Big Brother 13: Week 9 Eviction and HoH Spoiler Rumors

Big Brother 13 Adam shocker

Keep in mind these are rumors. Nothing is officially confirmed until it’s shown tonight. That being said, these are fairly reasonable rumors based on what we did know. So for your enjoyment, here are the alleged spoilers for events in the Big Brother 13 game since yesterday’s blackout began.

Yesterday the “special eviction episode” was filmed. Rumors started to flow from that event since there was an audience and here’s what’s been said. Kalia was allegedly evicted after a tie-breaker decided by Rachel. This is what we expected. Adam told Jordan yesterday he was going to vote out Kalia. Jordan said she was considering a sympathy vote. Rachel had told Jordan she wouldn’t mind being the tie-breaker to send Kalia home. Believable-Rumor-Rating: 100%

Next up is the HoH competition which we were told would be the Fortune Teller’s predictions quizzed at the remaining three competing HGs (Rachel couldn’t compete as the outgoing HoH). Yesterday the HGs spent a good bit of time reciting and reviewing what the Fortune Teller said. Adam was remembering them very well and said this competition would be his to lose. Meanwhile, Porsche wasn’t doing so hot and it probably didn’t help that Adam was trying to sabotage her with false information on the fortunes. Out of all of that, the alleged winner of the HoH competition: Adam. Believable-Rumor-Rating: 85%

While the episode filming would have most likely stopped there, the rumors didn’t and here’s where they quickly go downhill on reliability. Supposedly, and let me stop you right there – I don’t believe these may have even both happened yet, Adam nominated Porsche & Jordan and Jordan won the Veto competition.

Adam would only have 3 options for nominations. So it’s entirely possible that Adam did nominate Porsche and Rachel, but it probably wouldn’t have taken place in front of an audience. When it does happen, I’d believe Porsche being nominated, but Rachel versus Jordan for the other could be a flip of the coin. Believable-Rumor-Rating: 60%

Now I don’t think it’s impossible for Jordan to win the Veto comp, I just don’t believe it happened as early as the rumors started. If CBS took down the feeds for Tuesday and Wednesday to have time to film competitions and get Thursday’s endurance competition set up, then the Veto comp was more likely held late last night or coming up Wednesday. If it was the face-morph it could have been late last night as those are usually over-nighters. Also, if it’s the usual face-morphing Veto comp, remember that Jordan did a horrible job on this in BB11. She recently reminded Rachel about how bad she was at that comp in Big Brother 11. Believable-Rumor-Rating: 10%

So the first two rumors? Sure why not. The second two rumors? Someone goofing around. If the Live Feeds return tonight after the eviction show, then we’ll be able to confirm who really did get nominated and who won the next Veto. If the Feeds stay in blackout until Thursday (I hate to even say that) we won’t know until the live show.

What do you think about these rumors?

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  1. Wow my view on Adam gets better and better every day. I’d really like to see him or Rachel win (if he won HoH). He he did that’s a major respect booster lol.

  2. yep thats what i said… i dont think pov has happened yet and i think its just jordan winning on polls of who people want to win…. but i hope she does! good luck jordan and rachel!!

  3. thanks Matt! we appreciate your rumors, educated guesses and predictions! anything to keep the info coming! of course, we’ll give you grief tonight if you’re wrong! ;-)

  4. I hope ALL the rumors are true. That would mean the final 3 would be Rachel, Adam and Jordan. PERFECT. I cannot wait to find out. All I do is wish my life away. I am always wishing for Thurs every week. How sad. Any way GO Rachel!!!

    • If the final three are Rachel, Jordan and Adam, I don’t see Jordan winning 500k. She has her best shot vs. Adam though. The question will be, will she bring him or give the sympathy 500k to Rachel?

    • So hope these rumors are true and Jordan did win the veto because she would definitely take Rachel, and I think she would be totally happy if Rachel won the $500 because she has already said that she would be and would be thrilled to win the $50,000. GO TEAM JORDAN AND RACHEL!!! Also, love it that Jordan came in second to Adam and Porsche was last in the competition. That is what Jordan always wanted was for Adam to win HOH.

  5. Yup its a pretty safe bet that if those last 2 rumors are true, that Porsche will be the next one out the door after Kalia. Whoever isnt on the block decides who goes and you know neither Jordan or Rachel will evict the other.

    • Are you kidding? They both wan’t to take Adam. Why take a chance when they both can beat Adam. They will cut each others throat quicker than you think. For those who think Jordan will give it to Rachel what do think Jeff would have to say about that. I needed the money for his business. He would cut her throat. You can see that Jordan is scared of Jeff.

      • Jordan does not fear Jeff. I don’t believe that Jordan would turn her back on Rachel, nor Rachel on Jordan. It will come down to who wins the final and how it’s played out. If Adam wins and takes either, then he at leasts finishes second. My money is on Rachel though

  6. I am actually not an Adam fan. He did nothing until he had only 2 girls to compete with and one of them has done nothing. He has shown in the last 2 weeks what a floater he is.

    I hope it is him, Rachel and Jordan in the final 2. I just can’t make myself want Porche in that group.

    Jordan played no game at all until her protector was gone. Now she is playing but so what. I rather have Rachel who has been out there playing the game this whole time in the final 2 and win then any of the others.

    In my perfect world the final 2 would have been Rachel, Jeff and Dani. A final 2 of Jeff and Rachel. Rachel winning.

    I hated that girl last season and this season she has become a grown up and I like her now.

    • Yeah why does the floating baboon get respect for his end of the game wins and Jordan dont get anything for her social game. Cause she only talked game in the house from the beginning, she sure wasnt putting for J. She wouldnt allow it.

      • @Don’t, My opinion is that Jeff didn’t want to do the bump and grind. He didn’t want him and Jordon being plastered all over the net with their lovemaking. Brandon’s and Rach’s is. And to be frank about it I wouldn’t either.

    • In the season Jordan won, she did nothing until the final four either and still won. It’s not about always winning comps, it’s about the social game as well. I really can’t stand the way Rachel talks about floaters. You can’t win every comp every week and how you get by is having friends and not appearing strong so a target doesn’t get placed on your back.

      Dan did the same thing in the season he won. Although I believe he started winning comps when there were a few more people but essentially he did the same thing, just sat back, threw a bunch of comps and appeared as a weak gameplayer only to come on strong at the end and dictate the game.

      • Rachel hates floaters but never does anything about them…..”Floaters grab your lifejackets” was an awesome quote…..just too bad she doesn’t stick by it.

      • I gotta agree with Uncle Mikey here. Don’t be fooled just because you may like Rachel more than the other HG’s. She definitely has not grown up. Don’t forget her early season arrogance/melt downs ( depending if her group was HoH or not).

