Big Brother 14: Dan Plans Another Big Move – Updates

Dan Gheesling on Big Brother 14

Late last night on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds we were able to discover who was nominated, not terribly important, and who had the Power of Veto, very important. Yesterday I ran through the various scenarios for how things could play out based on who had the Veto. Now that we know where things are lining up it’s even easier to predict what we’ll see on tonight’s live show.

When we discovered that Danielle had won the Power of Veto many fans exclaimed it was the end of Ian. With Dan and Ian on the block and Shane left to cast the final vote I could see how they might expect that. I didn’t buy it and stated there was another scenario to be considered. Danielle could use the Veto to swap out Dan from the block and let him be the sole vote. Oh, look at that. I was right.

While Dan was in the DR Danielle was questioned as to what she’d do with her Power of Veto. She told Ian and Shane that she wasn’t going to say. However, later discussions in smaller groups revealed that she had a very good idea of what she’d do.

Flashback to 1:50AM BBT Cams 3/4 to hear Danielle and Shane discuss the plan for her to use the Veto to save Dan and put Shane up. Seriously, Shane? Good grief. Anyway, Danielle plays right along and says she might not even tell Dan that’s what she’s going to do. Shane suggests that she should tell him that’s going to happen and even tell him that Shane was being a jerk to her so she couldn’t trust him and needs Dan to evict Ian (he won’t – more on that later).

So yes, Shane is plotting his own demise with Danielle and he doesn’t even realize it. Danielle is ready to get rid of Shane and anyone who doubts that has to ask “why?” Why would she swap out Shane for Dan just to have him vote out Ian? What is it about voting out Ian that Shane can’t do? Nothing. It’s being wrapped up as this way Dan gets Ian’s blood on his hands, but why would Danielle be concerned about giving Shane as clean a game as possible if she plans to be sitting next to him at the end? Exactly. Danielle wants Shane out, she just doesn’t want to have to be the one to do it.

Back travel a little and Flashback to 1:37AM BBT Cams 1/2 to find Dan alone in the Kicks room. Dan explains to the camera that he’ll have to decide if he’ll evict Ian or Shane. Notice Dan is having this talk before Danielle’s talk with Shane where she claims she isn’t going to tell Dan. This means Dan and Danielle have already had this discussion and she’s lying to Shane. Dan states that his only concern is whether him voting out Shane will upset Danielle and keep her from taking him to the F2. He then says he doesn’t think it’ll be an issue. I don’t either. Again, if Danielle was really concerned about Shane getting voted out by Dan then she wouldn’t be hiding all of these plans from him.

Later tonight on the live Big Brother 14 show we should get to watch the Veto ceremony, the next eviction, and then the start of the first of three final HoH competitions kicking off with an endurance battle. If things go as I’m expecting then Danielle will use the Veto on Dan, he’ll cast the sole vote, and Shane will walk out the door shocked. If all that happens then Dan will have secured himself a seat in the Final 2 as both Danielle and Ian will take him to the end over the other.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below and get ready for tonight’s show!

Afterthought: If Danielle does this, and I think she will, it doesn’t make much sense for her game. Shane would take her to F2. Dan would take her to F2. Ian would not. Danielle would be the real loser here while Dan and Ian benefit if she does this. Perhaps she’s worried she’ll lose Dan’s approval if she doesn’t. Kudos to Dan.

Update: For all those doubters, Flashback to 11:30AM BBT to hear Dan say “your time is up Shane” and then mention he’s finally got his second shot to take him out. Dan will vote out Shane tonight if given the chance.

Update 2: I’m stunned, but it seems that Danielle does not think Shane is going to be evicted tonight despite her plans to still use the Veto on Dan. Flashback to 2:49PM BBT to hear Dan promise Danielle that he’s still going to vote out Ian. He’s lying. This really makes no sense on Danielle’s part if she’s not doing all this to let Dan vote out Shane. No sense. Tonight is going to be good!


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  1. I really think Dani should atleast try to play for the 500k instead of playing for the 50k.
    If she sits next to Ian she has NO chance. If she sits next to Dan, she has very little chance. If she sits next to Shane, she MIGHT have a chance.
    At this point, I love the backstabbing and the drama and the deceit. But girlfriend needs to play for herself not Dan or anyone else.

    • That’s the whole problem…she plays DANs game…not her own. I really think Dan has gotten in her head and this is part of his “misting” her. I don’t think she is as cunning…at least in the strategy dept. as Dan. Dan thinks of it…Danielle does it. Alarm bells need to be ringing for Shane but i think he has become deaf listening to all Danielles whining.

    • The best thing that could have ever happened to Danielle was getting Dan as a coach. If Dan and Dani are final two, Dan should definitely win the big money. Dani hasn’t done a thing since the beginning. I’m not sure if Dan is throwing comps or if Dani is actually winning them (last hoh and veto). If Dan took second place in the last veto comp, then he probably threw that veto comp, as well.

