Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 6 Sunday Highlights

It was a late wake up call this morning in the Big Brother house and after some small chit chat on various subjects, game talk started in full bloom.  Everyone wants to know what will happen at the veto ceremony.  If one of the nominees comes off the block who will go up in their place and Brenchel are already trying to secure votes in case that happens.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 14, 2011:

10:50 AM BBT –  Big Brother let the hg’s sleep in this morning. They are finally up and chatting about everything except game.

11:40 AM BBT – Finally Brendon starts the game talk by telling Adam they had to get Dani out.  He promises if he stays he will put her up and get her out.  He and Rach are wanting Adam’s vote for them to stay in the game.  They remind him Jeff has already won $15,000.
11:50 AM BBT – Brendon straight out asks Adam if he is nominated, what would it take for Adam to keep him.  Adam says he considers Brendon being a bigger target than he is.  Brendon said after he and Jeff go, Adam will be next.  Rach tells him he will keep getting put up as a pawn. Rachel saying if Dani is not gotten out soon she will win the game.  Rachel thinks it will be her up but Bren tells her to stop because it will be one of the guys.
12:10 PM BBT – Adam leaves and Brendon tells Rach she’s driving him crazy.  He’s trying to get Adam to think Dani wants out all the guys and Rach keeps jumping in with I think I may go up and it’s not helping him at all.  Rach tells him he has a better chance of convincing Porsche but he says he has to try with Adam and she is being counterproductive to his plan. Rach says Dani will win at final two and said she would vote for her.  Brendon tells her not to be stupid.  Brendon tells her she needs to keep her big mouth shut!
1:50 PM BBT – The feeds went off for a few and when they come back, Shelly is out of confinement and has had a phone call from home.  She is crying talking about Josie.  She thanks Jordan for letting her have that.  Says it was worth more than anything else, even the veto.
2:55 PM BBT – Shelly tells Brendon that Rach is too dependent on him.
3:20 PM BBT – Bren tells Rach they are all alone in the game. Rach says nobody likes her in this game to which he replies he loves her.  He’s got his head in her lap and she’s petting him which he likes and says so.
4:10 PM BBT –  Shelly compares Rachel to “Sybil” and Jeff asks why Rach didn’t come with a manual lol.
5:58 PM BBT – Porsche pours out the spiked protein shake stuff and tells Dani she got in trouble with production which she should have.  BB should not have allowed the other hg’s to drink it.  Dani wants a break from the house.  Says she can’t talk game with people because Rachel is always around.
6:45 PM BBT – Adam runs up to the HoH real quick to tell Dani he was getting worked hard today by Brenchel.  She tells him she has never steered him wrong and he can trust her.  They want Brendon gone.  Brenchel come up to the room and knock but Dani ignores them lol.
7:35 PM BBT – Porsche says she is glad Rach is wearing underwear implying her dress is too short.  Rach lifts her legs and Brendon is like NO! I do NOT want crotch pics on the internet lol.
9:30 PM BBT – Brenchel is talking to Dani and ask if she had considered backdooring Jeff or Jordan.  Dani says she may put up one of them (Brenchel) with the intent of having them stay over Shelly.
10:15 PM BBT – Brendon says Jordan is the biggest threat because no one will vote her out.  I’ve been thinking that for days now that Jordan is in the best position to win the game.
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  1. So glad that Dani won. She is my favorite. Glad that Shelley is on the block. Never liked her. She is such a liar, and she doesn’t even know it because of her “holier than thou” attitude. Don’t care much for Adam either. So, either one leaving is ok with me. Laughed really hard at Jordan being interviewed by Shelley. Jordan is cute, but so DUMB!!!

    • In all fairness, CBS only showed Jordan’s silly and stupid answers. The faux interview went on for about 15 or more minutes and Jordan’s answers were dead on for what employers look for in an employee.