        Most grown ups I know don’t act like spoiled 5 year olds when things don’t go their way. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at her goodbye messages since they started filling up the jury. She is doing everything in her power to sabotage her own chances of winning, just to take some pot shots at people she didn’t like. Way to think ahead there Rachel! Real mature!

      • Let us not forget one of the best moves Jordan or anyone made all summer and was the actual game changer was when she convinced Kalia that they were keeping Shelly and thus sealing her fate when she voted Adam to leave BB. If not for that game changing move, Adam would never of sided with Rachel and Jordan. Best Game Move all season long, and Porsche deserves to go home for tainting the milk and making Jordan sick. She should of been evicted as soon as BB found out she did that and should not still be allowed to be playing the game. GO TEAM JORDAN AND RACHEL!!!!

    • I have to say this folks and I hope you understand what I’m saying. If u guys don’t think Jordon has done anything up until now I really don’t think u have watched the recorded.shows or the live feeds. Otherwise u would know 1. Taking care of Rachel and shelly has been a full
      -time summer job for Jordon. 2. Her social game far surpasses what most of us can really understand. 3. Jordon has been a part of every decision that was made and she always did her part in talking w people and getting info ( social game) and helping her alliance use the correct info. 4. She has worked out everyday this summer and sometimes 2 times a day. Like DAMAGE said above its not all about winning the comps. She helps herself and her alliances with her great ability to calm people and make them question what they want to do. I have seen it over and over again in both of her seasons. I do think Jordon can win again mainly because everyone in jury knows the only reason Rachel or Adam r still in the house at this point in the game is really because of the moves Jeff and Jordon made. Not the other way around. Jordon and Rachel have been a perfect pairing. They r absolutely Ying and Yang. Jordon gives Rachel the peace of mind and the confidence she has needed to push through these last few weeks.

      • Also remember that Rachel has also helped out Jordan.. she gave Jordan peace of mind & confidence as well especially after Jeff’s eviction.

        Love them both!!

      • I totally agree Mary…Jordan has also won 2 comps and for those that say she doesn’t try she has came in second a lot of the comps.

      • @mary13. Your giving jordan far too. Much credit. I am so sorry, lol but rachel is absolutely not still in the house because of jordan. Rachels “attitude change” was due to brendon straightening her out before he left. And you seem to forget rachel doing the same thing for jordan when jeff was evicted as jrdan did for her when brendon was. Also, make no mistake, jordan is still in this game because rachel saved her ass last week, rachel would have won the veto periiod so jordan wouuld have been sent home. Another thing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with people who say she’s floated the whole time and I do want her in the final 2 but she certainly doesn’t deserve to win over rachel. She hasn’t done enough to earn yet another 500k

      • I’m sorry but I have to disagree. Having watched all 13 seasons of BB (even the horrendous love-in of Season 1) I have never seen a player succeed so much because of her inability to play the game.

        The reason Jordan won season 11 and may win this year is because she doesn’t scare anybody. If people took Jordan seriously she would be gone week 1. I’ll admit she does have a good social game, but to delude yourself into thinking that’s why she won and may win again is crazy.

        She succeeds because people don’t take her as physical or mental threat. Hell, look at her half the time on the show or in the DR, she looks like a space cadet trying to string words together to make simple sentences.

        I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, she got lucky to win once, if she wins twice it’s a travesty to the game of Big Brother. I don’t mind if people float to win BB, but to be carried to the finish line twice, I can’t think of a greater injustice to the game than that.

      • Jim Bob,

        Who carried Jordan when she one the last 3 weeks, yes no is threaten by her, that is part of her game. That is the other players fault if they don’t take her seriously. They did it again this season, who in their right mind would let a previous winner float in the game. I would get her out as soon as possible, but no one did. She wins when she has too, she plays up her blondie image for everyone. But you watch her talk game towards the end of this season and last, she knows what she is doing and she knows exactly what to say to people. Like if the rumor is true, she voted for K to stay, smart move, she stuck to her word and now it may be easier for K to vote for her is she is in the final 2. Love when people say people or teams are all luck, you don’t win games like this based on luck, you win because you get people to do things you want without them knowing it’s not the best move for them. Gee, the guy for his doctorate is first in the jury house, guess being very smart didn’t get him to the end.

      • I agree with Jim Bob and vet fan. I do think people give Jordan to much credit. Even with claiming she has so much of a social game. In the beginning she only conversed and hung out with the vets. Mostly Jeff. She said many times she hated this season and didn’t want to play.

        I have the live feeds as well and actually Shelly had a large part in getting Rachel to calm down.

        Jordan even admitted she didn’t know the newbies very well. Except for Kalia when they became friends for awhile.

        The rest Jim Bob and vet fan already covered.

      • Who knows what really goes on the DR? On show time last night Adam and Rachel were called in 3 times each. None of the others called in. When you sign a contract not say anything about production. Any info from BB can be given to any HG. Other wise they should show DR discussion to the viewers. Who ever is in final two it is because that is the way BB want’s it.

      • let’s not give jordan credit for voting to keep kalia, she knew damn well she would be gone because her along with adam discussed with rachel how they were voting because they knew rachel wanted kalia out and really wanted to send her packing herself so let’s not pretend america’s sweetheart jordan was keeping her word with kalia, that’s complete bullshit!!!!

  7. If the next two evictions are Kalia and Porsche then the house that Dani built will have come down. That would be sweet.

    • She was evicted before this stage. So no telling, unless they did the face-morph comp before the usual stage last season. I’m sure someone can correct if that’s wrong.

      • hey Matt,
        when u write a new article, u don’t check the last one for question or infos needed???

      • No, I don’t based new articles on previous articles’ comments.

        I didn’t respond to your question again because I already answered it. You didn’t seem to like the answer and just asked it again in a different way.

      • @ matt, you are correct rachel was evicted before the face morphing comp. Now someone correct me. If I’m wrong, but I’m almost positive they used it as round 2 in the final HOH.

      • @ Matt
        u saying: ”You didn’t seem to like the answer and just asked it again in a different way”
        i tell u no it’s not that way at all really
        i just wanted to know if we should NEVER refer to other sites if asked AGAIN about the infos we’re giving, that’s all

        sorry if u got annoyed with it to the point that u didn’t even appreciate my compliments either in another posts even though u appreciated others’

        anyway sorry to bother you again
        have a good day

      • @vet fan you are correct. Rachel asked Jordan if she played in it as Rachel said she did not. Of course Jordan did, but said she did terrible.

  8. Don’t know about the rumors but I have my grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches, popcorn, chips, cookies and ham sandwiches ready for Cowlia’s eviction tonight. Oh, and some crying towels when Julie interviews her.

