Big Brother 14: Final 3 Scenarios Dissected

Shane Danielle and Dan toast on Big Brother 14

Now that we know who was evicted last night during the special Big Brother 14 episode taping and who went on to win the next HoH we can start to do some solid speculation regarding who will make it to the Final 3 this season. If you’d rather dodge the latest Big Brother 14 spoilers then stop reading now. Otherwise, let’s take a look.

The basis of this discussion will be two assumptions: 1) Jenn was evicted & 2) Danielle is the new HoH. Based on the highly credible leaks last night I couldn’t be more confident in these assumptions.

What’s special about this round of Final 4 competitions is how the Power of Veto becomes more powerful than having won Head of Household. That’s not to say the HoH is pointless this week though as it guarantees a seat in the Final 3 which means anyone targeting that HG for eviction will now have to hope for another chance in the following round. The Veto holder this week will have the option to change the nominations and then cast the sole vote for eviction. With no opportunity for a tie-breaker this reign of HoH is powerless outside of safety from the moment it begins.

Since Danielle is the alleged HoH that leaves us with a few potential scenarios. It’s effectively pointless, but Danielle will nominate two HGs today if she hasn’t already. Danielle previously teased Dan that she would nominate him and he told her that’s exactly what she should do if she wins HoH. As such, I wouldn’t be surprised by Dan and Ian nominations. If Danielle doesn’t do that then it’ll be Shane and Ian. Either way I expect Ian on the block as he has the weakest connection to Danielle of all her options.

Let’s look at the 4 potential Veto scenarios starting with Dan. If Dan wins the Veto he’ll have his choice between evicting Shane and Ian. This is a no-brainer. Shane is Danielle’s other closet ally so getting him out of the picture guarantees Dan with a Final 2 seat. Danielle will take Dan over Ian to the F2 and Ian will take Dan over Danielle.

If Ian wins the Veto then he’ll pick between Dan and Shane for eviction. Ian has sworn up and down that he’ll take Dan to the end and I believe him. Ian will evict Shane. In that F3 scenario I believe Dan would take Danielle to the F2 and Danielle would take Dan to the F2. If Ian wants to get to the F2 he’ll have to win that last HoH battle.

Should Shane win the Veto then he’ll get to evict either Dan or Ian. Bound to Danielle, Shane will choose to keep her happy and evict Ian over Dan. From there I believe Dan would take Danielle and Danielle would probably take Dan. I’m highly confident on the former and mostly confident on the latter. If Danielle is love-struck enough by Shane she could consider taking Shane as a way to win his heart, but considering Danielle has hidden things from Shane makes me think she’s on Team Dan to the end. Just like Ian’s case, if Shane wants to get to the F2 then he’ll need to win the final HoH comps.

Last scenario has Danielle winning the Veto. Now this one is trickier because the eviction will depend on her nominations. Of course she could change her noms if she was trying to hide anything by the original nominations, but I’m guessing with Ian most likely on the block she won’t need to do that. Okay, nevermind, I don’t really think this situation is trickier since I’m expecting Ian on the block in either case. If it’s Dan and Ian nominated then Shane would vote out Ian to keep Dan. If it’s Shane and Ian nominated then Dan will evict Shane to keep his one-sided F2 deal with Ian in play. Should I be completely wrong and Dan and Shane are nom’d then I’d expect Ian to vote out Shane.

Right now I’d say Danielle and Dan have effectively secured a F3 seat. Who ends up in the third spot there just depends on who wins the Veto as detailed above. Shane and Ian both have a fifty-fifty shot at the chance. A Shane or Danielle Veto win secures Shane’s F3 spot. A Dan or Ian Veto win secures Ian’s F3 spot. A Danielle win goes back to all the potential outcomes with 2/3 of them favoring Ian. I’d say Ian has a slightly better shot at F3 than Shane.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think will happen? Are my scenarios way off or do you agree? Share your thoughts while we wait for the Live Feeds to return!

Update: Haste makes waste. In my rush to summarize nearly 800 words in to a few sentences I mangled my thoughts by stating a 50/50 shot for Ian and Shane. I’ve corrected that error to show my suspected odds favoring Ian.


