Big Brother 14 Episode 1 Recap: One Player Already Out

Big Brother 14 episode 01

Big Brother 14 made its long-awaited return tonight, and I must say, it was well worth the wait.

We got to meet 12 new house guests, find out (like we didn’t already know) who the four returning players are and what game they’ll be playing, and see the crowning of the first Head of Household. Oh yeah, and we also saw the first eviction of the season. That was a fast and furious one-hour!

At the start of the show, we get the usual Julie Chen seasonal intro and the house explanation (I wonder if they re-record that voiceover every year or just play the one from like seven seasons ago). Then we get to see the 12 new HGs getting their keys… wait, their invitations to the show. Yes, they didn’t get keys because they’re sending someone home right away. I think they just forgot to have the keys made. Ha.

The 12 HGs assemble outside the house as always and Julie sends them in in three groups. Entering the house first was Ashley, Wil, Frank and Jodi. The next batch to go in the house are Shane, Jen, Ian and Danielle. That leaves Willie, Joe, Kara and JoJo to enter the house last.

Right away we get further proof that Ashley is completely bats*** cray cay and that Ian is a genius. It took the guy all of .5 seconds to be 99 percent sure Willie is Russell Hantz from Survivor’s brother. Not much else to note from the usual meet and greet/champagne toasts. So let’s skip to Julie delivering the news. She tells the group that four epic players are returning and they all look like they’re ready to charge out of there and burn CBS to the ground. But then Julie tells them they’ll be there to coach them and not play the game with them.

So let’s bring in the coaches. First through the door is Dan (Season 10 winner). He’s followed by Britney (Seasons 12 fan favorite). Mike Boogie (season 2 player and  season 7 winner) enters next. And last in is Janelle (Seasons 6 and 7 fan favorite).

Everyone is mingling and getting to know each other and it seems everyone is pretty convinced Willie is Russell’s brother. I wasn’t sure it would be kept a secret all summer, but I must say I’m surprised everyone knows right away.

It’s time to head to the backyard so the coaches can pick their players and start the first HOH competition. Britney gets to pick first and she picks Shane because he looks strong. Boogie picks Frank for the same reason. Janelle goes for Wil for basically the same reason (he’s a triathlete). Dan goes for Kara.

Big Brother 14 Mentors & Newbies

  • Dan’s Team: Kara, Danielle, Jodi.
  • Janelle’s Team: Wil, Ashley and Joe.
  • Boogie’s Team: Frank, Ian and Jen
  • Britney’s Team: Shane, Willie and JoJo

The coaches won’t be playing in the first HOH but they’ll be the ones picking the HOH and sending home the first contestant, meaning the coach with the winning team picks the HOH and the coach with the losing team has to evict someone right away.

Team Britney wins the first challenge. Team Janelle comes in second place and Team Boogie third. Dan’s team comes in last so it’s up to him to evict the first person of Season 14.

Britney chooses Willie (I seriously keep typing Russell by mistake) as the first HOH and at first I was annoyed by that, but her explanation makes perfect sense. She thinks Willie needs the HOH to be safe from eviction to make some alliances and get that instant target off his back.

Dan immediately rules out Kara for elimination, so he talks with Jodi and Danielle to help make his decision. Of course they each throw each other under the bus (I mean who wouldn’t do that?) but Dan ultimately chooses Jodi for eviction.

But Jodi fans, don’t fear, you can be about 95 percent certain she went off to sequester and will eventually get the chance to re-enter the game. Think about it: there’s no way there’s only 10 evictions (before the final two) left all summer…

My overall thoughts: I like the twist. At first I thought it was a bad idea to have four returning players condescend the newbies as coaches, but I think it’s going to be a fun addition. They can add a whole new level of gameplay and serve as a second brain for each of their teammates. Right in the door, I’m like Team Britney and Team Boogie.

What did you think of the Big Brother 14 premiere? Whose team are you rooting for?

