Big Brother 13 Week 6: Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Shelly

Another week, another potential breakup of Brenchel. It’s what we’re learning to expect from Big Brother 13. Now that the Veto ceremony is over and we have our final options for elimination it’s time to take a look at who has the votes to stay and who could end up walking out the door with no more chances to return. Oh who are we kidding? Pandora’s Box is still out there somewhere, right?

I started to get in to the votes yesterday with the news that Brendon would probably go up on the block despite his offered truce to Daniele. Just like last week we’ll have six votes with the potential for the HoH breaking any ties.

Brendon is going to start with at least one vote in his pocket from Rachel. On the other side of the fence Shelly should start with two votes of support from Kalia and Porsche considering they’ll be following Daniele’s lead this week. Sure, Porsche gave Brendon her vote the last time he was up on the block, but she’s bitter that Rachel never thanked her for going against the house. Now that Porsche has found a group more accepting of velour track suits I don’t expect her to return to Brenchel anytime soon. Now we’re at 1-2 with Brendon leaving Big Brother and half the votes counted.

Three votes remain, but just one more is need for Brendon’s eviction, assuming a tie-breaker would go against him. Considering Daniele seems hell-bent on his eviction I think it’s a safe assumption. But like Jordan says, “making assumptions is like making pancakes. Yummy!” Just kidding, she didn’t say that. I don’t think.

Jeff and Jordan have been considering ditching their Brenchel support since they know eventually they’ll need to get them out of their way, but after last night’s conversation with Adam I don’t think they’re quite ready to sever those ties. But they’re really in a tough spot since both Shelly and Brendon are allies, at least more so than being against them. Flashback to 3:10 AM BBT last night and you’ll find Jeff working Adam for a vote to support Brendon staying. Adam is extremely hesitant and doesn’t sound convinced.

Minus Adam’s vote Thursday looks poised at 3-2 with Brendon staying. Adam’s in a big position this week whether or not he knows it. I think he’d be best served by forcing a tie and letting Daniele keep Brendon’s eviction blood to herself. Well, maybe it wouldn’t really be his best move, but I’m ready for a tie-breaker event and here’s our chance.

My prediction: Brendon walks out the door for the third time in a year and becomes the first member of the jury. Shelly lives to lie another day.

Who do you think has the votes this week in Big Brother 13??


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  1. I’ve said the WHOLE time that this chick is just WRONG! Glad to see they have figured it out. GEEZE the woman even lies to herself and in the diary room.

    Thing is I think she may actually believe herself!

  2. Bye bye Brenda! Still think it would be great to see Porsche go next week. I would drive Rachel crazy wondering what’s going on in the jury house! Now that would be fun to watch! Except for poor Jordan who would have to listen to her…

  3. Jeff must have changed his mind as I saw Adam, Jeff and Jordan on BBAD saying they were voting against Brendon, but keeping Rachel. Have to check that out.

    • J&J are really up in the air on this vote and have said that they put more trust in Shelly and Adam than R&B..If DANI lets J&J in on all the lies they told to her I believe it will be a no brainer..Brendon is gone..

    • BBAD would have ended at 12AM BBT, so their talk later at 3AM BBT shows Jeff discussing keeping Brendon.

      Like I said, JeJo is considering ditching Brendon, but they’re still hanging on to the idea of keeping him.

      It’s an option and he’s looking at all the angles.

      • Yes jj needs to vote him out!! Soon they will battle b&r and i dont think JJ can beat them.

      • The smart play would be to keep them. As long as BR are in the house JJ are not targets. Not to mention with them in the house they control the numbers and have a better chance of taking back control of the house. People seem to be voting with their hearts and not their heads. Ultimately, it will cause them to lose the game which is why I predict Dani is next to leave regardless of who gets HOH. Kalia know she cannot beat Dani in a final 2 so to me both sides have reason to target her as she strongest player right now.

      • Matt, honestly I am a big fan of Brendon and Rachel and it is very disconcerting when you post your little jabs against them. I do appreciate your updates and even insights but you seem to never or rarely make any negative comments on any of the other players. Every time you mention Rachel and Brendon you make a comment like you hope he leaves. I don’t condone everything Rachel and Brendon do especially the sex scenes as they should be more tactful but they are young and horny like healthy male or female would be at that age. I don’t mind when you specifically state what they are doing and you are entitled to your comments but they are so obviously biased. I feel you should remain more neutral, maybe? Jost my take. Don’t get me wrong, I love your website and am so glad it is here.

      • @Larue, where did Matt jab Brenchel? All I can see that he said is that Jeff is mulling over his options. Am I missing something?

      • Jejo should def. vote against Brenchel, they are
        1- a solid unbreakable alliance
        2- both are competitors
        once they’re done with that, they need to really work with Shelly and Adam and even maybe secretley work with Daniele cause she would be a big target that they would want to keep.
        I’m still rooting for Dani, but from Jejo’s position, it’s better to keep 1 competitor target with no solid alliance then keep 2 competitors with an unbreakable one. once they do that, it will all be about the social game cause all the newbies and even Daniele can be swayed

      • @LaRue, I think Matt has a right to his own opinion as to his likes and dislikes as everyone else is. My opinion is Brendon needs to go with Rachel not far behind. They are two of the most disgusting houseguests in BB history.

      • Wouldn’t that be a big mistake? See, Danielle won the HOH against all odds this week. There is no guarantee that the alliance of Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel will win HOH or POV for that matter. Just an observation. Seems like Danielle is more motivated than the 4 other veterans as far as playing to win! Jeff seems more concerned winning the little prizes instead of the $500,000. If they get rid of Brendon then, Rachel, who are they left with? Adam and Shelly? Danielle has Porsche and Kalia which is a solid 3 votes and Danielle has proven a tough competitor of HOH and POV. I hate to admit it because I do not really like the gameplay of Danielle and I find her too nasty but,
        she is playing smarter than Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel combined!
        That is utterly pathetic the way they are playing considering they have the numbers in the game.

    • Jeff is trying to be subtle and get Adam’s temperature before flat out pushing him to keep Brendon, because he doesnt want Adam and Shelly to flip out

  4. I hope Brendon goes. I have never been a fan of his and still not a fan. I don’t know what to think of Rachel. Poor girl really needs help. Mental help.

  5. Not sure which feeds you were watching at 3AM but I was watching them as well and Jeff and Adam were clearly talking the entire time about sending Brendan out the door.

    • Flashback to 3:10AM, Cam 1. Jeff says keeping the stronger player (Brendon) would be the best game move.

      Post updated to reflect exact minute in conversation.

    • yes …and they even told shelly that she is safe

      Jeff said they cant keep brendon, because later on will be hard to take him out

      and shelly said she understand why JJ wants Dani out, but she wont keep Rachel because is coming after her.

      i think if shelly wins Hoh she wants Rachel out.

      some drama would go around their allience, because JJ wants Dani gone, while Shelly and Adam wants Rachel gone next week

      • If Jejo think that they can vote to evict Brendon and still keep Rachel as an allie, they are dreaming..she will see it as a betrayel that is even bigger then Daniele’s

      • Not really because J/J will tell Rachel they didn’t have enough votes to keep him and they didn’t want to be hung out to dry with there votes going against the house.

  6. Matt, I agree with you that Adam is the swing vote. Adam needs to go in a corner and think things out and if he were to think all options he would be wise to keep Brendon. With 4 veterans possibly going to the jury house, plus I think he can make arguements against each of the veterans on winning the whole game if it comes down to him and a veteran. I think the next 48 hours could be very interesting.

    • The vets have made it much clearer to Adam that they want to include him. Dani has dissed Adam, Shelly has lied to him (and everyone else) and who knows what is going on with Porsche. I don’t see Adam have much of an alliance with the newbies and Dani at this point.

    • Im not so sure Adam IS the swing vote.

      Dani is telling BR that she is working on Porsche for them … is it BS or is she really just trying to disguise an alliance?

      But if he is, I think he’s made up his mind. Everyone thinks he’s spineless but I think he just knows not to promise. He is much more allied with S and P than JJ, and he wants Jeff out right after Dani.

  7. I completely disagree, jeff is public enemy number 1 if Brendon leaves and he’s gotta know that. He does know that. After this week(assuming Brendon will go). They’re all gonna start realizing that sitting next to Rachel in F2 isn’t such a bad thing after all, and sitting next to Jordan will not be good. I think Adam will get convinced by Jeff to keep Brendon for that very reason. If Brendon doesn’t stay, I think we can safely assume that even Jordan will become a bigger target than Rachel.

    • Why does Adam care how big a target JJ are? They are a target for HIM, too.