  2. kalia made a dumb ass mistake last week, but luckily my girl dani pulled through and won that hoh, i want to see jeff,jordan,shelly and adam gone. jordan is fake and dumb as a box of rocks. dani has been playing a good game, shes winning challenges, she stole porsche and shes making the right deals and moves. her only downfall was kalias dumbass move last week, still love ya girl. team dani!

    • Danimals game has been awful. Sh’e luckey she is still in the house. You danimal fans are so easy to impress. Can’t wait till BR stabs her in the back.

      • i have to agree w/wayne….i can not stand dani, or kalia for that matter…i’ll be glad when their gone, and hopefully shelly is out the door this week!!!!

  3. Dani has made a stupid mistake. It was too soon to attack the others. She can get one out but has to rely on Kalia and wishy-washy Porsche to save her next week. Dani will go home within 2 weeks. Stupid move

    • Agreed. I was just talking about this last night. She keeps singling herself out just like Brenchel and if Porsche or Kalia don’t win HoH next week, Dani will most likely be gone or soon after because their group just doesn’t have the numbers.

      Shelly is firmly committed to JeJo which leaves Adam on the fence. If Shelly stays this week then Dani definitely needs to see where Shelly’s position is and try to get Adam on her side.

      • Everyone is so quick to discount Danielle. No she cant play for Hoh next week but if trashy and her man play and win then Dani can and most likely win the veto, that is if they dont try to take the risk of back dooring her. Which also would mean her name would not be picked to play. Everyone always gives her hell but at least when she wins there isnt anyone throwing the compition like when skanky wins.

    • It seems to me, they would have went after Dani, no matter what. She did what she had to do. And WILL continue doing so!! Go, Dani!! Take em allll out!

      • The veterans are too dumb for their own good! Jeff betrayed the alliance by deliberately losing POV and now, one of them will probably be backdoored! Danielle keeps saying Brendon but, you never know till the actual replacement nomination. She just might put up Jeff! So, now the veterans might lose Brendan again with the power shifting to Danielle. She will not have a chance to play HOH next week but, she has a veto ticket to compete for the nominations. The veterans have no focus on getting rid of Danielle and too busy trying to win the little prizes (Jeff) and Brendon and Rachel are left to beg Danielle because they are unable to win the HOH!
        Danielle is playing much better now and I would not rule out her outlasting the 4 veterans thru their sheer stupidity! You would think 4 people can handle 1 person by sheer force of numbers but, when they make dumb moves then, anything is possible!

    • In light of Porche’s actions I think she should be kicked out of the BB house and there should be no eviction this week. I know that would make Dani’s HOH null and void but she did participate in Porche’s stupidity. I really do like Dani and wish she would start making smarter decisions!

  4. Porsche should be put on slop for a week as punishment for spiking the protein shake. She risked causing a serious health problem to those that drank the shake. Instead she just got a slap on the wrist, there was a time production considered such action a serious violation.

    • If it were me, I’d file charges against her when I got out of the house and saw what she did to me. That is bull crap and CBS needs to address it pronto!

      • Introducing a foreign substance is a crime. Here, it is a felony. Her actions would be a multible count indictment.

    • She should be kicked out of the house this week! Since Danielle was a lookout allowing this to happen there should be no eviction this week. Several of the houseguest have been complaining of stomach ailments. Not feeling well can affect your game play. This could possibly have given Team Dani an unfair advantage.

      • no body drank it… calm down! they made her pour it out before anyone used it. they have stomach issues because if you watch all they do is eat. and they eat mostly crap!

      • The fact that they tried to do it and their intention was to have them drink it shows what kind of people they really are. Creepy.

      • According to those who watch the live feeds they did drink . Even if they did not drink it she put it in there with the intent that they would drink it. She should get more than a talking to by production!

      • From reading the statement in 5:58 pm bbt above(BB should not have allowed the other hg’s to drink it), I was under the impression some had drank it. Sorry if that was incorrect, but that still does not excuse the intent.

