Big Brother 13: Week 6 Nomination Anticipation – Updated

Big Brother 13 Daniele gross face

There’s a new/old sheriff in town after last night’s whirlwind eviction, twist battle, and HoH competition. Considering the odds were stacked 6:2 I’m a little shocked by how poorly the Vets alliance performed by allowing their outnumbered challengers to take control for the third week in a row. So after all that voting by America we’re nearly right back where we started 2 weeks ago. Well, except now the Veterans could end up controlling the final vote, but I think there’s one HG who would rather ignore that.

Earlier I joked on Twitter that Daniele had to make some tough decisions this week like which alliance member would she get evicted next. While I was mostly kidding I guess I can’t be completely surprised if things don’t go perfectly for her this week. Daniele has a simple choice: evict Brendon or Rachel. Let’s see if she keeps it that simple.

Last night after Daniele’s HoH room reveal Rachel stuck around (Flashback 12:35AM BBT) and asked to talk deals with Daniele. Daniele declined the offer and said maybe later. Earlier this afternoon Brenchel decided they should try to make a truce with Daniele as they’re fairly certain JeJo aren’t trustworthy or useful to them anymore. While Brenchel made a failed attempt (Flashback to 1PM BBT) to talk with Daniele I’m sure they’ll try again before the day is done. But will it really make a difference?

At this point the possibilities are either Brenchel or JeJo for nomination but it’s looking more like Brenchel. Daniele is still aligned with Kalia and has taken Porsche fully under her wings and converted her in to a likewise complaining, snarking Mean Girl. So no noms for either of those two. Shelly looks like she has nominee potential, but right now Daniele is more of just not trusting her rather than fearing her. Adam is another wild card, but other than spending her time mocking Adam (Flashback 1:25AM BBT) Daniele doesn’t seem ready to use a nomination on him.

Based on Daniele’s conversation with Kalia and Porsche (Flashback to 4:21AM BBT) you can expect Brenchel to be nominated with Brendon as the real target. If Brendon wins the Veto yet again then Jeff goes up in his place while Rachel would most likely become the new target. Tough few weeks for the Brenchel romance.

The nomination ceremony will be held tonight in the house and we’ll be able to watch the fallout on the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now). Once the results are in we’ll get you all those spoilers. All of this should continue to make some great Live Feed action.

Update: Several arguments/debates going on this afternoon in the Big Brother 13 house. Turn on your Live Feeds and use Flashback to watch these events.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 12, 2011 @ 3:50 PM on Camera 1/2
August 12, 2011 @ 3:54 PM on Camera 3/4
August 12, 2011 @ 4:47 PM on Camera 3/4
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Brenchel is hardcore throwing everyone under the bus to Daniele. They want her to backdoor Jeff as well as go after Shelly. Brenchel is desperately trying to make a deal, but will Daniele take the bait? Flashback to 3:50PM BBT Cams 1/2

Shelly is yelling at Kalia in the backyard over the Lawon eviction after Kalia denied a lot of their earlier conversations when it come out in front of Daniele. Flashback to 3:54PM BBT Cams 3/4.

Kalia giving Daniele the rundown on what happened with her fight with Shelly. Flashback to 4:47PM BBT Cams 3/4.

Daniele is proposing her new plan to Kalia. She’s thinking of accepting Brenchel’s deal and nominating Shelly and Adam with the chance to keep her and Kalia safe next week. Kalia is not digging this plan. What the heck is Daniele thinking? FB 4:49PM BBT


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  1. If she was smart she would nominate JeJo. Daniele has a better chance winning sitting with Brenchel at the end…

    • I don’t know…if Rachel actually makes it to the end I would probably vote for her! She was a target(well her and Brendan) pretty much every week that she didn’t win so if she manages to make it to top 2 I might consider throwing her a vote…I adore Jeff and Jordan but if wither of them make it to the end they would probably win! Everyone says nobody would vote for Jordan to win twice but if she makes it all the way through the big brother experience twice she DESERVES to win twice!! The newbs need to GET IT TOGETHER!!!

      • You’re right Sighhh. BEcause J/J have Shelly on their side 100%. Adam is kind of creeping there too. Kalia and Porsche cannot be expected to be a strong alliance. Plus, since B/R are not well liked on a personal level, they will always have a big target no matter whose side they get on!

    • I don’t think she’s back in the game. She will get evicted at some point. She will get evicted next week unless kalia gets lucky and wins hoh, I don’t see that happenning again. But if she does team up with bren and rach then there’s a good chance she could win thi game, but she’s not that smart to do that.

      • funny that’s what everyone said 2 weeks ago and that’s what everyone will say in 2 weeks when Daniele does it again.

        I totally agree w3ith you about teaming back up with Brenchel, benefits both. what’s that old saying? “if you can’t beat’em join’em.

    • What everyone is forgetting is the jury pool.
      Whoever gets evicted now gets into the jury pool. So, one has to watch one’s step even in evicting anyone. If not, you are guaranteed to lose one vote for each one you vote out! Danielle has the power again and give her credit for winning the HOH competition but, she should realize too that next week—-she will not be playing for HOH and could be on the block with Kalia and Porsche her only reliable allies. Does she go for the gusto and go after the veterans or lay low and sacrifice the newbies? None of the choices are
      easy. Vote out the veterans and they will come after her next week. Don’t vote them out and they might still vote her out! The most logical choice is to nominate both Jeff and Brendon because they are both good competitors. Remember though, that if one of the veterans wins the veto, the veterans get another vote which would make it 4 votes for the veterans versus 2 votes for Danielle’s side (Porsche and Kalia). Adam I am inclined to believe will vote with the veterans so, that makes it 5 votes to 2. Whoever is the replacement nominee will probably go home next!

  2. Danimal should go to plan B. She needs to make nice with the vets and nominate two floaters which is what I think she will do. The vets will turn on her asap, but it is what she is gonna do, because is is not that smart. She’s good at competion but not strategy. She’s the female Jeff.

    • she has to start thinking jury votes if she goes after BR there is no way they are voting for her to win

      • here is what the deal is. there is no way in the world dani could ever make a deal with the OTHER vets. do u think for a second BR or even JJ would hold their word and not put up Daniele AS SOON as they got the chance???

        I WOULD! u would! they have the numbers.

        daniele has to play balls out now. there is no making deals, because every deal will be broken faster than keith was on the show last night.

        if u make a deal “i wont put up, lets go get floaters” u waste a week of getting out adam, getting out an “ally” porsche (u know what kalia just did) and give them another week… when u cant play HOH.