      To have any shot to win, he needs to eliminate JJ, Dani, Brendan and Rachel at the very least, and there are only so many weeks.

      Adam can’t afford to have any more players he can beat in F2 go home in any of the remaining weeks.

  8. watching yesterday bb afterdark

    adam , shelly, jordan and jeff, talking, and they were all telling shelly they will evicte brendon
    and they will keep rachel for 2 more weeks and get rid of her.

    did they change their mind?
    i dont think JJ would lie to shelly at this point, saying she is safe and vote her out thursday

    • I think that Jeff and Jordan are noticing that shelly is spending alot of time with Dani. They are suspicious of that and maybe that’s why Jeff is changing his mind.

      • Adam had a talk with Dani then she put him up on the block.If he has a brain he should know that Dani is faithful to no one. Keeping Brendan means going after Dani. Once shes gone Kalia & Porcha will fall by the wayside.

      • I know but Shelly has there backs. J/J needs to quit getting so paranoid. Even though I know that’s hard to do.

  9. Shelly lies so much. I am not sure she remembers which lie she told to which person. Sorry but she needs to go.

      • Thanks you Keisha.

        I admire Shelly. I think she is truly a good hearted person. That house would prob drive any normal person nuts. Her perception is the difference.

      • Shelly. Is a psycho. Its one thing to lie to everyone else in the game, but it is quite another to cry and lie in dr to production and america, when. We all know the truth. I. Can’t believe people say. Rachel. Needs shelly, that. Is. Someone who. Truly. Needss. Help. Its almost. As. I. If she. Believes herself. That’s pretty. Scary..sorry. about all. The. Periods.

      • Shelly. Is a psycho. Its one thing to lie to everyone else in the game, but it is quite another to cry and lie in dr to production and america, when. We all know the truth. I. Can’t believe people say. Rachel. Needs shelly, that. Is. Someone who. Truly. Needss. Help. Its almost. As. I. If she. Believes herself. That’s pretty. Scary..sorry. about all. The. Periods!

  10. At about 3am BBT it Jeff was trying to convince Adam to keep Brendon. I think Jeff knows that he will be the next target if Brendon leaves. If Dani changes her mind and doesnt evit Brendon. Adam would have just dug a HUGE hole for himself.

    • I dont think Dani would save Brendon in a tie-breaker

      I think she wants him to stay, but JJ voting him to stay

      • let me play devils advocate here…dani puts up brendon, then tells jj they are throwing you under the bus, making them think maybe we should keep him as a power against dani? remember rb told dani they did not trust jj and would do what she asked including being put on the block…dani has made it clear she dislikes shelly so to see her go home she made alliance with rb..think about it

  11. Why is everyone saying jeff was trying to convince Adam to vote Brendon out? No that was only in front of Shelly…which hello, obviously they’re not going to talk about it in front of her. While alone he was trying to convince him to vote out Shelly.

    • but if JJ votes Shelly out, they are really stupid
      Shelly even said she dont want her to win…but she wants JJ final 2…and she is there only to help them

      But i Hope JJ vote to keep Brendon
      because next week if K or P wins dani is safe

      if r or B wins, Shelly goes

      and if J or J wins, i think she would bring to them the offer R and B offered to her, and asked to her to backdoor him

      • No they’re not stupid they’re stupid to keep her, if she passes this week she will fly under the radar….MARK MY WORD..if Brendon goes this week JeJo will not make it to F2 Rachel and Daniele will. And I’m sorry, I’m a JeJo fan but they’re pretty pathetic wanting to keep Rachel around just so she can win comps for them.

  12. I just saw the live feed at 3:01 a.m. and Matt (BBN) you are correct Jeff was trying to talk about whether it would be better to save Brendon. Adam seemed to be able to show him that it would be better to get Brendon out. I so agree if Dani would share how low Rachel was in the lies against Jeff he would not hesitate at all. Shelly told J/J Dani wanted to talk to him, and maybe she would tell him then. I just wish J/J would talk with her. Does anyone remember if Adam and Shelly have a deal to go to the final two? I seem to remember that. I just hope Brendon goes.

    • I don’t understand why Jeff is always so hesitant to go up and talk to Dani when she is HOH, he really needs to, and he always hesitates, I don’t get that, if she would tell him how Brenchel is working hard to get them out, he would for sure vote Brendon out this week. Get you butt up there, Jeff!

      • Danielle did tell Jeff that Rachel and Brendon were up there throwing them under the bus. He knows.
        Why did Dani tell Brendon and Rachel that Brendon has the votes to stay and that he is safe?

      • Last time Danielle was HOH
        JeJo did the same thing.
        Threw Brenchel under the bus, offering Jordan as a pawn.
        I think both teams know that they will do whatever to stay.
        It’s not personal, it’s just the game.
        They are still a true alliance but you gotta do what you can to stay.

      • @ karen. Yes. They did throw. Brenchak under the. Bus. They said “if anyone else is sitting next to rachel rachel will stya, so just use. Jordan as a pawn” if that’s not throwing them under the bus then what. Is?

      • Sorry vet fan but that is not thowing them under the bus cuz at no point did JJ ever tell Dani wat BR plans were if they won HOH.. Unlike BR they told Dani wat JJ plans were had they won HOH.. In addition when JJ went up there prior to Dani original nominations they told her that they can do a deal for a wk n she said ok Jeff then told her ok I dont want to know wat ur plans r. After the POV that is when JJ offered Jordan aS a pawn so clearly they did not throw BR under the bus..

      • @vetfan, That’s not throwing them under the bus. They didn’t trash them and make up a bunch of lies about them for over an hour.

  13. If J/J/A send Brendon home they better HOPE and pray that they win the HOH or Jeff is next. They need Brendon and Rachel and they were completely loyal to Jeff/Jordan….have we all forgotten why Dani went after B/R? Because they called her out on the fact that they wanted B/R to nominate J/J. What has Shelly and Adam really done for J/J….and Shelly is a loose cannon ready to go off…she will turn in the turn of a dime.

    I thought I heard or read somewhere that Adam said after Brendon he wanted to get rid of Jeff??? Can anyone confirm?

    Dani, P & K are stupid for getting rid of Brendon…they do better hope P or K win the HOH or one of them, most likely Dani (unless she wins the veto) is gone next.

    Everyone is forgetting the numbers…R/B are more needed by both alliances more than they think.

    • Are you forgetting that Brenchel told lies against J/J and Rachel said Jeff made sexual advances to her. I don’t call that being loyal.

      • I remember reading somewhere about Jeff doing that- no clue how true it was. As for the lies, J/J (who I like) did turn on R/B first. And who doesn’t lie….biggest liar is Shelley.

      • @Gail,Rachel said Jeff made advances to her? I missed that.And Brendon didn’t confront Jeff? Or did I miss that too?

    • @Sharon yes she said that everyone including J/J was mean to her when he left. She also said that Jeff approached her when she was in the shower and made her feel uncomfortable. I never saw Brendon confront Jeff.

      • I can’t believe she would lie like that to her own future husband. Wait till he watches the show after they leave. He will know then that she lied. When she said she was all alone and noone would talk to her, he specifically asked Jordan wouldn’t talk to you, and she said no. They were all being mean to her. He didn’t make sexual advances to her. She lied about that also. She wants to turn Brendon against Jeff and Jordan because they aren’t winning anything. She has serious problems upstairs.

      • Brendan wouldent confront Jeff because he is a man and he knows how Jeff is about Jordan. Brendan would believe in Rachals broken down state of mind she saw a few things distorted and that would be one of them

  14. I’m convinced that Big Brother is fixed……also convinced Bachelor Pad is too. Both are insulting the viewers.

    • You really never know….to some extent I think it is tilted in the favour of what BB wants (i.e. ratings). I read that Jeff has some kind of agreement/deal (?) and he won’t go home yet….and then I read something about BB pushing Shelly to be voted out instead of Brendon in the diary room…wish I could remember who.

      That’s entertainment….lol.

      • I sure hope they don’t keep Brendon. If they think Brenchel’s shomance is entertaining it certainly is not entertaining for me. I think they both need mental help. Rachel is so needy and I think their relationship is toxic.

      • I agree about Bachelor Pad, it was too obvious they want Jake to stay so they change the game.

  15. I Dont understand why everyone acts like jejo arent just as big of snakes as anyone elsr in the housr. I hope so bad that Rachel wins hoh next week and puts jeff and jordan on the block. They are so pathetic right now…to hear jeff(big macho man)say “we need to keep rachel for endurance against dani” really? Im glad u feel u cant beat her jeff lol. Why do jejo rally think rachel will stay with them after they vote brendon out? NEVER thought id say this but i hope rachel teams with Dani if they vote against brendon

    • I thought the same thing that I would never want that. Now I do. J/J think they are too good to even talk with Dani. J/J is still holding a grudge against Kalia for putting him up on the block. Like he is to good to be put up. I use to be a big J/J fan, but not this season. I respect Dani’s game play.

