Big Brother 13 Week 6: Who Gets Picked at the Veto Ceremony

Big Brother 13 Brendon gets picked

Big Brother 13 looks to deliver another exciting Veto ceremony today when Daniele is faced with a new decision: keep the nominations in place or change things up and take a third swing at breaking up the Vets couples. Who are her options and who will probably get picked? Let’s dig around and see what we find.

Once we knew Adam won the Power of Veto this week it was a sure thing it would come in to play considering he was nominated on Friday night. No brainer. Of course that’s the funny thing: Adam’s nomination. Most people, including Daniele, expected Brenchel to be this week’s nominees. When they made a convincing last minute offer of mutual safety on Friday afternoon they averted immediate danger, but Daniele still kept her options open with the Veto coming up.

So here we are, back where we started. Daniele has been telling most HGs that Brendon is her main target while telling Brenchel she’s still considering what to do. Last night the reunited couple spent some time with Daniele making their case for staying in the game. They’re working hard to throw everyone under the bus, including Jeff and Jordan. Meanwhile, they’re also working the voting HGs in case their deal isn’t accepted.

Despite Daniele telling Brenchel that she’s really considering their deal I believe she’ll go ahead and renom Brendon this afternoon. She knows he needs to go and while Jeff is high on her hit list, Brendon has definitely outperformed him and Daniele sees that.

A Brendon versus Shelly scenario is tricky. There are six votes again this week so either HG will need four to avoid letting Daniele settle a tie. Rachel will obviously support Brendon (“obvi”). JeJo will be torn between keeping a strong ally or a dedicated one. Kalia and Porsche will go in whatever direction Daniele leans and she’s promised Shelly safety so far. Adam could flip either way, though I could see him siding with Shelly over Brendon due to their Newbie bond. A tie-breaker is definitely possible.

This should be an exciting Big Brother Veto ceremony today but even better is how things should stay crazy all the way through until eviction night. Do you think Daniele will try for third-times-the-charm with a Brenchel renom or finally break up JeJo?

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Oh, and for anyone still concerned about Fibergate, Porsche was lectured by production yesterday for tainting the other HGs food supply with Benefiber. Flashback to 8/14 @ 5:55PM BBT Cam 1 to see Porsche in the kitchen pick up the Muscle Milk container she spiked, go to the storage room, and throw it away. Afterwards she goes up to Daniele in the HoH room and complains that she got in trouble.

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  1. Personally I don’t care who wins. If she is smart she will put up a strong competitor and get them out. The only way she can continue on is to win competitions therefore she needs to eliminate a strong competitor. Will be interesting to see what happens!

  2. I will if Dani ends up in the jury with Brendon next week qhen he says, “I told you this would happen if I left”…… The look on Dani’s face would be priceless.

    • Keep the faith Leo. Bookie isn’t going anywhere this week. Bye Shelly, say hello to the family for us!

      • you couldn’t be far from the truth wayne brendon WILL be going the jury house.

        end of line

      • You r wrong this time Wayne. Dani already told Shelly shes safe and reguardless of your pychic abilities Dani’s not stupid. She still has to consider jury votes. U underestimate Dani becus you r blinded by partiality towards your bookie. I keep saying Dani wants strong players out, that Shelly is not and Brenchel or JJ are. Brendon keeps saying he is going to get Dani and I don’t trust that he is just saying that to hide their secret alliance. Dani is dangerous to them they want her out. She needs to take out a vet for her game.

  3. You can get a snake/liar out easier than a competitor. This is Dani’s chance to take someone out who can and has won challenges…..

  4. I’m torn on this for Danielle best case is final two with Jordan because she already one and Danielle has had better game play I really dont care for Rachel anymore but out of Br and Jeff jo I would have to say b is the best competitor so best game play is he goes but if he stays and Rachel or he wins head of household then I think they go after Shelley with an option to back door Danielle but really I’m starting to like team Adam I want to see him win head of household and put Danielle and br or j jo really mix it up

    • Jordan will win because Jeff, Shelly and Adam will vote for her. Brendon and Rachel will vote out of spite for.Jordan because Dani screwed them and carried a floater to thebend. Kalia might vie for Jordan especially if Dani had a hand in her being evicted. Porsha might vote for Dani…..

