Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 6 HoH Results

Big Brother 13 Brenchel returns

It was an insane night tonight on Big Brother 13 and we’ve got more Big Brother spoilers after a late night Head of Household competition.

After tonight’s eviction of Lawon, where even Daniele voted against him, he faced off against Brendon, the winner of America’s Vote, in a competition where he was thoroughly beaten. Did you expect that comp to go any differently?

The house quickly found its bearings which means the Vets plus Shelly and Adam hugging it out while Daniele and Kalia pissed themselves. Porsche? She stared at a wall for awhile and then got some food. Once that was all settled Kalia was called to the Diary Room and returned with a question: “Who wants to do the HoH competition?!”

Big Brother 13 Week 6 HoH competition:

  • Daniele is the new Head of Household

Wow. What an up and down night for Big Brother 13!

Things should be back on track in the Big Brother house now so we can expect the Have-Not/Food competition on Friday. Nominations ceremony Friday night. Then Veto competition on Saturday afternoon. Veto ceremony won’t be until Monday.

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    • Thank God!! BRenchal have to go!!! Seriously, they make me want to vomit!!!!!

      GO TEAM DANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • When I saw Brendon, I was ready to quit watching BB forever!!! Then Dani won HOH and things were better. I am thinking that America’s vote doesn’t count – it is who Production wants in there. I thought they might as well just hand over the money to Brenchel.
        Cannot handle watching Brendon and Rachel.

      • Well then don’t watch. Geesss people its a game. I think Rachel and Brendon deserve to win, they work hard on all comps and win a lot more then some. Dani wins hoh what is this Brendon comes back Dani wins hoh now back to same ole stuff they go up one leaves again so much for the twist. Hope there is a new twist

      • Sharon, I felt physically sick when B came back. It was CBS manipulation. Thrilled Dani won HOH!!!

        TEAM DANI!!!! BACK AGAIN!!!!!

  1. Well, knew Brendan would be back :D Too bad they didnt win HoH, Seriously, what’s wrong with this people?!

    • Makes me think it is rigged with Dani always winning. Seriously, Rachel never lost before now she can’t win. Whatever. Please do something about Porsche. I cannot stand her and it didn’t take long for Adam to start kissing butt either. At least Jeff and Jordan never do that!

      • your gonna call that rigged, for one thing you didn’t even see the comp, two, if anything was rigged it was Brendon coming back.

      • Team Dani-what are you going to do or say next week when Dani is gone? She will be, the way she is playing, there is no way around it. She should have never tried to backdoor Jeff.

  2. OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! WASSUP!!! BAM!!

    thats what she does! thats what we do! team dani! just when u thought the light were out, just when u thought we were dead, and just when u thought it was over. SHE LIVES! thats why she’s great!

    CLUTCH like abby wambach. clutch like kobe. clutch like dirk. clutch like Tom Brady.

    clutch like only a donato can

    WE BACK IN BUSINESS! send brendon home again!

      • she played fine HER hoh week, last week she let kalia steer the boat. we saw what happened lol. kalia better not offer up a single opinion about anything haha

      • I think she’ll put R\B on the block again she knows she can’t trust them. Am soooo glad she won-but I forgot she can’t play without her daddy-I guess she can guys!!!


      • Before you do any more of the capital l’s at least wait day or two, you do not want to turn Lawon…no special powers team D, it might end as a D-day.

  3. so were basically gunna go back to the way things were excpet lawons out. unless she back doors jeff

    • I am starting to think that Big Brother is making sure Dani stays in the game :( this effing sucks… its happened already once before where the veterans actually come out on top… who knows maybe Dani will stay true and not vote them out if they keep her safe for one week…. I so wish Jeff could get the coup de trou again (that would be epic if that was around again)

      • the coup de tat wouldn’t be epic because jeff is not remotely an underdog.

        dani won far and square. if jeff and jordan actually won stuff maybe they’d have a case.

      • there was no deal with Rachal remember she wanted to wait until thur to see what happened so she can put R\B up and not break her word.

      • I totally agree! Porshe and Dani are driving me crazy. Please put the cameras elsewhere.
        Porshe truly isn’t talking about choking Rachel Rachel will shred her. LOL I would pay to watch that!

  4. Finally some justice in the house ….now all she has to do is repeat put the brenchals up again……just to have one come back in for the third time you watch and see ….it’s ALL BS

  5. @ marcus, your comments about lights out & being dead are so ironic! On dani’s season 8, when dick was doing part 1 of the final hoh, dani said almost the same words of encouragement to her father!
    And they won the season!
    Go dani go!

  6. Brenchel wont go anywhere so fast. Dani will probably put one of each couple up. Brenchel wil win POV and remove other than JEJO getting break up or a floater going home.

    Show needs BRENCHEL cuz all these chicks talk about is their periods and shopping on BB after dark.

  7. Wow! What are the odds?! The game is completely against her when Brendon comes back and now she holds the most power for the week!

    Although I’d hate for these nominations, I think she’ll put up Brendon and Rachel again, no?

    • Jury what are you talking about? Meant JURY for both of them no that means DANI cannot win haha

    • It still means a lot. Daniele lost an alliance member and the Vets will have majority votes in the Jury with 4 of the 7 if they all get evicted. Daniele is pretty much destined for 2nd place again at best.

      • nah brendon/rachel/jeff/jordan are punk asses. they wont vote for her. they are all full of u know what. and thats what sucks. the best player wont win the game because of being great.

      • no she’s not. she has never been the best player. she doesnt suck dont get me wrong, but shelly hasnt won anything, and when it comes down to it, is just a high class floater. she would dump JJ if they were both on the block thursday.

        best game? i’ll give her credit for not being caught, but once someone class her out, everything she has done will BLOW UP. she tells stories to EVERYONE, so if there is a house meeting with her in the crosshairs, SHE’S DONE.

        her game has put her in a box. and the longer we go, the smaller that box gets.

      • Ray, Adam is playing the BEST game right now! Shelley is doing too much and will be found out before long

      • Adam isnt doing anything. He CLEARLY cannot win anything to save his life and oh how he is trying VERY hard to win. The only reason he wasnt up last week was becuz it was his bday…

    • Dude both sides think shelly is going to final 3 with them. She has no one going after her. She hasnt won anything but u dont have to win anything to win.

      The second danis alliance isnt in control she will go home.

      Shelly will be on til the end. Way after dani leaves.

      • “u dont have to win anything to win”

        couldnt be more false.

        but no im giving her credit because she is under the radar. but she is so close to being BLOWN UP man.

        she has done all this talking and lying with everyone for over 5 weeks, eventually she will slip. any human would. she is going to get caught in a lie. its only a matter of time.

        now that she has to again seel herself to shelly when dani now knows shelly planted the idea, the pressure intensifies.

        shelly has played a good game NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.

        but the best player? not a chance. daniele has won when she ABSOLUTELY had to twice. and virtually back to back.

        when was the last time someone did that?

      • Good points but dani has 0 chance of winning the game unless she uses this HOH to make some serious deals with the vets by vets I mean BRENCHEL as she has no chance of beating JEJO in jury votes.

        Unless shes playing for first loser again she will do something stupid.

      • Shelly will not slip, remember she is married a bit later age, to do that you have to know how to lie your way out.

  8. YES!!!! Team DANI all the way!!! Kalia has to be the stupidest HOH ever! I hope Dani distance herself from her and align with dare I say it Porshe in a secret alliance! This has been the craziest week ever! Poor Lawon!! LMAO!!

  9. This show is rigged!! Thank God that football kicked off tonight. I now want anyone to win except the saddest most fake couple ever in BB history. I give them 2 years of marriage at the most ….Bye everyone see you in 2012–Maybe–now over to MSNBC or Sportscenter…Later

  10. At least Brenchel would be in the Jury house together. Now there are 2 couples again.

    Dani’s chance of winning BB this year is zero. Maybe she can manage to be the RunnerUp like season 8 !

    Her winning HOH is meaningless now.

  11. i am so tired of hearing daniele talk and act like she’s the most bad ass competitor to ever play big brother. I’d rather watch her whine and complain like she did the whole time she was on big brother the last time.

  12. After the conversation jj had with k in the hoh room when he was nominated. I think that 1 fr jj and 1 from br are gonna b nominated and if one of them win pov their partner will b put up.

  13. bb is so fixed.. come on.. of course she won.. its the only way she was not going home. I just hope she does not just put up br again.. what a waste of the twist to end up watching the same week over again.

    • If it’s rigged then that means CBS rigged the vote to get your precious Brendan back. So, which is it? Rigged or not.

  14. Dani will put up Brendon and Jordan. If Brendon wins veto, he will not use it because Rachel may go up. If Jordan wins veto she may not use, but if she does Jeff goes up. Either way bye Brendon, again. Dani already said Brendon scares her more than Rachel.

    • No i think rachel is dani’s target this time around, She cant keep her mouth shut. I think she will put up rachel and jeff, And whover takes themselves off gets replaced with brendon.

  15. I hope Danimal is not like stupid Kalia. She will have to try and make deals to get thru next week. Way to go Dani.

    • Count on it Kalia wont win again.. u can bet on that. The second their not in control dani willl go home. Next week its a physical comp for sure.

      • why make a deal? no one keeps them-just do what you want and hope your alliance wins but than again who you think is in your alliance really isn’t. This group of players drive me nuts.I wonder where Shelly well land this week she has to know jj is back with r\b and she’s now 5th in their group.

  16. hows that humble pie taste brenchel geeks. buncha losers yall dont even know these people to worship two non celebs. pathetic. get lives.

    • this is coming from a person who clearly worships evil dick and daniele. two non celebs.

  17. Dani would be stupid not to aline herself with B/R and J/J. Reason I say that is because now they are all in the Jury. Meaning if Dani wanted to put them in the house that is four people who would vote not to give her the money. And Jeff and Jordan made deals with Dani and so did Rachel, so lets see how good her word is. Most likely scum. Dani has one last chance and I think she’ll be stupid and she wont win the half a million dollars.

    • Dani did not make a deal with Brendon or Shelly. Worst case, she puts up Brendon and Shelly. If one comes off, she will break her word.

    • I disagree. Once ED was out of the house, things gelled quickly into a BR/JJ final four alliance. It doesn’t make sense for Dani or any of the newbies to support that alliance because it would be almost impossible to defeat the four of them working together if you made it to the final five with them.

      That’s what’s wrong with the Adam/Shelly strategy…it’s gets you to the final five or six, and then it gets you evicted.

      The best move for everyone who’s not BR/JJ is to stick together from this point onward in a final five alliance. Get the two power couples out ASAP so that each of the other five have a chance at the top two prizes.

    • no they did not make a deal. Rachal wanted to wait until thur. and jj didn’t make a deal because they didn’t have to jeff was already off the block.

  18. Yay For Brendon back in the house Boo That Dani Is HOH. x-x; This week is gonna suck. But doesnt Dani have a “deal” with Jeff and Jordan? So Why would she put them up. . . I think She’ll put Shelly and Kalia(as a pawn) or Porche. Because If We know any of the vets win the next week. . then They will be after Dani and Kalia. . . >>; Expecially Jeff. Jeff hates them so much. I hate dani. .-.; Go JJ and BR!

    • They’ll be coming after Dani anyway the next time one of them wins HoH, so it’s in her best interest to boot one of them out of the house.

      • Exactly. I find it funny that all these JJ and BR pushers think it’s in Dani’s best interest to make a deal with the 4 vets. No matter what she’ll be in their sights the next week, so in truth it’s in her best interest to eliminate one of them whenever she can then hope she wins veto the next week.

  19. The newbies are a bunch of lambs for the slaughter. You think that they would have figured out by now that the ONLY way that they’ll stay in the house is to get rid of the previous winners, and then see where the fur flys.

  20. thats why she’s the best competitor in the house. CLUTCH TIMES DOS. two if u will.

    by herself basically. when all the cards are stacked against you! do u win? or do u lose? what do u do? daniele wins.

    and here’s the thing. as soon as brendon loses he goes “well we have the votes in jury so it doesnt matter” like REALLY?

