Big Brother 14: Blindside Mania Sweeps The House – Updates

Janelle will be shocked - Big Brother 14

Big changes start from small beginnings in Big Brother 14. Last night we saw one of those small moments quickly evolve in to the potential for some dramatic and surprising events this week in the game. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.

The obvious decision to target the coaches seemed to have slipped right past the newbies until Boogie, a former coach turned HG, presented the idea to Britney in a private discussion last night on the Live Feeds. Watch the conversation play out on Flashback at 8:46PM BBT (8/4) or read on for all the details.

After tossing around some eviction ideas and scenarios Boogie offers up his “curveball” but first asks Britney to promise not to repeat this as it could cause him a lot of trouble in the house. Boogie suggests they get Janelle put up as a renom on Monday since they won’t have many opportunities like this in the future. Britney says she thinks Danielle would be open to the idea and encourages Boogie to “put the wheels in motion” to see where it goes.

Boogie takes the plan to Danielle in the HoH room at 10:12PM BBT. He suggests this is their opportunity to get out a “really, really, really dangerous player.” Danielle smiles and says she won’t say she hasn’t considered it.

Dan heads upstairs at 10:31PM BBT to talk about Boogie’s new plan. Meanwhile Britney and Danielle head to the arcade to have the same conversation.

Jump a little later to 11:00PM BBT and you’ll find Danielle, Dan, Shane, and Britney as they discuss the option. Shane is confident they have the votes to evict Janelle if they decide to go after this. Dan is holding quiet and does not seem convinced. He may be the holdout here. Britney says she’ll wait for Dan’s decision because she values his insight.

The night wraps up with Dan an Danielle in the HoH room at 2:38AM BBT. Dan insists Danielle is playing this personally rather than strategically. Danielle says she isn’t. Yes, she is. Danielle won’t nominate Janelle unless they can guarantee her eviction. Dan continues to push Danielle to make strategic moves and not personal ones.

If Dan holds against this plan like he’s doing now then I don’t think it’ll happen. Danielle isn’t likely to go against his advice, but of course it could still happen. Keep your eyes and hears on the Live Feeds today as we approach Monday’s Veto Ceremony where Danielle will have to make the big decision.

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Update: Flashback to 3:30PM BBT on Sunday (8/5) to find Boogie continuing to push for Janelle to go up as a renom for eviction. He makes a lengthy, convincing argument before leaving Brit, Shane, Danielle, and Dan to discuss. After some heavy debating the group decides they won’t take the bait (4:15PM BBT). Janelle now looks to be safe with Frank & Wil staying on the block and Frank going home.

Update 2: Looks like the plan is back on to blindside Janelle. New report with all the details coming up soon.

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  1. That’s too bad, i personally like Janelle and I think she’s one of the best players in the house.. If they’ve got the votes,
    strategically, makes sense to evict her, because when she starts to win, she’s gonna win over and over. 
    Depending on the veto competition, we’ll have a pretty good idea who’s going home.

  2. The Veto Ceremony will be huge. At this point it could go either way. Like Dan said, Danielle is playing this game far too personally and this will be her biggest downfall. Let’s see if she has what it takes to make a big move.

    • Danielle must be convinced the ‘Janelle is out ‘ votes are solid or will, at the very least, result in a tie. Jen-Ian-Boogie-Shane-Joe-Frank; sure votes. Ashley-Dan???  Who can convince Danielle? Dan. .And he has not convinced himself…yet.

      Boogie, I thought you were relinquishing your ‘power’ to Dan, Janelle and the newbees. Welcome back.

      Does Danielle have the foresight to do this? I sure hope so.

      • If those six really are working together and it’s Janelle and Wil left on the block, then it’s safe to say Shane, Britney, Mike and Frank will vote to evict Janelle. They’d only need one more to ensure her eviction.

        I’m not sure about Joe, Jenn or Ian, but I’d like to think Joe and Ian would vote to evict Janelle. If Jenn is still tight with Ian and Frank from the now-gone coaching alliance, she should follow. 

        That’s seven votes and more than enough. Ashley and Dan’s votes won’t matter.

