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Matt Hoffman Big Brother 12

With a double eviction night, we spent most of the time in competitions or live banter. Very little of this gives any headway to humorous content. That being said…I will do my best here, but in exchange for what will probably be a sub-par post at best, I am offering up the second and final “Q&A With A 7th-Place Loser” edition of my write-ups for the season, where I will try to respond to every question that is posted in the comments section at the end of this post. On with the show!…

We begin with the aftermath of Daniele being tossed on the block as a replacement nominee against Kalia. While Kalia makes a beeline for the kitchen, Dani decides to continue to be one of the only people left in the house interested in playing the game and starts working for votes.

She begins by hitting up Shelly in the backyard, swearing on the life of her grandmother that she will “never nominate Shelly ever”. That’s a bold statement. Never EVER? Dani needs to think this through some more in case at some point later in life she’s ever put in the precarious situation of power where she has to nominate two people to have their skin made into a football.

Regardless, Shelly buys into Daniele’s plan, and (forgive me for biting my tongue after a season of going against everything I am about to say) I begin to think that Shelly is finally playing the game properly. She actually gets some more balls and puts the plan into action to flip on Jeff & Jordan, starting with trying to get Adam’s vote for Dani. Shelly makes some intelligent and valid points to Adam as to why he’ll never make it to Final 2 if he continues to play with JeJo, however it doesn’t go so well, due mostly in part to Adam’s insatiable man-crush on Jeff. Next we’re treated to some cut-scenes of Adam telling “Big Jeff” that he likes his hair and Adam standing creepily in Jeff’s personal space while Jeff works out.

Later in the day, a device shows up in the backyard that the houseguests can use to practice for an upcoming competition. It’s a curvy ramp that is used to maneuver a ball across it. Adam describes it as a “big ol’ snake showing up in the backyard”, but what he’d really like is Jeff’s big ol’ snake showing up in his backdoor. While everyone practices for the comp, Shelly tries to grab Rachel’s vote for Dani. Wisely playing to Rachel’s fragile and unstable emotions, she slips in that Jeff threw the veto competition that sent Rachel’s FEE-YON-CÉ home. On any other season, this would send Rachel into a tizzy where she would explode on Jeff and call a house meeting to put everything on the table. But this is a special season where Shelly can somehow say anything she wants to every houseguest without ever getting called out on anything, so Rachel (for the first time in two seasons) remains completely calm and rational.

Thankfully after the commercial break, Julie Chen teases that just minutes before going live this evening, Shelly was called out for her season of duplicity. This should make for a good Sunday night episode, which does nothing for what’s happening now. Thanks for tickling our nuts a bit, Chenbot – how about some real action! Double eviction? Sure, why not!…let’s get to it.

The nominees jump right into their eviction speeches, and Daniele burns the clock rambling like every other lunatic who is on their way out the door. Little does she know that her best shot at safety this week lies in Kalia, who uses her nomination speech time to channel the masterful Lawon and simply says, “VOTE FOR ME!” Wow! – if the houseguests just listen to Kalia, then Dani’s got a shot this week! The votes come rolling in, and Dani loses on a 3-2 close call. But Daniele’s not the biggest loser during this round of voting…that crown goes to Adam, who apologized to someone that he had known less than a week for voting to evict his estranged daughter. Newsflash, Adam – Dick most certainly hates you infinitely more after your obnoxious obsessive fanboy antics. Stick to giving your shout-outs to washed-up cast members of “Beverly Hills 90210”.

As we “eavesdrop on the houseguests” preparing for the next HoH competition, we hear Kalia say something that America can finally all get behind – “Pants, please don’t fall down”. Before the comp, Chenbot conducts a lackluster interview with a very bitter Daniele. The only highlight is Rachel cranking the crazy up to 11 during her goodbye message with insane hypocrisy and contradictions like, “I don’t even care about your jury vote” immediately followed with, “You are arrogant”; and then “You are rude” immediately followed with, “You are pretty much a horrible bitch”. That’s why we love ya, Rach!

The next HoH competition is the all-too-familiar “Before & After” competition where the houseguests have two events that occurred, and they need to pick if one event happened before or after the other. Here’s how it went down:

ROUND 1: Did Keith hump Jeff in a cow suit before or after Brendon dressed up like Captain Douchebag for the veto competition?

Everyone says “Before” and gets it correct.

ROUND 2: Did Kalia drool over hundreds of pepperonis on two giant pizzas before or after Daniele got cornholed?

The correct answer is “Before”. Only super-competitor Adam gets it wrong and is eliminated.

ROUND 3: At an eviction ceremony, did Dominic insightfully tell you all that you suck at this game before or after he said, “I think you all need to man up…except for Shelly…she’s got enough man for everybody”?

The correct answer is “After”, and everyone but Kalia and Jordan are eliminated.

ROUND 4: Were jerky and jelly beans revealed as the have-not food before or after houseguests put balls in their mouth for a veto competition?

I’m not going to yell “favoritism” here, but let’s not gloss over the fact that the final round question was all about eating. Oh, and guess who wins?…Kalia.

Before the nominations begin we “eavesdrop on the houseguests” for the second time. And for the second time, Kalia does not disappoint in the entertainment area as she belches like a drunken hobo and proceeds to say, “ewww – I look gross”. Impeccable timing, CBS!

Kalia wastes no time nominating Jeff and Rachel, and then it’s right outside to the veto competition! This one is called “Clowning Around”, and the houseguests have to dig through balls to find some clown shoes in a box. Jordan is the only one not playing in this veto, so she gets to sit on the sidelines next to (appropriately enough) a big clown. Porsche’s mastery of digging her hands in balls brings her a well-deserved victory, which causes angry Hulk-Rachel to smash and crush the balls in her box (that’s what she said?).

Rushing right into the veto ceremony, Rachel somehow is not a totally emotional erratic spaz and manages to make a mature and highly out-of-character speech. Jeff, on the other hand, is completely in character by saying virtually nothing of substance. Porsche decides not to use the veto to save anyone, saying that “it’s what Daniele would’ve wanted” – but only because of what she read in Adam’s NY Times bestseller, “How To Be Best Buddies For Life With Past Big Brother Players That Don’t Care About You.”

The second round of nomination speeches commence, Rachel still remains normal (boooooooring!), Jeff spends the whole time talking to Shelly, and Jordan begins her marathon crying session that is still going on as I type this, four hours after the show has ended. Jordan votes for Rachel. Porsche votes for Jeff. Adam asks if he can call Dick to see what he would do, and after Julie tells him “no”, he fights through confusion to vote for Rachel. Shelly fumbles the word “Jeff” six or seven times with no coherence, and Julie takes that as a vote, so we have a tie. Kalia needs to break the tie, so she votes to evict Jeff (leaving more red velvet cake for her), and the house is left with five useless idiots and a Rachel.

Julie Chen gives her second exit interview of the evening with the second bitter overly-entitled houseguest – this one complaining that “no one in the house has a sac” (Shelly?). Double eviction night is over, and we “eavesdrop on the houseguests”. Again. I’m done.


Matt Hoffman
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    • WHAAHAAAAA WHAAAAA,J&R = SORE LOSERS !!!!! rachel why are u buddybuddy w dumdass,jj voted out ur MAN 2 weeks ago !!,they’re not so tufff now that their man arent there to drag them along,so they’re pissed off that they have to start doing something now…..jordan is the biggest floater in the damn house,whaaaaa get out of here..go be with ur d’head boyfrend

      • Go TEAM Dani! Last nite was great. Although Dani was voted out, she instructed Prosche/Kalia on how to play the game and they came through! GO girls. Shelly is absolutely playing the game, who does Jeff think he is anyway, telling Shelly what she needs to think, PLEEEESE! As for Jordan & Rachel, well boohoo! Cowboy up or self evict! Tired of watching these 2 piss & moan!!!!

      • The only sore loser here is u. Jeff was not a bully, more like a baby sitter. When something went wrong, they ran to him. Remember-shelly went to the vets,dear.jordan has every reason to be upset, she didn’t get time to say bye to jeff, cause dani had to be a beoitch in her speech & she found out shelly had balls!oh, and the whole lying part too. U mad, cause dani still couldn’t win after dick bailed out,gave her a golden key & told her who& when to get rid of ppl but she wouldn’t listen. She then tried to pimp her dad’s friendship out to adam&it didn’t work. Btw,get ur bb dictionary out & look up floater cause jordan has never ran to the power & that’s the correct defination. Dani did that & once she won hoh,she tried to start an army! So u my dear r the only sore loser, jordan won b4 & will do it again!

  1. How in the blue hell has Adam coasted so far along? The possibility of him winning nothing except for a veto comp in which three houseguests playing gave up, and then him making it to the final 3 is a strong possibility. This season was awful, the brigade turning on you was the best BB move ever, and your posts amuse me every Thursday and Friday, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Dan! Yeah, I think we’ll be seeing Adam in the final two. Who WOULDN’T want to take him?! He’s a guaranteed win!

      • How has he floated this long? He is the BIG Brother expert, remember? LOL. I just want the crying to stop! Now Jordan is crying and has Rachel crying, Kalia was crying over Dani.. ENOUGH! I don’t care who wins now. Oh, I forgot Shelly cried. HELP! May the best crier win!

      • Don’t think Jeff hasn’t got a tear also. He thought he was smarter than the girls, no he is only smarter than Jordan. Porche found her win when she needed it. Kaila is smarter than the rest in answering questions. Shelly played them all.

      • In the real word people would logically think about it and yes take Adam. However this is BIG BROTHER: SPECIAL EDUCATION EDITION so its rather unpredictable which way it will go.