      • it turkey! I am the only one who can call Wayne out. lol
        What Dani need to do is team up with Rachel (if she stays this week) and kick the rest of the HGs butts.
        I would sorta like to see secret alliance team Danchel!! (or Rachani)

    • Hi Becky, Hi ellablue, Hi Marcus, Hi evict wayne. Well let’s see. BOOKIE is back. Danimal has made a deal with BR and has nominated two uber floaters in Shelly and Adam. A back door is possible, but I don’t think so. If someone gets veto and goes off, Porsche will go up as a pawn and the target will go home or Jeff could get the backdoor. I’m pretty sure BR lives to play in the next HOH. That’s all I want. I fully expect BR or JJ or BR& one J will backdoor danimal asap. Well, I’m off to Milwaukee for the weekend. Lmfao….

  3. If Jordan somehow gets evicted Danielle will have the biggest target on her back.Dani probably will make a deal for her safety- if not she’s gone.I think Adam will be the sacrificial lamb this week.

      • If she makes a deal and starts knocking off the newbies starting with Adam then Porsche then Kalia she might get down to Final 5 – then she can team up with JJ or Brentchel and help go after the other….or not

  4. I’m going to state the obvious here: the only TRUE solution to all of this would have been for Shelly, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff or Jordan to win H.O.H. themselves in order to avoid all this speculation, paranoia and uncertainty.

    There were FIVE (the above mentioned) of them against the ‘gruesome twosome’: Daniele and Kalia — the odds were definitely in the ‘fab-five’s’ favor.

    Adam is obviously obsolete at this point — and Porsche might as well be as she simply clings to those who have the power at the moment.

    As much as I don’t like this outcome, Daniele obviously wanted it MORE and I have to give credit where it’s due: that’s three weeks now that either she or her alliance (Kalia) has won H.O.H.

    I think the celebrating of Brendon’s return caused the fab-five to steer off course and get distracted.

    Yes, Jeff won the veto last week but unless he and his brood start stepping up and winning H.O.H., this isn’t looking like that much of a competition.

    Should Brenchel be put up for nomination and Brendon then win the veto, he needs to be smart this time take HIMSELF off the block as Rachel proved to be useless and self destructive when he “saved” her previously.

    Still rooting for the fab-five in spite of their depleting odds.

    It’s not over ’til it’s over.

  5. let me speak for a minute.

    Im not one to ever say the game is rigged trust me. the game isnt rigged but its for sure in the ball park. its not at home plate, but its in the bleachers. JJ are the protagonist to the antagonist of BR. i think they both are terrible, but they are opposites in the fans eyes no? yes. in the large majority of fans, when have BR ever been looked at as the good guys?

    so its that right there that makes me scratch my head and really not understand how brendon could come back. maybe BB brings him back because it keeps JJ on the show longer and we’ve seen they do alot for them. because jordan and jeff get phone calls home, and for some reason are the stars of the show. shame on u america.

    either way its dead now, it doesnt matter, he’s back and its over. hopefully he will be leaving again sooner rather than later.

    kalia ruined 2 weeks of HOH. yes daniele helped her, but im going to blame the person steering the ship especially because we know dani is MUCH better than that. but kalia is so much the exact definition of an idiot. she tried to work with her DIRECT enemies 3 days before eviction. need i say more?? WHAT? POR QUE?

    for eviction, i hope daniele makes everyone sweat. shelly included. i cant stand her. cant wait till her spot blows up.

    anyway, i would nominate rachel and shelly. that way u can find out who shelly is with (because if obvious she’s working for someobdy). u force JJ to make a decision and potentially expose themselves because if they win POV, they have to take shelly off.

    and if anyone takes anyone off, for example, jeff takes off shelly or brendon takes off rachel, then jordan/jeff go up.

    and did i mention how great daniele is? its been about 24 hours haha jk.

    but did i mention how stupid kalia is? its been about 5 minutes. not joking.

    • Kalia ruined 2 weeks of HOH? How can that be because on my TV Daniele has been HOH for 3 weeks now! Just when I thought things were going to get interesting we’ve suddenly gone back to 2 weeks ago. Brendon and Rachel were in the house and Daniele was HOH. Wait…haven’t I seen these episodes already?

  6. I don’t see how the fab fives odds are depleting. They might lose a member this week. However, the gruesome twosome can’t continue to control the game. Vets controlled it for 3 weeks in a row and they’ve been out of power for 3 weeks in a row. The pendalum always swings in this game it usually swings more rapidly than this. Not sure I’ve ever seen not one alliance but 2 alliances control for more than 2 weeks until this season.

    • Upon hearing Daniele’s comments to Kalia when I was watching ‘Big Brother After Dark’, Daniele is going to play a “smarter game” this time around: she knows, and said as much, that her family and friends watching at home are appalled at some of her decisions thus far. She’s now looking to right her wrongs.

      Like Porsche, Shelly and Adam could also easily be swayed over to the gruesome twosome’s alliance, giving them the votes. Loyalty is a rare thing in this game and nobody can truly be counted on to keep their word.

      If this pattern continues, Kalia could easily win H.O.H. next week, then Daniele again, etc. Vicious circle.

      Porsche could, too, of course. However, I think the only thing she is honestly capable of winning is the grand prize for being the only person in the house who uses her fingers to count to three.

      I stand by my statement of the fab-five’s depleting odds unless they step up their game play, which I hope they do.

      • I don’t know who or what the ‘Fab-five’ is in regards to Michigan, I assume it related to sports of some kind. As a person not into sports nor from Michigan, please don’t take my ‘Fab-five’ euphemism for Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel and Shelly perosnally by putting your own spin on it. You’re the second person to mention this — one has nothing to do with the other. Last I read, this was a sounding board for ‘Big Brother’ enthusiasts, not ESPN.

  7. Dani is my favourite player but i’m pretty annoyed at how her and kalia have let themselves get no were in 3 weeks of power! Daniele should realise that Jeff and Jordan are controlling the house and the votes and that if she wants to regain the power she needs to get rid of Jeff. With Jeff gone Jordan won’t win anything and she’s too much of a weak physical player for ‘vengence’. Without Jeff and Jordan in the house Daniele can get the rest of the newbies to work with her, because the newbies wouldnt work with brenchel just because JeJo are gone. They got rid of lawon this week by trying to outsmart big brother twists, what happened to expect the unexpected!? I had a lot of faith in Dani and I’m hoping she can turn it around but i’m loosing faith as the days go on!

    • I don’t agree dani is running the house and is nothing but a trouble maker her dad even said she is playing a bad game dani needs to go

      • she the only one besides Brenchel that’s actually playing the game. better to have bad game than no game

      • I can’t stand that Dani, she is a hater, crude, and immature. If someone likes to dress up, and drink Nestle Quick like she doesn, she is seriously stunted….and too bad Kalia didn’t realize how crappy she was mocking her…I wish someone would punch her in the face.

