Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 6 PoV Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in Big Brother 13 and while the results may not be as wacky as last week’s renomination of Lawon I think we’re still going to see a lot of sparks flying. Daniele is back on the war path and won’t stop this time. Well, probably not at least. I mean, if she considered Brenchel’s deal before then maybe she’ll do it again, right?

Read on for your Big Brother 13 spoilers to find out what happened today at the Veto ceremony.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Adam, of course decided to use the Veto to take himself off the block and insure his own safety.

Daniele was required to name a replacement nominee to fill the void on the block. Daniele named Brendon to replace Adam and will now face off against Shelly for possible eviction on Thursday and become the first member of the Jury.

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There are six potential votes out there for Thursday night. Three are required to avoid a tie-breaker. Let’s see what happens!

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show? Share your thoughts below then watch the fallout on the Live Feeds (get Free Trial).

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    • Danimal continues to make no sense. It is a long way till Thursday night. BR still has a chance to expose Shelly. I still think Shelly is going home. SAVE BOOKIE!

      • Wayne, Bookie is going home. Kalia & Porshe will vote as Dani asks. Adam will side with JeJo & Dani will tie break. My prediction is 5-1 for Bookie to vacate. Everybody is done with Rachel’s high maintance antics.

      • SHELLY has got to GO!!!!!!kepp Brenon and lets start playing this DAMM GAME already…this season is sooo slow and boaing…..

      • Sorry Wayne but I think your Bookie is history. I think Jeff and Jordan will vote him out especially after Dani tells J/J how Brenchel threw them under the bus. I only voted for Brendon to come back because I thought they would help J/J get to the end and they would be final 4. But now I want him gone. I think most of his votes were from J/J fans too.

      • I think he will stay…jeff/jordan/adam/rachel.rachel and brendon may have made a small deal with dani..but shelly has been outed with all her lies.Id say she is going home.

      • Brenden sucks! He should have never come back into the house.. that whole thing was rigged! But anyway, Thank goodness for Dani winning HOH. She is not my pick to win, but she has the guts to stand up against the trash that is Brenchal!

      • Get over it. They’re good players. this last HOH was based on pure luck. Dani had no reason to celebrate the win other than that she was saved for one more week. It didn’t take skill. It could have easily been another win for Rachel again or even Jordan for that matter. B&R are big targets because they play to win and are good at it.

      • Alessandra, if BR could have “easily won” any of the last 4 competitions why didn’t they????? They really aren’t that good at competition, just lucky. They are a train wreck! They need to send Brenda home so Rachel will be an emotional wreck this week and not win anything.

      • agreed! I can not stand him and Rachel! they are beyond stupid with their game play and personal lives that they cant seem to keep to themselves!

      • @Kimba I said “easily” in the sense that that game requires no skill. it’s all luck and guessing. it culd have gone anyway. the ones who lost, lost by chance and Dani won by chance. Learn how to use context clues…

    • This is probably smartest Dani could have done in her current situation. Because come Thursday alot people are going to know where they stand in the pecking order.

      Example if JeJo votes out Shelly that opens Adam’s eye that he is basically odd man out their 4some.

      If JeJO votes out Brendon. Rachel knows she is out the 4some.

      If she had put up Jeff. Not only it would have burn her bridge with Adam. She risk Brenchel going back on their word and keep Jeff. Which would keep the house still spilted 5/3.

      Where as the other situation. There is hope that either Adam or Rachel will go to Dani’s side. Depending on votes this thursday.

      • It’s not smart though because jeff/Jordan/shelly/adam’s alliance is bigger. And if she bounces out brenchel, then she’s screwed.

      • No they alliances would be even… Because if JeJo does vote out Brendon. I see Rachel going over to Dani side.

        Which would leave it next week. JJAS vs RDKP

  1. I can’t wait to see Dani trying to make a deal with Rachel.especially if Rachel, Jeff of Jordan win the HOH and all nominate Dani and Kalia.

    • Dani is going home next week! her alliance sucks. she should have stayed with B&R after Dom left. that way she would have had a strong alliance.

      • Dani is a strong and smart player! Rachel wouldn’t keep her word-she out for herself! Yes this is a game but the girl lies for no reason.Send her home!!!!!

      • @ziggy1 Dani can’t compete in the next HOH. She has the whole house against her. Khalia is a weak player as is Porsch. Think about it…

      • I hzve thought about it and Dani knows she’s got a target on her but Ialso think she can pull this off. Brendon is going home amd Rachel’s only choice is to team up with Dani. jj knows Shelly is on their team and will do what they want Adam will stay with jj because that’s the only place for him. I also beleive he might win this game if he doesn’t piss anyone off.

    • Dani is strong,but I’m tired of her already I hope she and kalia BOTH go next week”double eviction”and let play BIG BROTHER

    • Dani must know she is screwed if Kalia or Porsha don’t win the HOH. JJ will convince Shelly or Adam that they need to nominate Dani and Kalia and evicted Dani because.they can get Rachel out the next week. They will point to the fact that Dani is abstrong player who has won 2 HOH’s and if not jominated can still play the Veto with her Veto pass and save either Kalia or Porsha.

      Team JJ and Team BR it is a done deal. Brendon is going to be evicted. That is why I am talking scenarios with Shelly and not Brendon.

      If Kalia or Porsha win, Jeff will be gone next because he is a bigger threat for Dani than Rachel by herself.

      • On BBAD D and K were talking what they were going to do for the next nominations for every week as if the other player didn’t count and they will never win HOH

      • I’m actually interested to how well Rachel does in endurance when she really needs to win it week one it was given to her and it was a banana for gods sakes definitely catered to rachels skills. This week endurance for sure without favoring any1 like last time.

      • Ellablue I watched that too. They went through all the weeks like they will win every week. Porshe has never won anything.

    • Khalia doesn’t have it in her to win another HOH. She lucked out with the last one. She sucks at physical comps and Porsche is as useless as can be other than for a vote. Dani will be out next week for sure.

      • Lets not forget her season when Zack and ED did better than her in the endurance.comp because she isnt good in comps where cold water is involved. In the second part of the last HOH she did horrible in the water challenge and lost to ED.

      • It will be a little harder to get rid of Dani than that. She is a great competitor and much better at strategy than the other guests. I do agree that it will be a stretch for Kalia to win another HOH, but you never know. BTW, remember, Dani is the VETO QUEEN!!!

  2. no:( im so sad;( he just got back. i cant wait to see danielle, kalia, and porsche GONE!!!(:

  3. I think Porsche should be put out of the house……after reading where she tainted the muscle milk with benefiber!!!! What else has she tainted, she adds absolutely nothing to the show.

    • I agree! She’s not fun to watch at all. Hopefully something will happen to have her out next week. Then Rachel can wonder what Brendan and Porsche are doing in the jury house!!

      • I would love to see Porshe gone, she is worthless. All she does is eat. She is the ultimate floater. I hope anyone but Kalia or gets HOH. I want to see Danielle and Kalia up on teh block. Danielle will use her veto ticket and then porsha will go up. either one of those two gone will be great. kalia is a whining cry-baby and porshe is boring and worthless. Dani is at least playing the game, i just dont like her alliance and it will bite her in the end. As much as I cant stand brenchel, i would rather see them win than kalia, adam, or especially porsha.

      • the veto ticket does not save you off the block it gives u the chance of playing the veto if you werent chosen to play it and as worthless as porsche is shes on danis side so i dont want her to leave

  4. BigBrotherLeak
    Adam has used the PoV on himself. Daniele has nominated Brendon in his place. Shelly and Brendon are now nominated for eviction! #BB13

    • Did you read the heading to this blog entry? That information was alreaxy posted on here. L-O-L!!!

    • That would have been the SMART thing to do. Well, it is danimal, so I shouldn’t be suprised she did the dumb thing. A lot can happen before Thursday! SAVE BOOKIE!

      • The last time she trusted BR to get rid of Jeff they wussed out and thats how she got screwed in the first place.

        If she puts up Jeff and BR vote to keep him she just wasted a week on Shelly (and they hate Shelly).

        Plus she is afraid of Brendon, not Jeff. And she’s right to be. Jeff talks a good game, but he is a floater.

    • wayne-Dani did the right thing-you can’t trust R\B they lie for no reason and back stabs everone. No wonder she can’t find a job-I wouldn’t hire to clean up dog poo. SHE CAN’T BE TRUSTED!!!!!

  5. Ah, this is so unfair! After I voted over 100 times for Brendon and made each and every one of my friends do to get him back, now he’s on the block again!
    JeJo will most likely vote to evict Shelly, and so will Rachel, hopefully Adam votes that way too, so Shelly will be gone and Brendon stays. I’m hoping JeJo or BR win the next HoH and just get rid of Dani!

      • if he does JJ will pe pissed at him I think he will go along with voting out Shelly that way he only has D pissed at him if he votes B he will have JJ and R after him It all depends how JJ are voting A will go along with them

      • JeJo should also vote to evict Brendon and keep Shelly. At least Shelly won’t throw them under the bus every chance she can like Brenchel!

