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Big Brother 14 is back and we’ll be right here on this post discussing tonight’s season premiere as it happens. We’ll soon be able to confirm the returning Vet HGs, the rest of the twist details, who won HoH, and whether or not we’ll have a surprise eviction by the end of the night. Then everything will wrap up tonight with the launch of the Big Brother Live Feeds so get yours now with the free trial and be ready to watch.

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Before we even get started, Big Brother reveals one HG will leave the show tonight. Oh no! Rumors had it that Jodi Rollins, one of my favorites, might have been the one since no one could find her in the leaked Live Feeds images.

First up we’ve got the season’s new Big Brother 14 HouseGuests. If you haven’t learned about them in-depth yet then I recommend you watch our preseason interviews to get inside their game and see how they plan to play. This looks like a great group of HGs!

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Big Brother 14 Returning HGs:

  • Dan Gheesling
  • Janelle Pierzina
  • Mike Boogie Malin
  • Britney Haynes

It appears the Vets did not know who else would be returning along with them. Now the Vets will select their teams for the season.

Big Brother 14 mentors and newbies

Big Brother 14 Mentor & Newbie pairings:

  • Britney’s team: Shane, Willie, JoJo
  • Boogie’s team: Frank, Ian, Jenn
  • Janelle’s team: Ashley, Joe, Wil
  • Dan’s team: Kara, Danielle, Jodi

Next twist: the 12 HGs received an invitation rather than a key. There are only 11 keys. 1 HG is about to go home at the hands of the losing team’s mentor. The winner team’s mentor will pick the HoH.

Britney’s team wins the race, but second place is still up for grabs. Janelle’s team locks down second while Boogie’s team is third. Before Dan picks someone from his team to go home Britney picks Willie as the first HoH.

Dan talks with each of the three HGs on his team and then makes his decision.

Big Brother 14 first elimination:

  • Jodi Rollins

After tonight’s west coast premiere ends the Live Feeds and Big Brother After Dark will launch (that’s 1AM ET / 10PM PT) so get your BB live feed account signed up and ready now. Reminder that you’ll be able to watch using your Apple and Android mobile devices tonight. You can also download our free Apple app and Android app to stay updated.



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  1. Pick it pack it fire it up.
    Gotta get my head right for the awesomeness in 7 minutes!

    • I hate to think about how fat Jodi would be if she didn’t do all those exercises.

      What is a typical ol’ southern gay? What do they look like usually?

      Why did Willie just hump his refrigerator?

      Omg Kara’s friends are really hot too! Who are they?

    • What is a typical ol’ southern gay? What do they look like usually?Why did Willie hump his refrigerator?Omg Kara’s friends are really hot too! Who are they?

  2. I would hate to see how fat jodi would be if she didn’t do all those exercises. 

    God Kara’s friends are hot too. Who are they?

  3. Willie trying to lie about being a hantz and not getting away with it.

    Danielle lying about being a kindergarten teacher instead of a nurse.

    Frank not lying about anything but everyone suspects him. Haha

  4. Confirmed 4 returning HG are Dan bb10, janelle bb6 bbas, Britney bb12, Boogie bb2 bbas 

    At least. Riley knows how awful she was. Her husband was ugly I thought. 

  5. The summer has officially begun. I hope Lawon comes back as a coach!! Best houseguest ever. Period. No Rachel please! I love that Chenbot

  6. They clearly weren’t as excited about Britney as they were about Dan. 

    I didn’t know that janelle and boogie were kinda enemies already. Kinda awesome. 

    Ian the genius wasn’t the only one who figured out the hantz. Frank and Shane see it too. So do boogie and janelle.

    • Willie messed up when he told people he was from Louisiana.
      He should have gone with a neighboring southern state maybe.

    • Britney picks Shane first and puts a huge target on his back.

      Jodi wasn’t picked till last and Dan had to take last pick.

  7. Britney picks Shane and puts a huge target on hs back.

    Boogie picks frank.

    Janelle takes wil.

    Dan takes Kara and Danielle.

    Janelle picks Ashley.

    Boogie picks Ian.

    Britney takes Willie and Jo Jo

    Boogie takes Jen.

    Janelle takes Jo

    Jodi last for Dan.

  8. Danielle has nice daisy duke butt!

    Omg Ashley doing frogger is hilarious and hott!

