Big Brother 14: Week 4 Eviction Predictions

Tonight on Big Brother 14 another HouseGuest will be evicted when the nine eligible votes are cast and host Julie Chen reveals the results. We already have a very good idea of what’s going to happen based on what we’re watching on the Live Feeds.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

We’ll be interviewing whoever is evicted from Big Brother 14 tonight so feel free to share any questions you might have and we just might pose it to them.

Big Brother 14 Week 4 Eviction Predictions – Frank or Janelle:

Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Junkies Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Live Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 14
Zap2It Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 14
Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 14
Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 14
Big Brother's Spoilers Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Access Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 14

All of these Big Brother sites agree: Janelle will be evicted. What do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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  1. I hate mike boogie. He cons his way again. Good work, however I like janelle and hope she over turns the plan to evict her.

    • Ive been saying since the veto ceremony, If Janelle is evicted , and it looks like she will be, all these idiots: Shane,Ian,Wil,Britney,Jenn,Joe, Dan, and their clown leader Danielle signed the $500,000 check over to Mike Boogie. And it really is as simple as that.Have none of them watched Big Brother ? I can’t believe Boogie got this many people to fall for his game.  They all deserve to lose to Boogie for falling for this.Boogie convinced all these morons that a person will basically no allies currently is far more dangerous than he and Frank. Who have an ironclad final 2 deal. Now, they will NEVER be able to get Frank out. Fimal 2 will be Frank And Mike Boogie. Is Janelle dangerous? Always. At the moment? Only to one person, Mike Boogie. So they have decided Boogie is harmless and are evicting the biggest threat to HIM. for him. Good Job! Idiots. This is the most catastrophic decision this season, it will clear the way for Boogie. Would Janelle have won? Hard to say, but she would make sure Boogie didn’t. Evict Britney next for falling for this crap after stating on day one she would never be manipulated by Mike Boogie. Dan next, he thinks he’s smarter than everyone. This proves he isn’t.That and the fact everyone knows he is throwing competitions. Clown.  

      • I have posted the same thoughts as u..just worded mine different….I think it’s a mistake to keep Frank….and please know that it is not because I am a lover of Janell…I don’t see it as good game play at this point …that’s why I believe it to be a mistake….At least 5 of the remaining HG’s (if Janell is evicted) are up to be put on the block and won’t see it coming….But like u said it serves em right…..WE WILL SEE…have to keep watching…

  2. i like the silent six alliance, but i do not agree with all of danielle’s lying.  there is no reasoning behind it!!! She doesnt have to lie to the people in her alliance.  I dont think shane has the same feelings for her that she has for him…I do think he cares for her, but thats as far as it will go for him..He wants to win this game!!!  I am not super crazy for frank, but janelle lies alot too……..She is all into her looks, and is vain……it could be a double eviction……..jokes on everyone then!!!!!!

    •  You don’t have to agree with Danielle’s lying,but they all do it it’s part of the game.The only difference is I think Danielle is a brick shy of a load[FOR REAL]! And of course Shane doesn’t feel the same way he just want’s to stay in the game just like everyone else and I can’t stand either one of them.I love Frank and Boogie,and trust me there will be NO double eviction tonight,there will be no joke on anyone!!!!

      • I really hope there’s no double eviction, but there’s what, five weeks left. There’s an awful lot of people in the house. There is definitely room for a double. God I hope Boogie backdoors Daniele somehow. Her voice makes me want to puncture my ear drums. TEAM BOOGIE!!

      • It’s not so much about Danielle’s voice, as it is the voices in her head that use their outside voice way too often.

    • The silent six are Boogie’s lap dogs and they don’t even realize it. They are a bunch of lemmings. They are giving Mike Boogie the game on a silver platter.

      • People shouldnt talk about  Daniele voices.She from the South thats how we talk.I dont see nobody tell people from the North how to talk. Daniele has done some stupid things like believing Boogie lies.Boogie love attention so bad I think he give away his first born to stay in that house.I know he has a baby.So he might make that deal before its

  3. Frank should be the one walking out that door but… Janelle will be the one to go. Those HG are really stupid to listen to boogie, really. This is going to come back and bite them on their asses, for sure.