  9. It would actually be good game-wise for Jordan and Rachel if Adam won HOH, then all they would have to do is make sure Porsche doesnt win veto and then it wouldnt matter if noms stay the same or if the other goes up because whoever isnt up the block (Rachel/Jordan), would get to decide who leaves and you know how thats going to turn out. Bye bye Porsche. If Rachel makes it to final 2, which i think she has a good shot at, I believe she can win it all because of the fact that shes played harder than the others and has really had to scratch and claw her way to the end. Heres hoping for Rachel to take it all!!!

  10. I think Adam floated most of the season but I still can’t wish for Rachel to win because I don’t like her this season any more than I did last season. I love Jordan, but since she already won, guess Adam is my man for this season.

    • Come on linda dont flip on me cor A! Does it really matter if Jordan has won already? If they let that girl make it to the end then damn it! She deserves to win! Cause that means she undenialably plays the best social game out there.Cause with very few comps won and you make it to the end twice,then you deserve it!

    • I’ll tell you what I tell my wife:

      Take the personality OUT of the equation.

      If you do you’ll find that Rachel (lie her or not) played a much better game than Adam or Jordan or Porksha.

      • Db look at R’s social game. She sucked if it hadnt been for Jordan others would have voted her off.Seeing what J done for R and others shows me she was playing the game.But just bcause R has won comps she stands out more. I the think J& R are on equal footing.

      • DLP, the social game is part of it but think about Jordan. Great social game but she doesn’t deserve to win. Same with Adam. Nice guy but he hasn’t done all that much.

        IMO, of course.

        Wanna nice grilled cheese and bacon samwich with pickles?

      • Rachel is a very good player. I think her deal is being a bit immature and too outspoken when she needs to keep mum at times. She and Jordan are very good together. I hope they continue to have each others backs to the end. Porsche is a backstabber. She needs to go. Adam? Nice guy. However it works out, it should be Adam, Rachel and Jordan as the final 3. I hope Rachel wins the BIG $$$$. She deserves it.

      • I cannot believe you guuys are saying if it hadn’t been for jordan others would have voted her out. Since rachels “attitude chance” she’s nly been on the block once, with jeff where jeff was the clear target and make no mistak jordan would have done whatever she coulda have to get rachel out if she had a few days worth of throwing. Under the buus. Other than that situation nobody has had any chance or poweer to get rachel out, you guys are sadly mistaken to think rachel is around because of jordan. Rachel has had. To work her. Ass off to stay this long. And she 100% deserves to win. NOBODY has played as well as her, look at Dicks social game, he was a dick and he still deserved to win. Rachel. Changed when brendon told her that people don’t want her there not because they’re scared of her, but because she’s a bitch to people.

    • I agree Linda. Adam has floated all season. I’d like to ask what is this thing about Adam and Porshe having some kind of secret alliance? On the regular show and BBAD I have not seen anything to allow me to think they have a such a thing going on. I hope that R and J make it to the final 2. I hope that R wins and J takes second. All faults put aside I do think Rachel is smart and has played great. That is why I hope she wins.

  11. I hope your rumors are true i really want to see Racheal win this thing she has been the only player fighting this whole time she deserves it

  12. i think cbs is a big fraud , if you paid for live fedd then we should get it i plan on putting my charge in dispute with my credit card. Come on people we should be more pissed off with live feed the who stab each other in the back

    • This was probably a one time thing.

      Remember that Sunday is the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 and CBS has a show with Robert DeNiro on about that so no BB that night. Granted they could have BB on another night but that’s the way it is.

    • dude u got the live feeds since the show stated, its off like what 24 hours?? u cant live without BB for a day?? come on now ya CLUTE

      • I agree I’m having BB dt’s, and if they say 24/7 then thats what it should be, no blackouts,sorry Kalia don’t be offended

    • They clearly state in the Content disclaimer that, “Certain content may be delayed, edited, and/or blacked out at various times at our sole discretion.” It sucks, but it’s right there, clear as day.

  13. I never write on here but with the 4 that are left why wouldn’t you want someone that HAS played the entire game to win. Rachel is the only game player left. I love love love Jordan but she has not played at all. And the other 2 have no idea that they were even playing a game.

    • Wrong Diane…Jordan has played one of the best social games. And she has won 2 comps. Her and Rachel make an awesome team, Rachel physical and Jordan social.

      • I know Jordan won an HoH, what other comp did she win? Are you counting that luxury comp with Hasselhoff? If so that’s like buying a $5 scratch ticket and winning $5 and saying you won the lottery. Technically correct but utterly useless.

        The only comps that count for anything are HoH and POV, nobody takes luxury comps into consideration. If Jordan has to use that as part of her “Vote For Me” speech at the end, well she’s in trouble then.

  14. So I’m sure you’ve posted this elsewhere…but what is the schedule of events for the rest of the season? When is the finale?

  15. I hope that it will be Rachel wins, Adam second and Jordan America’s fan favorite. Rachel would have been evicted three times but she is still here. She was picked on, given disgusting thoughts and comments by the mean girls and she survived. She has won several comps and veto. Rachel and Jordan carried Adam to get this far if not Porsche and Kalia wanted him out. It will just be fair for Adam to take Rachel and Jordan final three and then may the best girl win that POV.

    • No,no,no Victoria A doesnt desrve to win! He hasnt played the game until the end.Hey Did what everyone else said not what he wanted.

    • Rachael would have been out weeks ago but Big Brother threw in twists and rescued her not once but twice. Rachael is still in the game because she has had help. If it weren’t for that then I would say yes she deserves to win.

      • @herself I totally agree with you, but unfortunately not many agree with us. I know Rachel will win, but against who? Against HG’s that everyone thinks are worthless. Not that I want to see her again, but would have liked to see her win against all vets. If she won then I would say she totally deserved it.

  16. This season I am torn between good players and players I have not liked. Having said that, although I have never liked Rachel, I must admit, she has done better than all the other three players. If Adam did win HOH, he has some respect from me, but as far as Porsche and Jordan, there about the same. I don’t think people should deprive giving Jordon the 500,000 just because she has won before. This is not an excuse, but the problem that she has not played the game, makes me think she doesn’t deserve it. I think I would like to see the newbees go to final/2, i.e. Adam and Porsche as I never wanted to see the vets at all this season.

    • @dani700 I agree with you regarding Jordan not deserving the win even if she won another comp. If Rachel wins which I fully expect I just think this season has been so predictable. I felt she would win when they brought Brendon back.

      I never wanted to see vets mixed with newbies from the very beginning. Of course a vet would win. Any newbie would be afraid to make a move when they started off the season with 6 vets. The arguement that people have that there were more newbies makes no sense to me.

