Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 6 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 13 was back with a late night HoH competition on Thursday which left the HGs with a little less time to sort out the chaos and start naming names for nomination. Once again things turned out much differently then planned, but that’s Big Brother for you. Read on to find out who struck a deal and who ended up on the chopping block.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 12, 2011:

9:50 AM BBT – Brendon and Shelly discussing how Kalia was convinced to keep Rachel and renom someone from her alliance.

10:30 AM BBT – Daniele detailing her plans to Porsche to evict Rachel this week. She wants Brendon out but thinks Rachel would be easier.

1:45 PM BBT – Daniele and Kalia are grilling Shelly over Lawon’s eviction. They’re questioning her on why it was ever a good move for them to have done that. Uhh, Shelly worked you over. Blame yourselves for getting fooled.

3:00 PM BBT – Shelly is pretty worried that she’s about to be nominated.

3:30 PM BBT – Kalia talking again how it’s unacceptable for Brendon to call a woman a bitch. Yes, the same Kalia who calls Rachel a bitch is telling others that it’s not okay to do that. Move over, Kettle, here comes Kalia.

3:35 PM BBT – Daniele tells Jeff he is not her target.

4:00 PM BBT – Brenchel goes to HoH room to try and convince Daniele to keep them. They offer an exchange of safety and say they’ll work with her to the end. I’m shocked, but Daniele looks to be seriously considering the deal.

4:45 PM BBT – Daniele grabs Kalia in the Storage Room and starts explaining her new plan to not nominate Brenchel. Kalia is not excited about this idea. Feeds cut to Trivia and it’s Nomination ceremony time.

7:10 PM BBTLive Feeds return and it’s drama time in the Big Brother house. Adam and Shelly are nominated. A fight breaks out with a mini-house meeting. Shelly is being exposed for her sneaky ways. It does not look good for Shelly.

7:15 PM BBT – Daniele tells Adam the plan is to backdoor Brendon. Hard to tell what the real plan is. She’s doing a good job of having multiple stories for everyone.

7:20 PM BBT – Shelly is yelling at Rachel calling her a liar. Of course, Brendon backs up Rachel even though he couldn’t know. So now after saving Rachel’s butt last week, Shelly is getting screwed by her.

8:40 PM BBT – Jeff is furious at Jordan for calling that house meeting. Says it served no purpose and only hurt them.

8:45 PM BBT – Shelly is up in the HoH talking with Daniele. Shelly is very upset. Daniele seems to be siding with Shelly on all the drama.

10:00 PM BBT – Shelly is still pretty upset about the fight earlier. Says she is done helping Rachel. Jeff tells her not to worry and that nobody believes Rachel.

11:15 PM BBT – Daniele and Shelly talking. Shelly is very regretful that they didn’t get rid of Rachel last week.

1:00 AM BBT – Daniele tells JeJo the plan is to backdoor Brendon… but is it?

Friday was crazy nuts in the Big Brother house and it’s only going to get better. We’ve got the Veto competition coming our way today and that’s going to be critical for so many players. If Daniele has to change her nominations then she will either backdoor Jeff or Brendon and her options are wide open. There’s also the chance the nominations won’t stay and force the eviction of either Adam or Shelly. That’ll be another week down the drain for Daniele. Lets see if her luck picks up this week.

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  1. Dani is telling both JJ and BR that she plans to backdoor the.alpha male in the other relationship. If they both stay and win HOH, they will compare notes and use that as a reason to screw Dani and void their deal to keep her safe next week!

    • you really don’t watch the show do you? she is supposed to act like she is going after Brenchel, that the whole point of “secret” alliance

  2. I am convinced more that this season is fixed. Cassie,Dom leading in fan polls but brendon wins because cbs wanted it. Danielle being a very smart player continuing to say evict Rachel,brendon but getting rid of others. Cbs feels that brenchel is good drama so they make sure they stay. Brendon being a gym teacher against lawon in that Americas vote comp was an ex. Clearly designed for brendon.

    • Dominic was never leading in our fan poll. With ~30K votes Cassi and Brendon were tied for first. I never saw a fan poll that had Dominic in the lead.

      Rolling balls up a ramp isn’t much of a stacked competition. Lawon could have just as easily won that. It was a mental (find one ball for each HG) challenge. He could have found all 14 first, set them at his feet, and then rolled them up the ramp. Lawon just wasn’t a strong competitor in most ways.

      • On the show Julie said that Brendon received over 50% of the votes!
        I checked a lot of BB fan sites and none of them had Brendon with more than 35% of the votes.

      • @Dan: Julie said Brendon had a million votes. She didn’t say he had half. CBS released their final poll %’s and Brendon had 39%.

        Remember, lots of votes coming from people who only watch the shows and don’t visit the online sites.

      • @Matt.
        Since Julie said on the show, “over 2 million votes were cast”, and “the winner who received more than 1 million votes is Brendon”.
        I guess we can assume that there were around 2.5 million votes, and Brendon got 1 million of them. That would explain why it was 39.5% and not 50%.

