Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 6 Tuesday Highlights

The live show is only two days away but things in the Big Brother house managed to stay low key and non confrontational for the most part today.  Most hg’s are waking up late and going back to sleep a couple hours later.  Production needs to get these people up and stir up some drama lol.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 16, 2011:

9:00 AM BBT – Adam and Shelly are up and having a cigarette.  Adam tells her about his convo with Jeff going over options of keeping Brendon over her.  Shelly says they are keeping her.  They’ve told her this but Jeff is worried because he knows he is the next on Dani’s target list.

9:50 AM BBT – Brenchel going over the votes.  Brendon knows he will never get Adam’s vote so they are hoping to convince Porsche to vote for him again.  Not gonna happen this go around.
10:15 AM BBT – More Brenchel talk.  Brendon really thinks he can get the votes to stay this time.  They wonder what Dani will do if it’s a tie.  Ummmm she’ll vote out Brendon.  Hello???
12:45 PM BBT –  We find out that Adam is not only an obssessed 90210 fan but that he also collects baseball cards and smurfs.  Yes you read that right.  Adam collects smurfs.
3:00 PM BBT – Dani wants to know who masturbates.  She names Kalia and then said Dustin from her season left his tissues laying beside his bed after he finished.  GROSS!!!
3:30 PM BBT – Shelly complaining to Dani about Jeff smoking all her cigarettes while he has a couple packs of his own.
3:40 PM BBT – Porsche tells Jordan she goes topless on the beach in Miami and doesn’t feel weird about it at all lol.  Jordan said she would stare at all the topless girls, she wouldn’t be able to help it.  Porsche said she laid out with her boyfriend and his sister is topless too.
4:15 PM BBT – Shelly kind of coming down on Rach because her and Brendon have sex in the house.  You know Shelly and her prudish attitude are getting on my nerves with this.  Who cares if they have sex under the covers?  They’re engaged!  Geez!
5:10 PM BBT – Rach corners Porsche and campaigns for Brendon to stay.  She says they are not coming after her and she has no worries. Says Shelly would put Porsche up but they would not. Porsche said it didn’t do her any good to vote for him last time and she’s still thinking about it.  Porsche leaves a not very happy Rachel sitting there.  Rach calls her a not so nice name to Brendon and let’s him know he doesn’t have Porsche’s vote.  Brendon telling her to keep her emotions in check.  She is pissed!
5:40 PM BBT – Dani and Brendon have a brief convo about Porsche and says Rach didn’t get a good reaction from her.  They both plan on talking to her later.  Brendon thinks Dani wants Porsche to vote for him to stay but she definitely wants him out.
9:30 PM BBT – Adam and Brendon have a hot dog eating contest and Adam wins.
10:00 PM BBT – Dani and Rach agree that if Bren leaves they have each others backs.
10:30 PM BBT – Brenchel in a heated fight.  Bren punches the bed in anger.
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  1. I like this week because you really dont KNOW what will happen. We all have what we hope happens, but it could be anything.
    I still cant get over how some of the JJ fans can call out Brenchel and Dani on any game play and talk about “how gross, rude, vile, nasty, selfish”, and any other negative term you can think of, but will defend JJ’s actions. Jeff and Jordon have their issues, too. They are poor sports as bad as anyone else in the house.

    • yes they all get mad when they loose or it dont go as they want but come on rach is major nasty mean and she really major drama qween whinny can cry with no tears. she the rudes and the most selfish one of them all. im not saying jj are angels they are playing a game and everyone has emotions they are human.

      • Well Becky “Sweetie” we all have our problems. How does it feel for someone to insult you like you did me the other day, and yes I watched the first show and saw Evil simply slide off the bananna, “hardly a good game play”. Walking out on the show was a good one for his daughter…..