    • Why should Frank be the one to go? Seriously? I’m really curious as to why you think that. All Janelle had to do was make a compromise, and she would have been safe. And how is Boogie a liar this time? This may be the most honest he’s ever played.

      • Frank should be gone becuz BB saved his butt last week!  They should have had the eviction and then said the coaches were in the game, but for some reason BB didn’t do that…hmmmm.. I think Boogie has them under his spell too!  I can’t stand Boogie and I can’t wait to see him “scumbag” Dan for Frank.  I have really liked Dan, but I cannot believe how dumb they are being with Boogie.. NO ONE is lying more than the silent 6 in that house.  And I cannot stand to listen to that cocky Dumbyale in the DR.. I cannot wait til they boot her and she is bawling like a baby.. Janie is stronger and has more class than that whiney chick ever will.. 

    • There’s a difference though. As viewers, we play favorites. They’re houseguests and play strategic. Getting Janelle, the BB Comp Queen, out asap is a very appealing game move. Frank is obviously easy to get on the block, and he has only won one competition. He hasnt proved himself, and they’ll be able to get him out later. But Janelle, eh, she’ll be on a roll with competition wins soon enough.

    • This is the beginning of the end. They gave up any chance to break up Boogie’s new “Chilltow”.

  4. I hope Frank gets the boot and takes Mike Boogie with him next week Mike is a con and a lier he needs to go

    •  Debbie,wake up and smell the coffee….Of course boogie is a [correct spelling]LIAR and CON how else do you think you’re going to stay in the BB house.Once again people……They are all LIARS!!!!!!!!

    • Why is it when Janelle is lying and backstabbing and betraying her alliances left and right, it is A-Okay? When Boogie is lying, he is the most vile scum on the planet! Unfortunately, for Janelle, she is trying to be a
      manipulator this season but, she is pretty bad at it! Leave that to Dan and Boogie who are the expert manipulators. Janelle should have stuck to winning HOH and POVs instead of throwing them like this week where Danielle ended up winning that giveaway HOH! Also, Janelle had the chance to work with Mike Boogie, Dan and Brittney and all she had to do is throw Joe under the bus and let him be evicted but, she refused! Stupid move on Janelle’s part, what the hell was she thinking?

    • He’s a manipulator and take charge type definitely. You may disagree with his ways, but he calls a spade a spade. Also, this week was the week he made his move because Frank would have  been gone up against anybody else in the house. It should be all downhill from here for them.  

  5. Janelle sealed her fate when she refused to compromise, Danielle is just is playing Dan and Shane’s game..she is too dumb to see that she is being used. If you ask me the next person I would get rid of is Britney, she is the real troublemaker. She does it so sneaky though that you don’t realize it until after its done.

    • I absolutely agree about Britney. She never makes a solid deal with anyone and acts all buddy-buddy with people. However, she does it by trashing other players, then running to those players and being buddy-buddy with them. She’s the worst kind of player for lying and trashing her opponents. It’s completely unnecessary and I hope someone eventually calls her out on it.

      • But she says that is the game Janelle is playing?  Really, Brit?  Janelle just didn’t save her with Willie cuz HEEELLLLOOOO Willie was a nut!  I hate listening to them talk about how guilty they feel.. When you listen to Dumbyale and Britney talk behind peoples back, you know that they have no real remorse.  Their guilt is just them realizing what terrible people they are being..Britney so let me down this year.. 

      • Nobody seemed to even notice it was actually Britney that set off Willie. Of course nobody else was their when she mentioned coaches entering the game, but she lit Willie’s fuse.

    • Britney is clean it’s Danielle who’s getting all the blood on her hands. If anything, she is too happy to do it as she is thinks Dan has been honest with her and Britney knows she’ll do anything to protect her darling Shane. But they know as long as she is useful to their they’ll watch her back.

  6. Janelle will go home and Boogie will end up winning BB14 because he is really playing a great game and the other ones are a bunch of dummies

    • Ewww Boogie is sooooo grossss! I believe that Janelle is not far off when she says that Boogie does not like women. He’s been very nasty when he refers to the women in the house.

       I agree with your assessment of all other house guests  – capital D, capital  U, capital  M,  that spells DUM!