    WHO VOTED FOR THAT? i mean really. they say they hate floaters and everything, we only want strong competitors int the game, and he says that? like thats what i dont get. america voted for that? but they hated him last season and earlier this season? thats why i thought ti was fishy.

    dont matter now. who’s got the HOH key? right back on mommy. right back where it belongs.

    • You hit it on the head, mate. Hopefully, Dani removes one of the 4 other vets this week, then pulls a clutch veto out the next week she’s up on the block.

  21. I hate how big brother builds competitions around certain competitors. It seems convenient that daniele would win an hoh when everyone in the house is absolutely against her.

    • The same way that competition was built for brendon when lawon obviously has no hand-eye coordanation, and brendon is a gym teacher. -_-

      • that is true. but lawon has proven to be a bad competitor anyways. the chances of him winning a competition, no matter what it was, was slim. I do feel bad for him in a sense that he got evicted. But it was his own choice. he campaigned to leave.

      • Ray, it’s not Brendan’s fault he won the challenge to get back in the game, just like it’s not Dani’s fault she won the HoH. Were the competitions tailor suited to who CBS wanted to win? Probably, but that’s the point…you cannot cry about Dani winning one then conveniently forget CBS did the same thing with Brendan on the same episode.

      • yea that argument for lawon “built for brendon because lawon has bad hand eye coordination” ummm what? that competition was fair, but they should have told rachel to shut up.

        its NOT rigged but its in the ballpark.

        did u jordan and jeff get phone calls home? jordan admitted it.


      • How do you say team dani I’ve watched big brother for many many years now and her game is absolutely horrible even her dad said her game sucks she is nothing more than a shadow of evil dick

      • ur absolutely out of ur mind. game is horrible? nobody in that house has nowhere the BB smarts, BB awareness, or the true sense of timing she has.

        she knows when comps are coming, on her season and this season, i have literally watched her dissect a conversation, and crack it like a code.

        the way she reads ppl is unmatched in that house and her poker face sometimes leaves me scratching my head when I know the truth lol.

        u cant make the argument for anyone in that house being on her level. jeff? jordan. HECK NO. brendon rachel? absolutely not. Brenchel’s social game is so awful, if they had any social game they would be truly amazing, and run through any house like roadkill.

        shelly? closer than anyone else but no.

        my stance is the same. daniele is the best player in that house. period. (in my opinion of-course)

    • Im not crying.. Im glad brendon is back. At least dani will have something else to talk about other than her every day period which seems to never go away as thats all she talks about 24/7

      Bunch of ladies talking about their periods and crying, brendon HAD to return to take the talking in another direction.

  22. Thank-god Danielle won HOH. I couldn’t be more excited as I was so depressed that Brendon returned to the game. Team Dani……

  23. So we are about to witness a repeat of two weeks ago? How boring. Maybe Rachel will go this time, cause either she will put up Jeff and Brandon or Brandon and Rachel, or Jeff and Rachel or try to backdoor one of the three. Either way, this time around it will be “expect the expected”

    When will the other houseguest actually do something? Instead of just talking and talking and talking about doing something. Poor Lawon in his twist take on reality, he did try something. It didn’t work, but you have to give credit for at least thinking his very bizare twist was worth a shot.

    I think we need to petition that the BB casting director be nominated with no hope of a veto.

  24. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jeff goes home this week after JJ fans voted to have Brenda back. I Dani try to work with Brenchel instead of cocky ass Jeff.

  25. whatever dani can kick out whoever she wants, next week she has to rely on kalia and porsche to win hoh otherwise she’s going home. if she is smart, kick out kalia and cut a deal. kalia is a waste of space. also either way you look at it the big alliance controls the votes to do as they please with her noms.

    • kick out kalia and cut a deal? thats almost as stupid as kalia’s moves last week. making a deal with ur enemies. did u not watch last week? how stupid would it be for daniele to get rid of her biggest ally then rely on her enemies to have her back?

    • No, Dani’s only move is to remove one of the vets this week. No matter what they say, she knows she’s their number 1 target, so any “truce” with them is complete BS. As far as her going home the very next week…maybe, but she could win the Veto comp and pull herself off the block that week. In my mind, that’s her only play and her best chance at this point.

  26. dani never made a deal with JJ because jeff woudn’t he already told kalia he was coming for them

    • seriously? after Dani put her and her Bookie back on the Block, we’ll get another Cry fest

  27. Danielle should use her HOH to change her alliances since the numbers are against her. Adam could be the next to go.He looks worried.

    • Numbers? why does she need numbers? put up Brenchel, one of the comes down, Jeff or Jordan goes up, i’m sure she is fine with any of the 4 going to Jury

      • Dani will eventually start over thinking this nomination (just like she did last week) She has to rely on Porsche or Kalia winning next HOH because if they don’t she’ll surely get backdoored

  28. WOW, night started off horrible with the return of the Brenchel Show, but sure has turned around nicely. Dani is unstoppable in HOH comps, looks like Brenchel might be in for Hell Week #2, 3rd for Rachel.

    Just when you think this will be the week they’ll get Dani out, she goes and does it again, basically her 3rd HOH in a row, cause come on we all knew who was the true HOH last week. Porsche picked the perfect time to just ship, she and Kalia are safe again, JeJo must be shitting their pant(i bet Jeff wishes he was nicer last week).

    I’d say the ones with the most to fear are Brenchel though, Dani might be ready to finish the job.

    • I hope you’re right. Any of the other 4 vets going home is good for Dani. Better if Brendan or Rachel go home though.

  29. we have 5 more weeks of big brother, and on september 14 the winner will be crowned. So, there should be 2 double eviction episodes. we currently have 9 houseguests. in 5 weeks, 5 regular evictions. plus 2 finalists. so 9-5-2= 2 double evictions

  30. the people in this house don’t have any sense. why are they targetting brenchel when there is jordan and jeff in the house WHO WILL WIN A SECOND TIME if they aren’t voted out.

    i don’t get it.

  31. Rachel makes me vomit. Brendan is tolerable but only when shes not around. Dani is a beast. Go team Dani.

  32. I dont like Porsche or Shelly..And now I dont like Jeff or Jordan..Get Rachel and Brendon out of the house..WTH? America put that dork back in..uggg Go Team DANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • actually Dani is Pretty Deserving, even though i hate her, Rachel is deserving too, no guy should win, anyone else notice, only female HOH’s so far, 2 for Dani, 2 for Rachel.

        Brenchel really needs to try and make amends with Dani, they stand a better chance with her as a friend than an enemy. when are they gonna realize the 3 of them could steamroll over the rest of the house.

    • I hope that the little snot learned her lesson. She better put up two floaters and kiss BRJJ on their royal behinds and hope they don’t boot her sad horseface out of the house.

      • well thats just the thing, she can only get out one of the 4 and if she does, then what? she is making one week based decisions. Honestly, not because I am rooting for Brenchal or JeJo, it would be the smartest thing for her to do

  33. My least favorite players are Danielle and Porsche — not sure I can actually stand another week of evil dani in the hoh room. She should not have been allowed to compete since she was hoh last week too.
    People can criticize Rachel, or Brendon, Jeff, or Jordan — but none of them are evil. Danielle is evil — not at all a nice person.

    • i can see with jordan but the other 3 lol are we watching a different show lol rachel has toned down a bit ill give her that

      • Danimal is gonna crawl back to JJBR, you are dreaming! She’s toast. You think Kalia is gonna will HOH again?
        Damimal is gonna kiss veteran butt all week. The little cockroach.

      • She has toned it down from last year, which tells me that she CAN make better choices….but will she continue? I doubt it. She has clearly been rewarded for her behavior in the past so that’s what she will always do. She has found the perfect companion…an enabler

    • Right now evil dani and lazy porche are in a room together whispering — that is a good thing because i am tired of hearing evil d talk
      guess I will turn the tv off now — that would be a great solution

      • I know right! wth,this pissed me off, after all that work and then Daniele wins HOH…well still can be made, we never know what will happen…but this is upseting

      • well r\b are in the purple room whispering how their going to back stab dani so what it’s a game and everyone in the house is evil get over it.

      • get over what? I really couldn’t care less, I am not going to call people worthless people and down talk them over a show….like “some people”

      • haha that was cute..shes got one week of power and the 2 people she chose to allign with, WILL NOT come through for her next week. If Dani doesn’t play smart, and play her cards right, she may very well be the 2nd person to go to the jury house.

    • Ummm Dani isn’t evil. Take a look at Rachel’s DR sessions and see who’s the evil one. Dani made a game move to get Brendon out of the house, and Rachel is so insecure with herself that she feels Dani is trying to break up their soon-to-be marriage. (It’s eerily similar as to why Rachel wanted Cassi gone-because Rachel is insecure.) Rachel’s got major issues, especially when it comes to her mentality. And if Dani “shouldn’t” have been able to compete in tonight’s HOH, then I guess Rachel shouldn’t have either when she won the first and third HOH comps.

      • I disagree with everything your saying..except that Dani shouldn’t have been able compete? now that it just sore losing for whoever said it. but Dani is a doucher!

      • No I think people view Dani as “evil” b/c she’s cold and seeminly unaffected emotionally about the game. She even explained in her HOH blog how that it’s just a game and nothing personal. I agree it would be hard not be get wrapped up emotionally in that pressure cooker of a house. Having said that I think it is a sign of maturity that she can hold it together so well while Raitress truly believes that if ANYONE does not want her or Brenda to win then they are just mean to her. It’s hard for me to understand that level of absolute idiocy and self centeredness. I don’t think people who that unstable mentally should be rewarded for anything. And Brenda? Well he’s almost worst b/c he enables her delusions of grandeur. I think he knows what an emotional cripple she is but he isn’t the most stable of men either and he knows it…so he clings to what he can cling too….clearly a match made in heaven.

    • Gabelle, you are so right. I don’t get how anybody can stand that whiny, complaining, danimal. Seeing the look on her face when she realized how screwed she was was priceless! Her days are numbered. She’ll be going to jury in two weeks.

  34. This is perfect just put up brenchel agian this week!! I’m so tired of the veterans they think they can run the house. America voting Brendon back was just becuase that creates the best tv but Dominic would have created a more unique situation that would have truly tested the veterans

    • She will NOT put up BR. Danimal is shaking in her G-string underware. She will beg BR for forgiveness you watch and see. That little biatch is gonna eat crow all week.

      • I honestly think if the vets play their cards right, they can get her to get rid of Shelly. Dani is getting very sick of Shelly

      • I think Adam is more likely unless Shelly gets exposed. JJ really seems to trust Shelly. But I don’t think BRJJ will go so it has to be Shelly, Adam or Porsche. I think Danimal will be loyal to Kaligula but who knows. In the Chick who came with Dick’s mind, she may blame Kaligula for the whole fiasco and turn on her too. I wouldn’t put it past the little snake.

      • shelly is already eposed…arent you watching BBAD? get this…Dani is mad at Adam and Shelly for voting out Lawan but it was ok for her to do so anyhow theyre talking about Shelly ande Dani and Porsche said she has got to go. Then Porsche and Kalia were talking and it sounds like their main concern is Shelly. But Wayne I think Dani will be dumb and get rid of of the this week. sorry bud, but at least we will have sweet revenge to look forward. I have a feeling it willbe Rachel going this week thoug, not Bookie

  35. It’s funny how all the new twists CBS has had for BB and Survivor all end up going to waste and backfiring. Sabotuer was out first, Redemption Island returners got the boot asap and now Brendan could possibly be sent straight to the Jury after just returning.

    • I know this sucks! Dani is talking about how bad she wants shelly out right case scenario, Dani nominates Jordan and Brendon for eviction. Rachel gets to play in pov and takes Brendon off the block. They make a deal with Dani, to replace with someone besides Jeff and that person goes home. long shot, lol but Dani is saying how she wants Shelly out asap

    • Jamie, not going to happen. Danimal is going to crawl back to BRJJ and beg forgivness. It’s the only chance she has to last more than this week. You think Kaligula is gonna win HOH again? No, even Danaimal is not stupid enough to go against BRJJ again. She will nominate Adam and Porshe and bacon boy will be smoked. You just watch and see.

      • She wont, she will nominate Shelly. She’s gotta know she has no chance at lasting past next week if she doesn’t deal with the vets..her reign of power stands no more chances, it will end next week guaranteed.