    • i was guessing if ian won veto shane would have probly outted dan that he tried to get him out during double eviction

  2. The Fact they keep on letting Dan slide is incredible. How do they not realize they have NO CHANCE…0…seated next to Dan in the Final Two. Do these people want to win money or not?!? I don’t know whatever Dan is putting in that Kool Aid, but he’s hands down cemented himself as one of the top two BB players of all time.

    • I think Danielle, Ian, and Shane could unfortunately all beat Dan in the final 2. As much as we the viewers recognize his mastery, the jury is still full of people who are very possibly still bitter with Dan and do not want to reward him with another 500,000. I hope I’m wrong though.

      • doug thats what happens when danielle finally figure out shane was not into her and he played her when she told jenn i think shanes is playing me she told jenn i am going to play the player and thats why she is going to use the vote on dan and dan will vote out shane and danielle will act like what the hell just happen when she knew all along awesome bye bye stupid idiot shane

      • And he (Dan) is such still a sleeze. It will be so sad if he wins.

        Watching him last night on BBAD if I were a parent of one of his pupils I would be most upset. Sounds like he doesn’t take grades too seriously, raises them at whim, gives them cheat sheets. I sure didn’t get the feeling that he challenges these pupils to do their best.

        Ian please win but I agree he has made some bad decisions and looks like he still thinks Dan is Father Dan and Shane would support him over Jenn.

        Jenn wore red last night but did have a black vest.

        Did you notice Dan saw nothing wrong in taking exams for other people. Where did he go to college and what religious courses did he take?

        Jillith I loved your comments on Danielle earlier today. You continually come up with such sharp and right to the point comments. I just didn’t have time to respond.

      • um he is in the big brother house …i wouldn’t take anything anyone says in the the big brother house seriously.. do you really think Dan is this way in real life.. um probably not.. the big brother house and real life are two different things.!

      • GROW UP!! He is not a sleeze he is playing a game the way it was meant to be played. You must be a bitter Frank fan!!

      • You need to turn up your hearing aide. Dan said he would give them extra points for certain things on a test. He also would only raise there grade by half and he said that’s if he knew they were really a hard worker. So there grade would MAYBE go from a B to a B+. And as far as cheating he would give them a question study guide of 75 questions and then have 50 questions on the test so they still needed to study. Frank lost and Dans going to win so get over it.

      • I’ve noticed over the years that the people in the jury kind of mellow after relaxing and destressing in the jury house and can appreciate great game play even if that’s how they were sent packing. Some of the winners over the years have been the most aggressive or sneakier players and the jury usually gets over the blindsides or back doors that got them there once the stress of the actual game is behind them. I started off not wanting any vets to win and most especially not Dan since he has won the prize already. However, he has so totally outmaneuvered and outplayed everyone in the house by miles and mile that I think he deserves it. I bet the people in the jury will see that too. What I do know is that Dani, Shane or Ian don’t deserve it if they can be tricked by Dan that way.

      • Well in all fairness to Ian, Shane and Dumbelle. Dan played a completely different way last time. And the newbies watch him at play then… So that is why they are falling for his crap now… HE HAS DONE ENOUGH FOR EACH ONE , THAT WOULD LEAD THEM TO BELIEVE HE IS LOYAL TO THEM…

      • “Bitter” is what you claimed. I believe, it all comes down to whether they really appreciate his lies, or if they would do it themselves. The bottom line is if they despise his lies, and can never would act this way as it was way out of lines, do you think they would still give him a vote? What if they admire sb who has integrity and can win?

    • I hope that the jury members are bitter enough towards Dan that they do NOT vote for him as the winner, not only because of his betrayals of every alliance he supposedly had, but because he’s already won. Dan’s cockiness and arrogance needs to be brought down a few notches and he should never be invited back to BB…he’s almost as bad as Boogie at this point and that’s saying something. I find it incredible that he professes to be a devout Catholic, that he’s a coach in a Catholic school, etc., I’m surprised that the cross he wears doesn’t burn into his skin…I used to like Dan but I cannot stand him this time around.

      • Dan makes Frank look like an alter boy. Of course everyone has lied, but Dan has no Shame. They are all gonna feel so stupid when this is over.

      • Oh yea, calling Jenn dirty brown water trash and bullying everyone and laughing and egging Boogie on to go sexually assault Dan’s wife makes Frank an alter boy, and leaving like a SORE LOSER!. In what world are you living? In makes Frank vile and evil, and Dan look like the alter boy. All Dan did was play the game like a Master!!!

      • hey Sharon you talk about Frank being a bully but you forgot one thing, Dan told Ian that he would rip his face off. NOW WHO’S BULLYING! that’s the pot calling the kettle black!