      BTW-  I know how to spell dumb, but I’m sure all of the fools left in the house spell dumb a I did above!

  7. I don’t know why everyone likes Janelle. She is a liar and who bribes people with their wedding ring? What kind of crazy person does that? Boogie is a great player, like him or not. But I have no idea why anyone thinks Janelle is a nicer person than Frank. He has been honest and for some reason Janelle and Danielle targeted him from the beginning, and everyone jumped on the bandwagon. He really seems to be a good guy. Can’t wait to see Janelle go.

    •  That’s what I’m talking about.Frank has been decent and everyone keeps bashing him like he’s just the worst thing around and I don’t get it.Janelle should be ashamed that she offered her wedding rings on national t.v. just to kiss ass.I guess that shows you how desperate she is.Bye Janelle.

      • Ya’ll are rude.  You know why she offered that.. For trust.. that is a crazy house to live in!  Especially with people like Frank and Boogie.. Why does she not like Frank?  Helloooo, because she could see the bond with him and Boogie, he is good at comps, and he can work the other houseguests.. It had very little to do with who Frank was as a person, but his ability to play the game, socially and physically.  Janelle has hardly lied at all in that house.  She has repeated things that others have said and they don’t like having to explain what they meant.  Compared to many in that house, she is a freaking saint this year!  So what she is vain, likes to be pretty, confident, and cocky at times… Dumbyale is the shadiest chick I’ve seen on BB in a long time.. So ready to watch her cry when she gets “scum bagged”.  Had she, Janie, and Britney all kept a final 3 deal.. They could have schooled those boys!  But NOOOO, Britney and Dumbyale are far too shallow and insecure to work with another female.. Those guys are gonna eat em up just like Janelle warned them!

      • @d895f4d6f028f18ae9f119327cfde776:disqus You said Janelle hardly lied and that is NOT the case at all.  That is why I did not like her game play this season.  She lied to everyone by forming alliances all over the place.  She always ran to the power.  She would send her players to start trouble.  I use to like her, but saw how differently she went about the game this year.  She did not like Frank from the beginning and wanted him gone.  She wanted to play with boogie and the rest of the coaches.  That was the reason she wanted Frank gone, not because he was a threat to the game.  He only won 1 HOH.  She talked bad about Frank constantly and certainly was no saint this season. 

      • Frank is a snake. See Jenhelton37 descrioption of him. emind u of anyone. Right. Dr. Will had the same affect. Janelle can see that, and he;s bonded with Boogie? She knows it for sure. Boogie knows she sees and understands whats up with he and Frank. And is the only one apparently.

      • I really think  Janelle isnt crazy.I think she bought a set of  fake rings off of QVC..Though if she told everybody she give her rings for her word people believe her better.Like all of you are  saying Boogie is a great player have you seen  Janelle is action.

    • Janelle has no respect for the institution of marriage of family.  That is why she offered her wedding ring and dressess.  Janelle is Stepford wife, pretty(to some) blond and wired to be dumb.

  8. Should be Mike Boogie or Frank……..I don’t like either……..don’t like how this went down………what goes around Will come around ………

    • That is so annoying go home to your baby   Now mothers aren’t allowed to play these games Get real   I am a mother to 7. I am sure her baby is loved misses her mom like crazy.   I also bet she misses her but maybe talking about her hurts to much.   

      •  If it hurts so much she should have stayed home and took care of her.No amount of money or a stupid game should interfere with being a mom,especially when they are that little! Go home Janelle.

      • There’s many mothers out there that has too work, so what’s the differance if a mother works at a job for money, or is on B.B. which I’m sure they get paid for. I’m sure Cwilliam8676 that you done a great job raising 7 children. good for you !!!!

    • IT SEEMS THAT PEOPLE FORGET BOOGIE HAS A NEW BABY TOO!  Ya it’s bad for a new mom to leave her baby, but what about a new dad leaving his baby? Same thing people. They are both just as guilty.

  9. Danielle feel’s she’s the most powerful HG and not thinking it will end. She will be on the same predicament as Janelle was, It’s just a matter of time, and when she goes home, she get’s a chance to see how nauseating she carried herself during her stay in BB house.