    • Thats exactly who she should nominate. It will do 2 things: 1) Tell Shelly she isn’t such a “Straight-Shooter” and they are on to her. 2) Get Adam to flip to DKP by showing him that JJBR will stick together and Adam and Shelly wont get past 5th and 6th.

  36. Well well..I made the comment earlier that everybody needed to calm down cause the HOH was being set up for Dani…hmmmm Did I nail that one or didn’t I…

    • set up a numbers game nice one do the producers have tech that can tell what someone will guess? LMAO

    • the game was not set up for dani! everyone had a chance and their dumb. dani won is fair and square. and the next comp. will be made for brendon and so froth.

      • What the hell…if anything is fixed, it’s BRENDON coming back in the house. All over the internet he was behind Cassi and Dominic all week in the polls. I fail to see how he would have immediately jumped past those two.

      • wtf-even on all of the web polls including this one, brendon ended up in the lead. Did they all rig theirs too?

    • wtf there is a difference between FREE voting that takes 2 seconds and someone having to signup to vote or pay. I knew keith had no chance, cassi had no chance as well.

      It was down to Dom ( shomance ) and brendon ( showmance )as it should have as they bring more to the show.

    • I don’t think it was fixed…but for the poeple that do think so..they did’t have to do anything more than say yes Dani’s answers were closest.

  37. Hopefully if BR and JJ don’t make it to the finals they all will be in the jury house. I cannot imagine if it came down to evil d and any other person that she would win. She is just too nasty.

    • Well, if somehow danimal gets to final two and BRJJ are all in the jury, no way the Chick who came with Dick is gonna win.

  38. My least favorite players are Rachel and Jeff. I don’t respect their game play at all they are sore pathetic losers and ungrateful, rub-it-your-face winners. When things aren’t going their way they use evil tactics like threatening, bullying, black-mailing.. bascially anything. Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Brendon are evil, vile, disgusting people in and out of the house.

      • you are so lame. he isnt talking about outside of the house. he is talking about the inside, and he is right on every point he made. people need to get off this brenchel loving because they are they exact people that bashed brenchel last year.

    • Totally agree!! I guess this really isn’t a new season!! Check out the questions on CBS web,,, it’s always questions relating to the Vets… SMH… and who are the other HGs ??…instead of watching the show,, I read the feeds… It’s too preditable.

  39. Right now Shelly is the one laying low….She is not visable..Shelly may have played out her hand unless she can come up with another awesome plan..

    • Shelly is completely visible. In fact now both alliances don’t trust her and are keeping an eye on her. No one is going to give her information. Her plan is unravelling before our eyes. All it will take is for one person from the vets and one person from Dani’s alliance to trade info that shelly gave them and BOOM, game over shelly the snake.

  40. Jeff- homophobic, bully, know-it-all, god-like complex, thinks he’s alpha male, tough guy
    Jordan- no brain, follower, vegetable, weak
    Rachel- (not in power) miserable, desperate, pathetic (in power) no mercy, rude, in your face,cocky
    Brendon- condescending, douchebag, masochistic, evil

    • Wow I take it you don’t like all those people beth? What about dani? She really is no prize either


      Someone agrees with me.

      Danielle may be a bitch right now, But they sent home dominic, After danielle had told them not to. Its just revenge, lines were drawn, And thats how it is. I dont get why everyone thinks that the vets should just sail through to the end.

      • Exactly its almost like everyone is under Jeff hypnotic spell? Like really what the hell is so great about this guy. The way he’s acting it’s like he won BB 6 seasons in a row. Everyone is so scared to put him up. The Vets need some competition and that’s what Dani is giving them. Everyone just wants to see the Vets get rid of her and then have a easy peasy ride to the half mill.

      • Tanner, in case nobody told you, danimal is a vet. If she had stayed true to her alliance like her father would have she would be on her way to 500K. Instead, she is the most in danger HOH ever. She better run back to the vets or she is gonna go home next week. She probably is anyway. I mean she is very likely to get backdoored next week. I can’t wait.

      • Wayne, in case nobody told you, Dani is the only one competing against the other 4 vets. Without her, this game would be boring as hell. As far as her getting hit next week, that’s a laugh, she’ll win the power of veto…remove herself then win HoH the week after. When she competes she wins. Haven’t you noticed that? Or is your irrational hatred blinding you?

      • Scott-please meet us back at this exact site at this exact post when Dano goes home next week, she is not THAT good. Did you see her win the veto she competed in against Brendon? incase you haven’t notice, Brendon and Rachel usually win when they compete too. Dani will not win Veto next week, she will be gone, that is how the world works, you get too cocky, you are guaranteed it will bite you in the ass, this will bite her in the ass. Even if she stayed until F2, she wouldn’t recieve votes. SHES DOOMED

      • I’m sure you and Dani use to be childhood friends, that’s why you can all call her evil. Give me a break, everything i’m gathering is from the behavior and from how they’ve treated people. If you don’t see any of these traits portrayed in their actions then you are clearly delusional.

      • get over yourself vetfan. we’re talking about the people in the house as we know them in the house. no body cares what they’re like outside the house. the only person judgemental is you!!

      • Its clear that you have an obvious issue with me Ziggy, boy do these Dani fans really go crazy to defend her honor! this is hilarious lmao.

      • Gellieman, after reading your comments, believe me, you are in no position to call someone else an idiot.

      • exactly Wayne, the more these Dani fans go on and on and on the funnier they get LMAO…this is great

      • vetfan- I don’t have a beef with you but every time someone dosen’t agree with you we’re being judgmental and mean. and I was talking about how the people act IN the house. that is what are comments are about. HOW THEY ACT IN THE HOUSE!!!!

      • ziggy, its funny you say that to me, however I was talking to BethR in the first place, so tell me where you had a place in any of it in the first place? yeah didn’t think so. I’m by no means, mean. I actually find this all, ever so hilarious. You Dani die-hards amuse me, is there something so wrong about that?

    • Your comments on Jeff, Rachel, and Brendon are spot on. It’s as if people are watching a completely different season as I am. I like Jordan, have a soft spot for her, and Dani, who is at least trying to win and break up the 2 power couples. Everyone else in that house…a waste of space.

  41. In my mind once Evel Dick left the house this season went out the window. The only person I can at least slightly stand is Danielle but her game has been horrible throughout the game. Turned on her alliance far too early into this season and it’s condemned her and Kalia to have to win HOH every week or their screwed.

    • I agree. I was watching for the sole purpose of seeing Evel Dick give Rachel the bitching of her life. She would never look at anyone the wrong way ever again after dick’s done with her. Danielle did make a lot of mistakes this season but I agree out of the bunch she is the most likeable and decent.

      • CBS producers are stupid!!! In what world ., do you bring back Evil Dick on Cam to downrate his daughter on national tv.. You know they already have a screwed up relationship,, why make it worse!!.. Now that’s personal. So why not put Cassie fam on or either Dom’s Fam etc. to express how they felt about the game.. Wow!!, what those producers do for ratings!!! Why stoop sooo low.. When dani finally watch the shows,, she will be disappointed.(personally):(((

      • Her relationship with her father seems very sad. The fact that she doesn’t throw tantrums, she holds herself together and she can even laugh at her own mistakes shows maturity and emotional stability. She’s quite the opposite of Raitress.

      • Amanda-she holds herself together? I would have loved to have seen how well she held herself together had she not won HOH and Brendon did. She hasnt had any reasons to throw fits this season, she has gotten alot of easy routes. As a matter of fact the other day, when her and Kalia called Rachel up to the room to discuss a “deal”with her, but really all they did was threaten her, when they didn’t even have the votes to do so. When Rachel walked out, Dani says “everyitme she opens her mouth, I just want to punch it shut” yes yes your right, she really is quite mature, what a decent woman to look up to..LMAO yeah right, all she does is sit around and talk shit about Rachel, if she wasn’t jealous of her could have fooled me. And to be so cocky to think that at a clap of her hands, she can control the way everyone votes..really? she is really quite sad.

        Tiffany-Last season they had Brendons ex-fiance on there talking him down, did that make a difference to everyone? no. And besides that, Dick chose to say what he said and he said nothing wrong, he is allowed to disagree with Dani’s game play. He didn’t say omg she such an idiot! gosh what a loser! I can’t believe thats my child!…geesh, but then again alot of Dani fans think people are not allowed to disagree with her game play.

      • Vet Fan, I feel as if you didn’t understand my post at all.

        For starters I never said or insinutated Dani was an angel without flaws, jeez none of thes people are without fault. That’s certainly obvious..they are human so I guess we could all cut them some slack. LOL

        By “holding herself together” I meant that she didn’t have hysterical crying fits everytime something didn’t go her way. I think there are a few times when she (Dani) could have snapped and went over the top, having an emotional outburst but she didn’t. Has she bit back at Rachel a few times? bet. Like I said though, she hasn’t had a HYSTERICAL CRYING FIT convinced that everyone is just being mean to her and that they just didn’t like her and that life was unfair to her…..see a pattern?

        In my opinion when someone repeatedly cries uncontrollably as if their first born had been eaten by wolves, then it shows an emotionally immature and unstable person. Rachel does’s not secret. I’m not even counting the emotional outbursts last year. I’m not counting the verbal attacks or the times she has tried to provoke someone. (last year or this year) I’m only talking about those sobbing fits of despair.

        When Dani made the comment about wanting to punch Rachel in the mouth, I think that just proves my point. She didn’t punch her in the mouth! Haven’t we all at some point in our lives wanted to do that to someone? Come on be honest people.

        I CERTAINLY never said Dani was a role model…holy cow, none of these people are from what I can tell. However, I am not goin to buy into that idea that Dani is pure evil.

        Rachel is disliked for very good reasons that have absolutely nothing to do Dani. Rachel accomplished that with her behavior last year and so far this season I can give her credit for at least one thing…she certainly is consistent.

    • I think shes safe with porsche too once brendon or rachel is gone. As long as jeff and jordan dont win i think shes okay.

      • Tanner, BRJJ are not going anywhere. You wait and see. The Chick who came with Dick is running scared. She won’t dare nominate BRJJ.

  42. well, talk about crazy…glad B. is back but for how long???????? Do not like D. but the little evil is a fighter, and I respect that. With any smarts and to spice things up she should nominate B&Jeff or even better B. & Adam. One wins then nominate Jeff.
    She needs to get out all of the strong ones if she is looking to win. I bellive that B. might be safe this week, but if he did compete in HOH slim chances there.
    The perfect scenario OR what I would VERY much like to see is nominating J&J. I truly do not bellive that one will happen, becouse they are sweet and I am seek and tired of sweet. Good show

  43. I won’t be surprised if Dani wins every HoH she can compete in or PoV whenever she’s up on the block.

  44. Dani told Kalia earlier she was going to try to make a deal with B/R. She can add and if she uses her brain realizes the only people she will beat is B or R because with JJBR in the jury, any newbie beats her.

    • do you think that a floater newbie will beat dani in final 2 no way they will vote fairly..

      • King, if JJBR all end up in the jury, Lawon will have a better chance at the 500K than the Chick who came with Dick.

      • @Wayne-Lol! Yeah, there’s no way Danielle would win. And nice nickname. But what happened to Danimal? Ehhh, I like the new one better.

      • Dani the manny tranny has no chance of winning in F2 unless she tries now to mend some fences, this is her opportunity to do so, lets see what happens.

  45. If dani is the BEST player as her fans say she is this is what she will do or needs to do..

    Put up JEJO. Get one of them out. If she get Jordon out even better as then shelly and adam will have nowhere to go as they both hate brenchel.

    She can get brenchel out at any time so shes wasting her time an energy on those two. .

    Everyone hates them both so its easy to get them out whenever they dont win HOH

    She will have 5 on 3 in each HOH competition instead of 3 on 5 and she cant rely on Kalia and porche to win.

    • Rachel or Brenda are better to get out because A. with Brenda Rachel’s social game sucks even more B. When Brenda’s gone Rachel can’t play for shit. Plus Dani’s already made enemies with B/R so getting them out doesn’t matter either way. Jordan/Jeff barely win comps that’s why they easier to get out and less of threat. The only thing I will agree with is that JJ have shelly and adam in their back pocket so if either of JJ leave then they’ll regroup with who has more power. They won’t work with BR.