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  1. I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. It should be nuts!!!
    I want to know who the HOH nominates and who wins veto and who goes to the jury house right as they are about to taste the F3.

  2. sorry but not going back to reply to replies.

    manipulation is to manage or influence skillfully, while weak people use lies to manipulate, the truly skillfully do it with truth. That is why I compared Ian’s game to Dan’s. Ian got Mike out with a truth.

      • interesting that some never understood when coaches can into the game they weren’t coaches anymore and the players had the choice to make whatever moves they wanted they were now free agents. Boogie was not smart enough to see this. and got blindsided.

    • What was the truth? Boogie knocked himself out by going for the fast money and as he was the only coach to not hit the reset, and said many times he did not join this time around to be a player, he has not lost a thing. He grabbed as much money has he could and then set things into motion to go home to his son before getting stuck in jury, and was able to get out of the lunatic house… And with more money in his pocket than most of them will see. If he truly wanted to play this time around Ian would have been toast. He might have a mean streak and people might hate the guy, but he knows when people are lying. My guess is he knew all along. Having a soft spot for Ian (he would never give him $3000 otherwise) he was probably very happy to see Ian play a role in his ultimate plan. I’m guessing he’s hoping Ian wins this…

    • Ian got Mike out with a backstab. In order to backstab one has to at the very least…lie by omission. He forgot to tell Boogie that he was the source of information for the Quack Pack. Not exactly truthful in my book.

    • And don’t forget that the entire time Ian was LYING to Jenn, Frank and Mike. Ian, even though I like him, has lied and backstabbed with the best of them.

    • Ian got Mike out w/ a truth generated by betrayed confidence. Mike thought he could trust Ian. That wasn’t true. Then Ian lied to Boogie and Frank about him voting to keep Boogie that week. They all lie in the game. Ian is no different.

  3. I agree with all of what was said, except for the fact that if Dan wins veto there is a chance he will vote to evict Ian. I’m not saying he will, I’m just saying that its not a “no brainer” and that Dan has a hard choice to make and his decision could go either way. As a matter of fact I want Dan to win veto just because I’m curious to see what he’ll do

    • Interesting that some still think that Dan might take Ian to final 3. He tried to get him out but Dan failed.

      If Ian doesn’t win POV, I’m glad I can FF and see if we are going to see the jury at any point.

      I do the same of all CBS reality shows, If I don’t like who is left, I stop watching or if they are jury I wait til then and FF thru the show to see the jury grill the remaining.

    • One thing Dan would never do is share some of his winnings with another player… Who knows what he will do? It will be whatever he feels will be the surest bet to the money… He has no loyalty, and is in it for himself so any of them could be his next victim. I do think he sees his best chance sitting next to dani.

      • You could be right…Dan wouldn’t share his winnings with another player. But he DID share his previous winnings with the school he works for. Maybe he sees that as more important.

      • Don’t honestly know how much Dan gave to the school, so I could be out of line here ;) but giving a gift to your employer probably has some strings attached and I’m guessing there is a benefit to the giver. It might help them to turn a blind eye to his lying and setting a bad example for the kids… If he wins this season I bet he will need to give them a lot more to keep his good standing and possibly his job… I’m also guessing he was probably able to get a tax receipt for his donation.

      • @Roofy…I honestly don’t know how much he gave. I had read that somewhere. Good way to insure job security :)

      • I agree! And Dan’s a smart cookie so I believe that what you read is true… He’s so smart that the money most likely went right to his department. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one in charge of the funds and spending them too :)

      • I agree totally, it would be giving to a religious organization and is tax deductible.

        I think the parents should be concerned with him continuing at the school. poor example for students.

    • What you describe is certainly possible, but you’ve got to ask “why?” What’s the benefit to Dan to keep Shane? Shane would take Danielle over Dan while Ian would take Dan over Danielle. Dan has not worked any “Final 2” deals with Shane but he has w/ Danielle and Ian. Dan has no intention of taking Shane any further in the game.