  8. If brendon wins veto you don’t think he’ll use it on rachel again?

    Also, I’m not at all surprised dani won. She’s very good at challenges. I think we forgot that since she had a golden key and want able to compete the first couple weeks.

    • He said last night that he would save himself and she said that she understands

  9. I think the best way for Dani to get through this week would be to put up two non-vets like porcha or adam or shelly. Then who ever won veto could take themselves off and be replaced with Brendon or Rachel.A Win Win for Dani. This would be the best way to ensure one of them goes home for good this week.

    • That’s a good idea but she won’t nominate Porsche. Porsche is her lapdog! I’m hopeful for Shelly to be nominated! Daniele doesn’t play smart though she plays too hard. Too into making the BIG moves. We’ll see though if she’s learned anything from her previous 2 HOH’s this season. Yes, I’m counting Kalia’s HOH as Daniele’s!

  10. Dani needs to use her brain

    Jeff and Jordan have

    Shelly. (4 person alliance)

    Dani has

    Porsha (3 person alliance)

    Then there is the 2 person alliance of Brendon and Rachel (wildcards)

    She can wither work with BR and have the numbers or get rid of BR and make JJ’s alliance 5 people versus K and P next week for the next HOH

    Dani says she isn’t playing with emotions. She was upset about Dominic which is why she went after BR.

    Will she play logically or emotionally? I can’t wait for nominations tonight!

    • I completely agree. Daniele makes a big deal about how it’s all just a game but clearly went after B&R for personal reasons. She was with the strongest alliance in the house and had to go a screw herself and her alliance over.

    • She is playing emotionally absolutely, but she doesnt know that Adam and Shelly are aligned with JeJo as tight as they are. It’s only natural for her to think Brenchal and JeJo are the tightest. But besides that, she will continue to play emotionally and she will NEVER win.. worste player EVER! and I know that sounds stupid considering Lawon and stuff. but she single handedly screwed herself, when power was in her hands

  11. I cannot stand Daniele!! I hate how she contradicts herself and says all her moves are strictly stretigic but spends most of her time bashing on other players on a personal level even those that don’t pose a threat to her.

    She screwed over all of her alliances for no reason and will probably screw over Khalia as well.

      • she has already thrown Kalia under the bus! when Kalia nominated Jeff, Dani told them that she warned Kalia not ot do, then last night on BBAD she had the nerve to get mad at Shelly and Adam for voting Lawan out. but she DID!?? wtf

  12. I am so sick of Rachel and her crying. I know it is a put on but I am ready to quit watching thi Big Brother 13.

    • First of all, Rachel’s crying is less annoying the Dani’s trash people behind their back and smile in their face routine. She has even trashed Kalia and Porsha before becoming their best friends….. Second factor is Dani has cried just as much. It is JP.fair JJ and BR have each other and I am the odd person out as the fifth person. If you get rid of Dominic, I am going to be mad. This isn’t fair Brendon gets to come back after seeing our good bye messages. I was.screwed during my season when my dad won. Whaa Whaa whaa…….. My name is Dani and life isn’t fair when I don’t get my way!

      • “Whaa Whaa whaa…….. My name is Dani and life isn’t fair when I don’t get my way!”

        Cut-and-paste Dani with Rachel. I’ve seen *far* more tears and whining about life not being fair from Rachel. Hope you don’t feel to bad for the snotty, self-involved, little girl when her smeary mascaraed eyes and pathetic cries of “It’s not fair!” screech out at the end of this week.

    • I’m with you sister. Why in the H.. is everybody gong ho for Brenchel when all they do is cry Sure they win a few but when they don’t wha, wha wha sick sick , they are soooooo immature Grow up for heaven’s sake

    • Your right, this is a perfect example of a snotty kid, being fawned over by her grandparents because her parents were losers! She needed a knot jerked in her tail…..

      • WOW!!! you sure know a lot about Rachel to be calling a SKANK!!! And also calling her parents LOSERS!!! SAD!!!

  13. If JeJo were smart, they would align themselves with D&K for a final four deal. They would have to be truly delusional if they think they can beat Brenchel if they made it to final four. Let’s keep it real, I love Jordan, but Jeff has a major handicap with his partner cause Jorden is not the brightest crayon in the box and Brenchel would kill them in competitions. Jeff needs to stop holding a grudge against D&K and make a deal with Dani this week, split up Brenchel and make some major moves in this game.

  14. porcha /adam /shelly aren’t even trying to win- and I don’t even think they could win if they did try…

  15. dani need think smart for next week to be save ,norminate floaters shelly and adam, shelly r adam goes jury that way the vets will gain her trust,so dani dont go by your emotion and she might win the whole game,lol

    • I like dani but that ship has sailed. She needs to stick with p and k and try to get Adam on their side(Shelly won’t leave jj side) she has to know jj and r\b won’t keep their word to her.

      • Also agreed.

        Though I’m not sure Adam is gonna budge, at least not this week. D/K/P may just have to keep plugging away at the vets one by one. The three girls are definitely gonna need one more miracle win of an HOH next week to have any hope of being safe.

  16. Dani should definitely put up J&J and if either one of them wins the POV, then put up Shelly…..I cannot stand her….OR put up Rachel & Shelly….should Brandon win the POV, then it will be Shelly and Jeff with either one of them going home…..JMHO

  17. First of all Kalia is an idiot. She let Jeff bully her right into making the replacement nomination the exact person he wanted and Dani is just as weak for letting it happen. Dani will have the biggest target on her back no matter who she nominates and regardless of what deals she thinks she made. What she needs to do is nominate Brenden and Jeff and let them fight it out for who stays. If one of them wins the POV then the others girlfriend should be the replacement nomination. Common Dani, I’m rooting for you and I cannot stand Brenden and Rachel. Hey douche bag, no one cares that you are a ph student!

  18. This has got to be the most annoying season of BB EVER! I really hope next season is better. There is NO WAY America voted to get Brendan back in the game. CBS LIED! UGH. Hope Dani can stay afloat.

    • as much as i hate to admit it. it probably was the true vote, you gotta remember, they are part of the “Vets” which includes JeJo and JeJo are like the most loved in BB history, all of the JeJo fans voted to bring back Brendon and Brenchel do have some fans, i was a fan until they turned on Daniele and i had to choose sides

      • pretty sure Dani turned on them. She was just too stupid to realize how obvious she was. Shelly cam and told Brenchal that Dani’s plan was to backdoor Jeff and the go after brendon and Rachel.and that wasn’t one of Shelly’s lies, it was the truth.

      • @vet fan, she turned on JeJo, NOT Brenchel, Brenchel turned on Daniele when they ratted her out to JeJo about the backdoor plan

      • I was a fan of Dani’s until she turned on Jeff and Jordan in the very beginning of the game.