    • THEY WILL NOT TRUST ANYTHING SHE SAYS..NOTHING.. I think she will go after Shelly but not sure which of the other 4 she will set her stghts on..

    • I personally would put up Jeff and Rachel, guarantees that a part of one of the couples will absolutely go home with no return. Dani also needs to befriend all of the floaters, promise anything they want and create an alliance of the newbies and tell them they’re in the final 5 with her. Worth a try, Dani is screwed regardless in my mind, but this would probably be her best bet.

      • no it doesn’t. If she did that, then Rachel or Jordan could win POV and pull one of them down, then those 2 would be safe, and Dani might actually put up Shelly as a replacement.

      • Say you put up Jeff and Rachel.. Brendon wins POV and takes off Rachel. Then you put up Jordan. Guarantees either Jeff or Jordan goes home.

      • I know that, but I’m saying if Dani cant get out Brendon or Rachel, I think she would make a deal with Jeff not to backdoor him.

  46. I guess everyone is forgetting that Dani can only get out Jeff OR Rachel OR Brendon OR Jordan…not all, not even 2. She cannot compete in the HOH next week, and mark my word, Kalia will not win HOH again…in the extremely unlikely event that Porsche wins, she will be easy to sway.

    • I feel like whoever wins HOH next week who isn’t a vet will have to HAVE to put up a Vet. Because they are clearly the strongest players/alliance in the house. Make no mistake if next week they are not put up they will win guaranteed.

      • Oh I know, thats why Dani should be smart about it and get one of them floaters out this week. Lets all be honest here…no matter who we like or dislike..its most likely that HOH wins will keep flopping between JEJO BRENCHAL and DANI…as long as them guys are still in the game, then it’s not likely Shelly, Adam or Porsche will win and that Kalia will win again. I think we have seen enough of their performances to safely judge that their not that competetive. And just like Brendon and Rachel were trying to tell Dani last week, if those sides keep fighting back and forth against eachother, theyll all pick eachother off and a floater will win this season. I DO want Dani to be gone, but I really(not just cause I want them to stay) think that her best bet is to try and get rid of Shelly or Adam , Dani knows her and Kalia arent going to flip, so she can either go against the other vets and get one of them out this week, then realize she is out weighed and out numbered after it is too late. Or she an focus on getting out P, A, and S…and try and make it to F2 with Kalia.

  47. Poor Jordan is as dumb as ditch water. Is she trying to make Shelley feel better or worse? She would probably ask a gunshot victim if it hurts.

    • She is so dumb I dont see why ppl like her game. Only thing is she has a lot of ppl on her side for votes should they go up.

      • She’s completely moronic. Calling other people floaters when she won her season doing exactly that. She’s a delusional cow who has no brain of her own. Dumb hillbilly.

      • Well that dumb hill billy as you call her won before and may just do it again. She has morals and values unlike some people. I truly hope she wins and I think Jeff is a great person also. They both have something special about them that makes them a great couple who will probably be together the rest of their lives. Which is awesome in this day and time.

      • Am not for jeff but kindly stop picking on jordon! she a sweet girl with a big heart and she truly beleives everyone is good. In my book thats a every nice thing and she’s not dumb just innocent something alot of would like to be again.

      • @BethR…What is your freaking problem? It is one thing to think someone isn’t playing well or you don’t like their game play, but there is no need for the nasty name calling. You don’t even know Jordan.

      • I do agree that she shouldn’t use the word “floater.” She didn’t win any HOH competitions in her season except the one Jeff simply lost on purpose just so she could win right?

        She is simple…it’s part of her..charm? lol

    • Jordon tries to make everybody feel better..She had reservations about voting out Lawon..That is her way..Unless u back her up against a wall she is not a hurtful person…She can come out swinging if she has to tho….

      • Why does everyone keep acting like Jordan wouldn’t hurt a fly. This week was an example of what a selfish princess she really is. Poor Jordan big Jeff does all her game playing and thinking for her. Poor Jordan she’s no ones target because they all know she can’t win crap. The second she goes on slop she acts like a whiny little baby and then she thinks shes so badass. Goshh I hate her america’s sweetheart my ass

      • There are a few nice people left in this crazy world ..You sound like a jealous, petty and small minded verison of RACHEL RILEY,,Is that ur idea of a nice person?? Is that who u aspire to become?? KEEP GOING U’LL GET THERE….,,LMAO

    • Jordan isn’t dumb. She has great people skills and has a way of making people feel comfortable. She helped Rachel calm down and now she is trying to cheer Shelly up.

      • Jordan is okay, nicer than the Chick who came with Dick, but Jordan is out for Jordan and she kills you with kindness. The Chick who came with Dick just kills you and giggles while she pulls her underware out of her butt crack. Danimal looks just like a young Susan Atkins. That’s why she creeps me out so bad. Susan was one of Charlie Mansons girls. Gives me the creeps just to look at her.

      • she been on slop for 2 weeks and has be in the havenot room 2 weeks I think she can be a little cracky and bitchy on top of that she’s had to deal with Rachal and all of her b—sh–

      • All the girls in the house are witches in their own ways, but the only two I would even consider leaving a child with are jordan and shelly.

    • She finally sees what branchel goes through every week their not in power.. then she gets a pissy fit. At least brenchel will comps

      • Yeah I agree they might be whiny and pissy too but they win comps. Jordan’s just a fail.

      • Danimal is worse than any hillbilly I ever met. She’s got the crazy eyes. Stab you in the back and leave you in a ditch.

    • I personally didn’t like the way she acted like a cry baby after she pulled her key from nominations. She said something along the lines of how she’ll just be put up as a renom so her key should be staying in the nominations table. Very sooky on her part.

      • Maybe the house is tainting her….It was a little like a hissy fit wasn’t it? I was a little embarrassed because it was very much like a sore loser.

  48. I just have to say that I absolutely HATE the fact that skeletor aka Danielle won HoH! I think she’s a very smug person. Kalia is a bonafide idiot who is also Danielle’s pet; Porche is a turncoat; Adam is just there; Shelly is definitely going to get caught if she doesn’t switch up her game play; J&J & Brenchel need to play nice with Danielle for now and make a deal and then when they get the chance they should get her out ASAP!! I’d love to see the meltdown amongst Kalia and Porche once the puppets lose their puppetmaster. As for Lawon, poor guy but he had it coming because let’s face it, he wasn’t good at anything when it came to game play; that look of shock on his face was PRICELESS, lmao!! :D

    • The only problem with your well thought out plan is that Dani isn’t an idiot she’s definetly getting out one of the Vets. She’s no fool she will always be their target so she needs to get one of them out asap. When Brendon leaves again after reuniting with his fiance it will be hilarious to watch them be broken up YET again, comedy gold.

      • Exactly Kalia is the idiot thinking that she can try to back up and JeJo and Brenchel won’t go after her. Daniele knows it doesn’t matter what they say, she’s still going after them because she can see through their lies. Kalia just needs to sit back and let Dani take the heat and she might make it further than expected.

      • No Danielle is an idiot because she made the biggest mistake too early in the game, she turned on her alliance and it backfired on her, if she were really smart she would’ve waited a bit longer to do that and played it low-key like Shelly (minus all the going back and forth between ppl) which will ultimately land Shelly to be put up on the block in my opinion. Danielle sealed her own fate if you ask me and to be in an alliance with Kalia & Porche is nothing short of hilarious! Danielle is always talking about karma, well this is definitely hers whether she’s HOH or not. The numbers are against her.

      • No Danielle is an idiot because she made the biggest mistake too early in the game, she turned on her alliance and it backfired on her, if she were really smart she would’ve waited a bit longer to do that and played it low-key like Shelly (minus all the going back and forth between ppl) which will ultimately land Shelly to be put up on the block in my opinion. Danielle sealed her own fate if you ask me and to be in an alliance with Kalia & Porche is nothing short of hilarious!

      • You know it won’t matter if evil makes it to the finals, she won’t get BRJJ’s vote, so she won’t win. All that game play for nothing. If she makes it that far. I expect Kahlia to turn on her this week — and then she will only have porche.

      • Courtney you’re correct about the fact that Dani made an extremely stupid decision when she turned on her alliance so early. I think that she did that because that’s what Dick would not have done and she was trying to prove that she can play her own game. That said I think she’s still a smarter game player than anyone else in the house. That’s not really complimenting her, it’s more insulting everyone else.

      • Beth, Dani’s no fool??? LMFAO, then how did she F up her game so bad? You are delusional. What planet are you from? She is barely hanging on, she got two of her alliance evicted already,and was defacto HOH twice and didn’t manage to evict ANYBODY! Stop posting, you are wasting our time with your silly opinions.

      • Beth, I hope agree with you. Dani realizes that no matter what she’s going to be the vets target. It’s because she’s the only one trying to break that block of 4 up.

        Wayne, you belittling someone else’s opinion is like a pot calling the kettle black. Your opinions are nothing but irrational and hate filled. See a psychiatrist about your hatred, mate, since this is only a game.

    • Scott, please go back and read Beths comments to many people. She dooes much more than belittle. I am giving her a taste of her own medicine. Thank you for your concerns.

    • Dani should have trusted her gut feeling and not let Kalia’s desperation to “hang with the cool kids” have any influence over her. Dani even guessed what the twist would be!! No one else thought along the same lines as she did….but she doubted her instincts b/c of the mistake everyone said she made earlier in the game that got Dom evicted. Say what you want but she has better game that Raitress ALL DAY LONG b/c she isnt an emotionally crippled person.

      She has to do something about kalia running her yapper though. That kalia needs duct tape or something…she tell shelley everything…dumb dumb..HELLO

  49. I’m just trying to grit it through this season and hope that next year will be all stars 2.

    • Jake you are absolutely right, I agree that Danielle wanted to prove that she could play her own game and not be in her fathers shadow BUT, she screwed up because she did that way too soon and it made her an instant target. I k ow she was upset that Brenchel voted out her buddy Dominic but she still should have played it cool instead of being smug and out for blood and letting it be known that she was out for blood, she took things super personal and it was very obvious to everyone which also put that target on her. Like I said, she sealed her own fate and her only chance of winning now is to give the rest of the vets what they want for now because her alliance is super weak.

    • It better NOT be allstars next season b/c that means CBS will once again try to shove that Trashy Duo in our face again. That cannot happen!

      • flyonthewall- how am I jealous? Jealous of what? Please explain the amazing game playing skills that Jordan posseses that I am soooo jealous of?

      • It has very little to do with her game play..I don’t come on this sight and call people idiots morons or cows sluts or ho’s (how much do u weigh ? & I bet u chew a mean cud cause u seem to have a mouth for it.) I keep my post about game play not my personal feelings on the HG’s. I don’t like some of them as people but as gamers they are fine. If Jordon wants to play ditzy and innocent and it gets her another $500,000.00 more power to her. I didn’t say anything about Jordon being a good player I said she was a nice person and she is..Every female in the house has raised her voice or made a snide comment about another HG..They have all stood up for themselves, friend, or partner at some point.. so why just pick on one???

  50. Every one seems to be forgetting dani is a vet to …so getting out all the vets would mean not jus

  51. Jake-What is up with kalia, she seriously has some issues. Why is she so desperate and hell bent on being JJ’s best friend. Its actually sick and disturbing considering the fact that they make fun of her and threaten her. Is she into s&m like does she like being beaten down. Get it together Kalia play for yourself not for JJ.

    • Kalia is afraid of them so JJ are capitalizing on that and trying to make themselves seem scarier than they really are. Daniele isn’t afraid of them and I personally think she made a bad choice aligning herself with such a weak player. I would go for Adam and Porsche at this point and try to make it a 4 person alliance. Because obviously Shelley is dedicated to JJ so promise Porsche, Adam, and Kalia final four. That’s really all she can do at this point.

      • Yeah you are so right. Jeff can see the fear in Kalia’s eyes when she talks to him and its sad cause I know he knows shes trying. Instead of giving her a chance he just uses her which is smart and it is big brother. Don’t let the other players know your weakness. Rachel totally used that to her advantage that’s how she made the deal with Kalia. “You’ll get in good with JJ”, you could see Kalia’s whole face light up and that’s when keeping Rachel became an option. Yeahh Dani definetly doesn’t have much options. I thought she really changed Kalia from the spineless jellyfish first week who voted keith out and then when she won HOH I was actually stunned. All my respect for her went out the window. She needs to find a new newbie to align with Adam is the perfect option. He’s trustworthy. Porsche is a little wishy-washy not as bad as Kalia though.