  9. I was really hoping they would of brought evil dick back to the house.. He makes the show worth watching

  10. Janelles team 2 nd
    Boogies team 3rd 
    Dan last

    Britney make Willie 1st hoh of summer

  11. Send Jodi home, she is boring and only talks about her five new step children.

  12. Dan sends Jodi home. Predictable choice. 

    A summer without a kalia will be quite nice.

  13. NAACP is gonna be yelling big time tomorrow. I think Al Sharpton will be having a show regarding Big Brother racism… heh

    • She complained about everything and did not compete well. I don’t think anyone was being racist. 

      • You are wrong. It is racist. You are probably one too. They did my son wrong last season. He didn’t even get an exit interview with that Julie woman. It is all hogwash and pointless. My boy should have won.

      • Let’s be VERY clear. It was no mistake to cast one black housemate out of 10 white ones, 14 including the vets. It’s so obviously racist it’s not even funny. Then they threw in the latina chick & the token gay guy for good measure. CBS is clearly color struck.

    • We (family and I) knew she’d be the last one picked and the 1st to go home. I particularly like how one house guest said she should go bc she looks like she’ll cause some drama. REALLY the woman didn’t say 50 words. Smh Oh it was funny how Dan pretended to give a hoot when he booted her black a$$ out. BB always has great potential and at the same time sucks. No variety on the show, u would think Julie Chen would push for a few Asian folk. And the 4 so calked great players they brought back YUCK!!! I would have loved to see Danielle(the black one), red headed Rachel and Dr Will. And no I’m not playing the race card just being honest. Close ur eyes and think of EVERY show on tv, now imagine every white person is black and every black person white. If you imagined correctly white people are darn near none existent. Lol
      of like I said I’m not playing the race card, my fav shows don’t have many black people Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad. Oh well let’s cross our fingers and hope really hard the show is good this summer.

      • I agree 10000% with you. The show has NO variety. It’s for a lack of a better term “White Washed”. The sad thing is that most people don’t even see the problem with this. The castings don’t represent real American society. You’d think CBS would get it by now. A diverse group will only make for more interesting interactions and tv drama. 14 white housemates to 1 latina and the token black person & gay person. I hate to pull the race card but come on….SMH

  14. Dan only chose Jodi bc she isn’t a young and easy. She was horrible!!!! Seriously looking for a guy on the show. I think you were trying to sign up for the bachelor. Starts with a b but isn’t the same!

  15. Athletic wise the team to beat is Britneys….Of course when it comes to intellect they will be hurting with Willie and JoJo.

  16. This show got rid of the only blackie. So wrong. Where is affirmative action for this show? I am writing CBS.

  17. I think Jodi will be back as another twist in the game. I also think Willie might be our villein this summer.

      • She has to be.  they do it every show now.  lus they only have 11 and it’s the first week.  at least one person is coming back,  could bwe as many as three.

  18. That was the fastest hour ever.  Is the premiere usually 2 hours or has it just been so long since last summer that I’ver forgotten how fast the show is?  Also, did one of Boogie’s players call him “book-man”???? Or was that my imagination?

    •  I really don’t think the mentors will be players. They are already playing for some BIG money.

    • CBS learned long ago to sequester the first four evicted and let people vote to get one of them back on the show… even if the votes were sometimes pointless because the just evicted guest stayed instead (Season 9).  Every one of those votes is money to CBS.  So that makes 12 players still.  If they do that twice, 13.  If they skip the double eviction night, 14.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I bet once one team is gone and that coach leaves the other 3 will be able to play for the prize. That would give you the equivilant of 14 houseguests at the start.

      • that’s suggesting it’s one person evicted after the other on the same team.

      • @ Alexander the Great: No but I do figure that once a coach has no remaining players they will leave the house. I’m saying that I bet once one whole team is gone, and that coach has left the house, the other 3 will get to play the game.

  19. Johnny D is a racist. Stop hating on the black contestant because she was married to a cracker. NAACP should do something. Look at George Zimmerman.

  20. Because, I’m pretty certain I heard the rocker girl say, “I don’t want to let down book-man.”  Really?!?  I hope I need a hearing aid.

  21. What is a typical ol’ southern gay? What do they look like usually?Why did Willie hump his refrigerator?Omg Kara’s friends are really hot too! Who are they?

  22. So far it  S CKS out here in COX Cable land.  Our cable in Rhode Island went down for almost all the stations after 15min into the show!  We know nothing out here!  Thanks to our crappy cable company.