      • Forgot to add…if it’s Janelle and Frank left on the block, I think too many people might get tempted to vote to evict Frank and the vote could be a close 5-4, or could even go 5-4 in favour of Janelle and have the whole thing backfire. Jenn, Ian and Mike probably vote to evict Janelle. Shane wouldn’t screw Danielle’s plan up, but he’d be tempted to evict Frank since he recently targeted him. Dan and Ashley probably evict Frank, as does Joe. It’s too iffy, so keeping Wil up is a safer bet to ensure Janelle leaves.

  3. LOL!! I love how Dan is totally sniffing this plan out. I like Boogie and would love to see him pull this move off, but its clearly going to help his and Frank’s game more than anyone. These people (aside from Dan) must have some short term memory issues.

    Boogie and Frank could be sitting some what pretty if Janelle goes. Even though he ‘says’ he’s done working with Jen and Ian, we know dang well if one of em have the power next week, he will be in their HOH room manipulating them like he’s doing now. Heck, I think he’d find a way to convince Wil to not put him or Frank up.

    Love him or hate him, he’s very good in the art of manipulation. I hope he can pull this off!  

    • You are right, and that’s why they can’t trust Boogie at all. He’d be making the same deal to Joe or Wil if one of them was HOH. Booge is like the Russel Hantz of Big Brother. They need to either weaken him by getting rid of Frank, or take Boogie out.

  4. dan is against it because him and janelle have a final 2 deal danielle is stupid if she dont put janelle out she needs to go personally and better for danielle game just not for dans game. if she dont do it shes just another kayla from last season.

  5. That would be stupid.  Frank is a larger threat than Janelle. Anyone who would listen to boogie isn’t too bright. Ditch Frank and be done with it.

    • How is Frank the biggest target? Janelle has the all time record for competition wins in big brother history. Plus Frank told Boogie he would stay loyal to Danielle and Shane where Janelle said she wants Danielle gone.

      • Boogie doesn’t stay loyal to anyone. He would backstab his own mother. And it’s Boogie and Frank together that are a bigger threat than Janelle.

    •  LOL!!! Why exactly do you think “Frank is a larger threat than Janelle”? He’s won 1 competition. Janelle has been there, done that. If they let Janelle slide through, she’s gonna do some damage.

    • I still don’t get how Frank is a threat? He’s not that great at comps, his social game has flatlined and his only strength is Boogie. He’s been on the block 3 times already. It’s a pretty safe bet that even if they forego evicting him this week, and get rid of Janelle, you can get Frank later.

      • I totally agree! It just baffles me why the whole house is scared of Frank! He’s won 1 comp. Meanwhile Janelle and Shane have won everything else for the most part. Why evict Frank when they can get out a stronger player now while they have the votes.

    • Smartest thing said !!!!!!!!!! Frank is worst than any other player in the house , of course next to Boogie.

  6. Evict Janelle this week … then whatever newbie wins next … evict another coach until all of them are gone !

    It’s the only sensible solution to the coach aka excellent player problem.

    • If the newbies were smart, that is what they should do! Definitely not trust any of the coaches who are manipulating them to get them to evict the other newbies till, their numbers are down and the stronger players like Frank and Shane are gone!

  7. Three things:
    1. Why is Danielle trusting Dan is much? Last time I checked Dan was playing for the half million dollar prize too.

    2. I really don’t see Danielle making that move and putting up Janelle, although it would shackup the house.

    3. Why doesn’t Danielle put up Mike Boogie instead considering Mike Boogie is right, now is the perfect time to evict a veteran player. Besides if Danielle pulls down Wil and puts up Mike Boogie, she is guaranteed one will go home and there is no second chances in Big Brother this season.

  8. I don’t understand how Danielle is playing personally this week, she was last week but Janelle directly said after Frank is gone she is going for Shane and Danielle. Danielle kinda caught wind of that and now wants Janelle gone. For once Danielle is using her head. Dan wants Frank gone so he can work with Boogie. Dan is only digging himself a hole.

    •  I agree. She has a tremendous opportunity to get out a HUGE threat in the house. Her motive behind doing this doesn’t really matter. If she knows that Janelle is coming after her, why not take her out? Especially since Janelle is like uh, phenomenal at competitions. Dan would be wise to jump on board (even if he doesn’t “want” to) because if everyone is down to do this but him, they’re going to see something fishy is going on.

      • I agree with both Jimi and Gator15.  She needs to stop listening to Dan.  He tells her she is playing all personal and it is him doing just that.  Personal for his own interest not her. 

