Big Brother 13: Where Lawon’s game went wrong

Lawon Exum - Big Brother 13

When we decided to do a rundown of each newly-evicted Big Brother 13 house guest’s game, I didn’t expect Lawon to be the focus. So this isn’t going to be as exciting as I’d like. Figuring out where Lawon’s game went wrong could be summed up in a sentence. Something like this: Lawon’s game was so nonexistent, I wasn’t even sure he knew he was playing a game. But I’ll try to give you a little more than that.

Lawon’s first mistake was not really playing the game. He was first or early out of challenges and he rarely talked game or really took sides. He just floated along more than anyone else. Then there was the whole part where he asked to be evicted because he was convinced he’d be eliminated then brought back with super powers. This game is never that easy, Lawon. And haven’t you heard that broken record called “Expect the Unexpected?”

Aside from the obvious, Lawon was also caught up in a lot of lies. Not even lies about the game, but just lies out of the blue. Shelly even said in Thursday’s episode that Lawon lied so much that she now knows what to look for when he’s not telling the truth. He would talk in circles and agree with everyone on everyone. He pretended to always know what someone was talking about. Weird.

Lawon was also kind of annoying and added no fun, excitement or drama to the game. That ridiculous screaming in the diary room wasn’t funny, despite what he must have thought. And adding “a-fied” to words like handsome didn’t quite work out. Sorry, Lawon, you weren’t able to make it happen.

If none of those things really didn’t hurt him, then maybe his fashion did. I think Lawon is a creative dresser. I didn’t mind the fro wig or the vintage suits. It was the orange crocs that really made me cringe.

Lawon seems to be a great guy and the last thing I want to do is make fun of someone, but there isn’t any game to criticize. He just wasn’t good TV and didn’t really fall into place with the other Big Brother house guests.


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      • Lawon’s game was…Lawon got greedy and thought he was going to get some special power…NOT! Don’t offer yourself up idiot!

      • Lawon was happy. Thats what he added to the game, a smile. No he didnt play, and no he wasnt aware that thier was a half million in it for him if he did play. My daughter thinks he was an actor just added to the game to add much needed happiness while everyone else went threw meltdowns. Lawon hurted for the other players, but as a floater would Lawon just floated away.

  1. I’m glad we exchanged Lawon for Brendan, I’d rather see someone play his heart out in this game than see someone do nothing and ask to be evicted.

  2. I wonder if production or someone in the DR gave him that idea? I think his game sucked and he was pretty dumb, but he was so convinced. It just seemed like he had some outside support.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking…he had no basis for that belief considering past seasons and I seem to remember that Daniele and Kalia were briefly suspicious of him as a possible “America’s Player” because he kept wanting to go to the DR. He was seriously dumbfounded when Brendon came back in – that was part of the reason he played so poorly in that comp. He wouldn’t have won anyway, but he didn’t even have the wits about him to listen to Rachel screaming which balls to pick up…he could have followed that lead.

      • Melissa and Pam I was thinking the same thing. The thought came from somewhere and Lawon was so convinced. He also mentioned something about his job being at stake. Where did that come from if not production?

      • Jackie, I was watching BBAD when he stated that he was concerned about his job until was told he had nothing to worry about. Production even stated ‘You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions. Maybe he wanted to go home just to save his job. Regardless, he was a poor nahhhh none existant player!!

    • He lasted longer than Keith, Duminick and cassi. What does that say about them? lmfao….

  3. So…I’m thinking this:

    1. Marcellas taking off the other nominee with the veto

    2. Lawon asking to be evicted so he could come back with superpowers

    Yea, those are what i think are the two worst moves in BB history

  4. Do you think Porsche took Franklin from Brendan. She showed Dani something she took and Dani was laughing.

    • I think Porche is a theif. I would not doubt that shes been involved with most of the kids play. Well she is the youngest, might as well act your age.

    • No, they shouldn’t. What good would that do except possibly you don’t like Brendon? Shelly or Adam will have to win POV, the odds are against that but you never know. Jeff is the one they should back door. Jordon will be even worse than she is now without him. I never watched the season that Jordon won but I can’t understand how she did it if she is the same way now. I have never seen anyone with such little drive except for the newbies.

      • You really don’t understand how Jordan won? It’s very simple: She sat there doing nothing, watching everyone back stab each other. When they were done, she got up, picked up half a million and left.

      • ontariostr8 – you are soooo right about the Jordumb. If the hamsters don’t watch out, Porche could do the very same thing and that would be just the cherry on top of this mostly crap-fest season – in my opinion.

      • Ontariost8, that pretty much what’s she doing now. It won’t be long before she picks up another half million. It funny how both J/J talk about floaters. The two biggest. Everyone wanted Brendon to come back so BR could help JJ games. So if BR turns on JJ, they deserve what they get. They should have played the game rather than letting BR do their dirty work while they sit back looking pretty. I hope Dani bsckdoors Jeff.

