Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The Big Brother 14 Power of Veto competition has finished and we have discovered who holds the power to veto one of this week’s nominees.

Heading in to this week’s competition the Quack Pack knew they had to fight to continue to control the situation and were up against a strong challenger.

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Read on to find out who won the Veto and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results:

  • Dan won the Veto Competition.

Dan wins Big Brother 14 Veto

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Ian as HoH with Frank and Jenn as the nominees. Dan, Danielle, and Joe were selected as additional players. Shane hosted.

After the Feeds returned Dan was heard saying this was his chance to get Frank out. Hmm. I’m surprised Dan was willing to put himself in this position. An action in either direction could out his position. Perhaps his best bet is to save Jenn, let Ian renom Joe, and then the house could still vote out Frank. Dan would say he’s returning the favor to Jenn and then playing the fool to Frank while hiding that he’s not actually safe.

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The Big Brother 14 Veto ceremony is expected to be held on Monday and we’ll know for sure then if it’s used. Stay close by and we’ll share those spoilers.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used at the ceremony?



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    • I don’t think he will. This is what Dan said earlier : “This right here is the ticket to finally getting Frank out of the game.” Dan says to us while looking at himself in the mirror.

  1. GET THAT UGLY CARROT OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please everyone vote to evict Frank as he has bullied and threatened and cheated this entire game. I AM SO GLAD DAN WON AND ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!! What a great Birthday Present!!!!!!!!!! Team DAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, a liar, hypocrite, and manipulator really deserves to win this game–and twice! And everything you said about Frank is completely untrue–HE, ironically, is the ONLY one, at this point, who really deserves to win the game.

      • Everything said about Frank was the truth!!! If you don’t believe that then what show are you watching? Frank has admitted to cheating and that video was on You Tube, and if you watched last Wednesday’s episode he got caught cheating once again on National Television. Wake up and take off your rose colored glasses!!!

  2. Dan owes this one to Frank, but will he risk revealing his alliance in order to keep his word? As a Frank fan I sure hope so. At the same time the optimist in me believes that the only reason Dan didn’t throw the comp. was in order to save Frank…and if Dan doesn’t use the veto, will Frank out Dan to the rest of the house? So much drama in store, gotta love it!

      • IDK, Dan just said on the live feeds to himself this is his time to finally get Frank out. So only time will tell what Dan decides. Can’t wait til Monday

      • I can’t believe none of the others figured it out ?? They r really stupid. I actually think Brit did when she left, but glad she’s gone. The funniest thing said after that big move was made was by Shane, he looked at I can’t remember who, and said, where did Jenn come from ? LMAO

      • That’s the smartest thing he has said this entire game! Even the look on his face was priceless.

      • Yes, it was ! I really think Shane was approached by BB because he was cute and they thought he’d be a good looker for the girls, but unfortunately after they learned his light doesn’t turn, it was too

      • Shane irritates the hell out of me, so phoney and says the dumbest stuff, I just want him to shut his mouth.

    • I think Dan didn’t throw it because Ian told him if Joe won and it was used he’d be a re-nom. I don’t think Dan wants even a shred of possibility to go back up

  3. Interesting… Dan is caught in a predicament. I wonder what he is going to do. Cant wait for Monday lmao

    • He will be put on the block next round with Fr for sure if he uses his veto to save Frank; however, I do like him to keep his word, even it’s a game!

      • Dan won’t save Frank and made a F2 deal with Ian, but told him not to tell anyone, made a F2 deal with Jenn, but told her not to tell anyone, has a F2 deal with Dani and of course she is suppose to let everyone think that she still hates him. Dan who criticized Brit for doing just that is doing the same thing. I was hoping for a F2 between Dan and Frank, but after hearing him I know it won’t happen. I actually am beginning to think the Jenn and Dani wiho also have a F2 deal will get to the end. I have watched this game since it started and I have never seen so many F2 deals ever. I am sure I missed some. lol

      • Dan is the biggest liar in the house and maybe ever. Oh boy I am going to pay for this one. If he is F2, I hope whover is sitting beside him wins over himl I hope all of his crap comes back to bite him bigtime.

      • I never liked Dan to begin with, but thought after his deal with Frank maybe he was not so bad. Boy was I wrong. With Frank gone I don’t care who wins except Dan. I would rather see someone who needed it more win than Dan. I never wanted to see any coach win. Send these players to an AllStars to see how they do then. To win over the majority of this crew says what? Most of them except Ian and Frank never watched or if some did just a few episodes.

  4. So freaking happy that pos Frank didn’t win pov. Now as long as Dan doesn’t use it the piece of crap Frank will finally go home.

  5. Of course Dan’s not going to use it! The Quack Pack lives to see another week! Bye-bye Frank!

    • Idk if Dan will use the veto. If he does than he becomes a target with the quack pack since they believe Dan is with them. (Dumb asses). But if he DOESNT use it. Then bye Frank (which I hope happens). Either way things will be crazy come Monday

  6. Lmao , Dan wont save Frank. He has a huge opportunity to get him out , so that’s what he’ll do. he’ll work with Danielle , Ian , and Shane after frank leaves this week.

  7. If Frank stays on the block does he expose Dan to the rest of the house? Letting them know he spilled the beans about the QP. Does he expose Danielle’s true colors to Ian about how she went along with the plan to evict Britteny? Blaze of glory can be a bitch.

      • Ian already knows what Dan did last week, he just confirmed it. And so does the rest of the Quack Pack. Dan has ALL of his bases covered.

      • Somehow I feel that if Frank does that than he would still go home.. because they’re all idiots *besides Dan & Frank)

      • Probably, but what does he have 2 lose ? He should give it a shot. I agree they r all idiots and it will be a dam shame if any other person wins besides Dan or Frank

    • Hope Frank tell it all,Jenn ,Dan & Danielle are back stabbers..Hope Dan,s wife can see he is pleasuring Jenn & Danielle behind closed doors,use the bible and confesses his sexual sins..If Dan wins,he will need it to pay for Divorce & alimony.

      • yes..he is pleasuring the lesbian…don’t you think the wife has the live feeds LOL life in the house is different than the real world-thanks for the laugh with that comment!!

      • Holy nutty Batman! Is this a joke? You guys really believe that Jenn, who is very much a lesbian, is hooking up with Dan, who is very much a married man…who, by the way, has never met a lesbian before? Can you share some of what you’re blazing with the rest of the group? Lol

      • Exactly ! Dan is practically a newlywed. Why in God’s green earth would Dan cheat on his wife, who is beautiful, btw, with Jenn ?? People luv 2 start drama…

      • i love lesbians, they are the best for well you know. i seem to have good luck with them. peace and love to the lesbians, just never forget me. i will always be there to listen and be there for your 1 nite curiosity or get backs wich ever you like to call it. gota love the lesbians

      • lol kristy, but who knows Dan does act like a woman sometimes. lol but seriously dan is ok he and frank are the best players in the house. And for the bible thumper who keeps bringing up the bible. I have found that those are usualy the ones farthest from any sort of true christianiti. one never knows ones true beliefs of the heart and to bring up the bible all the time is not a true christian act.

      • If she’s a lesbian….how the hell would she get pleasure from Dan…a MAN. You sure you don’t mean Lebanese?

      • If you had ever even SEEN a bible…you wouldn’t make comments like that. They sell them in book stores. You might want to pick up a copy.

      • Please don’t turn this into an anti-gay thing. There is nothing wrong with Jenn’s sexual preference. We can agree to disagree and not let this turn into a gay debate.

      • @facebook-1504472554:disqus …i’m not sure if your comment is directed at me or the person i was answering. But i was answering the moron that said Dan had committed sexual sins and needed to use his bible to confess. I am NOT anti-gay. I love all people, no matter who or what they are. It’s our differences that make life interesting. I’m not sure how you took my statement as anti-gay. Maybe i need to pay closer attention to how i word things.

      • I saw what you said CuriosityCounts and it wasn’t anti gay. I think someone just wants to fight and look at high and mighty.