      • That would depend on who is sitting there with him cause if jordan & rachel leave then brenchel & jejo will decide the winner! Jejo will vote 4 adam 4 sure cause he was loyal to them! After hearing kalia &porsche’s veto speech to jeff can u imagine their closing vote 4 me 2 win speeches!

  2. Hi Matt, i love reading your posts, they’re always funny & entertaining!
    2 questions.
    Who do you think will make it to the final two this year, and who do you think will/deserves to win?
    If you played this season, how would the game be different?
    thanks (:

    • I think that Adam and either Rachel or Porsche will make it to Final 2. And if I was playing this season, the game would be different because Shelly wouldn’t be the only one shoving her hand down her pants.

    • also u ended the blog at a good spot…U knew when to stop…while I have always liked u I can add that I not only like u I respect u as well…good job..

      • Thanks! On the off-chance this isn’t sarcasm directed towards me, I just ended the blog where I had to. If I went on any longer, I’d be blogging about my local CBS evening news.

  3. It would be funny if all the veterans get evicted and then it’s a fight among the newbies..Shelly was annoying to me at first but i feel she has a chance of winning. Adam just got lucky to stay this long. Honestly, this is the worst season ever. I dont care anymore who wins. I’ll just wait for the next season. I wish next time they bring back some veterans again, including you Matt of course then bring in people who never watched the show. That would be awesome!

  4. Did anyone else notice that Jeff accidentally threw out one of the clown shoes while he was playing the veto? He totally would have won if he had of noticed. Probably a mistake he will live to regret once he knows about it.

    • I did notice his shoe in plain sight on the ground next to his box of balls. He tossed it there BEFORE finding the other shoe. He could have walked over and grabbed it + walked back for the win.

    • Yep, I noticed that too, it was sitting to the left of his ball bin. The way he was jumping around flinging his arms reminded me of a baboon in heat.

      Glad he is gone, Porsche may actually pull this out.

  5. Matt – Do you think Jeff and Jordan fans are crazy or really crazy? They seem to be spilling a lot of irrational hate here(mostly for Shelly) and on the live feed chats.

    • J/J fans are just rabid cat-ladies, for the most part. And people who represent sanctimonious goodness and purity, which I generally can’t stand.

      • OMG, Matt! Pretty much true for most of them. EVERYTHING the glorious couple does is justified by some of their fans. But, when someone plays the game back at them, then they should surely be doomed for hells fires.

      • @ becky…I want to see you back here when you see that your beloved Dani HASN’T won Americas vote…because a lot of people actually like decentsy, and when neither porsche or kalia make it to F2 cause they’re dumb 1 and dumber 2….

      • Jokes on you… I already know she wont win it. lol I dont see any HG as being more decent than the other. I dont even have feeds and can tell that Jeff is as much of an arse as the next guy. Actually, I had an epiphany this morning when I realized the things I like about Dani are the same things I hate in Jeff. As far as Jordon, sure she is a good decent person. I dont doubt that at all. But, I know tons of people like her. Those who would do anything for anyone. I just dont think someone deserves extra credit and praise for being what we should all be anyway.

      • @ becky…it wasn’t a joke, I find it funny you flopped on Dani so quickly when you’ve parised her this whole time. I’m glad to see that you’ve seen the light, I’m proud of you lol. As far as jordan I agree, nobody should be praised for being what “they should be” however managing to be that in the BB house is why people praise her. Yeah she’s lied like the rest, but that’s it…she got in shelly’s face because she was kind hearted enough to see Shelly as a “friend” (another mistake in the BB house)I think the fact that she gave her that phone call was what set her off so to speak. Yeah a lot of people say “oh who cares, it was just a phone call” but tell that to Shelly after hearing her daughter cry like that. As far. As being loyal and actually finding a “friend”. Making an alliance with them, so on and so forth, it can be done(brigade MINUS YOU MATT! LOL) so I guess Jordan was just being naive..however I think its likely that. Either Jeff or Brendon will win Americas player, not Jordan.

      • @ becky, I’m glad you feel your so clever but maybe you should read more thoroughly. I didn’t say oh, you stopped rooting for dani. I said you flopped and all of the sudden you realized you like dani for tha same reasons you disliked jeff. I said you always praised her. There’s a difference.

      • so, enlighten me on what flopped means and why it pertains to anything I have said. I have given dani alot of praise for things that i liked her for, but I have also realized and stated where she messed up.

      • Becky- Until you get the feeds you really have no idea what is truly going on in the house. CBS whitewashed Dani to hide what she was doing & saying in the house. She got an amazing edit considering her actual disgusting behavior. Love JeJo – NO CAT.

      • Grammy, even without feeds I know Dani has whinned, gloated, been catty and more. My orginal point was that J and J do this too to some degree or another and people defend them for it and hate Dani or Rachel for it.

  6. Personally, I was sorry Dani left because she was the one I was rooting for but I am SOOOOOOOOO glad Jeff the Douche is gone. I think Shelley now deserves to win if only for this one, bold move – I hated her up until now for her lickspittle behaviour towards J&J.

    I wouldn’t mind if Rachel won if only for the reason she could finally afford to get some therapy – but she’d probably end up spending the cash on plastic surgery. Porsch and Kalia could also win because they finally stood up to Jeff the Douche.

    The only peeps who better not win are Adam and Jordon – especially Jordon. I believed she mouthed to the camera at one point: “I want to go home.” Yeah, why don’t you, Jordon – your heart was never in this game anyway. I hate women who become zombies because they are no longer at the side of their man – ick.

  7. Love it, as usual, Matt. Jeff’s interview was funny to me. He complained about people haveing no sac, but had no problem using people the whole game. He played in EVERY comp of the season and won 3 or 4. The only comp he didnt play in was his demise. It was the highlight of my night to see his cocky butt get evicted. It more than made up for my sadness of Dani’s eviction.

    • I too was excited to see jeff go too! I found it humorous that he really thought he was the only one playing the game and that had a “sac” Didn’t he even say that they weren’t making decisions for themselves? LOL I don’t think I need to point out why that is an idiotic statement. I will say this: it seemed to be fine that they weren’t making their own decisions when they were helping get big jackass, I mean big jeff to the final two.

  8. You over looked, just as Jeff did, that he threw his second yellow shoe out of his lane with all the balls he was throwing around. If he hadn’t went balls to the wall & kept them in his sac, I mean lane, he might have saved himself.

    Do you think Brendon will tell everyone he would have won that comp when he sees the video? It was meant for someone with big feet to fill those shoes, wasn’t it?

    • Jeff threw the shoe out because the shoes in HIS box were bigger than the other peoples’ shoes who were playing. SMALL FEET WIN AGAIN!

  9. I’m hoping that Rachel does win POV.
    She’s the ONLY one who can compete there!
    I really really hope that she wins pov!

    • only one who can compete?

      the got 2 HOH and 1 POV

      Dani gave her one HOH
      Porshe and Keith one POV
      and the 2nd HOH many people did not wanna win..
      that means Rachel was won nothingg

      • Fabio…get the eff outta here….everytime to come here you try and force everyone to have your opinion and say America loves Dani and Dom…you thought Dom was coming back, you were wrong, you thought Dani was not only going to stay, but win…you were wrong. Put it like this, porsche and keiths dumb asses did not stand a chance winning that veto against brenchal-period. In rachels first HOH, dani dealed with Rachel…why is that do you think? When your not confident you’ll win and you see the person next to you is solid, that’s the only time you deal…you don’t just deal to deal for the fun of dealing. And the third HOH! Are you kidding me?!!!!!!!!!!!! They were all gunning for that thing bad cause they wanted to try and knock at least one vet out. They were all pissed when they didn’t win and rachel did. So come off the Dani high horse…she’s gone bud, and she won’t be the one that wins Americas player either.

  10. do you think production had a hand in the ‘drama’ that ensued regarding Rachel committing to a vote for Dani to stay? Dani made a comment like “sorry for this last minute scenario by production, but its all for tv” or something….

    • Daniele said, “I’d like to apologize to production for this last minute” deal making. She did not say it like you’ve written. Makes a big difference. Daniele knew they’d have to work late to get the scene edited to be included in Thurs’ episode. That’s all.

  11. Hi Matt, stellar post as always.
    First question, are you sorry you signed up for this Q&A? Ha ha

    I get that it’s a game and otherwise normal people are thrown into abnormal living situation and forced to lie and fight for the money but my question to you is, after the game, is there forgiveness? Ragan and you were so great but after the betrayal, how hard was it to forgive and move past it? I hope Jordan can move past her betrayal because she has a good heart.
    Thanks if you can respond.

    • First off, not sorry at all! I appreciate that you guys read my ramblings week after week, so it’s nice to “pay it forward” a bit!

      As far as bitterness, that’s a person-to-person thing. Some are more mature and can understand that it’s just a game, and some are bitchy little babies. :-)

  12. @ matt bb 12….. shelly seems to be the “you” of this season. So do you think she’ll be gone this week or next?

      • Lol…I’m serious, I want to know your opinion, when all yours lies surfaced your eviction was soon to follow…do you think shelly’s will be?

      • Actually, the only time ANY of my lies surfaced (pre-jury) was in week two when I got called out in the house meeting. But I coasted through that one with no problem!

      • Surfaced yes…but everyone including the brigade still new you were shady though.whether they confronted you or not wasn’t the case, they still knew.

  13. Matt-thank for for saying exactly what I have thought the entire season. You are fabulous at the recaps! Do you think Shelly needs the money? Do you think Shelly has had high morale values during the season and hasn’t lied, as I think one of her personalities believes?