      • J and J better vote to evict him also. They don’t know that r and B have turned on them but I hope Dani tells them like she stated she would.

      • Ella,

        Adam knows the Dani and Kalia are Jeff, Jordan and Rachel’s target next week.

        BBbrock and Barbara, Jeff and Jordan know that Jeff will be the biggest threat if Brendon is evicted which is why they want to evict Shelly instead.

      • Jeff and Jordan will vote to evict Brendon after Dani tells them how Brenchel threw them under the bus. And I want Brendon gone those two need to save the sexual acts until there in the jury with no cameras. There disgusting. Doing it with Shelly in the bed next to them. Then Rachel talking to Brendon about washing the sheets and Brendon saying it would be a good idea. Yuck!!!

    • All I have to say is what a waste of money. How you can you stand the mushy and stupid over the top gestures that they do. It makes me want to throw up!!!

      • Not really, I personally voted to keep Brendon around 50-100 daily and I know about 20-30 people that did the same and that’s only the people I know. The show is def. scripted but I’m sure him and Dom were close.

      • Sarah how did you vote 100 times daily? Just asking as there was a maimum of 10 votes per method and not daily. I am just curious.

      • @ Gail,
        I made several accounts and change my I.P address to seem like I’m a different person! I voted 10x per account.

    • here is what i predict..
      jeff, jordan, rachel, and adam will vote out shelly..brandon will stay. followed by me screaming “i will never watch big brother again” and going off on julie chen’s wardrobe choices…..
      i HOPE this does not happen.brandon is the biggest bully there is. that couple never see the errors of their way…goodbye brandon (i hope)..go skype another man (again)

    • So you guys are the dummies that voted for Brendon to come back. Him and Rachel are the most annoying useless couple ever on TV. Why would you want that whipped loser back?

      • Only voted for him because I thought it would help J/J get to final four. I think a lot of his votes were from J/J fans. Now I’m sorry I wasted my votes on him. But I’m not a dummy. LOL

  6. I think what I am most excited to see,is if Brendon is evicted again, (and I’m not convinced he will be) will Rachel fall apart, and if she does will anybody take the time to console her? I think perhaps that ship may have sailed and they will leave her deal with her drama all on her own!! It will interesting to sit back and watch:-)

    • I am good. Dani and Kalia are in the HOH now talking about getting rid of Jeff instead of Rachel. They both agree that is a better for them. Dani, Kalia and Porsha will be friendly with Rachel didn1 week just to get Jeff evicted….. They will try to turn Rachel on Here and Jordan!

      • Jordan wanted to comfort Dani after Brendon came back instead of Dominic. Dani was devistated. Jordan is a sweetheart.

    • Brenchel has gotten old! On BBAD they spent over an hour saying the same garbage over&over&over. I once was a fan, no more. Please send Bookie to jury. Let R self-destruct yet again. This time all alone! How many times will she eat humble pie before she leaves? It’s time for JJSA to win HOH. Dani is a good player, but her support team (KP) are sloths!

  7. I am good. Dani and Kalia are in the HOH now talking about getting rid of Jeff instead of Rachel. They both agree that is a better move for them.

  8. I don’t know how they can advertise 24 hours live feeds when they cut out so many times, cut feeds for competitions, etc. Basically FALSE ADVERTISING

    • I did not sign up this year and last year I cancelled half way through because of all the fishes etc or what ever they put up instead of what we are supposed to be watching 24/7 as they advertise.

  9. ON TWITTER………by EvelDick
    Really?! RT @piperyoung: Brendon is the epitome of class. He let his gf blow him last nite bwn sleeping Shelly&Adam…did nothing for her.

  10. Unless in a twist the show throws Porsha out on her ass for what she did with thr fiber thing
    One can only dream
    Cant stand her she doesn’t even trying playing the game

      • She spiked their protein drinks with beneful while Kaligula and Danimal stood watch and some of the HG got sick

    • What a bitznatch…she really is a good for nothing. not even trying to play the game. never tried to make any deal. nothing! and she’s boring to watch!

      • It’s so funny to me that Porsche is such a waste of space that the only she can play is by poising her competitors funny

  11. JJ not going to save Brendon….they said so. They told him they will vote for him, but they wont. They planned to tell him on Thursday they didn’t have enough votes to save him…in that way there wont be any bad feelings when he goes to jury. The little sneaks!!

  12. X BigBrotherLeak
    Brendon telling Rachel not to let people rattle her, and when he’s gone to fight hard and win the next HoH. #BB13
    BigBrotherLeak BigBrotherLeak
    Brendon telling Rachel to stop acting like he’s already gone. Brendon telling her to suck it up and be strong. #BB13
    Brendon telling Rachel not to let people rattle her, and when he’s gone to fight hard and win the next HoH. #BB13

  13. I cannot for the life of me believe people would vote to bring Brendon BACK into the house. SERIOUSLY? I hope he’s GONE again.

      • I voted over and over to keep Brendon. Keith and Cassi were horrible players and Dom is just another toy of Dani’s, Brendon was the only good player!

      • I voted over and over for Brendon too! the other players were worthless. Dom was another toy for Daniele.

  14. I think brendan will be going home.
    K & P are definitely voting him out it all depends on jejo will they choose to keep their so called friend or the strong player lol i love it :)

  15. I don’t care what happens to Brendon or shelly, as long as Dani is in the game, my heart will never rest. I was never a big fan of her then nor now. I was so glad to see evil-dick leave I dislike these people. They are arrogant for no reason. He is not intelligent in anyway shape or form.

    • Jeff and Jordan really loose nothing by voting out Shelly. With Brendon and Rachel around they are not the targets. It would be very stupid for Jeff and Jordan to vote out Brendon. It is known that they are the vets with Brendon and Rachel and they really are targets it is just that Brendon and Rachel are bigger targets. Jeff and Jordan gain nothing from trying to deal anymore with people than they already have. No matter what they say, they will be the targets if Brendon is gone. Rachel is really not the target like Brendon is. They would be smart to vote out Shelly and then get Kalia out. Without Kalia, Dani has no real support system because Porsche is psycho. Of course, I don’t want Brendon to go. I was so happy he was back.

    • Ohhh Really???? Heh, Dick isn’t intelligent??? I completely disagree with that bogus statement. Dick exudes confidence, not arrogance. Daniele is also pretty smart, you have to remember the houseguests don’t get to watch everything going on like we do. The catch bits and pieces here and there, and Daniele has always been on point with her ideas and decisions.

  16. Really Dani? God you better pray that Kalia or Porshe win next week. Meathead Jeff should have gone up. He ain’t going nowhere now.

  17. Brendon told Rachel that if Jeff and Jordan vote him out to win HOH and go after them. What about the person who got you evicted twice? He wants Rachel to work with Dani.

    • If Jeff and Jordan don’t. ote for Brendon to stay forcing Dani to be the riebreaker vote, Rachel should nominate Jeff and Dani and let Adam be force to. hooded between his alliance with J,J,S and his friendship with Porsha.

      • I can see Dani working with Rachel if Brendon’s leave this week. Rachel without Brendon makes them both more on even playing ground. Where as Rachel and Brendon together. She always knows she is third wheel.

  18. I truly wish JJ would find out about the false accusations R said about Jeff approaching her in the shower naked. That would end this deal for sure and we wouldn’t even have to question who they will vote for. I don’t know why they keep calling Jeff a threat he won the veto. He has never even been close in an HOH contest which is where the power lies. I really want Raslutel gone gone gone. But as long as she is in the house, keeps the target on her stupid a** instead of Jordan. Next week Dani s/b nominated which will force her to use veto pass on herself instead of pulling off chia-kalia-pet or porscha. Then when she comes off, the other goes up.

    • I thought the veto pass that Dani won was just to be able to play the veto comp giving her the power to remove a nom if she wins. If she’s on the block she automatically gets to play the veto. If the veto pass automaticallly let her take herself off there would be no reason for anyone to put her up.

    • Jeff is a threat to me b/c everyone likes him and he has their respect. Brendon only won one pov, right? I think thats right. Not counting the one against Lawon but anyone would probably win against him. SO to me he is a bigger threat then Brendon. Keep the target in the house. Everyone will want him out instead of Jeff.

  19. J/J are going to keep Shelley?!…if they do they are blowing it because she can’t win anything.
    having A/S/J/J vs
    R/D/P/K is like having your place in the house go from numbers to even.
    Keep Brendan dammit and have J/J/A/B/R in the HOH comp…even if the other side wins, it will be J/B up there or some variation of x/B. Adam should stick with the numbers

  20. Pisses me off that because of this whole battle Porsche or Jordan win BB two people that have done absolutely nothing. I’d rather have Rachel win than Jordan again because if Jordan wins BB twice everyone in this season should just hang themselves and CBS should just cancel the show because they let the most useless person win TWICE and the only undeserving winner of BB she won final HoH because that was the only time she needed to win. Loved Jordan in her season hated Natalie but anyone in BB11 even Chima deserved it more than Jordan.