      • @Kristy Coates….No prob…that sometimes happens to me too. I post a comment to someone and it ends up somewhere else. Sometimes makes for confusing conversation. Not much we can do but just laugh about it. :)

      • That is really uncalled for.Its one thing to not care for a player in the house but to go on this site and make up lies about what players are doing behind doors shows how little of a person you really are.You need to grow up.

      • Jenn is a lesbian and Danielle has the hots for Shane, not Dan. Good grief. Get off the weed for a while.

    • I pray that happens, because when Frank is left on the block on Monday, I think all hell will break loose for Dan. Frank better reveal everything, I cannot believe he put his trust in that snake.

      • Frank was talking before the comp with Dan saying if Dan wins he should use it on Jenn so it’s not obvious their working together and get everyone to vote out Joe-that’s obviously Dan’t best move to keep everyone happy and no one suspicious

      • in a way i feel for Frank–I have gotten to like the ‘big orange beast”” an He has really worked hard -an the only one that I know has been on the block that many times—an he is the only one –when off the block -right away wins a veto-!! bye Frank ,,nice getting to know ya

      • Exactly, I was wondering if anyone else heard this. This way, Dan gets to repay Jen pulling her off the block, he & Jenn vote out Joe, Dani & Shane vote out Frank, and Ian will be forced to break the tie leaving the blood on his hands.
        Really loving watching Dan this season…Happy Birthday, Dan!

    • Personally thrilled that Dan won the POV and that now they will be able to get that CHEAT, FRANK, out the door!!! YEAH QUACK PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Your grammar is still incorrect, because your subjects are inconsistent.

        “When one uses the word ‘grammar,’ one should spell it correctly” is the proper formation.

      • the only reason Frank is still there becouse he cheat,and BB fixed it so he would not leave ,the week that he would had left was the week BB just happens to pick to do the reset becouse they knew if they did not he would had been gone,so that is why they picked that week and not any other week ,they want to keep him there,they did not have to do it that week.I can not stand Frank he needs to go.he is not a good player just BB wants to make it look that way,the ones he won was bcouse it was made for him to win ,Dan is the best player in the house who eles would had been able to talk there way off the block like he did NO ONE…

      • you sound like one of those kids who got his head dunked in the toilet, back in high school. Frank is obviously the best player. put the pipe down and wake up. or someone will still your wanna be girlfriend like frank did to ian.LOL

      • WHOA-WHOA—I don;t believe the BB-HOUSE does things like that–it just happened that way an how in the heck can the bb-house help Frank win—nope–he did do it himself–he’s not my #1–but he does play a great game,,,,but DAN & IAN are my favs;;

      • how can you say cheat. are you blind or just no inteligence. Frank has been the best competitor, and deserves to win. why is it the loosers in life, always want the looser weasles on the show to win.

    • Ian will not blame Danielle because she made it clear to Jen that Dan sprung it on her and she had no choice. Danielle was smart to give Jen the details, so she will back her up. Ian would blame Dan for Brit.

  8. Frank and Dan were in the Storage Room earlier on today, and Frank said to Dan ” If you win it I’d love for you to use it on me , but it will be too obvious , so you should use it on Jenn and say, I owed it to her” and ian will put joe up as a replacement and Joe will be evicted.

    • and now after the ceremony, he told shane he is going to try to get dan to use the veto on him. he then told jenn he is going to get him to use it on her. for a man who doesn’t lie he’s sure coming close wouldn’t you say?

  9. Dan and Frank had a discussion about this. Dan said he will use the veto on Jenn and tell her he’s paying her back for taking him off the block. He’ll do this to keep up the illusion that he wants Joe gone. Then Joe goes up, and Frank is evicted by a vote of 3-1.

    • This is exactly what is going to happen. Dan already stated this was his ticket to finally send Frank home.

    • Idk if Jenn comes down and Joe goes up. Joe gets evicted. Since Dan/Danielle/Jenn will keep Frank. Its best for Ian to nominate Danielle since nobody will evict her. But Dan should evict Frank since it will make Dan a target and he hasnt been doing too hot at competitions. Dan should get Danielle to evict Frank and Dan to evict Joe. So that way Frank wont really know who evicted him since it will be a tie and Ian will evict Frank

  10. Unhappy that Dan won the POV. I was really hoping he would go this week. Now who knows what will happen. Will Jen come down or Frank and who can Ian put up? I hope he puts Danielle up since she lied to her BFF Brit about not knowing what was happening. Dan is truly a DOG!!!

  11. I really don’t think he will use it being that this may be his last opportunity to eliminate one more dominating player ……

    • That’s what I thought, but when talking in the DR he seemed pretty genuine about taking Frank to the final 2.

      • I think he would take him to F2 if Frank made it that far, but now that Frank can’t save himself, I’m not sure if Dan is going to take the risk of Saving Frank. He wants to be in the house long enough to either get to F2 or get Danielle there so that he can say he’s the best. He said last night that he wants to make it longer than Dr. Will and that he wants to be able to say he coached someone to the end. Dan is an extremely competitive person so who knows what he’ll do, only time will tell.

      • It seems possible, especially after Ian told everybody it would be dumb to take Fr to F2 as Fr would win 7-0. If I am the jury and Dan can still brave this idea out, I would give him the vote even it’s a second win!

    • When the feeds came back on Ian & Dan were talking about their F2 deal and Dan told Ian “DON’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT”. I wish I knew what was going on his sneaky mind right now.

      • I know I was thinking the same thing. He strategizes every move he makes. He also said this is finally my ticket to get Frank out of here.

      • I caught that comment too. I wonder if he spoke to soon, things seem to be changing now. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  12. Glad Dan won veto, I still consider him the best, in my opinion. Think he needs to leave as is and get Frank out now, just because Frank will win if it is a final Dan & Frank. But again with Dan, he might want to go up against Frank, again if final 2.

  13. If Dan is smart he will tell Ian that he is going to use it on Jenn because she saved him but they will still vote out Frank. Then he tells Frank he will use it on Jenn and they have the votes to save him. Then they vote Frank out and with double eviction hopefully Dan gets HOH and they get Jenn out.

  14. Dan just told Frank;”I can’t use it on you, obviously” This sucks, this is setting up perfectly for a backdoor.

    • If that’s the case Joe is going to jury.
      Help me out here, how many alliances does Dan have at this point and who are they with?

      • At this point he’s pretty much covered by everyone. Ian wont put him up, Shane wont, Danielle wont, and no need to worry about Jen or Joe since we know they won’t win HoH.

      • So true about those 2 not winning HOH. At some point Dan has to turn on one of his alliances though….which one will he pick? Even if he leaves the noms the same he’s turning against Frank….I can’t wait to see what happens.

    • Yeah, but before the veto the,y both agreed that he couldn’t use it to save Frank. They discussed him using it on Jenn as a payback for how she helped him. If I were Dan I would use it on Jenn and then vote to keep Frank and let Ian break the tie.

    • Frank has actually played this game this season unlike a lot of others in the house. I think he should have a chance to be in the F2.

  15. I hope Dan saves Frank but if he does not then Frank should reveal Dan’s double alliance just like Dan revealed Ian’s double alliance. I don’t want to see Frank go. I think he is the best player because he has had to fight to stay in the House. Please don’t let Frank go. Please Dan, save Frank.

    • Yes! Didn’t they make a deal last week after Dan’s funeral? Getting Brit out was supposed to insure Dan and Frank in F2.

      • well, now dan has f2 with ian which he doesn’t want ian to tell anyone about. frank has f2 with dan, jenn, frank, and joe. he asked for one with ian but ian said he has to think about it. this was before nominations.

      • That was the plan but I knew he was a liar. And he had no intention of honouring his alliance with Frank. Frank should have kicked his butt out and left Brittany alone but let her and her budies know that he knew about the Quack Pack and let Ian know he knew about what he was up to. Boy would they have been scrambling to kiss up to Frank. You think Ian does a lot of rockig now he would have rocked himself into a coma. Just saying people!!! Just my opinion. I don’t like getting beaten up so if you don’t like my opinion I am sorry but it is just my opinion.

      • Why is everyone freaking out about Dan making a deal to save himself Britney didnt hesitate to go into the storage room and shake hands with Frank and make a deal to save herself the only one that said no she couldnt do it was Danielle. So gee guess what people lie all the time there. Then magically forget that they did when theyre safe again.