    • i agree why would america vote brenden back the sooner he goes out the door he came in the better the house will be

  19. this is best time to send shelly home,oh lord can someone send shelly out of the house,i think people are scared of her.

    • First time I have ever agreed with you! Dani will be smart to get Shelly out now and try to deal with the vets, cause even if they dont end up sticking to their end, which they probably wont. In the event Dani makes it to F2 she has a better chance of getting their votes for at least sticking to her end..without that, she has no chance for votes. Thats why Dani sucks, because she plays ina vengeful way, and doesnt think about the long run

      • vetfan I thought we couldn’t call the players names. Remember you don’t know them personally there for you can’t call them names. that’s what your aways telling us.

  20. Dani will target BR

    Either B or R home

    Whoever stays joins JJ, S and A and takes out D

    Jeff is gone next

    I will laugh when either K, S, A or P win…… Laugh at how 5 vets made it to the final 9 and none made final 2

    You want a script? Jordan and Dani make final 2. Jordan wins with 5 votes. Dani cries about how she was screwed again. Evil Dick tells her how bad of a game she played at the reunion show.

    • If Jordan does win this time Danielle would have been robed Jordan has no social game apart from being nice,she is a lame competitor

      • ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Dani has the worst social game EVER! Dani absolutely doesn’t deserve to win, she has treated everyone like shit, even Dom (who she “cared about” so much)the minute Kalia put up Jeff, Dani was in their ear throwing Kalia under the bus…now I know your trippin…buttt we don’t have to worry about that, after this week, Danis stay in the house will be very short-lived

    • Dani has the power for one week, with still 8 other people in the house besides her…she is at the half way point. She is not even close.

  21. After hours is truley boring. They have allowed whisphering; so you miss alot and it is ffrustrating. I am sick of the amount of time they give D & K; esp when all they do is eat and whispher and repeat themselves. A WASTE of time. Plus what shows are truley LIVE????

    • Who ever has the hoh get more air time cause they are in the hot seat..what are the other house guests doing?The problem is that they are boring,its either that or the brendan and rachel show eekkkk.

  22. I can’t believe brenchel r gonna screw JJ after they were solely responsible for Rachel not having to go up against brendon. Rachel only thought she was disliked publicly last time. If they screw JJ after all this they will be right up there w some of the most hated people in America. Not to mention brendons already disgusting misbehavior on skype! Daniele is looking like a saint compared to those two constantly trying to screw JJ and then letting daniele take the sole blame every time they try.

    • Get over it already its a game.You people act like jejo are jesus and the virgin mary and anyone who tries to beat them is the devil get over yourselves

      • U can get on over urself ” king ” . Think ur Jesus too I guess! What I said was they kept her safe. That is worth more than instantly turning on them. Who in the hell names themselves king and then says why do u think JJ are Jesus and Mary. Ur a weee bit off “little boy”. Apparently u use ur name to cover other ” short comings ” LOL! Nothing personal! Just a game! Isn’t that what u say after insulting someone? Just wanna make sure I offended u in the appropriate manner! LMFAO!

      • Is that supposed to be a diss are delusional in saying that they will be the most hated in america maybe in your small deluded version america.
        What does the 13 stand for mary the amount of baby father u have LMAO…or was it the age when u had your first kid,or maybe abortions :)

      • Sniff sniff snifff! That so brought on the tears! Oh! I cant take it you cut me sooooo deep! LMFAO! No actually that’s the number of kings I dropped off at the toilet! Now go away again little boy until u can come up with something better. See this is what u call game play. U just cant stand it that someone knows u r a little boy! Wahhhhhhhhh!

    • Why can’t you believe it. So its ok for jejo to backstab bren and rach because that’s all ready happenning. Jejo were gonna go final 4 with them and now its shelly and adam. I’m hoping that rach and bren can make a deal with dani and both sides be honest. I’d love to see bren and jeff go at it.

      • And that is why he was brought back in. To see the fireworks between JJ ( good) and BR( evil)…

  23. Dani best bet would be to put up Jeff and Brendan, if one wins the Veto, she could put up their lover up! Best win win for everyone and breaks up the 4some and put’s the “Vets” against each other.

  24. The reason the vets own this house is that so far, their alliance has been untouchable. Jeff is not that great in competitions, he’ no Lowan for sure but he’s also no Janelle (9 comp. in all stars), nor Dani (7 comp. in S8)for that matter. what he’s good at, is intimidating other players, that’s his whole game play. The newbies being nothing but a bunch of cowards is def. helping him. Dani stands no chance until this alliance is broken up. The vets will never have her as a true alliance or even make real deals with her because they feel like they don’t need her, they only need to suck up to her or intimidate the hell out of Kalia when they’re in power but no true alliance is needed, and they’re right! y would they change alliances if it’s been working so good for them this far? and y would they trust Dani after she betrayed them? They will only consider that if at least 2 of them were evicted..this is what Dani needs to focus on, evict at least 2 THEM not newbies to break them and those 2 need to be Brendon and Jordan cause Rachel is a mess without Brendon and Jordan is clueless without Jeff. Do that Dani, Then start thinking about deals cause right now, their word will mean *

  25. the male part of the couples alliance needs to be taken out like Rachel Jordan is nothing without jeff.. Jeff was on the block and she went into lock down mode i would love to see her reaction if he left..

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but Jordan won without Jeff in season 11…Jeff left a few weeks before Jordan did. And you see, this just goes to show how pig-headed Dani is, she will put up Brendan and Rachel to be spiteful, not to make a powerful game move, that is why her chances of winning this game are none.

  26. Dani is going to work with Shelly and Porsha. When the other side gets the power both P and S will be up in their a** and Dani and Kalia will be looking stupid scratching their heads when they are on the block and D is voted out.

  27. How about this…This is how it really goes. WE ALL KNOW Dani is going to put Brenchal on the block. However, this time I think it will be Rachel going home..I do think Brendon will win the Veto, but I think him and Rachel will decide to use it on himself this time. There is a slight, very very slight possibility that JeJo can get Dani to replace with someone other than them (in which case it would be Shelly)but that is doubtful. However, I hope she does put up Jeff because that will makew him even more angry, because we knoe nobody will vote to keep Rachel. So, with Rachel gone, and Jeff replacing, They are going to go absolutely 100% go balls to the wall next week. Dani can say Jeff isn’t the target all she wants Jeff is not the target, b ut he doesn’t care.MARK MY matter what, Dani has screwed her game up in the house sooooo bad, that she stands no chance to win. SHE WILL BE GONE NEXT THURSDAY..we are due for an endurance or athletic HOH comp being as how the last 2 were brains. Porsche and Kalia absolutely will not get HOH next week. And Dani’s luck will run out, she will not win POV, it is very obivous her game is over in the house..she is a dumb person who thinks on a weekly basis, not down the line to the end. SHE WILL NEVER recieve the votes if she does make it to the end. It’s pretty apparent she will not win the game, and she will most likely be doing the only thing that could be worse (in her mind) than spending her b-day alone in jury house. She will be spending it with Rachel..sweet revenge…I cannot wait it is going to be lovely. I’m ready for this game to start rolling, it seems to have been at a stand still, bring it on Dani! I’m ready for you to evict one of the other vets, this is going to get good now.