      • Jordan isn’t a floater really she has paired herself with strong player’s Porsche the floater in the house

      • Jordan IS a floater. She lets others do the dirty work, the same as Shelly and Adam. Kalia atleast won something that was not handed to her. If aligning ones self with a strong player makes a person not a floater then Kalia and Porsche r not floaters. Shelly is a floater because in my estimation strong players win and JJ do not win. Jeff and Brendon let her win the one HOH she won. Jordan – Mega floater.

      • Wayne, what game are you watching? You are such a moron. With the exception of last week Kalia debacle, Dani is the best player in the house. Not only is she smart but she’s also physically capable. Also Kudos to Shelley for playing an a great social game. Not a big fan of Shelley’s but I appreciate good game play. Now lighten up on Dani

      • Loli,

        you are the one that is lost. Dani has been blind since Brenchel didn’t listen to her originally. But right now, she has the right opportunity and not taking it. You have to be really stupid. No one likes Brenchel, so keeping them for another week or two gives you a better chance. Other people would want them out anyways.

        You then need to see who you would see yourself in the final two. And only Porshe vs. Rachael is a guessing game. Rachel vs. Anyone, and anyone takes it. So, Any smart person should know that they should keep her until the end.

      • KUDO’s for you Wayne!!! I’ve always said Dani has no sense thinking she will move past next week…I am convinced that she is so out of touch with BB fans knowing that if she stayed till the final 4 or even the final 2 (heaven forbid!) she won’t have enough votes from the jury.

  5. I wish Adam would tell Danielle that yesterday morning Brendon and Rachel was looking for votes and that they told him if they vote for him to stay he will go after Dani next week.

  6. @ MATT..I HAVE A SERIOUS ISSUE THAT U NEED TO STEP IN AND CORRECT…I am being harassed by the poster known as “Rachel Fan”.. This person IS FOLLOWING ME THROUGH THE SITE and making remarks about all my posts. I am entitled to make observations and give opinions on any HG I see fit..including RACHEL and BRENDON..I just want to left alone…

    • Hang in there Fly! Keep the comments coming! You deserve your opinion, especially when it’s against the Neander-Tal. And Wayne…sure hope your 100% accuracy record is completely wrong this week. Enough of Brenchel! At least I am able to fast forward through about an hour of BBAD every night though (that’s the only positive…)

    • @Flyonthewall
      Let me explain myself.
      i read and comment on these posts everyday.
      I don’t follow you around.

      For the record i commented on one of your posts that you were overly mean spirited and asked why your posts are always so negative.

      You preceded to barrage me with insults about how i am a loser just like Rachel. She is a stripper blah blah blah…

      You have the right to your opinion but don’t get mad when i tell you they’re stupid and mean. I have a right to mine too.

      We can go through the old posts and see everything you said compared to my comments.
      Please get your facts straight.

  7. Regardless of how we, the viewers, are privy to more info than the HG’s, it behooves me as to why the strongest competitors or those who’ve won before weren’t the targets from the beginning.

    • The answer is very simple because the Newbies could not win the comps. They never had a chance to put up a vet. And BB did not help when the comps are ones the vets have already played and know what they have to do to win. Also doesn’t help that shelly and Kalia sided w/the vets and voted out the strongest newbies so they had little to no chance of getting control… When Dani made a move and switched they had a huge chance to get control but Shelly and Porcha blew it by keeping their asses glued to the vets instead of coming back to the newbies (which still had the numbers) and had Dani now working with them, That is way…..

      • Liz, I’m aware of all of that, plus Kalia’s continued stupidity by putting up one of her own (Lawon). However, it’s still baffling to me how people can be so dumb. And, of course, the newbies had the numbers from the beginning, Liz, that was my whole point.

  8. i hope dani puts up rach and wish the hg vote her out. she backstab jj so hope there a chance is out. if not she will win next hoh some how some way she will. then no one is safe besides b. because nobody can trust her

    • Jejo backstabbed her and brendon a long time ago..suddenly its sooo bad when brenchal does it though.

      • i like dani but can she really trust BR. i guess is miss jj backstabin BR. what happen.

      • No she can’t! She will make the rigt decision and send him home. I just hope Por or kal can really win a comp to keep the momentum going.