      • Shar, never apologize for your opinion. Thanks to our amazing ancestral countryman, we, as Americans, have that right to freely speak our own opinion!

      • Sure did, but Dan lied as usual. Frank turned out to be too trusting of him, but he had no choice if Brit stayed he would have gone anyway.

    • This is why Dan should take Jenn off and Joe would go up. This way there is no drama. He will pretend that Frank has the votes and when Frank gets voted out…he will only have a minute to speak his mind.

  16. I Like Dan and I’m glad he won, but I like Frank too. I believe Dan will use the Veto to save Jenn because he “owes her one”… But unfortunately Frank will still probably go…. Unless Frank & Dan secretly decide to work together & somehow vote out Joe instead since he would be the replacement nom. So many decisions…

  17. YES! DAN wins the Veto, OUT goes the #1 Biggest Target, Frank! I do think this may be Dan’s first win in two seasons? Someone correct me if I’m wrong? He has always used his “social game”, as opposed to Comps. WOW!! Props to Dan, again!

    • See what happens when you quit throwing comps and relying on others to carry you through til the end.

  18. I just hope Frank rats out DAN and DANIELL’S plan in getting Britney out…But he will only do that if he knows he is gonna get evicted..

    • which is why dan wants to use the veto on jenn to have joe as the renom and make frank think he is safe.

      • Exactly!!! Dan’s only concern is making sure Frank “thinks” he’s safe. As long as Frank “thinks” he’s safe, he won’t say anything about Dan ratting out the Quack Pack.

  19. I think that Dan should use the PoV on Frank. He made a final 2 deal with Frank and if he doesn’t use it on him, there will likely be war in the house and Frank will tell everyone how Dan is untrustworthy. And if Frank remains on the block, he will obviously be evicted and could possibly convince the jury not to vote for Dan if he makes it to the end since he didn’t play an honest game. If Dan uses it on Frank, Ian will probably put up Joe and Joe will be walking out the door next. However, Dan will also need to explain why he is using the PoV on Frank to the rest of the Quack Pack without revealing his final 2 deal with Frank. He could probably tell them that Frank won’t be able to compete in the next HoH competition, keeping Frank in would take the target off of their backs and getting rid of Joe will mean that the Quack Pack only has to compete against Jenn in the next HoH competition and the chances of them losing are very slim. I just hope that Dan stays loyal to his alliance with Frank this week. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to take Frank to the end since his chances of winning against Frank are much smaller than any of the other houseguests. But, I do want him to get rid of Frank in a way that doesn’t make him responsible for it. I’m rooting for Dan to be the first double winner! Go Dan!

    • Very well said, except for the part about Dan winning. :-)
      I don’t really think the jury would vote for him. Half of them saw him play no game, and Brit will convince everyone that he really is Judas.

  20. SO…congrats Dan on the Veto, definitely saved his ass right there. Ian’s best case scenario is the nominations stay the same, If Dan uses the Veto on Jenn, I’d be interested to see Danielle up as a renom to make sure Dan/Shane/Joe vote out Frank. If he uses it on Frank…tough week for Ian. He might as well talk to Shane and Joe and reassure them the target is Jenn, and put up Danielle as the renom to make sure one of the “other” alliance goes home. Making Joe a renom right now is a STUPID decision, if Dan uses the veto, it means he double-crossed the alliance again and Ian should take advantage.

    • The only thing is that during the HOH comp Ian promised to Shame that he & Dani would be safe from noms that week.

      • I know, but that’s why Ian would have to talk to Shane first, it’s probably unlikely he puts up Danielle because Ian simply doesn’t know about that other alliance, which is too bad because Joe is a waste.

      • But to take out floater Joe now is a good move for us. It’s gonna be fun when all the others have to turn against each other!

      • Well…yeah, but best case scenario for us would be Jenn and Joe going home in the double, leaving Frank + Dan + Ian + Shane + Danielle

    • I don’t think Ian will renom Dani, he needs sb to protect him in the coming weeks. Even the QP is close to history, Ian still need to ally with sb who can win comps!

  21. NO Dan should not use the POV to save Frank, if Dan wants to win this which I think he shouldn’t but if he does Dan need to get rid of Frank and team up with Ian, Dan can’t win in the end with Ian, he will win cuz who wants to give Dan another half a mil? Dani needs to gooooooooo. Did you see her last night showing off her boobies and laying down on those seats and looking at herself… OMG who likes her? I am so happy the guys egnored her, so she started cleaning…. LOL.

    • She was so very annoying and obviously loves herself a great deal. Her gameplay sucks and she’s been in the house too long! I hope she does not make F2 – she doesn’t deserve to win anything!

  22. No matter what Frank has to go as he is one of the better players, after Frank , Dan needs to go as he has won BB once already and is a scum bag

  23. Oh and I forgot to say, I hope Frank tells everyone about what Dan did to have Frank save him, or Jenn tell all.. And I don’t understand WHY WHY Jessy keeps coming back to BB house! Who likes him? HG’s were a little PO’D about Jessy taking all their junk food!! Bhaaaaaa!

      But they should be happy to have that food in the house. I love all that stuff, they even have my cereal now….I’d be doing flips if I was in there and got all that :-)
      Unlike Danielle who wanted someone to kill her last night because there were “NO CHIPS! WE HAVE HUMMUS AND NO CHIPS….SALSA AND NO CHIPS…SOMEBODY KILL ME NOW.”

    • Jesse Godderz is one of the biggest morons in BB history. CBS: Plese stop bringing that grinning idiot in every season.

  24. I’m thinking this is gonna be the end of Frank…which sucks. I don’t hold any faith in Dan’s word to Frank. This is his chance to get Frank out, he’d be stupid not to take it. Even if Frank rats out Dan, it won’t matter. Dan can easily twist that into his favor. Ian needs a strong player to help him get to the end, and Shane is too socially dimwitted to do the trick.

    • If Frank rats out Dan, Dan is finished. Ian could be on the chopping block next but, if Shane and Joe find out what Dan did and ratted out the Quack Pack, there will be hell to pay and Dan if he does in win HOH then, he will wind up on the block with probably only Danielle on his side. All the others will gang up on Dan because he is a very good player and evicting him gives them a chance at that $500,000!

  25. Dan, Dan, Dan… what to do… I honestly believe he should still go with the Frank/Jenn/Danielle alliance. He can save Jenn (since she saved him last week) and then have the votes to keep Frank because Shane would be the only one to vote him out (possibly). Hopefully Danielle would be on board with it though.

    • He is not going with the Jenn and Frank alliance, he is talking to Ian right now in HOH, I think the plan is to pull Jenn off, kind as a favor to her, since she took him down last week, put Joe up, but, Frank is the target. Guess all of that swearing on the bible, ring and his grandpa’s necklace meant nothing. But, keep in mind that Thursday is double evict so if Jenn doesn’t win, she will be next, the Quack Pack has returned..I don’t know why Frank has not told Ian that Dan is the one who ratted him out.stupid move on Frank’s part.he is going to jury on Thursday.

      • Ugh! if I hear the words “Quack Pack” again I will scream..
        And Frank isn’t ratting Dan out probably because he thinks he’s safe

    • You would think so, wouldn’t u ? Didn’t Danielle say she would die for Dan..LMAO, but remember Shane didn’t vote her out last week so she might do whatever her stalkee does !

  26. Watching reality TV was always painful and upsetting with all the drama, tears, fighting and cussing. This is the first time I find gamesense and it being enjoyable. Thanks to Dan, and Boogie too!

  27. We will know for sure if the alliance Dan struck with Frank is worth anything. If he pulls Frank off, that would be a huge move
    and will essentially force Ian to put Joe on the block. Then, get Joe evicted! Ian does not play next HOH so, will be vulnerable to an eviction right after Joe! That is the best case scenario for Frank. Of course, Dan could choose to evict Frank this week
    and then, try and get Ian out right after! That would leave, Dan, Danielle, Jenn, Joe and Shane in the house. Dan would have
    the huge advantage over Shane or does he? The only problem
    with that plan is Danielle and Shane are dating in the real world.
    Could the showance be real? If so, Dan might just fall short.
    The better plan would be to keep Frank safe and send Ian
    and Shane to the jury house. That would leave Jenn, Dan, Frank,
    Danielle. If Dan and Frank both keep their word, they will make the Final 2.