      • You can get Porsche to do whatever you want. All you have to do is continue to make her think you are a strong player and she’ll follow you. You keep winning and playing the game and she’s your puppet. I personally wouldn’t make the deal based on trust. I would make the deal based on the fact they are all sheep and they don’t want to make the vets mad. If Dani does their dirty work they will continue to do as she says.

  52. Its rigged! Its rigged! How does it feel Dumbnelle a** kissers? Funny how when YOUR side wins its great but when Brenchels side wins, its rigged. Pathetic.

  53. Barbara- Jordan has morals? Wow where were you last week? All she does this season talk behind everyone’s back and expect everyone to be their loyal pet. She blackmails people to throw comps and when really her and jeff have no intention of taking any of these ppl to final 3 or 4 like they promised. JJ are liars, simple as that.

      • Lets vote BethR out of the Blog! I think she might really be Lawon posting under an assumed name.

    • BethR Yes she has morals. I was watching last week.Jordan deserved to blow up. Actually she was overdue from being nice to those people. Even Jeff said he had never saw her get that angry but she removed herself before getting really mean which shows class. She hasn’t blackmailed anybody and why should she try to take anyone but Jeff to finals? I believe she would have stood by Kalia before she turned on them with Dani. I would defend Jordan over anyone else in that house. She has great morals, family values, and class. All 3 are what more people need to have to make this world a better place.

  54. It’s funny watching Dani & her rejects…They need to get rid of Porsche…she’s just a Big Waste of space!!

  55. Big Brother could you pleeeeassse give Porsche some clothes!!!!!! I don’t think I can stand to see her in the same 2 velour suits anymore………..

    • OMG I thought I was the only one. WTF is with that chic and the same outfit every day!

      Is she super poor or something…

  56. How did brendon get back into the house??? That was so staged Dominic should have got back in!!!!! Big brother had something to do with that!! Well atleast dani won hoh this week she won’t screw things up like stupid kalia did I can’t believe she was that stupid!! I bet lawon was so pissed that he got screwed!!!

  57. If Dani is smart, she will put Jordan and Brendan up on the block. She has to realize she burned those bridges so you might as well try to divide the couples.

  58. Hahahaha all these idiots were so excited to Brendon and Rachel back together, but Dani is the strongest competitor in the house and Brendon is walking right back out the door! (Can’t cheat him back into the game twice BB)

  59. Everyone…. Rank from 1 (want to win) – 9 (want to lose) from who you want to win BB 13

    1) Jordan (2 time winner)
    2) Brendon
    3) Jeff
    4) Rachel
    5) Shelly
    6) Adam
    7) Kalia
    8) Dani
    9) Porsha

    • 1 2 3 4 — doesn’t matter who — Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan
      5 Shelly
      6 Adam
      7 Kahlia
      8 Porsche
      9 evil

    • 1. Dani
      2. Shelly
      3. Jordan
      4. Kalia
      5. Jeff
      6. Brendon
      7. Adam
      8. Rachel
      9. Porsche

      These decisions were made purely based on game play. This was tough because they all have played a rather poor game.

      • 1. Rachel
        2. Bookie
        3. Jeff
        4. Jordan
        5. Shelly
        6. Kaligula
        7. Adam
        8. The chick who came with dick
        9. Porsche

      • Wayne, I totally agree with your list except I would swap Jordan and Porsche. Although I think Porsche is a floater, I think she has potential to do something. But bottom line is I want Rachel to win.

    • 1) BOOKIE!
      2) Jordan
      3) Shelly
      (Ugh, I hate the next 2, but…)
      4) Rachel
      5) Jeff
      6) Porshe
      7) Adam
      8) Kalia
      Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah, the Chick That Came With Dick.

    • The list is actually

      1. Rachel
      2. Dani
      3. Brendon
      4. Jeff
      5. Jordan
      6. Kalia
      7. Shelly
      8. Porche
      9. Adam – he will never win anything. He is too slow and claims to know everything about the game but is so slow he cannot press the button fast enough to answer.

    • this is a perfect example..out of 7 people, only 1 person didn’t put JEJO or Brenchal first. but yet the votes were rigged? riight. lol.

      well, here’s mine:

      1.Rachel, Brendon or Jeff

      If Porsche decides to flop back over and help the real vets, then sawp her and Adam out.

  60. Am I the only one who thinks the fix was in to let Brendon back in the game? I voted over and over for Cassie and her and Dominick looked like they were running away with the vote. Brendon was not even close

    • I agree…I refuse to believe that that many people like Brendon. The first day Rachael walked in, I muted my TV. I was looking forward to turning my volume back on when she was voted out. Can’t stand either one of them, they whine and say the game isn’t fair when they are not in control… It’s a game, remember?

      • Okay, this is for the mentally challanged who think BOOKIE was fixed. A lot of us like Brendon. A lot of people don’t. But it is about 40/60. So, 40% of us voted for BOOKIE. The other 60% split their votes between Dom and Cassi. Get it now?

      • Those mentally challenged…including yourself in there Wayne. Haven’t seen a post on here tonight of yours that doesn’t smack of vitriol. So, I’d have to say you’re topping your own list.

        Let me break the rational down for you…Julie said 2 million votes were cast, that Brendon got 1 million votes, but that the voting was VERY close between him and Dom. What about that doesn’t add up. Somewhere in there she’s lying, since Cassi probably did come close to Dom in votes. Was the game rigged? I don’t know and don’t care, but I can see why people would think it is.

      • Scott, I’m gonna help you understand. In my example above BOOKIE got 40%. Of the 60% left, Dom got let’s say 39.5 percent. Cassi got 20.5 percent. So, as julie said it was very close. 40% to 39.5 percent. Get it now?

      • Except your BS example is wrong. Julie said Brendan got 1 million votes out of the 2 million cast, that makes it 50% nor you hypothetical 40%. So, out of 4 people, he got half the votes, then the other 3 split the rest and it was close??? Right, the math doesn’t add up no matter how you try to spin it.

      • Scott-all of the unoffical polls online ended up with Brendon in the lead. Lets just get that out of the way. second, no matter how you cut it, Wayne’s theory is accurate and he is giving you an example, so if you need someone else to make it as accurate as its going to get for you hewre it is..
        Julie said- “over 2 million votes” we’ll just call it 2 for theories sake
        then she said
        “Brendon recieved over a million of them”-we’ll just call it a million for theories sake…
        Brendon recieved-50% of the votes
        Domonic recieved-40% of the votes
        Cassie recieved-9% of the votes
        Keith recieved-1% of the votes

        You have alot of assumptions in your theory. You say Cassie “probably this and that” probably doesn’t fit. And none of can determine what Julie thought was “close”..

    • Actually I believe Julie said more than 2 mil votes casted. The ppl who voted 1000 times online all but 1 of their votes counted. They mostly counted votes from cell phones as it makes them money.

  61. Jordon was major pmsing last week- that’s why she was acting the way she was. And, she was mad that her precious Jeff was up on the block. If they were smart they would of helped get rid of Rachael, as they have enough other friends in the house, and could of easily smoozed K & D, but chose the nasty route instead. Jeff really set me off on him last week, he could of played this completely different as Jordon could of.

  62. Think it was fixed, Brenden should of never got back in. I don’t know one person that likes him. Cassi was way ahead. They just like the drama with B & R.

  63. I agree that one on each vet team should go up that way one of the vet team will be broken up for sure. They will come after Dani, of course but so what, they will go after her anyway at some time. I hope she doesn’t trust anything they say about not voting her off the week after as they lie to everyone. Someone said Jordan is so nice to everyone…. I guess they didn’t see her in Amazing race. As for Jeff…. those eyes of hate …. oh my gosh. Remember he said he hated Rachel too and wanted her gone. To tell the truth they all want everyone else gone but them. lol Dani could win the money if she makes it to the end, as after the show is over, people start to think and DO cast their vote for the best player, not who they like or don’t like.

  64. The past 2 weeks was a total waste of time….Danielle got out Brendan, Kalia wins HOH, Lawon volunteers(idiot)to be evicted and let Brendan walk right back in the door. REALLY? Now nothing is different from 2 weeks ago besides now Lawon is gone, but who cares right?

    (Sigh)…this would have been such a different game if Evel Dick was still there….

  65. This game is not rigged the voting wasn’t rigged either, A lot of people are taking this way to personal like BB did you an injustice, get a grip. This is a game, people want to belittle Rachel cause of the way she acts when she loses, maybe people should take a step back and look at themselves cause there sure seems to be a lot of people acting like BB attacked you personally cause things didnt happen the way people wanted them too.

    • I know, right. The same people that hate Brenchel and complain about their behavior actually seem to act the same way as they claim Brenchel behave. Geez, stop crying already.

  66. Hi.I have been reading all the comments on this site every year but I’ve never commented! I have been a loyal BB fan since the first season and have to admit its the only thing I look forward to in the summer. I’m kinda torn because I didn’t really like Brenchel last season but I can’t help but root for them now. I was glad when Brendon won cause Lawon is so stupid and sure he was coming back. I think it’s so funny and neat that Rachel is friends with (whats his name PHD guy?) from last season and he’s even in her wedding party! I loved what Jeff said to Kalia about winning the veto or coming back if evicted and then won the veto. I liked Dani on her season but not anymore! I would be fine with anyone winning except Dani, Porche, or Kalia! It would be cool if Shelly won. I have a daughter the same age is hers and it would be wonderful to have her college paid for and the peace of mind of financial security. I know I would love that! I don’t think she’ll win though. For some reason I have a feeling Dani will win. :(Do many of you subscribe to the live Feeds? I was just wondering if it’s worth it. I always add Showtime to my cable every season so I can see BBAD but that’s been really boring this season. Remember a few seasons ago they were all in the pool and everyone made out with everyone? That one guy came running to the pool butt assed naked, full frontal! I’ll have to look up his name and the season but I think one of the girls was Chelsea and naked guy was her showmance? Oh well, sorry for this boring post but I just wanted to thank all of you for your comments. I really enjoy them and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who loves the show!

    • Oh yeah, sorry but the whole reason I posted in the first place was to ask ya’ll if you think Dani will put up Brenchel for sure? Who do you think is her main target?
      I’m SO upset that Dani won HOH. I mean, what a let down after being excited Rachel stayed and Brendon coming back. It’s not that I like THEM,I just like when they try and try to get people out and it coming back to bite them in the butt! Just like how Jeff ended up doing exactly what he told Kalia he would do. And I knew as soon as Lawon offered to go up that he was gone. What a dummy! I thought it was SO funny how he was talking all that crap in the DR and the look on his face when: 1)He was evicted and 2)finding out he had to compete against Brendon and 3)when HE LOST! He actually looked shocked! That’s why I love BB!
      Man, I HATE getting so worked up over this show, but I still seem to every year! I’m sure some of you know how that goes! And sorry to all you Dani fans, this is only my opinion! Please don’t comment that I’m stupid or something. You’ll never see me doing that. I respect everyone’s opinions and I feel like this site would be much more enjoyable without the name calling and put downs. But, that’s only my opinion!

  67. Dani better get out Brendon or Rachel this week. She should have never gone on board with Kalia’s plan. Learn your lesson and get those couples out once and for all! Let’s go Dani!

    • I hope she does just that. I’m not sure what everyone else in that house is thinking, just float with the 4 vets and you’ll end up 5th?! That’s a game plan? It’s incomprehensible to me, and it’s why I’m hoping Dani wins…at least she’s trying to win and realizes that the vets are the biggest threat in the house.

  68. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha ahhhhh hahahahahaha…I just found out Dani won :) yes! Imagine that, I’m so surprised CBS…….NOT! But jumping up and down lmao

  69. The more I think about it the more I’m pretty sure that vote was rigged, which is a shame if it was because they were charging $1 for each text vote. Julie said over 2 million people voted and Brendan got over 1 million of those. Maybe – but they said the vote was close between him and Dominic so they would have had to of had over 90% of the vote. No way was Cassi that far behind in the vote.