      • And see i want it to happen for rachels benefit i know you like dani lol but at least its realistic i mean jordan sitting there saying she is not going to take care of rachel again..what makes her think she will even want to talk to them after that? They are either ubelievably arrogant or unbelivably stupid. Im guessing one of each lol. I really liked them up until this week.

      • You respect Dani’s play? LOL She is the biggest liar and backstabber in the house. She threw her BFF Kalia under the bus to J/J when Kalia was HOH. And do you watch her DR sessions. She acts like she is the greatest player in BB history. NOT!!!

    • I was so happy Jordan won last year but this year J/J are doing nothing. I agree vet fan! What people don’t realize is J/J are the BIGGEST threat…why would you get rid of an alliance of 2 (B/R) instead of breaking up one of 4 (J/J/S/A)….like seriously Danielle/K/P….are you thinking at all?

      • I agree 100% and have been saying for a week that Dani needs to get rid of Jeff…breaking up that alliance, IMO, is crucial. And what kind of game play is “we need Rachel to win comps for us”?! Don’t we call that floating? Jeff needs to get off his high horse… loved J/J in their season but not at all in this one.

    • vetfan, I so agree with almost every word of your post!!! Wait, I read it again.. I agree with EVERY word!! Can u imagine the destruction Dani and Rachel in a secret alliance would cause! I wouldnt mind seeing both of them in the end.. I prefer Dani win, but if they can pull something like that off, I would be good with Rachel winning, too. Those are the only two who have actually done anything for themselves in the game. They play hard!! J and J just get other people to do their dirty work, trying to keep America in love with them. IMO, Big Jeff is a Big jackass!!!

      • All Rachel does is make up hateful lies about everyone. Oh yeah and cry all the time. Oh yeah and has to be the center of attention. Oh yeah and gives Brendon BJ’s in front of the cameras and with other people in the other beds. Oh yeah and throw temper tantrums and act like a 2yr old. Yeah right she deserves to win. Win the worst houseguest in BB history!!!

  16. Shelly needs to go she hasn’t even won anything, lets get rid of the floaters and keep the competitors! But I doubt that will happen I am almost positive they will keep Shelly because she is less of a threat and they know they can beat her. I just hope Jeff, Jordan or Rachel wins HOH next week and gets rid of Daniele she needs to pack it up!

    • But do you really think that will happen? Do you think that after evicting brendon rachel will want to work with jejo? She’d be an idiot to do do,they just showed her where theyre true alliance lies. I hope rachel wins hoh.and puts jordan and adam on the block and makes a deal with dani and they all but jeff and shelly vote to evict jordan. Or if adam or jordan win pov backdoor jeff

      • After Rachel told all those lies to Brendon to turn him against Jeff and Jordan he told her that if he gets evicted to go after Jeff and Jordan.

      • Thats good no matter what lies rachel told, jejo threw brenchal under the bus long before brenchal did them. Period, point blank, i dont care if jejo is sooo liled they can do wrong. They are doing as much throwing as anyone else. This coming from someone who was torn between wanting jeff or rachel to win. Now im all rachel

      • I 100% agree with u . vetfan im all Reachel too, Why do people think no one in that house dose nothing wrong but Brendon & Reachel

      • Great thinking vet fan! Thats a great plan don’t b surprised if u c it play out. Hello production, lol.

    • Look where Brenchels true alliance is…not with J/J after throwing them under the bus for over and hour and talking trash about them. I hope J/J vote Brendon out. If it was just Brendon in the house maybe they could work together but Rachel is one big disaster. And to make up a lie about Jeff making sexual advances to her is the lowest a person can go.

  17. After everything that lying Shelley did for those two really nice people (LOL), they are thinking of voting her out. Its too awesome if the lying witch leaves. And the other tool Adam doesnt see that if JJ are thinking of getting rid of the liar they will do the same thing to him.

    • Funny Black girl, LOL. I guess one couple’s halo is demming. I like vets fan’s idea 2 put up Jordan and Adam then use Rachel, Kalia and Porche or Dani depending on who win Hoh to vote Jordan out. She adds no excitement to the house and is too likable 2 b up against.

  18. I liked Rachel when she was strong and winning games, now shes a clinging cry baby. Brendon was a good compeditor now all he seems to do is bitch at Rachel. Dani thinks her poop don’t stink but her farts give her away. All Shelly does is lie. The rest eat,sleep and lie in the sun. Maybe no one told them the game started. At this rate I think Jordan should win because they gave it to her before for being cute why not this time also.

    • I think it will change this week. Im thinking its about 90% brendon is leaving. I think rachel will stip crying this time, knuckle up and win hoh, cause she will be so furious that jejo got rid of brendon. I cant wait to ser jejo up there kissing rachels ass after they just evicted her man lol. Now that would be great.

      • @ Vetfan, Really?? Rachel is not the same since Brendon left the first time.Yes she will be p—– but she has been all over the place emotionally Brendon can’t even control her. Everyone can argue all day on who threw who under the bus first but what Rachel said about Jeff crossed the line. It is one thing about lying your a– off about game play in order to win which btw all the HG is guilty of. But personal attacks is just wrong, too include all the attacks against Brenchal. Shelly has played both sides the entire game that it is probaly very hard to remember who she said what too but that does not make her any worse than anybody else in the house. The big question is will Adam persuade Porche to vote for Brendon or will Porche persuade Adam to vote for Shelly? Or finally will Dani have to do her own dirty work and vote Brendon out of the house?

  19. Get Brendon out of the house this week….then they need to get Jeff out of the house….These two pose the worst threat of everyone in the house. Jordan is an air head, right up there with Rachel…without theie men, they are wimps…..The season Jordan won was because she played the damsel in distress and everyone liked her phoeny act. I give credit to Dani going up against the big guns….she needs to get Brendon OUT this week.

  20. Has Matt ever been wrong before about his predictions on who goes home? Cuz I think if not, then this will be his first

  21. Strategically I say S needs to go. But after that tasteless nasty bedroom display from B and R. I now say he needs to go. Disgusting

  22. Does anyone really believe Shelley is a bigger threat than Brendon while teamed with Rachael?

      • Shelly said she wanted to protect JJ and hope they make it to the final. So voting her out will keep JJ safe for at least a week. So, why not vote herself out and stop asking for votes to stay in? Oh, I forgot….Shelly is a darn liar!!

  23. Sure kick out Brendan& Jeff then the only player left will be Danfibian. Why wouldnt we all want to see a snake make off with a half mil.I hate her LOOK at her she is emotionless, who acts like that, & the only reason she kept Kalia was cause she won HOH the week after her so she ran to the HOH room every time something happened in the house, so she could watch what was going on with the people downstairs on that monitor. Shes a user and everybodys worried about J&J & B&R get with it people Dani has to go, and soon!

  24. I don’t understand why anyone would admire Dani’s game play. She’s nothing but a darn coward! She tried to use B@R to get Jeff out and it didn’t work. Jeff went on a rampage and both Dani and Kalia fear him. She went after Brendon because it’s easier…he just accepts the nom and doesn’t blow up and bullies anyone because he thinks he’s the king and too good to be on the block. Dani will never put up Jeff…she’ll wait for one of her minions to do that….more likely Porshe, since Kalia will more likely to fall at his feet begging for forgiveness than put him on the block again. GREAT GAME PLAY DANI????YEAH RIGHT!

    • Dani is the last person in the house I would call a coward. She has made moves others are scared to. I am not by any means saying that I think she is making all wise decisions, but the girl aint afraid of any of them.

      • @Becky, Dani is no coward, I agree. As bad as some of her moves looked when she made them, looks like they may be working in her favor. She is a strong competitor and inherited her father’s balls. Finale night is the main goal and the rest of the house are sizing eachother up. One missed op to evict Dani and she could be a skinny girl with a fat wallet.

      • As it should b, the girl has balls. She tried to use her influence to further her game not becuz she was scared. People r hating on Dani and the girl is feirce. BB is a game of manipulation people. Dani tried to manipulate a nomination. Its called playing the game. Dani started her gameplay even while she had the golden key and could not nominate so she tried to get others to nominate for her. Her DR session r not arrogant. Dani is taking risk and expresses her releif in DR when her plan comes to fruition becuz in BB expect the unexpected there is always a chancre that things will go wrong. Her confidence is what makes her FEIRCE. Rachel had to bow down to Dani’s skill and admit the girl’s got game. When will the rest of u? Dani would only lose due to jealousy. She has outplayed Brecnhel and JJ who thought they were going to run thru the house and were threatening and bulling votes. Dani and Don were the only ones who had the guts to took them on. Dani is not scared.