      • That is an old joke on BB!! It is apparent you are not a BB fan and only a Frank fan (ugh), because if you were you would know that and also that Ian said it first. Get over it FRANK LOST!!!

      • Guess I missed that about Frank talking about Jenn and Dans wife. I didn’t watch all the live feed. I will give you that one. One thing I don’t understand is when Shelly from last season lied she was made a super villian. She was bashed, but Dan does no wrong to some of you. I just don’t understand. I do like Dan but I can’t even tell when he is lying or telling the truth, that is the theme for the whole season “liars”. Damn good

      • It’s funny Sharon how u and Lavendargirl always end ur posts with get over it already. Ur comebacks r getting old. As soon as anyone disses Dan we have 2 hear then what a bully Frank was. So ur doing the EXACT same thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but God 4give us (no pun intended) if some feel Dan was overboard on some of the things he did. If it doesn’t bother u that’s fine but stop coming back with get over it already. Some ppl don’t like 2 get stomped on game or no game, just like this comment board.

      • LOL WHAT? It’s called actually playing the game of Big Brother. And not ever return? HAHA. He’s a legend and has easily secured himself a spot in the Top Two players of all time. Please, just never post a comment if you have no clue what you’re talking about.

    • I hope this is what happens as I truly think Dan is the one that deserves to win BB 14. He has played the game from Day 1 and that he is the only coach still left and he got his one player that he was left with after week 1 in the game the entire season and got both of them to final 4 at this point is nothing short of miraculous!!!!

  3. Wow, Dan has got to be in their heads! Danielle is love struck for Shane but seems to be just fine with letting Dan send him to jury. Either Dan is that good, or they are all just plain gullible! Either way I like it! TEAM DAN ALL THE WAY!

    I would love to see an Ian/Dan F2… Dan would loose, but it would be the best F2 of all the possibilities!

    • I agree with you Rad..Danielle is STUPID and LOVE struck at the same time,but I think that her stupidity WINS over her gullibility and Dan is The Puppet master…Would LOVE to see a Ian/Dan F2.

  4. Dan has to be the all time Master HG. Why would anyone want to take him to the end? Because he has already won so they’ll give to to someone new? Not a chance with the crazy genius game he’s played. If things go as suggested above, Dan has won another BB. Why to go Big Dan!!!

  5. I have never seen so many STUPID/GULLIBLE people in my entire life. If they think that taking Dan to the finals is the way to go they are morons. Many of those people in the Jury house will vote for Dan thinking he played the best game of all and he will get a 2nd $ 500K. Danielle should leave it as is and hopefully Shane will undo her and vote out Dan. I doubt it because Shane is the most Gullible of them all. Talk about a Dense Dumb Jock!

  6. Ian is the only person who can beat Dan, and that’s not even a given. He’s the only one in the final four that has played the game, although he’s making a mistake trusting Dan to the end. That said, I hope Ian hangs on and makes it to the final 2.

  7. I have the same thought…I think dan does not trust that if shane was still in the house that dani could pull that trigger and not take shane to f2…I also think he knows no matter what he will be f2 with dani and ian..stupid move by dani not to keep noms same and have shane vote out dan and let newbies have at it…!! Now all i have to say is Go Ian !!!!!!

  8. If Dan pulls this off and Shane leaves, no one else deserves to win. It’s amazing how stupid these people are.

    • No kidding! I’m actually embarrassed for them. I was totally rooting for Ian during most of the game but NOW… he’s acting arrogant and like he’s just SO cool (while Dan keeps refilling his KoolAid glass FOR him!), that I don’t even care if he wins, anymore. I also don’t like how Ian treated sweet Jenn like crap, either. Jenn wasn’t the greatest player but she was cool. :)

  9. I wonder how Jen feels having saved Dan and now he’s still in the game and she’s not. Must be her biggest mistake.

      • Jenn realizes it is a game and realizes that since Dan was a target from Day 1 that Dan played a masterful game and should win BB 14, but the other jurors, like Frank, are so jealous and so dumb to think they should be more entitled than the others to win that he will vote out of anger. Only person Frank should be angry at his own stupidity, and he should vote for the Best Player but he is such a piece of scum that he won’t.

  10. I think that Danielle is felling in love for Dan…
    Does she knows that he is married???
    Dan is using that playing the nice teacher and Danielle is the cheerleader student.
    Danielle would get more chances of winning if she was besides Shane than Dan.
    I kick Ian out of the competition because i think he doesn´t stand a chance on the last HOH triple competition.
    He is smart but he doesn´t stand a chance on the resistance competition.
    Worst, he is losing his sights. On the VETO they showed today, he was worried about Shane and Jen that with is one puzzle.
    That puzzle would be a easy one for Ian… if he was concentrated on it, but he more checking the other houseguests… and he forgot about the clock.
    So Ian is out.
    The final 2 will be Danielle and Dan. .
    Dan will win 6-1. (stupid shane will vote for Danielle)

    • Ian rocks at endurance comps and that will be part 1. He is also good at trivia/puzzles. I think the clock confused him in last puzzle.