      Rachel will win, but she will end up winning against newbies. If Rachel won with an all vet show I would give her far more credit. If Jordan were to win it would be so wrong because she has not played well.

      If a newbie won the whole thing I would be shocked.

      • ITA with your Joker and Gail! Jordan has not really done anything! She was carried by Jeff at the beginning and then by Rachel to the end! If Rachel wins, it does seem predictable. I think someone or anyone should have got rid of Rachel when they had the chance to do it. Now they have to pay for it. Too bad!

    • What has Adam and Porche done? Adam was handed a POV by Jeff then when there is knowone left to compete against he wins a POV against 4 girls. Then if rumors are true he wins HOH against 2 girls. He’s just awesome isn’t he? Yea right! And Porche has won a sleeping comp. Had 4 free weeks handed to her with a golden key. Her POV Jeff would of won had he not thrown his shoe out. And the snake comp Jordan won that one the first round and it never should of been played again.

      • “Her POV Jeff would of won had he not thrown his shoe out.” Would have but didn’t, keep dwelling on the past Jeff buggered up his own chances by acting like an enraged orangutang.

        “And the snake comp Jordan won that one the first round and it never should of been played again.” Are you kidding? Porsche went from LAST place to winning every round, whereas Jordan just sat there and had to win one round which she couldn’t even do.

        Jordan hasn’t played to win this season, she “floated” by under the radar and was never a real target.

      • @Joker, What have you been watching. Most comps go 1 round. Like the golf everyone hits the ball and first person that got lowest stands to the side until someone gets a better score and it keeps going until everyone has a turn and best score wins. And Jordan has been one of few that has not floated the entire game. Unlike everyone else that goes with the power. Adam was with them until Jeff went then he flips for 24hrs until the duo twist. Now is he going to flip again since he has the power. He’s a loser that thinks he’s the star of the show. He even said the other night they brought Tori Spelling here because I’m the star of the show. I hope he goes at final 3 and it’s Rachel and Jordan.

  17. Does anyone see a back door? Porsche + Jordan on the block. Porsche wins Veto, takes herself down, then she votes Rachel out! Anyone see this?

    • I think Porsha would vote out Jordan she thinks everybody in the jury with the exception of Brandon dont like Rachel and if she can get rid of Adam there will be more newbees than vets in the jury

      • it hasn’t been confirmed that Adam won the HOH, right? How has everyone come to the conclusion he beat out 2 girls???

    • At this point in the game, people can’t truly be backdoored since everyone has a chance to play in the veto competition. Basically, Adam’s HOH win was only to keep himself safe; it didn’t really matter who he nominated.

    • I could definitely see this happening! If she wins veto then she gets to choose who she thinks is more of a threat to her and vote them out of the house! To me that would obviously be Rachel so it would make a lot of sense for Porsche to evict her! Really hoping that Porsche wins veto so she makes it to final 3 and gets rid of J or R! GO PORSCHE!!!

    • Its not really a backdoor. It wouldn’t matteer if rachel started on the block or ended up on the block, but I will say one thing. Rachel has made it (I’m sure) much further than she’s expected, she’s an absolute beast at comps and SHE KNOWS if Porschee wins that veto she’s gone, so I think, given rachels track record. She has a VERY good shot at winning veto and others will have to fight very hard for her to not win.

  18. Matt there is no listing on Suday for BB not before or after the 9/11 special
    How are they going to make up for that?

  19. I also hope that the rumor about jordan winning the veto is true. I want rachel, jordan and adam in the final 3, and porsche going home. I’m rooting for rachel and jordan!

  20. I hate to say it, but it looks like Rachel has a pretty good shot at winning this season. Yet unjust event to happen this year, what with Casey Anthony being found not guilty and all. I hope John Morgan gets her for all she isn’t worth.

      • @ella, I Googled him.

        Some Ponzi scheme guy on trial in Tampa.

        Cole must think Tampa is the only place on earth.

      • He’s an attorney in Florida who is going after Casey Anthony for defamation because of the BS story she gave about her housekeeper abducting her daughter, and I am speaking of unjust acts, which is a direct comparison to Rachel winning the show. If this is such a dumb game show, why do you get so worked up over it?

      • Cole, read my posts. You are more worked up than me.

        Have a samwich. Relax. Have some chips.

        Next year you’ll forget all about this.

      • @db, no offense but it’s “sammich”, as in Kalia saying, “I feel like a sammich, or two”

    • I tend to agree with you..dani and kalia should have gotten rid of her at the beginning and they didn’t. Hence, they are in the jury house.

    • Tampa? He’s not even based out of Tampa and he isn’t a ponzi scheme lawyer. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but you are vastly misinformed.

      • I cannot post link, sez Matt:

        “Marian Morgan went on trial Tuesday, as jury selection got under way in Tampa federal court.

        The former Sarasota socialite, accused of being the ringleader in a $27 million Ponzi scheme, faces 21 felony counts, including conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and tax evasion.

        Morgan’s husband, John S. Morgan, indicted on the same 21 counts, pleaded guilty in June to just two counts and promised to cooperate in return for what is likely to be a sharply reduced sentence compared to the sentence his wife could face.”

        Gee, maybe there are TWO John Morgans.

        Who is vastly uninformed when you mention someone we don’t know about and don’t give us all the info?

      • Seems to me like you like to have the last word in situations such as this. It’s not even relevant to this post, I made a little comparison of one piece of trash to another, now can we just let it go all ready?

      • Matt wouldn’t post my last comment, but the reason I am strongly defending your misquote is because not only are you wrong, but Morgan and Morgan, the law firm of the actual John Morgan, husband of Ultima Morgan, not Marion, is representing me in a case as well and found it to be interesting that he is going after Casey.

  21. I agree with you partly. Out of Adam, Jordan and Rachel – I pray they are the final three and hope Rachel wins. As for the runner up…hmm I love Jordan but I would be okay with either her or Adam. Jeff needs to be America’s Favorite. Clown Shoe……lol

      • Then don’t bother to post. The rest of us are long time followers of the show and Big Brother Network. Matt runs an awesome site and we as fans of the game want to talk about events at hand. Not that you “Hate to the Max”.

    • @Miss Ann, how can you say that? Who would you say deserved to win more than Rachel? Dani and her ignorant move like two weeks into the game and her complete lack of usable social skills?

    • i was a newbies guy all season but i really hate to see p get any further, spiking the milk is serious business and that absurd behavior should not in any way be awarded

  22. Rachel doesn’t need to win.. the only reason she fought real hard is because she is not right in the head, has no manners or morals. therefore, when you’ve guarenteed yourself that you have no friends, you have to fight hard. It happened this way in both seasons for her. I would never vote for that. Sure she played game, but not a good game in my opinion.