      • Kind of sad how Frank’s probably one of the more loyal/trustworthy people in the house, but almost everyone is going after him.

  9. Of course I expected Dan to be the one to try to nix the idea to Danielle.  Dan is thinking about only Dan and not Danielle.  She had a gut instinct and I wish she would stay with it.  She won HOH and veto.  She needs to be her own person and realize that Dan is for Dan.  He has so many other side alliances going that he knows he will be okay.  If she gets rid of Frank none of the new people have a shot and the coaches get the upper hand.  I would much rather see this plan go through and have a game that is fairer to all.  Yes, Boogie is a threat, but so is Janelle and Dan and even Brit.  I am not seeing Frank as this big threat that so many are.  He has won one comp. With Boogie’s plan they have all the votes and Ian as a backup.  They were only talking about a one week thing anyway.  Danielle is not listening to Shane as some have stated.  She is listening to Dan and he has this spell over her.  I think Brit referred to it as a magic mist.  I wish Danielle had watched his season because then she would have more of a clue.   

  10. Either production will squash this so they keep Janelle in,or they will put a bug in Danielles ear to not trust Dan and think for herself.Lets see what they want her to do.

    • God I hope you’re right-particularly for the latter. But I think Janelle has production wrapped around her finger. She’s got ALL aspect of this game covered

      • Except winning. There are only 2 coaches who have won the game. Boogie and Dan are way bigger gamers than janelle. I would work on getting formers winners out. Janelle won’t win BB ever. She would have to sweep comps and she always chokes at the end. Plus she isn’t likeable this season.

  11. Take wil off the block and backdoor boogie, then either frank or boogie will be evicted.

    • Could be double eviction, Boot out 2 Vets Boogie & Janelle, next squash Dan along with Frank…..Hope final 4 to be Danielle,Ian,Shane & Britt..

  12. Thanks for the great updates,Matthew, and a place to chat with each other.
    I’d love to see Dani get Jani out this week and think it would be a huge victory for the newbies. She’s the biggest threat among the coaches(as far as comps go), and if she leaves now she won’t even make jury. I don’t want to see a coach win, so the sooner they go, the better.
    Frank is not near as big of a threat to Dani or Shane as he is to Dan…hope Dani keeps thinking about her own game and quits being a puppet.

    • totally agree with you..backdoor Janelle.. the rookies will in turn have no leader and they will implode on themselves while the “The Avengers” are solid and they can trim the fat. i think this deal will make the season a little better then what it is as right now the season is kind of boring

      •  You think it is boring now? Take out Janelle and there will be no excitement. No one will care who whens HOH or POV if they have it all wrapped up like Boogie wants, he can set back and let everyone else do his dirty work for him. How boring is that going to be?

  13. Danielle needs to go for this BD idea now while she can. It’s a great plan & I think she can definitely trust Frank more than Janelle. Send Janelle home to her kid where she belongs-keep Frank, he’s a pretty straightforward guy & deserves a chance.

  14. I’ve been thinking about subscribing to the live feeds.

    Question:  Do they cut it off when they have the competitions, nominations, and veto ceremonies?  Or would I get to see it all happen in real time?

    Thanks in advance.

    • i have the feeds and must say its much better. you get to see the big picture of whats going on and not the edited version on tv.

      the feeds do cut off when in competition but you are able to see the hoh competitions in full. i was able to see the endurance competition all the way to the end when danielle won it.

      i recommend you get the feeds. you wont be disappointed

  15. Break up the Boogie/Frank duo.. Keep Janelle you will get opportunity to evict her, Its not like shes going to win everything

  16. Just can’t help but think Dan is in an alliance with the other coaches, to help him AND Danielle get to the end.  Don’t think he will dump her down the line.

    • dan said his plan to the group and they agreed. Frank this week, Wil next week, joe the week after before jury, Easy people to get out and people that would least like for a coach to win. Dan will win final 2 against ANYBODY and that includes Janelle unless janelle wins literally every single competition here on out

  17. Is anyone else having a problem with Janelle leaving her little baby for what is it, almost 4 MONTHS???  It’s not like she needs the money–she has plenty.  I don’t know why it is bothering me so much.  Boogie has a baby too, but the baby’s MOM is taking care of him.

    • so… what about all the other mothers that have to work away from home to better the lives of their familys? don’t you think fathers are competent enough to take charge occasionally? some fathers have complete charge of their kids and do a darn good job.