    • danielle is playing dan’s game and even shane is using her!!!!  I did think alot of her until i heard the lying, i agree, they all lie…….But do you have to lie about janelle;your conversation with her to make yourself look good……..i saw all this go down and i didnt see the purpose of it, to lie to her alliance.specialyl dan or shane!!!..i guess it made her feel good…… didnt help her game.  brittany is a trip too…….i think she is on to danielle and doesnt trust her……I DO THINK THERE COULD BE A DOUBLE EVICTION TONIGHT!!!!!

      • I think she was doing all the lying to ensure that they vote Janelle out.She is jealous of her and afraid that Shane may be checking her out,so in her eyes she’s  gotta go.On the other hand I don’t like that shady Shane,Danielle or Janelle.I hope to be saying bye to her tonight!

    • Danielle does what Dan tells her to. She should think for her self. She should have put Boogie up. I say they need to wise up. Get rid of the coaches if they want anyone else to win.

    •  I think Danielle is a little…..out there should we say.She probably won’t see anything wrong with her behavior. I will be very happy to tell her and that cross eyed Britney good-bye as well!

  10. I get a kick out of all these people who keep saying “hopefully Frank will stay.” They obviously aren’t watching the same show everyone else is watching. The chances of Frank leaving are slim to none. Dan, Boogie, Shane, Ian, Wil and Ashley at the very least are all voting her out. Even if Jenn, Joe, and Britney flip that’s still not enough votes. Janelle would have to get Wil and Ashley to vote for her to stay and the way those two have been talking crap about Janelle that’s highly unlikely. That means Britney is less likely to flip because she’ll want to disguise her vote by voting with the house. That’s what she did during her season: floated along with whomever was in power. Unless it’s absolutely certain that Frank is out Britney will stick with the alliance this week. Janelle is gone, folks.

    Now, they just need to figure out what kind of HOH competition they can do that favours Joe. If he can win HOH that would really mess everything up, but I can’t even imagine a competition where he has the advantage.

  11. cant bb to a pandora’s box tonight and it somehow save janelle? think i might stop watching if she goes tonight. 

    • And even more would stop watching if there was that kind of blatant rigging. There won’t be a PB, she’s going home. She’s toast. Fans need to accept it and forget the wishful thinking. If anything, production is wanting her gone too so they can get a classic reaction when she’s blindsided. Why else do you think the DR told Dan that nobody could tell her she was going home? It’s about ratings. They already manipulated the game last week by saving Frank…do you really think they’d do it a second week in a row? They can get away with rigging only if it’s subtle and don’t do it openly. They saved Frank last week…that should give you a clue as to who the Production’s favorite HG is.

      • sorry if that sounds like I was being smarty pants to you!  I was being smarty pants about BB leaving Frank in the game last week :/

      • I’m tired of all the manipulation.. I like Frank and all, but there was no reason not to go through with the eviction last week. Idk…. I guess the producers like him because they want the whole “Chilltown 2” thing going on as long as it can… personally I think it’s the most annoying thing I’ve seen in years

  12. I, too want to see Janelle go home, basically because I like Frank and Boogie.  However, it would be funny to see Dumielle’s reaction if she stayed.  Her head would go in circles(like in the Exorcist) until her entire body convulsed and exploded and then we would hear her soul screaming like Rachel, “Nobody messes with my man”!!

  13. Lying, back strapping, back dooring, flip flopping & floating are all part of the BB game. Janelle should of realized she was the target when Danielle took Wil off of the block & she replaced him. Her second clue should of been the fact that Frank nor Boogie have campaigned for Frank to stay. Third, Janelle knows the rules of BB like the back of her hand. She can’t buy into Britney saying production won’t let them tell her who she’s voting for. Even if she was blind to all of the above, she still should of campaigned to stay right after the POV. Last night was she worked really hard to pin down votes. If she would of done that from the get go she may have saved herself. So my question for Janelle is, you worked really hard from week one to preserve yourself just incase the coaches went into the game so why did you not fight just as hard once you officially went into the game?