    • Remember, Team JJ and Team BR had the power for three weeks and got cocky? It came back to bite them.

      Now Team Dani has the power for three weeks and are being cocky. They will feel the bite of karma next.

    • Jordan just plays a different game and it’s worked before. She’s not hardcore, cutthroat.
      She plays a more social game just by being nice most of the time. She has one rock solid
      ally and she makes friends easily. Just because she’s not sneaky and mean doesn’t mean she’s not playing the game.

      • Jordan is a cut throat assassin. Just look at the slashing move she was doing when describing evicting Dani. I like it Jordan.

    • She won more than the final HOH in her season. She has also won more this season then Kalia, Porche, Adam, Jeff, Shelly I could keep going if you want. So why doesn’t she deserve it. She has also had the biggest target on her back since week one because of winning before.

  21. Why did we bring brandon back if he is going to be on the block!???
    I mean i voted for him to come in this game in now i am MAD! because daniele wants him to leave in the houseguest will vote him out!

  22. I’m new to this site (and have never heard the “name”? on BB) so please excuse the stupid question! Who is Bookie? Also, Dani as HOH, Brendon and shelley on the block, I’m only counting five potential votes – Jordan, Jeff, Rachel, Adam, Kalia…am I missing someone?

      • brandon’s nickname from rachel..he got upset that she was calling him that because he is getting his phd and needs people to respect him..oh, and being a bully to girls and having sex on television will do wonders for his “career”!! welcome to sight vtay!! peace

      • Bookie is Rachel’s pet name for Brendon. As for Porsche, you’re not alone in forgetting her but after all her shenanigans this season, with the stealing, hiding things & tainting drinks, I have a feeling she’ll be remembered when this season is over. Has Kalia returned the chess pieces yet? K/P were trying to figure a way to return them and still blame Brendon last I heard.
        I hope J/J figure it out soon if Rachel has really gone over to the dark side and it wasn’t just a ploy to save them this week.

  23. I had a feeling that this will be the nominations from the conversation Brenchel had with Dani last night.

    I think that Brenchel had good points that they brought up about Shelly, JJ. But the biggest mistake that they made, especially Brendon, is when he said that even if he is evicted he is ok with that as long as Rachael is taken care off and in an aliance with Dani. Simply stupid statement. He should have said, that they represent 2/8 votes.

    Unfortunately, it is good buy Brendon. Good thing payback in not far behind.

    • Sorry to add to my own comment, but.

      If you think about it, even if Danni gets to the final, she has no votes by what she she has done today, unless she will be trully up against Porshe or Kalia.

      Would never believe that JJ,BR,Ad,Sh would vote for her. Well, even if shelly can change last minute, still looking at 5-3.

      • It is really hard to tell who has the votes to win in the final two. The only probably 90% lock on winning the 500k currently is Jordon. If she makes it the final two. There has been people say they will never vote for Dani if she makes it to final two. but until the actual vote is cast. There is still time change anyone mind.

      • Dani has no chance cause she’s a nasty player. She’s rude and cocky. Nasty players like Dani don’t win. People like JORDAN win!

      • I wouldn’t discount Daniele just yet. She isn’t as stupid as she seems. She is the only house guest willing to make big moves and stir up the house, even if it makes people not like her. It’s not a congeniality contest, it’s who played the hardest and deserves to win. Tough game play earns respect.

      • @ Sarah,Nasty players like Dani do win.Her father Evil Dick did,and they didnt come any nastier than him.

      • Jurors seldom revenge vote no matter what they threaten.

        And Rachel now hates everybody, but at least respects that Danielle wins competitions.

  24. OMG… Watching BBAD and watching Brendan getting mad a Rachel for the way she makes Cheese dip. Really? Why would any sane human being want that for the reat of their life….. It is not even good entertainment. I wish to god Rach would have got evicted last week and had to face brend at the BBall. Would have been great to watch him tell her how to shoot. U know he would have thrown it also. Dushbag..

  25. Ughh i am going to stop watching BB this game is stupid I hate daniele! I mean i voted for brandon to come in this game in now he is going to leave again wow BB you have another thing coming for you i am DONE!



  27. Brendon deserves to go home after begging Dani to keep Team Bretchel, and throwing Team JJ under the bus!

  28. Last night on BBAD, Brendon told Dani that if he went to take care of Rachel as she was alone. We also don’t know how everyone will vote. J/J and Adam who knows? Even Porche. It will expose how people vote and where they stand. Brendon may have the votes to stay. If not then Rachel is alone and may still work on Dani’s side. IMO.

  29. Whoever thinks brendons going home this week is clearly blinded. Jeff and jordan will keep him because he will always be seen as a bigger target. Rachel will obviously keep him. And adam just needs to be convinced its beneficial to keep him which wont be too hard. Dani doesnt have the votes. And now shes screwed for next week since she went back on her deal with br. And kalia and porsche cant do anything in hoh.

    • Brendon will be going especially after Dani fills J/J in about Brenchel throwing them under the bus.

      • even if they were to believe dani, which i dont understand why anyone would. the fact that they keep shelly over brendon is stupid. shelly is useless in competitions and will be exposed for all her deals. whereas keeping brendon means no target on their backs, a person who can win competitions and wont be going after them just yet. if jj cant see any of those reasons then i dont know why they bothered to play. plus jj would most likely do the exact same thing if they were in that situation

  30. Shelly needs to go. I’m afraid Adam will vote to keep Shelly. JJ and R will vote to keep Brendon since if he’s gone, Jeff is the target. After seeing BBAD last night, and Shelly and Adam talking outside..I’m not so sure he’ll vote to evict her. I’m sure CBS will try to keep Brendon!

  31. Just when I thought Adam didn’t have the ability to win at all, he pulls through and wins. Maybe he’s throwing competitions deliberately, to make himself less of a target. I’m happy with the veto outcome, either way someone that sucks will be leaving. As much as Brendon annoys me, I would much rather see Shelly go. She’s probably going to lie her way out of it and make it seem like Rachel and Brendon are the liars! I was losing faith in Daniele, wondering what the hell she was thinking with her nominations, but this could work out.

  32. My opinion is that Shelly will go. Adam will be swayed to vote Shelly out, or Daniele will make a deal.

  33. @35 I am not a big fan of either B&R but agree with you…. Mr B will stay UNLESS:
    1. Rachel pulls a BRAT move and threws a temper performance.
    2. Somehow Jordan hears about the Jeff coming on to Rachel.
    3. Jordan can not vote Shelly out.

      • I truely (!!!) believe that Jeff would NEVER come on to Rachel or anyone for that matter! Jeff seems to be a pretty nice, up-front kind of guy and Jordan is a sweetheart. (Apparently Jeff did/said something to Rachel while she was in the shower and Rachel mistook it for a come on! Or maybe she’s just embellishing the story….Will someone who actually saw it please clarify?)

      • it coming from rachels mouth dont believe it…he has too much to lose with jordan. He would be stupid to mess it up. he may have said something smart to her took it the wrong way as she takes everything else

      • Biotch Rachel was in the shower, Jeff was at the sink, Rachel whispered something to Jeff, he could not hear her, so he stepped over towards her just to put his ear closer, sideways, and she told Brendon that Jeff was trying to look at her while she was in the shower, she is such a skank. I really wish that Jeff would find this info out. He would go off on her if he does.

  34. Judging by Adams monologue last night to the camera, he is planning on eliminating Brendon. That leaves Porsche as brs only hope.

    My guess is she doesnt go for it, jj flip to keep Shelbkly happy since they cant win; and he goes out 5-1.

    And if that happens and rachel wins next week, things could get very interesting.

  35. Don’t count Daniele out just yet…..She is a powerful competitor……The only reason that Dani let her win the first HOH was because they had a deal……I believe that Dani is a stronger competitor than Rachel….I’m not crazy about Shelley or Brandon….either one going is ok with me..

  36. On the live feeds, JJ said they were going to vote him off on Thursday, they might change their minds between now and then. Adam didn’t win crap! Jeff handed the veto to him!

    • Now that Danielle has made her move I would like to see BRJJSA sit down and discuss their next move. What is most beneficial to the alliance. Since Jeff handed Adam the veto Adam should vote the way Jeff wants him to. Had Jeff won the veto and did not use it Adam could very well be going home!

      • What alliance??? Brenchel threw J/J under the bus and I think they are voting Brendon out.

    • Rachel said he did to Brenden. She was greatly exaggerating her week without him in the house, making it seem like everyone was super mean to her and that Jeff was hitting on her.

  37. A week ago I was ready to see Brenchel go but now i’m wanting Kalia out of there. I can’t stand to listen to her.

  38. I heard that because porshe put benefibor in the muscle milk she got a penalty by not being able to vote-is this true?? :X

  39. Im sure that Brandon will be evicted this week… Im almost positive that Jeff will find out b4 Thurdays live eviction that BR were throwing him under the bus n will reveal everything that they told Dani. weather its Dani telling him or Dani telling kalia n then Kalia telling Shelly n Shelly telling JJ. One way or another they will find out..