  9. Jef and Jordan should be Danis target not Brendon and Rachel. Bottomline, Jordan one once being all sweetie pie and Jeff just taking in money. Dani will be odd man out eventually

    • Don’t hold you breath. Big Jeff or Rachel will win the physical or.endurance comp and nominate Dani and Kalia. No point in backdooring Dani because she has the Veto pass and can win and protect her and Kalia aka.Kalier.

      • I agree that Jeff and Jordan are more of a threat. Everyone likes them and respects them. They are never a target! brendon and rachel havent really won anything in awhile and jeff has. They all say they dont play an emotional game but they sure seem to. It would be smarter to keep brendon in the game b/c he is always a bigger target. Dani is in trouble next week with whomever wins HOH unless its porshe or kalia.

  10. Daniele should go to Brenchel, propose not a a 1 week safety deal but an actual alliance. explaining the following:
    1- Danile would nominate Jeff . Brenchel should vote to evict him. that way, Brenchel still have
    a- a big target in the house
    b- Break up the only other alliance that is as solid as theirs, giving them the only advantage of a strong alliance in the house.
    2- Daniele’s alliance (Kalia) is nowhere near solid as JeJo
    3- they will get to Keep the blood off their hands, since Brenchel will have to turn on Jejo eventually, but this way, it would be Daniele who will get them out.
    4- if Brenchel don’t make it to final 2 together, the best alternative will be sitting next to Daniele as she pissed off a lot of Jury votes.
    5- If Daniele is out of the game, Jejo will turn on them immediately as they are both strong competitors with a solid alliance which makes them much more dangerous then floaters. so better them turning on Jejo now and having Daniele doing it
    6- Brenchel, Daniel and Kalia would be a 4 person alliance who would rule the house since they are the “competitors” in the house and they are half the guests. the other half r way weaker then them.and they could easily pick on them one at a time.Even in this alliance, Brenchel would still have a stronger position since Brencel alliance is ways more solid than Kalia and Daniele.

    So i think Daniele should put it like them and both parties should seriously consider it, this is better for Brenchel and the only way Daniele can get out of that hole she dug herself

      • I hope danimal bites. Her moves now are limited. Doesn’t much matter what dani does anymore. She has shown her true colors. Nobody(vets) really trusts her and she will be gone at the first vet backdoor opportunity. Just a matter of time. She should NOT have been the one to break the original vet alliance. Probably cost her the final two, cause she is a good comps player. Just mentally dim and narsistic.

  11. Dani will def put up Brendon. Her dislike for Rachel is more powerful than her reasoning for game play. She would prefer to face the “wrath” of Rachel than the anger of Brendon. He would be a shark if Rachel was ousted.

  12. Great “pick/pic”, Matt (too funny)!! I love the lead in to the headline. Wanted to stop by and say , “Hi”. Keep up the good work!! Surprised you got a picture of him ALMOST with out Rachel in it.

  13. I cant even predict this one. All I can say it will be either Brendon or Jeff. If Jeff went up it would be B&R, kalia and porche voting to evict him. Mostly because is is a strong player. Same if Brenden went up, K,P Jejo and adam would vote to evict. Either way a strong player is probably gonna go.

    • Listen, THIS is what needs to happen. Jeff needs to go, or Shelly the Man/Snake. If it’s Shelly, BR needs to stay with JJ for a hope of survival. If it’s Jeff, BR needs to stay cool with Jordan at all costs. If Brendon goes home, then Rachel needs to stay with Dani. If it’s Rachel, Brendon needs to stay OK with Dani and rule the house with JeJo. These are only best-case scenarios for certain players. Daniele’s going soon, so I’ll factor that in next week. These are just my opinions.

  14. As far as gameplay goes her best move would be to get out Jeff, he will only have one vote from Jordan (whom I adore). By aligning herself with Brendan Rachel this week she can get out shelly next week if Brendan or Rachel wins hoh.

