Big Brother 13 Week 9: What To Expect This Weekend – Updated

Big Brother 13 Pandora's Box

This weekend in the Big Brother 13 house and on the Live Feeds there is going to be a lot of big events as we press on to finale night. Let’s take a look.

Pandora’s Box is set to return, probably today like last week, but have all its big game-changing moves already played out? Allison Grodner tweeted last night, “if the new HOH opens Pandora’s Box, one House Guest in particular will be very happy…” Combine that with Julie Chen telling us there’d be a celebrity twist and I think we can expect one man’s 90210 dreams to come true. If anyone other than Tori Spelling walks in I’ll be surprised. Maybe if we all chant the superintendent will listen to our demands!

I’m not really expecting a big impact from this Pandora’s Box after last week’s chaos, but that doesn’t mean we won’t still see one from another source. Grodner dropped this “shocker” on Twitter as well last night:

The fortune teller might not have spoken tonight, but rest assured, she will be in the near future…

Could we finally see some action from the fortune teller after last week’s tease? It’d be nice if that put her to use as it seems to have been sorely underutilized this season.

Then of course there are nominations. Rachel, as the new HoH, will have to make her plans known to the house tonight. No surprises here, but it’ll still be fun to watch Kalia and Porsche freak out over Rachel not sticking to the fake deal they offered.

One last swing of action will arrive with the Power of Veto competition on Saturday afternoon. This shouldn’t be nearly as critical as last week though. If Rachel nominates Kalia and Porsche and one of them wins the Veto, then that one will be safe, but with only two votes this week Rachel will break any ties. Another Newbie hits the dust.

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Update: Live Feeds have been on Trivia since 10:40AM BBT. Could Pandora’s Box already be doing her thing in the house? Be ready to watch when the Feeds come back. We’ll keep you updated.

Update 2: It’s tough being right all the time! Pandora’s Box was opened and Tori Spelling paid the HGs a visit. Well, not all the HGs got to meet her. Rachel was trapped in the Box with Mr. Pectacular.


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    • Lmao you posted that exact same thing on a different page, incorrect spelling and all. But yeah, I’m rooting for Rachel now as well.

    • One of the better players left, yes. But, Goddess, No. She’s about the most opposite as you can get. Classless, obnoxious, immature, etc.

      If you truely believe ‘godess’, then you’re clearly delusional.

      • If she’s the godess, then why does she have to win it for B? Shouldn’t she be allowed to just win it for herself?

      • @ falconut……your just a hater!!!!!!!!! Nobody can deny rachel now..period, your just hating flat out. People dislike a strong woman, who’s in control and not afraid to speak her mind, which is exactly what she does….she 100% deserves to win BB13! People complain and say the last veto was fixed for rachel to win, the last HOH was fixed for rachel to win….guess what???? Rachel needs 1 more win on the season and she’ll hold the record for most wins on a single season..everything from endurance comps to skill comps and questions as well…so please tell me, since rachel is that damn good! What else is left? When will you people realize she is just ood that’s why she wins so much…every comp wasn’t just set up for rachel to win..she has won in every category.I suppose the only thing they could have done yesterday was who could eat the most donuts in 13 mins..then would you guys quit complaining???? Please tell me what it is that it will take for people to realize Rachel is just a great player.? When she wins the final 3 part HOH, where they have skill endurance and questions are you all still going to say the comp was fixed for rachel? GOO BB GODESS RACHEL FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO….

      • RACHELL! RACHELLL @ Vet Fan, I couldnt agree with you more. people are affarid of people like RAchell. She is strong person, physically strong to. What I love about ther is her integrity, If she says you are going home.. You are going home.. She will play the game with you until you betrayed her and is game on… I always like her… and I love when jeaolous people talk crap about her… I’m a man and i will tell you this. A girl like that, is worth every penny… Lucky Brendon.. And of course I love my sweet pea Jordan… Damn she is hot.. I dont know who is hotter Jordan or Jeff…. LOL But I love that , they all good people and they have a life going even after BB.. Good luck girls JoChell.. You guys rock…

      • @ vet fan – she’s a strong player (or if you want to make it about sex, then scratch player with woman), but she’s an emotional reck. She’s won a lot of comps, which is why I’ve said she deserves it more than Adam and Jordan (miss do nothing but ride). Opps, I guess you’ll say I’m just hating on her too. Because I don’t think she did anything.