    • I still stand by my words….She’s a damn coward! she wanted Jeff out first but fear the backlash that would cause. She went after Brendon because he’s a easier target…He wont cause a fuss. A big move would be go after Jeff first….he’s more of a threat…the whole house likes him. Even her own alliance!(Kailah) would find it hard to vote him out because she’s under his spell…lol.

      • It’s hard for them to get Jeff out, because when he is up or talk of putting him up, the man goes crazy. He threatens the woman in the house and bullies everyone. Great game play, because he still thinks that everyone is playing to help him win.

  25. I think it’s best if Danielle allies with JeJo by telling them how Brenchel threw them under the bus. That way we can have Brendon gone this week and hopefully next week Kalia, Porche, or JeJo win it and evict Rachel using Shelly as the pawn.

    Of course after that week Danielle should totally stab Jeff in the back and kick either him or Jordan out after rachel and proceed to eliminate the rest of the veterans. The rest should be easy pickings for her.

      • So? Brendon and Rachel are much better competitors than JeJo, it would be smarter to get rid of them first. If Dani gets rid of Brenchel and successfuly allies with JeJo, she’ll be the strongest competitor in the game and in a really good position to backstab JeJo.

      • I know they are better players ,thats y she should keep Brendon and Reachel. and then they can get Jeff out of the house ,

      • get over it. everyone at one time or the other has thrown someone under the bus. that’s the name of the game – stay the longest so you can get $500,000. the only thing I don’t like is Rachel lying just to lie.

      • That’s horrible strategy. You get rid of the stronger players first to ensure you have a better chance of going forward. The best thing Dani can do is to ally with JeJo to ensure brendon is gone.

  26. Should Brendon be voted out Rachel will moan to whomever will listen to her. Yes, she is that pathetic. I do not for a second feel that Jordan is out of line to suggest Rachel will look to her for comfort. Rachel and Brendon have been finding fault in every house guest since his nomination. They have repeatedly tried to throw Jeff under the bus so why then are J&J the bad buys for voting him out?

    • I don’t think we will see the same Rachel as we saw a few weeks ago. He will be in the jury house and I think she will be comfortable with that and she will come back with a vengeance. She will come after Jeff and Jordan if they voted Brendon out, because that is what Brendon told her to do. I hope it is a tie and Dani has to decide. If Dani evicts him she will definetely go after her.

  27. Was Brendon’s return worth it ? I guarantee if Brendon is evicted by the end of this week and goes into the jury house, he has plenty time to think at what went wrong. And if Rachel gets HoH next week, Dani will be dead meat. I say if the HGs choose wisely.. get Shelly out of the door and keep Bookie for a little while.

    • What went wrong? Production conveniently left B@R names out of the bag for the veto competition…that’s what went wrong.

    • I agree and also Dani because she was her look out. She is on it, too. God only knows what kind of stuff they are putting in their food. Porsche does alot of the cooking. It is pretty low to do that in order to win.

  28. So what happens if Porsche is pregnant and can’t compete in any physical comps? She can’t just ride along to F2.

  29. the only ppl who hasn’t caught onto Shelly is J&J and herself. I would lie to both sides too if I were in her shoes. But to sit there and lie about it in your DR sessions…..OMG, Shelly, get a grip!! She belongs in the “Hiprocrit Club” with Jeff!!

    • Danielle is the biggest liar around bar none. She has lied and manipulated the newbies, Kalia and Porsche. She has threatened Porsche to join her alliance. Also, betrayed her alliance by playing the couples against each other and then, putting up another alliance with Dominic and Shelly to backdoor Jeff and Jordan. Danielle is the nastiest player in this season! Shelly has lied numerous times
      but, has not betrayed her alliance with Jeff and Jordan and even supported Rachel in the votes.

      • Everyone betrays their alliance at one point or another- you have to to further yourself. Yes, it may backfire at times, but I still say, u do what u gotta do..look out for number 1.
        I must have missed how she threatened Porsche. And Shelly betrayed the first alliance she made with the newbs.

  30. If D&K really want to work w/ Brenchel, this would have been the perfect opportunity to backdoor Jeff. They would of had the votes (4-3). The Jeff Army is weak w/out him, he’s calling the shots, & the rest are like puppy dogs. They could have taken over the house; bcuz there’s no way (w/ the exception of Jordan) none of them are worthy of playing. Between Brenchel, D&K, & Porsche on one side…..its very likely the Jeff Army would win. They could wipe them all out, next could be Porsche, then the final duel of the final 4!! But, that all would rest on “IF” D&K can trust Brenchel. Jeff shouted out, that he wants “floaters” out; well if that’s true, then he should have NO Problem voting out Shelly. Yea, you all have her votes, but she can’t compete worth a crap!! My 11 yr old could do better than her dumb a$$! Bottom line, Shelly needs to go!! Tired of her accussing Rachel (oh gosh, can’t believe I took her side) & Porsche about feeding ppl lies. She’ll see when this is all done, that she is the one that is wrong! Maybe Julie will show her clips when its in the finale!!!

  31. If Brendon is voted out after being back-doored, it will be a short but certainly aggravating season of Big Brother for me. I didn’t like enjoy watching Danielle’s methods the first season she competed and I certainly don’t now. I’ve considered continuing to watch if only for the pleasure of seeing Danielle get backdoored next week; but, seeing how Big Brother is controlling the obviously controlling the outcome(s) this season, I suspect a member of Danielle’s alliance will win HOH or she’ll win POV (of course) to save herself from being voted out. Too predictable this season. Big Brother is favoring Danielle and her group and it’s patently obvious.

  32. My Views:
    A) If Brendan walks out to the jury house this week and Rachel emotional nerves popped she might follow him.
    B) On positive : If Brendan walks out and Rachel doesn’t breaks down, she stayed and wins HoH, Dani might get her ass kicked next week. But wait Dani has veto ticket…whatever
    C) If the Brenchel & JefJo duo are the first four jury… there are about 90% that Dani will not win against her partner Kaliaa if they are indeed the final 2.
    D) Adam is a swing, always, laid back fellow, Enzo of BB12… sweet Jersey boy ahh. Time to wake up & pick side buddy.
    E) Shelly and Porsche these two, they should be the ones we say sayonara-adios to… smell the sluckers..

    Running out… Haha… wise HGs’ will keep Bookie this week. Risk taker will live another week with the nutshell.

  33. Jeff and Jordan need to vote Brendon out. If they keep him it will only hurt J/J because Brenchel will work with Dani I think. I wish Dani would tell J/J about everything Brenchel said about them.

      • I’d like to know when??? J/J made a deal with Dani for 1 week safety and they never said crap about the disgusting duo Brenchel.

    • At this point, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon need to stick together. That is their only chance. Remember, Danielle has Porsche and Kalia and that is a solid 3 votes right there! Jeff betrayed his alliance by deliberately losing the POV to Adam. Had he won POV and not changed the nominations then, Brendon would have been safe! Like Danielle’s mistake of peeling off the alliance too soon, this is going to be very costly! Danielle has the good sense to analyze her moves of late!
      So, Danielle is playing much smarter than the
      Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon alliance. If Brendon and then, Rachel goes—-Danielle can go all out to evict Jeff and Jordan right after. Jeff and Jordan if that is their plan then, they are not going to win this because
      Danielle will evict them long before they get a chance to vote her out!

  34. adam is a dumb ass if he does not vote for brendon cause he will be next one out. if jeff and jordon turn on bren, well thats all ya all. rach will attack them with gusto. shelly should go cause she is in dani’s pocket now. must work on porsch to vote bren to stay and knock some since into jj not to bet for vets stay together cause dani’s newbies know the game now and will turn on dani at their convience when jeff and bren gone. believe it or not it will be rach that could save dani’s behind. those two should team up and sink newbies go to the end and let the house vote for dani or rach. face it do you really want to see a newbie win this game? i sure don’t. dani put to much work in for a newbie to win. get shelly out.i think it looks bad for vets,dani to.the newbies are ready to pounce soon. longer newbies stay the better they get. i’m just mad vets suck at the game.if newbie wins so be it as long as its not shelly what a liar and user.i know sour grapes

  35. I’m not sure if anyone has said this or not, but wouldn’t it be better for Jeff and Jordan to go to Shelly and say look, we are going to vote to keep Brendan, you need to work on getting Adam to vote Brendan out and force Daniele to break the tie. That way, it’s Daniele’s fault entirely that Brendon gets evicted. Adam’s already the swing vote and everybody knows it. It’s the best option for Jeff and Jordan, because then Rachel wouldn’t be mad at them and Shelly wouldn’t be mad at them, thus essentially keeping their alliance in tact.