    • no way if brendon win she’ll make him use it on her. She to selfish to let him keep it. That’s not name calling thats a FACT!

  28. Hurry king hurry hurry hurry! I’m waiting! I’ve waited a while for u to say something worth pondering bit u always fail. Hurrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy! This is making my day waiting. I know ur blood is boiling! Come on little boy! Give it to me just like brendon did on skype! Come on little boy you can do it! Maybe u can bring me to tears! NOT! UR NOT WORTHY! HEE HEEEEEEEEEE! I KNOW IT’S A GAME BUT U HAVE ACTED THIS WHOLE TIME AS IF UR PLAYING. NOTTTTTTTTT! I’M SURE U TRIED BUT U FAILED! I THINK I GO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL.LIKE GO TAKE A KING IN MY TOILET!

    • LMAO are u okay man u really need attention dont you lol those 13 abortions really did a number on you LOL

  29. She needs to forget about Brenchel as a Duo(as Brenchel) she NEEDS to think of them as Brendon and Rachel, 2 separate player, cause we all Know Rachel is unless in competitions without Brendon cheering her on, so in my view Jeff is a much bigger target than Rachel(even though he’s only won 1 comp this season).

    she gotta put up Jeff and Brendon and then if one comes down, put up Rachel or Jordan and chances are strongest will go home(Jeff or Brendon)

  30. danielle is stuck in the middle between 4 vets and 4 newbies. if she decides to be on vets side they would turn on her later and so would newbies if they figure out to form an alliance.

  31. At this point if Dani makes it to the end, it won’t matter who she goes with. She can legitimately win against anyone now that she has successfully protected herself on a regular basis. It’s not her fault people r dumb enough to do her dirty work. The jury knows at least that much!

  32. Dani knows they lying ..she called em on it cause she heard them talking..They keep…The more they talk the closer they get to being nominated..They are saying nothing that they did not say 2 weeks ago..same old same old..

  33. Dani needs to put up Brendan and Jordan. That will break the alliance , expose Shelly to the whole house and everyone will know where each other stands. Then make a deal with B/R to get the pov and backdoor Jeff the meathead.

  34. It looks like D is going to nominate A as a pawn based in their conversation in the HOH room at 4:44 PM BBT.

  35. I really liked Daniele better in Season 8 now shes not that good and i really miss Evel Dick i think he should go to host a game or somthin. They shnould get dani out

    • shes not that good now cuz she dont got her dad with her. her dad was the 1 making all the calls not her.. if evil dick would still b there it would b a different game for dani

  36. bad plan by dani the pawn will get sent home unless she or someone she’s aligned 2 wins she needs to put up the couples 2 ensure 1 goes home.

  37. Team JJ and Team BR

    Guess what? Dani is telling Kalia about a deal with BR to keep them safe cor one week by putting Shelly and Adam up as pawns and backdooring Jeff. The problem is that if JJ or BR win, the POV the nominations stay the same. If Jeff goes up against S or A he stays because BR, J and S or A would keep Jim because they are worried about the remeinkng 3 vets who will all be playing for the next HOH!

  38. I am already sick of Brendon being back in this game, Him and Rachel just went up to the HOH room throwing everyone under the bus, even Jeff. Dani is wanting to use Shelly and Adam as pawns, and then try to backdoor Jeff, After the way Jeff and especially Shelly tried to make sure Rachel stayed in the game this week. Watched out for Rachel and this is the thanks they get, if Jeff gets wind of this plan, fireworks are on the way for sure.

    • That was all Shelly’s plan..from the git go ..Jeff heard about it after it was put in motion…Shelly told Jordon what she did and of course Jordon went to Jeff….I watched and listened to the whole conversation between Shelly and Kalia ..Jeff was no where around..

    • I was thinking the same thing Lynn. After Jeff, Jordan and Shelly fought for Rachel to stay and get either Lawon or Porche nominated as the replacement then her and Brendon go up there and throw them under the bus. And all Jeff and Jordan have done all week is babysit Rachel. I was all for J/J and Brenchal in final four but now I am done with Brenchal. I hope one of them go. And I sure hope Dani spills her guts to Jeff about everything they said.

      • Jeff and jordan have been backstabbing rach all along by teaming up with shelly so what’s the diff. And look how jeff jordan talk about rach making nasty comments about her. The only reason they saved rach was to save themselves to get all the votes. But soon as rach turns on them that means she’s a bitch. If rach only new how they talk about her. I really hope bren rach and dani make a deal and they stay with it. This would be a great move on there part. j

  39. wITH THE VETERANS CONTROLLING THE JURY VOTES, dANI BETTER TRY TO MAKE NICE WITH j/j/b/r IF SHE WANTS ANY SHOT AT WINNING. if she makes all of them mad then there is no way they will vote for her to win if she happens to make it to the final 2. She better think about if if she wants to win. She will be totally stupid not to think about it.

  40. They threw everybody in the house under the bus ..including Kalia and Porsche…Does she really think she can trust those 2???…Man if she goes for what they said she is soooo outta there in the next 10 days…hmmmm hmmmm They wiil cut her throat leave her to bleed to death without a second thought..hmmmm hmmmm

      • If Dani believes anything Rachel and Brendon tell her when it comes to deal she deserves to be evicted..totally throw her dumb ass out..

      • If she’s smart she will but she really wants Jeff gone too. The thing is she can only get one person out and she needs to play smart or this will come back and bite her.

      • All of Dani’s Great big moves have to date failed…Lets she (if) what dumb ass thing she does to blow this HOH..That girl gotta get

      • BR r selfish ppl y throw jj under the bus when jordan helped rachel n put up with all her crying n complaining n kept her from leaving the house.. now i really want to c her gone….

    • has the nominations taken place yet? i hope she uses her brain n has learned from previous experience. best case would b to get adam out he doesnt do anything

  41. Dani, Kalia and Porche have to be the 3 nastiest girls in the house. I get it that it’s a game of lies and breaking deals and even if I don’t want a certain person to win and there in the final 2 as long as they did not play a nasty game I really don’t care if they lied or broke deals. That’s the game and they deserve to win. But they take the game to a different level. Acting like a bunch of bratty kids. Last night Kalia made a cake and Porche tells Kalia and Dani we need to take this to the HOH so they can’t have any. Then they want to hide the wine in the HOH that they get so they can have it all. If production let’s them do that then there no better then the 3 brats. Porche saying she wants to put fiber in the slop when the others are have nots. The 3 of them make me sick. Grow up and play the game.