        I find her extremely annoying and I can’t be alone, because even her alliance members with the exception of B, have said she needs babysitting. I don’t think many “great player” have to be babbysat.

        The people you call haters can see right through BB & CBS, she’s the contraversal player, so they’ll do whatever they can to keep. That was evident when they did the banana game she won in the beginning, but added B face to it, at a time when she had to win. So, sorry if I don’t believe she’s a “great player”.

        In my opinion, the best female player was “Janelle”, she won more comps. then I can remember and wasn’t the head case known as Rachael.

        If you want to call me a hater, because you don’t agree with my opinions, the enjoy yourself. Good day. I said Good day.

      • @ falconut…yes I will conti.nue to say your a hater..because that’s exactly what your doing..hatting on rachel for no reason. How is she anymore crazy than the rest? I dk if you watched the season or not..or possibly you only do the BB thing and don’t watch any extras..but the girls who spent the entire summer (dani, kalia,porsche and shelly) doing nothing but antagonizing rachel-stealing her stuff, putting benefiber in the protein powder, calling her ruthless names non-stop behind her back…every single waking second of the day. It was constant…as a woman(yes I’m a woman. Since you wanted to make it about. Sex) being the same age as Dani and younger than the rest, I could not imagine spending that much time focusing on one woman, trying to tear her down..they have spent the whole summer worrying about rachel..why? Cause she’s a beast. To go as far as saying they’d trip her down the stairs or wish they had a medicine ball to throw at her stomahc when they thought she was pregnant…those are classles abnoxious girls(I won’t even dare say women) as far as jeff and jordan saying rachel was annoying and abnoxious, hey look what happened when jeff got sent home? Rachel took care of jordan because jordan responded the same way rachel did to brendon leaving…so now jordan can see what rachel was actually feeling…and just incase you were wondering Janelle(also a beast) has won 5 comps in a single season…so if Rachel wins one more, she will have surpassed Janelle…and thank you, I will have a good day. You do the same.

      • @ vet fan – I don’t pay CBS anything, so I base my opinions on what they show. That’s it. All the crap the others have done and they haven’t shown, I haven’t seen so I can’t comment on what I didn’t see. I don’t have that kind of time to watch all that nonsense anyway. I’ll still sleep find no matter who wins. I won’t effect my life.

        We can both agree to disagree about her. You love her and I find her annoying. I seam to be more in the minority on these boards, so you get a point for that.

  1. I love Rachel and Jordan. Especially Rachel she is now carrying poor Jordan.
    Without Brendan Rachael is very normal . I hope she gets rid of Porchea next.
    Cheers Canada loves the vets

    • I never liked R before. During the beginning of the season, I mute the TV when she and B were having their cry-fest. But after cowlia/porkche/fugly danielle/loony shellHE started bashing her 24/7, I started rooting for her. R seem like a different player with B out of the game. go R/J!

      • Definetly is a different player with B’s shoulder to cry on. She’s almost watchable. Notice I said almost.

      • Wow! Its so funny that your nicknames for the HG’s are almost identical to mine. So are your opinions.

      • Rachael is playing better because she doesn’t have to worry about poor Brendan being put up on block all time. He makes her an emotional wreck. Out of the two of them I think she’s the better player. If she can just not allow her emotions & nerves get the better of her she can win this season. GO Rachael!

      • @Dianne: careful using these (appropriate)nicknames. Some poster(s) here will call you out for being “tasteless” and “immature”. Better stick with calling them pig and other stuff. Or you can also call them dumb and slut because the BR/JJ haters didn’t get called out for that. Just saying :) go R/J!!!

    • Are you crazy? Rachel was CRAZAY the last time Brendan left for a week. Cray-zay.

      • LOL yeah. I was getting pretty tired of Rachel when Brendon first left. I felt so sorry for Jordan that she had to babysit R. J/R all the way!