    • Richie, Frank just talked to Dan and was ok with using the Veto on Jenn, because we all know that Joe is the replacement. Frank shouldn’t be too comfortable with that idea. Frank should start campaigning to Dan on using it on him. He could be evicted even when he’s sitting beside Joe.

    • Ian is rather vengeful. If Dan takes down Frank…he could possibly put up Danielle in retaliation. Not a smart move but he has a little of the “green-eyed monster” in him.

      • That is true however, they will still have the votes to keep Danielle over Jenn. You have Frank, Dan, Shane, Joe. That is atleast, 3 votes in favor of Danielle so, Ian putting her up would only evict Jenn.
        Ian can get targeted and evicted the very next HOH as it is double eviction week and they will have the votes to take him out if he is nominated and stays on the block too.

      • Oh i’m sure Danielle would stay. It would just be Ian being a douche. He doesn’t always think things through.

    • “The only problem with that plan is Danielle and Shane are dating in the real world. Could the showance be real?”
      LOL! where did you make that up from?? There’s no way Dan saves Frank it makes his target way too big. He has to save Jenn it’s the only move that works with the game. Still loling about the D&S dating for realz hahaha!!

      • Someone said it was on Danielle’s facebook
        page. This season of Big Brother was filmed
        earlier was it not?

      • how is that possible with the live feeds? This is the first I’ve ever heard that, and no offence but I don’t buy it

      • Maybe one of her friends posted it. As far as i know…”live” eviction means it’s taking place in real time. The only “filmed” parts are Sundays and Wednesdays shows. Doesn’t matter how early in the year they started….they’re not allowed to leave until the last person standing says howdy to Julie.

    • I see your point and like it, but the only way to keep yourself save in this game is to hold the HOH or in this case the POV. Now Dan can’t be evicted this week. There was a chance Ian could have put Dan up if Frank came down.

  28. Would anyone be surprised to see Dan use the veto to save Frank after last week? Personally if Dan wants any shot at earning some trust with others in the house as well as winning the game, Dan’s best move would be to leave the nominations the same or take Jenn down thanks to last week. This should be interesting, but if Frank stays on the block, these HG’s wuld be stupid not to evict Frank. Otherwise Frank can win this game.

    • If Dan bails on Frank and does not use the Veto to save him, Frank should use the nuclear option and expose the fact that Dan ratted out on the Quack Pack. Frank will probably still get evicted. However, Dan will be damaged big time and the others like Shane who had no
      clue on what Dan has done will be after Dan for sure!
      Assuming Frank gets evicted, that would leave Dan, Shane, Danielle, Joe, Ian and Jenn in the house. Dan cannot trust Danielle 100% because she and Shane could have something real as they are reported dating in the real life. If Dan does not win HOH next time out, even Ian will go after him if Frank tells everything to the Quack Pack
      members. Frank saved Dan’s ass last week if he does not save Frank, Frank could get evicted but, so can Dan right after him and Dan just pissed his chance at that $500,000!

      • I still want to know where you’re getting that Shane and Danielle know each other already. Despite the fact I’m 110% convinced that is false, I’ll humor you for a second and *SAY* that’s true-1) wouldn’t CBS let America in on that 2) are any of the houseguests even suspicious of that?

      • Showmances happen on Big Brother all the time, the producers obviously encourage it to drive up ratings. Whether it is true or not would depend on the house guests. Just saying that if there is some truth to that, Danielle might not be totally behind Dan 100%
        Remember too that Shane chose Danielle over Brittney on who to evict.

      • I disagree with you.. you can actually find a link to her facebook page via ‘Danielle’s ex bff tells all’ Also I guess you haven’t noticed there is no romance between them, they have barely kissed, and all for show I just don’t think there is any evidence to back this up. Kudos to whoever started this conspiracy theory

      • It’s just a rumor someone started and now they are sitting back laughin at all who are believing it.

      • If was supposedly on Danielle’s Facebook page and of course, this season of Big Brother was filmed much earlier.

      • Huh? Are you trying to tell us that BB is filmed months ahead & then played for us to see? Because that would make all the sense in the world with live feeds and tweets and all that.

      • Let me please add #3.
        3) Neither of them are smart enough to pull that off and fake out everyone in the house as well as everyone watching.

    • The thing is.. Dan sold out the Quack Pack to keep “himself” safe. I don’t believe he’s really playing the game with anyone anymore.. besides possibly Danielle. What fun/challenging would it be to keep the nominations the same. If Dan wants to get out of this with keeping his ass save for a couple more weeks than he would tell Ian that he is taking Jenn off the block because he owes her that.. then vote out Joe instead of Frank. Nobody has to mention who they voted for for eviction. It would be one big blur and Ian and Shane would still possible trust Dan because.. well.. they’re not all that bright strategic wise. Frank can’t even play in the next HOH, neither can Ian so that will give Dan a 1 in four shot at winning the next HOH. Even if the others win he would still very much possibly be safe because Danielle wouldn’t put him up and I don’t think Jenn would either. I think Dan should use the Veto on Jenn and work on Danielle to vote out Joe instead of Frank. Hell, Shane might vote out Joe too.. only because he’s a follower.

      • And Ian was thinking of not even targeting Frank until next week since he can’t play in HOH anyway so he might go along with it.

  29. He should return the favor and save Jenn. And he can still get out whoever he wants. He’ll rally up the votes to get out whoever he wants. Dan’s just THAT good…

  30. With that Veto win, Dan has more power than the HOH right now ( Ian ).

    Dan can choose between Frank, Jenn and Joe to go home.

  31. If Dan was as great as a player as he says he is he will leave frank on the block, and have him evicted, the reason is that this would leave Shane as the only strong player in the house, Than he will be left with people that have basically floated through out this season, pretty much giving him the 500 thousand and if he was really smart he would take Jenn and Joe to the final 3 what a breeze that would be.

    • but he might keep frank because with frank out of the game the target on dan is really big

      • Depends on who wins HOH next. Ian can’t play…Danielle will stick with Dan and Shane. Jenn and Joe will float to power, Unless by some magical mystery one of them wins HOH.

    • Shane might be a good player physically but what about the mental comps? He’ll never win those with only one brain cell.

  32. YES YES YES!!!! dan won and frank will be walking. that’s what the house is all about all the backstabbing and lying makes for good reality tv and that’s what BB needs this season with all the olympics and everything else. because of ratings. we shall see,we shall see

  33. Right now, the discussion was to use it on Jenn, since Jenn had used the veto to save Dan. That would just show his gratitude towards Jenn, which he mentioned on his speech. Frank was alright with that. Because Joe would be the replacement, thinking he would get the votes to stay. Anyway, I wouldn’t say this 2 weeks ago, but If I was Frank, I would beg Dan to use to me, because there is a big chance that Frank could be evicted. Frank shouldn’t trust the house at this point.

    • I totally agree but I feel like Frank has been blindly trusting almost anyone-which will be his downfall.

      • Frank has put his trust in the wrong person almost through this entire game, I like him too, but like you said, his social game was terrible, and that is usually what wins you this game.

  34. Let’s see, if Dan & Fr in F2, the 3 Jenn, Dani and Ian will vote for Dan; Brit and Shane might vote for Frank.

  35. If Frank gets voted out which he will! Now I am finished watching this show! Don’t want to see Dan or Ian win!

    • I wish someone would put that phrase on a loop for this board. It would save time. It’d be nice if everytime someone said that, Shane grew a new brain cell. He’d STILL run a deficit.

      • I know. Even though I’m a Frank fan…I am more of a fan for BB. I’ll still watch. I just don’t get it. Take you ball and go home then.

  36. As of now Dan just told Ian he’s gonna take Jenn off the block & that was the end of the conversation.

    • Its a wise move. It gives Dan the chance to decide if he sticks with Frank or not… and if he doesn’t, the only time Frank will ever know is when he hears the vote count. Ouch. So devious Dan, I like it.