    • I love Jordan too im not sure if it maters to her. I think its like a vacation for the summer with Jeff just hope they dont get seperated too long. Jeff won a lot of money so far, but i just would rather watch them than watching BR. Rach needs to stop the sycodrama. and i just cant get over her saying about jeff sexually harasment i know it game play but thats a stab to the heart.(vet fan thats what i met by backstab.)Rach reminds me of one of those syco life time movies. If Rach makes it to the final she deserves it she good game player but i can do without the drama queen part. sorry for miss spelling. dont have to tell i know

  15. So glad to hear production put a stop to Porsche’s putting the benafiber into people’s drinks. That was so wrong and could possibly have been dangerous.

  16. By the way, am I the only one who felt the latest competition for HoH just did not make sense. I could see where Danielle could wind up the winner – but could not see Rachel, Jordan, Brendon, and Jeff being the first four out, in that order. Nor could I truly believe Porsche would be in a battle with Danielle to the end. Did this puzzle anyone else besides me?

      • and some how Rach will win next hoh. then we know for sure its fixed. It will just seem that way. idk are we just being played. this season it sure seems like it.

    • Yes, I don’t see where it would get Dani to put up Shelly and Adam and then plan to backdoor Brendon. Why wouldn’t she have just put up Brendon and Rachel the same as she did before and just know that even if one won POV, one would leave and not come back. If she back doors Brendon then she gains nothing with Brendon and Rachel because it would be obvious she lied about an alliance. So really, it does not make sense if she really was targeting Brendon and Rachel. It is possible she does want to get the floaters out. I’m not sure.

      • It would be fun to see a secret DBR alliance.
        Karma just took a chomp out of Shelly’s Saggy Lying Ass
        She may be walking out the house.
        I see meltdowns in her near future.
        She scary

    • Because she wants Brendon out. The best way to do this is backdoor him. Her best way to do this, is to put up the noobs/floaters and hope she or they win the PoV.

      Backdooring is always the BEST way to get the person you want out, out of the house.

      • Why? It certainly is no secret and the person who is put up can still not get the votes to be voted out. I don’t really see the brains behind this back door stuff. Dani certainly won’t gain any points with Brendon or Rachel if she back doors either of them. One will still go to jury and never vote for her. She now has Shelly and Adam pissed at her for putting them up. Even if neither go home the stigma that she put them up still stings and they are a little less warm and friendly toward her. I really don’t see where this back door stuff is so great.

    • The last 2 hoh were very very strange.
      Kalhia got 2 answers correct after earing less than half the question. Getting 1 of those is normal… getting 2? On the last one was even stranger that she was moving her hand to the middle bottom but right after touching it, she started pressing the other one.
      On this one dani was a mile off in 2 of them. On the other ones she was always in the middle of the pack. When brendon was going out, dani was all smiles right after he sayed his number. Kinda strange since dani was the one that only had a little higher number than him. Right after that, dani didn´t make a smile.
      The resistance hoh that dani won was strange since kalia is always doing just a few minutes of exercise and says that it is hurting her back. On the hoh she stayed up there… since dani is the one that got 6 months to prepare the competition, she is the most fitted player for a resistance competition. I think that nobody can duel her in any endurance competition.

  17. Does anyone think it is possible that Adam will not use the POV if he knew the object was to get rid of Shelly? Shelly is not a help to anyone’s game but she is a detriment. It seemed obvious to me that Dani doesn’t like or trust Shelly.

  18. I wish Porsche would get out. I cannot stand her She is almost as bad a Rachel in my eyes…Im sure Adam will definitly use the veto. He would be a fool not to. I am just hoping Jeff or Jordan do not go up in his place. I would like to see Jeff win HOH next week and put Dani and Porsche up and get rid of either of these nasty girls and then would love to watch the expression on Kalia’s face afterwards

    • she is worst this girl wanted to tear a page of the bible because it would be fun she runs around making people sick she has never competed on a veto she eats all the time and makes fun of everybody

      • i have said this before she is on the wrong show have you ever seen Bad Girls Club

    • You can watch every erasing of Big Brother for free you You Tube. I watched BB all-stars on Sunday. For example, type in BB season 7 episode 1 in the You Tube search engine ok?