      • Rachel was not crazy, she was just a normal girl fell head over heels in love – I mean true love!!!

      • You see, there always some candidates go into these reality show, like BB and survivor, planning to “ally” and manipulate some votes with Showmance. Dorminic explained that was what really going on about his getting close to Dani too!

    • Canada loves the vets? Why don’t you keep opinions like that on a personal level? You certainly don’t speak for this Canadian that thinks the returning players are just another example of the over production that is killing whatever soul reality television started with. (Although I wouldn’t want any other player to take Jordan’s money, she really is the sweetest!)

  2. @Matt, I think you are right on Tori Spelling coming on show. Even if Pandora’s box isn’t opened, they will find a way for it to happen.

    • Yeah, they wouldn’t have a celebrity make a possible appearance and then not have her come on the show lol.

  3. I love Jordan….but it’s not really smart Jordan is being smart when she wants to get out Porshe. She knows she has Kaliah and Adam in her corner to take her to final 2. Maybe she has Rachel too. Only Porshe is not with her. So Jordan wants to cruise to the end without much work…maybe that’s being smart too. Go Rachel!!! You must be tired with Jordan on your back!!

  4. Rachel told Jordan she wouldn’t open it. I bet she does. Probably bad for her and good for everyone else. Nothing major.

      • I think it is sad the newbies not knowing when they came into the house they never stood a chance of winning. Production set it all up for J and R final too How sick is that?

      • I find it funny you say that…incase you don’t remember DANIELE is a vet as well and the twist with brendon coming back screwed her as well…and let me say, they did that all to themselves… they CHOSE to evict Lawan and keep rachel…period. it would have been either rachel or brendon that week instead they got both, due to the stupidity of kalia and daniele…I’m so sick of all you sore losers like you, tommy and nita bea complaining it was fixed for the vets but yet the newbies started @ 8 vets started @ 6…the critical point in the game for the vets was winning those HOH’s in the beginning. Otherwise they would have been put on the block and if they won the veto, the newbies would have had another couple to replace if the newbies would have stepped their game up, the duo twist would have benefited them much more than the vets..but they couldn’t win. Including last week, its not like rachel won the veto then the twist came..if the newbies had spent more time trying this summer instead of eatng and talking shit they wouldn’t have been in this situation. Every stupid decision was made by the newbies and their leader dani….the vets overcame starting out with a huge disadvantage…and now there are only 2 don’t give use the “its fixed” bs, because the noobs are still numbered 2…and people can’t handle rachel being a beast..she won HoH fair and square..according to you guys…EVERY comp s set up for come off your “high-horse” and getwith reality.

      • Kalia stands between Rachel & ahalf mil, putting Porky out befor her might be a mistake. And I think Jordan is playing with her heart since Jeff left, she doesent seem to want to win as much as she wants Jeff. She Knows shes thier target and look at her face,she looks broken

      • Mad a bit, vet fan? :)

        Also, ANYTHING that replaces BOTH eviction seats is a show fix; nothing should ever nullify a HOH’s nominations completely because it directly contradicts the HOH’s power that week.

        I can guarantee this week that, again, Pandora’s Box will be nothing more than a reward that doesn’t hinder Rachel’s power at all, and most likely they will get whatever the Fortune Teller gives them.

      • @Tommy – May I remind you that nominations had not yet been made when the twist was revealed, if Cowlia/Porsche was smart they would have put up Adam/Shelly and fought their hearts out for that veto. Maybe they should put down the cookies they ate all summer and actually exercised. BB is full of physical comps, always has been nothing new there, anyone could’ve had a shot at that veto.

  5. I agree that either K or P will be headed out the door.

    I also think that Jordan is sitting pretty for the final three right now. If, after HOH and veto, J winds up on the block against R, A would vote to send R home if he’s the only vote. P/K (whoever is left) would also vote to send R home. If J winds up on the block against A, R would definitely be the only vote (since R can’t be HOH next, J would only be on the block against A if P/K wins HOH). I believe R would send A home; even though A would be easier to beat in the final two, there’s a much bigger risk of A taking P/K to the final two than there is is J taking P/K to the final two. If J winds up on the block against P/K, again, R would be the only vote and she would vote to send P/K home. Basically, while R’s HOH win is big for her, I think it’s an even bigger deal for J, who, barring any twists and/or Adam switching sides (which I don’t see happening), is going to be guaranteed two weeks of safety due to Rachel’s win.