      • Come on! The whole lot of them stink. I feel sorry for Rachel. She doesn’t sit around and trash talk the way they all dress, smell, conduct their relationships, eat, smile, breathe! I mean Danni and Kalia just sit there and bash Rachel all the time behind her back. Porsche does, and Shelly, and J and Jordan (the angel). I mean Shelly is the worst of all; she is so mad when Rachel dares to tell the truth about her. Shelly DID say she’d put up dani and Porsche! Shelly did ask almost everyone in that house for a final 3 or 4 or 2. She gets SO outraged when she is called on her shit and denies denies denies. She is so corporate America. And Rachel has WAY TONED it down lately. She has wore less makeup, cried less, cooked for people and tries to make conversation with others even those who gossip about her constantly. Come on people. Stop Rachel bashing. She is a dramatic alcoholic, but has potential if she would stop drinking. I feel empathy for her.

      • Have fun with that Kay. btw, who insulted me? Even if someone comes out and calls me names personally on this blog at the end of the day, who cares? Sure, I may get “riled up” for a bit but, its not like anyone’s opinions on here matter that much anyway. We do it for fun and to give our input. If you or I get called out on a post.. so be it.

  2. Jeff keeps talking about how he is such a strong competitor… yet Jordan has won more competitions than him. I don’t think he’s that strong :/

    • i dont think jeff is really tryin to win. from what i had heard because he thinks he is safe for now and he did win the won he needed to.

      • i wish jeff would have tried. but how do we know he would have done better? so i say he actually didnt let her win he just didnt try. jordan had it in close who knows msybe she really did deserve it.

      • Nobody gave Jordon her HOH win…Jeff and Brendon had their turn “after” Jordon took her shot..Neither Jeff nor Brendon was standing behind Jordon showing her how to putt..their hands were not on the club..When Jordon hit the 3 Jeff and Brendon then threw the comp to Jordon.. Jordon won on her on merit

      • ok flyonthewall she did deserve it no maybe(msybe) out it. Just wanted to take the maybe back. you said it all better than i did.

  3. As I always heard in the getto in the old days when someone was there but left. “HE BE HERE, BUT HE BE GONE” Brendon BE GONE.

  4. I love Jeff and Jordan they make me laugh! They are good TV, Brenchel are annoying, they are the most pathetic couple, she’s worse than a child! This is BB people lie, I’m pretty sure it’s a rule of the game, so you can’t base any thing on if someone lies! Shelly has played a great game she knew when things were going down and called. I don’t love Dani I think she thinks she better than she is. a good game player bold moves but beast!!! When JJ go I’ll stop watching this season!

  5. well tell me what good has j j done for the vet four. she loves shelly who will sell jordon’s soul after she is done using her up. dani knows shelly is a liar and wants info from her on j j.shelly bad mouth rach all day long. shelly is two faced. i like the vets but they have played a poor game to this point.i believe rach and dani will pull together to hold off newbies or i hope they will. jordon’s cuteness has wore off and will only help shelly.bren gone only helps dani and newbies. oh well,lets see who wins hoh. vets don’t win doomed to the guess rach will rise up and win. that would be fun.jeff should be in squirm mode now.adam would love to knock jeff out and run with shelly the mouth.lets see if a newbie is willing to win hoh and get blood on their hands.jeff not strong and neither is jordon. they rode bren and rach’s tail till they can back stab them. their is no honor in this game. just lie and knock each other out.that seems to be this will flip the script again for sure.

  6. How come no one really has any secret alliances. Seems this year everyone was open about who they were with. In all the other BB’s, they pretty much kept alliances secret and that made the show more fun to watch.

    • i agree this year it seems like everyone has a secret alliance with everyone. (lies). but the four that had one are sitting at home. Srry KCDL. just wonder how they would have done if the odds would have been their way

    • Dani has a secret alliance with Rachel. In BBAD Dani had a conversation with Rachel that she did not share with Kalia and Porche. Dani told Rachel she had her back after Brendon was gone. The fact that she did not tell Kalia and Porche what she told Rachel to cover her ass in case Rachel talked as she has before, leads me to believe Dani was sincere in her offer of a secret alliance. Also Rachel was working Jordan in the hot tub after her and Dani made their deal. Rachel was telling Jordan she wanted to go after people who may float to the end over Dani setting it up for her not to put Dani up.