    • Yep. I don’t know if it was fixed, but I don’t believe that Brendon had half the votes. It would have been more believable if they’d pretended he got 35-40% of the votes and just barely beat out a close Dom and Cassi. All the polls on fan sites I’d seen had Cassi winning just barely over Dom with Brendon coming in a close third.

    • why not? Cassi doesnt have any fans. Dom was coming back becuz of Dani.

      Brendon becuz of rachel is all about ratings ppl.

      • exactly…Cassie was an absolute n on-factor to the game.. Cassie called Rachel Caty one time and then got evicted 2 days later..I mean really, she was 2nd gone..gone and forgotten.. we all need to realize that BB fans that come to these sites are atiny fraction of the actual amount of fans. The fact is that Brendon was winning all of the unofficial polls on all of the websites yesterday, so why does it have to be rigged? and none of us can determine what Julie means by “close” as a matter of fact, whenever its down to 2 they always say close, like every year on American Idol, its always “close” it like an unwritten rule, that you have to say that. lol. It could have been Brendon 50% Dom 32% Cassie 17% and Keith-1%…we dk what Julie considers close.

  70. What’s the haps?
    The season is supposd to end on wednesday september 14, 2011. There are nine houseguests left. 7 jury members and two winners. September 14, 2011 is 4 and a half weeks from today. So they will need to evict 6 people over that time period and then evict the seventh and final jury member at the finale. So we will be getting a double eviction week fo sho.

  71. I like Dani and I think she has made some stupid mistakes but she is still the best player. I hope she puts up Shelly and Jordan. Shelly has been playing both sides for too long and she needs to go. Jordan does not even want to be here. She just wanted to spend the summer with Jeff.

  72. That wierd little brat Daniele’s desire to win 500 grand is only surpassed by her desire to stick it to people, and talk crap about them. No wonder Evil D, hasn’t talked to her in years!

  73. I’m so confused. Usually the newest page of posts (higher numbers) come up first, but now it starts with 1 and can’t even pull up where I posted? What I am I doing wrong?

    • DUH! Nevermind, I get it. I was looking for the numbers to go up to 271 but they don’t b/c all the replies are included in that total yet they are not numbered. Correct? Think I should go to bed now! You people are just too interesting…you keep me up all night!!!

  74. Oh joy, another week of those two losers Daniele,and Kalia sitting up in the HOH room watching the screen, and making their stupid little remarks about everybody, which only shows how insecure they really are.

    • As if it’s any different when JJ or BR are in control of the house. Oh wait, yes it is, they call people up as if they’re King and Queen and demand things from people to keep them in the house…while they belittle them behind their backs.

  75. WTF why would they let Dani win again she was mad when she lost against her father she said he robbed her and she would take him out, she came in the house with a chip on her shoulder I would not be surprised if she told them about Dicks drugs (LOL)

    • you are such a hater. You might as well tell CBS to hand the 500G’s to JJ or BR. Some of us actually like fairness and competition. CBS brought “BOOKIE” back for you ppl so why u hating on Dani for Winning

      • i totally agree – it was not Americas vote – it was the CBS honchos who brought back Brendan. Who really wants to see Rachel & Brendan? Seriously!

      • Agree, every poll taken Brendan was 3rd, so how does he win ? Total setup for him to come back…

      • I agree Dani had the same chance to win as all the other houseguests. They certainly did not let Dani win. Everyone who wanted Brendon back got their wish. Certainly not me. I was happy to see Dani win. She knows this game a lot better than people give her credit for. It’s always sour grapes against Dani. Last night on BBAD on Show2 Jeff was not happy, neither was Shelly or Adam. Of course Brenchel were doing their usual (I had to fast forward). lol

    • Dani won fair and square. THe other houseguests blew it. Brenchel are disgusting.I want anybody but them to win.

  76. wayne, why do u respond to everyones post with such negative comments? relax, its a blog, be nice. and your wrong 90 percent of the time anyway haha.

    • we have already been through a season with brenden, rachael, Jeff, Jordan & Daniele….thought this was supposed to be a new season??? Nothing more than reruns now with this cast……bad recast Big Brother….Turning It Off…..

    • i m all excited. I changed d channel last night when Bookie came back n decided not to watch it until on of d couples leave. now i m in. Danielle is d one who is playing d game. even if she leaves later, she would prove everyone that she is a strong player. I want everyone to be alone with no outside partner.

  77. I have been a Big Brother fan ever since the show has been on tv. However, I am so disgusted with how Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon have acted that I have watched it for the last time. Jeff and Jordan are not the “sweet, innocent couple they are portrayed to be. Rachel is crazy and Brendon is not as smart as he thinks he is for putting up with her. If he marries her he deserves what he gets.

  78. All of my viewer friends and I agree that this sea-
    son is the worst. The vets have played so dirty and am hoping people are seeing Jeff and Jordan
    for whom they really are. We cannot believe that
    America voted Brendon back into the house. Rachel
    and Brendon are nauseating for viewers to watch and
    she is out of control most of the time. The newbies
    never had a chance with couples from past games came back with such tight bonds and such heavy-handed methods of playing. Shelly has played the
    most dishonorable game of anyone. Julie should have
    stopped the cheating that has been done by the vets
    on so many competitions. When did it become fair to
    shout out the answers and instuctions for those
    playing on the vets side? I am so disappointed with
    the producers this year!!!

    • i personally like this season. And by no means was this poll rigged because on all the other polls out there, it predicted similar results. AND are you kidding! If rachel was allowed to shout out the answers then so can any other hg to help lawon. And guess what! that happened! So dont be so disappointed. Its a two way street.

    • Agreed, the vets should have had another allstar bb and the newbies their own show.. this was unfair. It was slanted for viewer votes and really the newbies other than evicted ones are so lame, they wouldnt have made it in a real show. Shelly is so two faced i think she has whiplash

      • Agree with you Sami. I also don’t think it should be allowed for either side to shout out the answers. Rachel is so loud how could anyone hear over her. Jeff shouted out during the food comp. In past seasons this was not allowed.

    • If Dani was as smart as you all are making her out to be she would have stood up next to rachel and screamed to help lawon but she didnt she just sat back and let brendan win!! No one has cheated. I think this season is great and just because people have been in the house before doesnt make them an expert at the game. The newbies have had the advantage since day one and they messed that up at the very first eviction. Now they are all floaters who cant win a comp to save their big brother life!! The vets came to play, cant say the same for the newbies!!

  79. Did anyone else see this coming? The stupidity of these players. Now we are back to the Branchel show.

  80. Sherry you are so right!!!! There is NO WAY America voted Brendon back….can we say fixed!!!!!!!!

    • Oh yeah, we voted and we wanted him back. Last night was the BEST show ever! I am so happy I put in on DVR!

      • I’m pretty sure America ONLY voted that moron back in just so Rachel would have to battle it out against him. Rachel thinks America loves them but who would have ever thought Kalia would have been soooo stupid to convince her alliance to vote out Lawon?!!!

      • Yeah you voted him back, but he is about to be sent packing right back… Dani’s got HOH…lol

  81. It sickened me how Kalia could be soooooo stupid. I didn’t waste time watching last night. And If what I just read is true about Brendon getting America’s vote to return, I’done. I will watch pre-season NFL and MLB.

  82. I really think now that this game is fixed. Sooo fake!! No way Brendan got America’s vote!!! The producers just want to keep up the drama!! I’m debating on watching it anymore. And Lawon offering himself to go? Not to mention how Kalia and Daniele had everyone vote him out. Real people are not this stupid. I think they are acting from a script or are told what to say. Reality TV? NOT!!!!

      • of course he got americas vote! The game was about to get boring, and everyone thought Rachel was getting evicted. So america voted for Brendan so that they would have to battle each other. Saw this one coming from a mile away.

    • Victoria…You may have a point…..I’ll bet Dom was the one voted back but the powers to be wanted this ridiculous couple back together. Believe me….it was strickly for the ratings….Lets hope that Danielle can get one of them out of the house this time…

      I liked to see Danielle make it to the finale just to prove to her father that she can do it!!!!! He is an idiot when it comes to being a supportive father….or a father in general…GO DANI

      • Dominic was 3rd place in our poll with 30K votes. He was not a front-runner. I did not see a single other poll where he was ever in first place.

      • There is hope now as Dani is in power. Now that Dani is in power I am seeing comments that it was fixed for her. Dani is better than people think. She warned Kalia because of her gut feeling.

  83. Getting tired of the “Rachel Show” already! The non-stop whispering gossip is so annoying. And the drama? Come on! What has Big Brother come to?!?! Rachel and Brendon should both be gone and now they are BOTH back!!!! WTF?!?! It’s so obvious the show is rigged. They never show them in the Diary Room. The producers tell them what to do and who to vote for to make the show more exciting. Bringing back past players is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. Why not get some fresh players so I don’t feel like I’m still watching last season’s re-runs? 8 new people, thats all we get?!?! The floaters and newbies get no air time at all and sometimes I forget some of the people are still in the house because they never show them! Show more exciting stuff! Where’s all the twists like The Saboteur and Pandora’s Box?!?!

    • Agree its the Brenchal and JJ show, not Big Brother and what entitles those two TEAMS to win. Everyone else is playing single… come on! Go already and Jeff also needs to get broken up from his BBF

    • Agree Bryon it was a stupid idea newbies against vets, the Golden Key, bringing Brendon back. When I first saw Brenchel walk in the house I felt the same way. I had enough of them last season and to put up with them again. Might as well just give them a check for the $500K and call it a day. My only hope is for Dani to get them out again and fast.

  84. Kalia was a complete waste of time as the HOH!!!! she went in like a scary mouse.,, who couldn’t make decisions at ALL!! yes,, Jeff and Jordan are not all that innocent….Even if you’re a Dani fan or Brenchel or JJ fan,,, none of them still haven’t called out Shelly!! .. So all of them are pretty stupid to me!!… The newbies should of taken out the Vets in the Beginning … they had enough votes!!! the Vets are Bullies… All of them!!! It’s no way Brenden won America’s vote.. So rigged… So preditable…. Yes,,, I’m sure they will do the brenden and Rachel wedding!!!Lol!!** SN- why does Brenden find the need to argue with women on the show soo much?? Sounds like a femme move!!LOL!!

    • Tiffany,Brendon argues with the other women on the show,because he can’t argue with Rachel.Don’t want to lose his bed buddy!

    • Dont think too hard. Regardless of who is put up the vets (with Shelly included) has the votes and say in who goes and if they are nominated and pulled off the block they may stay.

      Danny may come back to her original alliance seeing that is it still in tack and they have the numbers to rock the vote. It’s anyone’s game but Dani better make her considerations very carefully!

      • Danielle should be very afraid if she tries to send home another veteran this week. For one thing, if she puts two veterans up and one wins veto then, she has to put another nominee. Granted that she can put another veteran on the block and a veteran is guaranteed to go home this week. However, that would be 3 pissed veterans going after her next week when she is not HOH anymore and she will be on the block for sure! Let us see if she is still her arrogant self
        and nominates the veterans. They will get her next week if she makes the mistake like Kalia did! And she won’t have the votes if she winds on the block and cannot get off! It will be only Porsche voting for her. Adam and Kalia will be so scared to go against the veterans because they want to last as long as they can!

      • Not true… They have the votes but it doesn’t matter one of the four (JJ or BR) is going to the jury house. If Dani puts up B & R & one of them comes down she should put up Jeff or Jordan… Either way one of the four goes home.

  85. The only reason I could see Brendon getting voted back in is that America wanted him to face off against Rachel. Blame Kaleia for being soft and going against her original plan.

    It wont matter as Brendon and Rachel will most likely be nominated. Should be interesting to see Rachel’s mood swing from incredible happiness to utter anguish.

    • That’s why I voted for him. I think a lot of people wanted to see brendon and rachel face off.

      • It could possibly backfire and Jeff or Jordan could be out. All we got was a ridiculous battle against Lawon.

    • If one had to leave, I would bet on Brendon staying this time out. The first time, he messed up! Rachel was an emotional mess and wasted her chances at HOH and VETO so, Brendon should stay regardless of which of them get the veto!