    • I agree J is at a great spot, however, if R and J are both on the block and A is the only vote, I think or at least hope Jordan will campaign for Rachel and self evict. For two reasons: one, she keep saying she is here for Jeff and she doesn’t need the money. Two, she knows Jeff and Rachel had/have been carrying her the whole time and she feels bad about it. With the newly developed J&R friendship, and her big heart, she might just give up the seat for Rachel because she knows Rachel is a good player and deserves the win.

      • You’re right, I guess that’s a possibility. I hadn’t really thought about Jordan sacrificing herself, but stranger things have certainly happened, especially since it seems almost as if she’s given up.

      • @Lynn & @Kaylee…..That will b the day J sacrifices herself n just hand it over 2 R 2 win. ((if she does that she just kiss Big Jeff goodbye, he would b sooo uPsEt w J)),((U c how upset about the Clown Shoe on yesterday’s clip))…just keepn it real ladies…:-)

      • **correction alert should be **J can kiss Big Jeff goodbye bcuz he would dump her**

      • Oh, I don’t think it will happen, but it wouldn’t be the oddest thing to happen in the history of BB.

      • I am not so sure Adam is truly on Rachel and Jordans side. I think he is just telling them what he needs to to stay safe while they are in power. I think Adam is truly team newbie and given the chance will evict Jordan and Rachel

    • Tommy SHUT THE F UP!!! Please u r such an idiot!!!” Mad a bit vetfan” ? Maybe vetfan is sick of seeing ur ignorant posts on here. Again STOP watching and posting since u dont have anything constructive to say!!!

  6. Looking back at Shelly’s interview with Julie last night, is it just me or does Julie seem biased? It looks like she is a HUGE Jeff & Jordan fan, or the producers told her to act this way. She kept telling Shelly how evicting Jeff was a stupid move, and how it was “too early”, “too risky”, bla bla bla… really, Julie? It was’nt “too early”, it was at freaking FINAL 7, it was the perfect time for that move (unlike when Dani tried to backdoor Jeff on week 3 when there were 11 people left).. With Jeff not being able to compete in that HoH, and that night being a double eviction night, Kalia nominating Jeff, and Porshe not using the veto on him.. all the cards were placed to get Jeff OUT, in my opinion it was the right move to make and the perfect time to do it. I would’ve done the same. That’s not what screwed her. The reason she got evicted this week is because of that duo twist.. If Porsche didn’t open Pandora’s Box, Rach would’ve saved herself with PoV, leaving Jordan on the block most likely getting voted out 2-1. Jordan would have been the one gone, and Shelly would still be in the house. Voting Jeff out had nothing to do with her being evicted this week.

    • The reason S got evicted had nothing to do with her vote against Jeff and everything to do with her campaigning to keep Dani in over K (which in my opinion made no sense)& she got caught at it. Had she not done that the P HOH could have played out the same and A would be out the door. S would have blamed the Jeff evict on A & J would have believed her.
      Then S in her exit interview had the balls to say “with Dani and Jeff out of the way I really thought I could make it to final 3”
      Dani would still be in the house if S’s BIG move had been successful. Hey S u can thank A for Dani being out of the way because he wouldn’t go along with your brillant plan. lol

    • Shelley was lying to everyone in the house. She lied right to the end, and deserved to go out. She is lucky because usually playing both sides of the house gets you out fast. Adam floats also.

  7. I hope they make Rachel think that she would get to see “Brendan” for a day if she open’s Pandora’s Box, because that is the only way she would open it. She might be a witch, but she is not dumb. “Go Newbies”!

    Wouldn’t be great if Porche wins Veto and Kalia gets the “diamond veto” from the fortune teller? Then they would have to get rid of the MAJOR FLOATER ADAM out and then it would be great to see two vets verses two newbies battle to the end!