  11. Danielle is an idiot if she lets Dan decide. As it stands she’s guaranteed 50,000 in the 2nd place slot because both Dan and Shane would take her to the final. She’s in a great position and getting rid of Ian secures that for her. She’s literally playing Dan’s game and what is in his best interest. She better hope Ian doesn’t win the last HoH, which I am pretty confident that he will.

  12. LMAO!! Let me get this straight … Shane is absolutely OK with Danielle using the veto to save Dan this week? If she wanted to keep Dan safe, she wouldn’t have nominated him to begin with! Shane almost seems WILLING to pull this off.

    HAHA! I get that we get to see everything that’s going on and its easy for us fans to make judgements, but seriously, Shane has to be the biggest buffoon to ever play this game if he has no problems with Danielle using him as the replacement nominee for HER OWN NOMINATIONS. If I were Shane, I would be fighting like hell to make sure the nominations stayed the same.

    Either Dan is a genius, or these players are incredibly naive. Probably a little of both.

    • And one other thing, she already knows that Dan wanted Shane out during the double eviction!!! Yet she’s now trusting him to keep Shane safe? Are you kidding? LOL!!!

      • she isn’t trusting Dan to keep Shane safe.. She wants SHANE out of the house too, but wants DAN’s hands to get the blood on them… Danielle is smarter than we think.. shane will think that DAN backstabbed him and Danielle will have the act on too she will act suprised, and angry at Dan. Only problem is a little person names Ian… He may screw things up for Dan / Danielle getting to the finals

    • let’s face it Shane is not the brightest crayon in the box at times. He does not seem to think that Danielle would ever send him packing for he thinks she is in LOVE with him that much. PLEASE! It is all an act on her part, she does care for him but love him NOT.

    • Dan’s not any kind of genius, whatsoever. He’s just a constant, predictable pathological liar. The other players are just naive as hell. Lol!

    • Actually Shane suggested to Danielle to use it on Dan so Dan could vote out Ian and get the blood on his hands and Shane and Danielle stay clean. hohohahah, poor shane.

  13. Danielle just used the Veto On Dan. Shane is up with Ian.

    Look at Dan on the garden. He knows that he already won the BB. He doesn´t even need to win the final competition. He can just stand and watch Danielle and Ian facing each other and kick the other one out.
    Dan is the master puppet.
    Danielle looked to be with a great smile after nominating Shane. Dan looked like a guy that saw his son been born…
    Now he is on the garden jumping and rolling around… he know that he has won this year… again.

  14. DUH-IELLE how can you be a nurse and be so DUH? I REALLY hope you are putting on an act….but I know you are not.DUH-ielle is so close to the money, just to hand it to Dan or Ian.When she gets home her family will be ashamed to be related to her.For the rest of her life she will be called DUH-IELLE!!!!!

  15. Dan is the biggest scumbag of all BB ever. at least Dr. Will and Boggie lied to your face and got away with it. Dan is just a flat out list and jerk. How Isn can’t see this as this “big brother guru” is beyond me. I just hate Dan and such he was getting nothing.

    • well, here is the thing.. in Dan’s season, he playing an honest game… now he is playing the other side! Just goes to show he can be honest and he can be a back stabber, either way he plays… he is that good that he CAN WIN!

    • The lied but they never lied to your face, and Boogie is just an ugly disgusting individual who rode Dr. Will’s coattails the entire way.

    • What’s the difference…to your face…behind your back…it’s still a lie. And either way…if they lie convincingly enough…they get away with it.

  16. Just give Dan the money now because that is what all of them have been allowing themselves to do. Dan has shown he is a master manipulator on more than one occasion and they keepy falling for it. Are they that stupid? C’mon

  17. danielle wants shane out but cant do it without dan, she is spineless and should have nominated him upfront, hope ian and Dan make it F2

    • I don’t understand Danielle wanting Shane out because sitting next to him is her ONLY chance of possibly winning! She’s so dumb thinking that she could beat either Dan or Ian…and she ought to be asking herself, why does Dan want to go to the finals with her…is it because he knows he could beat her the easiest over Ian?

  18. Statistically, Dan is the best BB player of all time. now being secured in the F3. his strategy and execution, lying and maneuvering, places him ahead of Dr. Will in terms of significance and over Jordan Lloyd with recent placement, he is the best bar none. Dan is the man of the Big Brother house, with that being said. I rather not see him win, I’d prefer a new face to take this season, but I’d absolutely take Dan over Danielle, when all is said and done, there is no denying Dan as played the social game to its fullest, he is a threat to anyone sitting beside him in the F2. Dani or Shane better be content with 50k.