    • Thanks, Deb! I think Shelly is the worst kind of liar…the clinically crazy kind who truly believes the things she says and has no true understanding that she’s so full of B.S. all the time. And no – she definitely doesn’t need the money. But I don’t necessarily consider that a bad thing. I needed the money badly, but I still said during all my casting interviews that the money was second for me to the pride/thrill of just “winning Big Brother”. As a superfan, that was most important to me and trumped the half-mil.

  14. If the other houseguests were smart (and this is definitely not confirmed), they would take Shelly to final 2. On BBAD last night Jordan told Adam that Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon decide who wins. And we all know that slithering Shelly will NOT get their votes so whoever stands next to her is guaranteed $500,000! I am still cheering for team JAR! It is not over yet!

      • If you honestly think she can’t win then you must be stupid. Shelly has been playing game, maybe not a pleasant one but she has been manipulating all the house, especially in the past 2 weeks. As much as I hate her, she knows gameplay better than porsche, adam, jordan and kalia. The two people that are left to deserve a win are either shelly or rachel. Porsche maybe… for actually competing after 6 weeks. Anyways, shelly could have a good arguement even when up against rachel.
        Regardless this season has been garbage. Hopefully next season will be much better

  15. I look forward to your articles more than the show now. I’m not even sure if that is a compliment but I have to say that I love your sense of humor.

    Do you think there will be a fight in the jury house and if so, will we ever get to see the footage?

    • Thanks, Foofie! We’re at a point now where we were about this same time last season…where cameras in the Jury House will be MUCH more exciting than cameras in the regular house. Too bad we’ll only get a small glimpse of it.

  16. Last night’s episode was awesome. I dreaded having to look at the old catcher’s mitt Shelly calls a face every week but now she might be my favorite player – she saw the dead end ahead and made a move before the numbers were overwhelming, gotta hand it to her. Also, Adam is a vacuous sack of nothing and looks like he’s passing a stone whenever anyone talks to him about strategy. Thoughts?

    • wiczy, love your description of Adam. I also agree that Rachel is a good player which is why I have been so disappointed in her this season. Where is the Rachel we all know and love to hate?! She was so off her game this season that after watching feeds I would fast-forward her scenes on the show…it was painful enough to watch the first time.

    • I am with you on the shelley thing. I have found her antics humorous although extremely annoying. However, the move she made last night shows that she does want to win the money for herself and not shove it straight up jj’s collective arses where it would join adam’s head.

  17. Great job again Matt, always right on point! You are too funny! I do have a question for you about last year:

    When did you realize, after all your hard work, scheming and winning comps, that the other members of the Brigade were ultimately willing to go against you?

    • I was a slow idiot about that whole situation. It was like a day after my eviction. Diabolical Super Dumbass.

      • Well that’s unfortunate.. lol.
        You’re still the winner of BB12 in my eyes buddy :)
        thanks for the awesome recaps!!!

    • SEriously lia? The only reason the brigade went against him was because they found out he was playing them first…did you even watch the season?

      • Yes I did watch vet fan. And yes they realized he went against them first, and in turn it was a great move for them. But in reality the whole alliance was playing each other, Lane with Brittany and Hayden with Kristen, also Hayden with Enzo and Brendan… but my point was that Matt was the only one who had the brains to try something different, lies and schemes included.

      • @lia…matt played the alliance. Hayden played kristin, lane played brittney and enzo played brendon..clearly, that’s why they were F3

  18. Now that Dani is gone i could finish this season in peace and i really dont care much who wins.
    I hate evil little brats like Dani, she is evil angry girl who is proud to be bad to others and i cant stand that.
    So glad the brat is out now i am kind of rooting for the Junky Shelly just because the money will make her kids life a bit better, and with a mom like her the kid sure needs ways of making her life better…

  19. Matt, what makes you think Rachel will make it to the final 2? The only way your reasoning makes sense to me is if you consider her a sure fire winner of this week’s POV. If not, I think she’s gone. She’d have 3 votes in the jury, and would only need 1 more to win. I think she’s got the best shot of anyone to win if she’s in the F2.
    Also, how do the houseguests seem to know what kind of competition is coming up (quiz, physical, etc). Does production tell or is that just from studying past seasons? I’d like to better understand the behind the scenes part of the show, not just what we see on TV. Thanks!

    • Exactly – I think Rachel will win POV. As far as knowing comps, yeah – it’s just from tracking the pattern of past seasons.

  20. Why do some people like these douchy floaters? Everyone talked about how “they’re there to hand jejo a check” ok, kalia and rachel are there to play for dani..their whole nominations and veto speeches were based on Dani. After the show all they did was sit there and talk about Dani…for those of you who think the “nebwies have regained control” think again…I PROMISE you, neither Rachel or Jordan will go this week. Kalia and Porsche are far too stupid to make their own bright decision. (Hense, the whole this is what Dani would have wanted speach) its like the blind leading the blind. And the deaf, and mentally impaired for that matter. They will not win cause they are thinking on a one week basis like they’ve done this whole time. MISTAKE #1: already discussing how rachel is their number one target, hello people, if she’s sooooo hated, don’t you want her in the F2 with you? If ANY of them were smart, they’d start thinking about themselves and try to get in good with rachel and jordan now, if they didn’t, it is only cause they’re not confident enough that they can win the comps they need to. Porsche and kalia spent time this morning talking about how it might be better to nominate Adam and Rachel, so Adam can win the Veto(really?) Take himself down and then put jordan up. Kalia Porsche and Dani have literally spent their entire game trying to take down the beast, also known as “brenchal” they have been so focused on them they’ve forgotten other people are there as well.

    • Wait, did I read this right – you don’t consider Jordon to be a douchey floater? How is she NOT a floater? She “won” one HOH and had it handed to her. She did everything Jeff told her to do instead of ever thinking for herself (remember she wanted to take the slop option during the veto competition and he ordered her not to?)

      • LOL I agree Lisa Dee Jeff was the boss of his side and Dani was the boss of her side. Each side had a very similar dynamic. It’s a pretty common occurrence in BB. Only my opinion, I’m certainly NO expert like most of the faithful followers lol

  21. Matt,

    Do you think that Adam will shift his man-crush onto Shelly now? Or maybe he will just cry about his boyfriend getting evicted and FIGHT FOR THEIR VENEGENCE

  22. Gotta say love your posts enjoy them more then the show which is sad but true. That being said I think the man of the hour shelly the louisiana transvestite and Rachel are the only two deserving to win. Who do you think deserve’s to win the money this year matt? Also being a fan of metal myself and I beleive you are as well does adam not emberass the hell out of metal fans around the world. I have friends asking me if I watch 90210 for F@CK sakes and trying to feed me BACON!

    • I already answered about who I think will win (see some above comment). In regards to Adam, not only does he shame metal and music in general, but he shames everything else that he is interested in. Who ever thought that bacon could get a bad rap? Well, now I think that bacon is douchey.

  23. Matt, I love your blogs, they always make me laugh before I have to go into work. My question is if you ever had the chance to go back into the BB house, would you do it again?

  24. Matt, if you were in this game which would you take to final two with you: Adam or Shelly? What would be your reasoning.

      • Shelly has a lot more then just votes she can pull out..I see it final twist of the season shelly pulls out a PENIS!!!! and cut screen shows over see you next season.

  25. Matt, my favorite BB12 player, my Q is though the choices are sad indeed… Which BB13 player do you feel you would have aligned with had CBS had the smarts to bring you in? Follow up Q. Do you feel that the “pair” angle was skewed in the vets favor since they had a bond when the newbies did not? Thanks for the posts and keep up the Rachel bashing as these are all I have left to look foward to in this season!

    • Based on this cast, I would’ve aligned with Franklin. Seriously, Ragan would’ve been the person I’d have been brought back with, so he would’ve been my alliance member. In regards to the vets having the advantage, their advantage was HUGE. Aside from knowing each other already, they’ve all played the game. There’s a major learning curve to being in the house that only people who have been there could understand, and the vets totally were not affected by that. Completely unfair start to the season, in my opinion.

  26. Matt,
    No comments on how obviously UNaffectionate Jeff and Jordan are with one another? As he is leaving the house he gets to kiss her on the cheek twice? No hugs, no kiss on the lips? I noticed it and just then my husband mentioned how strange he thought it was….
    What is your take on that?

  27. Dani didn’t want to coast to $500K cause she got bored??? Are you kidding me?? What an idiot! Jeez thanks Dani cause you got bored on your way to winning BB we have to be bored for the rest of this season!

  28. Hey Matt, just wondering for what reasons you think Rachel deserves to win? She hasn’t won a comp since Week 3 and hasn’t been playing a great social game (not that that’s a surprise to anyone) Just curious as to your reasons. PS. Your recaps are great, but could you change up the goony photo every once in a while?! Haha, I kid. Mad love and respect!

    • I couldn’t agree more about the goony photo. I have no say in it being posted, though. Talk to Matt(BBN) about that one! For Rachel, she really does know the game inside and out. She also is much more intelligent than she appears, and part of her smarts is that she knows when to play her cards. I should say that anything involving “strategy” with Rachel is thrown far out the window when Brendon is around, so I’m only speaking for her as a solo competitor. She’s fierce at challenges as well, and I think she wins when she needs to (which is why she’s my pick for POV this week). It’s all opinion, though, so not everyone supports Rachel and that’s fine.

      • i not only don’t support Rachel (or believe she has a shred of intelligence), i wouldn’t touch her with brendon’s dick. although, once he finds the cure for cancer, as he said he would, then maybe my feelings will change

  29. Matt, awesome work as usual.
    You are a super fan of the BB game just like mAdam, but I doubt if you played this season you would be Jeff’s b*tch.
    mAdam is a waste of BB space.
    Luv you Matt.