    • If he does that, Frank will know he was betrayed and that Dan did not honor their Final 2 deal. And with Frank not having any options, it probably would serve Frank this time to rat out on Dan to destroy his game. Once, Shane, Ian, Joe know about the double cross, they will know that Dan is not to be trusted. if Dan does not win the next HOH and gets nominated, they will evict him and he cannot count on Jenn because Jenn can see that Dan betrayed Frank after saving his ass and she could not care less about voting out Dan as she also wants a shot at that $500,000. Dan also cannot trust Danielle to vote to keep him because she might have something going with Shane as she is reportedly dating Shane in the real life!

      • But his simple explanation of just returning the favor to Jenn seems reasonable. Even Frank might get it. Or i could be giving him too much credit.

      • Richie before the Veto Frank and Dan already had agreed it would make no sense for Dan to use the veto on him but to use it on Jenn. That Frank has the votes with Jenn Dan Dani… he will only know when the votes are in.

      • If it was me, I would be highly suspicious because we have a Final 2 deal so, why not
        use the veto on me and we can work on saving Jenn with the votes! Frank should
        ask Dan that question and maybe, Dan
        would not be able to answer it!

  37. Finally. Frank is becoming the male Rachel with the 9 lives. And with the getting mad and talking trash whenever things don’t go his way but also trying to make big moves to blow those same people’s games up. Dan is cementing himself as the best Big Brother player EVER.

    • Dr Will. Imagine him with Frank, Shane, Danielle, Ian, Joe and Jenn. Get outta here. Wills second time was vs All-stars not chump change.

      • Only true all stars were Dr Will, Danielle & James. The rest were puppets. Boogie is overrated, Janelle no brain but strong competitor (Still not all star), Kaysar? really? all star? Howie? really? Erica? Chicken George? Allison? Marcellas? ahahahahaha

  38. lol its funny to see all the frank fans with no lives.. Dan will win this season because hes the alround best gamer in the house. Yes Frank is the strongest competitor no doubt but hes naive as they can be… horrible social game. BYE FRANK!

    • Horrible social game? No one is willing to work with him. They are all nice as hell to his face, but no one is willing to put a trust into an alliance with Frank. You think this is because hes nice to everyone? No. Everyone wants to out him, not because of his social game, but because when they get to the final four and competition wins become important, hes the biggest threat. His reputation is bad because Janelle, Dan and Britney as the “vets” had this preconceived opinion that Boogie is nothing but trash and since Frank is associated with him, he must be too.

      Not once this entire game, other than Boogie, did anyone work with Frank. To say that socially awkward Ian has a better social game than Frank is absolutely hilarious. That kid was getting laughed at by EVERYONE the first week.

      • Awesome post. The “gang” mentality has been against Frank from the beginning. He’s actually pretty funny and loyal. He was just assed out this season due to being this huge threat. I think he has done formidably going against the odds. I’ll see him in All-Stars and will root for him again. If it is “Good vs Evil” he will definitely be on the “Good” side.

    • If Dan does not use the Veto on Frank. He is done too. Stick a fork in him. That Veto is worth $500,000. Frank has
      nothing to lose at this point. Will he still get evicted? Probably if Dan does not save him but, Frank could out
      Dan with the rest of the Quack Pack members and if he does not win the next HOH, his ass will be gone just right after Frank! So, use it wisely or lose the game and the
      $500,000. Evicting Frank at this time does not serve Dan
      if he uses his head. He can always give the excuse that
      Ian threatened to put him on the block and he does not take to that kindly! Ian is practically useless after he puts up Joe as replacement nominee because Joe can be evicted and it will not affect the other players one bit!
      Ian though, can be evicted because like Frank cannot play for HOH! They will also have the numbers to evict Ian if
      he is nominated and stays on the block!

  39. Dans a straight pos. I have no respect for him at all. All the deals he makes, he turns on as soon as he can. Even if it’s the next day. No respect

      • lol. Dan goes to the extreme though. Swearing on the bible, his wife, kids, wedding ring and etc. That’s no good.

    • They ALL change alliances more than they change underwear. Even Frank has several F2 deals to add to his resume. Dan didn’t invent alliance breaking…he just perfected it.

  40. Shane says the game was a crap shoot. It was physical but you also have to have a good memory. We all know Shane, if you get close to his head, you’ll hear the ocean.

  41. I think Dan just farted another Mist out of his ass and has improved his position to having Jenn have his back after backdooring Frank

    Dan: let me ask you this, say Joe goes up and its Joe and Frank, what do we do?
    Jenn: vote Frank out..


    • its the way he does it as well. He started off saying he doesn’t know what will happen, but it might be Danielle. Jenn is like i’ll protect Danielle… then he brings Joe and Frank… and Jenn still misted just agrees.
      At the end of the convo Jenn :”Yeah maybe its good to backdoor Frank even if we are working with him”
      Right now, it looks as the only person next HOH that would even think of putting Dan up is Joe.

      • A true strategist. His read on people is spot on. I honestly don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone so freakin persuasive in my life.

      • Dan is always asking people about themselves, very smart. When he asked Ian dozens of questions about Pokemon – everyone else was moaning, little did they know he was building ties with Ian. Boogie used the the same technique but his ego got in the way and he got emotional and took it out on people. Dan did screw up a little when he was freaking out with the Pandora Box quarters veto that Ian won and Dan said that he missed but was really saving his quarters. Nobody is perfect.

  42. Is Dan a GENIUS or Dan is a genius? Can’t you guys see his plan unraveling in front of us?.LMAO

    His next book: ” The Complete Step by Step Guide on making the HG’s Stupid “

  43. Frank will be the first to go Thursday. Now, we just need to hope Dan is the second. From there, Ian has to be the favorite to win it all.

    • LOL!!! Lemme get this straight, you want Frank and Dan, the best 2 players so far this season, to both be evicted on Thursday?

      Can you imagine how boring the house will be without both those guys? The remaining house guests won’t know what to do!

  44. Joe or Ian better have been closest to winning the veto competition for Dan to have gone for it, otherwise that was a potentially stupid move. He should have sat back and let the two sides bicker with themselves, rather than thrust himself in the middle of it again.

  45. So why wouldn’t Dan use the veto on Frank? He did swear on the bible and his grandmother and his wife and his dog and his cat and his childhood home and his…..

  46. I love Frank and being honest if Dan backstabs Frank, that’s sorry as heck. Does everyone remember Dan swearing on his wife and everything when Frank was hoh. Frank deserves to be here over anyone!!!!!!!

      • Ian needs to get Dan out. Dan betrayed the Quack Pack and was never appreciative of the information Ian brought to that group.

      • And where did Ian get that information?…From Boogie…his good ole pal Boogs. Dan recognized Ians betrayal of Boogie for what it was…a guy playing both sides of the house. Only Ian is a lot less accomplished at it than he thinks. Now the betrayER…has become the betrayEE.

      • That’s BS. From day one, everyone with eyes saw thgt Boogie only gave a crap about Frank. The only reason Ian got the money was because Frank wanted Boogie to. Ian was alone in that game until he joined the QP.

  47. Bb aYou know I liked frank only because he was the underdog and rooted for him to make it another week. but he just know how to play this game… he is more concerned with keeping his alliance with Dan a secret than getting off the block. he wants Dan to use the veto on Jen thinking he will stay… but this game is nuts and I could see Dan again doing something crazy and somehow keeping Frank…but why would he want frank.. because he is gullible and doesn’t know how to play except in physical competitions so Dan can use him to get rid off Ian and Shane… then take jenn and dani to final 3

  48. I am surprised Ian did not put up Dan. Ian should have known that Dan was the mastermind behind Brittany’s eviction. SMH. The house should get rid of Dan ASAP! They should know he will eventually turn on them all. I say get rid of all of the coaches & let the newbies play the rest of the game. I am routing for Frank. I am glad they got rid of Britany. She is too emotional. She had the nerve to say that Dan owed her. Dan owed her nothing because she wanted to put him up a few weeks ago. I am TEAM FRANK!