  19. Couple things to think about…IF Ian remains in the house and competes against Dan & Danielle then Ian might have a shot as Ian is really good at “endurance comps” and IF he wins, he can secure a bye while Dan and Danielle battle it out in the 2nd part of the Final HOH comp to see who would face Ian in the the FINAL HOH.

  20. this will go down as the “Shane” move, dont put me on the block and then when u win the veto, place me up for dan can do the dirty work for you, omg they are so stupid and this may just mean that Ian still has a shot at this

    • lol…that’s Shanes convoluted way of thinking. He seems to have things backwards ….which explains a lot of things.

  21. This would be a better commentary without the “I told you so” element, especially given the fact that many of your live feed summaries are lifted from two specific Twitter accounts often word-for-word.

    • JMO but i happen to like Matts commentaries. I have no idea about lifting from Twitter accounts but if he did then at least he has sense enough to lift from the best. As far as “I told you so”….well, like Dan….when you’re’re right!

  22. Danielle if she does take Dan of the block is Stupid! I put
    the capital S for emphasis. She should realise that her only
    shot at that $500,000 is to be in a Final 2 with Shane. That
    would assume that Ian is evicted first then, in the Final 3
    HOH, Danielle wins it and evicts Dan. Danielle with Shane
    and her having evicted Dan and she can claim credit for
    Janelle’s eviction too as she was HOH when it happened
    will get her that $500,000 over Shane. Now, if Danielle takes
    off Dan and Shane goes on the block, there is always a
    chance that Dan with the sole vote will evict Shane! In such
    a scenario, Ian wins because Ian would most likely dominate
    the HOH. He is good in memory type competitions which
    could be the 2nd part if he loses the 1st part of the HOH.
    If Ian wins the Final HOH, he could very well evict Dan as
    taking Danielle to Final 2 will guarantee Ian that $500,000!
    Bad move if Danielle goes with that move, she might just
    have lost her chance at that $500,000!

    • It’s not gonna happen Richie. She’ll do what Dan ask her to do. You know that, And Shane was ok for Dan to be taken off the block? These people are hopeless.

      Shane has ADD not Ian

  23. The HG need to reliese before it is too late like Jenn did that Dan is very dangerous. The jury may be mad at him, but they also know he has played a great game & could vote him the winner.

  24. Dan is without any honor. Any one who would lie to Frank like he did by swearing on his marriage, wife and Bible is disgusting. It is one thing to play the game and “cheat, lie”
    whatever but to swear to it on sacred things is wrong. there is no excuse for that.

  25. how could they NOT give the win to dan… they never took him out of the game.. if Britney, Frank, Joe, Jenn made a move and took Dan out they may very well be in the finals but they didn’t and they shouldn’t penalize DAN for playing a better game!

    • You have to remember most of the jury took it way to personal, Frank acting like the sore loser that he is, and will vote out of anger. They will vote more like Survivor jury members and not for the best player ever on BB and also they will not want to let Dan win twice which would make great BB history. They will vote out of envy, anger and because they believe they, Frank, are more entitled. It will be sad because Dan DESERVES TO BE BB 14 CHAMPION!!!!!!!!

  26. What is all this misting stuff everyone keeps talking about when referring to Dan? If this happens and Danielle does take Dan off the block then I think I will have seen it all in this game. Team Dan all the way. Let’s make some BB history!

  27. The afterthought is the most important part of your analysis. This is probably the most poorly conceived, self destructive move I’ve ever seen.

  28. Lets face it everyone, love him or hate him Dan is masterful at playing this game. As a strategist I would have him on my side everytime. You may not agree with what we have seen him do but what really has he done that is so dispicable. He simply puts forth suggestions and all the stepford houseguests follow what he says. They don’t have to do that, they just do. If you should be mad at anyone you should be mad at the other houseguests for being so stupid. It is like Brittney said, Dan opens his mouth and everyone gets covered with Dan Mist. Dan should win the game. I think the only thing stopping him would be jurists not wanting to give him another $500,000. All of the jury know all of the players. They have all been duped by someone still in the game. The jury house tends to calm hostile guests down and give them room to think. I thinking the finale may show some surprising results. I see Ian as being the biggest threat to Dan and some voting for Ian so he can use the money towards his education. Otherwise Dan deserves to win and I would vote for him.

    • If the hgs don’t give him the money on the fact that he s won before they should be ashamed of themselves and greatly just disrespected the game. Why should that even matter? The best deserves to win. That’s like saying a Olymipc judge won’t grade a competition fairly because the competitor won gold last time. I think a lot of fans of be very upset if that happens I know I would.

  29. I’m still not convinced Dan will win. Some people forget Dan had a deal with Frank not to mention he worked with Britney. I think if Shane goes, great! It increases Ians chances. As long as Dan ain’t next to Danielle, he may not even win and frankly, he just gets dirtier everyday. I hope he gets the ultimate blindside….all his nasty game play for nothing. It would be great!!!!