        There’s a certain statistical test which determines how likely it is that two samples were taken from the same distribution. (AKA that the votes weren’t rigged)
        Using the data on CBS and Big Brother Network I computed the test.

        The result was around 7.68E-011 (that’s ten zeros after the decimal point)
        Statisticians usually believe that the distribution is different even if the result is below 0.05.

        Even if I include the fact that people voted ten times instead of once, the result is 6.81E-011, which is just as bad.

      • @Dan: That’s pretty interesting, but you can’t use our poll as a basis for show-only viewers. They could have completely different impressions/preferences than online readers/viewers. We have no idea what % of voters were show-only and which were online’rs.

        Considering Brendon was tied for first in our poll I think it’s very reasonable to stack TV-only viewers on top of that and push Brendon out to 39%. The broadcasts are a good bit kinder to Brenchel than full, online reports.

      • if cassie and brendan were tied for first why were keith and cassie asked to leave first leaving dominic and brendan to be decided between? just wondering?

    • Don’t forget on CBS polls you can vote up 10 time via text and online as well. SO you text your vote 10 times than you get online and vote 10 times. so that gives Brendon up to 20 votes from just one person. The other polls people take you can only vote once.

    • The voting was not rigged. JJ fans voted for Brendon cuz they thought he would help Golden boy.

      • The voting wasn’t “fixed”. You could vote to your heart’s delight. CBS/BB decided to not use the votes. They aren’t obligated by any means to use those votes. Just like how American idol works. It’s all about ratings. And for people checking the fan polls…that means squat too.

        Food for thought.

    • I agree. I think CBS is worried that viewers will decline if ether Rachel, Bredon and/or jeff should be voted out. While I do not believe there is a script per se, the viewing public is being asked to swallow an awful lot. I would like to see how people would interact without Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordon.

  3. I think it’s funny that there are people still saying this and that about rachel, But no-thing about anyone else, Dani and Kalia have sead most petty bad thing, But no-one was upset about that. Also no-one was up set when Kalia answered three out of four question during her HOH win before julie finished reading the question, Why is that, It’s because it’s a game and everyone has thier favorit.

    • Lots and lots and lots of people complained that Kalia “cheated” in her HoH win (I’m not a Kalia fan but I still don’t think she cheated in anyway).

  4. I think Dani is gonna find out it is all going to blow up in her face. And Im hoping she will take Kalia down with her. It was just a matter of time before Shelly got caught…you can only play both sides of the fence for so long. Adam is just adam…doesnt do anything but he is a vote. Stay or go doesnt matter…But JJ and BR Need to up their game…They havent proved they deserve to be in the house. So it will be interesting to see how this plays out …

    • What I am shocked about is that it was RACHEL who outed her!!! I mean Shelly was playing both sides to take info to her true alliance of JJBR so I dont get why she wouldnt want that to continue to happen? Dumb move on Rachels part. I think Dani will come to her senses and if the POV is used she will take Brendon out… I cant see her voting out Jef. I think she just says what people want to hear at the time to save on the whole dramatic acts people can put on… Im still pulling for JJ and I dont mind Dani.. she is a fighter.

      • ya i know i didnt understand why people said she was playing both sides she defnt was with JJBJ and just playin the newbies/D

      • I agree Sara. But now I hope Rachel goes. She had a strong alliance and just blew it. Shelly and J/J saved her ass last week. She would of been gone. Now she is telling everyone what Shelly told her in confidence because they were in the same alliance. She’s throwing everyone under the bus.

      • The only reason Shelly saved her was because Rachel would be a bigger target than J/J. And Rachel knows Shelly is tight with them and talking smack behind her back. Also, every J/J fan that keeps bitching about B/R being traitors, don’t think for one second J/J haven’t been doing the same thing. Last time, Jordan volunteered herself as the pawn to get B or R out. And this week, they’ve been up for the plan to get B backdoored (or so they think the plan is). J/J are trying to cover their butts, the same way BR is.

  5. As part of the deal Brendon told Dani to tell people that her plan is to backdoor him. I hope Shelley or Adam win POV so that Dani can backdoor Jeff..the only problem is does she have the votes to evict Jeff.

    • I can’t imagine she could have the votes to evict Jeff. What’s more incredible is the appearance that she would keep Brendon in the house! Of all people, keeping Brendon is 2 votes against yourself and everyone else in the house.

      They didn’t learn from keeping Rachel last week! To not put Brenchel back on the block is a huge mistake!! All was turning to actual game play while Brendon was out and Rachel, when not crying, was actually starting to engage in game play for herself. Now, wth knows?

      Good luck Dani!! May you successfully backdoor Brendon!!

  6. Brenxhel had a revelation that working with JJ is getting them nowhere and they would backstab them the first chance they get. Hence the secret JJAS alliance. Plan is to backdoor Jeff but tell everyone they bd brendon. TeamBRDPK vs Team JJAS

    • Porsche and Kalia have a lot of thinking to do about their alliance with Danielle. Aren’t they wondering who Dani is going to take to final two? It won’t be them that’s for sure.