      • Didn’t something like that happen last year, R came back into the house and she thought she would see B, and he wasn’t there due to Pandora’s box?? (am I remembering right?)

      • Brendan opened Pandora’s Box, was given a luxury reward for a day, and Rachel went into the house for 24 hours. Basically, that “move” got Matt evicted because Rachel sent a message to Brendan anyway (which, iirc, you’re not allowed to make messages of any kind like that). Go production!

      • Yes Brendan opened Pandoras box and got a 24 hour stay in a luxury home,fed wonderful food and got backrubs,he took it because he thought Rachel would be there ,he ran threw the whole place calling her name & here she was sent back into theBB house for 24 hours,he found out when he came back

  8. I think they will offer Rachel a trip or a chance to see Brendan just so Adam will get to see Tori. She said those are the only 2 things she would open Pandora’s box for.

  9. Decisions, decisions . . .

    Who is the better one to cut first, Kalia or Porche? I vote for them both to be gone this week!

    Go Jokel and Adam!!

      • Yeah but it’s not that cut-and-dried. You have one who can win (or more like gotten lucky) on Q+A, and another one on physical challenges. I agree with Dan. I vote to have both of them gone next week (may likely NOT happen but I WISH).

    • Couldn’t we just dump everybody and move on to next season. The remaining cast is boring. Even J & R.

      • The “Brigade” season for me is still the most boring. The only season where I actually stopped watching after episode 5.

      • @Just sAyn: best alliance name for me is ‘Chilltown’. Their DR sessions during all star was hilarious. They were doing that ‘telephone’ thing..ring2x! and then the two would start laughing their ass off! LOL

    • I think there are pros and cons with both, but I think it’s better to cut Kalia this week. Since there was just a physical HOH, I see a questions HOH coming up next and Kalia has proven to be good at those. I also wonder if they will have another skill competition. If so, JR might make the decision on who to get rid of this week based on who does the best while practicing the skill.

      I also think that, while Kalia hasn’t done well at physical competitions like the donut competition and the HOH Jeff won, she has done fairly well at endurance competitions. Since part of the last HOH is usually endurance, she has a chance to do well if she makes it to the final three.

      • Adam practiced that ball on the wood thing for days ,he even said it probably had something to do wiyh an upcomming compition, then he was the first one to flunk out. It turned out to be that snake game

    • Jeff did mention not getting a chance to really say anything to Jordan before leaving since it was a quick double eviction. So that’d be good, hopefully light a fire under Jordan because she still seems defeated and missing fighting spirit.

  10. So glad Rachel won HOH, that guarentees a newbie to go home. Don’t they all play for HOH next week because it’s the last one? They should send home Kalia she is the strongest player. Adam is an easy beat and Porsche got lucky once. It’s going to come down to Rachel and Jordan. How will the jury pick. Rachel, all the way!!!!!!!!!!! Jordan won already anyway :)

    • I agree, Jordan doesn’t deserve to win the money twice. Actually she didn’t deserve to win it the first time either, she won it by dsefault.

      • Why didn’t Jordan deserve to win it once? What is your reasoning for that? I think that the winner should be Rachel this year, but I am curious as why you think that Jordan didn’t deserve to win her first season.

      • @Proteus Because they all believe that being loyal & good to people isn’t game play. They also won’t give her credit for the comps that she did win.
        They believe that unless you are back stabbing, comp winning, etc. u aren’t deserving. They can’t give credit to different styles of play example #1 all the criticism of A’s game play. The only person that deserves to win is the person they are or did root for.

  11. Production is going to have to tell Rachel or Jordan while they are in the DR to go into the purple room alone so that the fortune teller can speak to them.

  12. Well, Julie did say that there was going to be an eviction on Wednesday and Thursday. My hopes they will be: Kahlia and Porsche. Even though Adam isn’t really doing too much, he is somewhat likeable and can relate to people.

  13. What about this scenario: Kalia and Porche go up, Adam wins POV and takes one of them off. Rach has to put up Jordon and J goes home

    • That would require Adam to win a veto comp on the level. Also, Adam has promised Jordan he is with them. This time he really is.