  23. Not liking how this started off that was just wrong . And i love Big Brother but that was wrong .

    • I don’t like that alliances were made for the players. Dear CBS next year make your twist something that doesn’t group the houseguests together! Last year and this one both pitted groups against eachother before the game even started.

  24. I love how Willie says he doesn’t like Britney in his pre-season interviews, yet she’s his coach. Ha!

    • True, but it’s just so easy to be arrogant when you’re a BADASS! GO BOOGIE!!

  25. I have been a BB fan since season 1 and I really look forward to each new season but I have to say I do not like the concept of this season. The past players had their shot and I don’t like the idea9 of the coaching. Boring!

    •  Know what you mean…but I’m going to keep on watching it because you cannot make yourself not to stop watching it because its addictive.

  26. Dan sending Jodi home was predictable, I think it’s bullshit, she didn’t even get a chance to play the game. Willie and Ian seem like the only interesting players so far.

  27. they look just alike.. there is no way he can hide it. Willie  is sneaking just like Russel!!! i promise you that

  28. i just hope Willie makes a fool of himself. That would make me smile for all the years I put up with him….bye for now

  29. i love how Danielle and Kara looked like they’re becoming good friends. I was hoping for that to happen lol (although i do wish they were both on britney’s team). Will be interesting tonight on after dark to see how close they are actually getting. I already cant stand ashley, wil, or jojo.

  30. Stop the nonsense Look at Lawon. Kalia. The other minorities over the past seasons have been evicted. No black or minority has even won this show. I guess Wil is one because of his sexuality. 2 minorities to 10 crackers? Unbelievable. Wil better make some noise in this God forsaken scripted discriminatory Chenbot created show.

    • Wait, so, the white gay guy IS a minority, but the Puerto Rican Lesbian is NOT…???  That’s too funny!  It’s like no one was even listening to her when she said that she’s both a minority and a homosexual.  I must have just imagined that too.

      • Danielle came in second.  She didn’t win, and her loss is what led the producers to create a vote by jury in later seasons!

  31. Get JohnnyD off of here, Matt. We don’t need his opinion on everything. Waste of space and fresh air. Need more blacks and Jews so that the pure whites can clearly dominate and control. Just like Hitler =)

  32. I’m not liking this much.  Britney?  Really?  dan sends the only black contestant home the first night?  lol….bet CBS had a cow.  show need some rachel & BOOKIE!

    • Are you sniffing bath salts? We don’t need those crazy tools back. They suck. Go watch Amazing Race or BB episodes on youtube or something you zany ginger. I hate Brenchel.

  33. My first prediction of the season, When all three of the players are gone so is their Leader.

  34. I am a huge BB and Survivor fan, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why a black person would even try out for these shows. You know darn well, you will never win because you will ALWAYS be the only one there, and could never build a loyal alliance like everyone else. How many times do you have to get knocked on the head to learn this simple fact.

    • LOL!…well said and quite true, BBLove… I know people will say that’s playing the race card, but seriously, the ONLY black woman is evicted the first night!??! Its like CBS probably has figured that their black viewers make up for 0.01% of BB fans, so it does not matter….which really sucks bc I as a black (African) woman, love the show for what is it, but the lack of diversity in the cast leaves LOT to be desired…..Yes, there’s the gay/Puerto Rican rocker-chic, but still, not one black person in the show throughout the season!!??And this is Big Brother-USA??!…..Well, i suppose I should subscribe to Big Brother Africa on an online channel or something…. SMH…..

    • What about Danielle and Marcellus from Season 3 and All-stars?  Danielle was black and easily the best player to never win.  She made it to final 2 the first time and pretty far in all-stars (but I forget the number she went out).  I hate how these new seasons even have the concept of a “loyal alliance”.   If you’re truly playing the game, you’re better off without an alliance.

      • They should just bring Danielle from season 3 back as a 5th coach to end all this frustration over the loss of Jodi.  She’s spectacular.  Now I want to go back and watch season 3 again.  Damn it.

      • Agreed. I don’t like alliances. When Richard Hatch introduced that on the first year of Survivor it took me 2 years start watching because it becomes more of a gossip fest instead of  a game. I would love to see what happened naturally.

  35. I normally get cable to turn my Showtime package back on when BB starts so that I can see BB AfterDark. This cast is so lame, and one-dimensional I didn’t even bother. This was the worst opening show ever. The producers did a poor job. As much as I love BB, I think it’s run it’s course. I can’t even remember their names. All the veterans seem old and bored. I guess that’s all they could book. I never liked Dan, so why did they dig him up. He’s really dull. Maybe the interns produced this year’s show.