      • Kalia I can agree with, since Dani would rather sit across from Rachel, but why wouldn’t Dani take Porsche to final two? The girl has done nothing to garner votes, she’s so below the radar that she’s probably digging her way to China. Dani would win hands down against Porsche in any kind of vote.

  7. Shelley should win an Oscar for best supporting role in a realty drama show. Oh and the sunglasses last night was just perfect for the role.

  8. I won’t deny it, I’m for Jeff and Jordan. So I guess I’m bias about things. I think Dani is thinking of the final two right now and knowing how much everyone hates Rachel she’s probably going to want to take her.
    I wish Jordan and Jeff overheard Rachel and Brendon. When they were talking and Rachel telling him that Jeff and Jordan wouldn’t talk to her and she was all alone in the house and how they were all being mean to her. That was not true at all. She out and out lied to her future husband. No class. Lying is part of bb, but not to your only true ally and your future husband. I wonder if they will actually get married after Brendon sees what really went on when he was gone. And then Rachel going after Shelly when she stuck her neck out for her and saved her last week. How ungrateful. I hope Jeff wins the veto or he is gone.

    • Me too. I was pulling for Rachel but she is pathetic. I mean seriously LYING about who was your friend and who wasn’t? Now I wish she could hear what her wonderful Porshe is saying about her. I was mad at her but All porshe is saying is true. Rachel needs meds bad!. I hope Brendon wakes up after the show and sees all this and leaves her.

      • Mary and Barbara I’m am totally on the same page as you girls. After Jeff and Jordan babysat Rachel all week and she tells Brendon they were mean. What a liar.

    • Also, every J/J fan that keeps bitching about B/R being traitors, don’t think for one second J/J haven’t been doing the same thing. Last time, Jordan volunteered herself as the pawn to get B or R out. And this week, they’ve been up for the plan to get B backdoored (or so they think the plan is). J/J are trying to cover their butts, the same way BR is. They only babysat her to save their own butts- they were mean behind her back— who’s to say she didn’t catch the nasty vibes from them?

    • Oh and Shelly didn’t stick her neck out. She suggested that for her and J/J’s benefits. Other than that, she doesn’t want Rachel anyways. She’s been talking smack about her the whole time. Oh, and Lawon was the MAIN reason Rachel is still here.

  9. Gooo Dani!!! For some reason, I think Dani can trust Brenchel over J and J. I don’t have much to support my theory, so don’t even ask. lol
    Jeff is as much of a “Neanderthal” as Brendon, just a wee bit less obvious about it.
    I am not saying I support bad behavior from any person in life, but you do what you gotta do in a game. NO ONE in that house has clean hands, not even sweet, angelic Jordon. But, it seems some people will defend J and J and any negative action from them no matter what. Whatever they do, there is just cause, but let Dani, Brendan or Rachel do anything and they are mean, vile, nasty people.
    I so hope (right now, anyway) that Dani and Rachel takes it to the end and may the best villian win!!!!~~Hopefully Dani, but will settle for Rachel~~

    • I dont think Danimal will have the votes to win If it comes down to the 2 of them
      D would have K and P vote
      R would have B JJ A
      So even is S votes for D she will still loose to B

      • It is looking like my girl may not have the votes to win either way.. geez! Then again, you never know how these crazy BB HGs will vote for sure.

      • If it comes to Dani and Rachel after what Rachel is doing to everyone J J and Shelley would all 3 vote for Dani to win. Adam and kalia and probably porshe would also. Only Brendon would vote for Rachel I think.

        Dani has been dirty but she isn’t being sneaky as bad as Rachel. Rachel is now making me nauseus since Brendon is back. Why didn’t Cassie win?

      • In your scenario of a Danchel Final 2, if however, the jury were to cast votes for best game play and not for alliances or favorites, they certainly would vote Dani over Rachel! They all, but Brendon, dislike Rachel. And as Rachel’s world comes apart further for outing and throwing her allies under the bus, she will have less votes possibilities in a final because shoe’s screwing other HG’s games up too.

        Dani has outplayed Rachel. Rachel has out whined and annoyed everyone!

  10. I really hope Shelly is evicted.

    She’s a sneaky biznatch and plays the innocent, good role to everyone.

    She talks crap about Rachel lying and this or that yet she herself has been lying.

    And Kalis needs to go too. Total biznatch. Apparently she called Rachel a bitch after saying no one calls a woman that “where she comes from.” And gets mad at Brendon for calling someone a bitch.
    She was telling Shelly before how she’s been stereotyped as being the “live in the hood” type — seems pretty accurate to me! What an unclassy woman!

    Hopefully Jeff and or Brendon get to play in the Veto comp. If one of them wins the noms will for sure stay the same. Or Daniele too if she is really doing the deal this week with Brenchel.