    That being said, I’m still not sure who I would pick, Adam or Jordan.. I like Jordan, she’s a good person and played well. I picked her to win her season. But then for Adam to make it this far in the game without enemies and not doing much to get there, knowing he is playing with some reallllly good players, that is also a great accomplishment. He could win just for enjoying his summer vacation. LoL.

    • No offense, katocious, but that’s absurd. Love Rachel or hate her, you don’t think her lack of “manners or morals” wasn’t game play? Look at Evil Dick when he won. He annoyed the fire out of everyone in the house! Rachel isn’t much different. She totally got to Dani, haha!

  23. there is a website with the people in the audience that u can talk to and my mom has been into this for 13 yrs and she fills me in and told me whats happening and on thursday it will say live but really isnt they have been doing the comps all through the night

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. 3 people, 2 goes up. A non-nominee wins veto and takes 1 nominee off the block. Or maybe I’m missing something here? Can’t remember how it happened in the previous seasons..

    • In that scenario I’m assuming you mean Jordan wasn’t nominated. Then if Jordan won the veto and took Rachel off then Jordan would be renom’d. Which Jordan obviously wouldn’t do. She’d just keep things the same and vote.

      If the one person who wasn’t nominated wins the Veto then the noms won’t change.

      The Veto holder, if not nom’d or HoH, is the sole voter. If the HoH wins the Veto and doesn’t use it, then the non-nominee votes. If a nominee wins it then that HG would use it and be the sole voter.

  24. If Porsche beats the odds this week and wins veto and then makes it to final 2 she deserves to win the half million!!!

  25. Matt, so many reality based shows air twice a year, why doesn’t CBS have 2 Bib Brothers per year?

    • That’s a question for CBS.

      They did two seasons in one year w/ BB9 & BB10 when the TV writers strike occurred.

      BB wins its time slots in the summer because it’s mostly against reruns. That might not be the case against new episodes during the regular season.

  26. what do they do in the dr room? do they give hg’s clues for the comp? i hope f3 is adam, rach, por.

  27. who do you all think was a better player, janelle from bb7 or rachael? they should of had janelle in this bb with rachael.

  28. sorry porsche won last nite. rachel don,t have any help. bless her heart.jordan you are going be bald if you don,t ouit pulling at your thin hair i love you but you are lazy.

    • No because CBS only shows limited clips of the DR. Production talks to the HGs, but as far as what happens in there, no one but HGs and production knows for sure.

      • Matt, old pal, if you can pull that off you can try for the quadfecta tomorrow.

        Eating, Talking, Sleeping AND crying all at the same time. :)

        May I recommend a grilled cheese & bacon samwich and two liters of Pepsi?

      • DOn’t forget looking for hair all over the house that she has never lifted a finger to clean, LOL

  29. @ Matt or anyone else who might know. I was checking DVR recording schedule and it shows only 3 shows left. Wed (tonite) thursday and next wed for finale. Sunday night has some special on for 9/11. So only three more episodes???

    • Matt’s at lunch and talking.

      I see only three more shows:

      Tonight, tomorrow and next Weds.

      That’s it.

  30. @db~

    I’m missing something: the 2 litres of Pepsi. Did Kalia down one of those while talking, when I turned my head?

    • I’m not sure. LOL!

      I don’t have the live feeds but my wife watches BBAD and she tells me stuff. I would imagine you’d HAVE to drink two liters of something to wash down all the food Kalia eats. Pepsi sounded good. :)

      • @db no wonder you don’t know about Rachel and all her eating. She loves, loves butter and has said she can eat a lb. of cheese all by herself. Guess your wife didn’t tell you that. lol

  31. I would LOVE for Kalia to read what we all think of her manners . . . and eating while talking/farting/sleeping . . .

  32. Thanks Matt for being everpresent today. The rumors are way out of control and we need a spin doctor today.
    I hope Adam did win HOH so that we can see his family and his fat pics. 123 lbs is a lot to lose.

  33. I am looking forward to an all stars season with Janelle. That would be sweet. An all enemies season, where duos are forced to work with their lovers evil ex or something, would be fun too.
    Oh, and we don’t have to listen to them chewing.

  34. Okay I am so disappointed in the end of this season I am going to try out. Anyone have any suggestions on how to be picked? I promise if I get on there would not be whinning and complaining. Also note to self, don’t talk about how many times a day I have Sex, not eating and smacking in public, and no gross eating habits about bacon. No wonder he had to loose 100 lbs. Better go and start my mission to be on show.

    • good luck with that – if you are not a model, a vet or know someone chances are low from what I can tell. It’s not really about real people anymore.

    • @Jule I hope you make it as I am very disappointed in this whole season. I would love to see BB back to the way it was at one time.

  35. I’ve been thinking. The veto has most likely been played already, they’re not going to show the veto results and veto ceremony on tomorrows live episode, unless the veto veto ceremony and eviction are all live. Thursdays episode always starts with julie talking then she goes in through her screen to the hgs where the final nominees are sitting in the 2 chairs. So they most likely will show the veto on tonights show. Now I am no editor or director or producer but I would think they would need more time than this, to put the whole episode together. Assuming it hasn’t been played yet, I find that hard to believe.

    • Since tonight’s show is recorded they could play today, show the recorded portion first tomorrow as Julie said Thursday’s show sends another guest packing and then F3 start the final and most important HOH of the season. They still have to show Adam’s last veto win, him not using it and Kalia going. Last live show was when Rachel picked nominations of Porche and Kalia.

      Either that or play the veto live tomorrow, send the one guest packing and then start the F3 HOH comp.

      Guess we will just have to wait and see.

  36. I remember last summer when Matt was the Shelly of the show. A lot of people were talking smack over him telling a little lie, and just overall playing the game. I’m just curious why Shelly was so hated?

  37. Well, I really hope these rumors are true… Because if so, that means Porsche will be saying “Bye Bye”!! Honestly, I would love to see Adam win the whole thing. Second choice would probably be Rachel. I really REALLY don’t agree with everyone in the house saying what a terrible player Adam is. Isn’t a HUGE part of the game, the social aspect of it?? Adam has managed to keep a target off his back while also being friends with everyone. He has been on the block four times and still remained in the house! Come on, give him some credit!!!

    • I agree with you, Jill. Maybe part of Adam’s gameplay was to not win intial competitions, it sure looked like he wasn’t even trying! I know he lost a lot of weight, and maybe he’s just not physically fit enough yet for the competitions, but I lean more towards him throwing competitions. I know he claims to be a metal head and works in a record store, but does anyone know what bands he’s into? I peg him for an Iron Maiden/ Judas Priest sort of guy, but it would be awesome if he liked more recent metal.