    • well that’s your opinion. I for one think this is one of the best first episodes ever.

  36. I believe that Jodi and the other two evicted HG will get a chance to come back. This would bring us back to 12 players, and I don’t think they will do a double eviction night, so it would equal 10 weeks of Big Brother, meaning it will end around September 13th, which is the week it always ends. 

  37. Shane was the worst dancer ever.

    Britney painted a huge target on his back when she picked him first.

    • Her team will be targeted first, after this week, the 2 strongest guys, and competitive female

  38. All I know is Kara Monaco was a Playmate and she has a pretty area where her legs meet her body in the front!!! Catch some vid and you’ll be rooting for her for awhile.  Hate the “coaches” aspect!!!  Lame, lame, lame.  We’ll see how it plays out but just about like everything that someone is always trying to change and improve they just make it worse.  Gotta go, gotta search out some nude JoJo somewhere…  I’m 99% certain its out there somewhere.

  39. Did anybody notice how Julie said mentors will not get to participate in “this” challenge?

  40. Oh the unattractive overweight black woman went home first? What a surprise. As a black man it really sickens me to watch these shows now. The people who cast these shows make it seem like the only blacks who apply are either unattractive, not intelligent, overweight, old, or just completely uninteresting. And on top of that this years token black is married to a white man with 5 white stepkids. Lol I mean that’s the best black person you could find?

    • I agree. She got picked last and then evicted first because they thought she would start drama? Wow

  41. Maybe I am wrong  But I don’t think Jodi getting evicted was because of her color….It was evident that she was not the athletic type even tho she claimed to be a runner and a person that worked out. As for Lawon he volunteered to leave…Kalia was evicted cause of her attitude…Remember Chima  and why she was ejected from the game….Remember Nasty Natty…She made it (by hook or crook) to the final 2 but all her lies caught up with her…So it would seem to me that no matter what color or nationality a HG might be it’s all in how they play the game….

  42. I wonder which 2 mentors will join up and basically say don’t come after my team, and mine don’t come after yours.

  43. Boogie is an amazing game player ,im soo happy he was put back in the house . but with out Dr.Will its just not a party . like not really chiltown without the puppet master , i wish Dr.Will would just come back and be a coach because he knows the game inside and out <3 love the evil doctor so much !!

  44. Hey, I african american and the first person that went home should have, she was terrible.  She seem to be the worst player. Thus Al Sharpton should just shut up for now.

  45. I think Dan evicted Jodi cause he didn’t want her on his team in the first place. He got stuck with her cause she was the last person left. I love Janelle’s strategy of picking people that would be popular and well liked in the house. It’s an added bonus that they seem to be in shape and good competitors. How many more of Russell Hantz’s family members do we have to see on CBS? His nephew also did Survivor and now his brother is on BB? Wonder which Hantz relative will be on Amazing Race.

  46. I fricken love Ian already he is adorable. And Jodi being evicted first has nothing to do with her color. She’s out of shape and was the reason Dans team lost. He didn’t want her in the first place.

  47. Where the hell are the minorities this season?? WTF?? like the very 1st episode they boot the only black person casted?? People should be outraged at CBS. This group is about as diverse as a bag of chips. There’s no way in hell you can look at that group and think the casting was fair. This doesn’t reflect REAL America at all.

  48. Overall the Twist Was UNFAIR, and nt needed at the time, im sure that if Jodi has A chance to Return She will.

  49. There is not a lot of diversity in the selection of these house guests. They are all caucasians. And definitely no beauties or brass. My friends and I will not be watching this go around.

  50. I don’t know why they even bother to bring on a black, they know that they will alway be the first to be kicked off, no matter how good they are

    • Here are some black contestants that were NOT kicked off first, just off the top of my head: Danielle (Season 3 & Allstars, made it to final 2 in season 3), Marcellus (season 3), Monica (season 2), Lawon and Kahlia (season 13), Jameka (season 8), Beau (season 6), Ollie (season 10), Marvin (season 5).  That’s all I have for now.  I get your frustration, but don’t disparage all the former black players of the game like that.  It’s untrue and counter-productive.

      • I agree with you! It’s ridiculous to think that decision had anything to do with race. Thank you for the facts.

  51. Only one black woman (who is also unattractive as usual) and they couldnt even have a black man as well. It’s sad how little diversity these shows have.

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