Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 9 Tuesday Highlights

Tuesday was a half day on the Big Brother Live Feeds as the blackout hit in the afternoon, but leading up to that we had nominees continuing to campaign, tie-dyed t-shirts, and even early morning alcohol. Read on for the shortest day of highlights evah!

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – September 6, 2011:

8:40 AM BBT – After a long, long night of Fortune Teller interruptions, the HGs are getting up.

9:30 AM BBT – Production gives the HGs a tie-dye kit. They’re filming BBAD to replay that night. Few minutes later the HGs also receive mimosas, possibly to make it look like it’s night time for BBAD footage.

11:50 AM BBT – Jordan and Adam discuss the upcoming eviction votes. Adam plans to vote out Kalia. Jordan is thinking of giving Kalia a sympathy vote. Rachel would then break the tie.

2:40 PM BBT – Kalia and Rachel have one last conversation before the Feeds are cut. Kalia is pleading her case again. Rachel has decided, but can’t say what she’s going to do.

So there’s what you can expect. Adam voting out Kalia, Jordan most likely giving Kalia a sympathy vote, and Rachel sticking to her plan: evicting Kalia before she has another chance at a questions competition. We’ll see all of it play out tonight on the special eviction episode.

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    • That post is going up shortly.

      They’ll show Sat’s veto comp, Mon’s veto ceremony, last night’s eviction & probably last night’s HoH comp. It’ll be a full plate.

      • If this is true, and Adam won HOH then that is good news and a newbie is not leaving. Adam winning this HOH is not all bad because he only has the power if there is a tie in votes which is impossible.

        I see Rachel and Porshe will go up with Jordan sending Porshe home.

        One question, if Jordan uses the POV to save Rachel, who goes on the block with Porshe since Jordan is the only one left and cannot be put up as the veto holder?

      • @Joe: I saw on Facebook the aliens had landed.

        @AST0126: If Adam did win HoH, then it only means he wouldn’t go home. Porsche still could. It’s all up to the Veto comp. Whoever wins that is the sole voter this week.

        If the one person not nominated wins the Veto, then it doesn’t get used, unless they really want to get evicted.

  1. Finally, kalia will go to the jury house. She has floated all season. 1st playing w/vets & wanting lawon out, to switching to dani. Once dani was voted out she played 4 a shrine 4 dani. However, once power came back to rachel, she was so eager to come back. That bb fans is a floater. A coaster is someone who is loyal to their alliance but don’t win nething. Dani said bb was a social game so why does everyone dog jordan!she stayed true to her alliance, and Will (1 of the best players) has proved u don’t have to win comps to win bb! Its not called house of athletes! They lock u n a house w/no contact 4 a reason. Btw dr sessions should b like the hg go into the room, say what they want, & bb has questions put ’em on a card! This ensure no interference & several past hgs r now claiming dr influences how hgs make their decisions.

  2. This game is so rigged by production for Adam just so he could make it this far and see tori spelling and win the most recent hoh and be safe till the final three.
    Way to give a fan the win production

    • First it was “rigged” for Daniele, then it was “rigged” for Jeff and Jordan, then it was “rigged” for Rachel. Now it’s “rigged” for Adam? Come on.

      • Matt it was meant as a joke because of how ridiculous i think those who claimed it was rigged for dani and for rachel are. I thought it was kinda obvious as who in their right minds could possibly think the game is rigged for adam but i guess i underestimated the type of crazy poster you get here at your site on a regular basis

      • The game is definitely “rigged”, but only for TV ratings. They make sure the house is divided as long as possible.

    • Are you seriously that delusional? First it was rigged for Rachel and Jordan just because it did not go the way you wanted it to? Now it is rigged for Adam?

      If you think the show is rigged, why must you continue to post your pointless comments on here trying to drag everyone else down with you?

    • It could have been a real “biter” for Adam to watch Tori Spelling from the jury house — that would have made for good production “rigging” for ratings, too.

      It works either way, my friend.

  3. They can try to influence, but they don’t force anything. Votes are live. Rigging would get them in huge trouble. They should ignore production and do what they want. Learn what rigged means.

    • they’re probably under contract NOT TO IGNORE PRODUCTION and voting isnt live(thats what they want us to believe) the results are kept undercover until the eviction show airs. i think its rigged to an extent but nothing that changes any outcomes. one thing i know for sure that America’s choice WAS DEFINITELY rigged there’s no way America would vote for Brendan that had to be contrived by production to boost ratings MISSION ACCOMPLISED but even that didnt change any outcomes

  4. I don’t think it was rigged at all. I think the Tori Spelling thing was added in an attempt to make the season more interesting considering how much Adam was talking about Tori and 90210 in general. Tori must be a BB fan and probably offered to make an appearance simply to attempt to boost ratings on her own show.