    • Um from what i saw on bbad they shared the cake with everyone but hey maybe im watching another show..they made a cake with white a topping did they not?

      • Yeah I think those comments are being taken way too seriously. I think they were joking…it happens people and you all know you’ve joked about someone you didn’t like and if you say you haven’t then you are LYING.
        Come on…Raitress and Brenda bullied people last year and they tried to bully people this year….Talk about nasty and mean…uh HELLO!!! Have you heard them speak?

    • I am with u I get that is a game but u can play a game with an amount of class or u can be like them a bunch of mean girls (she got hit by a bus)
      I think they are trying to be like Doctor Will but he had a way of doing it without crossing the fine line
      This girls dont
      I wonder how their families feel I am embaressed watching them They are petty

      • Very well said ellablue…never thought about what there families think of there actions. They must be so proud. LOL

      • Right because Brenchel plays with class. Rachel trashes everyone behind their back and in the DR but she’s never crossed the line? Please.

    • Yes King they did share it because Kalia told Porche she already told Jeff she would make a cake for them and she was not going to do that. Are you watching the same show or feeds???

  42. no!! dani’s got to put up bretchel because waaaandon doesn’t deserve to be back and wretchel will self-implode and that’s the bottom line.

    • Too Bad Dani was telling Kalia she was going to put up Adam and Shelly as pawn, so she could back door Jeff. I hope JJ or BR win the POV, so they can vote to evict Adam and then cement to alliance with Shelly who will hate Dani, Kalia and Porsha with a passion!

  43. personally i don’t think there plan will work, instead, she should just come right out after the noms and say it’s Me, Kalia, Porsche, Rachel and Brendon against you 4 and one of you goes home this week

      • Team Dani, I think I like your way of thinking…….. Be honest and blunt like Kalia was…

        I am not a Team Dani fan, but I like Team Dani’s way of thinking

        ******* Go Team JJ and Team BR *******

      • Leo if your for J/J and Brenchel Dani is talking about backdooring Jeff. I wanted those four in the final 4 but after Brenchel went up to HOH and threw J/J under the bus after they did everything to save Rachel I’m done with them. I hope they go.

      • Well I am Team Brenchel and Dani. I am NOT Team JJ. So, I hope Dani does make a deal with Brenchel because they would run the house for sure. JJ don’t do shit, and they don’t care about working with or protecting their so-called alliance with Brenchel so why should Brenchel care about them. JJ didn’t even take the time to go up to the HOH and talk to Dani before nominations. Are they stupid? And people say JJ have social game….NOT.
        Go Team Brenchel and Dani! This is the best alliance ever.

      • Oh and by the way they did talk to Dani before nominations they just didn’t throw everyone else under the bus because they play with class not trash like Brenchel.

  44. Danni should team up with Brendan and rachael because its only going to help her in the long run! Get shelly out!

    • It sounds like Dani is actually making a good game move and going with her first instinct and going after Jeff and teaming with Brendon and Rachel? I hope She doesn’t succeed with backdooring Jeff though… L~O~L!

      • You think they will honor their alliance? I don’t think they will honor it at all…I think they will get her out as soon as they get a chance…probably next week when Brenda wins HOH. I would be worried about an alliance with those two “attention whores”

    • i dont think she should team up with them cuz they will backstab her in a heartbeat she needs to get evict one of them.. even thou i think her best bet to b perhaps save next week is to nominate adam n shelly that way she shows jj n br that she is not after them at least for now

      • There is no way she can keep all 4 of them….. I am suprised she targeted Jeff before making a deal with JJ and then targeting Brendon…. Now she is alligning with BR to target JJ and evict Jeff….. She is only making things worse for herself by going back and forth…. By the way, even Team JJ planned on screwing her even though they made a deal with her…

        Let her nominate Shelly and Adam, and hopefully Jeff, Jordan or Brendon or Rachel win POV and keep the nominations the same and Adam gets the boot.

      • thats true but do u think that if brenchal won pov they would keep it the same? specially since they were the 1s that said to backdoor jeff

      • U got it..she is digging another hole for herself and this is her last chance to get one of them out..cause despite the one Kalia win neither Kalia nor Porsche can be depended on..

      • Team JJ,

        Brendon and Rachel won’t use the Veto because they won’t trust Dani enough not to nominate them.,.. If Brendon wins, he will worry about Rachel being nominated and evicted…. If Rachel wins, Brendon will be nominated and evicted….

      • Brenchel will not backstab Dani. Look at how they took care of JJ. They won 2 times out of the 3 times Team BRJJ were HOH and neither of those times did they put up JJ. They had their back when Dom and Dani were trying to get Jeff backdoored. What happened is that Brenchel realized that JJ weren’t giving the same effort in having Brenchel’s back. So at this point, why be in an alliance with people that aren’t playing with you or for you. Brenchel are the ones doing all the work, plus they are the ones that are targets every week, not JJ. JJ only stepped up when Jeff was on the block, they didn’t care less when Brenchel were on the block. Face it JJ fans, JJ only made it this far because of Brenchel and their plan was to use them to get to the end without having any blood on their hands. I totally think Dani should form an alliance with Brenchel and get JJ and the other floaters out the house. It’s time to play Big Brother, not suck up to JJ.

      • Jeff, Jordan and Shelly saved Rachels ass otherwise she would of been gone and not even in jury with her little bookie. And all Jeff and Jordan did was babysit Rachel all week long. Jordan also won an HOH and didn’t put them up. They would of both been gone if not for J/J. Also the only reason Brendon is back is because all the Jeff and Jordan fans voted for him. So I would say Jeff and Jordan have done plenty for the skanks. In fact they’ve done too much!!!

      • @karen relax its a reality game. Its the best move ever in BB history. Yes they saved rach last week but they weren’t saving rach for rachs sake it was to keep the numbers on there side. Jj were gonna soon backstab rach, they have talked about it quite often. So your king and queen are not that inocent. Don’t worry jeff won’t be going anywhere this week adam and shelly will not win the pov.

        To me it was a great move on bren part I didn’t realize he was that smart they played there cards perfect on this one you all have to admit that.

        Remeber karen its just a game I do like jj but I like bren and rach better because there better players, there not afraid to get dirty where as jj are afraid but jeff was way better in BB11 not sure why he’s playing like a wuss this year oh ya I know he’s got bren and rach doing it all for him.

        Don’t get mad because bren and rach are making a smart play in a GAME where they are chasing $500 000 there not there to make friends. It like in sports you play to win and you do whatever it take to win and that’s what there doing.