      • I agree with you Matt. Yes, Dan did try to get out Ian during the double eviction, but that was when he still had a chance to get out both Ian AND Shane before Final 3 (taking Danielle and Jenn to the end). Now that either Shane or Ian HAS to be in the Final 3, Dan will realize it has to be Ian. Even if Ian has a better shot at beating him than Shane does, 2nd place and $50,000 is better than nothing at all if Shane were to win Final HOH.

      • 100 percent agree. He won’t chance coming in third. And Shane is just as big of a threat to win in my opinion. He won alot of comps and made huge move nominating frank and boogie.

  4. I’m not convinced a Danielle Veto win would secure Shane a spot in the Final 3. Dan could work his coach magic on her and convince her to give him the eviction vote and let him take out Shane.

    • I believe that is what will happen, DeeDee. Dani isn’t suspicious of a deal btwn Dan/Ian & Dan has laid the groundwork prepping her for the takedown of Shane so she will be ok with it. He can tell her this way Shane isn’t mad at her + this gets him more points from Ian and, let’s face it, Dan is (as stated above) guaranteed an F2 spot if Ian stays over Shane. Dan has a logical argument for evicting Shane so Shane can’t be too mad at him; Dan can just say he knew Dani/Shane would take each other to F2. That would make Dani happy for Dan to lie to Shane that way, so she stays in Shane’s good graces anyway (she thinks).

  5. As sad as it makes me, I think Danielle has the best shot at winning this game. Unless Ian wins the final HOH. Shane and Dan would both take her to the final 2. I just have a strong feeling that the jury will be too bitter with Dan to grant him another $500,000. Britney, Frank, Ashley, Jenn, Joe, and Shane would all probably vote for Danielle over Dan, IMHO.

    • no i want to see as well!! maybe thursday. Not tonight, tonight we get to barf seing Danielle and Shane faildate. Have a bucket next to your sofa ready!

      • I’ve already upchucked enough to fill several tanker trucks thanks to Danielle. Tonight should put me in the Guinness Book of World Records. But somehow Danielle would claim she owns that title.

      • wow, wtf is wrong is wrong with you. How can you have such disdain for a person you don’t even know. Please stop posting your inane mildly disturbing and utterly delusional rants. If the parent beside your name refers to the fact that you have offspring. I truly fear for them.

      • I shall post what ever i feel like posting. It’s my opinion and i don’t tell people they can’t have theirs as well. Just because YOU like Danielle does not mean everyone does. And i can speak with knowledge about a couple of things she has claimed to have (like a cancerous mass). Been there…done that. And her storytelling about them is 100% a lie. And she should not be putting herself in the public eye or faking serious medical issues if she doesn’t want called on it.

      • while I concur that those on reality television are subjecting themselves to the critique of those with nothing better to do, you attacked a fellow poster for simply not agreeing with you. I don’t recall stating I liked Danielle. I was wondering, do those posting in public boards subject themselves to the same treatment as those on said televisions shows. Do yourself a favor, get off the comp turn off the tv and go tend to your kids.

      • I beg your pardon but i never attacked you nor anyone else on this board. If you’re referring to my statement to Matthew Schneider, my comment was “No thanks, i prefer the finale be the last i see or hear of Danielle.” And thats where you came in with your comment. How is that attacking him? And apparently you have nothing better to do also…or you would not be posting too. And do yourself a favor…stick to your own opinions and i will stick to mine.

      • o.k. i am a judgmentall asshole. and my opinion is i cannot stand that floozy dumbielle.americas most hated player.

    • Maybe things are so one sided in there that BB is opting not to show any footage this time as it might give away the ending of the show… I honestly think the entire jury has joined and is anti-dan! Of course there is still time for a change of heart but right now it seems that as each newly evicted house guest enters the jury house they are coming in very disgruntled and against Dan. So fuel keeps getting added to the fire that is brewing… Other than Britney they don’t have anyone in the house to remind them that it’s the skill in the game that is most important and my guess is that given the environment she’s also enjoying bashing Dan.

      • I think bashing Dan would make for great tv by BB standard. So I agree that it is because they may know already he will not get enough votes. Jenn will only add to it if that is the case.