  11. I don’t know why everyone’s saying that dani is such a good player. She can’t keep any of her alliances straight. She talks a good game but gets frazzled by other ppl. To be honest, no one is that great of a player. It’s mostly luck and good graces from BB production, i.e., if you’re brendon or Rachel, you’ll get a free pass somehow. It’s disappointing finding out how much production has a role in the game. America really doesn’t have a vote. At last week’s eviction, had BB announced to the audience of who was chosen to come back and compete, it would’ve been more believable. But, they needed to see who was evicted to let us know that brendon was the one who received over 1,000,000 votes. I know had Rachel been evicted, Dominic would’ve been the one to have received over 1,000,000 votes. Very disappointing BB. Another point is lawon’s idiotic decision to be nominated as a replacement and his even more idiotic decision to offer to be evicted. He was paid off to do that to open the door for brendon to return. And to see a majority of lawon’s balls being rolled not even half way up the ramp during the competition is evidence enough of his being paid a sum of money to leave the game.

    There are proponents in this BBN that say the show isn’t fixed and ppl like me are just sour about brendon being back in the game. Some even quote that BB is governed by some federal law for game shows. I can care less who BB decides to bring back to the show, just don’t let the viewers think that they actually have a say in any of the america’s votes when they aren’t even going to honor it. I would just like for BB to stop trying to keep BR in the game. Is it fair for the countless others in previous seasons to play an impeccable game only to be back doored? And last season, Rachel was let back in the game for 24 hours. And during Jeff and Jordan’s season, Jeff received the coup d’état from again “america’s vote”.

    These are just some things for you guys to ponder. In the end, the show is pure entertainment. But don’t think for one moment that you actually have a say in how the outcomes turn out. Even the have not food votes don’t matter. Sad to say but CBS has no intention of using your votes for anything. Maybe for demographics and such.

    Just food for thought. Enjoy the show

    • dont forget that the phone votes cost a dollar a vote why? who gets that money why BB of course

      • Amy I was going to say the same thing. I wasted $10 and voted for Dom. Never again. I made a big mistake by spending the money to help make CBS richer. Shame on me.

  12. why wouldn’t Jeff use the veto if he wins thinking Dani will back door Brendon? Than if Dani didn’t use it JJ would know (Dani) is working with r\r. And Shelly has a right to be mad,sad. she’s on the block and everyone that’s been on the block has had a fit so why pick on her for that?

    • She’s been extra fit-ty though because her plan blew up in her face. Plus, she’s getting really nasty and personal now. She was nasty behind Rachel’s back before, and now that she is csalled out on it in front of J/J, she’s acting extra “out of control”

  13. Can someone explain to me why people keep using the backdoor strategy, even though the selection for veto players is no longer only houseguest’s choice?

      • She has to backdoor, if she puts up Brendon they will come after her if he wins veto,same with Jeff. If no one wins veto her noms stay the same and she will then look like she kept her word to not come after Brendon and/or Jeff thus making their promise to not target her still valid.

  14. um a man calling a woman a bitch is way different when a woman calls another woman a bitch..
    So many deals being made but all it comes down to is the veto comp dani should try her best to win that so she can have the power and take of adam

    • I completely disagree. Kalia said “you” (as in any person) “don’t call a woman a bitch.” She didn’t say “men shouldn’t call a woman bitch, but it’s sure okay if I do!”

      • The reality is, you can call someone a bitch behind their backs and it means nothing. When you tell them to their face trying to degrade them in front of others.

        In addition, if a man calls a woman a bitch (true or not) it is a sexist attack on them. If a woman calls another woman a bitch, it is not sexist. It is catty!

        In the game of BB, all the women are bitches and all the men are sorry sons of bitches!

    • Her reaction was when Brendon called her a bitch? lol…so it’s okay when she does it. Oh please. She used her “holier-than-thou-it’s-my-upbringing-to-not-treat-people-like-that” speech, while she has gone against everything she said. I mean so have other people, but she still keeps her holier-than-thou attitude.

  15. its about time shelly got busted… but she really thinks shes innocent… makes you wonder what shes really like at home and at work… would love to hear from her friends and family…

    • Shelly is not a floater. She chose to side with Adam,Jordon & Jeff. She has been helping them all along. She also has to give the other side a little something to keep them “thinking” she’s ontheir side to GET info for her team. Keeping Rachel in was to help her team (so we all thought). It has come back to bite her in the butt but she had the right intentions for her team originally.

    • I think regardless of who Shelley is truly devoted to is a non issue. She has stood on a pedestal on MORE than one occasion (almost everytime she talks) proclaiming how honest she is and how she is a straight shooter, how she cannot stand liars, etc etc. She even went off about Lawon for being a dirty rotten liar. I wonder if she’s even playing with a full deck sometimes.
      I mean it’s almost as if she truly believes she has been nothing but up front with everyone.

      I think the biggest issue I have with her is that fact that she lies as if it is her native language. It’s WAY to easy for her.

      I realize everyone in BB lie…some more than others of course. I truly believe that everytime she opens her mouth something untrue comes out. I would bet money that she is like this outside of the house too. I’ve been around a few people like her and she’s way too good at it to be just acting. Its’ almost sad.

      • Oh and all that nonsense about her just losing and giving the money to JJ or whatever it was she was ranting about. I think I’m gonna call a big
        BS on that one too. She is basically saying that her sole purpose is to make sure JJ win…WHAT? Really?
        Come ooooonnnnnnnnn. And for all we know she may truly worship them and would do something like that…I just think it sounds so ridiculous I’m almost embarrassed for her.