      • Yeah, so much for secret, and Shelly of all people. After telling Kalia off 4 taliking 2 much. Dani you’re cut off, no more licquer.

    • I believe the vets already came into the house with this is our game mentality. And if the Newbies stuck together – then it would have been a different show. But could – shoulds are about as good as all the hair extensions on their nasty bathroom floor !

  7. What was this last two weeks about CBS trying to make the season last longer so they can make money. Its the same out come.

  8. They all throw each other under the bus this year while blaming the other people for doing the same thing. For example, Dani and Rachel have a “secret” deal right now. Dani is telling Jeff and Jordan that she (Rachel) threw them under the bus. But isn’t Dani doing the same thing by throwing Rachel under the bus to Jeff and Jordan? Jeff and Jordan have an alliance with Shelly but are trying to convince others to vote her out. Shelly has an alliance with everyone supposedly and gets mad if you point this out to her. Dani is plotting with Jeff and Jordan and supposedly going against her own alliance to Kalia and Porshe. Everyone is just as bad but it is so easy for them to blame all bad behavior on Rachel. Give me a break people. It is like a dysfunctional family. Frankly, for all her faults Rachel is the ONLY one this season who has admitted when she does something wrong (not working with Dani sooner) and saying she should work on herself (speaking without thinking, drama, etc.). I applaud her and I think she deserves the final two and at least 2nd place. People bash her too much; it is so bully-mentality. None of them have any compassion for her. Yet we all love Jeff so much people – when he talks to Jordan LIKE CRAP when he’s mad and calls her stupid and dumb and tells her to shut up. Uh – verbal abuse people! Wake up!

      • I watch this season in hopes of Jordan telling Jeff that they are no longer friends-I can’t see them dating or being exclusive with each other. Jeff is about as warm as the fish in the HOH room.

      • I know right. but its not just on Jeff’s side. Jordan is pruddish. You’d think she was a virgin or something. Jeff was with the jocks on his season and the characterization fits. He’s a dum jock. I think he treats Jordan bad becasue he’s ready to break up and does not want to hurt Jordan so he is pushing her away. If he is wanting to break-up Jeff is doing the reverse break-up thing all wrong. Jordan will hold on for dear life shes a codependant in love. Did anyone notice how uncomfortable Jeff became when ever Shelly would mention JJ marrying? I don’t think Jeff is that much into Jordan anymore. I think they r incompatible and the only reason why they’re still together is becasue threy r in different states.

  9. I think it would be cool if Jeff and Dani had some secret alliance that we did not know about it. I mean it would be perfect no one would think they would have one.

  10. I think Dani is the best player!I hope she wins!I think I will stop watching if she goes home!I HATE watching Rachel and Brendon.Jeff is right she is like a nagging bug that just wont go away.I like Jeff and Jordon,but Jordon is talking like they are the best players really what has Jordon done?Won a HOH that was handed to her.I think Big Brother is based on the best game not who is screwing who or you came to the house to spend time togather you can do that in the jurry house.So Im screaming go Dani!!!

      • I do. Go Dani. She is making deals has secret alliances, wins comps and is socializing. There is not anyone she has not socialized with until Jeff got mad and stop talking to her then forbid Jordan to do the same.

  11. BTW – can we please send Porsche home? She sits around and eats and hasn’t won anything. Child please. Stick a fork in her she’s done. I have never seen a person sit and eat so much and do hardly anything. If they let her bloat (or roll) to the end I will be so disappointed in humanity….

    And all of the hiding stuff (Porsche, Danni, and Kalia) is so juvenile. It is like I am watching middle schoolers instead of adults. Where did they get these people from?????