  30. How much influence does production have on how the players play the game? I’ve heard comments this season about this and I think it stinks. I’m convinced this is why Shelly flipped. You’ve been in the DR many times, give us some hints or just come right out and tell us.

  31. It sucks// that we have people Like Rachel and Adam…they are not players they are just *****.

    The house will not be the same with no DANI>

    it really sucks…the best player ever is out alreday…is not fair.

    Anyways Porshe and Kalia deserves final 2.

    I hope Rachel goes home this week.
    She is stupid and not a player

    Go team Dani

  32. A thought and a request:

    I never expected Porsche, Adam, Shelly and Kalia to EVER last longer than the July sweat on my Michigan man boobs. Ever. Those four should have gone down faster than an ice cream cake at a Jenny Craig meeting. But now I get a few more weeks of what is essentially three uncensored hours a night of the same conversations I have with my middle school kids on our own patio — Without the killer billiards table.

    Therein lies my request…

    Matt. For the love of all that is right in the world, will you please beg Alison Grodner to move all cameras to the Jury House for the remainder of the season? I’ll text ten votes for it, if that will help. Thank you in advance.

    • seriously, BBAD was on the verge of unwatchable, but now it’s going to be on par with waterboarding. they should air the 24 hour feeds in the cells at guantanamo, sure it would be a useful technique.

      • LOL. When you said “Waterboarding” I was actually thinking “Wakeboarding” which is COMPLETELY UNWATCHABLE! It’s up there with the Senior PGA Tour on a rainy Sunday afternoon. ZZZZZ. Then it clicked in and I think I sprained a kidney laughing.

        Hmm… Perhaps waterboarding would be a great Power of Veto competition for the remaining HGs. They’re all used to stretching out flat and not doing anything physical, so it could be a long one :)

  33. I hope Dani get america`s favorite 25k

    Jeff can not win….he alreday has 15k..

    Lets vote for DANI please

  34. How much influence does production have on how the players play the game. I’ve heard comments this season and I think it stinks! I’m convinced this is why Shelly flipped. So tell us what goes on in the DR.

  35. Is it too early to start counting jury votes? If Jordan and Rachel are sent to jury the two couples will control the votes, right? I don’t think any of the house guests have realized that. Do you think that would change the game in any way?

    • Yeah – I mean, couples aren’t going to split votes, obviously. Something to consider, I suppose, but I think the best player of the final two will ultimately come out on top.

  36. Matt,

    If Shelly gets to F2 do you think she will deserve or can she win? My feelings is that she betrayed her alliance. I understand that the game is about lying but what she did was more like a stab in the back. Given that emotions come to play when the jury votes. Do you think the jury will overlook this?

    • If Shelly owns up to her lies and embraces them, she’ll come off as a masterful player and will probably beat anyone except for Rachel (and MAYBE Jordan) in the final two. If she tries to be all “mother and wife” holier-than-thou, she’s toast.

  37. Matt, do you think it’d be better to oust Adam now or drag him to final 2? I don’t want the idiot to get $50000 for doing virtually nothing of importance, but anyone can win against him in the Final 2, so…

    • As a fan, I obviously would want him out. But if I was in the house, I’d take him with me to the end.

  38. Loved it, but I have to say I was a bit dissapointed that you did not include the hilarity of Rachel plopping herself in the nomination seat with her arms crossed and the pout on her face. LOL Also Jeff’s face was pretty funny too, and his using his speech to apologize to Shelly in hopes of getting her to keep him. But anyhow, question time, do you think Jeff made a mistake backdooring Dani this week? And do you think Rachel made a mistake not voting to keep Dani? Thanks :)

    • If you wanna play the “hindsight” game, then sure – maybe mistakes were made. But at the time those decisions were being made, I feel that they were the right decisions for those players.

  39. well MATT i guess you are happy … dani is gone … and i am happy jeff is gone … and waawaa jordan has shown her true colors … and hoochie mama rachel got a wakeup call … can’t wait to see what happens in the jury house … hope theres body guards there …

    • Well, she’s made it further than I did. Twice. So I guess that’d make HER a Diabolical Super Genius.

  40. I didn’t like him during his season but Matt is HILARIOUS!!! Seems like a good guy! Matt how did it feel to get shafted by the Brigade last season?

      • Good job! I think Rachel can still pull this season out. All she needs is the veto win this week and the next HOH and she will be in a good spot. If production is controlling any of the events, they will get behind Rachel now. Anyway, last night was great except Shelly got too much good news for me to stand, but as long as the bitter Judas went away, I’m happy! Poor Judas…sad little mean girl wanna be…GO BIG RED!

  41. Does anyone else find it funny that the only two people to evict Kalia (Porsche & Shelly) were the ones cheering for her after she won HoH. I know I know, they’re an alliance and she was just the least liked/wanted out of the two, but I still find it funny. :D

    • The real question is>>>>Does Kalia realize who cast the 2 votes against her??? If Kalia would wake up stay out of the fridge stop talking and singing she might see the big picture. How can u be so blind as not to know that Porsche and Shelly were working to keep Dani the entire time?? And yall wanna call Adam dumb. He knew Shelly and Porsche were working for Dani and he stood back and was not touched by the fallout. Not yet anyway…So whos is the real dummy here??

    • Kalia is smart enough to know they weren’t votes against her, they were votes for Dani. If Dani hadn’t been in her alliance she’d have a reason to be upset.

      • I do not agree with sarah…with you. I do fly…@ does matter it says that kalia is 3rd place in that alliance period.

    • It was typical. Two-faced Shelley and Porche are leeches. If Rachel or Jordan had won, Two-faced Shelley would have been hugging her and saying way to go. Why can’t any of these idiots see Two-faced Shelley for what she is? Two faced! For someone who says she teaches her kid that lying is bad, she’s really good at it. She must have had lots of practice. I can’t even watch this crap anymore.

      And Matt–you are awesome! Keep up the good work.

  42. Matt I’m so glad you can see that even though Rachel is nuts if she makes it all the way she deserves to win.

    Do you agree that if Rachel and Jordan go next the show wont be worth watching with the rest of those idiots left?

    • I agree who wants to sit and watch Kalia and Porsha eating them selves to oblivion and Adam scratching what he lacks of and dont get me started on Shelly

      • We have watched all the shows and it
        seems like the outcome is being all
        running to the form that the script
        calls for. Too many conveniences to
        make it believable.

    • You say Rachel and Jordan, what exactly has Jordan done. Probably less then any of the other HGs. She is the ultimate do nothing and let Jeff do everything player. And I don’t hate or dislike your, just stating the facts.

  43. Matt I have a question
    Dont this people have to start thinking jury votes?
    It seems to me they are overlooking that fact they are not looking at the all picture just focusing in getting rid of Rachel and Jordan

    • I’ve always said that you should just play balls-to-the-wall and not worry about jury votes until you’ve made Final 2. Why screw with your game and your strategy in hopes of getting votes when you don’t even know if you’ll MAKE it to the jury and NEED the votes that you were altering your game for, ya know?

      • Brogade – but that didn’t alter my strategy at all. I came into the house starting that, having really no knowledge of what the other castmates were like. That was more of a “blanket jury vote” strategy as opposed to catering my gameplay towards specific people who are making up the jury as the game goes along.

      • So how is “speaking your mind” (what you call “Jeff bullying”) less bullying than the mean girls type of bullying (stealing stuff, very personalcharacterassasination of the others)??? I think there was a whole lot of “bullying” going on there…so just send me the $500,000…I’m cute and I DON’T BULLY. (well, not as much as them anyway ;)

      • tee hee…I meant how is it more bullying…I just lost my $500,00 grand for not proofreading…sob :-(

  44. Hi Matt ~ First… thanks for your hillarious blogs. A breath of fresh air!

    I agree that Rachel will most likely be a final two candidtate. If so… who do you think SHE would choose to sit beside her? And if Shelly makes it to the final two… who would be her best choice?

    • Thanks, oregonoma! I think they should both choose Adam. Everyone should. He’s a sure-fire loser no matter who he’s sitting next to.

      • I disagree, I think that Adam’s loyalty could quite possibly win him the game if brenchel and jejo are in the jury…

      • I agree Adam would be a great candidate to have sitting next to someone in the finals because he has done nothing to win the game, but then why would you want to give him 50,000 for just sitting there doing nothing and being boring? At least Porsche is a Janelle/Dani protege and Shelly has had maybe one of the best social games so far.

  45. After being in the Big Brother house how does the diary room work are they grilling you the whole time with questions? Or do you just come in and blow off steam kind of thing?

      • Isn’t there a third aspect to diary room sessions—producers feeding the houseguests prewritten lines to recite (as if they were incapable of coming up with their own witticisms…which might very well be the case)?

      • Well if they are feeding them the lines then they need to fire whoever wrote the script b/c it’s pathetic. A five year old could put together a more clever set of words….jeez

  46. is everyone happy now… dani is gone … and i am happy jeff is gone … and waawaa jordan has shown her true colors … and hoochie mama rachel got a wakeup call … can’t wait to see what happens in the jury house … hope theres body guards there … time to deal with adam and the rest … finally its getting interesting …

    • I’m pretty happy. Judas is out. That’s the key. Jeff was okay and deserves the credit for getting Judas out, but I remember his backdoor of Russel in his season so he got a taste of his own medicine. Shelly has got to go but even if Shelly wins, so what? It’s not Judas! GO RACHEL, GET THAT SHELLY!