    • She should have thrown Joe under the bus as Boogie was asking. That is not much to ask considering Boogie did not trust Janelle because she has betrayed her alliance with both Brittney and also, with Boogie with her attempt to evict Frank! Had she thrown Joe under the bus, Joe would be the one going home and nobody in the house would have cared! Also, Janelle would have been part of the 4 coach alliance which would have been the strongest alliance in the house. Instead, she is speechless and cannot even say anything reinforcing Boogie’s assertion that Janelle cannot be trusted!

    • Bullshit!!!  Should have never left her baby to begin with!  She wants her tits and hair to be on TV.  Most vain person I’ve ever seen.  She could care less about ‘going home to her baby’.

  14. I think BB may have played favor to Frank last week because his Dad is a Celebrity well kinda…….it would have been EPIC though to see Boogies face how he got scumbagged oh well that’s in the past could of should of..moving on..

  15. This is BB and everyone in BB lies.  I don’t think there is a person that has ever played BB that has not lied.  I see comments about boogie, Brit and Danielle lying, but what about every other player that is in this game?  Janelle use to play BB by mostly winning comps and some lying.  This season she changed her game and it became all about lying and starting drama with all her lies and running to the power.  Joe is another one whose name I do not see and he has been the reason behind a lot of lying and drama in the house.  The biggest reason Janelle is leaving the house is when the 4 coaches were in the room and boogie asked her to give up Joe instead of him giving up Frank she remained silent.  That spoke volumes to the other coaches.  She would not even give up Joe to be on board with the coach alliance she said she wanted.  She had alliances with just about everyone in the house.  I don’t care who you are rooting for, but don’t think for a moment that your favorite player is not lying because everyone in lying.   

    • your right on!!!!!  Joe is the biggest trouble maker in the house!!!!!!!!! and the reason behind alot of all the probelms in the house!!!!!…why does he talk a normal talk in the house and then when he gets in the DR he shouts and breaks your ear drums!!!!!!!!!!   go figure!!!!!!  I do agree janelle has stayed pretty true to joe.  I do think there will be a DOUBLE EVICTION TONIGHT!!!!!

      •  Joe is a loud mouth trouble maker,a loose canon waiting to go off. He has a bad temper that he tries hard to hide.As far as double eviction…..NOT TONIGHT!

    • That was the turning point there. Janelle just froze and cannot even say something and just pretty much confirmed to Dan what Mike Boogie was saying that Janelle cannot be trusted! She had a great opportunity to secure a very solid 4 coach alliance and Janelle will not sign on because she wanted to protect Joe? For what? Joe is hated and despised in the house and nobody would have cared if he got evicted this week! What was Janelle thinking? Pretty dumb move right there!

  16. I think BB played favor to Frank last week due to his Dad being a celebrity well kinda ….it would have been EPIC to see Boogie’s face after he got scum bagged for the 1st time ever…..oh well could of should of moving on…

  17. Just have to add why would you stop watching BB just because Janelle is leaving?  I have been a BB fan since season 1 and there have been plenty of times my favorite was evicted, but that never stopped me from watching.  I am a fan of BB period and will always watch to the end.  Just makes no sense to me, but goodbye to those that do.

    • They just say that like it means anything! Last season, Danielle Donato fans kept whining when she got evicted but, stayed till the end because they wanted Rachel to lose! Rachel still won in the end! Janelle fans will stay because now, they will be rooting for Mike Boogie to lose!

  18. I’m sure that it will be Janelle evicted.  My only hope is that they bring her back in a couple of weeks – that would make for some interesting TV!  Danielle is a great liar and the scary part it she believes most of them.  I can’t believe the “silent six” really believe that Boogie and Frank will not come after them.  Sorry Shane but I hope your are first to go.  Can’t wait to see pathetic Danielle cry for real. She deserves to “feel the pain” I predict that Boogie and Shane will be the last two standing.  How sad  : (

  19. Janelle is going home today and not frank why does every think that boogie is the only 1 lying wth he isn’t he’s been more truthful more then any season he’s been on plus ALL bb players…if you dont like boogie that’s fine but don’t be saying he’s a liar all of them are liars and if you had to save your best player you would do anything to save them and that’s what he did so GET OVER IT

  20. My question to Janelle. Don’t you think Boogie got to Dan. He would say anything to save Frank. I’m not team Boogie(love Janelle)but after he got Brittany and Dan to change their minds I’m for frank and Boogie. You would
    Think after those guys last season screwed Brittany she would stay with Janielle and does Dan really think Boogie going to take him over Frank in the end. Bad mistake shame on Dan and Brittany!