  16. BB13Hater… my husband and I feel the exact same way as you do. We have even gone as far as to say that we could be better writers of the show than the current ones. You have made many valid points. But I’m with you, its definitely entertaining but there is no possible way some of these thing could have ever played out the way that they have without some INSIDE help. I have often thought about trying to become a contestant (as in a game show) myself. After watching this years, I not so sure anymore.

  17. another thing KALIA does is bitch about hair all over the place — and then you see her messing or cutting hers and throwing it on the floor–shes a two faced bitch– there i said it — all through the show shelly has sat down with just about everyone there and helped them get through some tuff times — now all of a sudden fans are turning against her cause shes sneaky– what’s up with that–in the game if you dont lie-cheat-stab you arent gonna go far

    • Totally agree with you about being sneaky…it is a way to win this game. What happens is people have their favorites, and that person can do whatever is needed to succeed and be supported by their fans. If someone else does the same thing, and it hurts their favorite, all the hate comes out. I think it is the essence of being a fan, or a “homer”. Personally, Rachel makes me ill…kind of like a cockroach that you can’t get rid of…

  18. can’t wait til its my turn in the house –FANS will love to hate my play— sit back and watch i dont think so i’ll be like a bull in a china shop=– messing up everything

  19. You were right Gail wherever you are. I regret voting for brenden. He is going to screw jj and I didn’t think it would happen this soon. Poor Jordan will regret taking care of Rachel all week.

    • Beth L loves jj I am here. Thank you for saying that. I am sorry that I was right. I just had a gut feeling about Brenchel. I agree with you about poor Jordan. She had to put up with Rachel all week, babysit her and then Rachel tells Brendon that she was all alone by herself.

      @Karen I see you are sorry as well. It’s like we are back to square one hoping to get rid of the both of them. If this was rigged as people have suggested I guess our votes didn’t mean anything anyway.

  20. Evidently R&B WERE NOT PICKED TO PLAY IN THE VETO..not sure who was but those 2 are out..

  21. @ MATT…So in ur opinion “who” is DANI gonna backdoor if she has the option???

  22. so what’s this veto gonna be? from what i’ve heard th HG’s talking, it seems like it might be a luxury competition. i’m thinking if it is, JeJo may take prize instead of veto. with Brenchel back in the house, i think he thinks that the heat is off and him and Jordan can coast for a bit.(he might be in for a big surprise). i see one of the nominee’s or Dani herself winning this one, Kalia will take a prize4 i think.

  23. I can’t stand Daniele and don’t think she’s as great a player as everyone else, so I guess I’m biased too. But I do have to say…I think she’d be stupid to take this deal with Brenchel, unless she’s thinking about final two. Even so, I think it would be a tight race between her and Rachel and I don’t think she has a chance against Brendon. Brenchel will turn on her next week no matter what…

    • i dont know why people says dan a great player either remember america got her to the final 2 but she has won two hoh so far cant remember how many she won her first season

      • If memory serves me right. She won 2 HoH and 5 vetos in season 8.

        Overall I think she has the record for most competitions won in the career. I might be wrong and it could be still Janelle.

        I think the reason people call her great player. Is the fact she is fierce when it comes to competitions, and she doesn’t have people throwing the competitions to her when she wins, unlike the other vets.

      • Janelle has the most overall competitions won in a season, but Dani has the most Vetos won in a season.

      • True, Dani has only won two HoHs this year.. But, how many has she been eliglble to play in? Oh, wait..TWO!!!

      • thanks sean and leo for the update your right she is good a comps but i guess i was trying to say if it was up to the houseguest she would not have had the chance to stay and compete america vote kept her and ED in the house and yes i think that was my fav season i was so happy to see her and ED walk into the house this season but then ED left and that changed everything for this season

  24. well ..Now showing the Puple’s the RACHEL & Brendon the kissy face action folks..Yes sir THAT IS WHAT U PAID FOR WHEN U SIGNED UP FOR LIVE FEEDS…give us a break.a body can only stand so much of those 2..

    • Janelle has the most overall competitions won jn a season, but Dani has the most Vetos won in a season.

    • I’m with you on this one flyonthewall. That’s one of the reasons I did not want Brendon back. I guess this is what some people have been calling good action for television, I can’t stomach watching the two of them while they play kissy face.

  25. Jeff tends not to win unless he has to.
    Jordan seems to win by accident.
    Kalia might win the veto.
    With BR not playing, Dani’s options are wide open.
    I can’t wait to see who wins it and if they use it.

    • veto players are chosen from a bag, so who knows, maybe Brenchel’s names weren’t even in the Bag

      • got love conspricarcy (sp?) people. If BB would just have people put in their tokens at the beginning of choosing players for the veto. It would negate people from commenting that so and so token wasn’t in the bag.