        However, even survivor has flopped back and forth as to whether devious or floating deserves to win by the jury standard.

  6. Ian may believe if he goes with anyone other than Dan to F2, he’ll lose. Since Dan has won before, he’s safe.

      • I think he would too.. But whether he believes that himself is a totally different matter. I actually agree that Ian lacks the self confidence and might think that Shane and Danielle are more popular and would take the jury vote, even though i believe the jury would vote for him. This is why he has alligned himself with Dan… Not because he is misted….

  7. COME ON IAN AND WIN THE POV!!!!! I hope he finds some brains and votes out DAN!!!! Then he can brag that he has gotten out 3 of the biggest threats in the house….Boogie, Frank and Dan. He would be an idiot to believe everything Dan is saying but then again…he has proven he isn’t as smart as he says he is.

    • Why would he get rid of Dan if he believes he has a final 2 with him? Then it would be 2 against 1, rather then him and Dan against the other person( Ian can’t see the drs and doesn’t know Dan is really loyal to Danielle)

      • he sure does, he can’t keep still. ian is a rat and dan is evil. I hope they do not win. since frank’s eviction I have not watched BB nor will I watch future seasons of BB. I will tune in BB for the fave player vote and when or if cbs will show the former houseguests inside the jury house. frank4 america’s favorite player.

  8. Oh my goodness!! Im so bummed that Danielle won HOH!! Oh cmon man. She has been the most boring, conceited, obnoxious BB house guest ever!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeez Ian if you win POV use that head of yours!!

  9. I disagree about Dan keeping Ian if he wins POV. I think Ian’s doomed unless he wins this POV, and then 2 out of the next 3 HOH comps.. Dan knows the danger of taking Ian to the end. He’s talked to Danielle about it more than once. Unless Dan becomes afraid that Danielle will choose Shane over him (Which he shouldn’t be, because he has her wrapped around his finger,), then I would expect Dan to evict Ian.

  10. If Ian wins next PoV, Shane needs to tell Ian about Dan trying to get him out during that double eviction. But then again, Shane is dumb as an elephant so who knows.

  11. Excellent predictions. I agree with you on all scenarios.
    Next… who will win in the F2?
    My bet is that it will be Dan/Danielle. I think Danielle might win the jury vote. (Although — ugh — what a weak winner.)
    Dan vs Ian = Ian wins
    Dan vs. Shane = Dan wins (I think…)
    Ian vs. Danielle = Ian wins
    Ian vs. Shane = Ian wins
    Shane vs. Danielle = Shane wins (I think…)
    What do you think?

    • I think Shane wins against Dan too. Not only has he won five or six competitions, but he would have also won the final HOH competition. Also, who wants to give a guy who’s already won half a million another half a million?

    • I think dan’s chances r very slim to win the jury vote this time around based on who is sitting in the jury right now. He actually needs Ian to be in there although it Ian leaving comes down to his vote it might hurt him. I think if the f2 came down to Dan & Shane, it is likely Shane will also win the jury vote!

    • Dan probably will win it if he makes Final 2. The
      closest might be against Ian which could end up 4-3. While, I believe Dan played a much better game than Ian, the jury might give it to Ian but, barely by a point. If it
      is Ian against Danielle or Shane, Ian should win it easily. Shane against Danielle? Depends on who evicted
      Dan. If it is Danielle, I would say Danielle will win it because she can claim it was her plan to evict Dan
      as he is a very good player. She can also claim credit
      for Janelle’s viction since, she was HOH when it happened! Shane won HOH and Vetos but, no strategy
      or game play.

    • Your predictions don’t make sense – you say Danielle would win against Dan, and Dan would win against Shane, but then you say Shane would win against Danielle? You have to be consistent – either Dan would win against both Shane and Danielle, or Shane would win against both Dan and Danielle. In my opinion, Shane would win if he went up against anyone except Ian. Dan’s only shot is if he takes Danielle, and even then it’s iffy.

  12. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Danielle did once tell Jenn in BBAD that if it came down between Dan and Shane being evicted, she’d vote for Shane. She said he’s been there for her from day 1. We can only hope since she said that that she keeps her word. She flounders a bit on doing that!