      • I was a single mother, who worked full time.  I know how hard it is.  I also have respect for fathers who stay home and take care of their kid.  I know mothers who are in the service.  I have nothing but respect for them.  What I don’t respect is a mother who will leave her baby–just to be seen on TV.  AND how she thinks she has to show off her breasts.  I guess I’m just discussed by her behavior in the house. 

      • She has plenty.  Enough that she doesn’t need to be in the house.  But then enough is never enough I guess….

      • replying to Granny Peg , both Boogie & Jannel were competing for a hundred thou. Its sad that people need to turn to reality TV to make an income. My daughter has been out of work for five years.  Shes using the time to go to college. Still no gratification. I was once out of work for two years. These people are trying to win better futures. Like Joe crying in the diary room that he was on the blook and all he wanted was to win better futures for his family. Its more than a game show to some of these people. I guess thats why it made me so sick when they picked Hayden, he was already a little rich boy who dident need the money

    •  So this is what you know about Janelle as a mother. She leaves her baby, just to be seen on TV and to show off her breasts, and you know that for a FACT. you sound like a very wise and respectful woman.

    EVICT FRANK ALREADY! I am so freakin’ tired of seeing his ass sittin’ in the block

    And what I hate about him the most is that he keeps talking about backdooring Shane! Well CLEARLY, you are not a straightforward shooter guy you always say you are…

    • Well, after he found out Shane was planning on blindsiding him, it’s pretty understandable that he would want to backdoor Shane. 

  19. danielle better know what she’s doing if she listens to booger. he tells them how bad janelle is but he didn’t mention that HE won the season by lying, backstabbing, and riding wills and even janelles coat tails. he called everyone in the house such nice names (mothers) and that shows what he really thinks of them. do you really think shane and frank will ever trust each other again? i don’t. that would be some alliance if frank and booger were to be included. it would be a really divided one. plotting against each other. danielle really would get paranoid.

  20. I personally think that Boogie is a bigger threat to their alliance than Janelle as he would have the intelligence to go after them, where Janelle would blindly go after Boogie.

  21. I think BB is starting to get old. It’s getting to be the same old same old. The alliances are not new, and frankly get boring. The only thing exciting this year is that the newbies are so stupid they don’t know they need to unite and get rid of the coaches. When Ian goes, I’m goning to stop watching. I think BB has run it’s course and there’s nothing new that they can do to make it fun again. It’s showing it’s age, as all of these reality shows eventually do.

    • NAH! what we really need is for the show to be the show . Get ALL new people to enter the house…..

      • I think what you said is pretty much said every year by this time about BB, so what does that tell you?

  22. I think I’ve come to the realization that production will do their best to be in Danielle’s ear and whoever else’s ear that they see fit, to keep Mike and Janelle in the house as long as they can. Just the way there were DR influences and persuasions last season to try to keep Dani and I’m sure at times to keep Jeff. So Danielle will be pushed to keep her nominations the same and then all this uproar will be for nothing. I had hope for a backdoor of Janelle, but now I think I’ll be surprised if Danielle even uses the Veto.

    • The production of BB and the “steering” that is done with the contestants, is also another reason BB is loosing its luster. The more the contestants have to be “steered” for ratings, it shows the program is getting old.

    • MJ you and me disagreed on a lot of things last year, but this year I’m am agreeing more and more with you. Again you hit it on the head. If she uses the veto, I’ll be suprised if it’s used on anyone else exept Jen and Ashley

      • Thanks Gene. It’s unfortunate but I think it’s wishful thinking to see a big move for a second week in a row…even if last week’s big move was wasted and this time we might actually have seen it mean something.

  23. Danielle, I’m begging you, please put up Janelle. Of course Dan isn’t going to want you to put up a coach. He wants you to take out one of the “best” newbies. Surprising right? Ugh, please Danielle. Put up Janelle, and I will no longer roll my eyes every time I hear your voice.

    • I would love to see it happen too, but production will do their best to convince Danielle to keep her nominations the same, to have Janelle and Mike and other vets/’fan faves’ stay in the game as long as possible. Then they’ll have the justification of “Oh, Dan didn’t want her to” as their reasoning.

  24. You all forget Julie said someone evicted would be coming back into the game this week. If Janelle goes, she could come back with a vengeance and I guarantee a double eviction is coming this week or even a triple eviction.  They have too many players and not enough weeks to play.