  19. I don’t think Danielle will make it the final 2, but I think that if she did she would have a pretty good shot at winning. Take these scenarios:
    1. Against Porsche or Kalia-Dani would win hands down.
    2. Against Adam or Shelly-Jeff, Jordan, and either Adam or Shelly would vote for the other, but Dani would still win 4-3.
    3. Against Brendon or Rachel-Only Jeff and Jordon would vote for Rachel or Brendon to win. I don’t think either of them have a shot at winning. unless they go up against Kalia or Porsche.
    4. Against Jeff or Jordan-Dani would lose. This would be her worst case scenario.
    Basically what I’m saying is that B/R would vote for her because she is a competitor. K/P would obviously vote for her. A/S would vote for here as long as no other vet is up there. Je/Jo would not vote for her. They only people I can’t see winning are Kalia and Porsche. And if somehow they were the final 2 (lol) I’d have to say Kalia would win just because she at least won an HoH. (What she did with that HoH is another story :P)

    • I agree with the first 10 words in your comment. After that, I think it is as reliable as an alliance with danimal.

  20. Please, oh, please let B. go this week. I can’t handle him telling R what to do constantly. If my old man, may he rest in peace, kept doing what B does I would deck him.

  21. I really think that if Daniele is going to win this game, it’s going to take a serious risk or two. One of those risks is trusting Brenchel this week and getting Jeff out. If Dani can flip BR, and they hold true, you’re looking at Dani BR and PK on one side, vs Jordan Shelley and Adam. Getting rid of Jeff cuts the head off the snake of that alliance and will leave Adam and Shelly running around trying to make deals. Dani and BR can get down to final 5 with PK and then its everyone for themselves again. Jordan Shelly and Adam won’t win an HOH anyways. But if Dani takes Brendon out, it’s JJSAR vs. DKP in which case one of DKP will be evicted next week, likely Dani unless she won a veto. either way, she won’t have the numbers to compete. But if BR flipped and stayed loyal, they have the numbers. and the best way to keep them loyal is get rid of Jeff; BR would have no choice. To me, Dani’s best move is to backdoor Jeff this week and flip BR. It’s the best for her long-term.

    • You are absolutely correct. But from their conversation last night and her vague answers to them, I am not sure if she is taking them seriously.

  22. on twitter……… JunDishes Jun Song
    by EvelDick
    Really?! RT @piperyoung: Brendon is the epitome of class. He let his gf blow him last nite bwn sleeping Shelly&Adam…did nothing for her.

    • YEP…may be true Shelly… told Adam that R&B were being “kissy face” and making alot of noise that she had a problem getting to sleep..I saw his post on that

  23. Drumroll please……………

    It’s official. Brendon’s desperate plea backfired, and he’s on the block once more! You’re looney toons if you didn’t see that coming.

    This sucks. I’m in an office pool, and my houseguest is Brendan. So, if he wins the show….I get $75. ON THE FLIPSIDE……..I’d rather eat whatever the hell he’s digging for, than to have him in the house any longer.

    But here’s my closing argument. This has to be one of the most dramatic seasons yet. However, it’s somehow also the most predictable. I’m dying for someone to make a game move that really changes things up (i.e. Dani backdooring Jeff this week instead of the ever-so-predictable BR).

    I have a feeling the game will get REALLY good when Dani gets a taste of her own medicine.

    I’m really sick of hearing her speak. She’s the biggest DR hog in the entire house. SHUT UP already!!! You’re not as cool and/or cute as you think you are, and your game…………………SUCKS.

    That’s all folks. Until next time…

  24. Interesting, Kay did not write #2 and I have found a couple more that I didn’t write, don’t trust this column at all any more………..

  25. Even if Dani makes it all the way to the end, she has no chance of winning because she is such a vile bitch

  26. All these people hating Dani. Remember, it was her alliance that dogged her by getting rid of Dom. They didn’t want her to have a partner like they did. JJ and BR drew first blood. What do expect her to do, just sit there and take it? She even warned them if they get rid of him, it’s on. Don’t blame Dani for thier arrogance. I hope she sends one of each of the couples to jury before she goes. They desrerve it. BR haven’t changed, just gotten dumber in thier gameplay.Meathead Jeff is a bully and Jordan is a snake with a smile. So Dani is playing in her element.