  26. Jeff/Jordan need to win the veto -take Adam off and Boot Rachel’s sorry ass outta there. She’s unwatchable since Brendan came back. She’s even trying to start a fight between Jeff and Brendan by lying about Jeff being overly sexual towards her.This is probably so Brendan will go along with a plan to backdoor Jeff.Wow..

      • If Jeff or Jordon wins, I don’t see them using it. For the fact even though Dani told them she wants to Brenchel. They would risk the fact depending on who won. Dani could put up their significant other.

  27. If Jeff or Jordan win the Veto and save Shelly or Adam and Brendon is backdoored, Dani is probably hoping Rachel will blame Jeff or Jordan in case Rachel wins the next HOH.

  28. Here is the chance to remove Shelly ya’ all, don’t you see. Poor Adam is seating pretty as pawn I hope. We need a girl out this week.

    • If Adam comes off the block, one of Brenchel HAS to go up! If either is on the block, Shelly should be safe. She’s no competitive threat and won’t target JeJo.

      Dani regretted keeping Rachel last week. Why in the world would she not backdoor Brenchel? They screwed up last week and could have kept Brenchel split up! They need to go back to that plan! If they go, everyone elses game, except the remaining 1/2 of Brenchel, has a shot at the finals!

  29. This whole season is turning into one colassal dissapointment. It is so obvious that Big Brother is running the game by protecting Rachael and Brendan. It is in the plans for them to win. No way would Dani suddenly be aligned with them. She is not that stupid. She was a very real threat to Brendan and Rachaels existence in the house so Big Brother wheeled and dealed with her to keep them in the house which is why she is suddenly aligned with them.

      • Janelle was such a witch sometimes. I would LOVE to see her come to the house and lock horns with Rachel. Rachel is so insecure she would be a mess and probably just cry herself to death b/c no way could she beat janelle at the comps…that little tart won ALL THE TIME! LOL

        Rachel really just doesn’t handle females being prettier than her in any way. That is the reason she hated Kristen last year….and so on and so on…

    • In season 8, Dick and Dani teamed up with Eric two weeks after Dani tried to get Eric out the door.

      So in away I could see Dani teaming up with Brenchel again. Dani knows she doesn’t have house numbers on her side. She also knows Brendon and Rachel will become the biggest targets next week if they get rid of one half JeJo.

      She also knows Brenchel could easily turn on her next week, but she needs to play the game right now with some blindfaith. Because she is vulnerable next week.

    • I have to disagree this is a colossal conspiracy to get Brenchel to the Final 2. Allison Grodner, CBS production management for them both, as well as, 14 House Guests would have to keep the Brenchel Final a secret.

      With what we know about these House Guests and the history behind the entertainment system and the ability to keep secrets, it would be nearly if not impossible to keep that concpiracy a secret. Besides, just between E.D., Dani, Jeff, outspoken Kahlia and let me tell everyone right away Shelly do you believe they would allow someone to rig the game against them? CBS and Grodner could afford the kind of hush money that would be needed to do that! They make money in advertising for the show, BUT those ads don’t generate the kind of hush money they would demand. And, you know those paid off would always come back for more!!!

    • I would say yes. Especially seeing we are gettting down to Jury House. It is one way to ensure you make it to final two no matter what. Especially seeing you only have like a couple weeks to get backdoor anyway. If the house considers you a big threat, because you win competitions, and the odds of that happening is like a flip coin.

  30. Backdoor Jeff. The meathead deserves it. They should have gotten rid of Rachel when they had the chance. Now I want to see them all regret that desicion. Not a fan of Brentchal, but those idiots deserve to suffer for not doing the obvious.

      • Yea- Jeff’s a bit of a meathead but he’s handling the game a little better than the rest of these psychos.He’s due for a HOH soon.Adam better win POV or he’ll be the next to shed some man tears like ol’Brenda.

    • This post was just recapping what went down yesterday. POV is possibly delayed since the HOH comp was late.

  31. I am about to watch the entire season of BB All Stars….. I heard an interview from Dr. Will Kerby saying he wasn’t interested in doing reality shows anymore. Both him and Mike Boogie were jn the CBS Early show with Julie Chen the morning BB13 premeired.

    • To this day, I keep saying to everyone. I think the only reason Brenchel got asked backed for this season was because Will and Boogie turned them down.

      Alot people I talk to personally really want to see a season with Evil Dick and Dr Will in the same house.

      • Dr. Will says he is married and a father now, so he has no desire to be on reality television anymore.

      • isn’t Boogie stil involved in a law suit or was that a long long time ago…I lose track of time! LOL

        But I think CBS really did want this Brenchel business. She caused such a stir last year with her emotional outbursts and the fact that she and brenda are engagged…well it’s just classic trash tv that apparently many people want to see…not me…but I haven’t turned it off…soooo I guess I’m as guilty as anyone else LOL

  32. Hmmm…I’ve been reading all the comments and I see most of you thought that the votes were rigged for Brendon to return. Lawon was paid off and the competiton setup for Brendon to beat Lawon. Now, where are the comments that the veto competition was a setup for J@J not to be backdoored and Dani can have open season on B@R?….just saying

  33. I hope they have a season where they bring back 7 of the original BB all-stars to play against 7 of the most recent 7 seasons all-stars….. That would be classic…. To bad Dr. Will won’t do anymore reality shows…. Chill Town is the greatest reality alliance of all time.