    • You are obviously giving Twitney credit for having a brain.  She doesn’t and I certainly don’t understand why CBS thinks she was an “epic” player.  The Brigade strung her along until it was time to cut the girl with fake blond hair and a surgically implanted chest.

    • i don’t think he would take either of them. he knows he would lose either way. he needs to take someone like joe to even have half a chance of winning.

  21. Janelle will be leaving tonight.   Smooth move by Boogie.    NONE of this would be taking place though if it hadn’t been for Danielles jealousy.   I think Boogie was at least smart enough to take advantage of that.   But i just can’t bring myself to like that guy.   His whiny little tirade last week against the other hg…particularly against the women….made him seem petty and arrogant.   I actually think he wants Janelle gone because she knows what makes him tick….inside AND outside the house.   Heaven forbid that we learn what the real Boogie is like.   Perhaps we already know and he doesn’t realize it yet.   That would make for TWO delusional people in the house.

  22. Most, if not all of the houseguests including former coaches have lied at one point or another not only during this game, but this week alone. As Mike Boogie said to Ian, “This is the Big Brother House, You can bounce checks!” 

    Anyway, unless the “silent six” and “pack five” (I believe I’m correct on both those names) has a problem, Janelle will be evicted tonight. Wait for the look on her face when Julie tells Janelle she has been evicted.

  23. I hate that Janelle will be leaving. Boogie is being his typical self and the house doesn’t see it. Jen Helton is right about him. He refused to agree to get rid of Frank as Janelle did the same for Will. What was the difference? He is as he’s always been and looks like he gets away with it again.

    • I am not a Janelle fan, however, I would like to see her stay just to see Danielle flip out.   This house needs drama, screaaming and fighting, cat fights and clawing. That is what BB is about.  Jen Helton doesn’t like Boogie and but don’t blame him for Janelle’s lack of game play.  The house needs to evict Jenn and Ashley then Danielle and then duke it out after that.  That would be good.  They just don’t find EPIC players like Dr Will and Evil Dick everyday!  Or bats**t crazy players like Willie and Rachel.

      • Danielle will flip out when Shane breaks up with her. Hope he does it on BBAD so we can all watch.

  24. I don’t think Janelle will care either way. You people looking for a reaction from her are gonna be dissapointed. Seems to me she has that post pregnacy depression thing going. Either that or she’s on some hardcore medication like Britt seems to be on. The women are creepy this season.

    • I agree Gene, specifically Ashley and Danielle.  Danielle definitely has the fatal attraction thing going on and Ashely is, well, to put it nicely, somewhat mentally challenged.  Twitney and Jugs are the same rude, shrill harpies they were in their previous seasons.

      • The stuff that’s used in spray on tanning can seriously affect a person. Ashley’s brain is fried, that or she’s stuck in some 60’s hippy universe. She has the most stunned look on her most of the time. Anyone have an idea of whT meds could make her so stoopid?

      • Ashley is on some massive muscle relaxers for her back. If I remember a few weeks ago she was told to take 2 pills three times a day. I’ve been on that same muscle relaxer and holy crap! Anyone who takes that many a day will definitely be a stoned zombie, if they don’t pass out first. I don’t think it’s a true mental challenge she is facing, it’s a narcotic induced mental challenge. 

  25. Frank needs to go home as well as Mike! He and Frank are liars!! Mike has already won a million dollars and deserves no more. It sad to see Janelle leave this game as I feel that she should stay. 

  26. @d895f4d6f028f18ae9f119327cfde776:disqus 
    We are not being rude, just expressing our opinions.  Seriously, do you respect someone who would take off a wedding band to gain someone’s trust in a TV GAME!!!  BB is a game. Marriage is a sacrament from God and  a lifelong dedication to one person.  A wedding band is a symbol and should never be used as a pawn in a TV GAME!

