Big Brother 13: Where Brendon’s game went wrong

Rachel Brendon wedding in Big Brother 13

This week on Big Brother 13 we said goodbye to Brendon once again. Daniele might be the main factor in that outcome, but not the only one.

Brendon’s game play also put him out of the house. Twice. Sure, he’s a fantastic physical player. But the first thing he (actually Rachel) did wrong was fight too hard. Brenchel tried too hard too fast. As almost everyone in the house told them, they didn’t need to win everything. Sure they were hated last summer. But this didn’t have to be last summer.

They could’ve laid low for awhile and built up a better social game. They immediately had the support of Jeff, Jordan and Daniele, so they didn’t need to come right out fighting. Being overly-competitive is not always a good thing.

Speaking of social games, Brendon’s was horrible. He was a nasty bully to all the women in the house, starting with Cassi. He also attacked Kalia, making fun of her weight. He took on Porsche. And near the end, he even gave Jordan some lip. But the woman who took most of his abuse was Rachel. Just because she’s his “fiance” does not give him the right to talk down to her and make her feel and look stupid. Constantly. The house guests did not respond well to his bullying of them or Rachel.

I’m actually ready to see Rachel play the game without Brendon. I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with that crazy person. She usually makes me want to scratch out my own eyes, but I think I’ll miss those bitchy glares and that crazy laugh. And she’s the first person to realize Shelly is a snake. Rachel’s good TV. I think with Brendon out of the picture, a lot more people will change their thoughts on Rachel.

It’s pretty clear to me why Brendon is out of the game. Is it clear to you or am I alone? I sometimes feel like I’m watching a different show. America even voted Brendon to return to the game. Do people really like him that much or were they voting for more drama? I will never understand how he won or fully believe it.

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  1. I voted for him, simply since I thought he could help jj and get Dani out, I bet a lot of others did the same.

  2. I like Brendon without Rachel and I like Rachel without him but together they drive me crazy and I can see how having to be with them 24 hours a day would make the houseguests hate them too. I voted for Brendon in part because I thought he deserved it more than the others, in part because I dont like Danielles alliance of floaters and if Dominic was voted in that would have made her that much stronger but also in part because I just wanted to see him get another chance. It seemed like maybe he changed a little and was being more social and had Danielle not won hoh his first week back he could have gone far. But he was done when She won and she played it perfectly to get him out again.

    • I also like both without each other…During his season I actually enjoyed him when Rachel left – he started winning stuff and making things interesting. I was actually hoping Rachel would have been voted out and when they went to compete with each other, they would have decided it was better for Brendon to stay in the game.

      • yes i agree but you talking about rachel.and she should wanna stay a vegas show girl? that is about all she is good for if that?

  3. I voted for him for the same reason as Titan. I thought Brenchel could help JeJo get further in the game. With Adam and Shelley who can’t win anything on their side, I thought they needed another strong player to prevent Danielle’s crew from winning comps. I wanted Brenchel and JeJo to get to the final 4, with JeJo winning the top 2. Once Brenden came back and immediately started making deals with Dani, I quickly switched my mindset to wanting him gone again.

  4. I agree that they should have layed low at first b/c everyone always want the good competitors out. But everyone in that house is guilty of being very mean especially behind each others backs. I never saw Brendon as a bully. maybe I see the word bully meaning something different than some people. The main thing I saw as bullying was Jeff with Kalia and Dani w/ brendon and Rachel. Arguments are just that. Both sides are usually saying things that shouldn’t be said.

    • brendon is a better than though type.of which i can’t stand.anyone who thinks that they are better than someone else has alot to learn?

  5. Brenchel’s fundamental flaw is that they think the best competitor deserves to win. Whoever wins the most comps should win BB. That’s why they’re always after floaters (even though they don’t really know what floaters are since they’re the biggest floaters this season behind Shelly and Adam). Big competitors rarely even win. The best houseguests win only when they absolutely need to win.