  34. @loui, are you kidding me? Rachel is trying to tell Brendon that Jeff was being overly sexual with her? I have the feeds but did not see that part, if that is true, this girl is the biggest skank I have ever seen. The only thing I heard Jeff tell her was that he thought she was prettier with less make up on. She twists everything in her favor, just to start trouble. She loses every friend she ever makes in the house, because she lies, man, I wish they had gotten rid of her last week, I don’t know why Shelly felt the need to protect her so fiercly last week, I bet she wishes she hadn’t now. I hope Dani didn’t take that deal with those two idiots, I really do not want to see Jeff get backdoored. I am so disgusted with rachel right now.

    • Lynn, No kidding Rachel is a disgusting skank. She told Brendon he was making sexual comments to her and approached her when she was in the shower. She is such a liar. She really needs to get help and get on meds. Does she do all this for attention or is she really that much of a bitch???

      • I watched her last season too, she is vile at times. I really wish Jeff would find out what she said..He would go off on her, boy, would that be fun to watch. Rachel has to have all of the attention focused only on her. She does need help, she throws these whiny baby tantrum, Brendon comes running..those two deserve each other, I just wish America had not voted Brendon back in and I really wish Shelly didn’t work so hard to keep skank in the house last week, I am so done with both of them, CBS needs to send them away.

      • i know rach is evil but really how can anyone do that to sweeeet jordan come on rach sorry just know found this one out ok thats it rach got to go this week i cant believe i thought rach had at least part of a heart Ragen sorry but your new friend is very evil sorry like Ragen will ever read this but gd rach thats tooo pathatic

    • shelly wanted to get Porsche out it serves her right kalia brain started to work and figured out she got duped by shelly.

      • I think Brendon is starting to see what a liar she is or he would have run off to Jeff already & challenged him to a duel like the brave knight he is. Ha!Ha!

  35. I hope Kalia or Adam wins, backdoor the meathead Jeff and vote him out. That’ll put Shelly in a box and her continuing meltdown will be good television.

    • i really don’t think Jeff or Jordan will try

      a)Jeff thinks Brendon will go up as renom

      b)if they win and don’t use it on Shelly or Adam, whoever stays will be mad and Join Dani.

      c)if it involves prizes, they will take prizes

      so i see them make it look good, but not winning.

      then again i could be wrong

  36. if shelly or adam dont win noms will not change.
    shelly goes.either wins off they come brendon
    goes up.goodby bren.

  37. The plan to backdoor Jeff is the best…I hope she can pull it off and I hope Jordon wins POV and uses it to take Shelly off…

    • If Jeff or Jordon win veto they will give very serious thought before using that veto. They put no confidence in DANI matter what she says or how nice she is to them..

      • if jeff wins they will seriously think about it but if jordan wins i dont think they will think bout it at all…

    • if it is an endurance comp then i hate to say it but dani will have all the power cuz no1 else there is good in endurance comps..

      • If Brendon can play, he will give a run for the money!! He is usually pretty good at Veto’s

      • Brandon cant play its j j k d a s competing in the veto neither b or R were selected.. Im keeping my fingers crossed the JJ wins

  38. Kalia reminds me of that kid in everybody’s school that was really obnoxious, awkward, very “book smart”, socially overbearing…You know, the one that would follow you around desperately trying to be accepted. The one that you were nice to b/c you felt a little sorry for her but she was so over the top annoying and so desperate to please you that you would almost have to hide from her in order to get her to leave you alone. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Just a thought

    • LOL it sounds like a lot of them doesn’t it…but I imagine Danielle as one of the “bad girls” not necessarily mean to the other girls but you know…the one that was always rebelling.

    • you hit that nail on the head. kalia the hut thinks she is so smart yet im constantly laughing at how stupid she is. She’s trying so hard to fit in its pathetic. I can’t wait till that waste of space good for nothing lard ass kalia gets sent packing it would make the show more enjoyable to watch without her ugly face.

  39. I am sitting here having my dinner of Catfish tater salad turnip greens white beans mac& cheese and cornbread..while I await the results..Whay are yall doing??? LOL

      • Rachel just said it, according to Joker’s updates. I hope they are kept the same and Shelly leaves.

    • Interesting……I don’t think he’ll use it b/c he doesn’t fully trust Danielle. I just think he should keep it and get rid of shelley and be done with it. Then let the claws really come out next week and watch the hair start to fly while some crap hits the fan!
      I have almost decided I don’t like any of them well enough to actually cheer for them. LOL


  40. Goooooooooo JEFF now he has to think n i mean really think if he will take his chances n use it to safe one
    s or a

    • No way Jeff will use it just to avoid having Jordan put up? Think, he will piss off either Adam or Shelly, he will chance having Jordan put up because he has to know something is going on with Dani and Brendon and Rachel for them not to be nominated, and he is trying to keep the target off him and Jordan which he can do with Brendon and Rachel in the house.