        You should be mad at jj for not being smart enough to do the same thing instead they settle for two useless players in adam and shelly.

        Relax karen. And grow up a little.

      • @Moe, Why don’t you relax. Just because I comment about who I like in the game and it’s not who you like doesn’t mean I’m not relaxed. I think you need to grow up and stick to your comments about the game.

      • I am excited….. Will Team Dani and Team BR make an alliance? Will Team JJ avoid Jeff being back doored?

        And people didn’t think Brendon coming back was the best thing to happen for the BB season 13!

      • i want brandon back but now i want one of them gone for throwing jj under the bus. i hope jeff wins pov that way he ensures jj safty cuz no1 will vote jordan out

      • i really think Brendon only got voted back because he is or was friends with JeJo, JeJo people thought they were helping JeJo by bringing back Brendon and for some reason(i have no idea why) America love them(JeJo)

      • I agree with you Team jj. I wanted Brendon back too but now I want both of those betrayers gone. Go Jeff and Jordan.

      • I’m glad Brendon is back and his head is in the game. He tried to work with JJ, but JJ only cares about themselves. They let Brenchel do all the dirty work and coasted through while Brenchel were the number one and two targets in the house. JJ don’t do shit. Go Team Brenchel and Dani! Anyone who is rooting for them, is it just because you like them as people? Because they don’t do anything in this game.

    • well I hate to say this but if she going to put up Adam and Shelly than am going to other side. DUMB MOVE ON HWE PART.

      • I think it was a great move. Teaming up with Brenchel is the best thing she can do. If she works with JJ, they won’t do anything. She’d do all the work just like she’s doing with Kalia and Porsche. It is best for her to team up with people who will do something, which is Brenchel.

      • Oh that’s true Sonja…they won’t do anything but yell at someone for making a decision they don’t like. They are almost as worthless as Adam

      • i think it was a GREAT MOVE. Dani has appeased all sides for now and has the whole house second guessing the alliances they have. which floater gets drown? Or will tone get a life preserver with the veto and The house BACKDOOR Jeff or Brendon? Either way the game of Big Brother is Back on now and the PLAYING MUST BEGIN!! Finally some real GAME ACTION! AND YES I AM for Team Daniele!

  45. Porche really makes me sick …she has done nothing but act like a lil priss …she’s useless ,hopeless she thinks shes all that she is a lil baby your right grow up …she has never been on slop…and she has put on like 20 pounds since being in there…the only player to gain wieght in BB history I think…..

  46. Well we all know that there are no keeping secrets in the house.. So if Dani’s plan is to backdoor Jeff I give it 24 hours to be secret..That may be toooo long and if he finds out that RACHEL AND BRENDON wer in on it..He will go sooooo balastic…Cause him and Jordon babysat Rachel and put up with her whiny ass while Brendon was gone..hmmmmm hmmm gonna be fireworks for sure..

    • lol i agree i really hope he finds out. if kalia knows she will probably let jordan know

      • they dont trust kalia besides b/r can deny it..there not going to believe anyone but shelly telling them that.

      • they might not believe her but im sure they will start questioning it n it will put some doubt in their heads..

    • I completely agree with u JJ were their for her and not even 1 day after she was not evicted she is trying to back door Jeff. When she said that America really does hate her they really do. Her true colors are showing and even her real life friends and family better watch their backs because I am sure she would sell them to the devil if it meant her getting her way! I cant stand Rachel or Brendens baby talk to her!!!!!!!

  47. Yes team dani u are right anyone who supported jj probably voted for brendan. Wouldn’t it be sweet if b/r stab jj in the back lol that would be sweet they would have brought him back for nothing lol

  48. i really hope it comes out right away, it makes brenchel have to choose sides in public, once it goes public, there will be no turning back, cause as Jeff said “he’ll forgive, but not forget” and at this point when he finds out Brenchel turned he’ll go nuts

    • Team JJ would have turned on BR especially if one of them were on the block with A or S….. They wanted Dani out first then BR was next!

  49. Big Brother is turning into the Love Connection. I was not shocked that Brendon was returned to the game because the live shows showcase Brendon and
    Rachel as the King and Queen of the Big Brother House. Although I do not think Dani will make it to the end, I do think that she deserves it. I was so HAPPY that she won HOH again. Unfortunately, it will only put her back where she was before Kalia was mad HOH. This season is somewhat boring, everyone says that want to play the game, but no one is playing the game, but Dani!

    Rachel and Brendon want to show the world that they are getting married (another showmance)
    Jeff and Jordan want to spend the summer together(another showmance)
    Shelly want to help Jeff and Jordan get to the end.
    Kalia want to be Jordan’s friend
    Porchia wants to be anybody’s friend
    Adam don’t have a clue (he just wants a newbie in the final, so he says)
    Lawon wanted to act the fool.

    WOW!! in this season, I have to say that only Dani is playing the game to win $500,000. Being the fifth wheel definitely was not going to get her the money. Dani has made some fabulous moves, but cannot get her alliance on board. The HOH of Kalia was a joke…America’s vote was a joke…and bring Brendon back into the house so he too could spend the summer with his fiance’ was a joke. This is not LOVE CONNECTION… if it is, I ask…why didn’t BB allow Dani to have her showmance, everybody else is.

    Hopefully, BB will get on with the business of BB for someone (Dani) to take control of the house and win $500,000. Nobody else seems to want it!!!

    • Bringing Brendon back might be a turning point in Dani’s game. Brenchel really threw JJ under bus and promise to have a secret alliance with Dani. If they are sincere this would be awesome for Dani.

  50. I think it would be really cool to see Danielle team up with BR. AND they keep it a secret. Thats what BB is all about! I hope they really do stick together if Dani agrees. They would be a great alliance!

  51. I think that Brenchel is trying to not get put on the block and telling anything to Dani what she wants to hear. If she put up a newbie and a vet on the block and it stays that way all the way to the eviction night I think all vets still has the vote to keep the other vet on the block.

    The reason JORFF is not making any deals with Dani is bcoz BRENCHEL are back together and they know that the target is off from them. So why make a deal? They know that BRENCHEL are bigger target than they are right now.

    If I was in BRENCHEL’s position I would do the same exact thing. Make deals with an HOH but backdoor them the following week. Yes promises are meant to be broken especially in this king of game.

  52. BB better hope that the 4 do not have to share the have-not room next week…The house will be tore down..

  53. This taking forever…..hmmmm hmmm hard to say what that means ..could be either way and somebody is having a cow or they just making us wait..

  54. So I hear Danphibian wins the HOH in the spoilers. Doubt she’ll be able to do as much damage as she’s hoping. Next week she can’t be the HOH so maybe we’ll be kissing her cold blooded snake @$$ goodbye!