    • I do not see how Brendon or Rachel would be considered a floater. I don’t know if you realize this, but your suppose to do everything you can to win the money. Brenchel together won 5 competitions. Out of all of the people in the house, Rachel or Brendon deserve to be there the most. You are just like all these other people in America: Just because you could not stand her last season, you automatically assume that you will not like her this season. “I can’t stand her laugh”, You know what? Get over it, she is an amazing competitor and Brendon is the same. How about you try to like both of them instead of hating them before they even walk through the door, and also to finish: Rachel is not a floater, Brendon is not a floater. The floater order this season (and others will agree) should be-
      1. Shelly
      2. Porsche
      3. Adam
      4. Jordan
      5. Kalia
      6. Jeff
      7. Daniele
      8. Rachel
      That’s about all I have to say about that!

      • I would not call Rachel or Brendon a floater, but you are including two people winning those comps. Most of them were thrown to them by the newbies as they were scared. ED made a deal with Rachel for the first one. Dani could not play for 4 weeks because of the stupid golden key. Dani no longer had the luxery of a strong player beside her. As soon as Dani was allowed to play she won. Since Brendon left the first time, neither Rachel or Brendon have won anything. I agree with you about Rachel not being a floater, but I would put Daniele ahead of Rachel. Dani did not have comps thrown to her and I am talking about just her, not counting Kalia’s HOH win. I am taking all the bad stuff that all of them are guilty of out of the equation. Just my opinion.

      • No way is that the order..

        1. Porsche [Has won nothing, and has swapped aliances the most times.]
        2. Adam [Won veto because others gave him it, but has stayed with his group for the most part, but it more easily swayed than Kalia, so he ranks above her.]
        3. Kalia [Let’s be honest, she was lucky for her HOH win and she relies on Dani for everything, even food!]
        4. Shelly [While she sucks at comps, she played the “trojan horse” well, even if it was semi by mistake, plus she is ridiculously loyal to her alliance.
        5. Jordan [Has her alliance, but she is more of a social player (“The nice girl”), plays her role as the pawn when needed to elminate others, and always has a chance to win comps]
        6. Rachel [HORRIBLE social game, I’d say she is actually a worse player than Jordan, but I’ll throw her a bone since she won early on comps to help further the Vets, but note: Dani let her win the first HOH.]
        7. Jeff [Only wins when he needs to, which is why Brendon was always a bigger target than him, smart move.. And most of the house loves him, proving he has great social game, which might help him beat a competitor like Dani in the end.]
        8. Daniele [GREAT at comps, made lots of mistakes early on socially, but there is something to be said with how she gets things done when no one else wants blood on there hands.]

        Jeff and Dani are playing for the win unless someone takes them out. Dani has done more of the hard work on getting people out and keeping herself safe, but Jeff has a better hand in my opinion. He has Jordan, Adam and Shelly as pretty much locked votes. Kalia wants his approval more than almost anything, Brendon would vote for a competitor over a floater given the choice, Dani respects Jeff’s game play.. The only person Big Jeff could potentially lose to in the finals is Dani.

      • well said amy, i would agree with you ranking better than jeremy’s. Rachel is only strong at comps , she sucks the worst at the social game, which is my opinion is just as important as the comps. its been proven that social gamers (aka floaters) win this game just as much as the people who win all the comps.

    • I agree with Ben about winning only when they have to. Some of the best players in big brother have won or been close to winning the entire game with hardly winning a thing (ie. Dr will, danielle season 3, dick, DAN)
      I think that brenchel thought that they had to win everything because they see themselves as great competitors which is debatable. But when I think floaters I don’t necessarily think it’s someone that doesn’t win comps I think it’s someone who refuses to pick a side and is unpredictable. With that being said the order of floaters are:

      1) Adam (major ass kisser)
      2) Shelley (lying to all sides)
      3) Porsche (has no idea what she herself is doing in the house)
      4) Kalia (tries to hard to be liked especially by J/J)
      5) Jordan (riding jeffs coatails as per usual)
      6) Jeff (not much game play except for screaming at others)
      7) Rachel (very loyal until you screw her over)
      8) Daniele (actually has blood on her hands)

  6. I voted for him after Kalia made her stupid move. At that point, I just thought that it would be funny that they could have had them both out, but instead, they both ended up staying!

    • This week is a double eviction kiss Dani goodbye. Unless she wins the veto then the very next one to win will rail her right out the door.