    • we dont want him ec=victed well i do on a personal level but with him in the game it takes the target off of jejo! GO JEJO!!!

      • do u really think it takes the target off of Jeff? Think about it if they were to keep B in the game n either B or R win HOH next week Im sure that they will send Jeff packing they wouldnt send Dani just cuz they will try to prove to her that they r on her side. Remember that JJ or both really liked n if either of them make it to the end they will get the money n the majority of the house favors them.. something to think about

      • true but I think that BR just went into the hoh to try to save their butt i thik that if by some chance br wins hoh next if brendan doesnt get evicted then they would put up dani and kalia…she put brendan out once up twice and kalia put up rachel

      • I dont feel that they were trying to save themselves.. Rachel wants Jeff out cuz she has been telling B that Jeff made some sexual passes at her n how bad JJ treated her the week that he was gone. so with that being said I strongly believe that they would target Jeff n work with Dani. Yesterday in BBAD Branden told dani that if she put him up that there would b no hard feelings n if he were to go that he would like for her to work with R cuz she would not have any1 to work with

  40. IF Jeff and Jordan know what the best thing is for their game they’d keep Brenden. Heres how I think it’ll play out:

    Jeff- evict shelly
    Jordan- evict shelly
    Porche- evict Brenden
    Kalia- evict Brenden
    Rachel- evict shelly
    Adam- I HAVE NO CLUE

    • in my opinion I dont really think that keeping Branden is in there best interest… Remember that Shelley always give them all the information that she hears n honestly they also know that BR r big competitors and against BR it makes it harder for them to win comps..

      • Too.bad Shelly can’t give them a win in HOH or in. Veto comp. D,K and P aren’t going to give Shelly because they don’t trust her.

    • Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Kalia and Porche evict Brendon. Then Shelly wins HOH and puts up Rachel and Porche!!!

  41. I’d much rather Brendan out than Shelly. Brendan is more of a threat combined with Rachel.

  42. Good for Dani for backdooring Brandon. I don’t get the live feeds, but it looks like Shelly got a day in solitare, karma came back and got her. I thought Adam had a big ole scab under his chin from shaving, but it is a earing which looks terrible. He looks like he got a bad dose of chemotheraphy and has no idea how to keep up shaving his UGLY face. I am so sick of looking at his ugly face as well as Shelly’s lying horse face. Adam u need to shave your head completely bald if u want anything to work.

    Brendon should go so we can watch Rachel cry her crocidile tears and Jordan gets sick of babysitting her so then Jordan votes her out.

    • Brandon is not going as a lot of people pointed out as long as B and R r in the house they are bigger target then them the reasone Jeff voted B out The first time was to keep Jordan safe
      They are still safe fow awhile because who ever wins HOH (as long as it’s not Kaligula or the eating machine)will go after Danny and
      K and even if K or P wins HOH with B and R in the house they will be again the targets

      • brendon is as good as gone, you have kalia porsche and probably adam voting, you also have jeff and jordan voting brendon out if they still decide to work with shelly, but something tells me they won’t. but you can almost gaurantee 3 votes, so dani would be the tie breaker. it would be cool to see jeff and jordan vote brendon out, but I doubt they still want shelly for final three no matter how easy it would be to beat her

    • way to go dani im glad to see u didnt fall for piece of shit brendan and rachels bull and ha brendan thats what u get for turning ur back on jeff and jordan after all they did for ur whiny ass ugly fiance. And u got what was coming to u to rachel for throwing shelly under the bus after what she did for u and now i can only hope that jeff and jordan do the smart thing and vote brendans sorry ass backstabbin bastard out!

    • @Cinderella: Your comments are extremely distasteful at best. Did you know that Adam LOST his Mother* to Cancer just a few short years ago.
      I’m 45 and lost MY Mom* 20 years ago, alsoduee to Cancer.
      You might want to THINK before hitting “submit” or “send”.
      Grow Up, some of you already, Please!

    • I hate how Big Brother is making Dani look like this EVIL figure. I just seen an advertisement of Wed. BB and they said she basically is the dark side. Dani is just playing a game a bunch of dumb newbies that fell in the trap of working with the vets. At the beginning and even now the Vets ( B&R,J&J ) said they were just using them for votes. Dani was on the outside looking in with know partner so she had to make a move. Only Kalia was really forced to join her after the backdoor plan. I love the team of Dani and Kalia ( I don’t know about Porsh yet ) I hope Kalia win HOH next week.

      • dani said that she was the darkside herself and brenden wont go home i bet they made a deal bc “they secretly working together” so its an act i hate to see shelly go she hasplayed this social game so well only to get thrown under the bus by rachel

  43. I think Dani made a mistake, now she gotta make JJ to vote out Brendon.
    She thinks Adam will 100% vote out Brendon? she did not learned Shelly

      • She made a mistake because if .will be D,K and P against J,J,A, and S wig her depending on K and S to win the ne,t HOH against J,J,S and A and a pissed off R. This is going to be great. I can’t wait until Thursday. Let the

  44. Dani did not learned Shelly`s lesson?

    I hope Brendon will be evicted.

    But I dont know…
    IF JJ vote Shelly out…Dani will have made another mistake…
    Because BR will see that JJ is with them, and they will all go after Dani.

    I cant believe she did listen to adam
    and i dont understand why she tought BR`s deal was not good?

    Kalia, keeps saying that Jeff is just going after floters, I guess Dani belives that.

    But anyways depends where Adam stands…of course he wont make a decision on his own .. he will just floow Jeff or Dani…

    Adam is just a pussy.

  45. It is possible to ensure the eviction of Brendon that Dani might tell J&J about the 2 conversations that she has had with R&B since his return…hmmm… hmmm.. just have to see how it plays out..

    • I agree with u flyonthewall I have a feeling that dani would tell JJ how BR were throwing them under the bus..

      • It wont matter first they will have to believe her and second as long as BR are in the house they will always be a target

      • I have no doubt that Jeff would believe her…nooooo doubt…He and Jordon already suspect it.

      • I dont know I still think it wont matter JJ knows that if either R or B wins HOH they will try go get rid of Dany or one of her patsy

    • oh yeah didn’t she tell adam or someone that they were all doing a lot of lying and she was getting ready to expose them all….hmmmmmm indeed! LOL

  46. Wow, a lot of Dani haters. Just remember the alliance drew first blood by getting rid or Dom. She wanted to have a partner like BR and JJ but they said no. She even warned them if Dom goes, it’s on like Simon LeBon. Because of thier arrogance, Dani turned into a uncontrollable monster. The best part about it is that they are letting Adam get away with all the fip-flopping he’s been doing.If Dani doesn’t win I hope the vets don’t win because thier little personal beefs have made them play the game on a whole new level of stupid. Jeff is a meathead bully, Jordan has everyone fooled with the nice guy act. No explanation for BR, it beyond crystal.

      • Very true Leo, I’m just gonna listen to you from now on because you understand the stupidity of the players and make the right calls on what they do.

    • No, Dani first drew blood by trying to convince Brenchel to backdoor Jeff. This was the week before Dom went home.

      • agreed! Dani just got caught and with that her one person dom got evicted…she moved too quick but she did move first

      • Team jellyfish (jj), 1/2 should have been gone weeks ago. dani had the right idea. but went with the wrong two… they are always going to be a target as is dani. Agree the male jellyfish is a meathead, so is the male half of team brenchel!shout to: (Mr. Shelly, the Snake-go home!) Either eviction this week, is a no lose… hold on, I smell a twist. The person evicted ‘can’t be evicted’… per CBS.

      • Brenchel were the first ones to talk about evicting Jeff b4 Dani even came to them about the idea, which in the beginning they were all for the plan. Rachel was already fighting w/ Jeff. They just plain didn’t have the guts to pull it off & then used Dani as the scapegoat. Pretty obvious to most. I guess if that can be labeled Dani drawing first blood then I’m the one that doesn’t get it.

    • Who drew first blood is irrelevant. This was always destined to happen, it was only a matter of when.

      • yes of course there is always going to be back stabbing I was just stating that she did it first :)

    • Dani was always a bratty monster. I remember how she was when she was playing with her dad. He dad helped her get to final two. She didn’t appreciate his effort last time and felt she should have won. I do not like her!!!

    • It was Danielle who drew first blood. She cannot stand that her showmance was ended seeing that she fell for Dominic! She let her showmance get to her! If she was using her head, she could have mislead her alliance members by making it seem she was with Adam by pushing to save him instead of Dominic. That would have been a stroke of genius! At the same time she was allied with Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel, she was playing both couples against each other suggesting backdooring the other couple. At the same time, she was trying to get Shelly and Dominic into another alliance to vote off Jeff and Jordan. Actually, Danielle was all over the place trying to evict all members of her alliance. Now, Danielle is playing better because she is analyzing the consequences of her actions. That said, Danielle would not regain trust backdooring Brendon because at some point, she is going to go on the block.
      Maybe, as soon as next week. Sure, she has the veto ticket but, what happens if she gets put on the block and not win the veto? The newbies, Porsche and Kalia are not likely to save Danielle if push comes to shove as they will be looking to survive. It would have been better to backdoor Jeff as he is a better competitor than Jordan and also make
      Brendon and Rachel think they are cool. Then,
      backdoor them next time out! That would have made more sense!