      • Adam doesn’t have the balls and he will lose Jeffs and Jordans vote
        He will do what he always does leave the decisions to somebody else

    • Hate it. And it won’t happen. I can’t wait to see Danielle’s face when Kalia or Porche walk through the jury house door.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if Adam just ‘throws the Veto’ because as mentioned, he doesn’t want to have to make a choice. He doesn’t want the blood of being the reason Jordan goes up and he doesn’t want to face not pulling his buddy Porsche off the block.

      • I dont think anyone will be suprised if Adam were to throw a compition thats Adams idea of gameplay, whats up with that? Maybe he thinks it’ll get him the 25 thou as americas favorite player.He sits and tells us what hes thinking when he is alon and then does it. then he throws everything and runs to the DR to tell us once again hes not getting any blood on HIS hands.

      • A has said more than once in the DR that he has thrown comps “why put a target on my back” He has said more than once that his goal was to make it to final 4 that winning comps at that point is most important. He has said more than once that at that point if they beat me they beat me. He has been very clear about his stategy and apparently it has been working for him.
        I personally am not rooting for A to win but I am also not slaming him for his game play. Obviously it is working for him and for that I say ADAM well done!!!

    • I agree, Rachael should win this year she has been threw hell and deserves to win. She is the best player ever. But Jordan girl you are my favorite, but you won last year, so lets let Rachael have a good Honeymoon. If it want for the Vets, this years BB would have sucked. Newbies all looked kinda like a bunch of lazy asses.

      • I agree R has done well & is deserving of winning this game. I am rooting for her. But the hell she has been through most of it was her own fault. It is the way she treated the other HG’s. The way she acted when things weren’t going her way. The only reason I am rooting for her now is because she really seems to have changed alot of that. Changing is not easy & she has really pulled it together. I just hope it stays that way.
        But like you Jordon is by far my favorite player.

  14. I hope Pandora’s Box is Tori Spelling to thrill Adam and annoy the rest and for Rachel….a diamond power of veto….

    The last veto was seemingly good for Porsche, but not really, while it was good for a couple houseguests….

    So I think its kind of the same….but this time the holder gets the power when last week the veto winner got the power.

    • and on a serious note….I think Rachel feels with either Adam or Jordan she can win.

      Jordan is loved by most everyone, but she has a huge CON on her back….she won before. That helps Rachel – who was “hated” on by almost everyone at one point or another and who I feel left dumb evictee messages for people going to the jury.

      Adam….she can always say its a no brainer to bring him to point out what she had done and what he had NOT done…and that is true – everyone in the house is annoyed he is still there.

      • If Rach goes against Jordan in the final, she loses. The only one that’ll vote for her is bookie. Everyone else will vote for Jordan out of spite. these guys won’t vote on game play if it’s those two, I’ll bet anything on it.

      • All depends on whether or not the jury can look past their dislike for R. Hopefully they see the change that the viewers have seen and reward her for it.

  15. So this wed will have a live show with eviction?
    Is this eviction based on R nom ? Or could it be a different twist like something from the fortune teller giving somebody a chance to boot out who they want? Exceot for the HOH?

    • “giving somebody a chance to boot out who they want? ” like the coup d’etat power that Jeff had on his season? I hope not!!!

  16. Hey…stop complaining it was rigged for Rachel. Did’nt the two asses planned to throw the HOH anyway? So be quiet!

    • No, if they do it the same as past seasons, she will not play. In the past, the final four HOH got to play in the final three competition, but that’s it.

  17. We need to all vote for Rachel when it is time for America’s favorite. Just in case she doesn’t win. She has done a great job this year and deserves it. If Jordan wins that would be soooo wrong. I like her but Rachel is keeping her safe and desreves it all.

  18. Of course it has been rigged. If P had not taken pandoras box the fortune teller would have come into play that week. They want those two girls in. R& J

  19. Dude, if Jordan makes it to the final two, it’ll be a black mark on BB. She might be a”sweetheart” but she is useless. Jeff carried her and now Rachel has that chore. You people complain about Adam but give her a pass? She doesn’t desrve 50 bucks let alone 50k or 500k. Final three should be Rach, Kalia and Porshe, they earned thier spots. Adam and Jordan are dead weight. I wish those three would just realize it and work towards that goal, but this season’s cast just continues to play the game beyond horrible. F around and let Jordan coast to the final, she’ll win it because she’s so well liked.