  86. I predict Shelly and Jeff are nominated. Boy, we give them back Brendon and they blow it and Dani is HOH. And if you want to talk about fixed, how in the world could Kalia know the answer to the question with just the first three words? I don’t know why Kalia is sticking with Dani. Dani will take Porsche to final two, not her.

  87. I have been an avid fan of Big Brother from the very beginning of the show; however, this time CBS has put the biggest ‘fix’ on, all for the sake of ratings. There is no way that Brendan won the vote to be given a try to come back in the house. He and Rachel are clearly hated by everyone in America. It wouldn’t surprise me that the production people had a hand in getting Lawon evicted instead of Rachel.

    • Thank you, I thought I was the only one with clear vision. How can anyone believe”America’s Vote” was for real. Wonder if all CBS interns and staff were required to vote 10 times each for Brenda? I admit his presence in the house will probably make Rachel a heck of lot more fun to watch, but I do not believe he got there without the help CBS. I think the live feeds only confirm how non-reality this show is. The majority of the footage on Wednesday with Jeff and Shelly was totally out of sequence. It is one thing to cut out the “boring” moments to condense things, but when you start reversing the order of events for more ratings, it has nothing to do with “America’s Vote”. Of course that being said, I will still watch the train wreck like the rest of America.

  88. Am hoping they find themselves a way to get through this week with Dani being HOH. I cannot stand her and hope she is out next week. I was happy Brendon got back in but very aggrivated that Dani won. I still want J & J to make it to finals but cant believe they all screwed up HOH. Not good. Kalia wasted her HOH. Priceless was the look on Lawons face when he realized he would have to fight his way back in. What an idiot move for him to put himself up. Not too bright..

    • I felt bad for him. It was like he didn’t know what was going on. Cant stand danimal and her sidekick

  89. Does anyone think Jeff and Jordan are really a couple outside of the house? They said they were playing to spend time with each other but I have not seen that on the BB feeds, they show the opposite. No terms of affection, to courting, no nothing. I understand privacy and class, but there does not seem to be an emotional bond between them other than Jeff not wanting to see her cry.

    If Brendon and Rachel wants to win the money for a wedding, they were better off getting donations from their fans. I would gladly give $1.00 towards thier weddding and if 50% of the 1 million voters feel the same they are in the best position. Also, the donations would be counted as a gift so no taxes would need to be paid giving them more money as oppose to paying taxes on the winner of the game.

    I am all for the vets and am very dissappointed in Dani’s game play. Porshe, Adam, Kalia has to go this would make the game better because all the strong guest are playing against each other. BB Rocks!

  90. I just wanted to comment about jeff and jordan and the comments about them not being as sweet as they portray and hope were seeing them for who they really are….I think that’s crazy…I’ve not seen anything to make me think they are anything other than good people. It’s a game, they have to play it, so gonna get angry, make moves, etc. Just like the rest of them. I think they’ve been honest with how they feel, and what their intentions are the whole way through. I must say I don’t believe Americas true vote was Brendon. All the UNofficial polls had cassy or dom in lead?? But it makes for good tv, or would have if one of their alliance would have managed to get HOH. I don’t dislike Dani, but would have preferred to watch she, Kalia, and Porshe squirm because of stupid moves in the game!

    • I’m not a JJ fan- they already have $500,000… but I will say that I like Jordan. I do not like Jeff!!!! I hate the way he talks to women… Hate the bullying he does with women… I just personally find it offensive. I get it’s a game but they (JJ) are a bit hypocritical. It would’ve been stupid for Dani to stay with the vets… The best she wouldve gotten was 5th… perhaps 3rd. So while her going on her own may have felt like betrayal it started when she tried to have a partner & they didn’t allow that… She had to look out for herself if she’s really there to win.

  91. Just got to the computer and am sooooo happy that Dani won! At least there is some hope. Totally stinks that all the work to get “them” (can’t even say his or her name) out was wasted.

    Hope team Dani doesn’t fall on their faces with stupidity again!

  92. I agree with the majority here. The game is fixed, bringing Brendon back. No way did America vote him back in the game. I really thought this was an up and up game but I was wrong. What really ticked me off last night during the competition was that Rachel was able to tell Brendon which colored balls he needed instead of him playing the game himself. As far as I’m concerned, it was cheating. It never should have been allowed. Again, CBS wanted Brendon back in the house.

    • Yes Diane,Rachel told Brendon the answers,so it was B&R against Lawon.So unfair.Brendon would not have done so well if he had no help with the answers.Fixed,fixed,fixed!!!

      • You know what Sharon meant Matt. “Green now! Now you need a white one!” That’s coaching from the sideline, saved Brendan from having to check himself, and distracting for Lawon given how loud Rachel is. It wasn’t a remotely fair competition, but I’m coming to expect CBS to do their utmost to manipulate the outcome.

    • you are completely wrong, everyone wanted him back, it is not fixed, there isn’t one person I talk too that didn’t want him back to fix Danielle and to also bring the drama of him and Rachel

      just because people don’t get what they want they always think something is fixed. If he didn’t come back I would’n’t have thought it wsa fixed, they even said it was close between him and one wanted Cassie or the other guy because they were just not drama people like drama

    • I also do not think Rachel should have been allowed to scream out the answers. It was supposed to be a competition between Lawon and Brendan. It’s sad, but true. There is nothing real about reality TV anymore.

  93. HA HA Glad that Bredon is back. I know alot of people that voted for him. You guys are pathetic. It is a game. A Show come on. You guys act like it is life. Just sit back and watch. CRY BABIES.

    • You said it. If jj get evicted I won’t stop watching or complain that the game is fixed. What a bunch of babies

  94. I am so sick of big brother ! I loved this show until RACHELE returned . This is the worst season !!!! Oh then to throw a big a** peice of pie in my face BRENDON IS BACK! I will not be watching this any longer.

  95. BRING Back Dominic !!!!! Bring back Dominic !!!! It is not fan that Brendon gets 3 chances in Big brother and Dominic only got one ? I mean really what did you expect BRENDON has fans from last season and this season! Dominic to even come close amazes me this being only he’s 1st reality show and was evicted week 3. I CANT STAND THIS SEASON MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH

    • Life is not fair. The vets came in the house out numbered 6-8 but with experience, strength, and wisdom on their side. The newbies had the numbers but were still learning how to play the game. To make matter’s worst, Dick left causing the vet’s number to dwindle even further. To me, it was even.

      I love the vet’s alliance. The newbies has an audience, the issue with them is they have made some very stupid moves in the game and their alliance was not strong from the start. I cannot wait to see what new twist will be revealed in the remaining of the season,

      How do you think Brendon leaving the game for a week will impact his game play. So much has happened in a week that he will have a disadvantage in any future knowledge based contests. Do you think BB will get him caught up on the happenings for the week to even the playing field for him?

  96. Yeah…the BIG FIX was in…but I knew CBS wanted Brendon in the final showdown. Its a real shame because Dom or Cassie really deserved another shot. I mean how many chances does Brendon deserve? Khalia ruined her own HOH! She is all bark with nothing to back it up….Jeff and Jordan scared her to death…Dani picked a loser for a partner, she will definitely be better off with Porsche. Its funny how Kahlia says Rachel has a big mouth…she couldn’t keep her mouth shut for anything…couldn’t make a decision if life depended on it…I mean she told Shellie everthing, and then says I dont trust her..WTF!!

    • She was talking about it last night but I have a hard time understanding her. She whispers so quiet.

      • I hate how Dani whispers all the time, I know there are other people in the house but when your in the HOH and you can have the camera on to see if anyone is listening come on and her sign language she is somewhat trying to do by pulling on her hair to talk about one person. that should not be allowed!!!

      • OMG I feel the same way, why does Danielle whisper does she not want her dad to hear her, she’s a horrible player I cannot stand her this year

  97. I voted for Brendan. I totally hate the way Danielle has lied and backstabbed. Though here we are 2 weeks removed without any results at all aside from lawon being out of the house. No consolation prize or anything. My dislike of Danielle and the cocky attititude kalia and her have trumps my dislike of Brendon and Rachael.

    • I agree Bird, the problem is one of hers won HOH so they will for sure kick out one of the veterans again

      I wanted Danielle to be kicked out,she’s trying to show her father how good she is, and she’s just a know it all jerk

    • I absolutely agree! I don’t know. It’s all about lesser evils. Also, Dani looks like the grinch.

  98. I am SOOO happy that my vote to come back came back. All the people out there saying its fixed sorry its not. I know ALOT of people that wanted him back, not just to potentially battle against Rachel but to also have her stop being a baby for a minute and cause some drama for the rest of the house.

    Now I for one am not happy about Dani being the new HOH. If anything is fixed it is that they had a comp that they new Dani could win, just like the endurance comp that she won two weeks prior. Funny how it goes Rachel, Jordan, Rachel, Dani, Kalia, Dani…??? Did anybody else notice that? It does seem like it is a battle between Rachel and Dani only. Well we’ll see what happens.

    • If you don’t think it is fixed for Brendon coming back why would you think it was fixed for Dani to win the HOH comp? It’s either fixed for everything or not fixed at all.

  99. I personally think if America wanted Drama.. they should have voted back Cassi and watch the drama between her and Rachel and that would be so much better then watching Brenchel.. I seriously hate this show.. and I agree.. jeff and jordan are snakes.. not as innocent as people think. im seriously very upset with this show..

    • Hi Christina

      It wouldn’t have been that much drama honestly to have Cassie back, she didn’t want to fight with Rachel, they only had one argument and cassie walked away the dream was brendon coming back to go up against Danielle, but I don’t know how everyone else feels I was so excited then WAM it looks like Porsha won the HOH, how frustrating I finally wanted Danielle to get hers

    • Dani Is Now HOH. I Agree With You Christina Jeff’ed Up and Joron Are Snakes. I Liked Them At First But Jeff Is Really A Bully And Jordon Is Not Smart Enough To Think Game On Her Own So She Just Plays The Sweet And Innocent Role Which Is Starting To Get Old. Worse Thing About It Is That Khalia Was Dumb Enough To Play With Her Feelings And Not Her Head. Jeff Scared The Crap Out Of Her. In The End She Totally Messed Up Her Own Game By Playing The Wrong Way.

    • That would have been good but I don’t think Cassi would have caused the drama, that would have been on Rachel blowing everything out of proportion and being jealous again.

  100. This is my first season watching BB. I got sucked into the game. Now after Thursday night, I will no longer be a watcher. This is worse than watching reruns of Three’s Company and they winned about everthing. I hate that I spent my time thinking about this show. This comment on BB is the end of road for me.

  101. The Game Is Being Played So BAD This Season. The Main Goal For The Newbies Should Have Been To Get Out The Strong Players Like Jeff’ed up and Joron and Brenchal. I Do Agree That Khalia Made The Biggest Mistake Of The Season And Messed Up Her Own Game. She Was Trying To Save Face With JJ and Rachel When Dani Told Her That Rachel Could Not Be Trusted and JJ Still Said That They Were Coming After Her Regardless. So Basically, She Made The Wrong Move For All The Wrong Reasons. The Part I Hated The Most Is How JJ Bullied Khalia Saying They Were Coming After Her, Not Even Knowing If They Would Even Win An HoH Competition; Same Thing Goes For Rachel. How Can Your Promise Someone That You Wont Come After Them Or You Will Come After Them When You Are Not Even Guaranteed To Win. That Is Khalia Failed To Realize. If She Would Have Just Kept The Plan To Evict Rachel Like Dani Said Then One Half of Brenchal Would Have Been Gone Regardless. Khalia Cares More About Making And Having Friends Then Playing The Game. I Dani Think She Needs To Get Rid Of Jeff, Jordan, Rachel or Bredan.

    • All of you talking crap about how TeamDani types need to get a life. Yall are pissed cause yall brought “BOOKIE” back and Dani is about to send his ass packing again.

    • TeamDani I agree with everything you said. Who cares about the way it was typed. You stated how you felt and everyone is allowed to say how they feel. We all have different favorites. It seems like if we don’t care for Brenchel or J/J (I was a big fan before), then you are criticized for stating how you feel.