  13. Some say that Dan should evict Shane given the chance
    as Ian would take Dan to the Final 2. That is not guaranteed
    in any way, shape or form. What if Ian suddenly gets a few
    brain cells working and wins the last HOH? Now, who do I
    take to Final 2 to give me a chance to win that $500,000?
    Danielle who has had no game play or Dan who has made
    a big move in the game and good in strategizing? Ian
    decides on the unthinkable but, actually, logical move
    which is to evict Dan and take Danielle to Final 2. So,
    so much for the logic that Ian is sure thing for Dan!
    What is apparent is if Ian gets evicted next, Dan just
    needs to get Shane evicted next! And he will have that
    in his hands by winning the very last HOH which counts
    the most! The reality of it is any of the three, Danielle,
    Shane and Ian can flip on Dan if their brains cells end
    up working somehow. I think Ian would be tougher as
    far as HOH and POV goes which is why given a choice,
    Ian should be evicted next! Dan can take his chances
    beating Shane and Danielle for the last HOH!

      • That is what you assume. Once, Ian gets to
        Final 3 and wins the last HOH, you never know
        what will go thru his mind. Common sense is
        to take Danielle to Final 2 because Ian wins
        easily. Against Dan, Ian can lose it or win by
        a 4-3 score. It could go either way in my
        opinion although, I would pick Dan over
        Ian as Dan played much better than Ian!

  14. America really! Why onn earth are you liking Dan I know it is a game But he is a horrible person I feel sorry for Frank and Dans wife He swore on a bible and his marriage he is a liar and a horrible husband to do that Frank should win Americas vote he stayed honest through the whole thing If Dan was my kids teacher I would never let them go back what is he saying to American kids lying and swearing on Gods name gets you ahead in life what a horrible person I hope someone wises up and gets rid of him

  15. I really hope Ian pulls out another Veto win!! He’s been doing so good, it’s ashamed he didn’t arrive to the end of the game with alies (other than Dan, if that even counts).

    If Danielle wins this, holy sh*t I’ll be so pissed. That girl is so annoying. I am very happy I didn’t get the feeds this year because I cannot stand her. She did get Janelle out, but it wasn’t really her idea. She just did the dirty work for everyone else.

    Shane, he’s done his work. His social game is crap. It hilarious to watch him in competitions that requires the player to think. He’s been laying low the last weeks of the game but he at least did some things in the beginning of that game that won’t make me feel so bad if he pulls a win.

    Dan has been playing this game SO good. but I really don’t like him.. I did in the beginning of the game but he’s just gotten dirty. I know it’s the game and you have to betray everyone and what not so I’m not going to put emphasis on that. I don’t want him to win again.

  16. Matt, any way to know if the veto comp will be today, or right before the live eviction like I suspect? Good analysis, by the way.

    Interesting if Ian wins the veto. Danielle will be forced to eliminate Shane, although I foresee him still voting for her if she makes the final 2.

  17. Ian evicted coming in fourth. Shane wins final HoH and take Danielle to the finale. Danielle somehow beats Shane in the finale. I was thinking about these today how similar it is to do season 11. The southern belle (scratch that) physco wins it all, with the athlete being a runner up, and the brains coming in fourth. It’s hard to explain but just think about how similar it would be to BB 11 if that happens! .

    • So you don’t think he was planning to evict Ian when he put him up?

      By Ian reaction to winning the POV, he was obviously expecting to be evicted. Also him praying at the next HOH. While he may never say, he knows.

      • Dan is very strategic. That would have been a perfect place to get ian out if they could have pulled off the pov. However they missed their shot and now Dan’s got to be thinking about the final HOH. Shane’s the biggest threat to that endurance part and he also is a threat to dan and danielles final 2 deal. We’ve seen dan question danielle a few times this week whether shes loyal to him or shane. After danielle talked him out of getting rid of shane he was pretty upset with himself. I think there is a great possibility that his target has moved to Shane.