    • i thought she said IF the coaches didn’t enter the game someone else would come back.

    • Actually, evicted houseguests would only come back this week if the coaches remained coaches last Thursday. They entered the game, meaning there were essentially four new players, so now no evicted houseguests will be returning this week.

  25. Danielle better keep the veto the same, if she knows what’s good for her !!!  On B.B.A.D. you see Boogie talking in the H.O.H. room to Dan telling him HIS plan. Boogie wants a six player alliance between hisself, Frank, Dan, Britney, Shane, and Danielle to vote Janelle out this week…VERY BAD IDEA !!!!!!  Boogie said “we need to cut off the head of the beast and we’d be a super group. We’d be known as the adventures “..BIG DEAL !!!! I guess Boogie had too come up with something as he knew fully well that Frank was out the door. Boogie told Dan “strap your seat belt on and get this chick Janelle out NOW !!!!!! and trim the fat ” Who does Boogie think he is , and who is he kidding  ?????  That is why I want Danielle too keep the veto the same.If Frank stays..the H.G. will kick them selfs in the head like Ian in the end.

  26. at this point it would make more sense for danielle to keep the nomination the same and evict frank. right now frank is a big threat. and who in the world would listen to boogie??? he won BB all-star for a reason, he’s a villian/liar. what if danielle does put up janelle and boogie decides to vote to keep janelle…he’s done it before.

    • Maybe if Janelle is up with Wil, but I have a hard time seeing Mike vote to evict Frank if it’s Frank and Janelle.

    • “he won BB all-star for a reason, he had Dr. Will aiding him throughout the season”
      Fixed that for you.  

  27. i am not a huge Boogie fan but Janelle is playing very dirty. Lying, making up stuff. I dont remember her being this decitful. I like Frank. I think Dan is holding out because he secretly is in love with Boogie and is jealous of Frank. I personally cant really stand Dan. I cant figure out who he is truly being honest with. And he is the one playing personally, not Danelle.

    • dan is holding out cause janelle is not a threat to them right now. Boogie is a liar and he is already talking with frank when to break up this unborn six man avengers alliances

      • Dan is holding out because he has a deal with janelle and in the long term both he and brit need her there

      • Boogie has even said himself though that even if the crew just work with them for this week or whatever so be it.. I truly think this is the best move for  pretty much everyone-except maybe Dan..

    •  Maybe Janelle isn’t as wealthy as one poster thinks and she needs the money. She does seem desperate this year, unless she just wants to win that badly? Boogie should go………..soon!

  28. dumb move if they dont take this chance to get janelle out they could be sitting very pretty if they just even make this agreement for 2 weeks and keep ian on there side at anytime they would have the votes and control

  29. Danielle if you can hear me keep the noms the same do the right thing and you will make BB history……..

    • Make history by what? Getting a newbie out and keeping the vets in to take the game over? Yeah. History just repeating itself. Pulling Frank and getting rid of Janelle would be the biggest move. Bigger than getting rid of Shane.

    • She must have heard you since she is keeping the noms the same, but I don’t see why that would make history since Frank will be going or unless they change their minds and let Wil go.  A big move would have been if she had gotten rid of Janelle or Boggie, but she is doing neither.  Just getting rid of another new player. All this time and here we are still getting rid of Frank.

      •  Danielle is still playing with her coach. If she was smart , she would have gotten Frank, Shane and Brittany together and got rid of Boogie or Janelle. Letting Dan guide her will be her demise. Once *some of the coaches are gone the weak players can be picked off. Ian isn’t dumb and he showed he can compete so they better get him on their side too until they don’t need him.The newbies need to make sure they have the votes and power over coaches and keeping all the coaches doesn’t do that.

  30. Honestly from danielle and shane side there best move would have been to put boogie up not frank because no matter how good janelle is at some point they will be able to get rid of her because no one believes her. Boogie is far more dangerouse he can get into your head and he won’t have any trouble turning the rest of the house against them. Janelle has no allies they no about so clearly boogie is the biggest threat these people are dumb

      • why is that bad? he is the best coach. And he has his best interests in mind, but him getting far also means danielle will get far because you know he wants dani in the final 2 or 3 with him

  31. Idiots. If Janelle is evicted, Boogie will win the $500,000. Plain and simple. Britney is a moron. Can’t believe she is considering working with boogie. Catastrophic mistake for her and the entire house.