  47. right now Jordan thinks is better to take Brendon out, because will be harder to take him out later.

    But Jeff thinks Shelly wont win anything in the game… and the only thing she does for them is running around the house passing fake information

      • also last night in BBAD when BR were in the DR with Dani saying things about Shelly dani told them I like Shelly..

    • agreed branden needs to go he was totally trashing jejo in the hoh last night i forgot about that thanks team jj for reminding me!

    • Jordan doesn’t want to get rid of shelley and here is why: Shelley’s lips are glued if not magically sewn onto the butt cheeks of Jordan. If Shelley goes home, the removal of her lips from Jordan’s butt would possibly take some of jordan’s skin with it..and well…that would be uncomfortable to say the least.

  48. I think this year of BB has been awful! Having the former houseguests come back really did not give the new houseguests a chance to play the game! With Rachel and Brendon in the game, I just read the spoilers. She is too much to watch! Please do not put old housequests in for the BB 14th Season! It is not fair to them!

    • I would have to disagree with u based on numbers the newbies had the numbers in there favor had they won HOH it was 8 newbies competing against 5 vets.. so the odds were in the newbies favor..

      • The numbers didnt matter. With the twist the only thing that mattered was the competitions, and they skewed them towards the vets.

        Also the newbies didnt know or trust their partners, leading naturally to more betrayal.

        It was set up to get vets farther, and that has kept this newbie cast from showing their own personality.

      • That’s the newbies own fault. They said in the beginning they were sticking together no matter what. That didn’t last long.

    • I’m with you 100%.

      Can’t believe the idiots that brought Brendan back. He is such a whipped loser.

    • Dani is as evil or more so as anyone in the house. She has made terible decissions in the game and it is just a matter of time before she get voted out.She thinks she is such a great player she has to make the big moves,her big moves are going to bite her in the butt.She does not have daddy to protect her this time. Her and Her army of two will not win every week. Good ridance beouch!!!!

      • Dani is the only reason this show is good… the BR combo are probably the most pathetic ppl i’ve seen on BB

    • Go Dani.. She is only one willing to make moves in game and thats the main reason I like her.

      • It seems every HOH Jordon wins they pretty much give to her. This won they let her have it with the golf game did you see how Brendon golfed and they all laughed and jumped around together when the won. Jeff pretty much did all the work the last time they played BB and she won the money. Jordon is dumber than a box of rocks. Did you see when Shelly was interviewing her? She couldn’t even answer basic questions. How did she pass the BB interview. Ahhh Yess she has blond hair and big booobies. Way to go BB.

      • @cinderella, Gosh I don’t seem to remember anyone hitting Jordans ball in the number 3 slot. She did that on her own. She also won the most important HOH 2 parts on her season plus another HOH in the middle of last season.

  49. Right now, Shelly is telling Jordan it’s okay if they get another person to vote againset her as long as it kees JJ in the game longer.

    Then, Jordan went running to Jeff to tell him someting, but I can’t hear because she’s wispering in his ear.

    Hopefully she’s saying they need to sway Adam :)

    • I like that idea. The girls form an alliance b/c they’ve been winning when it was needed…. hmmmmm something to “toy” with?

  50. I Wish brendan would go but i dont mind shelly going either..she must feel like shit if she goes home she stuck her neck out for rachel to save her which she does then the following week rachel stabs her in the back.Then if she gets voted out she will feel wronged by jejo.
    The hoh comp is due a physical challenge soon and we may see a man getting hoh.

    • Danimal put her on the block and she already told JJ that they can vote her out so they can be safe

  51. I’m a big B&R fan, i hope Shelly goes home and Brendan stays. I think Jeff and Jordan will vote to keep him cause they both want shelly gone

  52. Now I am not sure who should go. I guess it’s a tie.I don’t like either one. Both Brendon and Shelly are the same trouble makers. This should be the week of double eviction.If Brendon goes…than POOR RACHEL , all we’ll hear is her crying around Jordan again how it’s not fair too her, without her man !!!! Jordan needs to get some back bone and tell her to buzz off.This is going to be the best eviction night….can’t wait !!!

    • Naw…CBS will never let Brendon leave…instead of double eviction…the new twist will be the person with the ‘least’ number of votes goes home.

  53. since Danille put adam on the block I don’t think he ig going to go along with who she wants to evict. jmo.

    • agree 100% Again evicting Bookie will put a huge target on Jeff and I dont think they will go for that This time Brandon stays

  54. Dani knows that Brendan & Rachel play just like she does, lying sneaking FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. They all know what each other is made of. I wanted to see Shelly win, then I went to the vets. Now Im back with wanting to see a new player win, not fake Porcha, who called Shelly a piece of shit rigrt where she could hear her. Sure it was only a matter of time that Shelly would get caught swimming in both ends of the pool, but who was she hurting.Her children must have been crying hearing their mommy called shit, then seeing her cry, saying she never downed any body she was just playing to win.

    • Yeah….but Shelley has done plenty of judging and name calling on her own. Not that two wrongs make a right. I’m just saying Shelley is not a victim at all.

      She has called many of them liars and that was before they “outed” her. And I still say if she hadn’t made such a huge deal abut how lying is wrong and she is a straight shooter, then she could gaiin more sympathy…but she did it to herself.

      • I can’t wait until the reunion show when Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Lawon call Shelly out for all her lies and backstabbing. Especially when BBplays the footage of her making a final 3 deal with BR and contiplating getting rid of Jordan instead of Brendon!

    • Dani is gonna hang around as it seems when we think she’s out, the games are in her favor. So, BB is throwing the game in a way to help Dani stay and wreak havoc, Brenchel crying and overcompensating each other is another rating grabber for CBS. That’s why, “America” voted Brendan back in the house, really? Smh.

      • I don’t think CBS will allow Brendon to leave. They just hyped it up. America loves Brendon–so CBS says. Brendon leaving will be too upsetting to the fans and the ratings. Brendon will stay somehow.

    • Dani and Rachael are not going anywhere. If they leave who’s gonna watch? Dani and rachael make the game.
      Porsha-not shit
      Kalia-trying to act like Dani
      Brenden-Can’t do anything without Rachael

      Now what would this game be like without them 2?

  55. I’m gonna stop watching this brendon and Rachel make this game shelly needs to get out!

  56. It sounds like the J’s will keep Shelly. Jeff trusts her more than he does Brendon and Rachel. Jordon will follow him. All the talk is about B and R throwing JJ under the bus. Everyone shoves everyone under the bus in the house. The J’s have thrown B and R under the bus as well. It’s not OK for B and R to do that, but it’s perfectly fine for everyone else. Makes no sense to me. I can’t understand why everyone loves and trusts Shelly. She can cry and get upset or sentimental, but Rachel can’t. She slobbers all over the J’s to keep them in her back pocket with her superficial claims of loyalty. She’ll slip through to the finals because she’s clever enough to do so. Because after all, she does not lie to anyone. What a joke.

    • How can she be lying to anyone when shes telling everybody in the house she wants to go to final three with them. She doesnt care who the other two are as long as shes in final three with them GET IT?

  57. I’m really hoping that Daniele would propose a secret alliance to Jejo, i think it would have been smarter to do it with Brenchel as they r both disliked but all is not lost yet.
    Please remember that as this point of the game, there are no true alliances other than the “bf/gf and the engaged couple” so u don’t have to trust a person 100%, all that matters, is that u convince them that they’re better off with u rather than without u. Jejo would be smarter if they keep Daniele as a “bigger target” who has no solid alliances with anyone then keep Brenchel who r both competitors with an alliance as solid as theirs

    • That would make more sense to me..I know at this point nobody can be trusted. Rachel
      (most certainly) and Brendon were lying to Dani and she knew it..I’m not saying that J&J won’t lie but they are the more trustworthy of the couples..Now both couples have said that they will get DANI out so no need in rehashing all that crap..I think if a 2 to 3 week (maybe) deal is made she needs to do it with J&J…am with u on that one..

      • J&J are not trustworthy at all. How anyone could say that is beyond me. Who put themselves up as a pawn an caused Brendon to be evicted? Jordan didn’t have to offer herself but she did. Believe me J&J are playing this game just as low and dirty as everyone else. There is no way to play this game any other way.

  58. Shelly is a special kind of idiot. Does she expect anyone to believe she would throw herself on her sword just to save Jordan and Jeff? Why are you even in the house if you are that committed to another players victory? Come on people wise up, she has played both sides against the middle, she’s the kind of liar that smiles in your face while plotting your demise….hopefully this group of knuckleheads with pull their heads out and get a clue.