  27. Very happy that Boogie called Janelle out the way he did in front of the coaches and had her stumbling for words.  She just doesn’t have what it takes anymore.  I’ll be glad to see the fake cryer who “never cries” go walking out the door!  

  28. When is Shane going to admit his gayness? Can’t wait for Joe to shut down the kikes and bring the wrath of God to this Jew forsaken house.

    • I have been thinking that myself.  Did you see his dance when he was given the invitation.  It was so gay, and I can say that because I am a gay man!

      • I said it before and I will say it again. Shane likes Frank. Just wait and see. When it’s convenient for Shane to make a move on Frank for his safety in the house he won’t hesitate to do it. Heck, he might even do it just to get Danielle off his back. I think Boogie has a man crush on Frank, but I think Shane will be the one to put the moves on Frank.

  29. boogie is the dangerous player and the big liar here NOT janelle! janelle deserves to stay in the game and I wished America could vote on this to keep her in the house. 

  30. Just a little comment about all the talk about Janelle should go home to her baby.   Unless you’ve forgotten….Boogie is a Dad.   Does that mean you think Dads are not as important as moms?   This is not the 18th century where all moms stayed at home and all dads went to work.   Most child rearing these days is equally done.   Women DO go to work too.   I think Janelle is a responsible enough mother to leave her little one in the capable hands of her father and those that love her.   And as much as i dislike Boogies attitude against half the population, i seriously doubt that he would put his child in harms way either. 

    • No one is saying that Janelle is not a good mother.  However, since day one, I have only heard her mention her child twice and husband once.  Usually, new mothers just gush and gush and gush about their children.  I watch the weekly shows and AD, those are my observations.  I have heard Boogie on numerous instances talk about his boy and how he misses him.  Father are usually not so apt to go on and on about their children, you usually have to ask.  I am quite sure that both Janelle and Boogie would ensure the safety of their children before lea ving.  One other thing, I realize that this is not the 18th century, however, Janelle is a “stay at home mom” so your point is useless.

      • Actually there HAVE been posts on here saying that Janelle is a bad mother for leaving her baby.   My point was…what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.   If you think mothers should be at home with their babies then the same should apply to the father.   I’m sure just because she’s a stay at home mom doesnt mean her husband isn’t as equally involved in child care or that he’s not capable of taking care of the baby while she’s away.    One more thing…..just because someone gushes more about their child does not mean they love their child more than any other parent.   It’s not a contest.

      • Janelle is on a reality show.  She is going to be judged.  We judge everything about the players–good and bad.  I personally am judging the fact that she left a newborn baby to play a game.  And I judge her a bad mother.

      •  In response to PLM,
        Boogie left his baby to play a game too…….
        Why isn’t he being judged the same as Janelle for the same action?

      • In response to Jillith:  Boogie’s baby is older, plain and simple.  I would have no problem with Janelle if her baby was older.  She’s still lactating for God sake.

  31. Hope Janelle miraculously stays & Frank goes…I would seriously LOL at that! They all lie & what they are using as an excuse to get Janelle out is the same thing they are doing. They are hyping up Janelles lies when they are doing the same thing. I am ready for delusional Danielle (and her crotch flashing during her wrestle fest with Shane) to get the heck outta dodge.

    • I like Frank, but he has kind of fizzled out lately.  He was much more interesting when Willie was there to keep him on his toes.  That being said, it would be great to see Jugs stay just to watch Dumielle flip out.  That would bring some much needed excitement to this house.

      • I didn’t start watching til the night Willie left :( Frank is okay, but he & Boogie (and a couple others) use so much profanity – every other word is F-ing…I just think its stupid. But yeah that’d be hilarious if Janey stayed & Danielle flipped out! I’d love to see that!

      • Hope Janelle doesn’t leave as it would be great seeing Danielle immediately work herself into an even higher state of delusion.

      • I LOVE Ian !!
        I want him to be the winner. I think once he’s HOH he’s gonna make some good moves. He’s a super fan and understands how the game needs to be played. His awkwardness & knowledge could really take him far because nobody will be expect him to kick their ass! 