  36. I have a ? i dont know if anyone will answer it but here it is. Why is it that when one of the hg*s dose or said something wrong it is ok .But when Brendon& Reachel do the same thing it is a crime

      • I would flip the house and get kahlia and porche to vote to keep brendon so it would be 3 against 3 and then dani break the tie by keeping brendon and then brendon and rach will know that jeff,jordon and adam tried to take shelly over brendon. brendon and rach will be pissed off and go after JJ and JJ would have to do the same and while they are attacking each other dani can just sit back and watch.

    • Even though they’re both phenomenal players, I think after last year America’s view on Rachel has been tainted. She came off as a bitch to say the least while Jordan is the all american sweetheart and she’s hilarious (stupid though) Nobody ever likes the villain and Rachel and Brendon are just that

      • Do you believe Brendon and Rachel.are bigger villians than Dani? Dani is a bigger villian than BR and JJ combined.

    • Why is it that it’s not fair that brendon should be voted off. Every time the two of them are up Rachel screams not fair we r in love we shouldn’t be separated . Let’s just make it easy the only fair thing to do is evict everybody excepted brenchal so they can stay together then vote on those two for winner.

      • She did not say Jeff came unto her!! She said he came by the bathroom door when she was in it and made her uncomfortable. It was a misunderstanding…Jeff thought he heard something or heard her said something and came by the door….she didn’t know that’s why he came by there.

      • @Andy, Watch the live feeds. She told Brendon in the purple room that Jeff was making sexual comments to her and then he came up to me while I was in the shower. She is a piece of work.

      • Ed, do you have a problem with Dani comaining about things not being fair? It is not fair i didnt win my first season. It is.not fair BR and JJ have each other and I am all alone. It is not fair Dominic got evicted. It is not.fair Rachel always gets her way and Branding came back jn the BB house and not.Dominic. It is jot fair Brendon got to ser our good bye messages. Do you need more examples? Didn’t think so. L-O-L!

    • Too be honest- I can stand Rach or Bran- but I also like Jeff/ Jordan less – so I pop the corn, sit back and just enjoy a t. v. shoe

      • I agree, I dont like Jeff and Jordan at all. Jordon is fake and Jeff sucks. they cant win anything unless it is rigged for them to win.

    • It’s the way they lie. Everyone is going to lie but Rachel making up crap about Jeff making sexual advances…come on now that is the lowest someone can go. She needs some serious help. And do you see how she acts when there all in a group having fun. She always has to be the center of attention. And giving Brendon BJ on tv in front of cameras and with Shelly in the bed next to them. Show some class people!!!

    • The other problem I have is when only Benchel would always tell the hg before they voted him/her out but they are the liars, the other hgs would tell the hg before he/she being voted out they were on his/her side, but the hgs are more trustworthy!!

  37. Knowing the way CBS worships the ground Brendon walks off, something tells me the vote is going to swing against Shelly. While I don’t like either Brendon or Shelly, Shelly has less of a chance of winning challenges, so I’d rather see Brendon leave.

  38. I believe Rachel will go postal after Brendon exist and will target JJ for their betrayal. There is no way JJ can win in comps against Dani or Rachel. If Rachel is depressive state she will be more clear headed and put Jordan up because she wants to win and regardless to what anyone says she is more thoughtful towards the game than she was last season. She is still emotional but she has learned to curtail crazy atleast a little bit and think who can win. Dani may get a pass if Rachel is in a manic state and puts up Shelly for causing people to think she is a hopeless trouble maker when she has been trying her best to hold all that crazy in. Also Dani gave an appearance of working with Brencel when she put up her pawns, so she may get a pass from Rachel. JJ is another story, Brenchal stuck up 4 JJ. Their betrayal will sting Rachel and she will b her old vengeful self until she taste some JJ blood. Rachel will be up Shelly and Jeff or Jordan.

    • This is looking likely, especially if Dani delivers Porsche or convinces BR she gave a good effort, and JJ go the other way because they think they cant win.

    • So far, much to my own disgust, Jeff and Jordan are still “considering” keeping Brendon. However, to state Rachel’s actions if they don’t are “vengeful”, not really; Rachel and Brendan wasted NO time in trying to strike a deal with Dani AGAINST Jeff and Jordan. Rachel’s her OWN worst enemy!

      • B&R just got Dani b4 jeff& thats what they(j&j) did to them(b&r) the other week thatDani was hoh

      • Brendon & Reachel just got to DAni be for Jeff & jordon did . The last tim Dani was hoh they did the same thing

      • Exactly cath! It. Was all. Finw and. Dandi when jejo threw. Brenchal under the bus…excuse. all. The periods.

      • Don’t get me wrong I am not hating on Rachel at all. I am just stating she is going to b angry if Brendon gets voted out and that anger will b focus on JJ for their betrayal. She may leave off going after Dani becus JJ and Shelly will then become her focus.

      • Danielle won HOH this week so, she had the power over the house guests. Do you really think Rachel and Brendon will keep that promise to Danielle? The same goes to any promise Jeff and Jordan make to Danielle or Danielle’s promise to anyone in the house for that matter! Danielle is the biggest liar around so, why would anyone believe her promises?

    • Rachel has not been the same since, the last time Brendon was evicted. She was too emotional and that only benefits the other house guests including Danielle. Seriously, if Rachel really wanted revenge on Danielle, she would do everything possible to evict her. To do that, she has to win HOH and POV which she has failed because of her mental state! This is a self inflicted wound that only Rachel can resolve. If she wants that $500,000 and revenge on Danielle—-she better shape up and wake up fast! She will be next if she doesn’t!

    • Rachel has been not herself since, the last time Brendon left the house. She is too emotional for her own good! Think for a minute if she wanted to get revenge at Danielle, the best way is to win HOH and POV and evict Danielle yet, Rachel has been put on the block by Danielle and her allies. Rachel needs to snap out of it and regain her confidence which seems a tall order at this point! Looking more likely than not that Rachel and Brendon will be part of the jury pool.

    • Jackie are we wayching the Dani backdoored Brendon when she could have nominated Jeff or even.Jordan to get rid of Shelly. No.way Rachel hives Dani a pass afer getting Brwndon evicted twice. LMAO!

  39. I’m with Matt, I’d like to see a tie vote so that Dani would have to pick the loser

    • A tie seems pretty unlikely.

      JJ won’t vote for Brendan unless they know adam or Porsche will. Thats the downside of BR’s attempt at a secret deal … JJ don’t know Dani might save Brendon (which she likely wouldn’t anyway).

  40. i believe ppl dont like Rachel specially now since she has lied to Brandon about Jeff coming on to her.. PPl just dont like the way she acts n whines bout everything specially when its not going her way.. u dont c Jordon whining n lying to Jeff..

    • Rachel acts like a two year old and seriously need a reality check. She can’t even wipe her own ass without Brendan!!! He is a major control freak and she is his little puppet. They both need to go straight from the BB house to the nut house and live crazy ever after

      • Only time I’ve seen her whine was in the Have Have-Not Comp when she was upset that she lost for the entire team.

  41. I agree with Matt,I am hoping for a tie breaker,if Dani really wants Brendon out let her vote him out. Then they can go after Rachel. Jeff needs to step up his game and win and HOH next week if he really wants to stay safe. He needs to quit relying on the other HG to save him and win like he is going to get some cash! At this point may the best man/woman win! Although I really like Jordan to win again lol.

  42. guys have u not thought that the best scenario would b a tie n have dani vote out brandon this way JJ could lie n say that they voted to keep him. I dont think that rachel will blame JJ for Brandens eviction she will blame dani for nominating him..

  43. Shelly if she stays, will win this game. She lies, and she know what she is doing. Don’t count her out. If the voting was done now, she has my vote. It wasn’t until recently she was getting away with it, and still manage to get along with everyone. She is playing her role all the way in the DR.

    • I believe n have a feeling that JJSA will make it to the final 4.. Adam is stepping up his game n is becoming more of a competitor reason being last week in the POV comp remember that him n Jeff were neck n neck he was ahead the whole time he gave jeff a run for his money..

  44. Final analyze, well sorry producers and viewers… it looks like Brendan is out again, what a waste.
    @ Mary its Brendan not Brenda…. a guy not a girl.

  45. if JJ dont vote to keep brendon i will have lost all respect for them.

    just for the fact that if it wasnt for Brenchel’s loyalty jeff’s ass wouldve been out the door weeks ago.