  49. i find this whole situation funny because if they get frank out the quack pack practically rules the house for the next 3 weeks including this one. In the next HOH competition chances are one of members of the QP will win and put joe and jenn on the block and evict one and the cycle goes on and the next person who isnt a member of the QP will get evicted. then shane and danielle team up against ian and dan.

  50. I like Frank. I hope I’m not alone out there. He hasn’t always made good decisions (ie: not backdooring Dan when he should have), but I think he’s a true competitor and I hope he goes all the way. If not, please bring him back for Allstars or something. I love him!

  51. Wanted to see frank win but unfortunately dan is putting the finishing touches on frank’s funeral. Dan lies as usual when he says he cant beat anyone, the truth is he can beat everyone but frank. If frank still gets to the end, dispite all the effort dan put into his master plan, frank wins. WHY DONT THESE STUPID HOUSEGUESTS NOT ONLY BAND TOGETHER TO ELIMINATE THE LAST COACH and HALF MILLION DOLLAR WINNER??? It makes them all look stupid that dan gets to the end with no veterans to lean on in the game. DAN WOULD SPEW SO MUCH MIST WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SEE HIM SITTING IN THE FINAL TWO. LOL

  52. Dan just can’t be left in until the end to win. But can the rest of these ” master minds” get him out?

    Dan looks great if he takes Jenn off and Joe goes up. The house turns on Frank, not Dan.

    Next HOH Dan, Danielle or Shane wins and there is a double eviction. Dan has to be one to be evicted! I am not sure it should be Joe, he does cook. Even though he is a creepy dirty old man. As long as Jenn can tolerate slop she should stay in the game.

    The final four should be Shane, Danielle, Jenn and Ian.

    I doubt Shane will make it to the final two.

    Just my opinion. I have watched all seasons.

    • would you really eat Joe’s cooking? I’d want him to be health approved first!! I agree with your final for but I’d switch Danielle for Dan. I’m team Dan all the way and I don’t find Danielle adds anything of substance or entertainment to the house

      • The department of health will be waiting for Joe after his interview with Julie. He’ll be serving time instead of food for endangering the lives of others.

  53. Honestly if Frank goes this week he better spoil out Dan. Then hopefully, Dan goes home since it’s double eviction. The thing that sucks though is that if those two do end up being evicted there’s no one else deserving to win. When I say deserving, I mean who actually played the game. Like Jenn winning this season would totally throw me off!

  54. Dan is the best BB game player ever!! His wife knows exactly what he is doing, and I saw her interviewed several times and she is on board with his game play. BTW~I watch the live feeds and he has never done anything with Dani or Jenn, and why would he? EW!

  55. Look all Yall wanna call Dan a snake he’s playing the game. if u had 500k at stake don’t you think you would lie backstab whatever to get u to that 500k yes I think u would. that’s the name of the game you don’t win by being nice truthful u gotta play all sides and lie to all sides in order to keep yourself safe. if Dan makes it to the end he deserves to win cuz he’s played it just how your supposed to.I also feel if frank makes it to the end he deserves it he’s had to fight competition wise to keep him in the game

  56. Frank and Dan are great game players. They may p*ss you off, but you love to watch them. Players like these two are why Big Brother is a great show. They may seem mean at times,
    but you know that are just playing the game and doing what they have to do to win.
    Ian is finally having a chance to play. I hope the other players lighten up on him. He has not been any more dishonest than they have. He really proved himself in this H.O.H. comp and deserves to be congratulated.
    I hope Jenn starts toughening up and starts living up to her heavy metal reputation. I have been very disappointed by her. I figured she would be a stronger player; but she has been quite the let-down.

    Shane is, well, plain and vain. Vain Plain Shane. There are not enough mirrors for him in the BB house. I’ve seen him staring at anything with a reflection. I remember seeing him on BBAD talking about how he shaves almost every part of his body, and how he gets male manicures. Ewww. Definitely too much of a wuss for me!!
    I am so upset that Britney was evicted and Danielle stayed. Why is Danielle even on this show? She is not playing the game at all and whines and cries when other players do. (In all honesty, she would not still be in the house if he were not
    for other players actions.) She totally misrepresents herself and only wants other females evicted. If her reasons were game related, I could understand. But anyone with half a brain can see her reasons have nothing to do with the game. This girl is seriously unstable with some huge mental issues. Remember when she told Dan that her family will want to hurt him because he upset her? Um, it’s a game… duh!!) Zingbot was right. Some restraining orders are going to be needed after this is over. This girl is creepy, especially when she does that wide-eyed, crazy smile. The movie “Fatal Attraction” comes to mind…
    As far as Joe is concerned, I sometimes forget he there until I see one of his D.R. interviews. He just kind of floats by every week.

    Okay, I’m done with my thoughts… sorry if it was a bit long-winded. Just had to vent.

  57. I still want to see Dan take Frank to the end. It probably wouldn’t be a wise move for Dan, but it will still be interesting. Does anyone think Dan will use the veto on Frank?

    • Nope! He is using veto on Jenn, to repay her for taking him off, renom is Joe, just as a pawn, Frank is leaving on Thursday along with someone else since it is a double eviction. I can’t stand Dan. Shane is so annoying, has no idea what he is talking about half of the time, makes the most stupid comments, always staring at himself, Danielle is just BB stupid, but she is so happy now that Britney is gone, she just looks at herself in the mirror doing that little pouty mouth thing she does, she wants all the guys to look at her, Joe, I think someone will take him to final 3, well, because he’s Joe, Jenn..if she doesn’t leave on Thursday too, she needs to step it up and win an HOH comp, Ian. hate the way he backstabbed Frank and Boogie so early, I think Frank was honestly looking out for him when he defended him last week to the QP. I really liked Frank, but that is the way this game usually goes, the person who wins the most comps does not win the game, you must have an excellent social game and I think Frank put his trust in the wrong people along the way, that will get up evicted faster than anything.

    • I hope Dan saves Frank. Frank still cannot get hoh next week. If Frank is gone then the QP will be going after each other and Dan will be the number one target. It would be more interresting if Frank was still there. Dan already made his statement for the season. He probably won’t win anyway, so he should repay Frank.

  58. Frank and Dan are great game players. They may p*ss you off, but you love to watch them. Players like these two are why Big Brother is a great show. They may seem mean at times,
    but you know that they are just playing the game, and doing what they have to do to win.
    Ian is finally having a chance to play. I hope the other players lighten up on him. He has not been any more dishonest than they have. He really proved himself in this H.O.H. comp and deserves to be congratulated.
    I hope Jenn starts toughening up and starts living up to her “heavy metal” reputation. I have been very disappointed by her. I figured she would be a stronger player; but she has been quite the let-down.
    Shane is, well, vain and plain. Vain Plain Shane. There are not enough mirrors for him in the BB house. I’ve seen him staring at anything with a reflection. I remember seeing him on BBAD talking about how he shaves almost every part of his body, and also about how he gets male manicures. Ewww. Definitely too much of a wuss for me!!
    I am so upset that Britney was evicted and Danielle stayed. Why is Danielle even on this show? She is not playing the game at all, and she whines and cries when other players do. (In all honesty, she would not still be in the house if it were not
    for other players actions.) She totally misrepresents herself and only wants other females (except Jenn) evicted. If her reasons were game related, I could understand. But, anyone with half a brain can see her reasons have nothing to do with the game. This girl is seriously unstable with some huge mental issues. Remember when she told Dan that her family will want to hurt him because he upset her? Um, it’s a game… duh!!) Zingbot was right. Some restraining orders are going to be needed after this is over. This girl is creepy, especially when she does that wide-eyed, crazy smile. The movie “Fatal Attraction” comes to mind…
    As far as Joe is concerned, I sometimes forget he is there until I see one of his D.R. interviews. He just kind of floats by every week.
    Okay, I’m done with my thoughts… sorry if it was a bit long-winded. I just needed to vent.