  7. I can’t imagine America voting him in. It was rigged. I’d say Dom probably one. Rigged for drama. He grates on my last nerve too. Without him I like Rachel. With him, I hate her. Without him I think she’s a decent player – if she plays her own game and not ‘their plan of attack’. She says she was so worried why America hated her. It’s because of him. He talks down to her all the time. Yes, she’s immature, and mostly irrational but that’s who she’s chosen to be. Does her love her now or does he love the woman he thinks he can make her? I think she needs to drop his ass like a hot potato both for her game and her life!

  8. Well Jeff is as big a bully as Brendon. I’ve watched the way talks down to people, especially Jordan it’s aways his way period. There’s nothing more pathetic than a thirty plus man stringing along a twenty something young woman with everthing on his terms, long distant dating, no showing of affection and oh yeah let’s go on big brother to spend the summer together. But that’s okay he’s an all American BOY and most of America loves him unbelieveable!! He’s dated her longer than Brendon has Rachel and still no proposal, either crap or get off the pot. But if he farts she’s there to smell it. There’s only one thing worst than a weak bullying man, that’s a weak minded woman that puts up with it. Sorry been watching this fraud to long starting to bug me had to vent.

  9. When are they going to play for the VETO does anyone know and really don’t understand the paper veto that Dani has, can anyone explain???

    • Veto Ticket is something that guarantees her to play in the Veto competition. Whether she needs to, she can. So instead of 6 people playing, there will be 7.

      • Thanks so much Jeremy, So, she can’t use it to take herself off or someone else off, just the right to play and that’s it, is that right???

  10. “It was what it was,” to hack an old phrase. I don’t fully believe Brendon received over a million of the two million text votes. A third? Maybe… But yes, he and “That woman I’m gonna marry, right over there, ‘Merica” did add a couple more weeks of drama to a fairly dull season.

    And I say dull with some regret. I honestly think Jeff and Jordan should host some kind of morning show, or a travel show of some kind (and not return to The Amazing Nap for a second time). I also think Dani Donato should have her own show! It could be anything and guys would watch… She could read the phone book to the camera for all I care — Just give me a second to set the DVR and grab a cold drink :)

  11. I did not vote for him, I voted for Dom. I thought Dom was funny and much more entertaining than watching the Brenchel show. I agree Brendon alone last season was better. I don’t know how he would have been alone this season. Rachel alone does not entertain me at all. Dom got along with everyone (both sides of the house).

    • I liked dom the best out of the 4 choices , just couldn’t give my vote to dani’s alliance

      • See that’s exactly what I mean Brendon did not get the vote because it was Brendon and America loved him. It was because a lot of people voted against Dani. I like Dani and I realize we all have our favorites and that is just my opinion.

  12. Do you really believe America voted Brendon back? The producers concocted this vote scheme to get Brenddon back in and to give him a place on the jury for fear Rachel wouldn’t hold up and once evicted wouldn’t stay in the jury house.

  13. Bye bye Brendon, next stop Survivor or The Amazing Race. CBS might even throw in a prime time wedding.

    • I agree with you Atram. The Newbies came into the BBH not knowing each other. They only had a few seconds to pick a partner. The Vets came into the house with partners that they knew and could trust. The fair way would have been for each Newbie to bring a partner who they were close to with them in the BBH. I think this has been the worst season in BB history

      • My vote for worst season ever is Season 9, I could barely watch it and didn’t care enough about the result to even check on it. Found out days later ‘some dude named Adam won it’….my response ‘I see….”

    • I disagree with all of you, but I respect that viewpoint and will say ‘fair enough’. If more newbies would’ve been just like these 8, then no thanks, they’re pretty much all jokes of players and I don’t see which one of them deserves to win. I liked seeing old favourites return, seeing some of them get a second chance, etc.

    • Peepers I’m with you and black girl. I thought it was bad enough when they were on the Bold and the Beautiful a couple of times -just a few seconds of seeing them again was enough for me. lol

  14. Brendan is such a tool. Talking nonsense like he can physically beat up Jeff if they were on the outside. Please…stop it bookie. I’m tired of the Mr. Softies in the house. Shout out to Lawon.

  15. what’s up with the Lawon love on here? He had a good plan on here but wow. Seriously

  16. Ewww! I really can’t stand Brendon and Rachel! They make me sick. I like to be in love but they are just gross with the way they talk to each other and act. It’s not normal!!! I think JJ have a cute relationship thou I will admit he is a bit of a bully and she is so sweet. I just don’t understand why Rachel gets whatever she wants!! She is so gross and has a horrible personality. grow up already.