    • first i want to say i am dont a posrche fan but something must be wrong with my tv.She doesnt seem to me to be over weight at all. I could careless when and how many tines she eats. ok the hidding stuff and puttin stuff in the food yes thats just stupid its like that show called the bad girls club

    • LOL, I have said the same thing since this season started. This has got to be the worst cast ever. There is really no game play. And all the crying going on is getting on my nerves. The only reason I am watching is because of Jeff and Jordan.

  12. Shelly is going home ,Brendon stays for afew more weeks.I hink Jeff is going to leave be for Brendon

  13. Brendon is leaving. I feel bad for Rachel because she’s growing on me. Jordan needs to think about how Jeff talks to her now. It will get worse as time goes by. Been there , done that.I loved Jeff his 1st season but now I know he’s a pig.

    • Yes Jeannie I think something is off with their loving facade. I can tell Jeff has never been in love because he is still selfish and Jordan is a serioius enabler. She is a battler wife waiting to happen. In yesterday’s BBAD Jordan was in the hot tub and Jeff was standing outside. Jeff was joking like he was going to kick her in the head, sophmoric but typical of guys that have spent too much time with other men. Jeff needs a hot babe that will make him tow the line and that aint Jordan. When Jeff did the pretend kick thing Jordan responds “If u ever hit me….it would hurt. Hello captain obviuos. For a moment I thought she was going to grow some balls and put him in his place but no she was just waiting for the air to fill the spaces in her brain so she could finish her sentence.

      • I think people pick on Jordan because of the way she acts and talks. I think it is somewhat a facade because she knows the cameras are watching. I believe she has a heart of gold and cares what others think. I also realize she is not “worldly wise” intelligent but I do believe she can be smart as far as playing the game.

    • Jeannie Yes I do agree the appeal of Jeff has definitely worn off this season but I think the great appeal of him and Jordan during their first season was that they were true underdogs. With only themselves to count on. Granted this year really isnt much better since Shelly really is their only true ally. I do realize everyone is intitled to their own oppinon so I hope you’ll take this next comment with the little humor intended. You say Rachel is growing on you. I appeal to you to run not walk to the nearest doctor to have that terrible skanky growth removed! ;-)

  14. Sure Porsche eats a lot, but don’t they all. That’s all they do on BBAD eat eat eat. Kalia is always eating, Rachel is always munching on something..the only person who doesn’t eat constantly is Shelley.

  15. what would we all talk about if Bren goes then Rach and then JJ. Then o know Dani goes. I know that wont happen and thats not what i want but then wouldnt it be like watching a regular BB season.

  16. Who insulted you Becky, you insulted me the other day and another guest on here called you out on it. Up until then I didn’t realize that people on here made attacks on others bloging like you did to me when you called me “Sweetie” and for your info, my name isn’t sweetie and I took offense to it. You shouldn’t do that, take a lesson from your own rules and just be nice…It’s so much easier.

    • I call everybody sweetie, Sweetie. Also, being nice to everyone is no fun at all. I would hate it if every comment I made on here had everyone agreeing with me. I never said that we should all be nice, so I dont know where you got that I made that rule.
      You are the one who said someone insulted me, I didnt.

      • Becky…You can make any comment you want about the game, but to call bloggers names isn’t nice, it just shows other people who you are. You don’t apparently get it do you? Nobody has to agree with anyone, I get that. But, you don’t have to call people names for blogging. GET IT!!!!

    • Enough already. You sound like a school-aged child.

      How ’bout some cheese with that whine?

  17. Dani is playing a funny shell game with BR. Pretending to help yet doing nothing, voting Brendon out but setting Rachel against JJ, and blaming PK for not doing more. Could work, and she has nothing to lose by trying.

    Jj are in an awkward spot. They dont have the votes to save Brendon, and need Shelly to think they are in her corner. But that means evicting Brendon too, which could make Rachel work with Dani

    • Who says Dani does not have game. She may even get Rachel to stop focusing on her long enough to solidify her final three and do it while she is down on votes. Now that is playing BB!