  18. i think dan would evict ian… ian was his target during the DE and he thinks he cant beat ian. and shane isnt good with the thinking competitions, which i think dan can use to beat him in the end, because one part of the final hoh is physical, and the other part is thinking.

    • That is one good reason to evict Ian next. Memory
      wise, Ian is a beast as he showed in the HOH he won
      with rolling the ball near the week where certain events
      happened. In practically each one, Ian was on the dot
      or very close to it which means you will have a hard
      time beating Ian on memory competitions which is
      part of the Final HOH competitions. Dan would have
      a better chance winning against Danielle and Shane!
      And if Dan wins the last HOH, he can evict Shane and
      make it a Final 2 with him and Danielle in it!

      • Dan will have a better chance against Shane
        and Danielle versus Ian as one of the HOH
        competitions would be a memory type of
        competition which Ian showed he can really
        be a beast at if you watched Ian win the last
        HOH! He remembered most of the questions
        and was on the dot a number of times. Bring
        Ian to Final 3 and Ian can win the last HOH
        only to decide to bring Danielle to Final 2 and
        Dan is screwed and cannot win that $500,000.
        Each choice has its risk but, Dan can win the
        last HOH and decide to take Danielle to Final 2
        which is Dan’s best bet. However, he cannot
        be playing against Ian who will probably beat
        Dan at that last HOH! Taking Ian to the Final 3
        is a very bad move for that simple reason!

  19. I think Dan evicts Shane if he gets the chance. He would be stupid not to I’m my opinion since Shane is the only one he doesnt have a f2 with. If he keeps Ian over shane he guarantees himself a spot at the end. The only thing is dani might be pissed at him but he’s been able to manipulate her all summer so I don’t see him being too worried about that. But I hope Ian wins veto! Should be able to find out tonight ice the feeds return

    • Ian is a better competitor on HOH and POV and
      would be a bigger problem because the one who
      wins the last HOH decides who goes with him or
      her to the Final 2 and while, Ian promised Dan
      that he would—-this is the Big Brother House where promises are regularly broken. Common sense for
      Ian if he wins that last HOH is to take Danielle to
      Final 2 and easily win that $500,000. So much for
      that assumption that Ian will take Dan to Final 2!
      Better move for Dan is to evict Ian now, knowing
      one of the HOH competitions will involve memory
      games and Dan would have a better chance beating Danielle and Shane in the last HOH! Then, evict
      Shane and take Danielle to Final 2 and collect that $500,000 check!

      • Shane has won more pov’s and has also been hoh twice. I say he is just as big of a threat as Ian. And Ian believes he can beat Dan as he already won and has been loyal to qp since the reset. He would take Dan to final two. Dan is risking a lot keeping Shane in the house he is a huge threat to win and would take dani. With Ian he is guaranteed 50 grand. With Shane he isn’t guaranteed anything.

      • One of the HOH competitions is memory
        and I do not see Shane doing well in that one.
        Since, it is the first HOH winner versus the
        second HOH winner, if Shane loses the
        second HOH as well as the first one then,
        he will probably end up evicted! Ian can
        win the second HOH because he has very
        good memory. Dan can probably beat
        Shane and Danielle but, would have a hard
        time beating Ian for the last HOH!
        And what makes you 100% sure that Ian
        if he makes it to Final 3 and wins the last
        HOH will take Dan to Final 3 when Ian
        can easily win against Danielle in a Final 2?

  20. Danielle says Dan bit her shoulder. I know that most have disbelieved what she says, but the last one about what Dan said to Ian proved to be true.

    Anyone see what she refered to on the pre-recorded BBAD?

    • Not to sound mean…ok, yes to sound mean….I wish he had bit her lying head OFF that shoulder. I didn’t see him bite her but i’d pay a dollar if he would do it again. Sorry, but to me..anyone that lies about serious medical conditions is repulsive. No i’m not her doctor but she contradicts her stories 5 minutes after she has told them.

  21. I am sick that deceitful sicko won. I want her out as I am so tired of watching her look at herself & tell those lies.nI saw on her facebook her friends said she made up story about breaking her back & chemo etc. It was a friend that she knew. Come on Shane get in & fight . Get rid of her

  22. I did not continue reading to watch the show tonight, but doesn’t the picture speak for itself. If i am wrong. I apologize !