    • here you go – how do you know it was a bible – has any really check to see if it is really the bible – how do you know it is his wedding ring – were you at his wedding?
      Just saying – it is so easy to play people on BB

    • He Swore on the bible that what he was about to tell frank was 100 % true , and it was. He exposed the quack pack , flashback to the moment , if you’d like to correctly refresh your memory. Your just a Frank Stan , who would abort your first child if he said so…… Adios. You’ll enjoy watching frank in the Jury.

  59. The odds of Dan being exposed are greater if Frank stays. I like him, but Dan is smart and should act in his best interest, which would be without Frank ASAP.

  60. I thought that if you win the veto and use it to take someone off the block that you couldn’t be picked as the re-nom right? Did I just hear Ian tell Danielle that he told Dan that if he used the veto he would renom him?

    • That is why Dan actually played to win for once, Ian told him this before the veto comp, otherwise, Dan would have thrown this comp too like he has all of the other ones.

      • Dan always plays to win, that throwing competitions crap is just excuses. He isn’t athletic at all for a coach he’s just a wimp!

  61. Can someone tell me where I can watch Thursday’s episode online? DVR didn’t record the damn thing.


  62. From what I have read, it is Franks idea that Dan takes Jenn off, that to me lets Dan off the hook, if that goes through, as Frank will assume, Dan will vote his way and he may might for him staying. It will be the others that decide his fate.

  63. Does anyone else see Ian constantly rocking himself. I’ve heard that’s a sign of mental instability. I think he’s going to snap if things don’t go his way.
    Go Frank!!

    • Ian has some issues. the way he acted when Frank put up Britney and when he was going for that golden veto ball. he gets drunk with power and anyone who goes against him, he tells them he will rip their face off. He is constantly rocking back and forth whether it be in the hammock or anywhere and he is always talking to himself, plus he looks like he is in so much pain with his facial expressions, maybe just deep thought, who knows.

  64. danielle is in her perfect world tonight sitting outside surrounded by all her men! (lets see how pathetic she gets once her “buzz” kicks in)

    • She loves the BB house now that Brit is gone. She is pathetic. Hope she doesn’t make it to F2.

      • now she is going to laugh like a hyena and pretend everything is funny so they can all dote on her…i just never stops with her. just wait and see…its predictable. and further more she interupts everyone conversation…nobody can finish a sentence around her!

  65. It seems there are a lot of people on the Frank bandwagon, which is cool, but is there something I’m missing from not seeing the live feeds? It always seems like Frank is such a bad sport. He makes a big move? Expects everyone to get over it. When someone else does it to him (aka-when Ian voted out Boogie), it’s almost as if they aren’t allowed to do the same. I’m personally not a fan. It doesn’t make me right or wrong here, but I’d much rather have a player win the game who outSMARTS people, NOT necessarily wins every competition. I’m not grouping floaters into this…..but to me….of course you’ll always have great COMPETITORS…just like you have people who are good at sports and others who aren’t. However, the players that can manipulate the game I find to be far more interesting and worthy of winning the whole show. When you get a player that has both going for them it’s even better. I’d rather see Dan win again (or Ian) than see Frank win any day.

    • Would you not get heated when you find out that one of the people who
      you put so much trust into just backstabbed you for 25+ days? Thats the
      only time Frank has ever blown up, besides defending himself when Willie
      confronted him.

      Frank has TRIED to play the alliance game. Nobody will work with him, I assume, because he was associated with Boogie from the beginning. Frank is smart. He understands the game. His game isnt weak because hes trying to put trust into people and they are backstabbing him. He never had a strong alliance in the first place. He was on a “team” of people that couldnt win. He had one of the most hated coaches in the game. He couldve been just as good as Enzo who created the Brigade, and that was his mentality entering the game before the stupid coaches twist had become known to everyone.

      • I understand what you’re saying, but to quote Boogie “It’s Big Brother-You can bounce checks”. It’s to be expected to an extent. That suck for him, but at the same time I feel like Boogie was the manipulator and Frank is the competitor. I don’t really feel like Frank has made any huge outsmarting type of move…at least yet.

      • Plus, if it had come to the end, I’m pretty sure Boogie and Frank would have taken each other and then Ian would have eventually gotten screwed (unless he had won HOH). Even if that isn’t the case, I’m sure Ian’s perception was that he’d be their second choice also whereas he had a better chance with certain members of the quack pack alliance.

  66. Everybody in the house is so stupid to keep allowing Dan to survive. He won it last year without winning many comps and is going through this game the same way. He is the ultimate floater that nobody is smart enough to take out

  67. Frank is Jeff Shroeder all over again, a great guy, that routinely get’s stabbed in the back every single week by a bunch of deal breaking floater scumbags!
    New’s to Danielle- your a porker, and what happened to the deal Dan made with Frank that included your fat A#@!
    Joe, who would really hold it against frank if he kicked your @#$ before he left!
    Shane, grow a pair!
    There all cowards

  68. Imagine if that nerd Ian had gotten that 24 hours in solitary confinement , they would have been carrying him out in a straight jacket!

  69. Everybody in that house is brainless besides Dan, he is a floater who will go to the end because nobody else has a brain. Get Dan next week, he is stabbing you all in the back with the same knife. If nobody does, he will win again.

  70. Dan if that stupid headband is supposed to make you look cool it ain’t working, your still a punk.

  71. At this point, Dan had basically controlled the whole house. It depends on whom Dan want stayed. On Fr’s side, there would be 3 votes, which include Dan, Dani & Jenn. What’s left would be only Shane & Ian. Once Joe being voted out, Dan & Fr, or Dan & Dani will control of the house.

      • Yeah, I know. I was trying to say they can team up no other votes on their side in that situation. I mean, it seems like the whole house is under Dan’s control. Hopefully Dani would backdoor Dan as Ian to Boogie, and team up with Shane. That would be another twist I am expecting!

    • The problem is Dan is moving to evict Frank so, it
      will be Frank going home this week barring any
      miracle of some sort.

  72. Cant wait to see what dan does. Will he take down frank(super bad move for him)? Will he take down Jenn(A good move for him)? Or will he not use it(Bad move for him)

  73. If the QP(Shane and Ian) were smart then they would pressure Dan into not using it,that way if he does, it will show where his loyalty is.

  74. I really hope Ian starts to control Shane. Since Britney is gone, he might as well follow Ian. It would be even better if Danielle went under Ian’s leadership. Being in an alliance is one way to make it far in this game, but having loyal subjects is what really gets you far.

  75. I honestly hope they get jen or joe out this week then the double eviction they get out frank or dan. Because Frank cant play HOH.

  76. oh please Frank – spill the beans. Squeal on Dan and Danielle. I want to see what happens then.

  77. @89ce3c73238c9ae70bd5c446250ac2c0:disqus that would be smart, but thats not going to happen, because it is very hard to get frank out and if you send (jenn or joe) out then frank WILL be able to play in the veto.

  78. Please don’t take down Frank! Please don’t take down Frank! PLEASE DON’T TAKE DOWN FRANK!

    That is all.
    It would be interesting to see Frank rat out D&D about the whole Birtney thing.

  79. Dan needs to not use the veto on either one. That way Frank won’t have any of the votes. It’s all game play. Dan did what he did last week to stay. Doesn’t mean he owes a thing to Frank. It was Frank’s decision to keep Dan.

  80. If dan dont use his pov on grsnk thsts jive..aterall frank saved him last week… Frank has always stuck to his word and everybody bsckstabs him…he only got a bad rep because he was on boogirs team n nobody likes boogie cause hes a big threat …ian screwed them over too….i do miss britt….dani should have went, can’t stand he. Dan won already so I hope a newbie wins.. F3 frank ian and shanne..send that lazy fat ass dirty chef joe home he does nothing but dirty stuff under the covers at night then wakes up and cooks brrakfast wout washing his hands

  81. Dan uses the veto on Jenn, puts up Joe against Frank. Frank gets voted out & Dan has Frank’s jury vote cuz he tried to save him without revealing their alliance! Once again, Dan comes out with no blood on his hands ! Masterminded!

    • Except that Dan probably won’t end up in F2. I doubt anyone would take him. The only way he will be there is if he happens to survive the rest of the evictions AND wins the final HoH.