      • Everytime Bren and Rach try to save thierselves JJ gets mad but it is okay when they do it. whats that about? I’ am tired of Jeff and Jordon.

    • I still think they will keep him if they dont then they deserve what they will get because Danimal will eat them up and spit them out in a sec They need to stick together for now they have the numbers and as long as B is in there he is a bigger target then Jeff

      • Im sure at some point Jeff might point that out to Adam I let u win so u can take ur self off the blok so vote my way
        Adam has to go that way Im sure he will rather have D mad at him then JJand R

      • Yes so u can get rid of Porsha I am sure by the way she is eating she wont be able fit through the door

      • Over a million voted to get him back in I don’t think BB would be stupid to let him get evicted again. Too many viewers would get angry.

      • @Janice, half of the votes were from J/J fans hoping he would help J/J. Now that he threw them under the bus I want him gone.

    • And if it wasn’t for J/J’s loyalty Rachels ass would of been gone last week and she would of been without Brendon for the summer. So I’d call them even right now.

      • How? Rachel had a 6-0 vote..she would. Have stayed with or without jejos vote. There’s a difference between liking them and completely making. Excuses. For. Them. They. Have been just as kniving as anyone else in the house.

      • How? Rachel had a 6-0 vote..she would. Have stayed with or without jejos vote. There’s a difference between liking them and completely making Excuses For Them They Have been just as kniving as anyone else in the house.

      • How? Rachel had a 6-0 vote..she would. Have stayed with or without jejos vote.There’s a difference between liking them and completely making Excuses For Them They Have been just as kniving as anyone else in the house.

      • Vet Fan

        remember that JJ safed R cuz they needed her.. So regardless if JJ would of wanted hr gone shelly n adam would of voted with them n voted her out.. So in reality they did safe R butt last wk like it or not.. JJ r not by far any angels but there game play n strategies r better thought out n also they r more respectful towards other n dont play so much with emotions.. Yes Jeff went off on Kalia last wk cuz he thought he was safe since K had told J that she would never put her up n since J n K were cool he didnt think that she would nom him.. but other then that u cant respect so much BR actions n the way they carry themselves in this game.. this game isnt all that easy but u can never forget how to carry urself rachel by far has i think all her screws missing..

      • Nah…no matter what you can’t convince me jejo saved rachel lastt week. None of us have any idea how it would have played out, period. Jejo is looking out for jejo and that’s. It. Now rachel may be jus as selfish, but I think brendon is a really good ally. He was all for F4 with jejo and just because they said soome stuff to try and get dani to nom jeff. Doesn’t. Mean they were going to vote him out. They knew jeff would be safe as long as they voted for him.

    • I completely. Agree not. Only would. Jeff have been out, but brendon. Never. Would have been. Sorry about all the periods

  46. The simple fact is nobody wants to work with Rachel so Jeff/Jordan will keep Shelly in the game try to evict Dani next week then evict Rachel soon after.If Jeff can mastermind this he’ll be sitting pretty. He needs to win next HOH.If he does he doesn’t have to worry about Rachel. She’ll be worried about her safety to be thinking about any type of revenge.

    • yes but that is a big if last week they all went out one by one on the HOH comp this week D cannot compete if they keep him they have a better chance I think Shelly cannot win anything and Adam well he only won because it was given to him

    • Jeff hasn’t won any competitions so far. Jordan won HoH once. They need Brendan and rachel to keep themselves in the game because Dani is going after them if she is successful in evicting Brendan

    • Danielle already saw what a mess Rachel is. She figures that Rachel will resume her crying and moping ways and get put on the block without even a chance at winning HOH or POV for that matter! Brendon if he plays hard might win HOH or POV. So, Danielle would rather have Rachel. If Rachel was half as smart, she would pull herself up and get her confidence back and win HOH and POV then, evict Danielle. I will be very suprised if the old Rachel came back. The one that can win HOH and POV!

      • I hope she wakes up and starts competing again. She is good at winning HOH comps and Brendon is good at the POV comp.

      • This whole post is based of the assumption. That brendon will be going. This week. So. If rachel were. Smart. She. Would. Win. Hoh and pov and evict one of jejo. Only because thhey didn’t vote to keep. Brendon, their true alliance lies with. S and a. I. Thiink dani would end up seriously pairing with rachel if. She wins. This hoh and brendon is. Gone, because. Dani. Has 2 weeak players as. Her alliance. Again about the periods..sorry.

  47. I agree with that but I’m pretty certain your right and it will be a tiebreaker! So brendon should be leaving once again…

  48. Dose any one think that Dani just put Brendon up to make it look good ,cause of of the secret alince that DANi has with Brendon & REachel. to make it look like they dont like each other

    • I kind of thought that I mean she knows deep down that the 2 eating machines cant win at almost anything everybody is assuming P will vote for Shally maybe not and then D can buy herself more time
      the HOH this week will be probably geared for a guy not a one as won yet so will see we can only speculate at this point
      Look at last wekk who woukd ever said Lawon would have been gone?

  49. once again jeff wil take money instead of hoh ,if there is no money, he wil throw competition again, thinking he is sav because if dani side win,they wil send rach home over him,j\j better win hoh this time others they are next,lol

    • Jeff and Jordan will be evicted because of his stupidity! They should have had no problem this week except, he threw the POV to Adam so that, he can win the little prizes. Not caring about the alliance is utter stupidity when you have $500,000 on the line. Danielle will eat them alive if they allow Brendon to be backdoored! If Brendon gets less than 3 votes then, Rachel will know that Jeff and Jordan voted to evict Brendon. Adam is the swing vote either way but, he has to choose because he will be on the block and next time, will not be so lucky as to have anyone throw him the POV!

  50. I think adam will give in to jeff and vote against shelly..i dont think adam will put himself in a position for people to be against him name jeff and the crew.

    • I agree he will go with big J I dont think this vet came back in the house unless there was something in it for them see newbee nobody care as much for them and if they get evicted no as many people will get upset thats wHy a vet was voted back in and not a newbee

    • I agree. I think Adam will realize it’s best for his game. I still think Brendon will be safe.

  51. Brenden will get evicted,Jeff is the final, its already been decided by the producers, show is rigged to the point that Jordan and Jeff are the final two and because Jordan won it last time , Jeff will get it this time, its a no brainer they are America’s sweethearts <3

  52. I think Adam would vote with Jeff if Jeff insisted upon saving Brendon.

    However, curious minds wonder if Jeff really is trying to save Brendon. I know JJ are considering it, and think it might be possible but are they really committed to that position enough to push Adam?

    I am not so sure about that. I think JJ would be ok if Adam voted for Brendon, but they also won’t push him too hard to do it.

    I think Shelly will be fine this wee.

  53. All you haters on this site need to sit back and realize jj will own this show!! brendon and racheal are a as twisted as they get!! they are not loyal!!

  54. To be honest this is the first week when I am not 100% sure who will be evicted. J/J keep going back and forth. Dani needs to have a long talk with them and let them know what Brenchel did.

  55. I think that big J will vote one way n Jordon will vote another n leave it up to Rachel I believe that this week Adam will win hoh

  56. WHo in their right minds think that Jeff would come on to Rachel? UGH!!! THe man is not blind or stupid especially when he is with maybe not the smartest cookie in the barrel but definitely one of the cutest. Jordan vs Rachel no contest Jordan wins hands down. GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • She never even said he did…all she said was that jeff approached her about something while she was in the shower….and it made her uncomfortable. It was some people on this site that blew it wayyyyy out of proportion.

  57. Rachel is in a mood to start an argument..Brendon has been warning her for some 3 hrs not to do anything stupid..Rachel is drinking ..IF SHE GET ENOUGH ALCOHOL WE MAY SEE SOME ACTION..She is pissed at Porsche cause she is not gonna vote Brendon..

  58. most of u think that JJ were the first ones to throw BR under the bus but that is not thowing them under the bus cuz at no point did JJ ever tell Dani wat BR plans were if they won HOH.. Unlike BR they told Dani wat JJ plans were had they won HOH.. In addition when JJ went up there prior to Dani original nominations they told her that they can do a deal for a wk n she said ok Jeff then told her ok I dont want to know wat ur plans r. After the POV that is when JJ offered Jordan aS a pawn so clearly they did not throw BR under the bus.. most of u might say that JJ r not playing the game but I do feel that they are playing n r making moves appropriate for them to make it farther in the game. BR r more focused on there relationship n spending time together. They want every1 to know how much in love they r n thats fine but if u think about it u will realize that they r not playing a very good game.. :-(

    • I have been saying that all along. Brenchel are the ones who betrayed there alliance. And Jeff is still thinking of keeping him and working with them. Please Dani fill them in on everything Brenchel said. I think Dani is waiting to talk to J/J until it’s closer to the vote.