  30. DUH-IELLE took off Dan & put up Shane(Shane wanted it that way)so Dan would have the blood on his hands.Shane thinks Dan is evicting Ian. Dan is evicting Shane.They are all worried about who will take them to the end.They should be thinking about the jury votes.If it comes down to Ian & Dan… I think it will be close.

  31. i cant believe daniell thinks shes not a floater. she actually thinks bb would have her come back on a later show. i still cant stand her. looking at herself in the mirror all the time. i hope shane and ian f2.

    • She’s hardly in the ranks of BB allstars. But like Boogie, she is a major annoyance. BB likes throwing in a few people we love to hate. I can see them bringing her back at some point just for that reason. It would be tragic of course…at least for the fans. Another round of Miss MeMe would be hard to take.

      • According to reports on the internet…she REALLY pissed off Janelle and JoJo by talking about them in an unflattering way. At the least i can see a confrontation coming. I don’t know about JoJo but i think Janelle has a bit more class than to instigate an actual fight.

  32. How stupid are these people? Dam dont they see it. The moment the coaches entered the game the number 1 priority should have been get rid of Dan. He has already won once before,, so he knows how to scam and backstab. To me the house should have evicted Dan that next week.

    • It was their Number 1 priority to get rid of Dan. Have you not watched from the beginning but Dan being the Master that he has has kept him and Dani safe and brought them both to final 2. That is why Dan deserves to win BB 14!!

    • Also Dan didn’t really scan or backstab anyone on his season like Ollie kinda but he did do his nominations. That’s why it’s hard for them not to trust Dan because he did play pretty honest and brought te person to the end that he said from the early weeks. Dan deserves this win so much like how can’t you vote for the guy seriously. Everyone except Ashely is in the jury because if Dan he kicked everyone’s asses.

  33. I’m dumb founded to be saying this, but if DAN, somehow survives tonite after being nominated, I would vote for DAN, whom I dont like, to win BB14. If, Shane goes home tonite, its a free run for DAN. The other 2 are just so in AWE of him.

  34. if dan votes out Ian he could win the whole thing, if Dan is sitting next to Ian he will loose, the only problem with voting out Ian is if Shane wins he will bring Danielle to the end, I think Ian will probably win the finale HOH

    • But if he keeps him he is basically guarantee a spot in final 2 without even winni last hoh comp whereas Shane would take Dani. Yeah it would be tougher against Ian but Dan is just playing unreal and is amazing at talking. I think it’s better to play it safe

      • Best bet is to keep Ian. I would love to see Dan and Ian battle it out with their convincing speeches in front of the Jury. That will be awesome to watch. I’d say it’s still 50/50. Dan is a good speaker though.

  35. They need to walk Dan out the door, and leave the money for one of the three “new” house guest. I am just floored by how easily these people allow Dan to make decisions for them. Anyone sitting next to Dan in the final two will lose!

  36. I hope Dan’s plan does work. I am not a Dan fan by all means, but I think Ian and Dan as the F2 would be awesome. They both played the game wonderfully. The vote would be very close. I feel Ian deserves to win more though.

    • I agree that Wouk be a good final. Abut how on earth do you think Ian deserves it more!!! Dan by far is the most deserving very one in jury is there because of him except Ashely. And Ian didn’t make any big moves at all ya he win important comps for his survival but Everyone is affect by how Dan plays this game. Look at his DR compared to everyone else’s he actually tells the viewers what his plan is while everyone else is just like ya gotta win this comp.

      • I said I felt he deserves it more. No need to yell at me because of my opinion. He made a couple of big moves, but made a couple mistakes as well. He is still there so he is doing something right. Again that is my opinion. I wish people wouldn’t take this show/game so seriously.

      • Well you are on the fan site… And yeah I asked why do you think he deserves it more? And what big moves did he make besides doing what Dan asked him to do?

      • He took Boogie out. Dan didn’t tell him to do that, he used Dan as as an excuse to get them out. But he celebrated a little too early by letting Boogie know when he was leaving. So he became a target for Frank and Jenn, but he still managed to stay in the game. He fights. Again, my opinion.

      • Yeah I do agree Ian was the reason why Boogie left, but he did not use Dan he allowed that to happen to hide Ian and he did that till Dan’s funeral, and woulda been gone if he didn’t have that seecond veto. He only became Frank and Jenn target because Dan rated him out. I think he deserving to for sure 2nd most among remaing but what has Ian done since then? Dan is just running the show right now.

      • I don’t think he was yelling at you. He just want you to elaborate on why Ian deserves to win. That’s all. I would like to see them both, but to me it’s 50/50.