  32. I would not trust Boogie as far as I could throw one of his hats. Read his bio in Wikipedia and you’ll see.
    Jenn, Ian, Will, Ashley, Joe have to go. Then fireworks with Dan, Britney, Danielle, Shane, Janelle, Boogie and Frank.
    Don’t want to see Boogie, Dan, Janelle or Shane win.
    Would like to see Frank, Britney, Danielle in the final 3.

    • You are so right Laura. He’s bad news. Cannot understand why CBS would allow someone with an arrest record to be on their reality shows.

    • why do you not want Dan or shane to win? you think frank danielle and britney are more deserving??? Dan is the best player and shane is the second best

  33. Why do these idiots wanna get Frank home so bad?? Almost half of the house is a bigger threat. I’m pretty sure during the live feed breaks, is when they rig everything up. I mean it would a dump mofo to think Frank is a bigger threat then boogie and Janelle 

    • Seems like every time a plan is hatched you know that it will change.  I agree that any of these coaches are a much bigger threat than any of the new people.  The coaches are obviously in it to win it for themselves, but are suppose to be players now, not coaches.  Why these new players are still letting these people continue to act like coaches to them is a mystery to me.  This is Danielle’s HOH, but it might as well be Dan’s.  He wants the coaches to remain so he is less of a target.   I know BB wanted the coaches in the game and it looks like they want them to remain in.  Why bother even having new players? 

  34. BB what a snoozer. Zzzzzz wake me when the nightmare is over!!  This is the worst season ever. Jenn is useless. She appears like a rat that got caught in the flashlight beam!  Come on newbies, you are all stupid!  Ian wake up, you’re supposed to be smart!!!

  35. Boogie is telling one of his famous lies and hopefully Danielle doesn’t let her hatred of Janelle cause her to make a bad deal.

  36. The same deal Boogie is proposing to Danielle and them is what he would tell anyone who had the power. He has no loyalty for anyone. The minute he finds something better, he’ll cut them loose. He’s just telling them what they want to hear. If Joe or any of the others win HOH next week, I bet he’ll propose a similar deal to them and throw Dan, Britney, Shane, and Danielle under the bus like he’s doing to Janelle.

    I think they need to hurry up and sending Frank packing.

  37. Oh Man, Wiki Mike Boogie Malin and read the last chapter about his interesting “bad habits… and sexual roleplay” adventours.  Hilarious, and pretty damn weird.  

    • Just read it. Unreal. Aside from his arrests wiki says he likes to roleplay with older men. He’s a creep. Can’t stand watching him when he’s in the DR. Hope the HGs have the brains to get of him ASCAP.

      • so ashley is in S&M films wtf get over it..this is big brother not read wiki profiles

      • Because Wikipedia, which can be edited by anyone at anytime with no verification required, is the most trustworthy source in the world, right?

  38. Since Janelle is probably going to be safe, thanks to liar Dan, is this his HOH or Danielle’ is what I would love to see happen this week, Janelle wins HOH on Thursday, puts up Danielle and Shane..those two are getting a little too comfortable in the house and I don’t like their snobby, stuck up attitudes..then I think it would  be so funny if Boogie went over and worked with the rest of the newbies..Ashley, Joe, Wil, Jenn and Ian…we shall see!  

  39. I was surprised that some of these newbies hasn’t seen Booger’s BB season. I mean this guy had lied, back stabbed, promised and then changed votes…you name it. It would just satisfy me if Boogies plan crumbles….so far so good.

    • That is part of the game. If you are no lying, backstabbing and manipulating then, you are not playing the game! How many times has Janelle lied, how many times did she betray Brittney’s team? How many times did Dan lie and manipulate the newbies to vote the way he wants them? Danielle is his puppet! As for Brittney, she has lied too, repeatedly yet, bad mouths her fellow liar in Janelle! Shane and Danielle has both lied to Frank when they formed the alliance with him only to backdoor him! Everyone lies otherwise, you are not playing the game. Some more than others! You just hate Boogie because he is a master manipulator like Dr. Will Kirby. Dan is also a master manipulator. The only difference is Mike Boogie is arrogant. That is his persona in the game much like Evil Dick was in his season yet, nobody complained about Evil Dick being a huge bully during his season!