    • Agree 100% about Brendon and Rachel. Jeff and Jordan use to be my favorites, but to me they are both different this season.

    • you would rather have people who sabotages food or the person who takes other people’s personal property? I have never seen R/B do this. I think Rachel’s biggest problem is she likes to drink and party. This is when the other side of her comes out unfortunately.

  17. As far as Rachel goes, she was up to her old tricks last night. Harassing dani like she was mental.

  18. I agreed with you…Brendon should never have come back. I can’t stand him. I hope Dani or a newbie takes it all. The veterns all came in with three big advantages…played before, had at least one friend in the house and knew the other oldies and how they played. I am not enjoying BB as much this year because of this unfair advantage.

  19. I think Evil Dick said it the best the other night on his webcast. There is actually 3 types of players in the Big Brother House.

    1. Floaters which basically go back to back depending on which side is in power.

    2. Competitors that go out and try win competitons to help them further in the game and make game moves.

    3. Coasters are the ones who have alliance but don’t get their hands dirty. Because they can’t compete competitely.

    There has been more coasters this season over floaters if you really think about it.

  20. Kahlia made a big mistake,, her week of HOH!! by playing a ” I don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feeling type of game””.. she’s now on the block,, duh!!! I don’t think she’s ever watch old BB shows to know how the game works..:(… It will be a bad season if the final two be floaters because of all the REAL players are fighting against each other!! Shelly, Adam, Porsha have not done anything in the house competitive,, but complain.. :( I find it very funny when they go to the HOH room to discuss game play,, they always say how they’ll save that person who’s HOH if they win HOH!! LOL!!

  21. Amy…you are the only one who has it right on the nose girl…….and Jeff is not a bully he just stands up for whats right and whats wrong and doesn’t take any body elses bullying

  22. I voted for Brendon because of the same reason I didn’t want to help Dani anymore than possible. I really like JeJo and hope they go all the way. I really think Jeff loves Jordon and out of respect to her he doesn’t display a lot of affection in front of the cameras. I really think that Brendon moved to fast to ask Rachel to marry him, I give it maybe 3 years and they will split. With Jeff waiting I think that he will be with Jordon for a life time.

    • Well Sherri love is love. You don’t have to get butt naked on the floor to show affection. I’ve seen Jordan rub his shoulders, run her fingers threw his hair and nothing from him. True love is affectious it can’t be toned down that much. Seen it a thousand times, the noncommital type person. Mark my words in less than year they won’t be together. If she’s smart. It shouldn’t take over three years if that’s truly the one sorry.

      • They will be engaged by then. I guess you don’t have live feeds because he shows her a lot of affection. Also talks about when they have kids and where they should live. Always calling her “love” and telling her I love you and kissing her goodnight. That doesn’t sound like they are breaking up anytime soon!!! Just because they don’t have sex in front of all of America only shows that Jeff respects her. Brendon treats Rachel like a slut.

  23. Brendon’s game went wrong last season when he teamed up with the succubus. Throwing competitions for the sake of Rachel was one of the many stupid things he did. Also playing the steroid pumped pit bull at even the tiniest ill spoken word mentioned to or about Rachel was goddamn retarded. The two of them are a real piece of work. Now it’s off to cure cancer, but first, they need to to cure the herpes festering on their phony faces!!

  24. I agree with you 100%. I voted for him to come back, because I wanted to see some drama stirred up in the house. I think your social game is just as important as your physical game, but even if the two of them tried to lay low in the beginning, I don’t think Rachel could have done that. She takes everything so personally, and there’s no way she can keep her mouth shut enough to have even the slightest social game. Without her, Brendon may have done better in the house.

  25. they pick people for BB that they can boss around in the diary room… thats why they are in there so much… being told what to say and do next… its all soooooooooo scripted…

    • yeah you can tell by Dani’s diary room confessions. She talks as if she’s reading from note cards or something.

    • They select players who can play characters for them. If they already have ‘the innocent one’, they’ll look to cast ‘the villain’, ‘the mysterious one’, etc. Look at the music/sounds selected for the edited shows we see on TV on CBS, zoom in on Rachel’s glare and play eerie music. That’s what they look for.