      • If you watched live feeds last night branchel admitted that they should have listened to Dani and backdoored jeff. they said that everything Dani warned that about Jeff has happened.. And they said they know if they had not betrayed and sent Dom home that Dom and Dani would have stayed loyal…. And they said it while they were alone talking to each other and than later when talking to Dani… So all you Dani haters that think she betrayed Jeff she saw that he was building a strong side alliance and tried to stop him branchael were the ones that could not see what she was telling them and at first agreed and than instead of just telling her they thought it was to soon they run to tell JJ…. So have fun in the Jury Brandon you were right last night you should have listened to Dani!!!

  27. feeds back..looks like either R or B going up..not sure yet ..Brendon consoling Rachel as usual..

  28. Daniele should know even if she gets rid of brendon CBS will bring him back some how! LOL Get out Jeff

  29. I too hope Dani wins…or at least goes to final 3. She is practically playing on her own. Kahlia is an idiot, and so is Porche. She has had to really fight to stay in it. Rachel is over the top and Brenden is beyond Nutty Professor material. JeJo is ok with me. The floaters? Eh, can live without them too. Never really liked Shelly or Adam.

  30. I am no longer a fan of Big Brother. There is no way in Hell that America voted Brendan back in. Can you say ‘Conspiracy Theory’? I’m willing to bet that CBS will not even divulge the numbers for the votes. All of these reality TV shows are now becoming unreal and coerced by the producers just for ratings. I’m sticking to Expedition Impossible. So far they have not been coerced by the producers and the show as Wayyyyy better than this loser season of Big Brother.

  31. @Gene & @BBrocks –

    Did you just find that out? I posted the ceremony results waaaaay before you just commented. Just curious if I have a glitch somewhere.

    As far as those people routing for Dani. Her biggest problem is that she has an ego that’s way out of control. She totally HOGS the DR. I’ve never in my life seen someone take up that much camera time.

    And the truth of the matter is she’s a snotty bitch. I understand that she got screwed early on……I TOTALLY get that. But that doesn’t warrant her being a complete snob on camera and around the house. Her bitchy little attitude is about is as strong as Rachel’s obnoxiousness. There’s no need whatsoever for her (dani) to be such a cocky muckmouth. And let’s not forget, we are in season 13. NOT season 4. People have learned a lot (not enough though) since then. In season 4, the jury might have voted on a bitch to win. But I realllllllllly don’t think they’d make that move this time around. Dani’s snobbish personality will really work against her.

    It’s not her game I can’t stand. And I completely understand why she’s upset and wants revenge. My hate towards her is that she’s a bitter, snotty, vain, eye-rolling, camera hogging diva that needs a serious wakeup call, b/c her act is getting REALLY old.

    • apparently you have just started to watch this thing where were you when jeff and brendan were bullying people early on.
      The main fact most people in the house has an ego so what maybe because dani is a girl she should be fake?
      And doesn’t the house guess get called to the DR her being in the DR alot means what really i dont get your point.

      • No, actually….I’ve watched every season. And I’ve watched every episode of this season. If you read my post, I said that I totally understand Dani being pissed and betrayed by them. I GET IT. But she acts like a complete snot all the time.

        Also, I’m aware that they have to be called into the DR. But what they choose to do with that time is a different story. Dani has this way about her that suggests she is SOOOOOO in love with herself. I’m just willing to bet she overstays her welcome in the DR b/c she can’t get enough of the sound of her voice.

        I know she’s by FAR not the most annoying person in the house. But right now, I’m just ready for her caddy snotty high-schooler attitude to be dethroned.

      • We all know it’s a show. I certainly don’t take it seriously, but I do have a lot of fun with the show, and am just sharing my opinions along with the rest of the crowd.

        …….when you put yourself on TV….especially for a show like this, these kind of discussions are a part of the deal.

        The show is big brother. It’s about drama, attitudes, power trips……and that’s what we’re discussing.

      • @Bailey – sounds more like you are jealous of Dani. That’s the vibe I’m getting from you anyhow. I’m all for Dani winning. Not only is she trying to take down the favorites by herself, but she is also the HOTTEST to look at. Stop being a hater. I can’t beleive you would rather watch Rachel instead of Dani. You must have hit yourself on the head.

      • @ Norman –

        Nope, no jealousy. I’m not as hot as her…you’re right. She’s probably the best looking in the house. So what?

        Call me crazy, but I just don’t respect people that treat others like complete crap and think they are better than everyone else, and she’s the queen of that. For that reason, I lose interest and respect.