    • why? only move ian did was be a little spy, and honestly, brittney should get credit for that….. other than that, ever move that ian made was DAN

  37. I cant belive they are not geting rid of Dan,Hello,havent they watched him scheme and lie on the other shows.I cant belive they are all beliving everything he says.If anyone Ian should be all over it since he is such BB fan,Jenn was the only one not falling for his lies.They may as well just give him the check now.

  38. OMG I love this show!!! I sure hope it goes down this way and Danielle uses the POV. Bring back the DRAMA BB. Can’t wait until tonight.

  39. looks like Dr Will is going to have to come back and reclaim his titel of best BB player in history. Dan stole it away from him.

  40. I love how y’all keep me updated and enterain……Big Brother gets better andbetter…….#Train Dan CHOO CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I think al 3 of them , Ian , Shane, and Danielle should give Dan a Blanket party with pillow cases and soap bars and then walk to the Diary Room and hit the Button,

  42. I love Dan, however I will feel awful for Shane if this happens. Danielle should be smart and keep noms the same, that way Dan and Shane will stay and either one will take her to F2 (even though I do not want Danielle to win BB). I think Ian has the best chance of beating Dan, you would think Dan would realize this! I am excited to see what happens tonight!! And the jury may be annoyed with Dan but I think the majority of them are smart enough to recognize he is a smart player and overlook their bitterness.

  43. Dan deserves to win no doubt he played the hardest out of them all but he needs to be in final two with Danielle because if its final two with Ian i still feel like Ian would have a chance to win the jury vote!

  44. LOVE that Dan is going to make it to the final 2. I have been riding him since he started his first season. I was so extatic to see him in this season AND I beleived in him & Danielle when they were the last left almost 2 months ago. Dan is the best player ever hands down.

  45. Yes, the houseguests are very stupid. I knew Dan would rather vote out Shane than Ian. It’s just getting Danielle to let him. I really didn’t think Dani was that stupid, but she is! Shane is even stupider. Ian has no idea about Dan’s f2 deal with Danielle – but in my opinion Ian still played a great game. I’m hoping for a Dan/Ian final two.

  46. Is it just me or don’t you people believe that PRODUCTION puts these guys up to saying things to the camera so we maybe HOPE that one of our favorites (IAN) won’t be going home… I’m sorry..but if they are all stupid to keep DAN here when Britney told them to get Frank out and then get Dan out then I think Ian is going home…I wish it weren’t true and maybe production knows that the viewers are pissed off at the NO-mance of Shane & Danielle that Ian & Dan are the only two making this season entertaining now that Briney is gone… Oh how I wish that Ian will make it to the end…I want that kid to win in the worst way.. :)

  47. Dan is THE best player in BB history. These other houseguests are beyond stupid and deserves the win!!! Go Dan!!!!

  48. Personally ,I have wanted Ian to win from day one. I don’t think Dans evil, manipulation should be rewarded with the win ! Go Ian !!

  49. On BBAD last night when they were discussing coming back in the future Shane said it depends on if he has a girl friend. Danie was sitting there. Maybe she relized her showmance was fakem

  50. If it’s the case, I would still be very happy for Shane. $500,000 is just a number. Shane is so into Dani and such a simple-minded guy. Falling for Dani, he’s basically calling for great trouble in the coming years which no amount of money can buy you out.

  51. Dan will make it to the end but I don’t think the jury will let him win. Specially if Dan gets Shane out with his sole vote. Danielle is such an idiot, you get all the power and you’re going to screw yourself with it.

  52. Dans playing the game……period. No matter how he did it or what he does, it’s a game. Just like Evil Dick! If he makes final 2, he deserves to win. The other 3 have been doing everything he says. That’s not game play.

  53. I was a little upset waking up this morning to find out Ian didn’t win the veto and that he was most likely going home, but this news makes me so excited! I never liked mindless Shane

  54. In the beginning when Dan was just a coach wasn’t it said that if a coach and one of his students make it to the end he would win the coaches money. Does that still hold true. If so he could win both.

  55. Shane and Danielle are idiots – Dan is a jerk and Ian deserves to win at this point. Ian will take him down in the final. Why would you let Dan win again – STUPID!

  56. For those that think the jury will not vote for Dan I disagree. I honestly think they will be in utter awe at his masterful play of the game. Even if they do not personally like or respect him, they have to admit that he has made some amazing moves, and if they love BB they simply must award him the money over anyone else. I’m not a Dan fan but I must admit he’s good… really good. I’d love to see Shane evict him tonight but since it sounds like that won’t happen, we all must admit that of the four HGs left Dan has played the best.