      • It’s a game and at the end of the day i would do what i needed to do to win TOO. CBS is NOT going to let something that crazy go on, they have a rep too… But WHAT ever they ALLOWED me to do, you BETTER believe i’d do it… WATCH out now.

    • If she did succeed with putting something into the slop hopefully she will get a penalty vote..which would be used when she is put on the block..

      • I didn’t write this other “Kristina” comment. No way would I approve of what Porsche and Danielle did to the food.

    • Remember when Jordan was having all those issues and they told her she must be lactose intolerant, in reality it was the side effects of the BeneFiber. Which also gave her an unfair disadvantage in any competitions she participated in during that time.

      • Porsche should be punished along with Dani. I watched last night for over 1/2 of the show was brenden and Rachel lying to Dani. It is dad that people like Jeff and Jordan do not play dirty and people do not like it. Dani said her and a producer have lunch and are friendly off the show I wonder how much they tell her in the dr.It sure make you wonder. If I have to look at Brendon and Rachel I will have to fast forward. I wish I had never gotten so caught up in this show. I hope Jeff, Jordan and Shelley win. They are soooo jealous of Jeff winning the money the other house guests are goung to hold that against them. If they wanted the money so bad they should have played to win they money at the time? As for as Porsche since it was Dani and her small grp. they got by they always do singing,whispering so no one but maybe audio can hear.

    • I agree very much that what Porsche did was totally inappropriate. It could have been a serious thing to one of the hg who drank it — and BB is lucky that nothing bad happened. BB really should take a stronger action against Porsche for this because it sends a signal to future players about some possibly dangerous tactics to use in this house. This was nothing to pass over lightly.

  5. Hope Dani can pull it off. Cheers for her , she’s playing a great game except for the premature attack on the vets. Consider this people ( she started with evildick but was left on her own with his departure, she wins hoh’s she wins challenges, she has the guts to play her own game and live with her decisions) if she pulls it off until final 2 she deserves to win. He’ll she deserves to win just for putting up with Rachel all this time, Rachel and brendon are conniving schemers who will lie and stab you in the back in the blink of an eye. Not sure why bb would let them return to the house except to show America what kind of de moralized people live in this country. I have kids her age and I’d kick their butts if they even hinted at acting like Rachel , brendon is no better either, so much for opposites attract. These two are exactly the same. Go dani go dani.

    • Evel Dick leaked last night that the three duos were chosen for the following reasons:
      Most loved pair: Jeff and Jordan
      Most HATED pair: Brendan and Rachel
      Most feared pair: Dick and Daniele
      Makes sense to me from a production point of view.

  6. Why does everyone jump to the conclusion that Dani will be gone next week, even if she gets put on the block she can still win the Veto and save herself. Have faith in her.

    • Agree! I do have faith in that chicks game play! (at least in comps) Don’t ever count her out!

      • She is very smart for taking that veto pass so she is sure to play in the next veto comp

    • We are not saying that she will be 100% gone next week. What we are saying is her alliance doesn’t have the numbers.

      Next week’s HoH comp, is 5-2. Unless Dani and Kalia can continue to win back to back HoH’s, one of the other alliance is going to win and put 2 of their 3 up.

  7. Cant believe I am saying this but I am warming up to Rachel. She is not a sheep like Adam & shit shooter, she realizes that JJ will not go to bat for them as they(brenchel) did in wk3. I hope Dani takes the deal and backdoor Jeff.

    • No WAY!!! they are not going to keep there deal they, as soon as they left the HOH room sid athey were going after her next week eather way.

    • Danimal will keep the deal. it would be in her best interest. JeJo will go after her and Kaligula for sure.
      If she sticks with Brenchel to the final 3 and then 2. She has the bst chance of winning.

      She better not make another bad move.
      Get Shelly out.
      She lies and then thinks those lies are true.
      Rachel was telling the truth about Shelly, she got found out. Time for her to go to the jury house.