  26. Brendons downfall was falling in love with Rachel, if he hadnt, he would have had a better social game. The reason he bullied the women is cause Rachel kept saying they were “mean” to her and if Brendon had just not done anything about it, Rachel would have been mad at Brendon. You always hear Jeff saying how he hates Rachel, but if she had been evicted first JeJo and Brendon would have ran the house with a strong social game.

  27. I voted for brendon to come back into the game for many reasons one because jeff and jordan needed another strong member with them and I wanted to see the look on danielles face because she thought she was all that and more her and kalia for that matter. All danielle and kalia were able to do was getting brendon out and one of their own lawon and this was in a matter of 3 weeks I was hoping that Brendon would of came back in and won hoh and would of sent either dani or kalia home… Which i am hoping Jeff will get dani out this week then we can watch kalia and Porche scramble to try and align with racheal or even jeff and Jordan.

    • and when all that goes down what else is their to watch smh this is possibly the worst season ever sure the jejo fans will be elated but for the rest of us who are looking for entertainment feel let down

    • wait a minute…lol… Big time Dani fan here!!!! and guess what… WOMAN!
      If she leaves I will still watch, but I am finding it very difficult to choose a new favorite in that house because I see no one with any kind o game play that I can respect.

  28. I thought Rachel would be the one evicted when I voted (didn’t know Lawon was going to volunteer). Voting for Brendon to compete to re-enter the house was because I thought he would have to battle Rachel to do it. I wanted to see if he was going to baby her by rolling over and playing dead or if would actually try to beat her.

  29. At first I absolutely hated Brenchel but this season I actually like them. rachel bothers me because she is annoying but I thought Brendon was humble. I dont think jeff is a bully. I just think hes tired of people he didnt expect to cross him playing dirty, even though thats the game. And jordan was whinny while she was on her period like most of us women. Im happy jeff won, sorry to see brendon gone…wish it was rach

  30. Ok, first of all, brendon is an idiot. First off, he shouldn’t be poking fun at anyone’s weight as his fiancé is a bit on the chubby side (and let’s not mention that she looks like Elvira). Second, he’s horrible at this game and to for him to think that “America” voted him back in the house is a testament to how stupid he really is. CBS put him back in the game for ratings. That’s that. Third, he thinks that playing the bully is going to get him far in the game. WTF?!? if I were in that house and someone came at me the way he did, I would’ve punch him in the face so hard that he’d really see how ugly Rachel is. PHD my ass. I think the real reason “America” loves brenchel so much is they want to see that relationship FAIL. And it will fail. But not before CBS will come to them and offer a reality show of their own.

    This season was a flop from the moment Julie announced that returning guests will be coming back. I mean come on…give us a show worth watching…not a repeat of last summer. Very disappointing. Wasted all the newbies’ time and game by doing that.

    This may be my last season watching this horrible excuse of entertainment if they try to pull this crap again. And for all of you out there who still believe that this show isn’t rigged, shame on you. CBS is out for ratings, that’s all. And now brendon and Rachel will get to spend the summer together (as they wished) in the jury house.

    I’m done ranting now. Hope you all enjoyed my post

  31. So that many people hated dani so much they voted in brendan?What a bunch of idiots..I hate this season the popularity or jejo is making them unstoppable in this game the house guests love them and will kiss their ass and the american voters will do everything to help them..

  32. SEE…I TOLD YOU………BigBrotherLeak
    Jeff saying he’s been getting influenced in the diary room to keep Daniele. Jeff saying no way is he going along with it. #BB13

  33. Ok i have to say i love JJ to no end…they are great and even if Jordan isnt always sounding to logical at least she is playing and not just standing there waiting for other to make decisions for her.Yes Jeff does help her out and they both come to and understanding that makes sense.To the people who don t like then and say they r floaters,news flash…they all r as far as im concern and thats the way the game is played.I u dont try hard u dont get anywhere.Have to make people believe they r with then(on their side)in order to get to where they want to be…to the end and winning..A good player will float how ever often he?she need to to win..Good job to all and go JJ GO!My vote ids for one of then to win.I really like Shelly 2.

    On the other hand,just little something i hope wont be remove due to the rules…The rules do say the anything against the network wouuld not be publish/////did u read the last comment of BB13 hater?

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