    • Didn’t Shelly cry at the beginning of the show, because she lied and she said she never does, and she did not want her daughter to see her doing so, because she didn’t want daughter doing it. Wow! If her daughter lies, she can go back and tell mom you lie!

      • Check your own backyard people. Love how you all sit around and take other people’s inventory.

        It is a game, no?

  59. I think this week Brendon should go and then next week Rachel, that way they will be in the jury house all alone and can have the rest of the time together and not have anything to worry about.

  60. If porsch got caught spiking the milk nthen that is maling people sick in this game and there should be no eviction this week except for her. This would be a new twist.


    • @ Sheri, WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT US? You using caps like you angry, also wtf are you talking about? J & J will feel indebted to Dani so therefore that will make her win the money? I dont think so, making a deal with J&J is to late for her game, they dont trust each other, besides Jeff wants her gone.

  62. I dont watch this year because of brenchel I cant stand her voice or his attitude.worst year ever probably the end of bb

    • No. They bring ratings in their twisted little annoying ways. BB wants them b/c they’re the couple we love to hate?

      • BB obviously wants them. They must have paid off Lawon to volunteer to go, and they fixed Brendon to come back. America wouldn’t really vote for that whipped loser. This year is the most fixed of them all.

  63. This year is lame and I can’t believe that their first target wasn’t Jeff and Jordan. I guess none of them want to win other then JJ.

  64. they need to evict shelly this week…she is a lier and the biggest floater she is very useless never goin to win any comp..i am tried of watching this show because it seems like they give free money away to people that dont win comps they fly under the radar..that is not right …

  65. I’m beginning to feel this year, we’re all being “duped” by CBS for the ratings. All the twists seem to be an inevitable effort to keep Brendan/Rachel in that house. Brendan and Rachel draw ratings, and their being @ odds with Dani brings ratings. I hope this time Brendan is OUT for good as they (BRENCHEL) are too engrossed in a personal competition w/JeJo. They need to face it, JeJo are America’s couple and any false move they make against them will further have them down the food chain of “most hated BB house guests

    • I think if Brendon goes this week it’s for good..3RD time is all it takes..The Rachel/Brendon scenerio is getting old and viewers are getting tired of those 2 get all the air time.There are other HG’s in the house and with so many cameras they are bound to find somebody else to focus.. I mean seriously if u’ve seen Rachel on a crying jag u don’t want to see it again..

      • yea and her and Porsha that’s all what thet do except between bites making fun of everybodyelse

      • Have you seen Shelly eat? She aint pretty and petite when she eats. How about when she lights up a smoke??? Its like a train wreck that you can’t stop watching.

        Why doesn’t Dani feed Shelly some false info and see how quickly it goes around the house to get the juices flowing and stir up some trouble?

  66. Oooh Thank you Dani!!! Show America that you put him out once he can get put out again!!! #downwithBrenchel

  67. I’m soooo ready for Brandon to be gone…and for good this time! He can’t fart without asking for Rachael’s permission! The two of them together make me nauseous!

  68. Shelly crying to the camera in DR was priceless.
    She has been playing both sides of the house acting as sort of double-agent spy.
    Well, Shel, you got busted.

    It’s hard not to lie and backstab; it’s part of the game. Every time she tells something (which is all the time about everything), she qualifies her remarks with –“I’m a straight shooter. I play with honesty and integrity. I want my daughter to be proud of me…blah, blah.”

    WTG Dani for putting her on the block. And Adam finally wins something! Off the block and we now get Brendan. I wish the HG’s could vote BOTH of them out! But if it has to be one, vote out Brendan. Keeping Shelly for another week might be a good move. Now that the whole has is on to her deceptions, shr might be a good one to take to the final. Rememeber, it’s good to have someone mistrusted sittting next to you.

    • I said this before, shame on you Shelly, a bad example to your daughter, I hope she is not seeing you on BB because she will imitate you!

    • No kidding! Game play is one thing but to preface each lie with a speech about being a straight shooter…. then it’s just a little more than that. And she talked about that 3 min phone call for a long long long time. LOL I cannot blame the woman for missing her family b/c I know I would be miserable, but man…it’s almost like she was going overboard with it….like whew enough already.

  69. Why are people being fooled by Jeff and Jordan? They act as bad as BR when things don’t go their way. We saw a side of Jeff that made me not really like him anymore. He really scared K. I really believe this. Who does he think he is? Everyone wants to win this money and everyone is lying and scheming. It is BB. That is what you are supposed to do. These newbies are fools.

    • I am all for Dani. Good for her. I hope she backdoors B. The JJ and BR teams need to quit treating people like they only count in this game.

    • Jeff and Jordan just hate it when the game doesnt go there way like they expect it too! Like when Jeff found out that Dani wanted him out, he acted like it was a cardinal sin and he could not understand what kind of person would do that!.. Hello jeff, you’re in the big brother house not everyone is going to be on your side you ogre.

      • It seem like all the newbies were so afraid of the vets! They should of stay together and got Dani over to there side and get rid of the couples.

  70. next week dani wil be jury with brandon,what wil she say to him, when the person she evict and her both in jury,brendon wil say haahaa i told dani ,he wil be laughing at her,,,,,,lol

  71. i love how half of “the love circle” got a taste of the chopping block! go dani!! its a real toss up to me as to whos going home, honestly its win win for me. all i know is i cant wait for wed. and thursday!!! love this show so much been a fan since season 1 and been really devoted since season 10, been watching danielles 1st season because i really like her going to watch another episode of it now to get my bb fix.

  72. Why would shelly offer her self to go home if jj would benifit? What is wrong with these people,they get a once in a lifetime opportunity and just to give up.Time for porche and kalia to step it up these week and win hoh

  73. After last nite’s BBAD discussion between Brenchel & Daniele, I think Dani’s target this week is Shelly – not Brendon.

  74. I really really hope Shelly leaves, and there’s a pretty good possibility. Once again, Jeff and Jordan are safe, so I really don’t care. (: Yay!

  75. I love Dani and she is my total favourite because she understands the game! BUT i’m so annoyed that she keeps going after B and R like they are the strongest competitors in the house! Jeff and Jordan (especially jeff) have ALL of the votes in the house and jeff makes most of the decisions when it comes to that side of the house, in that house, you have a thing if you dont have numbers! If i was HOH it would be Jordan and Jeff on the block right now with Jeff going home! Cutting a deal with B & R for keeping them safe and getting jordan and shelly out next!

  76. I am not a big fan of back dooring. I think everyone should be allowed to play for veto just like HOH. Doesn’t it seem suspicious that both not either or B/J did not play in veto, then Brendon is put up. Not to mention j/j has played in every comp?

  77. Has it been clear on the feeds who Adam seems to be rooting for?

    I think JJ said that their entire vote depends on swaying Adam, because otherwise they don’t want to make Shelly mad for no reason.

    Was Adam swayed? What do the feeds seem to suggest about Adam’s vote?

    • It’s not 100% but I would say he’s about 95% sure he’s voting B out. Shellys been workin him well. I actually think B has a better chance with P (which is not much better).

      On top of that j/j said today they trust A/S more then B/R. Surprisingly, Jeff is the one pushing to keep Shelly and Jordan is still unsure.

      Personally, I hope B can pull it off. I would LOVE to see the look on Dani’s face.

      Gonna be a great eviction!!

  78. Jeff needs to step it up and win HOH.He then needs to put up Kalia and Porsche with the plan being to backdoor either Rachel or Dani.Hopefully next comp is physical.With Brendan probably gone Jeff has a great chance. Also the only time Jeff’s meathead personality comes out is when he hears rumors about Jordan going up.He’s got her back. Other than that he’s preparing food for the other house guest.

  79. The main question is: will Jeff/Jordan stick by Brenchel? If they do, and in my opinion their best strategy will be to do so, Shelly is going home and Danielle is in deep trouble. JJ can pull in votes to keep Brendon in a way BR never could. They should realize by now Shelly is no friend to them


  81. Brendon goes to jury, Shelly wins HOH and Kalia and Porche get a taste of being on the block. Let’s see how cocky Porche is then.

    • Sounds good. I’m tired of her making fun of people. She hasn’t done anything in this game.

      • And she thinks she’s so pretty and she’s not she has an ugly heart and personality….and Im a guy so Im not just saying that because Im jealous…LOL

  82. j/j wil not vote out shelly and rachel will pissed then flip dani side ,if rach win hoh next week definetely her nomi wil be j\j,best scenerio, d\k\p\a wil vote out jeff,its gona be to much tension btw j/j and rach,lol

  83. Brendon and Rachel totally threw Jeff and Jordan, and shelley under the bus. It’s time for Brenchel to be sent packing!

  84. Why do people keep saying B/R are throwing J/J under the bus just because they are trying to save themselves. Do you think that J/J would be upset if it turns out it saves B/R/J/J. And what do you think j/j would be doing if the shoe were on the other foot and Jeff was on the block?

