will team up and Ian has already said he is loyal to quack pack…I can see Shane jumping ship though…

    • There is still that 2nd HOH. If Frank wins it, he puts up Dan and Shane with Brittney the replacement nominee and one of them goes home! They will target Frank obviously but, if he can win Veto then, he always has a chance to evict the rest of the Quack Pack starting with Dan, Shane and Brittney.
      The newbie floaters can then, go after the rest with their votes!

      • I hope you’re right Richie. Frank should’ve told Boogie to eat it and done it on his last HOH. that alone would’ve busted that alliance.

      • Gene……When Boogie goes, Frank has to try and win every HOH or POV long enough to get rid of as many of the Quack Pack. Preferably, get rid of Shane and Dan. I do not think Brittney, Ian or Danielle are that good in the competitions and if Frank can get the other newbie floaters like Ashley, Jenn and Joe to his side and make them see, it benefits them to evict Shane, Dan, Brittney, Ian or Danielle then, the Quack Pack will be finished!

      • I still think if he wins HOH, puts up daneille and Brit and leaves that backdoor open, those guys will turn on each other in an instant and Ian will get exposed when it gets to close to Dan.

      • Gene……The problem with the backdoor is what if both Dan and Shane get picked for the Veto then, they can win it and save Brittney or Danielle and both Dan and Shane stays safe. Personally, I prefer that both Shane and Dan be put on the block. Sure, they will get to play but, they will be fighting each other for that POV. In addition, let Brittney know she is the replacement nominee! That will really stir the hornets nest as the Quack Pack turn on each other and spill the beans in hopes of being pulled off the block by Frank! It also guarantees one of the three go home!

  16. Looks like Boogie’s leaving, the pack rats are staying on script. Unless Joe’s big mouth gets the best of him. Dan is waiting for the right time to jack Ian, make no mistake about it, Ian’s the fall guy if it gets to close to Dan. Britt mad at Shane but laying low so she doesn’t get put up. If Boogie, leaves, and it looks like he will, He’s gonna drop some bombs on the way out so basically the packrats will cease to exist past Thursday.

    • I forgot Frank went up to Joe and said what’s up, but Joe backed down like the blowhard that he is and then went back and told Dan that he was heatd and was gonna get in his face. Joe’s the biggest clownshoe on that show, all talk and no walk.

    • I think Jenn and Ashley have it easy right now…This quack pack is not going to last either…They are all gunning for each other.

  17. Before it reaches the top 4 they need to get Ian out before that. He’s probably the most dangerous one in the game (if Boogie does get evicted.) 

  18. i would like boogie to be evicted this week, and see who frank would align with. possibly a charlie’s(franky’s) angles type aliance with jenn, ashley, and joe(lol)

  19. Watching the live feeds & Ashley appears to have come out of her drug-induced
    haze…. she is playing the game… & on Team Frank & Boogie shoveling lies like a pro. Definitely one of THE best liars in the game, which may come as a huge surprise to some.

    • I dunno, Ian’s up there with them. All because Frank kissed”his” girl. Ian set himself up for a serious crushing and it’s gonna happen folks.

      • She tried to work Shane, solo, in the HOH room, immediately afterward went downstairs to give Boogie & Frank the full run-down then topped it off by encouraging Boogie to play the ‘I can help you with your modeling career’ card as a means to stay. From there she went to the yard, made her way to hammock w/Britney & Dani & told some very believable lies about her relationship or lack-there-of with Frank & Ian if one didn’t know any better. Ian digs her… just hope she doesn’t mess up his game with a slip of the tongue.

      • Ian smuggly saying on camera how Boogie and Frank will never have any clue that he betrayed them. He is a moron for thinking that repeatedly lying to so many people and he will never be found out? Shelley last season did what Ian was doing and she got exposed and booted out just the same when all her lies got exposed. Ian will suffer the same fate! 

      • Richie:  Remember, they think it’s Dan who said something, not Ian (about going after Shane and Brit).  Ian is in a good spot right now…

    • If I was stuck in that house with some of those people I would want to be in a drug-induced haze too!

  20. This thursday is Double Eviction, so it would be funny if boogie and dan both get eliminated within 1 hour. Two big brother winners gone. That would be a buzzkill for production

    • Did Julie say this was a double eviction week? Usually the double eviction comes when there is @ least 1 person in jury.

    • Yeah, it would be awesome. And it is quite possible. If Frank can win the 2nd HOH then, he can send either Dan, Shane or Brittney home. Actually, I prefer Shane to be evicted among the three because he wins HOH and Veto and it would even the playing field somewhat as Frank still would have to battle 4 members of the Quack Pack for survival.