  8. Big Brother really is playing with fire here,they shou ld have sent Porche packing.She has threatened to do many vengeful things and she is a loose cannonbut then she is friends with Dick so what do they expect.

  9. I still think something smells about Dick leaving. When he left before the game even started Dani should have been pulled out as they were a team and another team should have been allowed into the game. It sounds fixed to me. I think it was planned and don’t like it. Hasn’t anyone thought of that. I mean, Dick leaves, Dani gets to stay and also gets to ride out the next four weeks. Come on people get real about what happened here right from the start. If they had played some games together, Evil and Dani and he had left it would have been different, but for him to leave before it even started, something smells, and for them to let the other half of the team to stay and coast for four weeks without even doing a thing is not right to the others that earned the right to play. The game hadn’t even started yet, so they should have brought in another team, I am sure there were some on standby. Your thoughts please.

      • Well Sweetie yourself, such a nice person you are, how rude….was just asking a question. Yes I did watch the first show and didn’t see Dick playing anything. So Beckie learn how to answer a question without being rude.

      • I won’t be as nice as Becky…yo dork (and yes I mean you, Kay) did you not see Dick hang on the banana longer than all the new brats? Did you not see Dick give the HOH to Rachel? Ohhhh, I get it now, senility setting in!

    • I think they should have allowed Dani to pick another former houseguest of her choice to come into the house and play in Dick’s place instead of just giving her a golden key. It was early enough in the show that they could have done so.

    • Dick didn’t know about the Golden Key Twist before entering the house. So how could they have planned that? It’s not even like he went to the diary room and self-evicted. They called him in and told him the situation and left that decision up to him.

    • He was in HoH comp in first episode. He was also shown several times schemeing and plotting. So, apparently you didnt watch or maybe “forgot” you saw him.
      Its also funny as to how you took that rudely when I was trying to be nice and point out your mistake without making fun of you.

  10. Dear BB,

    America did not spend time and money to vote Brendan back in the game use to see him leave a week later. America does not Shelly! Please let her her go home now…no need to wait until Thursday. We want to see true competitors duke it out not all this kissing butt and please be my bff. I got the live feed after Brendan came back but I may have to cancel because if there won’t be anything interesting to watch. Please consider your viewers!

    • Thats EXACTLY why alot of people voted for him. To see him go right back out just as quick. If you want to watch Brenchel drama, rent a soft core porn.

    • America did NOT spend money voting Brendon back in! This is a CBS ploy to get their ratings up for the show. Brendon did NOT get over 1 million votes (unless the production crew of 20 all voted over 50,000 times each!), they knew it would be something they could advertise as ‘another shocking event for this summer’s show’.

      • Out of the 4 choices, Brendan was the likely winner. I don’t think CBS would lie about America’s vote. I do think and hope that through the DR they try to shape the most interested game for the viewers.

      • I don’t know anyone who voted for him…. It is verrrrrry sketchyyyy! PT should have been back. But what do ya do he will be gone this week and we can get on with it :)

      • @Tonya – you may not know of anyone who voted for him but I not only voted for him to come back I got several people I know to vote for him including people who don’t watch the show!

    • How can I be making this personal when I dont know anyone who comments??? @ shanycole.. you said yourself thats why you got the feeds, to watch Brendan.. To me, thats about all he brings.

    • Wrong, I would be most people, including myself, voted for Brendan, not because of how strong a game he plays but because of the further insanity it would cause in the house. Oh and we haven’t been dissappointed.

  11. I am a Brendon and Rachel fan. I have to say that I don’t know what is wrong with Rachel this season. She is truly ruining any chances of her and/or Brendon winning. She does need to shut her mouth like Brendon told her and let him do the wheeling and dealing. She just seems as though she is crippled this season. She should have won the POV comp. She didn’t even make a good college try. I am getting fed up with one of my favs.

    • I am an BR fan and agree that Rachel has lost some of her fire for the game. I think the personal attacks have bet her down.