After tonight’s west coast premiere ends, the Live Feeds and Big Brother After Dark will launch (that’s 1AM ET / 10PM PT) so get your BB live feed account signed up and ready now. Remember that you’ll be able to watch using your Apple and Android mobile devices tonight. You can also download our free Apple app and Android app to stay updated.


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  1. I give it 1 more week before they find out that Willie is Russell’s brother … and then it’s going to hit the fan …

  2. That competition would of been difficult to anyone with boobs. (the way they were body flopping…lol) When I saw that the body flop was working, I knew Dan’s team was doomed.

  3. I agree that Britney’s team may be the best one but I am so not pulling for her bratty hotness.

  4. Dan decision to evict Jodi (I seriously keep typing kalia by mistake) was predictable.

  5. Nice eye candy this season. Maybe worth the watch. Also, it’s obvious that the coaches will soon be houseguests, IMO.

  6. I wonder if a random draw might have been better than each coach picking his or her own team members.  While I do agree that Britney appears to have the strongest team, I’m not crazy about her so I’m not really rooting for her team.  Same goes for Mike “Boogie” (he’s nothing without Dr. Will, in my opinion).  I think Dan is doomed.  I’m Team Janelle, but kind of question her choices…

  7. If they are smart they will leave the letters from and pictures of Russel far away from his room!!

  8. Dan’s team looks like it can float for a while. The other three will tear into each other with all guns blazing at Brit’s team. 

  9. really jodei first.. the only black person i used to like big brother, but it seems big brother has a things for muti-cultural people..always a blonde chick, a jock, a nerd.. but these types have faces other than white,

    • I was waiting for the first remark like this and you didn’t take long to make it.

    • Big Brother gets worse and worse with diversity casting… they normally do a gay guy (sometimes a gay black guy), a geek, a middle ager and 1 straight black female.  the other 95 percentage are young caucasian bathing suit models. After 14 seasons, we know it’s not diliberate.. it’s just so happens to pan out this way in the casting (whatever!) I hope Glass House on CBS trashes Big Brother this season. I won’t be watching. 

    • I agree the always stick one Black in a room full of caucasians who do you thinks going first. Why can’t it be equally divided. You can’t tell me Jodi was the only black auditioned for the show.

  10. Live feeds working on pc but no luck using my iPad so far.
    Still says I need adobe flash

  11. Live feeds starting out well. Boogie and Willie talking game in the hoh and janelle wil and jojo kara and ashley in have not room doing the same

  12. Have we seen this have not room before? 

    It’s some type of vertigo or vortex room or something

  13. I am so not watching this year! Come on CBS another relative of Russell’s. Yuck!

  14. Is it possible to be in love with a houseguest already? Ian is my favorite. The nerd/glasses really works for him. I really enjoyed Britney in season 12, she provided lots of comical humor AND she would have had a great a great shot at winning if wasn’t screwed over by the brigade. Go team Britney and Boogie!

  15. I still thought this first eviction was kind of cruel. I guess chances are high she’ll be back. But just think about it. You’ve wanted to be on Big Brother for so long and then to have your stay cut short.. >_<

  16. Team Britany all the way! Dan is screwed because he only is training Kara and Danielle. I felt bad when Jodi left! She didn’t even stay there for a week! Also, I miss the old Big Brother! I liked how the past season(s) were everybody’s game. Now, it;s up to Janelle, Dan, Mike (“Boogie”) and Britany! I mean, now the game is with teams. Nothing againstit, I just think that it is a big gamble for CBS! I think maybe half the viewers are only watching it because of the contestants (or Rachels notin this season, lol)! ^_^

  17. I understand Britney is funny but she wasn’t all that great of a player… You would think of have somebody else 

  18. If this show is ‘live’ how do they show the houseguest playing around in the previews……..  did they take them in earlier and just get shots of them ‘pretending’?!?!?!!?

    • It’s not all live.  For the most part, the only thing live is Thursday nights evictions and HoH.  The shots they showed is from the past week. I think they have been in the house since Saturday (maybe before).

  19. I am so happy that RACHEL did NOT show up…I was ready to change channels is she was one of the coaches….

  20. I would like to think Danielle would win this thing but there seem to be a lot of strong people this season so far.I agree that Brits team looks strong.