      • I think Rachel is carrying a sure vote and thats pricless on this game, I dont know what you are thinking,Adam has R & Js backs too, what show r u watching??

    • I dont know if you remember or not but Jordan did win HOH week 2. It was not given to her, she golfed a 3 when the 6 before her golfed higher #’s. She also came in 2nd place against Kalia last week. She is trying!

    • I wouldn’t count J out of the comps yet.
      You do realize that she did win 2 comps this season (granted one of them lux) which by the way is the same # as P & K. I guess J’s wins don’t count.

      • Let me add.
        J did jump from her allience like P did from R.
        J did put up her own allience member
        for eviction like K did.

    • Your girl Jordan is useless. What has she done since week 2? Nothing. If Kalia or Porshe performed like she did, you would be all over her and you would say she’s useless, but because it’s your precious Jordan, you are blinded.

      • What else has Cowlia(I love that name!) done except eat?? She IS useless at any competition!!! Putting her in the jury house would be the best BB has done this season. She could eat to her hearts content!!!

    • @ Gene, you are oh so right, Jordan doesn’t even deserve to be on the show. Now for Adam, I’m wondering if that was his game all along, to not win any challenge, so he won’t look like a threat to anyone, and they would take him to the end! As far as the BLACKMARK on BB, I agree, read remarks on facebook and other sites as well, not good for BB

  20. it’s not over for the newbies yet….

    so Rachel puts up Porsche and Kalia, Adam wins veto, takes down Porsche, Rachel is forced to nominate Jordan and Jordan goes home

  21. Time for Porsche and Kalia to go. I want to see the two vets for the final two. At first, I didn’t care who wins, but now I rather see Jordan or Rachel win. Adam will wind up on the jury soon. He has floated the whole game. At least, Kalia and Porsche woke up, he hasn’t!

  22. Rachel and Brendan deserve each other. The Bookie wannabe Dorctor and the Silicon Vegas Classless Showgirl. I give them 2 years tops once in the same geographic area… or sooner if she wins the cash. Ever notice how she reacts when she loses anything? I vote for class… Jordan… even though she’s won before. Here’s to role models on reality TV.

    • Jordan looked real classy rolling in the mud with Shelly. Jordan is sweet, but she is almost as useless as Adam. How could she not have gotten at least 2nd place in the HOH? Kalia is fat, Adam is fat AND SMOKES! Jordan looks fit and does NOT smoke. Did she even try? If see wins another 500K, I’m gonna go POSTAL! GO BIG RED! WIN IT FOR DOCTOR BOOKIE!

    • Wannabe doctor doing cancer research who has a masters and a bachlors so is given a free education from the state HARDLY A WANNABE,& Rachel also has a degree from a good school. think again hater

  23. KP will go up and I am 100% sure that this week veto will be the OTEV game because anyone can win this game. My hope is that K or P will go home. I really dont think that Adam will turn on the Vets this week

  24. Whats all this about production and ratings.B D J first 3 out.CBS has a strange way of getting better ratings

  25. Right from the beginning since Rachel was in the Say Yes To The Dress of Beverly Hills, very expensive dresses and since she said she will spend as much on the dress as the boob job, which cost a lot. I figured she had to have won BB13. Why did they let her do that commercial. I really hate that she probably does win it.

  26. Write it down. My predictions are: 1. Pandora’s box will have no effect on the game. 2. Wednesday’s eviction has nothing to do with the regular eviction on Thursday and either Adam or Jordan will be going home on Wednesday. 3. Either Porsche or Kalia wins the pov.

    It’s going to happen like this because one twist benefited JR and so there will be another twist that works against JR.

  27. Kalia needs to go home. She was Danielle’s “hatchet-lady” implementing Dany’s betrayal of the other vets, and now Kalia needs to face payback. Porsche has been a staunch anti-veteran, pro-newbie but any woman named after a luxury sportscar can’t be all bad. And she is very attractive, too.