  5. So I Jordan wins POV does that mean that her and who/If she pulls someone off the Block they are both safe?

    • Whoever wins the Veto would save his/herself if on the block. If not on the block then it wouldn’t be used since they’d be the only eligible person for renom. The Veto holder this round will be the only person to vote. It’s a powerful win.

      • Let’s say Adam put up P&R and if J won the veto then she could take down R and they would both be safe and P would go home Is that not the way it works ??

      • @ D
        she just won’t use it cos if she uses it on R, she will be the only one left to put on the block, they need 2 people on the block
        that said, now if she is really the one with the veto she will be the only person to vote someone out and of course she should be voting to evict P
        then JRA final 3

    • It would only keep her safe if she did win it. There is no one else to put up. There are only the 3 and there had to be 2 on the block. So basically what it does is she is the deciding vote on who goes to jury. Either Porshe or Rachel.

  6. i think the rumors about kalia leaving and adam hoh is true but as far as pov i think its a false rumor right now cause i think its just that jordan is winning for who viewers want to win pov, they did not tape pov infront of the audience so i dont think anyone will know but production, so we will prob find out who won pov tonight after the live feeds come back on…thats just part of what i have herd from people who were at the taping… but i really hope they leak it sooner cause the suspense is killing me lol

    • Have u not realized that the people in Production also have big mouths??? Leaks happen even with the best of plans..BUT!!! Jordon winning POV would be majo rand I can see the info seeping out from behind the walls…lol

      • all i was saying was that there will be no audience for the pov comp….. if the winner of the pov gets leaked someone in production is the one who will be leaking it, so it will be more difficult to find out is all i am saying…. cause instead of a bunch of people in an audience leaking it there is probably only a few in production leaking it..people keep saying jordan won pov (i dont think that comp has happened yet) probably will happen very soon……on all the polls jordan is who everyone WANTS to win…. thats where i think they are getting jordan won pov… again all of this is what i think from info gathered through sorces…. i think its fun to try and figure it all out :)

    • Kimber i believe they would have had to much to do in one day. So why would they cram everything in one day when they have time.

  7. People say Adam won HoH and Jordan won POV, what is the source? I’m not at my computer, are the streams up or is someone talking bullshit?

  8. Matt@BBN I am tryin to figure out if it was leaked that Adam did win HOH and Jordon did win POV. Can u comment please?

    • I’m doing final edits on that post now.

      Preview: Yes, I expected Adam to win this next comp based on his performance during quizzing yesterday. No, I don’t believe the Veto has even been held yet. HoH comp could have been seen by audience, but no audience for Veto comps.

      • Matt,
        u can see below, post #12, they mentioned a site and yet their post shows in here
        how come? u told me before that this types of posts are considered as spammers and won’t be posted!
        remember my post earlier on another article? (the one about Shelly) when Fly asked me where i read my info?

      • i thought so, and that’s why i posted it again without the www and the .com and it didn’t go through either
        anyway, no prob, i just wanted Fly to be able to see the info himself/herself
        maybe will try again later to give it to him :-)

      • @anon: Once you did it the first time the automated system was suspicious and caught your follow on comments that had links w/o the www.

        The system is set up to prevent links, please don’t keep trying to circumvent that.

      • i’m gonna as well say to you thank you like the others for all ur effort and much appreciated job on this site
        it’s also my first year reading spoilers sites and when i first searched for spoilers, urs and the site mentioned earlier are THE BEST
        thank you and hope u keep it going :-)
        have a great day :-)

      • @ Matt
        i just wanted to be helpful and promise you that i won’t be trying to circumvent that
        but if i’m being asked again, should i or not give it? just to know

  9. Matt(BBN), Just want to thank you for your “Best Spoiler’s Site” & keeping us both updated & entertained this season with all the latest…awesome job! This was my 1st year of having media, spoilers & other fans of BB to chat with & I always search for & thoroughly enjoy all of your posts. Truly appreciate your hard work & allowing me to follow :) . Excited to see who wins next week! Jorchel FTW!

  10. I watched the After Hours show on 9/6, Rachel eating was disgusting, I’m sorry I had to say something. That girl don’t come up for air, she kept shoveling it in and I don’t think she even chewed. I don’t think I ever seen a man eat like that. Very ugly to watch but hilarious at the same time. OMG! Never in my life have I ever seen a person eat like that, A dog maybe but never a human!!!

    • @Debbi, I saw that show and many other times as well. I don’t know why people just called out Kalia for it as Rachel was just as guilty. I guess people see what they want to see. lol

  11. @Matt this is my first year on any BB site and i have really enjoyed yours. Thanks for all the news before sun/wed. any by the way at the start at BB12 i thought you would be in the chair for the final 2. You was my guess at winning.

  12. Matt@bbn, I have appreciated your info and your honest look at whats going on at bb. My boy loved you on the show. Thanks you!

  13. porsche, adam, floated to get to where they needed to come alive, jordan, has never come alive in this game. i hope porsche or adam wins. rachel already had a year, and i was never for bringing in vets to start with

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