      • Hahaha Totally agree Dina!!
        Although, I think he’d probably be into some music that we’d be surprised to hear.
        And I agree on the competitions… although, even if he didn’t throw them… why does that mean he is a “floater”???
        He was with the Vets majority of the time, except after Porsche won HOH and he was kind-of pushed into a corner. Considering, that was before they knew of the “team” twist that week.
        I think he has done a good job at standing his ground and been pretty damn trustworthy. He’s also played one hell of a social game, if you ask me.
        But, hey, maybe we’re watching a different show than everyone else??? Haha

    • I agree Jill. Adam is 40 and Rachel and Jordan are 25. He is not only older, but he was a lot heavier. Look at not only his age, but his weight loss was recent. Look at Jeff, and Brendon – I would never expect Adam to win against them.

      He has played every bit as social as Jordan. Even more so. He has gotten to know everyone in the house. Jordan tended to be social with her alliance. She has made comments that she barely knows Porche. Whose fault is that? Adam has gotten to know every person so for me that is far more social than Jordan. He stayed under the radar as a threat which is no different than what Jordan has done. Even more so as both Jordan and Rachel had partners in the beginning. Adam did not.

      • Fans seem to discount the fact that “floating”, “lying”, and/or “backstabbing” are a critical, if not popular or glamorous part of Big Brother…The winner should have skills of all aspects of the game…

    • Once again someone trying to use my name!!! Would whoever you are please stop using my name and log-on!!!!! This rick has enjoyed the season!! Especially when Cowlia leaves tonight!! I am sick of reading your comments about everyone but the best players…R/J/A.
      Go Rachel!!!

      • Hey Rick, It’s Rick.. You do know that people can put in any name they want to on this site it’s not an actual “log On”. I can be you, tom, sally, billy bob whoever I want calm it down buddy.

      • Thanks from the other rick. I just wanted to clear this up!!! I’m still a R/J/A fan all the way!!

  38. Adam is the saddest excuse for a metal head ever and he has ruined metal for me . On another note I can no longer eat bacon or even say the word bacon(without hearing his gay voice say “BACON” or visualize a bacon related t-shirt). Beverely hills 90210 sucks anyway and tori spelling is hideous I was wondering when big brother decided to cast BRIDGE TROLLS for pandoras box. Then to boot Jesse comes into play come on big brother how about a whole new cast next year with no wannabe metal heads. Oh and NO MORE MR PECTACULAR NO ONE LIKES HIM!

      • Adam’s a bag of contradictions, and that’s what makes him unique! From a fellow Jersey girl transplanted in Texas, you go Adam! Nice guy, deserves to be in the top 3, maybe even the top two with Rachel! Stop picking on him!

        However, my loyalty stays with the one who’s earned the half million!

        GO RACHEL!

      • o Adam is on a winning streak now. If he makes it to final 3 and wins the final HOH he hopefully will evict Rachael. He cannot win against Rachael in f2 but has a chance to beat Jordan in F2. His fondness for Jordan will cost a final 2 seat. Go Adam.

  39. I want the old lying, manipulating, backstabbing, go for the throat big brother back. This whole “no lies” shit is boring, like watching dead flowers grow~

    • I know right! Isn’t that what big brother is about? What is going to happen in future shows is that everyone is going to come in and try to float to finals. No one will make any ballsy moves and it will be boring. It will be a contest of the best floater.

  40. If Porsche wins the veto, it will be a miracle since Rachel knows she needs to win it to stay, and she’s a great in the crunch player! I do think Jordan has a good chance of winning it, because she seems to have really stepped it up in the last few competitions during her first season. Porsche’s odds are 3 to 1 to win. Stranger things have happened, but even if she does, I’m hoping BB production will penalize her in some way for her immoral behavior. In my opinion, the things she did were out of the realm of gamesmanship.

    If its the face competition, Adam’s been studying those faces every day for several weeks. I haven’t seen anyone else doing it, but I’m sure everyone knows that they should, since that competition is a staple in the BB repertoire of comps.

    I predict unless Rachel gets evicted tomorrow, she will win BB13. It will be Rachel’s year, and she will have earned it. Nobody else in the house was as much a target as she was, since her reputation from last year had preceded her, and people really disliked her. To get this far has been a real triumph on her part. She did get a bit of serendipidous help from someone above (BB production perhaps?), but during those she still had to win!

    I believe Brendon lost a competition to Dani after he returned to the house which I suspect was specially designed to help him win. It was a numbers guessing game, perfectly designed for his strengths . Specially against Dani,who has admitted she isn’t good with numbers. Several times I heard her state she couldn’t believe she won. Brendon squandered away that opportunity. So, BB can try to manipulate the game, but it doesn’t always work. The competitor still has to do their part.

    Can’t wait till tonight to see Kalia evicted. That girl is so obnoxious! Arrogant and narcissistic.
    As far as somone above remarks about Jordan and her social game. I don’t think Jordan ‘plays’ a social game. Jordan’s true character comes thru, and she’s just plain a sweet, caring, if not too bright girl. She’s so likable, naive and SOUTHERN. I respect her decision to not show too much PDA in the house, and Jeff’s chivalrous respect in honoring it. They’re both good, next door, salt of the earth people. Attractive, principled, and fun. They’re pretty perfect for each other! Who would think BB house could be almost as successful as the Bachelor series in matchmaking ? At least these couples end up staying together longer than a month or two!

    Hey, Matt, what are the chances of BB giving Porsche some kind of penalty for her behavior? I think they should try to discourage anyone else in future shows from behaving in this immoral way. Playing around with peoples health is not cool, specially people who are already experiencing stomach problems due to slop!

    In a somewhat non-related commentary, what the heck was CBS thinking not bringing back Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete back to The Talk this year? They were the life of the party last season. In my opinion, after watching the last two days with the new ladies, I find the warmth, energy and down right sincerity that made it one of my favorite shows is totally gone. I even miss their mothers in the audience! That familiar sitting around your kitchen with friends feeling is definitely gone! Not that I don’t like Julie or Sarah. And I love Mrs. O, but the other two brought such a great chemistry to the show. BIG MISTAKE! Will probably end up another The View! For them not to respect their audience enough to let them know why these two women were ousted, not cool. I, for one will go back to watching One Life to Live until it retires, and then watch whatever is on another channel. I wonder if anyone else out there feels the same way? SO DISAPPOINTED! No insult to Julie and her husband, but WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

    • Lennie,
      Not sure what Porscha did to other houseguests that was immortal. Must have missed that. Porscha is an immature brat that is not trustworthy.
      Please tell me what she did.