      • Dude, lying, backstabbing, manipulating are part of the game. I know that. It’s a GIVEN. I just have a distaste for the guy…you’re sounding like a wikipedia.

      • dont compare boogie to Dan or will please. And ED is not good at big brother america won him the game. He would have been out pre-jury if not for them

  40. After watching Boogie past seasons, I can’t believe ANYBODY would trust a single word he has to say. I have zero respect for anybody who chooses to align themselves with him. Frank seems like a nice guy, and having Boogie as his coach, had no choice but to team up with him. However, he should try hard to separate himself from him if he makes it past this week. Hope Janelle wakes up to what’s happening behind her back. She is an AWESOME competitor. Very deserving of winning this season. Does anyone out there know why Danielle hates Janelle, or is it just a petty chick thing?

    • mostly jeolousy and the fact janelle doesn’t kiss up to her the way brit does but she seems to have a problem with any pretty girl. First was jojo, now janelle funny how she was bff with her when she wanted janelles team to get her off the block. She is now moving towards ash because she is asking shane if he is attracted to her 

  41. this season is just like BB12 all over again !
    Neewbiess ” WAKE UP ” the coachess are taking over this house .

  42. Sure hope the update is correct !!!!!!  The group is not taking the bait to put Janelle on the block…can you just see Boogie’s face when the group is not going along with his idea !!!!!!   MAN !!!!!! talk about an angry person . Everyone is going to have hell to pay… poor Boogie will be all alone…BOO-HOO…I will be so glad if that is the case. Than he will be out the door next. (hopefully).

  43. Boogie is going to destroy all the others and win , the guy is a pure champion

    • Don’t count on Boogie being around for very long…his time is up, just like Franks.

    •  Don’t count on that. Boogie has won and with his strategy chances are the houseguests already know his motives and won’t fall for it. Also he doesn’t have Will. Which makes him extremely weaker.

      • Looks like Janie is out the door Thursday. The “Avengers” alliance was created tonight, except Dan wants to change the name. The plan is to take Wil off, Janelle goes up, and walks out the door Thursday. I don’t get why everyone hates Boogie and Frank so much. Frank hasn’t won crap except for ONE HoH that he probably lucked out in winning by guessing on the last question… Janelle is a much bigger competitor and more of a threat than Boog. Boogie didn’t do too much his two seasons….. He won All Stars because he had Will in the house. Frank can go whenever. he’s been nom’ed every week but one. Dan is completely on board and finally saw Janelle’s true colors at the coaches meeting tonight. He finally sees Boog is being genuine. Do any of you watch when him and Frank are alone?? They aren’t scheming and saying they’re gonna stab them….they WANT it to work out. Danielle will have a very strong case for the jury if she’s in final two, she can say she got Janelle out. It’s a no brainier. I don’t understand why people want to play safe. You have to make big moves in order to win. What does getting frank out OVER janelle accomplish? When they KNOW Janelle is a snake and a huge threat to win comps. Do you really think she would nominate Joe and Wil as she said? Hellllllll no! Those are votes in jury for her! She won’t nom the coaches til at least jury… So who exactly does tht leave? She ain’t exactly gonna waste an HoH on a Jen or an Ian, lol. I was gonna root for Janie and Boog to get to the finals if Janie stayed off the block this week because then the foursome alliance (Brit/Shane/Dan/dani) would be kicking themselves a week or two down the road when Janie wins HoH and noms Dani and Shane. Yea if Frank has won as many comps as Shane, sure…I’d say get him out since he’s already up there…. But he hasn’t. He hasn’t been untrustworthy… Everyone else has betrayed him before he could prove he was loyal. I actually have respect for this group now, to actually go through with a major plan like this….

  44. The tide has changed…….again, It looks like Janelle’s only hope is to find a “coup d’etat ” in her bed when she wakes up.

  45. If Danielle follows through with this, it will be a very big game move and one that might possibly change the course of the game. I hope she makes the renom and sends Janelle out.

    • I think Danielle and Shane need to wake up and realize Boogie is the enemy. Janelle is and alway’s will be my favorite player, and I hope BB does something to save her. Because if she leaves the show will be boring. And as for Danielle she needs to realize Janelle is happily married with a baby, she could care less about Shane. I say grow up Danieele and stop being a jealous stalker. I hope your next to go then Shane can play his game. Please BB we need Janelle in the game, do something like yesterday Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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