  5. If I would have known Bb was going to pick someone like you to play in the game, I would have filled out the papers myself to be a contestant!!! Boo, you seem funny at times, but I couldn’t stand your laugh (it sounded fake)! You should have played the game too; besides the social game. You have to help you alliance, and bcuz you didn’t, we were also expendable! Bring your game face next time. Oh, P.S.: loved the costumes though

  6. I watch the live feeds every year…and I saw Rachel taking stuff from all over the house and hiding it. I think I heard Kalia say she took the chess pieces. I saw Rachel take 2-3 items, but couldn’t tell what they were. The bike hanging from the ceiling in front of the HOH room/where you play chess….Rachel hid something red in the basket of the bike. lol I bet at the finale, they will show what everyone took and/or put the items. lol

  7. I saw Kalia bend down and hide something in the food storage room. She looked pretty sneaky at the time. Maybe it was more chips for later to fill her mouth and talk with her mouth full. I am sick of hearing her on the live feed constantly eating!!!

  8. Oh jeesh, what a season. This is like back to the beginning. Lawon and his scream, Kalia and her eating then parading around singing. Some one needs to stick a sock in her mouth. This whole season is a waste of tv.

  9. When I started to watch B.B.A.D. this morning and saw Shelly sitting there with her sunglasses on and crying, I just knew that Danielle put her on the block…..Boo-Hoo !!!Poor Shelly, I am so glad that someone finally wised up to her. From week one she got under my skin with all her preaching to Keith on down the line of other H.G.She is a thorn in our sides. I hope that it’s Good-Bye Shelly this week !!!!! Great move Danielle !!!

  10. Believe me! BB told him to put himself up. They needed their fix pick to win and go back in for more drama! Probably paid him to go.

  11. All these people sign a non-disclosed so that’s why you never hear anything much from anybody after the game. I’m sure everyone is paid something to act there.

  12. Anyone have any information on what’s up with the Veto competition? It’s after 8:00 p.m. Eastern time — isn’t it typically over and done with by this time?

  13. I can’t stand Jeff and Jordan. How do people root for these two? Jordan is worthless, why is she on the show? They need to go!

  14. Sorry Mark, but most people like the two and BB definitely does. It’s called money in the bank with them and the two cry baby’s there. Don’t think any of the 4 will be leaving anytime soon.

  15. Why all the talk about Jeff and Joran, Kalia and others. Rachel is the most annoying player ever with all her crying and pouting. Brendan is a Big Wimp. Rachel needs to go. I have never seen an adult cry as much as she does and if she doesn’t get picked for rewards and etc. She pouts, Boo Hoo! Big Baby go away

  16. Whether he played the game or not.. he is without a doubt the least intelligent big brother player EVER. his reason for wanting to be evicted was that of someone whose been lobotomized.. ” I’m gonna come back with super powers .. Please evict me” !!!

  17. I’m glad he’s gone. Nothing more annoying than someone who thinks they’re funny. (that statement can also be applied to Adam)

    • Rachel is more annoying than any other player in this season or all the Big Brothers and I have been watching since season 1.

  18. Well regardless of his game.. I think Dani, Kayli and Pork… Well all 3 are porky have a LA think San Fran People!!… At least the one’s in San aren’t back stabbing dd eating CU’s

  19. Wonder what Dani did for “daddy” OFF CAM…… She is such a slut.. Ugly outside as well as in!!!

  20. Poor Lawon.. Tried to help the pl and got jizz on him…. Seriously… DKP = Dk, CT and PY…. Add ic, un, uss

  21. I’m wondering why everyone hates Daniele. She plays the game like any respectable person does, she plays for her own safety and never wanted to float on anyone’s alliance. Meanwhile Brendan is given a THIRD chance to be in the big brother house? That’s absolutely ridiculous. I say thank GOD Dani played the game and turned on the veterans when she did. Otherwise we would’ve had another 4 or 5 weeks of just taking out the new players and would’ve had a repeat of past seasons of Big Brother. Why people still like JeJo’s game play is beyond me. Jeff was honestly just an ass last week for no reason and luckily it doesn’t seem like he’ll have to pay the price this week even though he really should. A coup d’etat saved him last time, and sheer luck will save him this time.

  22. Dani made the right move, god I hope shelly goes. Shes a rat, sneaking around kissing Danis ass when just a little while earlier she was jumping up and down with brenden and Rachel who she despises now. She can go. Idk why everyone is still in love with jj, sure she’s cute and dumb but he’s getting annoying, I hope dani wins it all, she’s made bold, sometimes questionable moves but with her trying to shake up the game Bb is actually interesting, otherwise it would be br/jj voting off every newbie until jordon gets handed another 500,000 bucks. Also Danis kinda hot peace

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