      • She put benefiber in the protein shake powder in order to cause stomach problems to the other houseguests. She also stated she wanted to kick Rachel in the stomach when they speculated she was pregnant. I feel those two things are highly offensive. I don’t care how much you dislike somebody, threatening to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach is not acceptable behavior in my book. Actually sabotaging other’s food should be sanctioned in some way. The people who drink the shake are mostly the ones on slop. Their digestion system is compromised enough without adding more. Don’t you agree?

      • And Rachel said that Britney deserved to have her house burn down. Jordan called Shellie a “c**t”.

        You live feeders pay attention to whatever part you like. All of these people are creeps.

      • I think Rachael’s pregnancy scare could very well have been a ploy to soften america’s opinion of Rachael. I think it worked. Rachael suddenly thought she might be pregnant after Brendan left the second time. Maybe a play for America’s favorite. People are a sap for mommies.

      • Lennie, go to sleep! How old are you? What Porshe did, the other houseguests (including your dear Jordan America) did too!

  41. Now that Adam won HoH he can still win this game. He needs to put up Jordan and Rachel. Tell Jordan shes 100% safe because Rachel is the target. If Rachel wins Veto she will vote Porsche out. It makes sense for Jordan Porsche and Adam to want one of the best HoH comeptitors out before Final 3 because she will win the game. Odds of winning right now
    1. Rachel
    2. Jordan
    3. Adam If he wins atleast 1 more comp and is not against Rachel
    4. Porsche unless Adam fails to win anything else and shes up against him

    • I disagree with your assessment. Adam will beat Porsche if they’re the final 2. Porsche will get only Dani and Kalia’s vote. Everyone else will vote for Adam, except, and its a bit IF, Shelley.

      • I don’t see Dani voting for Adam in any way. She told Julie C. during her eviction interview that he was the worst player in BB history. I also don’t see her giving Jordan any vote. If it was F2 Adam & Jordan, I can see Dani running to bathroom to vomit. Can’t say I blame her. Rachael desrves it out of whose left but seriously doubt she will get anyone but Brendan’s vote..Hope I’m wrong

    • But Adam isn’t a smart player. He just wants to serve the vets, and I guarantee that when they kick his ass out before F2, he’ll say he won’t have any regrets.

      Because he’s a stupid.

      • Hmmm I think porcha would get Dani, Kalia, Rachael, and maybe shelly and Brandon… Adam was the deciding vote for Bren to go…. over Adam remember Adam really pissed shelly off at the end…

      • IKR Adam is the ultimate floater just like rach said. He doesnt deserve to win anything, I dont like the idea of him having any say in who gets to go home during the final weeks, because he doesnt deserve it. He is also kinda like i dunno how to say this but ill go with annoying.

    • Adam won’t win. All the HG’s left have said on the feeds that they won’t vote for him. He is a terrible..if not the one of the worst players ever!!

    • Why does everyone think that Adam will win over Jordan ?! :p
      Jordan has Jeff, Brenden, Rachel (If she isnt in the final 2), and Shelly. Dani will prob vote for Jordan because Adam sucked in this game ! :p

    • Come on now that would be really bad to have a celb edition. They should much too busy and besides it would really Suck!!! maybe you need a reality check yourself.

  42. I doubt that it’s the face morph one because CBS knows that Jordan was bad at it, so they obviously picked a competition that she was good at so that Porsche would go home, and the rabid cat ladies would cry from the rooftops how great Jordan is at Big Brother.

    Ugh. So much slanting and rigging this season >_<

    • Actually I heard (could definitely be rumor) from someone on a site that said the HOH was live and when they were leaving they could see them set up for the veto it appeared very similar to last seasons F4 veto where it was “hollywood pictures” of the contestants and they had to pair top with bottom with the answer.

  43. @Matt BBN. Thanks again for another great year for this site. Maybe you can answer two questions I have and can not find the answer. First, what made Ragan do a complete turn around about Rachel. From her being his worst enemy to her being his best friend? Could it be getting away from Britney (who I could not stand) Second, a few weeks ago, Rachel hinted about Brendon and Lane almost coming to blows last year in Vegas. Do you know the story behind that one? Again Thanks for your hard work! Go Rachel#1,Jordan#2,Adam AF

  44. just ready for next season..this was an awful season!! worst season in BB history!! the person that wins BB13 will not be a deserving winner..I thought this show was about competition, and digging in a bunch of lies just to get ahead of the strategy? what happened?…to personal this season:(

      • one thing that happened I liked is that an alliance wasn’t made the first week that could not be broken like last year. I think it is better for people to have to work for awhile before the commit to an alliance. Maybe there should be a hidden immunity idol. lol

    • Shelly was my favorite BB HG until it turned on Jeff & Jordan. Had there not been any vets in BB13, it would have worked out great! America loves Jeff & Jordan. It broke my heart to see Jordan cry. I don’t think it was the worst BB ever. I got to see Jeff & Jordan three times a week! It was doomed by combining vets and newbies. Learn and learn.

  45. I would think that CBS would have a game plan for all the comps at the start of the season. It takes hours to put together the setting for a comp. I seriously doubt that they had muliple scenes ready to favor anyone. Could it not just be luck of the draw?

    • Could be luck, but I am suspicious because of how often it happens. Also, because this year
      in particular, the production staff was made more prominent in the houseguests chatter, particularly Dani. Her constant conversation about how she was friends with this staff member and her believing she was favored by them, made the fans more aware of how much influence production actually has. So, its up to you to decide whether to believe or not.

      • When did Dani ever say she was friends with staff members and she believed that she was favored? I know it has been said on this site but I never heard her say it. I don’t subscribe to live feeds but I’m sure someone else would have reported on here if she had. You are first person claiming that.

    • I honestly think they pick and choose when to play what games. Production drives the game in the direction that it wants it to go.

  46. I know this won’t happen, but I’d like to see next season just play out with no twists. Have the HoH and POV comps every week like usual and let the cards fall where they may. Who knows how this season would have played out with no twists? It would have been interesting to see.

    Unfortunately, production loves their twists and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I realize they are running a TV show more than they are a game, but it would be nice to see everybody afforded the same chance to win. Regardless if there is favoritism or not, somebody is benefiting from these twists and somebody gets screwed by them.

    If they do a good job of casting, then there is very little need to tinker with the game often. Good casting gets you all the drama, showmances, backstabbing, etc. that brings in the ratings. There newbie casting this year was horrible, thus the need to tinker so much.

    Like I said I don’t expect it to change and I’m sure if ratings fall below expectations in the future, the onslaught of twists will only get worse.

    • Jim Bob, I couldn’t agree with you more but the twists will stay. They are the steering wheel with which Big Brother steers the game. I personally think it would have been a much more interesting game without the twists and more fair game.