      • Thank you dudan and Gail; it was about the content not how it was typed. typing all of that from a totally touch screen phone was hard lol. *Go Dani…Keep Those Suckers Outta There Please!!!*

  102. WTF Kalia is sooo stupid, She should of put Jordan up next to Rachel and Rachel would of been gone. She is one of the biggest threats in the game. She was so worried about the twist. Do you honestly think Rachel is going to work with Kalia and JJ too? NOT!! I think Lawon is packing some pot in his bag because he really thought he was not going home last night. What kind of powers are going to bring him back. I do agree with everone else this is the worse season ever, it is like a train wreck that you can’t stop watching.

    Shelly annoys the crap out of me. Her raspy voice and how she thinks she is so smart by having 2 alliances. I think a vet is going to win because they are doing all the work and the newbies suck at playing this game. I was upset that Brendon came back, I hope Dani makes some wise decisions and breaks up Brenchel and JJ. PLEASE

    • I agree with you, I think that was the stupidest move Khalia could have made and I hope Dani can get one of the vetrans out. They ran the house and it has not been a fair game for the newbies. Oh and someone needs to call out Shelly!!

  103. Im done– better things to do with my life than watch the worst season in the history of Big Brother or should I say season of Retards, nerds and bullies.

  104. Put Rachel and Brendon up and agree to work with JJ. If one of them wins POV put sweet and innocent Jordan up to assure Rachel goes home.

  105. Well thank God Danielle won…considering her not too proud moment with the eviction plan. She Should have listened to her gut. She had correctly guessed what the twist would be. I hope that proves to her that she should trust her instincts more and to never take into consideration what Kalia thinks.

    As for the Brenda being America’s vote to get back in the house….hmmmmm really? That’s who people want to see? I think that’s who CBS wants us to see. I didn’t sign up for the Brenda and Rachel show….make it stop please!

  106. Was soo mad last night when Rachel was allowed to help Brendan go straight for the balls he needed, that’s cheating and they both should be kicked out. They were suposed to win the game on their own, not with help. Soo glad Dani is HOH, hope she puts Rachel & Brendan up. Disapointed in this season.

    • my feelings exactly. that wasnt right at all. i thought julie would have said somethign about her helping him. the other housemates didnt start to help lawon until after she had rachel had been helping brendan the whole time

    • I just posted the same thing and then saw your post. I noticed it in other competitions this year where they help from the sidelines. I also thought to myself that once Brenda and Raitress heard the other HG’s helping Lawon they would be FURIOUS. Because if you do NOT support them or cheer for them or do everything in your power to help them win, then it’s clearly a personal attack and neither they NOR CBS will tolerate THAT! LOL

  107. There was an article in TV Guide (Aug. 1-14 issue) where Allison Grodner’s reply to who would win BB13 was “Daniele Donato would be the winner!” Does she know something (being the exec producer) that we don’t? Just askin’

  108. I wanted Rachel kicked out so if Brendan did come back she would have to compete with “her man” now that would have been entertainment!!

    • I think that would have been priceles…but it would have been a TEAR FEST! However she would have either left the show or went into “Crybernation” Love me some Reagan…and I miss him.

      • You have to wonder would Brandan try to win or would he have let Rachel win. The first thing he would have to do is close her mouth lol

  109. I also agree with Diane about the game. I was shocked that Rachel was allowed to shout out which Ball to choose, although I’m sure she does it in their “private” time as well. But I digress. I noticed in other competitions too that the HG’s (mostly Rachel) often “help” from the sidelines. I was thankful that finally some of the other HG’s were helping poor Lawon too.
    CBS should realy set some standards/limits when it comes to side line help. They dont’ allow it during T/F or Q & A competitions….seems unfair to do it at all….and I’m not just talking about the couples…for EVERYONE

  110. I have watched all seasons of BB till now. No more, the vote had to be fixed to bring Brendan back. I hope BB doesn’t due a stupid thing like this again. We NEED Rachael and Brendan GONE. If you want to do something different again bring back all the runners-up to play the game.

  111. If the vets were smart they would tell Dani they have 4/7 of the jury votes. They should tell her if she goes against them this week, they will NOT vote 4 her if she is in the final 2. They should tell her that they WILL vote 4 her if she sends a floater home nd will keep her safe if they win next HOH.

    • Sure, and tell Dani that the sky is purple while they’re at it? She shouldn’t trust a word any of the vets say, period. No matter what, she’s their number one target, because she’s the only one trying to break them up. So, the best move for Dani is to shrug at the threats and still put 2 vets up, and if a vet wins veto put another up. Then just hope you win veto the week they try to retaliate.

  112. wake up people… this show is so rigged.. what difference do the polls make.. none… do they really think we are that stupid

    • they will do whatever they want regardless what the real votes are… julies stats didnt even come close or was anyone paying attention???????

  113. too sweeeeet!!! how about now all you bretchel fans let’s hear you say the HoH comp was fixed or are you not men and women enough…oh that’s right you may know that this is a game but it needs to what do you say not have the attacks on people and then and only then will big brother be a bigger force than it is right now.

    • NOOO i belive Damedial won cause she is stong but it ain’t over yet cause she can only get one off and next week we might get the ball and kick it harder next week yaaaaahh team JJ an Rachell- Brendon rock in the house!!!

    • @Josh I agree with you, but there have been posts that they think the HOH was fixed, but bringing Brendon back was not. Can’t have it both ways.

  114. you got to be kidding I think big brother has some way of contr olling who wins these games .I’m sorry,I can’t beleive Daniele won.That makes me really mad.

    • Don’t give up on your team right now Donna its only half time so give it time cause she is only one and next week the other team might get it and turn things around so don’t stop watching it ain’t over untill the team JJ SINGS lol!!!

  115. If anyone was paying attention,last night when they did the *interview* with Ragen he himself said him and Rachel are really great friends,and he is in her wedding party! These people aren’t like this in real life!!!! They actually are just the normal everyday people! So the fact that everyone is like omg Brenceal are so w/e and J-n-J are blah blah blah,and Dani is so evil… well look at the nick name her father has *Evil-Dick*! Its a game people remember that,not real life! Outside of the B.B house these people will more then likely be best buds,just like last season’s worst enemies * Ragen and Racheal* Its A Game!!!!, and i would do w/e it took to win a half million dollars as well! Come on who wouldn’t? ^_^

    • well we know its a game they fight and we fight but kiss and make up when its over but thats what makes the game stay going stong on the air….Am i right gooo Rachel and Brandon and team JJ

  116. Man well Damedial is only one so watch out Damedial cause if you put up the vets then they have a chance to get HOH next week and kick your English bulldog face off! But if your smart you will put Shelly up cause she is starting CRAP and telling lies on both sides and trying to get each other to fight so get that man looking Shelly off and put Porsch the little kid hanging on the heros coat hair from the big bullies piking on her on the block with Shally the dude.

    • Uh, the vets have been gunning for Dani ever since Jeff’s psychotic break when he confronted the house about “back-dooring” him. So, no, her smartest move is to remove one of the four vets no matter what and make sure she wins veto if and when one of them get HoH.

  117. I don’t know if the show is fixed, but I really do enjoy watching! (even after I read the spoilers ..LOL)

    • Hallaluja thank ya Jesus yes its soooo fun to watch even if the other team gets the ball give it time we well get it back.

  118. wake up people… this show is so rigged.. what difference do the polls make.. none… do they really think we are that stupid.. they (CBS) will do what it wants regardless of the real votes

    • Oh come on just because the other team won does’nt mean its ridded i know i hate it when the other team gets the ball but if they did’nt then we would be playing by our selfs cause the other team would be died.

  119. wake up people… this show is so rigged.. what difference do the polls make.. none… do they really think we are that stupid
    … they will do whatever they want regardless what the real votes are….

  120. where is the real BB. These people are talking like they are scripted. I know brendon was brought back for ratings but was hoping that the whole season was new with new contestants. You would think with all the auditions they had that they could have comeup with 14-16 people new. This will be my last season.

    • John in tenn — I agree, they hold auditions all over the country and only picked 8 newbies. what a bummer….

      • This is the Brenda and Raitress show not BB. I think it was evident that they cast the newbies the way they did…they wanted the couples to run over them. More importantly I think they wanted Evil Dick and Danni vs Brenda and Raitress. That was their ultimate wish. I don’t think that they wanted many if any dominate people within the group of newbies.

      • This will be my last season also. Looks like it has been scripted. Rachel and Brendon are so sick to watch, one season was bad enough now another one. She tells Brendon you have a beautiful girlfriend, Yea, what kind of mirror are you looking in. YUK.

      • I agree. If Danielle hadn’t won HoH, I would have stopped watching as of last night. Interestingly enough, all the polls had Cassie or Dom winning and yet “they” said it was Brendon…NO WAY!!! One Brendon fan was allowed to vote 70 times and yet others could only vote 10 for the others. Definitely my last season. If they want the pervert who likes to show his family jewels to win, just give him the money. What a joke.

      • I finally got my fill of Big (Fake) Brother! What a joke, all for ratings… I’m done all the polls (unofficial) had Dom leading and Cassi 2nd. I am no longer interested in a geniune random outcome. It will be rigged to have Team Brenchel (Brenda/ Raitress) go against Team JellyFish (jj). There is no longer any entertainment value or integrity left in Fake brother! Sick to my core Yuck!

    • John in tenn–totally agree with your comments. The mugging for the cameras especially by the veterans is sickening. The attitude of the vets with the exception of Danielle is condescending and rude (even Jordan). The best of the new people were voted out early. Horrible season

      • Hey!hey! Hey! How can u say that about jordon? Jeff and jordan are there to play the game too. If it wasnt for their crazy alliance,including that reckless Daniel and the newbies,they wouldnt have such a hard time trying to stay in the house. If one of them wins then they deserve it.because they have to fight like crazy for it. Oh yeah. I think some things are rigged but the emotions isnt.

    • Have you seen how these newbs act? They are SO BORING to watch they HAD to bring some interesting ppl in the show.

      Newbs have nothing to talk about and cant win anything to save their lives.

      • The newbs act like they never watched Big Brother. They should have all stayed together as a group. Don’t they realize that when there time is coming they will not be saved by the returning BB people, they only took them in for their votes.

    • wake up people… this show is so rigged.. what difference do the polls make.. none… do they really think we are that stupid… they will do whatever they want regardless what the real votes are… julies stats didnt even come close to what the polls said or was anyone paying attention???????

      • Yes, I just said that in a post moments ago! Can you say CBS “Rigged’ it?
        the one thing it did for me was insure that I find another program option.
        When I knew it was going to be brenda going back I did not finish watching the show. I don’t even want to know the finally four! I’m done! Mr. Shelly can win for all the slimy snake business ‘HE’ is doing… yes, him Shelly!

    • I’m officially done with Big Brother! Deleting Showtime & BB on DVR! This was totally fixed! I don’t know anyone that likes Brendon, everyone I’ve talked to liked Dominic & hates Brendon so it was fixed for ratings/fights. It should have been all new people. The “newbies” should get a re-do on another show. So sad….this use to be my favorite show.

      • I like Brendon and I voted for him to come back… I hate how Kalia, Porche, and Dani sit and drool over PT all night every night; even after he left.

      • I cannot stand Dom and was so glad that he didn’t come back in the house. I don’t really like Brendon, but I did vote for him because I do not want Danielle to win. It’s funny that the people who complain that it was rigged for Brendon to come back haven’t remarked on how it was rigged for Kalia to win HoH last week. I guess it’s okay if it’s rigged if you approve of the outcome.

      • Ummm I Think Yhu Saw The Polls At The VERY Begining Kuz Brendon Was In The Lead After And F.y.i There Are Brendon Fans And Im One Of Them

    • when did bb turn into a soap opera? i KNEW brenden would return to be with rachel(for a 3rd time might i add).this season should have been called ALL-STARS …..the new people had no shot a playing a fair game. all of the old players had the advantage and that was not fair from jump. one viewer…out!!!

      • There should not have been new people!
        Fake ‘A Brother should have had all vets past and recent! it might have been a better option! the newby never stood a chance against CBS!
        CBS totally put submissive week ‘A’ players to be awe struck and indentured!

      • true but calling this season “All-stars” is a joke when brenchel are no big brother all stars. I really hope does have an actual all-star season next year with real players like Dan on it and NO BRENDON OR RACHEL PLEASE!