  57. I can’t believe Shane doesn’t have any clue, ive been rooting for him to win so I will be disappointed but I see it coming! I’m a little surprised Danielle wouldn’t pick Shane over Dan isn’t she at all concerned that after tonight if Shane does go home that Shane is going to be pussed at her so any chance of a real romance won’t happen? I think this will be a real dumb move on Danielle’s part Nd if Dan votes Shane out I hope that makes Dani turn on him but I highly doubt that! If all this happens like we think I hope Ian wins the comps an takes Dan an Dani is a big old LOSER!!! Her fault and when she was so close! The only one I think that’s not so naive is Ian I think he sees through Dan but still thinks he can win against him bc he’s a past winner which maybe true I see slot of people in jury not wanting to vote for Dan! Brit will vote for Ian over Dan, if Dan votes out Shane over Ian (the opposite of their plan) Shane won’t vote for him, joe won’t vote for him, if he picks Ian over dani then dani won’t vote for him either!

  58. You hit the nail on the head! I had thought Ian’s only shot to stay was for noms to stay the same and him convince Shane to vote out Dan – but this scenario bodes well for Ian to! GO IAN!!!

  59. I don’t agree with this article at all. Dani is head over hills for Shane. I saw them lastnight and she was all over him in the bed in the dark. Dan is going home. Bet that!

  60. Dan is no dummy, he has everyone else doing his dirty work. If Danielle gets rid of Shane she’s a bigger creep than I thought she was. He protected her thru the whole game and all she did was constantly complain, stuff food in her mouth and look at herself in the mirror For the last 3 nights she has been so nasty to the guys snapping back at then…what is her problem.. I hope she doesn’t make it to the end.

  61. i love IAN ,however he wasn’t very smart bringing DAN along –DAN deserves to win– he has out played everyone in the house– of couse you have to realize he had previous experience over the rookies–i think if he wins he should only get the 100k promised him when he went in–whomever he brings with him should get the 500k–and i hope ya’ll all vote (as i have ) for IAN to be americas choice– the boy could use the money– thanks CBS had a wonderful time watching– hopefully next season you pick me and a dozen other seniors to play the game–

  62. Remember people this is the GAME of Big Brother and this is how it is played …. Dan knows it and has played before so look out

  63. Dan and Ian would be the most deserving final 2. In the meantime 4 eyes needs to go. And by four eyes I don’t mean her glasses!

  64. I bet Dan convinced her that Shane was going to vote him out, so to save him so he could be the one to vote out Ian. Shane and Danielle should know how the knife feels by the end of the night…

  65. After reading this post, I can’t wait to watch Dan evict Shane and Danielle freak out!! That might throw her game off so she won’t perform well in the competitions. So excited!!! Yay for Dan the backstabber making things worth watching!!

    • If this come true, I wouldn’t be surprised if she shed some crocodile’s tears! But I’m sure Dani knows Dan’s intention!

    • yea, danielle want be able to consentrate her finale, game, for worrying what shane and ashley are doing in the jury house.

  66. If this happen the Danielle need to be kick out next, I thought Frank was up Boogie behind…but danie is tea bagging Dan behind way to much…Come danie this is a game for a half million dollar wake the fish eye’s up…

  67. Seems Danielle doesn’t want to win the game. Idiot…..if she takes Dan off and doesn’t vote him out. Last chance to give him the boot!!!!! Can’t she see that?!? I’m embarrassed of the whole season.

  68. I honestly can not believe that Dan (who already won) is still in the house. What happens to these people who say “I’ve watched every season…..I love this game….I’m the biggest fan” and then they get in the house they forget all the lies and scheming that goes on and think they are going to find the love of their life. If Dan stays till the end he will win because he has played everyone. Just my opinion.

  69. Dan continues to impress me. Throughout the game he seems to have been the only one who really listens to everyone. He engages people in conversations and really shows interest in what they have to say. He has been wonderful for Ian and has really made him more sociable. He listens to Danielle whine and really seems to show her support. I can only imagine what a great coach/teacher he must be. I hope he wins again.

  70. Is it just me or does anyone else go crazy with that stupid stuff dog on shanes shoulder.I mean how old is this guy.I hope him and his dog get voted out and i hope dan and ian make it to the end.I really think at this point dan would be ok with second and giving first place to ian over daniel but on the other side of that ian did slip and let dan know he has 4,ooo.Did you happen to see the look on ians face after he said that oops!!!!!I just don’t want daniell in the end ian and dan both played a good game and besides daniell may have a break down with no mirrors around her when she walks out. Just my opinion.

  71. Lmao. dan is a genius …. he already told danielle he wanted Shane out and they would go to the final 2. How dumb do you gotta be to believe this bs.

  72. Shane’s eviction was a MASTERMIND game play on Dan’s part. Wow. and to think Dan does this with such ease. What a great coach. All the power to him—since he is managing to pull it off every single time. He serioulsy accepts this as a big game he is coaching and so far he is winning.

  73. Its always who’s played the better game. The other housemates will consider Danille as someone who rode the coattails of either Shane or Dan. While Ian is truly smart who also can be an idiot. Dan on the otherhand played the game and worked the housemates as friends but also as opponiments in a game.

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