      • yea but he must suspect that something is up since dani didnt nom b or r.. since dani has been saying to bd brandon who knows wat he will do he has serious thinking to do

      • Crap that seems so far away from now. Whoever won, I hope they don’t save anyone unless Dani can back door Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee (BR)

        That would certainly bring another hysterical outburst though.

        I just don’t see them honoring their deal with her….at least not for a whole two-three weeks. They may for one week…but I’ll be shocked if they honor it at all.

    • I hope Dani didn’t win……. Please don’t tell me Jeff was dumb enough to take money……. Shelly didn’t win because she is sulking in the have-not room….. K and P didn’t look happy, so I hope that means D didn’t win the POV!!!

      • Oh it does NOT surprise me that Jeff took the money. He did on his season too…or was it a trip..anyway I remember him acting like…Oh well this is awesome, I’m not on the block so I’m taking a prize LOL

  41. Shelly has a make-shift toilet and everything in the room..this is a bad week for her. She should just leave and get it over with.

  42. I’m wondering if Adam won also because why aren’t Kalia and Porche jumping up and down. Which they would do if Dani won.

  43. if adams win pov and decide not to use on himself instead doesnt want jeff be replacement nom,think has votes but end up voted out,lol

    • I am happy D, K and P didn’t win……. Adam uses it, Jeff is nominated, but he has the votes to stay over Shelly.

      • If Jeff goes up I’m not sure he has the votes because of Brenchel betraying him yesterday before nominations by throwing him and Jordan under the bus. He would have Jordans and Adams vote but what other two???

      • he would probably also have kalia vote n porsha is easily persuaded n jj might b able to cut a deal with those 2 girls

      • Team JJ,

        If Dani, Kalia and Porsha won the Veto, they would be happy and acting like snobby b****es………

        Brendon and Rachel, would vote to keep Jeff over Shelly because they would rather work with JJ plus after last night, BR will never vote to keep ShellY!

      • Leo

        I agree that after the argument with Shelly last night who knows how they will vote cuz BR has been talking to dani about backdooring Jeff.

  44. Jordans unitard comes with a tutu, dunce hat and on the chest it says I’m with stupid. LOL And she has to wear her hair in pig tails.

  45. I have a feeling Adam won because he said its his fault Jordan has to wear the unitard..

    • wow im confused perhaps it was one of those that when u fall u get to pick a box or take something from some1 else.. perhaps adam gave jordan the tutu..

  46. Kalia prob didn’t get anything…isn’t it usually only one prize and one penalty in these things? Like the week Rachel got slop and Jeff got money.

    • no in past bb seasons theres always a pov comp that there r prices n penalties as well as a slop pass etc…

  47. OMG to complete Jordans outfit she has a trumpet and on the back of the unitard it says kick me…poor Jordan but she is being a good sport about it.

    • lol she must look really cute now… I could only imagine jeff now picking on her n making fun of her.. lmao

  48. What is it..3 hrs till After Dark..Im sure ill find out who won then. Hopefully Adam to force Dani to backdoor someone (preferably Brendon)

    • i think that either way u look at it some1 is getting backdoored this week its between Jeff n brandon.. would be better if she back doors Rachel n get her out now since even her so called alliance of K n P also want rachel out..

      • I would love that. She is classless. She was saying to the cameras everyone that voted for Brendon can get us a wedding gift at Crate and Barrell. Since all of you love us so much. Gag me!!!

      • Crate and Barrel? I’d like to put Brenchel in a crate and a barrel and send them on their way! Is she just trying to get an endorsement or what? She is clueless.

      • If she has the votes it wouldn’t be a bad idea to backdoor Brendon instead. Shelly and Adam are team JJ so they wont be mad at her. Brenchel are not gonna vote for her in the Jury either way so might has well cross them

  49. Jeff won the veto !!! Now lets see if he will play it right and let it stand….hopefully it’s GOOD-BYE Shelly. She needs to get home to her family…and let the game go on !!!BYE-BYE

  50. BigBrotherLeak
    To sum it up – Adam won PoV, Jeff won money, Jordan won unitard, Shelly won solitary confinement. Daniele or Kalia won phone call. #BB13

  51. I can’t see Dani backdooring Jeff and pissing off Jordan, Shelly, and Adam. Adam made he swear she wouldn’t nominate Jeff and Shelly is in love with JJ. But then again none of those three have a shot at HOH

  52. Shelly at least gets a phone call. I’m glad she will be able to talk to her daughter. Jordan gave that up so Shelly could have the phone call.

    • I think Shelly getting the phone call, might backfire and make her homesick and want to quit. I don’t think it will movitvate her.

  53. POV results: Jeff-money; Kalia-Carribean vacation; Dani-POV ticket (she can play in POV even if she’s not picked) Shelly-24hr confinement but also a phone call from home; Jordan-unitard and also slop; Adam-POV

  54. Sorry I guess Jordan is not on slop like I said earlier. She just has the unitard. They were talking about her on slop so I thought she got both but she was just eating chips and salsa. So no slop.

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