  18. I haven’t seen (maybe I didn’t look far enough) many comments on Adam. Don’t care for him, but I think he maybe one to watch. He is just sitting around watching the Vets “kill” each other off, then he just might take over. Any thoughts?

    • I think you are right. Adam may be doing what Jordon did her season.. just sitting back watching them pick each other off. Then, he will go to the bank and deposit his big check like she did.
      Personally, I like to see someone make big moves in game and go against the flow, but sometimes that bites you in the butt. Adam hasnt had to do anything yet except win that veto. It looks possible that he may be in F2 with no blood on his hands and can be a possible winner.

  19. maybe in order to spice things up in the house they should no allow Kalia to eat for 24 hours.

    • LOL that last time Kali was on slop she asked to be sent home saying she missed her boyfiend and faked an injury at the threat of going on slop. Food or the lack of it, the one thing that could derail Dani’s game, LOL.

  20. Jeff is very controlling of Jordan and Brencehl knows it. For Jeff to tell Brenchel that Jordan will vote her own way when they ask them 4 their vote is a crappy thing to do to your supposed alliance member. Then to turn around and say they need to keep Rachel to win comps for them like she does not know who wears the pants in thier relationship is insulting. Even Steve Wonder can c that Jeff tells Jordan what to do. It is irrational to think that Rachel will win comps for them when they vote against Brendon. Jeff is the brains of JJ and that not saying much.

    • Neither Jeff nor Brenden talk to those girls like they care anything about them. But Rachel and Brenden both are so crappy they DESERVE each other. I hope Jordan puts him in his place soon, but unlike B/R they J/J dont put their relationship on display. Everyone gives Jordan a hard time saying she is stupid and other insulting things but yet all the houseguests like her. That is what Brenden was trying to explain to the child he is engaged to. Rachel is a target not for her game play as much as her behavior. I would give anything if BB would tell these folks you throw a compittion your going home. That way we could really see everyones true ability and Rachels inability to win unless someone takes a dive(Dominic).

  21. I LIked the skit between Adam/Phillip and Porche/Elizabeth. I thought it was very entertaining. Jeff and Brendon being Phillip’s gay friends were funny, LOL. I did not c much of Jordan during the skit. Jordan does not participate much and is not entertaining or good tv.

    • It seems as if Jordan is there just for Jeff. She seemed not to want to be in the house the very 1st week.

      • Jeff is playing the game to win money prizes from comps. Jordan is spending time with Jeff for the summer, period. She is not there to win but if she does she’ll take it and I don’t blame her. If she goes to the jury house with Jeff she’ll b happy I think.

  22. i am not a fan of brendon but if he gos this week then jeff,jordan and adam are dun far hope thay wake up a see that

    • I dont know.. I sure do miss his comments, though. It makes me sad when I dont see him on here. Hurry back, Wayne.. wherever you are.

  23. I always know when you ‘Chloe’ write something. Because you voice your mind more than other writers on this site. I hate that. I like hearing just about what is going on. NOT your two cents. Please can you write more to what is just happening, rather than you writing about what you think. Thanks.

  24. I’m a Rachel fan & would love to see her win that being said Jordon should have been gone week two. Jeff week three why cuz he is a big time floater. I gave up watch this season just not worth my time the right ppl never win the $$$$.

      • Their game maybe. They both know they suck thats y they said they needed Rachel to win comps. So they can ride her coattails/float.

  25. I hope the final 4 is Dani, Jeff, Jordon and Rachel. That will be great to watch the showdown there! Dani and Rachel against Jeff and Jordon. Wonder if Jeff will stay loyal to Jordon if that happens?

  26. hopefully as i said the last time brendon was put on the block; that Rach and Danielle form the strongest alliance. They are actually the only two players in the game.

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