  32. I blame production for setting up this premise of coaches and HGs and then changing the game. I’ve watched all 14 seasons and have never seen such lying,
    seeking people out to lie to them. Sorry Janelle is leaving and the rest of these fools will be removed by Boogie. I have no respect for Dan or Brittany. Makes me kinda sick

  33. Janelle is a master manipulator right up there with Boogie, and she is his biggest threat.  Awesome game play by Mike Boogie.  Thats what Big Brother is all about lies and manipulation. Boogie is the only one who did not push that button, all the other coaches wanted to play. So now its GAME ON!!!  Go Boogie!!! Bye Janelle!!

  34. Why is Britney leading Janelle along,she is basically done but brit continues to act as though she is on Janelle’s side.

    • Brit’s an idiot. Did you notice how she pretended to be surprised when the veto was used and Janelle was put up. That was some good acting on her part being that she knew all along Janelle was going up.

  35. Seeing Boggie and Frank in the Diary Room acting like the same idiots that he and Dr. Will did was embarrasing for Frank. That should tell him that he is Boggies puppet. Looks like they are getting ready to hand him another check.

  36. Dan is correct in saying / believing Danielle is taking it / playing too personnal; it would be interesting to hear Janelle’s thoughts on Danielle believing Janelle is out to steal Shane away from her. Haven’t seen it but Danielle apparently has…

    Danielle appears to be a pyscho but then again maybe it’s the viewers !

  37. I’ll watch tonight and see what I think before committing to not watching the rest of the season (have done so before), but I seriously don’t know who else to like this season. 

  38. Wish Janelle could stay!!!! They didn’t even give her a chance & puff she is gone….some just want to make a name for their self,some are scared of her….Anyway Janelle is & always will be the best big brother player, big brother do something!!!!

    •  think they did havent u heard that they accidentally played dans diary room session so the whole house could hear him?? talking bout the silent 6 etc???? talk about unfair to dan thats crazy! it was audio problems suppoedly but really?!? those sessions are supposed to be private not for EVERYONE to hear. so Janelle will probably stay now since wil and them heard all this

  39. You’re all acting ike Janelle is this sweet innocent girl who has no reason to be evicted. She has said the most lies out of anyone in this house since the start of this game. She has joined whoever was in power from week to week. She’s not even interesting on After-Dark because all she does is try and talk game. Also let’s not forget that Janelle lied to Danielle about JoJo calling her fat. That was all Janelle who was just trying to start something. I loved Janelle in her previous two seasons but I can’t stand her during this one. I’m glad she is leaving.  

    •  agree 100% she was being very mean for no reason other than to make herself giggle bout that situation shes evil i dont like danielle very much but couldnt believe when she did that

  40. Isn’t anyone at all curious about Julie saying someone comming back in the game tonight if the game was reset? The house is already over staffed….. Who do you think it is besides we know it won’t be Willy the whale?

    • Nobody is coming back into the game.  ONLY if the coaches voted no to playing, then a person would have come in.

  41. I a am very sad that the big brother game is control by cbc it is no use to wath it anymore…..Danielle had the right to no she is voted out…REALLY

  42. Please — tell danielle to get some botox in that wrinkled forehead – and to fix those fake McDonald arched eyebrows!!

  43. For all the crazy people who are saying they are going to stop watching the show I want to say.
    you are liars you can’t stop, because if you would stop watching you wouldn’t even make the comments. lamo lamo, cry babies

  44. so what does everyone think of them playing dans diary room session so the house could hear what he was saying?? mentioning the silent 6 etc. thats crap if i was dan id be so mad! janelle will probably stay now cuz im sure wil and them will keep her now

  45. janelle should not be the one to leave- it SHOULD BE FRANK-but the idiots in the house are liars and turncoat jerks,and even though i cant stand boogie , it should be brit to go next, as she blaintly lied to janelles face- what a b ___ch

  46. I agree with all who think Mike Boogie is having others do his dirty work. But BB has a ‘habit’ of bringing back houseguests who are/were popular and Janelle is one of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a double elimination, then brought out Pandora’s box and Janelle was brought back. Remember Kaisar? Wasn’t he brought back 3 times before he finally succumbed? Just a thought…

  47. These players are a bunch of idiots. Worse group of players falling for Boogie. I still hope they have another twist and Janelle is brought back.

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