  82. Looks like Frank is prolly gonna be a goner this week. But, I said the same thing about Dan last week and look what happened there. It doesnt seem to me that Frank has the abilities to pull something off as Dan did, though.

  83. Dan knew that if Joe won the POV that he was the re-nom. There is no way of him getting out of this week without blood on his hands. I don’t care much for Frank, but he can be a powerful partner in this game. I’d also like to see Dan honor his end of the F2 with Frank. If I were Dan, I would use the veto on Jenn and say it was because of what she did last week. Then him Danny and Jenn could vote out Joe. That 4 alliance is way to strong for the other 2 QP members to withstand. Plus, Ian can’t play the HOH, so Shane would be their only real hope. Not to mention that a move like this would solidify to Frank that Dan can be trusted….for now anyway.

  84. Seems like Frank is the only one tru to his word. Everyone else is lying and some of them are just TOO good at it. Its scary.

  85. With Danielle moaning about no chips last night, she makes me like her less and less. What is wrong with her, and what is that squeeky voice?

  86. “Lying” in the BB House is not really lying in the true sense of the word. You can’t go up to people and tell them “oh, yeah, I want you to work with me this week, but, I’m voting you out as soon as I can” How would that be considered good game play? That would be idiotic…you have to “mislead” people constantly and make deals 1 week or sometimes day or even hours at a time to get yourself further in the game. The goal is to WIN not make great friends…everyone will forget about the “back-stabbing” once BB is over…It’s part of the strategy of the game…Not saying it is nice but it is necessary…As far as Dan is concerned he is brilliant!!!!! The best BB player of all time….

  87. Even if Frank exposes Dan, it won’t affect him because he is in an alliance that actually wants Frank out of the house. All he has to do is let them know that it was all part of the plan to get Frank evicted. (FUNERAL, THROWING QP UNDER THE BUS TO GET FRANK TO TRUST HIM) Which is exactly what i saw coming from miles away. Dan Gheesling is a GENIUS !

    • Do not be too sure about that there is $500,000 at stake
      and only a few players left. Sure you want Frank out but,
      if the others knew what Dan did, they will be going after
      Dan and Dan could find himself evicted right after Frank.

  88. I would love for Dan and Danielle to be exposed, there has been so much lying and betrayal in this game, betrayal mostly by Dan, Ian has stuck with the QP from the beginning. Ian told Shane about him and Brtits final two (he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut), like nobody else in QP had final two’s. Dan and Danielle from the beginning, Shane and Danielle, Dan and Boogie(not QP), Jenn and Dan( not QP), Jenn and Danielle (not QP, they agreed to never vote each other out). It’s ridiculous to hear them talk about Ian and Britney having a final two. Britney gave a great speech during evictions. Judas describes Dan very accurately, she was right about his ego too. And he cares about noone but himself. If he can drag Danielle to final two he will so he can be that much more egotistical about him getting him and his player to final two but if he can’t he’ll cut her in a heartbeat.

  89. As I would like to see the Final Two consist of players who would DESERVE to win, I hope Dan does save Frank and Ian nominates Joe. I would like to see Jenn go to jury this time and Joe might be good to have around because he seems to be easily beaten in the comps. About the evicted houseguests in this generaal order: Jenn, Danielle, Joe, Ian, have the last three be Shane, Dan, and Frank and then assuming Frank would win the final HOH, he picks Dan because he thinks that no one would vote for him since he’s already won, plus Dan would deserve to be in the Final Two just based on his gameplay.

  90. Does not much matter at this point who goes ,al the good players are gone ,but can not stand Frank. These guys are dumb,they vote out most all the girls and leave all guys .If you were stuck in a house for 3 months wouldn’t you want to be there with girls and not guys,I would never vote out a girl.who would want to spend all that time in the house with guys ,now there is only one girl left.she want make it to the end ,

  91. I don’t want Frank to go, but the only way dan can use it without being suspicious is to use it on Jen to return the favor. This is crazy!

  92. Frank screwed Frank. How can you be such and idiot, Frank makes me feel like and idiot. Why would you trust someone who is known for backstabbing people in his season making promises on the Bible and etc when you know he will obviously go back to his group it’s just a last ditch effort to save himself. Frank gave up a HOH comp to get Dan out and now he takes him off the block! you never do that. Frank your officially kicked out of ChillTown. Britney should have won the game she was controlling everything the Quack Pack does without actually doing it. Dan is just a judas.

    • Ian will be next although he doesn’t know it yet! Does this fool really think that Frank is a bigger threat than Dan?
      Dan just pulled the biggest move and this chump comes
      up with the bright idea of reviving the Quack Pack and taking back Dan. You cannot be dumber than that! It is
      like you know someone who is an assassin and you
      welcome him to your house. He will eat your food and
      drink your wine then, kill you just the same! Dan will
      win this because the other house guests collectively
      do not have enough brain cells to make them figure
      out that Dan controls the entire Big Brother House!

  93. Dans pure evil and not trust worthy at all. Go being a so called christian, he will through anyone under the bus for his
    30 pieces of silver. But worse then him, Shane through Brittany under the bus for a piece of work like Danielle. Hum who had his back, I believe it was Brittany. I dought Danielle will save him over Danny boy. Serves him right! Go Ian! Just don’t be fooled by anyone of them!!!

    • Dan is going to win because there is nobody smart enough
      to stop him at this point. After Frank is evicted, it will be
      Ian since, he cannot play for HOH and that would leave
      Dan, Danielle, Shane, Joe and Jenn. Now, what are the
      chances of the others stopping Dan? Slim to none as
      Danielle is in his back pocket and Shane will go along
      with whatever Dan wants as well as the 2 floaters.

  94. salways surprizing to me how people use these forums to turn it into fighting and harsh words….moving on Ian was always my favorite but i must admit FRANKnis great no matter what you think. hes been on the chair since the very beginning and he won so many vetos and hoh…..he would deserve to be in the final 2. nutting against dan…but he has enuff money. shane should also have a good chance i dont think this guy has one bad bone in him danielle and jen and joe plleaaase no they add absolutely zero to the competition and are like slaves. so go ian frank and shane…..and if you all read bad comments about ya just remember…unfortunaltely WE CANT STOP WARS

  95. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN,,,I;m sure Cheslie will have a nice BIG CAKE waiting for you—an since you like ”TEDDIES” (hanging Ian’s) maybe she will have a TEDDIE surprise for you!–LOL–

  96. Well Frank it’s your own fault …You should of never trusted Dan..He’s a snake..You make your own bed now lay in it..

    • Frank’s big mistake is not insisting that Dan use the veto on him. If he did then, he would have found out if the alliance is worth anything. Even in real life where we play our own Big Brother dealing with lies, backstabbing or efforts to destroy you by say an office mate or two, you
      cannot trust anyone 100%. Trust but, verify is the maxim.
      If Frank did that, he would have forced Dan’s hand. Either
      save him by using the veto on him. If he does not come
      veto ceremony, immediately rat him out and call your
      own Frank’s funeral and expose everything about what
      Dan did! Maybe, Frank would still end up being evicted
      however, Frank would have destroyed Dan’s game
      because Ian, Shane, Joe, Jenn & Danielle (already knows what Dan did) will all be going after Dan instead of going
      after each other!

  97. It’s a mystery to me why so many people dislike frank, can someone enlighten me. He’s worked hard, has been loyal to everyone he’s worked with. I personally like everyone in the house right now. Just wondering what I’m missing???

  98. Dan is the best player ..frank comes in second …ian third ..the rest floaters..even daniell….thats my story and i am sticken to it….

  99. Shane has lost his good looks to me, because he,s really looking dumb lately, and he needs not to have a clean shaven face, maybe wearing the color pink has some kinda hidden agenda ummmmmm.

  100. Dan shook hands with Frank and stated they were the final two. That is supposed to signify your word is honorable. If Dan doesn’t save Frank, then I, no longer, will have any respect for him. It will just reenforce the notion that Dan has no integrity. What does this teach his high school students? That you win, no matter what? That it’s alright to go back on your word in the name of the almighty dollar? Another case of greed proving money is the root of evil..We shall see if Dan does indeed, have any self respect.

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