    • The difference is when Jeff and Jordan try to make a deal like they did when Dani was HOH before they talk about not putting each other up. They don’t throw everyone that is supposed to be in there alliance under the bus. Brenchel does not care who they throw under the bus and the nasty lies they make up about people.

      • but didn’t Jeff also say if he won HOH the next week he would put Dani up? So what is the difference between lying and backstabbing? It is all part of the game.

      • The difference is Dani is not part of his alliance where Brenchel are supposed to be. I know there’s backstabbing and everyone is lying but I am talking about not trashing your own alliance.

    • Karen,

      JJ backstabbed BR when they let Dani get out of their deal and asked Dani to put Jordan on the block as a pawn to ensure either Rachel or Brendon were voted out.

  85. Even if Dani does tell JJ about the deal she made with BR, I still doubt JJ would vote Brendon out. I don’t think JeJo will get mad, especially since they also made a deal with Dani a couple of weeks ago with the exact plan of evicting her next week.

  86. Everyone keeps saying brenchal thre jejo under the bus..but that’s not true, yeah they talked some thit about them in the. HOH room, but that is hardley throwing them u.nder the bus. Breandon and rachel know that if Jeff would have been the replacement, their votes would be the deciding factor to get him out or let him stay. I’m pretty sure they were doing what they needed to do to ensure their safety, it doesn’t mean they would have actually voted jeff out, or put him or jordan on the block if they won HOH. Next week. My guess is they. Woould not have done either. Saying stuff is different than actually throwing him. Under the. Bus. They would need to act upon it first. And besides jejo had no issues throwing brenchal under the bus in the week brendon went home, and jeff threw that veto out of greed, he deserved to go up and get a little scared. Although I wouldn’t want him out…sorry about all the periods.

      • Karen@ I totally agree with you. In the words of Kalia, they threw them under a super duper truck!

      • And jejo didn’t? Not only did jordan offer herself up as a pawn..she even said and I quote “well, if you put anyone else on the block next to rachel, rachel will just use me as a pawn” wtf was that all about? That was way worse than what brenchal is doing now..and the whole reason brendon and rachel were on the block was because they called dani out on her plan to bd jeff. They shoulda been appreciative instead they did that. And not to mention, this week with jeff throwing the veto, he knew there was. A 90% chance shed replace with brendon if the noms. Changed…and what does jeff do? Throw it to adam! Jeff and jordan have been throwing brenchal “under the truck” just. As much if not more, but everyone acts like it doesn’t matter cause they’re “Americas sweetheart” couple.

  87. I really think that Shelly is going home. Dani is going with the secret B/R alliance. It just makes sense that she puts up Brendon so J/J won’t think otherwise. I don’t think J/J would keep Shelly over Brendon. Shelly brought it on herself talking to each side and being sneaky, once that came out she’s done. They will pick off the newbies one by one. My guess is one of the vets are coming out as the winner in the end for sure.

  88. There is a game on facebook ‘Mafia Wars’ if you go to their page, the model on the front I SWEAR is Dani!! Dark hair and all. I wonder if she posed or gave permission for her likeness (Identical) to be used.

    Dani has said before she was most afraid of Brendon because he is so smart.

    Dani was laying in bed talking to Kalea telling her she welcomes Porche (using a deep voice) “Welcome to the Dark Side” and laughed.

    Porche has bragged she has NEVER had to be on slop. Naturally she has never had to sleep in the have not beds. Everyone should have to get a taste of that. But she does nothing but bake cookies and cakes. Man that girl can EAT!!! Whew

  89. Goodbye Shelly u been played Danielle is a gamer the Jeff is next.BR deal on with them.

  90. In defense of Rachel, I think its evidence in her favor that she and Ragan actually became friends after last season. Considering the wigged-out shouting match that took place between them, I am pretty sure he wouldn’t forgive unless she is a better person than the atmosphere of the house and CBS’ editing make her out to be…

    • Well…in the “real” world, she wouldn’t feel threatened by Reagan and nor would he feel threatened by her…so I’m no surprised at all they are friends. He probably doesn’t take her as seriously as he did in the house either b/c a) he doesn’t have to live with her and b) $500,000 isn’t at stake

  91. It is bad enough that it is hard to trust people in the house. The lying and backstabbing and even throwing people under the bus is all part of the game. This is why people watch the show. What I can not stand is the nastiness of the pranks. The fiber in the shake mix, the “used condom” and the entitlement to a double bed. Usually I will fast forward if it D/K/P on

  92. I think in the end Dani still wants Brendon out whether it be this week or the next week. A lot of you guys are saying that the reason Dani put back Brendon on the block is to not let everyone in the house know about their “so called” alliance. Here’s one scenario that could expose their alliance. When the votes ends up being a tie, Dani will then be the deciding vote on who to go home and who to stay. If she keeps Shelly then she was playing Brenchel all along in which in turn will make Rachel go beserk. And if she picks Brendon to stay the rest of the HG’s will wonder why she kept him when all along she’s been trying to get rid of him. Unless she has a good story to tell the others why she is keeping Brendon.

    Adam will definately be the deciding vote. If by chance Rachel and Brendon pulls a miracle and persuade Adam to keep and JORFF does the same then it will be really interesting how Dani will react. This will even make Brenchel put a BIG target on Dani.

    Just my opinion!

  93. j\j are backstabers too and their laying to dani , so lets see when jeff win hoh,first think wil do is backdoor dani,am fan of dani but
    dani wil regret not taken jeff oui before brendon .lol

    • Jeff won’t backdoor Dani because she has the Veto pass…. They all agreed not to even nominate Rachel (J,J,A,S) and nominate Dani and Kalia

      • I would not put up Dani. I would put up Kalia and Porsche. That would force Dani to use her veto pass. Then in the future they don’t have to worry about that pass coming into play again.

    • My guess assuming the veterans alliance is still solid is that they would try and force
      Danielle’s hand. That is, try and backdoor her. Nominate Kalia and Porsche her two allies. Danielle is forced to use her veto ticket because if one of the veterans win POV or one of her allies gets off—-Danielle will be on the block and will be evicted! Only way Danielle guarantees her safety is to win the POV. With Danielle not being able to play for HOH, that is the veterans alliance best move if they are using their heads. They have been screwing up of late like Jeff throwing that POV to Adam so, you never know what the veterans will ultimately do. If they do not move to even try and take out Danielle,
      watch out as Danielle is coming for them guaranteed! Danielle has already evicted Brendon before so, she does what she has too and I give her credit for that! Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel could be pretty dumb at times. There are four of you against Danielle,
      use your heads for once!

    • learn to spell did not understand a thing you just said and dani is horrible i would hate to be friends with her outside of the house in fear of being stabbed in the back

  94. I just wanted to say that everyone should stop pointing fingers on who backstabbed who first. Everyone in the house have backstabbed everyone left and right, whether you are the MOST LOVED COUPLE or the MOST HATED COUPLE or the MOST FEARED COUPLE or one of the WEAK NEWBIES. Everyone will do it just to save their butts and last till the end. Backoor, Backstabbed, cheat and lie just as long as you don’t get busted or exposed for it!!!

  95. I don’t think there’s so much backstabbing with the vets or some of the newbeez as it is cutting deals to stay in the game. The J’s are doing it as much as B and R. Shelly cuts deals with everyone AND backstabs B and R. She is relentless. She claims to hold a strong alliance with the J’s, or so she tells them. Kaleeeea and Porchy pie are Dani’s lap dogs. They’ll do what she says. They’re all in it, to win it…one lie at a time.

    • Not all of them are in it to win it. If so, the newbies would have struck alliances with the other veterans aside from Danielle! Porsche and Kalia are not out to win it, the same goes for Adam. Only Shelly was playing to win and the veterans, of course. If there is anyone who deserves to win this then, it is the veterans including Danielle and Shelly.

  96. Let me start by saying I am a huge Team JJ and Team BR Fan

    Jeff and Jordan are getting on my nerves though. They *Jeff( want to keep Rachel around to be able to beat Dani in endurance comps? WTF? Jeff grow some balls and beat Dani in an endurance comp bro! What is the deal. We *J&J<S&A) need Rachel around to win comps and beat Dani in an endurance comp? WTF? Are you serious? They want Rachel to take Dani out…..

    • Yeah he’s lazy at this game…lets everyone else do all the work and he tries to only win when it’s HIS butt on the line

    • And the last I understood was tht BR thought JJ have turned on them…but thought Jeff would still be on Brenda’s side vs shelley.

      But didnt’ JJ talk about how it would be better do keep BR b/c less target on them? Or at least that was Jeff’s thinking. Im sure Jordan just agreed or told him how much she loves shelley fanning her when she sleeps and night LOL

      Plus JJ think they are all still good with BR and uhhhhh BR is campaigning to get jeff out.

      It’s funny b/c for once I really don’t know what to expect…I could care less who goes home though

      • Amanda,

        Jeff and Jordan told Dani to put Jordan on the block as a pawn to ensure either Rachel or Brendon was evicted. They should have made Dani honor her deal with them and made her nominate someone else. JJ told Dani that R or B would have stayed against anyone but Jordan on the block with them.