  28. Just incase veryone is wondering….the producer of the show has onle said “the fortune teller will talk this week”…that doesn’t mean the fortune teller will spit out a special guess is, she will spit out a note letting them know that Wednesday and Thursday, will be an eviction night. I think Wednesday will be the one who’s. Voted out from rachels HOH this week. I think the second eviction(on Thursday) will. Be possibly face morphing comp and whoever has the slowest time will automatically be evicted from the game. Being as how Julie said the final HOH will happen on has to be some sort of comp happening in the meantime…they will show nominations and possibly veto results on Sunday? Then maybe Wednesday re-noms and eviction? Then. Thursday(in my thought) a face morphing comp where the slowest. Time gets evicted on spot? The way julie said the events and order of them, leads me to believe it will not be a fastfoward or dbl eviction type of situation..I don’t think they’d do that then make thm play in a 3 part HOH after that.

  29. Is it me or does it seem like all these “Rachel fans” are coming from all over the place. Where was everyone this entire season???

    • I think there are many, like me, who have a new respect and love for Rachel. I couldn’t stand her last year and some of this year. She seems to have grown up a bit or something. I cant explain it! I just love her now.

      • I agree — except for the “love her now” LOL. I can say I’m “rooting” for her though :) Couldn’t stand R until after Brendon’s second eviction this season. She seemed “sane” now…

    • I bet it’s cause she’s a dog lover :) I was happy to hear talk about Barkley. She LOVES her baby.

  30. It seems like they told all the hg’s that there is another Pandora’s Box. Rachel is locked out of her HOH room. Jordan and Rachel are discussing if she should open it or not. I don’t have live feeds. Does anyone know if she opened it or not?

  31. The twist is if Rachel puts Kalia and Porshce up, Adam wins Veto, takes one of them down he cannot be put up. That would leave Jordan having to go up. 2 Newbies would vote off Jordan and leave Rachel. Need to hope anyone but Adam wins the Veto

      • Would like 2 c Jesse return so he can rip his T-shirt open Hulk..(lol)..I wonder who will b returning on the BB AllStars??

  32. ah ok i made a little search and saw thst he was in BB10

    but my new question is now: why does everybody saying that R had to be stuck with Jessie AGAIN? why again?

  33. I want to say that I think the last HOH Cowlia won was rigged for her because the last question was about food, and we all know she is an expert on that subject.

    Haha, sounds ridiculous right?

    BB has always had physical comps, so should they never have another physical comp because no one except for Rachel and Jordan exercise regularly. The newbies could have been getting into to shape all this time instead of eating and sleeping. Oh wait, Production is favoring the vets by putting so much food in there for them, and therefore they are always eating, so therefore they are always tired and sleeping. Oh, now I see it. LMAO!!!

    • if you r hungry— do you not eat?
      if you are sleepy—do you not sleep?
      they are not ALWAYS eating and sleeping… the show is edited and only sections are shown, give them a break and quit running people down for their flaws, what flaws have you got?
      if you are b*tchy — do you not b*tch?

  34. Since I saw her come in the show. I knew that big brother wanted her to win big brother 13. Especially, when you see her shopping for a wedding dress on say yes to the dress. She was annoying before but now she is a pain. when everything goes her way, all big smile . If not, she is worst than a baby. crying and stumping her feet.

  35. i thought it was unfair that when the newbees were in power they had no real power at all, that was their time to get rid a rachel , why is it that she gets pampered, at the beginning of the season i was ticked that they brought back people from other seasons (and especially the most sickening ones – rachel and brendon – my god …why would you do that to us again ? ) . there are thousands of people that are out here in the real world that would love to have a chance to be on the show so why bring back the others, just like on survivor== they kept bringing back rufus and rob , rob tried everything he could to become famous after being on the show ( what a ham !!! ). these contestants are no better than anyone of us- they are just regular people with swelled heads, so why not give your viewers a chance to win the money. it is like it was planned all along for the sobbing, loud mouth- redheaded bimbo to win.
    if anything – the newbies should of come out victorious on the show !!!!

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