  47. Just wondering if anyone else saw Jordan offer Adam a F2 deal and they both shook on it? Don’t know if she was lying or if it was truly a move on her part to ditch Rachel at the end. Either way hard to believe Jordan actually lying or making a game move. lol If she just said it to make sure Adam was on board, Adam will be crushed.

    • @Gail this isn’t a surprise, Jordan has been wanting a F2 w/Adam which is why she wanted Porsche out because he was very friendly w/Porsche.She’s just useing Rachael to get her to F3. Jordan thinks if Adam takes her to F2 she’ll win because he didn’t start winning till very late. She doesn’t even consider jury will look @ her lack of winning anything but a lux. comp. HOH was thrown to her by Jeff & Brendan. She relies & depends on everyone thinking of her as “sweet & dumb”. She is neither IMO. She’s done her share of lying & catty backtalk & backstabbing as well as all the others. She feels F2 w/Adam the jury will view both as doing nothing & rely on “social game” and she’d win. Personally it’s a toss up & I think jury would favor Adam over her for $500k since she already won it, but she figures at least she’ll get $50K. I don’t get everyone views of her as “Sweet & Naive”. That she is not. None of them are & really when it comes to 1/2 a mil. why would anyone be IMO

    • I did see Jordan & Adam talk about F2, but I also saw Rachel & Porsche do the same talk yesterday after Jordan said she was giving Kalia a sympathy vote. Rachel said “ok, she didn’t mind breaking the tie & voting her out.” I think Jordan did that in case Rachel got voted out of the game and Rachel did the same in case Jordan got voted out.

    • If Jordan won POV like I heard she did it will be Adam, Rachael, and Jordan in the final three and it is not likely to be Jordans choice who goes to final 2. Rachael or Adam who ever wins the fnal HOH will make that choice. I see both Adam and Rachael taking Jordan to final 2 so she is sitting pretty right now.

  48. I have only been a fan since Danie and Dick won and I just saw the finalie. So what are the rules about how to be a crowd pleaser. It seems like if you float along and never make enemies people say you are social but to be a competitor you have to wind. In order to do both it seems like you have to lie or be sneaky to get ahead. In an ideal world what ate the characteristics that fans are looking for? I just happened to like the unexpected,like the Jeff eviction. Wish Adam would have suprised us when he could have joined Shelly and the newbies. That would have been a twist. Just asking what people think

    • Jule, one thing I like in a player is for them to be committed to their strategy. Go all out with it! Many of my faves have totally different personalities. (Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Kayser, Janelle, Eddie, Evil Dick, Jordon in her first season, and of course, Dani and now Rachel) There really is no certain type of person/player that most of us like. Its usually the one with an over the top personality from one end of spectrum to the other.

      • I’d say that Adam was very committed to his strategy of floating to the end. He never waivered from it and I believe it will come back to bite him in the butt in the finals.

  49. Glad Kalia is gone, hope they bring out a bed for her & a large tray of food on winner’s night. I like Adam, have from day one, Rachel won me over this year a sweeter person, & Jordon also a sweetheart. Po. has got to go next. Then any three of them, A,R,J can tahe home the money.

  50. Next to get to jury house is porky… If either adam or jordan won veto they’ll keep noms the same and porky will go! THen starts the 3 part comp…

  51. Porscha was mean when they were talking about Rachel and that maybe she was pregnant, Dani swore up and down that Rachel was pregnant and Porscha did say she would kick her in the stomach,there was no need for her to say such a thing,thats when I started disliking Porscha

    • Yes, that was the nail in the coffin for me to have any shred of respect for Porsche. Saying something like that about an alleged unborn child, even of your rival, is just so low.

  52. I cannot wait to celebrate the eviction of Kalia tonight with some ooey gooey yummy cookies, in honor of my girl Rachel! Never again do I hope to see the grotesqueness that is Kalia or hear one word uttered from her foul mouth.

    • @BeachMamaOBX, I’m with ya there, I will admit I could not stand Rachel, but after Brendon left she seemed to chill and really focus on the game. She is the only one who busted her but to win, whether it was for HOH or the veto, therefor ONLY Rachel deserves to win, I would like to see her take it ALL win the game and viewers choice, go Rachel

      • Wow nita bea i am in complete shock!!! Usually u have nothing to say but rude lowdown comments about the vets and or their fans. I am very proud of u! Nice to see that u actually can give an opinion without all of the derogatory remarks! Nice job!

    • @BeachMamaOBX thanks you just gave me one big laugh w/that one …good post. Think I’ll join you w/the celebration…Go Rachael!

  53. Yea and I hope they bring out condoms with sprmcide and a bed for brenchel on winners night with tequila for both of them to use as “raitress” described b4. Low class ppl imo. who almost gets pregnant on a live tv game?

      • Whether or not you like Jeff/Jordan, you have to admit at least they respect themselves and their families enough to not embarrass them by their behavior in the house. Jordan behaves like a lady (except when someone she considered a friend betrayed her,and she was justifie in her response) and Jeff is a gentleman respecting her. Brendon and Rachel should learn something about class from them!

    • Oh & I suppose Kahlia talking about how horney she was & the hair on her vagina & Porscha talking about soaking her tampons in tequila in front of Adam was more classy than Rachael having some sex under the covers w/her fiance.

  54. everybody loves jordan, should be a name of a sitcom, not bb though she sucks at it and the only reason she shoould win is entitlement only nothing else she really sucks baaaaaad.

  55. Well, now it appears that since Jeff can no longer boss people around in the bb house, he’s trying to do it in the jury house. What a pompous a**!

  56. im just sitting here watching this dolt adumb seal his own doom , doesnt he know he is a newbie, rachel and jordumb will not take his a.. to the end

  57. ADEM YOU NEED NOT TO HAVE CAME TO BB HOUSE, YOU COULD HAVE ATE Breakfast,Lunch and dinner with your girlfriend at home SAD ! He is the worst person to play BB : (

  58. first it is r/j/a to the end and rick and rick do you know how many ricks are out there in this world this is a big brother site not the rick and rick show

  59. As long as Rachel’s in the final 2, I will be happy. It doesn’t matter who’s on there with her, because she will have enough jury votes to win. She’s earned it! I love Jordan, but unless she brings it in the last 3 comps, she does not deserve to go to final 2. Adam, on the other hand, has grown on me. He’s entertaining, has been fairly consistent in his alliance to the vets, and has redeemed himself in these final comps. by winning. He’s made the show almost entertaining to watch. Reminds me a bit of Chicken George back in the day!

  60. i’m a sucker for a sweet girl, goooo jordan! i can’t help it she is just to darn cute. and i know she will share with jeff!

  61. You might want to consider yet another simple counting puzzle for kids aged 4-8:

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