  47. Now Brendon and Jeff can practice backdooring each other in the jury house in preparation for an All Stars, (cue Dani, “AWKWARD!”).

  48. You people bash Adam for his game playing but he’s still there and several supposedly expert players are gone. This tells me something.

    • I haven’t bashed Adam for his gameplaying. But that’s only because I have yet to see him play the game.

      • Don’t you think if it’s Adam and shelly in the final 2 that Adam will win with the 4 vets voting for him?

      • Yeah, but Adam has to win something first. Can he? I just don’t see it happening. The girls are going to get rid of him if Rachel wins VETO. He will be the replacement nom and they will backdoor him. They will make the mistake of underestimating Jordan again.

    • It’s what makes this whole thing fun to read anyway. This is like the best satire review ever! LOOOL. Answer my question at the bottom Matt I’ve always wanted to know.

  49. “Adam describes it as a “big ol’ snake showing up in the backyard”, but what he’d really like is Jeff’s big ol’ snake showing up in his backdoor.”

    Kalia needs to break the tie, so she votes to evict Jeff (leaving more red velvet cake for her), and the house is left with five useless idiots and a Rachel.

    LOOOL! I love you, so damn funny OMGG!! LOL

    Btw, how do you feel about the Brigade from last season? Did you carry them or do you think you got played, you should have went further.

    • Also, do you think Shelly has the best social game ever or is she just setting up her daughter to lie and be a tramp. I can’t stand hypocrites and I doubt Shelly will get the votes with only a good social game.

    • Thanks, TheFawk! I addressed the Shelly thing in a previous comment, so I’ll give my take on the Brigade. Personally I like them all. I’m not sure they’d say the same about me! But I just spoke to Hayden yesterday, and stayed the weekend at Enzo’s house about a month ago. To answer your question, I feel that I carried them AND that I got played…so, “both”. They’d NEVER have gotten as far as they did without me (both from my strategies and from my competitiveness), but I also was totally roped in thinking that they had my back. So in that respect, I “got got”. :-)

      • loooo. It sucks that it had to go down like that. In all honesty I think you would have won if you had used the DPOV on Brit. Also, do you find it strange there has been no pandora’s box, if Porsche gets one IDK what I’ll think.

  50. Did you notice Jeff’s second shoe on the side of his bin where he was frantically throwing out all the balls while searching for both shoes? If he would’ve seen it he could have won the comp.

  51. After getting home from last season and seeing Enzo taking credit for the BRAGADE and all the grenades it threw how did it feel? Considering you were the only one pulling the weight until halfway through the season Hayden, Lane, and Enzo were just votes.

    • I sort of addressed this a couple comments above. I definitely didn’t CARE about the “taking credit” aspect. Despite what you saw of my “character” on television, my ego is not THAT inflated. :-) But I certainly was confused for a while about Enzo’s comments. Didn’t bother me, but also didn’t make much sense to me!

      • Well Enzo said all season long that he was some bad ace…said it was his time to win…said he was going to show them how enzo is the best player ever…etc etc…. Enzo, and I love him, talked a lot of shyte! O God I miss last season. lol

    • Nah – she’s actually really cool and funny. I just give her $hit like I do everyone else on the show. All out of love! :-)

  52. Do you believe production favors and helps some players and do you have any specific examples of that in your season? Also, how much of the diary room is scripted? Or is it all your own words?

      • I think that answer came out more this year when production was trying to sway Jeff to not get rid of Dani…even to the point that 2 of the team said they’d quit. It’s all about ratings. There should absolutely NOT be any input from the outside. Keep it fair and balanced. I am so disgusted with this season than once Jordan and Rachel are off I’m done.

    • Most definitely. Rachel leaving Matt’s name in pretzels was BS. All us feeders saw it quite plainly but somehow noone on production saw it? Give me a break. That went beyond tampering to full out favoritism.

  53. Hey Matt. Love your posts. Well it looks like the newbies are controlling the house. Yay. The vets were determined to get rid of them and the tables have turned. Sure they are all sick to their stomachs; came in to intimidate everyone. Loved Dani – sad to see her go but getting rid of Jeff was a great move. I don’t know who’s gonna win but i hope it’s one of the newbies. Living in the jury house is going to be interesting w/Brennan and Jeff sulking about their women. It’s all Dani fault. Dani you rock!

  54. Hi Matt!
    First of all, both you and Brit were my favourites from last season so I am glad I get to hear your thoughts two days a week on the current season. They are typically much better than the show itself!
    Question A: Including evicted houseguests, who was your favourite? (Mine is Daniele)
    Question B: If you were a jury member, which one of the remaining houseguests would get your vote?

    • Thanks, Becky! QUESTION A: Dom, Dani, or Rachel. QUESTION B: Rachel or (and I wretch as I type this) Shelly.

      • I loved Dominic – It’s really too bad we couldn’t see more of what he was like as a competitor and a player. I think he would have been one of few houseguests to win competitions, not float and make game moves!
        I aslo agree with Rachel or Shelly as much as I really dislike them both as people. Rachel is extremely childish and aggravating – her mannerisms mimic those of a 13 year old girl.
        And Shelly has either played the best or worst social game ever – I am still undecided!

  55. Why is everyone this year a complete loser? Like the only remotely entertaining people were the people from past BBs. Are we really expected to believe that these idiots were the very best the casting crew could find? Also on a scale of 1 to 10 how hot is Jordan?

    • >> Why is everyone this year a complete loser?

      Bad genes?

      >> Are we really expected to believe that
      >> these idiots were the very best the
      >> casting crew could find?

      After 13 pretty decent seasons, you’re bound to have a miss.

      >> On a scale of 1 to 10 how hot is Jordan?

      I’m a brunette man and have never been attracted to blondes. So I’ll give her a 6/7, mostly for her titties.

    • It’s even more boring now. Jeff and Dani were right when they said no one is playing the game. The best way to make it interesting is if Rachel and Jordan together beat everyone. I’ve said it before without Dick in the house no one but Jeff and Dani had any balls to make anything interesting. I would have loved to see Dick make people cry.

  56. Great post Matt. There are a lot of accusations by fans that the game is rigged in various ways (competitions being catered to certain players, producers telling players what to do, or hinting at what to do). Is there any truth to that?

    • Nothing is “rigged”. Everyone has a fair shot at everything. As in all areas of competition, certain people are just going to be inherently better at ANY type of event. There NEEDS to be physical events in Big Brother, and those will favor athletic people. There NEEDS to be skill-based events in Big Brother, and those will favor more coordinated people. There NEEDS to be quiz events in Big Brother, and those will favor more intellectual people. That’s not “rigging”, in my opinion – it’s just a fact of the game. Through ALL of that, though, ANYONE has a shot at ANY of those types of competitions.

      • It seems as though they decide the competitions based on outcome they would most desire. Like when Dani had her back against the wall they did the ski thing that was a good competition for her body type. Then when Kalia was able to play they did question based, because let’s be honest, a physical comp wouldn’t have went so well, unless you consider trips to the hospital enjoyable.

      • If it was rigged, Jeff and Dani would still be in the house and a couple useless newbies would be gone.

      • Matt- Do you truly believe that rope obstacle would have been played if Rachel was the one staying rather than Brendon???

    • The rigging is only blamed when our faves dont win. Like when Brenda was voted back and Dani had to evict him again. lol

  57. For heavens sake friends & foes of BB, @ this point in time, haven’t u figured out the person u want or think should win, won’t !!!! I do hope the smartest one to get away with the least effort should win. They r the smartest because their skidding through on the coat-tails or bathing suit tops of everyone else, no effort. I truly believe a few are plants by BB strictly for amusement purposes. Opinions r like a-holes, we all have one, I hope Rach wins. She isn’t stupid & she is NO less annoying than anyone else in the house, in their own way. You want to see action ? Don’t let the players smoke or drink !!!!!!

  58. I’m so happy Dani & Jeff left! Jeff has turned into an egotistical bully and Jordan is the same hypocritical dumbass she was in season 11. Does everyone remember them laughing @ Lydia and Natalie because “Jesse isn’t dead.” The way Jordan was crying you wouldn’t think Jeff was on his way to a luxury vacation house somewhere. It’s “just a game” until things don’t go their way.
    Also – SHOCKER – for all of the cat ladies – Jeff and Jordan are only a couple when CBS wants them to be one. He hugs and kisses her the way he should hug and kiss his mother. There is not even the smallest hint of a romantic relationship.

    • Jordan is very old fashion and I believe she made it clear at the beginning of the season that they were not going to get into any hanky-panky because her family was watching. She’s very self-conscious about embarrassing them in any way. I do believe they love each greatly. You just have to look at last night’s ep to see how brokenhearted she was when he was evicted.

      • My comment was not in response to them not having sex in front of cameras. Anyone with any class whatsoever would not be doing *anything under those covers. I honestly do not believe Jordan was crying because her “boyfriend” left the house, but because her FRIEND left and, well, as we’ve seen in the past that’s what Jordan does when she doesn’t get her way. I can tell you if it had been my husband leaving he would have spent more time hugging me instead of giving attention to the people who just evicted him.

    • Jeff and Jordan are the best. Jordan has enough pride and self-respect not to have to touch her boyfriend while the whole nation is watching. I hate how all of these websites keep criticizing them for not being “romantic” with each other.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that jejo are a couple..none! and btw, you are going to criticize jordan for talking about lydia and natalie for crying about jessie leaving…i laughed my ass off when i saw that episode and it I HAD a huge ass! That was one of the funniest things i had ever seen! I don’t believe crying over a bf of over two years compares to crying over a guy they just met, especially jessie…NO WAY!!