  55. If Rachel and or Brendon are not nominated Jeff will automatically know that something is up…Everybody will know..R&B have been Dani’s main targets for 3/4 weeks and she suddenly decides not to nominate them?? Would u not get a little suspicious??

    • Not really because she will be trying to backdoor Brendon the same way Jeff, Jordan and BR would try to back door Dani, so Brendon can’t play in the POV and win…..

      • Jeff and Jordan won’t nominate Dani because Dani is good at Veto comps which is why they will back door her.

        Dani can say, she is going to use 2 pawns, and then backdoor Brendon because he is so good at Veto comps and won the Veto the last time she nominated him….

      • That is the story Dani can hide behind so Jeff and others won’t be suspicious of Dani trying to backdoor Jeff!

      • Dani has to put either Rachel or Brendon up to keep suspicion of a possible deal or backdoor plan out of people’s minds…. One of them has to be on the block or she gets grilled big time as to why not..

      • She did not nominated Jeff or Jordan after their deal (even though the week before she wanted to BD Jeff) and no one was suspicious. She can say she is covering her own a** by making B and R think their safe before back dooring B…. It is the same logic for why she will backdoor Jeff and not nominate him and not have B and R suspicious even though she told them that she is targeting Jeff this week! If she nominated Rachel or Brendon and one of them win and save the other, she has no deal with them and will still bd Jeff and have 2 more enemies next week.

      • @ LEO..Ok understand what u saying but she is still gonna be under the gun cause she did not nominate one of em…It’s just way to risky for her to not to put at least one of them up…WAY TOO RISKY..

      • flyonthewall,

        which is the worst scenario for Dani?

        1) She nominates Brendon, and Rachel wins and saves Brendon and Backdoors Jeff and B,R,J and S save Jeff. JJ, and BR are coming after her.

        2) She nominates Rachel and Brendon wins and same as scenario #1

        3) She nominated B or R and one of them are evicted and the other one (B / R), JJ, A and S are after her

        4) She doesn’t nominate B or R and nominates A and S and has protection from B & R (she thinks) and either backdoors Jeff if her or P, K win the Veto or evict Shelly if B & R win the Veto and don’t use it?

    • Leo, flyonthewall is right. At this point she has nothing to lose. she has to put up one of them. She needs to put up Jordan, she can’t win anything to save her life, she’s the highest paid floater. Putting one of them up preferably brendan will light a fire under him and they will backdoor Jeff. You can bet BR would rather line up with Dani because she can win competions and sway votes. JJ hide behind BR and intimidate. BR has to realize that if it comes down to those four JJ will win the money.

  56. What’s up with Shelly??? She is playing every which way and then flips out cuz she got caught in her lies.And she keeps saying she is only there to get J&J to the end and win. That’s weird!

  57. nominate shelly the biggest lie in the house and the other floater adam otherwise the gona win the game.

    • No way….. Dani will nominate A & S to get back at them for screwing her and make them sweat and then backdoor Jeff!

      • I agree…. Jeff is tough and Jordan is nice but Brendon and Rachel are better at comps…. Between Brendon, Rachel and Dani as well as Kalia which make a 4 person alliance, they have 5 hoh wins, 2 Veto wins and Brendon’s win yesterday!

    • I know….. Holy crap….. Maybe Shelly or Adam flipped out and J & J are pissed because their final 4 is screwed? Little does Jeff know, he is the real target!

  58. may be now she is cool with the vet and be on their side again ,pick the new bies one by one , send shelly next week,the other week coming adam and so on and on,lol

  59. ithink shelly was nominated goes crazy [real] fight with the dani and killed one of the hgs,thats way the nomination is taking this long,lol

  60. Can’t wait for Jeff to win POV and I hope he finds out how the skanky Brenchel threw them under the bus. Things are already heating up. Jordan just confronted Rachel if she is saying things. The only reason Brendon came back is because all the J/J fans voted for him because they thought he would help them get to final 4. I hope he goes right back out the door. And if Jeff by some chance goes then I hope Brenchel get HOH and put up Dani. I want Brenchel gone but I want this to come back and bite Dani in the ass.

    • What did jordan say to rachael?BBAD should be good tonight. I hope jeff wins and she back doors brendon i cant believe after they put up with crazy racheal and saved her and got her man back they threw them under the bus…Talk about true colors..

      • Everyone went into the have not room and big screaming match. Jordan asked Porche who told her about all these alliances made and Porche said Rachel. Then Rachel blamed Shelly. Shelly was screaming at Rachel that she was a liar. Then after everyone left Brendon asked Rachel if she did tell Porche those things and Rachel said yes. So she is a big liar skank. I hope she gets what she got last year.

  61. Rachel is such a liar. And Jeff and Jordan are still standing by Brenchel. I hope someone let’s J/J know what’s going on.

  62. people are surprise with b\r throwing j\j under the bus,j\j did before,tired of people making j\j saint while they are not,dani go with people who win competitions b\r not weak j\

    • What show are you watching. Jeff, Jordan and Shelly just saved Rachels ass this past week when everyone else wanted her gone. So who’s throwing who under the bus?

      • When Dani was HOH, she made a deal with JJ to evict B/R. J aggreed to play and even put up Jordan, knowing she didnt have a chance of leaving!

    • If you are one of the 3 remaining vets in the house and Rachel or Brendon are still on the game then you will do everything to keep one of them in the game to take the target off your back. If you vote them out too soon they best believe that you will be next in line.

      I hope that Brenchel is just playing Danimal and in the end still keep their alliance with JORFF. Coz once JORFF is gone then Brenchel will be all alone againts Danimal, Kaligula and Porkchop!!!

  63. anyway dani is gona backdoor jeff and he is out ,go team dani and B/r all the way baby,,,,,lol

  64. if brendon get to play pov ,jeff is screwed because brendon will win that pov,if not, jeff has chance to win the pov ,,,,lol

  65. Dani is such a hypocrite. She’s in the HOH talking to Kalia saying how they all talk behind everyones back then the next words coming out of her mouth are slamming Jordan and Jeff and Adam and Shelly all within 5 minutes. Grow up you little brat.

    • So what?? Everyone in the house does it. Even dear, sweet Jeff and Jordon. J and J both do mean stuff and much as Dani, Rachel and Brendan. Its called “life”.
      I am not really a big Brenchel fan….yet, but, oh, gosh.. they growing on me. I am sick of people thinking J and J can do no wrong and yet everything Dani, Brenda or Rachel do should surely send them to hell.
      Ok.. through venting ..for now. TEAM DANI!!!!

  66. j\j also talk behind brenchal,stop making them good while they are not,jeff is bully,both j\j are liars,dnt like them,lol

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