Big Brother 14: Ashley Iocco Eviction Interview

Ashley Iocco evicted on Big Brother 14

Ashley Iocco became the second victim of the amazingly awesome double eviction episode of Big Brother 14 last night. That also made her the first jury member of the season which means she holds 1/7 of the power to decide who gets the crown and half-million dollar check next month. I hope someone explains that part to her.

Ashley’s eviction wasn’t surprising after she made a week of bad decisions after a previous five weeks of questionable ones. Her decision to align herself with Boogie & Frank when both players were already on the block was simply not a good one. Combine that with her inability to articulate a defense or strategy in her final days and moments were a Big Brother death sentence.

As much as I was frustrated to watch her meander through the season it’s hard not to smile at a HG whose strategy is to “love love” as she told us in her preseason interview. With that, I give you our eviction interview with ex-HG Ashley Iocco.

Big Brother Network (BBN): What drove your decision to side with Boogie & Frank this past week?

Ashley Iocco: I wanted to make a move…I didn’t want to be categorized as a floater who didn’t deserve to be there. I wanted to be a part of a team and I wasn’t winning comps, so I felt like they would have my back and take me further in the game. I thought Boogie was a strong enough player that he could have somehow saved himself.

BBN: Do you regret your decision to vote out your coach, Janelle?

Ashley Iocco: I do regret it in a sense. I’d like to think she wouldn’t have put me up or vote me out, but I couldn’t have gotten the votes to save her anyway…so I just decided to vote with the house.

BBN: Who do you think will be in the final 2?

Ashley Iocco: I’m going to go with Frank and Britney…and btw…I have no idea who the other person was who voted me out. [Editor’s note: Frank was her only supporting vote.]

We also asked Ashley if she’d make her jury vote based on game performance or previous alliances, but she couldn’t decide on the spot.

Here’s Ashley’s preseason interview so you can compare what she said she was going to try to do this season and how things turned out. I’d say she stuck pretty well to her “love love” strategy. Good luck and thanks for the fun, Ashley!



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  1. uh oh…i dont like that fact that ashley and i agree on frank and britney in the final 2.

  2. Maybe she can “fly like an eagle” while she is in the Jury House…all alone for a week.

  3. Although cute, Ashley sure was dumb and definitely not deserving of anything, since she couldn’t win much of anything. Ian and Jen fly under the radar and will probably make it to final 2. 

  4. So…if everyone had aligned with the Qpack (good decision) and voted out Boogie…no one would be going to jury last night?…smh….

    • Looks like someone from Lalaland would think that is even plausible. The fact is Ashley was the victim of a vendetta from rat Ian. Inspite of the fact that she was no threat and probably deserved to be in the house more than Joe or Jenn, she got evicted because Ian could not stand she wanted someone else! Ian, get a life dude, when you are a desperate wuss, no woman will ever want you!

      •  Have you been watching the feeds or After Dark?  Ashley was the target over Jenn and Joe because she sided with Frank and Boogie all week.  Joe has been up Shane’s ass for two weeks and pretty much the day after she was nom’d, Jenn became ‘gal pals’ with Danielle and they are almost inseparable.

        Ashley was targeted by Ian because she turned her back on the Quackers whereas Joe and Jenn did not.  It’s as simple as that.  It had nothing to do with her ‘liking’ Frank over him.  Ian’s mind is totally game focused at this point.

      • It was pretty clear Ian wanted Frank out but Frank keeps winning POV.  Ashley voted with Frank last week to save Boggie and therefore was next to go if Frank didn’t.  Ian is dorky but appears to be more street savy than anyone gave him credit for.

  5. LOL this girl is NUTS! She made dumb decisions is why she is and she deserved to go!

  6. as much as she frustrated me watching her “play” the game u can’t help but like this poor simple girl!

  7. Your characterization of Ashley in the opening paragraphs and in many of the daily feed summaries has been chauvinistic and demeaning to women in general.

    • Ashley portrayed herself to be “dimwitted” if u will…Her actions while on BB gave the impression that she was either on drugs or pitfully slow (dimwitted)…Didn’t say she is or was a bad person didn’t say I didn’t like her but Ashleys actions didn’t help her status in the BB house

    • Nothing in the opening paragraphs refers to the sex of the evictee or is “demeaning to women in general.” Making bad choices is not a skill exclusive to female HGs, in case you haven’t noticed.

      You seem to just show up for the sole purpose of bitching and moaning about how everything we do or write is so terribly offensive and oh so horrible. Why do you bother?

      For the record, Branden writes the weekday feed summaries. I write the weekend postings.

  8. Hey Matthew, where’s boogie’s interview?

    I’m really interested to see what he has to say about all this.

    • It’s coming soon. I had to cover a few other tasks before getting back to that and live phone call interviews always take me longer since I have to transcribe it.