      • OK, you are right. Jeff and Jordan are AWESOME! It’s especially romantic and dreamy when Jeff calls Jordan stupid and tells her to shut up. I’m sure he’s much nicer when the cameras aren’t on them.

      • There is no difference between Lydia and Natalie crying over Jesse and Rachel & Jordan’s sobfest last night. Jeff didn’t die or leave the game because of serious illness or injury. HE WAS EVICTED! I know she’s not the smartest cookie in the jar, but Jordan needs to grow up and stop pitching fits when things don’t go her way.

    • Jordan’s grandmother asked her not to embarrass the family while in the house and make ‘boom-boom.’ She and Jeff are like an old married couple, but I’d rather watch them than people who do nothing and act like they are ‘working their butts off’ to stay in the game.

    • Couldn’t agree more Sarah. Very well said…and I don’t give a rats arse if they are “romantic” or not either…but yes the sobfest was a bit much considering the circumstances.

    • Just to add to that if you say you would do an all-stars cast what would you do if Adam was also cast an all-star? Although it would never happen just a thought.

      • I already addressed the “All Star” question in a previous reply. If Adam was cast, I’d try to take him to the end with me so I could easily win $500,000.

  59. Hey Matt, Loved the post and your Q/A comments…your comment about Adam was spot on. I am a Dani fan and yes, I admit, sad she is gone. Regardless of who I favor I love the big moves and Shelly was great last night. I was hoping Dani would stay because I thought it would be “entertaining” to watch her and Rachel team up to clean house and battle it out at the end. My dream was for Dani to stay, Rachel win HOH and take out Jeff 1st and Adam next.(dude truly disgusts me with his non-game play, Shelly please give him his balls back). I really wanted to see Rachel make some moves and voting Dani out wasn’t one of them, for me it was just riding Jeff’s coattail.

  60. matt, i’m from chicago and I was rooting for the diabolical super genius!!!! wat happened? haha
    ur still hilarious tho =)

  61. Do you think the world would be a better place if Brendan and Rachel had been aborted? (slightly joking)

    On to a less serious subject, how can you act as if Kalia doesn’t deserve to win at all? Yea she’s a sloth, but she has won 2 HOH’s. The second being the biggest of the season, and in turn eliminating “Grande Jeffe”. What has Rachel done other than prove that she’ll one day be surrounded by padded walls? She was handed a few competitions, whoopdidooo. Go Team Raitress! Now that Porsche is occupying the room upstairs, it’s clear that Jordan and Rancid Rachel will be rocking the block. I say Rachel is gone Thursday. Adam wins POV? OK, maybe I’m reaching now..

    • P.S.

      Is the reason for you wanting Rachel to win is so she’ll buy you dranks on dranks? Or so she can afford the myriad amounts of therapy she desperately needs?

    • No – in all seriousness (outside of the snarky sarcasm of these weekly posts), Kalia could definitely get enough Jury votes to pull a win out, based on her competition wins. But it depends who she’s up against, because her social game (or lack thereof) has been pretty sub-par.

      • Let’s hope like hell that it doesn’t happen! Kalia and Porsche are both disgusting. I think they hold the record on the most weight gain in the house. Neither one has done much without Dani calling the shots. Those two as well as Shelly and Adam can’t play the game without help. Get the veterans out and what’s left. A bunch of floaters. Kalia competitive? Yeah right!

      • they have picked sides….they are not floaters any more… more than half way through means they arent newbies either

  62. With only 2 vets left, and 4 rookies, the odds look to be stacked against Rachel and Jordan, and there’s a good chance neither of them will make the final two. Assuming they didn’t, out of the other four, who do you WANT to see in the final two?

    PS Awesome Blog every week. I’m just surprised when Zingbot mentioned Kalias sleeping around all day and Porches eating, you didn’t catch on that he got them mixed up.

  63. Your season was why I got into Big Brother. I thought you were great last season and even greater now that I’m reading your episode commentary. This is hilarious; I hope you do this every season and saying what we are all thinking!

  64. Did anyone else notice that Jeff had flung his second clown shoe out of the pit when they were playing the veto?

  65. Am I correct in thinking, there are two sides obviously. If Porsche puts up Rach and Jordan and Adam then wins POV, he could take down Jordan and Porsche would have to put up one from her own alliance. Lets say Shelly. This week there would only be three votes so in this case Adam and Jordan would vote for Shelly to leave and Kalia for Rachel and the other side of the alliance could come out ahead even though they aren’t in power?

    • watching BBAD last night it seemed as though Adam was on the fence. he spent a lot of time in the HOH room and with Porsche, while crying Jordan, was stuck with Rachel’s horribly non up-lifting ramblings. i think if Adam won, he would prob just not use it, and continue his ways of not really doing anything to stay below the radar.

      • thank god. i hope adam keeps doing nothing so that one of the strong females can win (not rachel or jordan)

      • @katie : You seriously think that Kalia, Porsche, and Shelly are “stronger” than Rachel and Jordan? What a joke. Shelly has won absolutely nothing in this house. Kalia thinks she’s the greatest player in the world even though she made the biggest mistake of the season by voting out Lawon and getting Brendon back. Porsche has done nothing in this season up to this episode. She was neither a good social player or a competitor. Rachel and Jordan deserve to win more than the rest of the people left in the house.

      • jordan and rachel already had a shot and they lost. I am on the newbies side. shelly has a great social game. the competitions that matter most are the ones at the end. porsche and kalia have a great shot

      • @ katie. They haven’t lost yet, every week is something new and different. As I’ve said since the min porsche won HOH, do not be shocked when jordan AND rachel make it through this week. And as far as people all of the sudden liking porsche when NOBODY did before.(..I never saw onne good thing about her on here before. ) I will bet money she doesn’t win anything else..her finding both shoes that quick is pure lukc…what kind of skil lor stradegy doess it take to dig through some balls and find a shoe? None! It was all just a matter of who’s shoes were where…(ie, jeff…he would have won had he known he threw his oout, because his were the easiest to find)

  66. Matt. How scripted are the confessional comments? So many of them look fake…almost like the producers fed the contestants a line. I’m not imply the game is rigged by any stretch. I’m just not so sure that sound bites given by so many of these people weren’t fed to them by the producers.

    • This season seems REALLY bad in that regard. Our season we were “suggested” some various ways to say things that we were already saying on our own (so, when spoken, it was pretty natural because it didn’t vary much from what we already said). This season it just comes off as so awkward and unnatural that I can’t imagine they’re not feeding the HGs lines.

  67. Matt:
    I was a huge fan of you last season and was rooting for you to win. I have a question: now that most of the interesting characters are gone, who do you think has the best chances of winning? Also, who is/was your favorite house guest this season?

    • Sorry, I can now see you answered my second question in a earlier comment. Anyways, who has the best shot now that Rachel’s the only decent competitor left?

  68. Hey Matt, It seems like you think very highly of Rachel (although it comes off in these shows like she’s an immature brat). Is she different outside of the house (perhaps not so annoying that I’m tempted to poke out my eyes with a skewer when she’s onscreen)? In what way do you think that she’s played such a great game? To me, she just seems like the epitome of a “mean girl”.

    • She couldn’t be more of a different person outside of the house. Jeckyl & Hyde. I think she’s played a great game in all areas ONCE BRENDON LEFT. I’m a Rachel fan. I even like Brendon (outside of the house only). But I’m NOT a Brenchel fan. BIG difference.

  69. Hi Matt (again) ~ Just want to know if you’d be on board for a season where BB brings back all of the best/craziest/most outrageous players to fill the BB house. Not “All Stars”… but truly the best players. I’d love to see what you’d come up with for a ’round two’ attempt!… and who you’d team up with!

    • Sounds like an “All Stars” to me. How does what you described differ from that? And yeah – I’m completely all for it!

  70. Matt, you have fantastic Blogs.. Hilarious!
    I think the show is going to be quite boring from here on out.. I don’t know how much more I can stomach of Shelly..From day one I couldn’t stand that manly bitch.. I think Rachel needs to bring the crazy to bring the house alive. I think Ratings are going to shit now.

  71. Most scripted dr line ever Rachel:”Watch out danielle cause im Excalibur and that swords never been defeated”. What do you think Matt without admitted it was a fed line?

  72. the only thing i have seen shelly do is blow cig smoke around the house. i believe she is a low slithering snake, who is shedding her skin she has no chance of getting the votes needed to win

    • I wish she would shed her skin; it might not be much of an improvement, but at least it would be fresh-looking.

  73. Matt you are just funny on some of the things you say but when it came to the comment about the snake and adam wishing it was jeff’s coming in the back or whatever wouldn’t that be what you are hoping for you and regan. Do you not remember your comment last year about having a dream about regan and you know you love your wife but something about the house made you confused you like making all these gay comments but you are the only one ive seen on the show saying they are confused so a little advice before u make gay jokes just remember u are the only so called straight guy dreaming of guys or was it hayden u were dreaming off lol? im sure u wont answer this question now will you…

    • You’re getting it all mixed up. It was HAYDEN I was dreaming of. RAGAN is the one I was blowing every night. And yes, I couldn’t be more gay, which makes the comments in my blogs that are meant strictly for entertainment purposes completely hypocritical. I’m so ashamed.

  74. Shelly Shelly Shelly, Big Brother community please let her know(Shelly)how much of a creep she is for turning on Jordan.Forget its a game she let you talk to your family.I hope she gets bashed really bad at finally night.