      • Dani informed Shelly that Rachel told Porsche “Shelly said she would put you (P) and Adam next week”.

        I’m not sure if it’s true but Shelly is going on about how she hates liars and she has no respect for them. She keeps calling herself a straight shooter (as always). I’m starting to think Shelly actually believes she’s not lying to people.

      • Love BB

        Shelley got caught in that lie cuz even Jordan told her that she did say that…

      • Go Team JJSA

        I just saw that! Jordan telling Jeff in the hammock that she can’t trust Shelly. Then there’s Dani setting herself up perfectly with Rachel next week.

        Love this show!!

      • Jejo threw brenchal under the bus long. Ago…go back to week 4 when brendon was evicted and rewatch jejos conversation with dani and then say that jejo are the victims..please!

      • Go Team JJSA

        I know. lol I think next week is gonna be crazy!! R seems to be getting prepared for B’s departure. Her and Dani in a secret alliance could be very powerful.

    • After the pov when they still thought brendon was using it on rachel they went up there and said “if you put anyone else on the block next to rachel, she will stay. So just put me/jordan up. As a pawn” please tell me how that’s not throwing them under the bus?

  59. Where to start?

    Adam throws Jeff under the bus with Shelly by telling Shelly.Jeff is still waging his options between keeping Brendon and Shelly.

    Shelly is saying she wouldn’t loss.on a begging Rachel if she was dehydrated in the desert. I guess Shelly is believing her own lies since the entire BB world seen her make the final 3 propisition on Sundays show.

    Porsha told Kalia she is considering keeping Brendon over Shelly based on what is best for her. That is enough information for one post right?

    Whew!!!! What a day huh people? It will only get better until Thursday!

    Dani lying about Shelly wqnting to nominate Porsha to Kalia.

    That is enouh info for

  60. Guess what? Shelly is.busted……. Rachel is telling everyone that Shelly planned to.nominate Adam and Porsha is she won the HOH. Shelly told Jordan that is a lie and that she would never do that. Jordan reminded Shelly it was true. Shelly said she didnt remember saying that. Jordan tells Jeff that Shelly might not remember other lies either and that she is starting to not trust Shelly. It is about time Jordan!

  61. JJ and adam better vote to evict Brandon n keep Shelly cuz by the looks of it if it was a tie Dani based on her convo with Rachel she will vote to evict Brandon.. Brandon needs to go cuz even if he stays they r targeting JJ regardless… GET BRANDON out

    • JJ wants to keep Brendon. JJ don’t trust Shelly especially since.ajordan called.Shelky on her lie about not saying she, Shelly would nominate Adam and Porsha.. Shelly, I don’t remember that.

  62. This is great!

    Dani threw Jeff and Jordan under the bus to Rachel. She also threw Kalia under the bus.

    She said if JJ stab you in the back and.not vote to keep Brendon I still have your back. I gave Brendon my word. I won’t even tell Kalia.

    Kalia is so emotional. I will try to convicr her to keep Brendon, but she makes her own decisions like to kominate you and Jeff which LMAO!

  63. HMMMM HMMMMM DANI JUST MADE A FULL FLEDGE DEAL WITH RACHEL FOLKS…It was a a definiate deal…no question about it..

    • perhaps on Dani part but it dont look like it from Rachels part. JJ r in the hammock discussing everything that is going on.. Y dont they go n talk to dani so that way BR cover could b blown

      • Rachel wont honor her deal with Dani because Dani didnt honor her seal with BR. She was backdoor Jeff.

      • Because they aren’t going to care what Dani has to say anyway and who thhey to go to the. Very person that they thru brenchal under. The bus with and act like it was wrong for brenchal too. Also, if dani wanted them to know bad enough, she would tell them, she is clearly thinking about a real deal with brenchal.

  64. I would love to see that but something tells me that Brendon will unfortunately be staying this week :/

  65. In the words of. Dani I’m gonna call a “shocker”….I have a feeling Porsche is gonna vote to keep Brendon. She knows shelly wants her out and she also know its unlikely her or kalia will win HOH next week.

  66. Y doesnt Rachel just self evict n c if perhaps Brandon is given a free pass this week.

  67. Has Rachel not told Brendon about the deal Dani made her?? I CAN’T GET ANY SENSE OUT OF THE CONVERSATION!!!

    • yes she did in the bathroom the whole thing started cuz Rachel is upset that Dani wont safe Brandon in case of a tie n out of dispite since R thinks that P wont vote to keep B in the house she opened P beer can n B didnt like that so he is trying to tell her to control her emotions..

    • I think Racahel more then B. Im actually liking B for the first time.. He told R that after all this is over they need to go to a psychologist. Boy i feel sorry for that psychologist that they go too

  68. Yall can say what u want about Jordon being dumb but when it comes to people in the game she’s pretty dam smart…It’s when yall think she ain’t playing the game that she

    • thats wat I say looks can be deceiving. She might not be good in comps but is a good social player n observes everything.. JJSA need to win HOH so they can give D a BDAY present send her to JURY thats her present

      • DOES THIS MEAN THAT Rachel will side with J&J or do u think??? I CANNOT LIE..I am getting confused..

      • IDK to b honest I dont c R honoring the deal with D. D is only honoring part of her deal with R for numbers.. I think R is probably going to continue to work with JJ unless for some miracle P or K win HOH this wk. I feel that if R wins she will target Dani.. R was telling B something that the only reason is bcuz D knows Janelle n ED n I guess R also knows them.

    • Seems to me that it was Dani lying about the deal with R? Because she went right to Porsche and said “you voting against him.”

      • D doesnt want B in the house she even told R that in the event of a tie it would b hard for her to keep him.. She only wants R on her side for numbers thats it..

      • no no..the deal had nothing to do with the vote..THE deal is based on Brendons eviction….DANI said she would talk to Porsche about keeping Brendon is what that entailed..I did get that part..

      • Im trying to figure out on wat side R is on cuz this BBAD has been kind of confused.

      • But it doesn’t seem like Dani’s really going to do that with Porsche – maybe tomorrow will be clearer.

    • Rachel is out for Rachel..right now she’s even fighting BRENDON…It appears that (as I have said BEFORE) the rude obnoxious bitch Rachel is coming back full force..Like right now she’s making nice Jordon so I don’tknow..

      • I said this one time before but Rachel is playing for Rachel and if she wins she’ll drop Brendon so fast he won’t no what hit him.

    • flyonthewall

      u know that if they r able to get adam to vote in favor of brandon it would give them a better shot of winning hoh n getting dani out..

      • yep it would..but Brendon (awhile back)threatend Adam and told him that if he went against him he would tear his head off…Adam does not take kindly to threats and he has not forgot that…It’s a toss up even if Brendon stays..Cause Brendon and Rachel gave DANI sooo much ammo (when trying to cut a deal) that she could use it to turn J&J completely against R&B…So anything can happen..It’s a combination of talks and meetings that will be the end result..I don’t know..I am stumped…

      • jj are smart players Jordan said it today in the hammock that she is sure that R was in the hoh room throwing JJ under the bus that she has to try everything to try to keep B so wateve d tells JJ its not going to surprise them but i think JJ will vote to keep B n then try to work with adam n c if they can sway him or just let D have the final vote so it can boost R in wanting to get rid of D..

  69. @Matt
    She did talk to Porsche she confirmed that she is voting to evict Brandon.. She made R believe that she was going to try to persuade Porsche in keeping B but that was BS thats just her trying to make it seem like her hands r clean.

    • @team jjsa….correction-she said she will try convince Kalia because. Rachel feels P is a lost cause. R said. She knows p will not vote. To keep b. And p’s response to d. When. She asked hhher that did not seem too convincing…sorry about. All the periods

      • @vetfan sorry u r right she did say Kalia but i think she also mentioned that she would talk to P n c wat she can do.. I forgot most of wat was said cuz I focused mostly on BR argument I found it to b very entertaining.. PPL thought that bringing B back wouldnt b entertaining u sure got entertainment tonight

  70. I know this is totally off topic, but wth is wrong Kalia? She is so delsuional, 2 seconds after she tell Porsche she would never drink bud lite so of course she didn’t open it…she says “poor it in a glass and ill drink it”?????ok?. Then when she HOH she went on and on and on about how she can’t shave it makes her break out especially at the top of her legs, she’s so glad she got her wax strips, then 5 mins later she’s talking about how she can’t wait to shave sitting down..and they actually show her shaving another day(yuck)????but wth..does this girl talk sooo much that she doesn’t even realize what she’s saying?