      • She honestly brings on the personal attacks herself. There is no reason she has to make such a spectacle of herself. I am beginning to like Brendan since he has started to chastise her for her slutty behaviour. Also, she is SO dependent on Brendan because he is the first man in her entire life that looks at her as something other than a piece of meat and she’s going to hold onto that as long as she can.

  12. Brenchel lovers and haters – it doesn’t matter which side you are on for what I am about to say. I do not believe that America voted Brendon back in this game because that’s what America wanted. I believe America wanted to see Brendon compete against Rachel to get back in the house. That was the premise I believe America was voting on. You have to realize that most people do not have the live feed, BBAD or follow the fan websites. So when this bright idea was hatched to put Lawon up as a “PAWN” because they thought there was some coup de tat(spell check) of some sort waiting for the voted out HG they (Kahlil/Dani) did not want Rachel to return with it.

    With all of that being said it was Rachel who America wanted to possibly face Brendon, however these brilliant minds just over-thought playing the game and it led to an even bigger twist than expected.

    This America’s vote was quite different than the ones Janelle received years ago when all of the HG could not figure out why America loved her so much. It is not that most of the voters loved Brendon – they just wanted to see he and Rachel go toe to toe to get back in the house.

    Once again I am neither a hater or lover of Brenchel, however CBS does make for interesting TV with those two.

    • I love Brenden!!!

      But i agree with you. In fact i would have loved to see them face off.
      That twist was really anti-climactic!
      Everyone knew Lawon would lose.

      I like Rachel without Brenden.
      I like him but he is mean to her a lot of the time. No wonder she acts out sometimes.
      Though i find no annoyance in her laugh or voice.
      Kaligula’s constant talking and singing does get on my nerves.

  13. send brendan ass packing he will definitely go home over shelly cause he wins things america or rather cbs you ploy was good for nothing lmao

  14. Also, Kay did not make the remark about the benefiber, didn’t even know about it, so someone is using my name, it wasn’t me. So far this morning Becky has been nasty on line and now someone has used Kay and it wasn’t me. When I entered this page of comments, didn’t expect to have Becky slamming my comments as if she were in the game. I guess some people are just plain rude.

    • Hate to disappoint you honey but obviously they have allowed two people to use the same name as my name is Kay and I did remark about the benefiber incident. I am not Becky. My name is Kay. You jumped to the wrong conclusion

    • Kay don’t worry about “Becky” she is just trying to start something, Last year we had the same kind of person or person’s, So just let it go and say no-thing and they will go away, Because no-thing you say will be right, So last year we just stopped answering them

  15. This whole season is crazy. Every new twist they brought in was so uneven. First the couple thing was doomed from the start because jj and br and even dd would play solid as a team. But the newbies (as they did) would turn on each other because they don’t know each other. Secondly the golden key was so ridiculous but had to be in place because of the couples twist, bad on top of bad. Next the eviction twist. I still dont entirely believe brenden won more then 1m votes but I’ve been wrong before, plus I do t hate him back as much as I thought. Interesting though the eviction twist only came about when a veteran was about to go, it wasn’t available for any of the newbies voted off prior (though they did have a chance to be voted back in, questionable as it is). Dani has played a bold game and therefore has created some interesting (somewhat foolish) situations but that’s why I like her. She’s been trying to shake up the game since the beginning. And don’t get me started and lawon and his and his down right retarded game play (or lack thereof) not only wanting to be put on the block but evicted as well, how dumb.

    • The fact is, it is illegal to put something in their drink or food without their knowledge. How would you feel if you found out that someone you don’t like has been putting stuff in your food or drink? I have never had BeneFiber, but I am very sensitive to those things. How can you play at your top game if you are always bloated and farting?

    • BeneFiber can do more than give you gas. You can have an allergy to it. It cam cause abdominal pain, abdominal distention and even obstruction. When taking BeneFiber you should increase your fluid intake to avoid constipation and obstruction. With any substance you can have a severe allergic reaction that can lead to anaphylactic shock and death. Porche placed others at risk with her stupid move. She should have to leave the game!