  75. Matt, you rock. Loved you on your season, love your commentary and tweets. Thanks for your efforts – hope very much to see you on BB again. Question, you mentioned you think Rachel or Porsche will win. Why do you think Porsche has a chance? Even against Adam I would think she would lose. Thanks!

    • Porsche versus Adam? No brainer. In the last 24-hours Porsche has done more than Adam has all season. Look at Adam’s confusion when he had to cast a vote during the second eviction – he was a confused mess because he didn’t have time to have anyone tell him what to do. Adam will go down as one of BB’s worst players ever. For sure.

  76. Hey Matt, do you think Rachel is doing better this season then last season, and who would you align yourself to if you had a chance

    • I definitely think Rachel’s doing better this season, just cuz she has her emotions more in check this time (still crazy!…but just not AS crazy). That’ll help her game big time. If I was in the house this season it would’ve been because I was brought in with Ragan, so that’s who I would’ve stuck with. Actually, I probably would’ve taken us with Brenchel as a 4-person alliance and plowed through the house.

  77. Hey Matt,

    I was just wondering. What do you have against Jeff and Jordan? I know you favor strong competitors who pick a side (unlike Shelly, who is neither). Well, Jeff and Jordan have won competitions and created an alliance that would have lasted to the end if Shelly hadn’t completely screwed up. Also, they are obviously good people because I haven’t heard a single complaint from a HG about their personalities. Jeff and Jordan are the best.

    • I loved Jeff & Jordan the first time and still do! Whether people want to face it or not, those two are completely in love. Jeff might say “be quiet” or “don’t” but it’s to help their game play. He’s not even close to being a bully. Because he speaks his mind? Shelly is a low life p.o.s. that her daughter should be extremely ashamed of. She can’t win a damn thing & has every excuse for why. Hopefully her days are numbered and she has to visit the Jury house and face the rest of them. Now that will be entertainment!!!

    • I LOVE Jordan for who she is as a person. Not that I’m BFF with her or anything, but you can tell she has a really good heart and everything. My dislike for her in the game is the exact same reason that I like her in real life. Big Brother is not the place for people like Jordan. I like dirty gritty no-holds-barred gameplay, and Jordan’s just too sweet to pull that off. Although, to her credit, this season she’s been WAY better than in S11. Jeff I guess I just dislike by association – haha. But if Jordan never was on Big Brother and Jeff came in on his own, I think he’d be one of my favorites.

  78. Matt,
    When will we see the HG going into the jury house. I can’t wait till Dani tells Brendon about Jeff throwing the comp that sent him out. I think they might come to blows!!! Any thoughts?

    • Yeah – once again Jury house will be where all the excitement is at the end of the season. I’m excited as well for next Thursday’s clips!

  79. Matt, I just want to start by saying that I absolutely love your posts!! Also, I have seen you on the Dick at Nite show and I want to tell you that you are way funnier than he is! Also his “Adam video” that he thought was sooo funny, was stupid! Ok…enough comparing a no comparison! My question is: if you had gone back in with Ragan and Brenchel, would you all have teamed up with brenchel and been 100% loyal to them to the final 4 or would you all had tried to get them out as soon as you could?

    • Thanks, purpleblossoms! Funny you asked this question because before I even read it I ended up answering it a couple posts above. So check that. But yeah, I’d probably stick with them. Of course, anything can change and I have no problem throwing anyone to the wayside, so if I thought they needed to go…then they’d go! :-)

  80. First of all, thanks for the sarcasm in your posts…I appreciate your use of intellectual humor! Rachel has gotten a lot of flack this season for wanting the money to “pay for her wedding”. Considering Brendon is a student with a mass of loans to pay off, I find it only natural that the only way she can get her dream wedding (which every girl dreams of) is to win a comp for a shot at some money. I don’t see why her use of the money is less deserving than Adam’s would be, for example. I have 2 questions, please:

    1. Short of winning every available HOH and POV, what do you think Rachel’s best plan would be to make it to F2?

    2. Completely off subject, but why would the DR make Rachel put back Dani’s stuffed animal when her stuff has been taken all season? The HGs act like Rachel’s belongings are some kind of “Free, Take One” box.

    • Thanks, Jennifer!

      1) Rachel just needs to compete her ass off. It’s POSSIBLE she can get Porsche on her side (and that would be her best bet), but who knows. At this point, I believe that if she makes it to Final 2 she will win the game. So she shouldn’t worry about WHO she tries to align with, and only concern herself with pulling people in with her that are strong and can help her get to the end.

      2) Much to the dismay of my readers, I don’t watch the live feeds. Since this wasn’t covered on the CBS show, I’m not really clear on this whole situation. Sorry!

      • Thanks for responding, Matt. I think it will be hard for Rachel to overcome, especially since Shelly’s made it her mission in the game to lie about Rachel to everyone…and she’s made a perfect scapegoat. My hope is that when Rachel went in the DR, they asked her if she really wanted to behave like the other junior high kids in the house, and she put Dani’s animal back on her own.

  81. Which Houseguest would you most want to come back into the game at this point? (Not that it will happen)

  82. I can see why you had dreams about Hayden come on guys who has’nt(LOL). Love that your actually responding to all the questions as well. That being said if you meet Adam Poch at one of the reality events your ever at(big if im sure you will try and avoid it). Can you please tell him that his failed every that listens to metal. As well as everyone who watchs 90210 has not stopped watching. Last but not least let it be known i can never make a reference to the food BACON ever again because of him. Which is all very saddening accept for 90210 part(F that show). Here’s to hoping Ill never have to hear another SHOUT OUT OUT FARA EVER AGAIN! They have to evict ADAM….!

    • Ya that post should of been spell checked was typing fast and boss walked by….LOL submitted the comment super fast and now I am spell checking it and noticing i misplaced a lot of shit oops.

  83. Matt you are the shit we better see you in another Big Brother season. I must ask you what was in your head when Rachel walked into her HOH room and you and britney had her hair extensions on and were making fun of her?

  84. matt, your posts are hilarious, i love reading them! 2 questions i have for you.
    what do you think was the dumbest move made in the house this year? i know there was alot!
    and if you were in the house this year, how would it be different?

    • Thanks, VETERANfan! For your first question, it was undoubtedly Lawon’s mishap. For your second question, I already answered it in an earlier comment! :-)

  85. How can anyone seriously think Jordan doesn’t play a good game? I thought that this was a social game as well as a physical one… I thought the whole point was to be such a likeable person that you wouldn’t get evicted. And Matt, didn’t you play the sympathy card with the whole “My wife could be dying” to make yourself more likeable?? God knows you weren’t the mosat loveable on your own.

    • How does everybody think Jordan is this sweet little angel?She is a angel with horns.She lied to Dom nobody wants to say anything about that.Jeff and her told him to throw that veto.Then when it was over told him in kitchen he was going home this week,because he became a friend with the wrong person Dani.

      • Are you forgeting that intially it was there intention to keep “Dom”? It wasn’t until they found out about the back door plan that they decided otherwise. And even the best people in the world lie. I’m not saying shes perfect or has never told a fib or two. I just think that she is a truely good hearted person and maybe it just takes one to know one.

      • Im not tring to mean.Im a very christain person maybe I dont really care for anybody that lies and then acts like a angel.At least when Dani lied she didnt say she didnt lie.Jordan stand up to Jesus himself swear she wasnt lieing.If it get her one more day in house.Vets was never going to go with that deal.They had already started talking about backdooring Dom.When they started when they find out Dani and Dom was working together.They didnt want Dani to have a man on her side that be to dangerous,Jordan this nice person did you heard cuss Shelly out last night it make her mother blash.

    • Jordan has been one of the worst players of this game. She’s done just as much as Porsche in this game. The Vets are happy when they’re in control and crying about the game not being fair when they lose.

  86. As a superfan myself watching since season 1 I would like to know two things 1)What is your favourite season? 2) Your Favourite alliance and most hated alliance? Mine would have to be ALL-Stars, Chilltown (fav alliance), Nerd Herd most hated.

    • 1) Favorite season – 6

      2) Favorite alliance – I liked the ultra-secret alliance between Danielle and Jason in season 3. Least favorite – “The Friendship”/Nerd Herd

  87. Matt, do you think vets should complain so much about Porsche not doing anything, when they kept her out of comps for 4 weeks and never made her vote relevant?

  88. Go Porsche! I want her to win just because she is so adorable when she is being dumb.

    Who is better looking Porsche or Dani?

    • HAHAHAHA when she is being dumb right cause it is just an act. That’s why she’s on Big Brother to an agent got her the part. She is so fake it disgusts me but koodoos on her gameplay as of late.

    • I’m not into either physically, but if I had to pick then I guess Porsche. I like my chicks with a little bit of meat on ’em. But not too much meat! ;-)

  89. @jamielurie, Jordan doesnt have a game.

    She wasnt being nice to avoid noms, and she didnt avoid noms for being nice (rather for being bad).

    You can throw/suck at comps and still be good, but you need a strategy of some sort, not ill be nice and hope it works out

    • I honestly just feel like she is a ginuine person and I think that being nice and seeing where it gets you IS a strategy. It worked for her last time and I can only hope that somehow it turns around for her this time as well. I would much rather see someone win that has a good heart then someone like Shelly who would sell her own daughters soul for the money!

      • As for Shelly nothing wrong with how she plays. It is her acting like she is the opposite to how she plays that makes her annoying. But Jordan and Jeff knew she had lied to every other hg, ao why did they think they were immune?