    • @vet fan Im sick of Kalia everytime I c her on BBAD she is ALWAYS eating n she tends to talk with food in her mouth that is disgusting.. Next week if R or JJ win HOH it should b interesting to c how P n K act.. I bet u anything that they will drop D in a heartbeat.. K needs to get off her high horse n acting like here crap dont stink since last wk she has been in the HOH room n only goes down to get food n when D is down there she is to good to socialize with every1 else if d is not there.. I used to like her now i

      • Just want her gone right after d. R did a mistake reminding D that next wk should b a double eviction

  71. wat should b really funny is if JJ or R win HOH this wk how Porsche will act that should be very interesting..

  72. Did any of you see the “talk” between B&R in the HaveNot room around 11:15 BBT? I don’t know which of those two has the bigger mental problem. After going on and on ….B was finally called to the DR.
    They probably had to get Dr. Zachary out of her bed for a special session!! I was like a deer in the headlights–I wanted to stop watching but I just couldn’t. B continually repeating himself over and over, totally loosing control while telling R she needed to keep her emotions under control. He even slammed his fist into the mattress. There is so much rage there.

      • when they started wispering I couldnt hear wat B was telling R, I think he might of told her to stay with JJ but to make D believe that they r together maybe not sure

    • I was laughing my butt off watching Brendon and Rachel fight. It was funnier than crap. I wish they would both just walk out. LOL

  73. So, just curious–do most of you people posting now in the middle of the night live on the West coast? I have the perfect job for watching live feeds. I do home health care and get to watch the feeds at work while my patient sleeps. Since I live on the East coast I’m on about the same schedule as the HG. Hmmm. Maybe I need a life of my own!

  74. This had to have the best BBAD I have seen in a long time, but also the most confusing. Do any of the HG’s stick to what they say or do they just keep changing their minds?

    • Just imagine how confused the HGs are. We get to see/hear what they all say and we’re confused. But that’s what makes it interesting. The next couple of days should be really full of game play.

  75. Brendon will be gone even if a tie happens.
    Dani knows than on a physical competition she can win against anyone… except brendon. So she is saying that she supports Rachel because she wants to get the 4 votes to get Brendon out and can say “im sorry rachel. I tried but they voted him out”.
    Porshe is starting to see dani game… hope she gets out before dani kicks her out of the house.
    We already saw that the question games are rigged. Kalia answering a question after the first 4 words that didn´t asked anything? And pressing a button that was wrong and pressing the other that got the right question? The dani was always on the middle of everyone results? Like she knew what numbers where other people writing.
    Adam is the one that is playing under the radar. He is the swing vote that can decide everything.
    Dani nabbed Porshe because she saw her a kind of Dom that can be kicked around and be a shield in any case.
    Strangely i thought that America would get Cassy in the second place. Brendon was an easy winner. Dom tried to be the quarterback of the game and nab all the cheerleaders, he just selected the girl that he wanted to pin out, the geek and the strange girl. That would get him the win in the case of that working… but it was totally a wrong call. Any secret group should get reunions in small parts and pass the word sometimes even in front of others. Not on 10 times a day getting the group together to talk about what to do next… that is a school kid reunion.

  76. The sad part about reading all these comments is that people really and truly do not understand mental illiness. People see what the they want too see, Rachel lying about Jeff is wrong but in her mind she honestly believes what she told Brendon to be true. (People with bipolar disorder there brains are wired differently). How we perceive a situation and how someone with bipolar perceives it, will be two completely different scenarios just like the Jeff situation. People need to understand that Rachel cannot help the way she is, the day she was born the path was set, there are medications out here that can help her with the highs and lows to help manage her thinking processes but there is nothing out here that can curb the behaviors. People hear the label bipolar and laugh it off like a joke and chalk it up there with pms and I assure you there is no comparison. I am not taking Rachels side but I am standing up for Rachel and for all those who have bipolar. There are a lot of people who have bipolar and dont understand why they are the way they are, they live in there own hell, and people make it harder for them cause they criticize they torment and judge them. There are several actors and entertainers that keep trying to bring awareness to the public about bipolar disorder to educate the public about how serious this is. Patty Duke opened up a treatment center years ago, cause she herself suffers from bipolar. Maurice Barnard off of General Hospital does speaking engagements all over the country and hounded the producers of GH for years to show that his character “Sonny” is bipolar. “Maurice his self suffers from the disorder” he wanted to bring awareness to the viewers that MEN also suffer with bipolar disorder. Im not saying that people should like Rachel or dismiss Rachels behaviors cause she is bipolar, I just want people not to be so insensitive and understand she cant help the way she is.

    • As a nurse, I totally agree with Blue about bipolar disease. Has R said that she is bipolar? She certainly has extremes of emotions. Surely BB’s Dr. Zachary would have picked up on it. I’m as concerned about B as I am about R. They should watch themselves on Flashbacks after the season is over and hopefully get the counseling they need as individuals and as a couple.

      • Absolutely Ellen, and No Rachel has not said that she is, know one has actually. I can recognize bipolar when I see it just like I recognize autism when I see it. Having 2 sisters and a niece that are bipolar a sister that is bipolar with mild autism and my oldest daughter being autistic plus all the research I have done that is how I no.

      • i think they both need treatment… her for mood swings and him for anger management…

    • Looks like you have made me eat some humble pie. Yes, it is “fun” to sit in front of my screen and make fun of Rachel on TV. But, no way would I make fun of her if I really knew her. Its hard to see them (people on TV) as real people, even though we know its a reality show. I really do hope some one encourages her to get some help, whatever her diagnosis is.

  77. I have over 38 years of experience dealing with bipolar disorder and 30 years of dealing with autism. All my experience comes from dealing with family that has these issues, and believe me it is no picnic.

  78. I don’t know if these two have a medical condition but for sure they are a dysfunctional couple….Rachel is a very needy person, VERY needy. If Brendon goes, she will be a basket case….They feed off of each others insecurities, without Brendon she will retreat into her shell. Just send her home the following week and let them have fun in the Jury House….LOL..

  79. Why is almost every one of you people ignoring the fact that Kalia should have been gone a long time ago!!! Dani is using her for all she’s worth , and she couldn’t win a competition if she wanted to (except maybe eating. ) Face it folks. Kalia and Dani should have been long gone by now!!

  80. I don’t know why everyone is against Dani, I am pushing for her to win and I hope that it is Dani, Porsche and Kalia in the final 3. I am so tired of watching Rachel cry and whine and Branden trying to comfort her all the time. I am pushing for Dani and she is only going after the other two “Power Couples” because that is the only way she can win. She is a competitor and all the other 4 were always hoping someone other than Dani would win competitions. She was left to do this on her own after her dad left the show and she has had to fight for everything since then. She told R&B that if they voted Dom out she would be pissed and come after them….they did it anyways. So good luck Dani!!!

    • Once again, Roxi, wake up and smell the roses about DANI!!..She is the worst player(drunk) since her dad and her BFF Kalia is too neive to think anything different!! Goodbye next week for either/or both of them!! Let the REAL teams fight it out! Oh, by the way, Porsche is way too “blonde dumb” to figure anything out!!

  81. Bigbrothernet Big Brother
    Jeff telling Brenchel they won’t get his vote this week. Guess how it goes over with Rachel. i guess that answers THAT…

  82. @Blue…Thank You so much for explaining it.My family has it..passed from generation to generation..You talk about failed marriages!!!.
    I now take meds. and so does my daughter for this..Its not a cure..but a big help.. My first husband always done things to be away from home..cause he could stand my moods..My second.My
    “PrinceCharming” understands and works with me..
    So, i have cried for both R n B..I also hope they
    get help…as for the game…I can hardly stand to watch it…lol..So much anger ..May the BEST one win!!…

    • @Dollee..You are so welcome. Plus I totally agree it is difficult to watch, it is like watching my sisters all over again, and talk about anger. I spent years being angry at them for there behaviors when people would ask me if we were related I use to say NO! Then I had my daughter and yes autism is way different then bipolar however I started seeing how people looked at her and why does she act like that and so forth, and it hit me smack in the face I use to look at my sisters the same way. So I educated myself to better understand my sisters and my niece, and once I did that my opinion of them changed and I felt bad for the way I use to view them. I am so glad that you have taken the steps to get the help you need, I can only hope that Rachel will get the help she needs, cause she is a train wreck, and she knows there is something off about herself but she has too many people in her life that enable her. As far as Brendon goes I dont think he will cause he doesnt think he has a problem. Good luck to you and your daughter Dollee I am so glad that you have the courage to talk about it.

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