      It’s a good one though so definitely worth the wait!

    • No problem Annie.  I’ll tell you what he said without even hearing it.  He will take full credit for Frank and Ian still being in the game.  He will blame everyone except himself for his getting evicted.  He will take personal pot shots at everyone who was against him and say how stupid they are.  He will play the victim and he will claim that he is the only one who understands this game and will claim that he was evicted only because of his incomparable intelligence. Hope that helps.  :)

    • It’s out there.  He bears no animosity to the kid if it was gameplay. In fact, he’s proud of him for gaming.  He said he felt like Richard Gere in Primal Fear when he figures out that Ed Norton had been playing him all along.  Now Boogie wants to watch all episodes before Finale night to see how they lured Ian into their fold – was it numbers or what because they had a good relationship.  He said if he had to go, he’d rather it was gameplay & not just numbers of (floaters).  He actually can see Danielle going to the end. See for yourself.  :)

  9. hoh is locked now. frank can’t get in. bb said it would be awhile. guess they’re putting up pandoras box. hope it’s something good for hgs. not frank.

  10. No wonder Ian will be a 40 yr old virgin this isn’t how u treat a girl who gives u the time of day u snitch rat nerd quack pack going dooooowwwnnn

    • Hmm, $500k or Ashley. Yeah I’d go with the $500k. You can get a lot of Ashleys to pay attention to you after getting that kind of money

      • Ian getting cut 4th or 5th rolling with the quack 500k is a dream just like ashley is now

      • Ashley was no threat to Ian but the wack pack will be they are already plotting to throw him under the bus to frank dumb move twitching ian wack pack sucks..we miss u mike boogie!!

  11. Ashley was born too late, should’ve lived in the late 60’s early 70’s as a Flower Child in SF, Haight/Ashbury, Don’t ya just feel the luv…….

  12. Why does everyone keep saying ashley is on drugs. Just because someone is happy doesnt means their high. I loved ashley’s positive vibe. Whats with the constant dumb remarks-if watch the live feeds you would be surprised how smart she is…..Its just hard for her to be the bad guy and when she did-she got evicted. Everyone lied and backstab their houseguests (friends) but when ash did it everyone turned on her. Remember the girl did hurt her back but never gave up and for the other houseguests to talk about her the way they did is disgraceful. I LOVE ASH GLAD SHE MADE JURY and hope she never reads or see the horrible comments from a bunch of losers with no life. 

    • Um there are actually physical clues of someone under the influence whether it be Herb or herbs. The HG are allowed to bring in their RX’s. She was bragging a lot at the beg that she was taking muscle relaxers. That may have been all it took to make her appear drugged.

  13. Ashley just played a bad game.  She was lucky to make it to jury.  She seems like a good person and she was struggling with back pain.  I think that’s why Julie Chen asked her about her back.  Ashley was probably on pain pills which is probably why she sounded weird.  Class move by Julie to mention her back pain.

  14. ian is sooo cute. he said he woke up this morning not caring if he would be on the block. said it would be nice to be in sequester house alone with ashley for a week. with his luck, frank would probably be the one to join them.the following week. frank said that brit wor shane would not go on the block.said dan and danielle and if one wins pov put up dan.shane said if it comes to dan winning veto, he will vote for danielle to go.

  15. What a tool. Too bad she can’t toke it up in the JH. Bit Obvi she’s got her charms in oral disp.
    Omg. Y do they put people like this in bb? She looks just like my mamas Pekingese just dumber. Oy vey

  16. Ashley is a nice lady with unfortunately a very dim bulb
    But we are even dimmer if we don’t believe
    I wish I wasn’t one of these dim bulbs!

  17. Ok FOLKS….IAN has a “gold ball”…He evidently won it in a comp..Does anybody have anymore info???

    •  I am thinking that he may be able to use it to take one of Frank’s nominations off the block..If Frank falls for Ian’s deception again, which I think he is, he doesn’t deserve to win this game..I can’t believe that he actually thinks that Ian is going to work with him..Shane, Dan, and Danielle are in the arcade room talking strategy right now, I don’t think Shane meant a word of what he told Frank, when Franks puts up Dan, I think Ian will take him off…Frank has to get a clue and stop trusting these backstabbers..I think it is about to happen again.

  18. She is a very pretty girl, but she looked and talked like she was drunk or something. I wonder if she took her back meds before the vote. I hope she doesn’t drive….

  19. I dont know where my old comment was but it was Ashley and Frank to vote out Jen not just frank. So Ian shouldnt have said anything to Boogie walking out the door. Now he is main target.

  20. It’s pretty impressive how few people on this site can spell the word “boogie” correctly. There’s a research paper in that, somewhere.

  21. This is random but can someone tell me what room they HGs are talking about when thy say skid row?

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