      • Well… If that “stupid boyfriend” saw something in her in only 3 months of being around her and has managed to continue loving her even though they are miles apart, there must be something amazingly good inside her. And it seems like big brother always throws in a twist to give her a little extra help when its down to the wire for “jejo”. Maybe your one of the few that would just rather watch the scum of the earth fight to the death then bless a truely selfless person with a chance to better their life. I would have never given Manly, I mean Shelly that phone call! Jordan is a better person than even myself.

      • See how quick you went from arguing that she’s a competitor to arguing that she isn’t one, but you’d rather see her be nice.

        I bet you that 75% of the lying, evil, deceiving scumbags you are complaining about are really probably pretty darn nice people in real life, and as such Im just as happy to see them get life changing money. They just realize that they are playing a TV show game, and act like it.

        Its like Matt said, its not Jordan’s fault, she’s a nice girl. But BB wasn’t the show for her, which is what made her win so disgusting. If she can win they may as well just keep all houseguests all season then have america pick the winner.

      • Are you kidding me??? You mean to tell me that you think the way people play the game isn’t just a reflection of how they would act in a similar situation in the real world. If your a rude, ignorant person on the game, 9 times out of 10, thats who you are. Next you gonna tell me Rachel isn’t really crazy, shes is just that way on the show. I’m not saying Jordan played the strongest or smartest game. I’m just saying the way shes playing worked for her before and it is a SOCIAL game!

    • JamieLuree .I really dont think Jordan and Jeff are girlfriend and boyfriend .Jordan just told Rachel last night on the after dark on showtime .When Rachel ask when are you”ll getting married she said Jeff never talks about it.If a guy I was waiting for ,for two years. Didnt want to talk about getting married.I’d tell him get lost.They live so far away from each other they have no time to be in love.

      • And Lori….. Being a very Christian person, I wouldn’t go around judging other peoples relationship status. And as far as the not liking liars, You do know your reading Matt’s blog right???? The one that lied about his wife. Um… Yea… Ok.

      • @JamieLurleen – what does being a christian have to do with anything? and what’s with this love-fest you’ve got for Jordan?

        Hard to tell with your dangling participle there, but I assume you mean that you’re a very christian person.. did you ever maybe hear the phrase “judge not lest ye be judged?”

        So why are you judging Lori?

        There’s more, too: “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Well, I’m judging you now – and I think you’re a hypocrite.

      • Alex…. Kind sir. I only mentioned being “christian” cause Ms. Lori was being a wee bit hypocritical herself. Read all previous posts before you put your 2 cents in. Judge away!

  90. I’ve been watching since season 2 and just recently discovered your great commentary on the show. Yesterday’s episode actually made me very upset. I suppose it has more to do with the fact that the player (Jeff) that I like and that side of the house being severely crippled. Yes, there’s a question in here. Will CBS ever use an actual fan and/or former houseguest to host the show?! I’ve never been a fan of the ChenBot as it seems as though she doesn’t really care about the show itself. I suppose she’s there to add an air or credibility and class but she’s my least favorite part of BB. I have always wished that Will Kirby or now you would host the show. You add so much more to BB than she does.

    • Thanks for reading my junk, LaToya! There’s no way a fan will host the show, but I can attest to the fact that ChenBot is actually a HUGE Big Brother superfan! She even keeps up with what’s happening on the live feeds and everything. I bust on her a lot in these writeups, but it’s all in good fun!

  91. Matt, thank you for your sincere answer to my last question, and in advance for answering this one. What, IYO, were the 5 top game play moves (and who made them) in BB history (and yes, you’re allowed to include yourself being the architect and strategist behind The Brigade – because it’s included on my list)?

    • Thanks, Moviegal! I’m sure if I spent more time thinking about this I’d come up with better ones so please everyone refrain from telling me what an idiot I am for choosing these, but at first thought (and in no order):

      1) Nakomis’s “backdoor” creation/realization

      2) Danille/Jason totally secret alliance in S3 that no one ever found out about (basically playing the game together while never really “being friends”).

      3) (which leads me to…) The Brigade strategy, which was sort of influenced by my #2 above, but never truly properly played. (maybe one season down the road a group of players will take it as I’d intended and do it right…it’s a mathematically guaranteed F4 deal from day one!)

      4) S10 Dan making that crazy deal with Ollie and then totally reneging on it and screwing over Ollie in the process.

      5) S2 Will’s general consistent “reverse psychology” tactics (asking to be nominated, evicted, being blatantly arrogant, etc)

      • Thanks again – the one that I had that you didn’t was, because of his AP obligations, BB#8’s Eric being able to totally flip the house and keep ED over Dustin.

      • I have a question about the Backdoor thing. In the true sense of the original backdoor.. was Jase the only one this ever happened to? Wasnt it the next season the cbs started using the bag to draw names?
        IMO, the real BD strategy is obsolete, now u just hope their name isnt drwan.

  92. I must say you had the BEST eviction speech ever matt it was hilarious all superfans appreciated it I am sure. How much fun was it to pull out the D.P.O.V on Brendan last season and call him a dummy? That still makes me laugh the look on his face was priceless. The PHD could not help him comprehend what had just happened O_o!

    • Oh and why are you not watching the live feeds just out of curiousity? Is it something to do with knowing what it’s like being inside the Big Brother House?

  93. Matt!

    I love your blog/thoughts. Highly entertaining and insightful.

    Why didn’t they also interview Britney when they brought you and Ragan back to talk about Rachel? I would think Britney is pretty much the expert when it comes to that hot mess. I love how you and Ragan are still friends/secret lovers though.

    and please tell me you agree on this being the worst season ever. I’m not sure why they brought the veterans back and i’m not sure why the newbies are atrocious at this game, but the season with you guys was SO much better than this.

    on a final note, i’ve hated these guys so much this season, but i was extremely proud of Kalia, Porsche and Shelly last night.

  94. Matt Hoffman the man who gave Hayden Moss 500,000 and Lane of all people 50,000! If it was not for you they would not have gotten anywhere. It’s unfortunate that they backdoored you but I guess a genius move considering you had a major advantage with side alliances and could take them out at any time. Do you ever regret building the side alliance’s you had and not spending enough time with the brogade which put the seed of doubt in their minds?…Is he with us or with them w/e just axe him and thats what they did.

  95. Hey Matt- Awesome blog. Hyterical as always, and I love that you always catch the little ridiculous things I noticed but assume no one else has noticed, like Kalia’s manly belch and Kalia’s “Vote for me” slip-up.

    My question for you concerns whether or not the producers actually try to manipulate voting. I always assumed that players were prompted with a question or topic in the DR and asked to respond, and I don’t know how “conspiracy theorist” it sounds that I’m wondering about this, but I figure who better to ask than someone who’s been through it. Do the producers really try to push people to vote certain ways, and to what extent (ie: subtle? obvious? forceful? etc.)?

    Thanks, man, and peace.

      • That’s the thing, though, Joe- in the double eviction evening of events, they wouldn’t have had time to manipulate votes because it all happened within the hour.

    • Thanks for the kind words, John!

      Nah – as far as voting goes, they pretty much let you run with what you want to do.

  96. Matty!!!!

    I loved you in Season 12, and your reviews of this season are a must read.. hilarious. But seriously, I think its about time that you make fun of Porsche’s crusty pink jogging suit. She hasn’t taken it off since day 12 or something like that. At first I thought it was a punishment, part of the big brother game, but no. That suits got some stank on it, dude. Nasty.

  97. Matt, some may disagree with me but I’m hoping to see a big brother all stars 2 and I’m hoping to see you in it. I think you were the best player in your season and I’d love to see it. (Enough kissing your ass) would you do it if CBS asked you to?

  98. Matt are you finally going to lose all sense of life and start cheering for Porsche? I know I am? rather her than a hermaphrodite. just saying.

  99. Matt, if there was a BB rules change that allowed players to kill the annoying dumbasses who piss you off, who from your season and this season would you choose to take out? BTW love the recaps you do and love you and the rest of the crew on Dick @ Nite

  100. Someone may have asked this already, but I may have missed it…Matt, who do you think deserves to win Big Brother from the 6 who are left?

  101. Mr. Matt! Really enjoyed you on BB, and I was pulling for you. The saboteur was HILARIOUS! (what was that, a 10-second hug??)

    So here’s my theory: Jeff is in the closet. Here’s my evidence:
    a) He has an attractive, kind-hearted, young woman available to him, and, after all this time, not only has he not proposed, he apparently only sees her when CBS comes calling (more camera time!).
    b) he’s a bit too conscious of his appearance at all times (yes, I know, straight men can be vain, too), but he even wanted Jordan to tell him he had nice feet!
    c) he has expressed anti-gay sentiments on more than one occasion (there is a reason those who complain . . .)
    d) and, oh yeah, he’s totally in love with a guy – HIMSELF!
    Did I make a good case, Matt?

  102. so matt what did u think of julies outfit? slso bout rachel insanely crying after jeffs eviction? andd you are so cute and funny <3

  103. I’d love to see you on a future All-Stars (unless this season was intended to be an All-Star season, in which case…uh…). I’d like to see Lane and Britney come back from your season too. Which other players since the last All-Star season would you like to come back to compete against the Diabolical Super Genius?

    • They need to bring back Eric and Jessica from season 8…maybe even Jen (she was annoying but did do well in competitions). I don’t think anyone from season 9 was good enough to come back. From season 10, they should bring back Dan, Keesha, and Renny (for entertainment purposes). From 11, they should bring back Kevin, Michelle and Russell. And from 12, they should bring back Matt, Ragan, Britney and Lane.

      • Ragan? Lane? Really? What did they do? Ragan whined constantly and barely won anything, while Lane was just kind of there, like Hayden. Crazy James, Sheila, and maybe Sharon from S9 would be strong options instead.

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