      • Danielle also, because she was the look out for Porsche. She knew she was doing it. They both deserve penalties.

      • If BB lets this action go unpunished, what’s next HGs going to sneak in peanut oil in hopes of knocking out other HGs that have peanut allergies.

  16. I hope that shelly is evicted she is just plain annoying i don’t care for any of this seasons players I do like Jeff and Jordan I hated porch from the start I love the show to bad they didn’t have better players

  17. from what i gather unless its miss direction. brendon is talking his way out of the house and rach is not helping matters. she conterdicks everything he says about keeping both players in game.thier pushing to hard and will cause jordon and jeff to flip. shelly truly is the one that should go out this week. adam and shelly think jeff will save bet for them is to keep brendon in house to go after dani ,however dani holds all the cards and her go is to bd bren. if adam votes bren out he will be next male out of house. adam overthinks game. keep vets together or dani wins game big week huge for votes next week.

    • Jeff did save Adam. Jeff should have veto, but let Adam have it, so he did take him off the block. I hope this move doesn’t backfire on him.

    • That is kinda what I thought..The 2 times they have talked to DANI they just went in circles with the words and scenerios over and over again..They talk but don’t really say nothing..

      • That’s a nice way to make a comment.
        No putting anyone down.
        The words look nicer on the screen when there is no mean and rude swords to go with the comment.
        way to go :-)

  18. I did not mean that in a bad way. I meant that it was nice, for a change.
    I was glad you were writing nicer comments.
    What’s pathetic is always writing nasty rude comments and then berating people for disagreeing.
    you are PATHETIC…

    I’m sure you will reply just to get the last word.

  19. These are just some of my opinions on the game. I am not a Brenchel fan and think Dani has made the smartest moves in the house and has won the comps as soon as she could play. She has really worked to get where she is. When Kalia won HOH Dani’s first gut reaction was to still get Rachel out. Then we would have seen seen Brendon and Rachel against each other. If I thought Brenchel would really stick with the deal they proposed to Dani for the votes and comps it would be a good for Dani. I just don’t trust them. I just wish J/J had offered and stuck to the same type of deal with Dani. Then let the best player out of those 3 win. I would not like to see a floater win. Both J/J need to step up their game. If they step up and really play the game over Dani then fine. I just think Dani has made the most moves in this game.

    I hated the Golden Key idea from the start, but don’t agree with people who said it just let Dani sit by. If you remember many of the comps won in the beginning by both Rachel and Brendon were because the floaters were throwing it because they were told to. The only true comp I feel Brendon won was when he took Rachel off the block.

    Many people who have posted against Dani say she is so mean, but they have all said mean things. Including Jeff and Jordan. I always liked Jeff and Jordan, but they are not the same to me this season. Jordan has not been as social as she was before. Whether you like or don’t like Kalia she has been true to Jordan, but Jordan won’t give her a chance. All because she put Jeff on the block even though Kalia’s intent was to save Jeff. Jeff has shown a mean side with his anger and some of his comments. Especially the homophobic one.

    IMO Dani has made the most moves and has played the best game so far.

  20. I have an Idea; everyone from this site should go out for big brother… we have rudeness, knowit alls, opinionated, mean and a little stabbing. You have the qualifications now go for it.

    • He was one of those that I hated to love. Obnoxious, but love his game play.. conceited, but he pulled it off.

      • He was the superest of all super floaters…in both season’s he was on he NEVER, EVER won a single competition! It just floors me how everyone complains about floaters, it’s just another strategy to get to the end. There is no ‘right’ way to play the game, the end justifies the means. JMHO

  21. Okay – would someone please shave Kalia’s head. I for one am tired of her pullingher hair out and throwing it on the ground. On another note – does anyone else see that she is an Oprah wanna be. Hang it up Kalia – you will never be there.

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