  23. Dan keeps talking about the threat that Ian is… I think he would get rid of Shane if he wins veto. Yes, Ian is more likely than Shane to take Dan to the finals if they win HOH next week, but I’m sure Dan knows he will be much better off with the Jury sitting next to Shane than Ian. Ian could beat Dan with the jury – Shane can’t.

  24. I think Shane is a huge threat to win this game if he makes it to the final 2. Next to Dan i say jury votes for him not only based on the fact that Dan has won and there is possibly a jury hate train with name on it but also because he has won completions and played in my opinion one of the most loyal game he stuck with dani the whole way through and was 100 percent loyal to the qp. He would have stuck with silent six if boogie hadn’t told Ian what he did. Dan lied and munipulates and Shane stayed loyal and did not backstab one person who didn’t take a shot at him first. And dani was a tag along I don’t think she wins no matter who she is next too. I would be happy with a Shane win.

  25. If Dan gets to the final 2 he deserves to win for he played a mighty good game. None of the other 3 have played as well.

  26. If Ian doesn’t win veto, I think he’s gone. He gets the young guy sympathy vote from the jury and the other three were already willing to vote him out just days ago. If he makes final 2 he will win. Jury hates Dan. Jury likes Ian and the HGs know that. Final 3. Shane takes Danielle. Dan takes Daniel. Danielle, flip a coin. I think probably Dan. Ian? Probably Dan. Unless he thinks Danielle has less votes in the jury. Ian wins HOH. I think he wins it all know matter who he takes.

  27. Hopefully if Shane wins POV he will use the same logic that he used when he evicted Britney (that she already played the game before) and thus evict Dan. That’s just my hope! Probably not gonna happen.

      • I don’t know how Shane is a joker when he can associate with ppl, win comps and POV, always tune down conflicts and lay low, almost no enemy inside BB at all. Is “jokers” comes down to the category that “ppl you don’t like at first sight”?

  28. i still think ian and frank will be sitting in the jury house together saying, how stupid were we to trust dan. if ian wins the pov i will be happy to see it but i just dont think it will happen.

  29. if ian goes home then dan should win. shane and daniele just dont deserve it. they just dont make any real decisions without a coach telling them what to do. frank and ian ended up doing the same thing. all of the hgs should have been trying to target all coach,s when they reentered the game instead they are still taking orders from them. it a real shame ive never seen a weaker bunch of newbies….

  30. Danielle should be busted the minute she puts up Shane or Dan against Ian. There is no way she is going to convince them that they are just a pawn.

  31. I truely believe that Dan should win and here is why.Dan knew what kind of people he was working with from the beginning (not very smart people) Every person in there is gone cause of dan true but think about it sure he lied through the whole game just like everyone else(just better at it)and they listen to him instead of thinking for themselves.So what if he won last time he was on bb they all knew this and still kept him( how stupid are they) if they had a problem with that they should of said bye bye dan at the first chance they could The people in the jury only have one person to blame and that should be themselves.Dan deserves to be sitting there in the end. This is just my opinion.

  32. So if everything works as assumed, Dan will be in final 2. WE might as well say congrats cuz dan is gonna win!!!!

  33. No question about it…Ian HAS to win the veto in order to stay in the game….why can’t the H.G. see what Dan is doing ????????? If he is one of the last two ,the way the H.G. have been playing the last month they will hand him the big bucks on a silver plater.DUMB , DUMB !!!!!!!!!

  34. personally i think they’ve all lost their minds DAN NEEDS TO GO ASAP. what is wrong with them why keep DAN in the house? his pompous butt needs to go.. what are they thinking? they keep blowing opportunity after opportunity to send him packing. what are they afraid of? the game is over. people if dan wins AGAIN it will be as equally as disappointing as when BOOGER won. i really hate the way this is playing out

  35. Ian needs to win Veto so that h can choose between Shane and Dan and Ian would obviously pick Shane to leave. The best case for Shane is to win his way to 500k he can’t lose another comp or he’s fried

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