  21. I like Frank. Just wish he had played his own game without Boogie calling every move. … Did you see the look on Boogie’s face when he was nominated for eviction? He looked like he was going to have a bowel movement in his pants.

    • Everyone i talk with about the show agree that the coaches entering the game, by all rights, should have united the newbies together and that they should have then picked them off one by one so they could resume the game without them… unfortunately BigBrother production manipulates the houseguest nnewbs in the diary sessions to get the outcome they want (such as leaking other HG’s strategies and alliances and carefully suggesting outrageous lies and bullsh as facts to mold their paranoia…  it also makes me mad that there really are no rules in the game, only what they need to invent, day by day to get the outcome they want….   i think most viewers are sick of this type of play (could you imagine a baseball game where the umpire decided to invent new rules each inning…  i can’t and i can only imagine what this is teaching kids that watch the show… tsk tsk…

      • I would never let a kid younger than 14-15 watch this show. It’s great entertainmnet but sociopathic  behavior is on full display. It just shows what people will do for money. At least the first few seasons had more integrity, now they’re finding the biggest dirtbags and throwing them on the show.

      • I think the arcade ball game with the ? box was exactly a ploy for the BB producers to manipulate the game once they found out who won what and who is on the block for eviction after the POV.  They have always in every season “steered” the contestants in the DR.

  22. Looks like Boogie will be going and Frank was right about Dan.  I would rather have Boogie stay.  I just don’t care for Dan and his type of play.  I know everyone plays differently and I never use to like Boogie but his play creates more drama than Dan who just sits back and lets everyone else do his work for him.  Frank should have taken him out when he had his chance.  Boogie made his mistake by talking him out of it.  Dan asked Boogie to go to the end and nobody believes it.  Hope something changes this. 

    • It’s been leaked that pandora’s box will release Janelle back into the house….yaayyyy

      • No way, it’s gonna be Jesse posing all day long for Shane while the others get some cool prize.

      • Responding to Gene:
        Jesse sucked! I hated him so much! I don’t want to see him ever again & I know that I’m not the only one who feels that way. So with that said, it’d be totally funny if he was brought back for PB. Make someone suffer with him for a while.

  23. Call this seasoned BB fan ignorant , but it does slip my mind on what “HG” is initials for. Can one of you better seasoned BB fan’s give a girl the answer? Thanks in advance.

  24. Newbies UNITE and rid the house of the veteran hogs. Dan won already, Boogie Frank win and is still raking in some monies and Britney is just outright annoying and bet her new husband couldn’t wait for her “eviction” though temporary from their newlywed household. Frank and Shane are physical players and easily manipulated. Jenn is a deadbit, Danielle and Ashley thought they signed up for The Batchlorette,

  25. OH NO! Ian just heard his ankle pop while playing badmitton. Of all the HG’s to help him, Danielle is the one to stay back for the longest. Makes me wonder if she really is a nurse. 
    Thanks BBAD for now cutting to a live pic of an empty kitchen….I’m so glad I didn’t pay for the live feeds!

  26. Jenn: ”Britney got safety, I’m behind on the HOH, so it’s another week of me sweating in the house.”

    Yes, Jenn, it’s hard being such a big target. 

    • Too funny! It’s hard being the one who thought she was going to summer camp & sings “doo-doo-doo” all the frickin time. Stop singing Jenn!!! (but I guess that’s the only way we know you are there).

    • I call Jenn the Rat. I call her that because she is only seen like a rat in an empty building,  You only see it in the flashlight beam. She’s perfectly useless.

  27. I say keep Mike Boogie in the game because whoever makes it to the final 2 will win against him.  First he’s already won and I don’t see the jury voting for someone again especially him, and second, noone likes him therefor won’t give him their vote. 

  28. I can just imagine Boogie talking with Julie Chen when he gets evicted.  Acting and dressing like a 16 year old from 1998 and bragging that they had to get him out because he was going to win it all.  It is going to be embarrassing (for him).  PLEASE CBS _ DO NOT BRING BOOGIE BACK FOR ANY REASON _ EVER AGAIN

  29. britney digusts me also,,,,, and ian what a jerk he turned out to b ethis season is one of the worst i have ever watched

  30. what kind of name is quack pack?????!!!!!! i am laughing at boogie that he went for the money and now he might go home. i say might because the producers clearly manipulate the game and they are rooting for frank and boogie. so they’re probably gonna have some twist that keeps both of them in the game. boo :( now everyone will be gunning for shane if they haven’t already because he wins a majority of the competitions. i know he’s easily manipulated but he’s so cute!!!!!

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