        The other houseguests are just as bad. I’m not saying that’s not the case. But she’s the HOH right now, the one with power….and that’s where the conversation falls.

        As far as Rachel goes….I never said I wanted Dani out before Rachel. I’d be jumping up and down at the thought of her leaving!

        My vote is for Jordan. I know she already won once. But the truth of the matter is that she RESPECTS the other houseguests. Treats them in a civil manner. She’s honest, and fair…..and yet she’s not a floater…she fights!

        I think it’s really silly for you to confuse jealousy with simply being intolerant of caddy behavior.

      • Jordon has participated in her fair share of it, too. She has made some catty remarks, eye rolls, etc… All this dislike for Dani just because she celebrates in her victories?

  32. So you are saying you would rather see Rachel and her cry baby ways over Dani and her anticts? Seriously? I can’t stand Rachel. She is a whinny little bitch that needs to be brought to reality that she is not as good looking as she thinks. One famous line comes to mind everytime I see her. “Moley, moley, moley, moley…..”

    • Not at all! Both are equally annoying for different reasons (at least, that’s MY opinion). There are a lot of very distinctive personalities in the house, and many of them clash. You’re right though……Rachel is just pathetic.

      I know CBS casts the show for ratings, and to attempt to get as much drama in the house as possible….it makes sense. Let’s be honest… much as we complain about the different houseguests, it’s the fact that they are so dramatic and annoying that keeps us watching!

      • And you are exactly the reason why I do not divulge in these petty conversations online. Was just bored today. But thank you for reminding me that some people have nothing better to do with their lives than follow a reality show and hate on just about everyone on the show. And there is nothing dramatic and annoying about CBS lying about Brendan being voted in by America. That’s actually pathetic to do just for ratings. I’m glad Dani acts the way she does. She has no reason to kiss anyone’s ass which is what they all do to the HoH. Either way, I’m no longer a fan nor will I be watching it again. CBS ruined the show by tainting the Brendan vote. So good luck with watching the rest of the season. I have some tubing and wake-boarding to get to. Much more fun than wasting my time in here or watching a bunch of retards play House Survivor.

    • Hahaha!!! It’s so funny to me that the person getting aggrevated at what these posts are, is the same person who went out of his way to argue with playful opinions about a TV show.

      I’ve actually never been on one of these boards before, and it will probably be my last. I was just killing an afternoon.

      The truth of the matter is we are all commenting on a show that is SUPPOSED to cause this kind of debate and discussion. That’s the whole appeal of the show. That it’s dramatic nonsense that’s fun to banter about. Nothing serious. Please tell me you’re educated enough to know that.

      It’s been real.

      • Wow.. Bailey… didnt see all that coming at ya. @ Norman, geez, chill and go surfing or something and get some of that agression out. lol

      • Wayne u mention things that you want 2 happen rather than rational thoughts. JJ have 2 many votes on their side with

      • Sorry that was a repost that I posted out of place by accident.

        Baley I’ve seen your hame here before did u mean this was your 1st time today. And I agree with Norman you r coming hard at Dani. Jordan gave that “No one comes between me and my man” comment and she goodness and light. Jordan celebrated Bendon’s return the same as Dani and Kalia celebrated their game saving win of HOH. You hatin plain and simple. The question is Y? Did someone who looks like Dani refuse to b your friend in high school or steal your bf? It just seems personal.

  33. JORDAN=BORING !!! ALL SHE DOES IS PLAY WITH HER HAIR.JEFF=A TOOL.NOT SO NICE.I DONT THINK HE REALLY WANTS TO BE WITH JORDAN.jordan is so self consious about everything,i hope she doesn win,cuz she doesn deserve it.just sayin

  34. since adam won the veto put up brendon and i hope the house guest chooses to keep him around and get rid of shelly. I like shelly but she has done nothing to help her game at all, and if their is a god rachel brendon jeff or jordan can win head of house hold and put danielles ass up. I want her going i didn’t care for her when she was on before and i really don’t care for her now and as much as i would love for an african american to win big brother since theirs never been one before, put kalia right up their with her if one of them wins veto put porsche up against whos left, but i really really really really want danielle out of this game!!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE!! PS I love JORDAN hope she takes it again.

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