  21. Dan disapponited me!  He is a real life coach.. seems like he, of all the coaches would know how to pick a better team (as far as physical, anyway).  Hope they can at least win some mental comps. 

  22. The twist that sent someone packing on the first night was cruel. At least give her the chance to save herself in a veto competition, or something. To put her fate in the hands of one person is messed up. And I agree that Dan’s team was doomed from the beginning. All of his girls were pretty well-endowed, and they had a lot of trouble with all that belly flopping.

    And I’m not sure about this new mentor twist. It seems too much like it’s “My-Newbies-Against-Your-Newbies”, and less like Big Brother.

    • I agree Jodi should have had at leat a try to stay in the house.  I watched the interviews and I liked her from the start.  She looks like she would have been a really good player.  I was sorry that Dan picked her to be evicted.l

      • You are so right Yolanda, as well I believe Dan had her in mind the whole time after they came in last to be the first to leave the BB house all along.  He was to quick in picking her to leave when the time came.  I hope Dan’s team is demolished first and foremost. 

      • I hope Boogie is the first coach to get out of the house.  Dan made a huge mistake but I’d still like to the other one out (Boogies).  Hope Frank gets voted out but at this point I’m not sure.

    • Doesn’t matter, no one wanted the chubby black girl on their team anyway. The Network and the House Guest aren’t really into representing diversity on this show. Why should this season be any different. We still have thier one gay guy, one puerto rican and Geek along with all the other caucasian bathing suit models to watch all summer… YIPEEE (rolling eyes)

  23. Does anyone know why Jeff didn’t return as a coach?  I checked the voting yesterday, and he was beating out all of the other BB veterans.  I’m disappointed that he didn’t return!

    •  The CBS poll was not a vote. It was basically letting people vote on who they THOUGHT should go back into the house or who WOULD go back in the house. CBS has those 4 people picked before they ever put that poll up on their website. They were not letting us decide. It was just like last year where we could guess on the pairs going back into the house.

  24. Why does everything need to be racial?  If I would wish for more diversity it would be in ages not race, employment background, or sexual orientation!

    • Everything doesn’t need to be racial, but somethings can’t be ignored… 14 season of the same formula can be ignored by some when THEY are represented, but others just can’t help noticing when they have to sit at the back of the bus.

    • Darlene WAKE UP!!!how many black “friends” do you have? Everything in America is racial!!!the damn president cant even get certain,bills passed because he is black, smh being half white still not good enough for most of you fake phony caucasions. Be Real

      • I would not care if the President were two shades of green.
        He is the cause of racial discontent in this country not the citizens.
        He is doing his best to divide a nation of people.
        When Bush was president he was bashed with cruel words, did we say it must be racial? No.
        In addition, MJ not every thing is as you put it “racial”, I take people for what is in there hearts, not what the color of there skin is. Moreover, I have all types of friends of color. I am sure there are 10s of millions of people who feel the same way! So stop with the racial crap!
        Who are you to call anyone a fake phony Caucasian? That is out right rude!
        If you think every thing in America is racial, try another country.
        You would see what racial really means.

        To the BB fans I know this was not the place for this comment, but I think it had to be said.

  25. I love team dan and jan lol…janelle is a proven competition winner plus she has that infectious personality. Dan is da man bc hes methodical and with jodi gone he willl be more determined than ever to make a statement!

  26. I liked the new twist.   I’m curious to see how this pans out.  I have a lot of questions about the new system but I guess they will be answered as time goes by.  Go Janelle!!!!!!

  27. I don’t think that it is a racial thing at all but let us be clear 1 black, last to be picked-first to go- are u serious? When was the last time you seen someone of color when “big brother” or “survivor”? When it comes to social games people tend to flock to what they know, I think I will stick to the Glass House!

  28. Wow some people are REALLY afraid to even HEAR race mentioned. excuse us for wanting to see some people like OURSELVES on a freaking show we like. I guess when you ALWAYS see people that look like you on TV then everybody else should just love it? morons…

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