      • Well dang she did get rid of him….but like bad rash he came back. Do you think Jordan can talk jeff into keeping shelley over brenda?

      • Jeff was trying to convinve Jordan…. JJ both agreed to keep Brendon over Shelly but they can’t get Adam to vote Shelly out…. Adam would rather have more newbies than vets…

      • I think in the end no matter what J&J say, they will not vote to evict Brendon. There is an unsaid loyalty with these vets in spite of anything or anyway they act among others in the house. J&J would only vote to evict Brendon or Rachel when it would be in their best interest. Right now, B&R shield them because they are bigger targets. Shelly and/or Adam are really nothing to them. I think they have no allegiance at all to Shelly or Adam. I can’t stand Adam or Shelly so I will be glad if one leaves. I prefer Shelly to leave over Adam but Adam leaving is o.k. as well.

    • Leo I agree with you. But JJ’s logic in keeping Shelly over Brendon does not make since. You have 2 people on their side instead of a flaky one. I think I read were Shelly said she is through with going to the other side and telling. Isn’t that what she accused Rachel of lying about what Shelly did? Or did I miss something?

      • Jeff asked Jordan today when Shelly got so close to Dani. Shelly is trying to get JJ to trust Dani and volunteered to talk to JJ for Dani.

      • Bribo, to answer you question about the tiebreaker, I don’t think so. JJ know Dani will still vote Brendon out and will use JJ’s vote against them to turn Shelly. JJ will have to throw Adam under the bus (which they plan to do) by saying they didn’t have the votes because of Adam, so they voted with the majority. Will with Rachel after JJ to evict Shelly and keep Brendon no matter what? I don’t know!

    • it is a fact… the girls always outlast the guys in endurance challenges. he knows to keep his alliance strong he needs someone who can compete with her 100 lb butt in comps, and jordan isn’t strong enough in those situations. it is very smart. he thinks like a captain.

  97. JJ, S,and A are assuming Rachel won’t put JJ up if they don’t follow through and vote for Brendon to stay in the house over Shelly. Use your backbone and make Dani break a 3-3 tie…. Jordan told Rachel again that no matter what, they have JJ’s vote…. They better not assume they will still be good with Rachel because they don’t want to piss off Shhelly. Between Rachel and Shhelly, they better be more worried about Rachel being pissed…. Brendon told Rachel earlier to nominate JJ if they don’t vote for him to stay… That is only fair!

  98. Does anyone remember that ridiculous reality show several years ago called Temptation Island? (on Fox I think) Anyway I think it only came on one time b/c it was so goofy and trashy.

    Brenda and Rachel would have been perfect on that show.

    • Temptation Island was on for 3 seasons…. During the second season, they had to send the African American couple home because they thought it would have too much of a negative impact on their family. The show didn’t know the couple had children.

  99. Everyone should sign up for live feeds for the 3 day free trial especially so they can see everything that happens with the HOH endurance comp on Thursday!!!

  100. I think it is Rachel’s turn to start winning again.I believe she will not be as upset because it is not going to be 6 weeks before she sees Brendon again. And if she goes to the jury house he will be there. I am hoping Shelly will be the first in the jury. Also has she ever won a endurance comp. It seems like she is always watching because she can not play.(BB12&BB13)

  101. Rachel’s actions could go either way in the next week if Brendon leaves..Rachel is a sneak and also self serving…Rachel could do just fine with out her man..I have no doubt..# 1 SHE REALLY WANTS THE MONEY ..She gets her act together and becomes the rude obnoxious bitch we know her to be and is in her “Im taking my house back” mode. #2 SHE REALLY WANTS TO BE WITH HER MAN. She creates havoc within the entire house with all the HG’s suffering her rath by being the rude obnoxious bitch we all know her to be with the mode being “Nobody comes between me and my man” which gets her evicted. There u have it folks..I predict that if Brendon gets evicted that one of the above scenerois will be played out by Rachel..Take ur never know with Rachel..

    • Rachel has turned into a mush who cannot win any competitions be it HOH or POV. She has turned into a liability right now on the veterans side. It also does not help that Jeff
      threw the veto competition to go for the little prices and Brendon would not be on the block if not for that stupid move of Jeff. Does he want to destroy their alliance so, it makes it easier for Danielle to take him and Jordan out? Stupid does what stupid wants!

      • I don’t think he threw it to Adam for the $ value..I think it was so that he would not have to make a choice in using it..He needs both Adam & Shelly to stay in the game right now..

  102. # 2 POST…observation..I do believe that DANI is distancing herself from Kalia and Porsche. She has been spending alot less time with them in the HOH room..She is spending very little alone time with them ..She has been talking and being social with all the HG’s for over a week now. HMMM… HMMM.. It is time to cut the cord with Porsche and Kalia and make new friends and new deals?? HMMM…..HMMM….Or is too soon??? I think she is giving it serious thought.

    • It is way tok late for Dani. If she doesn’t manage to save Brendon and make a deal with Brendon and Rachel she will be stuck with dumb and dinner aka Kalia and Porsha. Jeff and Jordan already told Adam and Shelly that they need to keep Rachel because she is great at challenges. When Adam said he would nominate Adam, Jeff and Jordan said no. We aren’t going to be using Rachel as a pawn. They asked if Adam would have a problem nominating Porsha and he said no. Dani and Kalia will be on the block if Kalia or Porsha don’t win the HOH. Dani will be going home if she doesn’t win the Veto.

      • I meant dumb and dumber not dumb and dinner. My EVO did the sang spellcheck because it didn’t recognize dumber. L-O-L!!!

      • I meant dumb and dumber not dumb and dinner. My dang phone does.spellcheck and didnt recognize the word dumber….. L-O-L!!!

      • Dani has a veto card so if she gets nominated all she has to do is use the card. Do people really want to see Brenchel win. They are just greedy and act like they are the only ones that deserve to be in the house. They have said that before. What happened to Jeff and Rachel saying they wanted floaters out first?

      • Isn’t the veto card only if you can’t play for veto so you use it so you can play? If Dani is nominated she automatically plays, so she wouldn’t need to use the veto card. I would put up Kalia and Porsche and force Dani to use her veto card.

      • i would go ahead an nominate dani next week and say the heck with the veto card. dani already knows jj and rach are coming after her, so why hide it. put her up and let her know its a win or go home POV for her

  103. The new kids on the block have been watching and learning……………..
    Adam = Is keeping the playing cards close to his thoughts and not sharing.
    Kalia = keeping experience player (Dani) in her view to observe Dani’s moves!
    Porcha = Notice how she comes close to winning but comes short. Why win when coasting and staying under the rader is a better game plan.
    Dani = not a newbie but a teacher who alas will not win BB13 but will be know as the VET who shared too much to the new ones!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Did everyone forget the game that is being played? You are not in there to make friends. You’re in there to win tons of money. It would be nice to see the game being played cleaner and come out of the house friends with everyone. Everyone has an evil twin that comes out at one time or another. That’s called human nature. Just sit back, enjoy the game and be thankful you’re not the one getting ragged on all the time.

  105. Whoever said Adam is the deciding vote is right. He controls who goes this week. If Jeff and Jordan want Brendon to stay (I really think they should keep him) they should tell Brendon that they need to talk to Adam. They will vote to keep him if they can convince Adam to vote their way.

    • Some people are talking about there being a tie and Dani will have to break it. I must be forgetting someone. Kalia and Porsche vote to evict Brendon. Jeff and Jordan vote to evict Shelly. And then there is Adam. Oh, how could I forget Rachel. She will vote to keep Brendon. Yes, there could be a tie. I don’t think they can convince Adam to evict Shelly.

      • Adam I believe is on Shelly’s side so, it may come down to Danielle’s own vote. In any case, Brendon and Rachel would see that there is no deal. Rachel will try and go after Danielle next week if she wins HOH! She should try to backdoor Danielle if she wins HOH. That way, Danielle uses the veto card. And if she cannot win the veto then, she goes home!

  106. i think jj is doing the smart thing, let dani take out brendon. that takes out a tough player and then next week when dani cant play in HOH and porsche and kalia surely wont win it, then whoever does in it, either jeff or rach, will more than likely target dani with the option of getting out kalia if dani comes off the block.

  107. this week eviction may be tie votes 3-3 , dani wil be tie breaker ,if she choose to save brendon and next week rachel win hoh,rach wont go after dani because she keep her man,rachel all she cares is no one wil come btw her man,lol but she wil nom kalia and porcha,one of them win pov,she wil replace adam and send k or p to jury,,thursday though wil be interesting show,lol

  108. Why do they keep calling others flooders when they never call Jordan one she has never won nothing. I really do not like Jeff or Rachel, they both think they are the big stuff, I really hope they do not win. I know Dani has a veto card, I hope she can win the veto and then use her veto card and take one of her people off the block and make Jeff put up someone else, now that would work if she can use that card. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE jeff and Rachel up on the block and then leave, that would make my day, O YES YES YES.

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